Listen… there’s only one story in this whole god damnworld in which the interactions between the two characters has made me want to be in a romantic relationship everytime I continue reading the series and die at the same time in frustration; and that’s akatsuki no yona.

i just want like when jesus first kisses daryl he pushes him away like ‘wtf? why did you just put your lips on mine and why did i like it?” then jesus just smirks seductively and daryl is turned on and doesn’t know what to do but kiss him back but pushes away again cause he’s not even sure what he’s doing now and jesus gently places his hand on his cheek and kisses him and daryl is so obviously hungry for more and kisses him back. 


Modern day Pokémon Trainer looks.

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How about a marriage proposal or superman Sterek?? Or both?!

I’m hoping you already saw the Superman one, so how about marriage proposal. Fun fact… this is loosely based on true events.

They’ve had the talk already. You know, the talk that all couples have when they’re super serious and it’s either “I love you, let’s get married to show the world how committed we are to each other” or “I can’t see myself building a future with you and while this is fun we should probably just break up”.

Derek and Stiles’s conversation had been decidedly and happily in the first camp. They had discussed kids, a house, future wedding plans, rings, and Derek was just waiting. Waiting for Stiles to finally ask him to marry him.

Which, he realizes now, now that it’s been a few months since that conversation, that they hadn’t discussed who would do the proposing. Derek had assumed it would be Stiles because he had been the one adamant about getting the rings and making sure Derek picked one he liked. And logic would suggest that the one getting the ring would do the asking, right?

But Stiles hasn’t said anything, hasn’t planned any fancy dinner, or told Derek to take off work for any trips, and Derek is getting kind of… impatient. But he tries not to be, tries to act normal like he’s not waiting for Stiles to take him on a trip to the preserve and get down on one knee.

He’s acting so normal that when they end up wrestling on the ground to get the remote and it turns into kissing and Stiles stops and says, “Derek, will you marry me?” he doesn’t even register what Stiles has said.

“What?” Derek says a little out of breath from both the wrestling and the kissing.

Stiles smiles, but it’s starting to fall. “Marry me?”

Derek stares and stares because this, this he was not expecting, and… he knows deep down that what really matters is that they’re together, but he’s also a little upset and disappointed that Stiles isn’t really trying to make this special. He’s so upset in fact that he blurts out, “Seriously?”

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Also there’s like, a 50/50 chance I’m going to hate the First Strike graphic novel. Cause either they do it really well. And show Reyes as a great leader who leads his team to victory with Jack and Ana being awesome soldiers with him. And him being passed up bc of UN (racist) bullshit.

Or they show Reyes as a Bad Leader™, and Jack doing all the team building heroic shit, and have Reyes passed up bc he couldn’t lead. 

And I’ll be pissed as hell if it’s the last.