Hamilton Hogwarts Houses

Hamilton: Slytherin “I am not throwing away my shot!”

Burr: Slytherin “Talk less, smile more”

Angelica: Ravenclaw “So this is what it feels like to match wits
with someone at your level!”

Eliza: Hufflepuff “And when my time is up, have I done enough?”

Jefferson: Gryffindor “These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em
Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em”

Laurens: Gryffindor “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away”

Washington: Ravenclaw “Even now I lie awake, knowing history has its eyes on me”

If we have no limitations, we’re no better than the bad guys

Tony Stark

From the D23 Civil War trailer


I decided to do a follow forever for my 7K follower milestone.  Seriously, just WOW thank you all SO MUCH!  It’s been a crazy adventure full of bitter sarcasm, forcing my ships on you all, frozen puns, and not nearly enough alcohol.

DISCLAIMER:  If I leave any of you out, I’m so sorry, and please know that I love each and every one of you.

Tumblr crushes:

People who I’m platonically in love with, and who influence me, support me, and always show me love <3

(in no particular order)

joyful-beam - You are such an amazing, nice, sweet, and considerate person.  I know we don’t talk that much anymore, but every time you drop me a message my face lights up and it’s like nothing’s changed.  Even though I don’t post anything you’re into anymore, lol, you’re still keeping me around and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world :)

negovanilmans - KENZIE. ily seriously.  One of my first followers too.  You’re just an amazing, strong, caring person who has always been such a huge support to me.  You’re perfect and I’m always here for you!

royalarmyofoz - My love for you might be kind of not so platonic lol :) Uhmmm YOU’RE PERFECT.  I’m quite sure that I actually made a tag which I use often, called ‘meg’s perfect’.  Seriously though, you’re the ruby to my regina, my fellow snow queen fangirl, and everything in between.  You’re such a positive and awesome person, and you can always brighten my day.  Thank you for existing, and for exposing me to your existence <3

naya-bivera - Most days we just spend reblogging each other’s posts, and it’s almost ridiculous how much in common we both have.  You’re an awesome person and one of my favs to follow!

charmingmillsfamily - My Snow Queen soulmate!  The snow to my regina…sigh, I remember I started following you, because you were literally the only snow queen blog I could find, even though you only shipped them as brotp, and then you read my fic and I destroyed your innocence about them (bmwahahaha).  Now you’re just usually flailing around in this mix of brotp/otp/i don’t care just look at each other hurricane of snow queen feelings, just like me 99% of the time tbh. :)  I love you tumblr wifey.

evilshipper - ily because you really are just this huge supporter of my fics, which is where my heart is, and you’re always supporting and poking me with a stick when I take too long to post/update ;)

coramilfs - Welp, I don’t think I can say enough about you.  Everyone loves you, and with good reason.  You’re always so full of love for Regina and ouat, and a pretty much hate free blog.  I emulate you a lot when it comes to how I deal with ppl on this site, always with kindness like you do with me. :)  You’re head cannons are horrible and I love them.  You kept me motivated and confident about my writing so many times.  Thank you for everything.

bekksrich - UGH.  You’re so wonderful, you’re such a great sounding board for head canons and such.  You’re the closest thing I’ve come to a shipper soul mate, because you ship all the things I do, and you’re so talented and amazing.  I’m so glad to have gotten to know you!

frenchtwistresistance - I first noticed you because of your creepy Kate Mulgrew icon of her holding a clown puppet in 1979, and now you’re stuck with me.  I can’t say enough about how awesome you are.  I have mentioned that it’s something that can be witnessed from space, and I’m pretty sure there’s people up there right now who can vouch for that.  You are so intelligent and witty, and I’ve never seen anyone write dialogue as good as you do.  I have an unnatural attraction towards large vocabularies.  You seem to like me a bit, and I don’t know why, lol. But you could probably not stop anytime soon, and I’d be cool with that :)

tiffanyknowles - I know we don’t talk that much, but you’re always there to laugh at my lame Regina jokes, and a fellow snow queen shipper, which is hard to find!  You’re also wonderful and you have a great sense of humor.  I love seeing you on my dash! :)

frenchsapho - I love how supportive you are for my recaps and such, you’re such a warm and wonderful person, full of great energy, and I love it!  Thank you so much for all your positively :)

freifraufischer - You are so intelligent, and well spoken, giving these amazing and wonderful discussion about ouat, and you’ve always been so nice and respectful to me, so I love you for it.  And sometimes I like to look at your blog and think… 'I made her ship snow queen’.  Than I cackle evilly and run away.

michebellaxo - Oh dear.  You sweet and wonderful supportive person.  You know what you did.  And I’m forever ruined because of it. ;) <3


Giving all the love in my heart out to:

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Things to do in Minecraft -

“The AH crew attempt to spread a little holiday cheer this year. It only sorta worked.” ~ video description