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Because there’s just too much injustice in this world, too much hate & too much violence

If you want things to change, you can start by yourselves

All little actions counts, like helping your elders to cross the street or just by listening to someone who needs to be listened

Don’t forget to fight hate with love

so i want this boy’s number, but here’s the thing: it may take him forever to ask for mine, bc he may see it as a romantic gesture and he’s more reserved that way, even if we talk as friends. that being said, i was going to ask for his myself, but my sister pointed out that his siblings will give him hell for it. and yeah, his sister is so conformed to gender roles that it’s silly. what do i do ??

well. i restarted and everything opened back automatically (except firefox for some reason?? but i got my tabs back so it’s fine) and chrome remembered my tabs and the cursor is fixed. but. it reset my background???

this is not the emo i ordered????