#OK I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS #listen #bellamy blake #coming here to rescue everyone #and learning that he was once again betrayed #that he was responsible for more deaths #in this DAMN MOUNTAIN #bellamy coming in here with a limp #from an injury he got trying to save clarke #bellamy asking her to come home #YET AGAIN #cause he needs her ok #aside of any romantic notion #he needs her #his best friend #his ally #his co-leader #he needs her to help him get through all this  #DID YOU HEAR HIS VOICE #it was so soft #almost pleading #he knows she won’t come #cause he knew his words weren’t enough last time either #BUT HE STILL ASKS HER #and he gets a no for the second time #he knows he has to go through everything alone again #and he’s the one to walk away this time #ANGRY #IN PAIN #AND ALONE


get to know me meme | favorite tv shows [1/5] → LOST

This is the place that you…that you all made together, so that you could find one another. The most…important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here. Nobody does it alone Jack. You needed all of them, and they needed you. [For what?] To remember…and to…let go.

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You are 16 years old. You need to stop. You shouldn't be "hooking up" with anyone. You shouldn't even be thinking of that shit until you're maybe 20 older.

thank you for this message i have definitely stopped thinking about my boy cause you told me to thanks a lot i now am not going to feel attracted to no one ever until im 20 you have cured me from all attraction with a simple “you need to stop” you’re truly a god among people wow thank you so very much

Fem Phys Friday: Nergis Mavalvala

The second one is Dr. Nergis Mavalvala. A Pakistani-born astrophysicist, Mavalvala came to the US to attend Wellesley College, and all women’s college is Massachusetts where she graduated in 1990 already with a publication in Physical Review B: Condensed Matter. Afterwards, she joined the graduate program at MIT where she met Dr. Rainer Weiss beginning her career in astrophysics. Weiss accepted Mavalvala as his student because of her practical skills in machining, electronics and work with lasers.

Her graduate research started as a proof-of-concept: building table-top interferometers designing an automatic alignment system which would be needed for the experiment on a march larger scale. Eventually, her work was incorporated in the design of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, also known as LIGO, which is used to detect the presence of gravitational waves using two mirrors and the idea that a gravitational wave will contract one of the arms, causing a miss-match in phase for a beam that has been split along the two arms.

She joined the faculty at MIT in 2002 where she acknowledges the importance of mentoring students, recalling her supportive chemistry teacher in Pakistan who let her work with chemical reagents in the lab outside of school. She has passing her excitement of science to her own students. Dr. Mavalvala continues to be recognized for her amazing work by being named one of 23 McArthur Fellows, an unrestricted award given to those who are creative, have significant accomplishments and have prospect for future advancements, in 2010. She then was also recipient of the Joseph F. Keithley Award for Advances in Measurement Science in 2013

A self-described “out, queer person of color,” Dr. Mavalvala describes her relationship with her partner as organic and has said that her department has been supportive. They now have a  young daughter. She was a speaker at National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals’ (NOGLSTP) Out to Innovate™ 2014 joint with the 4th Annual oSTEM National Conference which is  and recipient of NOGLSTP’s LGBTQ+ Scientist of the Year award.


**edited because of a huge typo

thealogian asked:

also i'm just gonna write out a random thought in your inbox cause i got no one to share it with and i think people need to know; what if bourbon, once he meets sera and she becomes a real person to him, feels deep remorse and shame for what he did by pretending to be her dead brother and so decides "i am going to make up for this somehow" and does a ton of minor things for her once they get more acquainted. bourbon redemption arc, helping sera carry heavy boxes edition

Oh my god that would be so cute. Best would be if every time after that that he’s dealing with Akai he’s like “so have you told your sister you’re not dead yet” “Don’t tell her she’ll be in danger” “I just watched that girl kick a man’s kidneys out his ears when he stabbed her and we both keep bringing a six-year-old to BO situations. Tell your sister you’re not dead” “no” “I’m gonna tell her” “NO”

Mod Issues with the 2.4.16 Patch

I will not be updating this here, please follow the link below to check for any more mods that have broken or ones that have been updated:

Mods Master List (click the words)

