caused turnovers

New Scream
New Scream

Turnover | New Scream

Can I stay at home? I don’t want to go
I don’t want to wake up till the sun is hanging low
Stay up through the night, sleep away the light
Just another dream I had that’s better than my life

Adolescent dreams gave to adult screams
Paranoid that I won’t have all the things they say I need
What if I don’t want a pattern on my lawn
All I know is somethings wrong because everyday

I’m craving that new scream lusting for more than just, old dreams
I’ve been dying to feel alive
And I’ve been wasting all my time, chasing the high

Can I reset my brain? If not I’ll go insane,
I swear to God that I don’t think I can go another day
Am I the only one? Is this in all of us? I hate the thought that I’m alone
But I hope that you’re not

plot twist: dallas upsets everyone in the west and goes onto the stanley cup final. where they play boston. game 7: loui eriksson causes a turnover and seguin scores on it. they are now tied, so it goes into overtime. reilly smith trips seguin on a breakaway and seguin is awarded a penalty shot. and that is how dallas wins the stanley cup