  • If you are using Neia’s More Clubs mod from MTS, download the updated version.  (Causes the game to not load!  Get the new one)
  • In my game, the mods “"faster sim spawning” and “visitors not spawning in front of venues” created error logs and caused stuttering.  I’ve removed those till they’re updated.  They may work fine in your game but just keep an eye on them.
  • Scumbumbo’s Gardener mods will obviously need updating.
  • Pregnancy mega mod by Scumbumbo may be broken
  • Coolspear’s Inventory mods have been updated for the patch
  • Faster Skills and No Screen Slam by Maloekoegirl needs to be updated
  • Longer Parties/More Guests by Weerbesu was updated - get the new version
  • Toybox Stores Collectibles by Egureh needs to be updated
  • Homework Fix mods are obsolete, remove them
  • Spicy Food Fix mod is obsolete remove it
  • Mods that unlock the trick items are obsolete, remove them
  • Adoption Costs $10K by Simstopics needed an update, get the new one
Miscommunications (Part Two)

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Character: Newt

Words: 1, 150

Request: (from georgiabsxo)

Please do a one shot where (y/n) is best friends with Minho shes been in the glade since the beginning and she’s like in love with Newt who loves her too but doesn’t have the balls to tell so he’s a dick to her. They then get out and its still like it’s always was. At the party in the scorch Newt kisses her but she pushes him away cause the need to find Tom, so he then feels rejected until after when they’ve found Tom, Newt walks off so she goes and finds him and it gets quite sexy!!! Thanks!!

Warning: none

A/N: Please like/follow/request!

Part Two of this imagine.

“Oh, Minho! Thank God!”

You’d never been gladder to see his face. The party had thinned to about twenty people (all with hangovers), and Newt was still unconscious. You’d dragged him to the side and sat on a couch, pulling his head onto your lap.

“What happened to that shank?” he asks.

“He drank some drink the guy at the door offered us,” you sigh.

Just as you say this, Newt begins to stir.

“Y/N?” he groans, and for a moment he looks so innocent that you can’t stop the butterflies from filling your stomach.

But just as quickly as it came, the look is covered by the look he always gave you, and he sat up abruptly.

“How’d you find us?” you ask, trying to hide your hurt.

“We, ah, didn’t mean to,” Minho responds sheepishly. “Frypan spotted some Crank pull a gun on Thomas and Brenda and reported it back to us. We had no idea the two of you were here,”

“Good to know,” you say sarcastically.

“Ah, Y/N. You might want to wake Newt up a bit there,” Frypan interrupts.

You look behind you to see Newt stumbling about.

You look over at the bar and spot a jug of water. You quickly grab it and throw it over Newt’s head. He spins around, glaring at you.

“Awake now?” you ask.

“We think Thomas and Brenda may be down in the basement,” Jorge says, interrupting yours and Newt’s staring contest.

“Well, how are we going to get down there?”

That question was the starting point to the plan. It was how you ended up holding a knife to the head of one of the drunken Cranks while Minho went to retrieve Thomas and Brenda.

It took him a while, but they finally emerged. A fair few comments were thrown in his direction from the Gladers, including Newt. Seeing him interact with Thomas made you think that maybe he was as nice as everybody said.

You made your way back into the alley, and you could hear the others making plans to run for it. None of those plans mattered in the end, because they were interrupted by a loud screeching voice.

“Hey!” you turned back around, barely registering the sight of a crazy-looking guy baring a gun, before a shot was fired, piercing Thomas in the shoulder.


You only looked up when Newt walked out. Or stormed out, to be more accurate.

It was sudden – you’d all been quiet for ages. He had no reason to be angry.

“What’s with him?” Minho asks the question burning everybody’s mind.

“I’ll go find out,” you say, standing up and stepping away.

It was twilight now – the sun had just set and you were left with a tiny amount of light left.

Newt stood a few yards away.

“Hi,” is all you can manage to say when you reach him.

“What do you want?” he growls.

“To see if you’re okay. But if you’re acting like that, I know you are, so I’m just going to go,”

“Yeah, I always act like this – but did it ever cross your mind that I might not actually be fine?”

“Of course it did – at first. But then you acted like this all the time! I figured it was just some kind of…reaction to me!” you exclaim, turning around.

“Of course it’s a reaction to you – because when I’m around you, I’m never okay!”

“Of course you’re not okay – you obviously hate me!”

No. I don’t hate you,” he groans.

“Really, because you act like you do. All the shucking time. And you know what –“

You don’t get the chance to finish, however, because Newt’s lips cover yours, stifling the words that were tumbling out of your mouth.

You don’t think about it, you simply reach your hands up and run them through his hair, bringing your waist to his. He keeps one hand on the side of your face as the over moves to your waist, and he somehow makes the kiss deeper – a feat you didn’t know what manageable. You didn’t want to think about the consequences of the kiss.

You didn’t want to think about all of the violence, about the fate of this world, of all that had been done to you. You didn’t want to think about where Teresa might be or what was happening to Thomas or the virus that was slowly eating your brain.

All you wanted to think about was being with Newt – something you had wanted for so long. But of course, human bodies require air after a certain period of time, so you eventually had to break the kiss, pulling back ever so slightly so your hands were still in his hair and his hand was still on your waist.

The aftermath leaves you slightly dizzy, and you figure it’s from a lack of oxygen. But oxygen comes with a flood of thoughts and questions burning in your mind, and you know they have to be answered.

“What was that?” you ask quietly.

Wrong question. Newt pulls away quickly, turning around and scratching the back of his neck. You immediately miss his sense of warmth – the first sign of kindness he’d actually shown you.

“But…you don’t like me,” is all you can muster.

“Of course I don’t like you,” Newt says, and your heart droops. He turns around, looking you in the eye. “Y/N, I love you,”

“That’s absolute klunk. Is this some kind of joke? You’re never anything but rude to me,”

“I know, I’m an idiot,”

“I don’t understand!” you say, a whiplash of emotions beginning to effect you.

“Y/N,” Newt says, a pained expression crossing his face. “The only reason I…act that way is to hide the way I feel about you,”

“Why would you do that?”

“Fear of rejection,” Newt smiles sadly. “And I was right to, love. You rejected me today,”

“When?” you ask, frowning.

“At that party,”

“That was…different. There was so much happening and no time…”

Newt’s eyes are downcast and his feet kick at the ground. He seems…sad.

“Hey,” you say softly, taking a step towards him. You grab his wrist and tilt his chin so you can look into his face, but his eyes avoid yours. “There’s time now,”

His eyes flicker upwards, and you close the space between you again. The kiss is sweeter this time, less urgent. You hook your arms around his neck and he puts both hands on your waist. You pull apart.

“You know what?” you say quietly, your arms still around his neck. You pull closer again, leaning to his ear. “I love you, too,”

You don’t kiss this time, instead holding him in a tight embrace.

“What are we going to do?” Newt asks after a long silence.

You bite you lip.

“I don’t know,”


Sim Download!

I wanted to share something but since I’m new to this game and can’t still quite get the whole cc creating process I’m giving you something I can make for now. A sim! Her name is Bobbie, she has a fairly basic face but I hope you find some use for her. I tried to smooth out her face and remove any wonkiness but she still has some sharp corners(nothing that I couldn’t live with) and a seam on her neck that I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing it. Anyway, she probably looks tragic with any other skin than the pretty one she was made with but you are free to change her to your liking. ^^ 

DOWNLOAD (.sim file only)

CC used and needed for her to look like in the pic:


Eyes N12 (I think)



Makeup 1 2 3 (highlighting blush) 4 (S-Club’s eyelashes)

Sliders I use are pretty much all listed here and/or here (I haven’t checked if they have differences, sorry!) and I have set facial sliders to x3 with mastercontroller.

She’s wearing base game clothing.

You can do what ever you want with her, edit, use her as a base, breed her etc. If you use her to make a sim and want to upload that sims that’s fine, credit would be nice. Oh and if you like, tag verakasthethird or mention me, I’d love to see how she looks in other peoples games!

Gifts Galore!(First Batch)

Given my lack of time to work on these, and very low motivation levels, I have decided to go ahead and post these in sets of three until I get them all out. 

As some of you know, I had planned on working on a bunch of gift are for friends/people who inspire the hell out of me. These are just the start, there will be more to come, so if you don’t see one yet, keep an eye out, ‘cause you just miiiight get one in the future :)

either way, I hope you guys at least like them, I know my quality is not always the best, and some come out better than others.




Quen was frantic. His eyes blurred with tears as he copied the symbols onto the floor in ash and chalk. If he just hadn’t been so careless, so stupid. His mind was poisoned by the imagery of the life leaving the body, watching the light drain from someone’s eyes, something that had never trully bothered him. But they had never been Mason, his Macey.
He had screamed till his throat hurt, cried and quickly went through hia denial phase, but he couldn’t accept the death and knew he had to work fast if he had any hope of undoing what he had caused.
He dug out ancient books, the kind he hid from curious eyes. He drew the symbols carefully around the lifeless body, even as the small voice inside his head reminded him how often this failed and how badly it could fail. He needed an offering, an exchange, something with the value of a life. He knew of only one thing, the thing that made people hunt him in the first place, his power. Carefully drawing the symbols along his left arm, struggling to manage it with his non-dominant hand, finally he was ready.
He had no idea when he had blacked out, he had been performing the spell and then… the pain was unreal. Reaching across his body, his hand touched where once there was an arm, fingers wet with blood. Forcing himself to sit up, he looked towards the circle, did it work?

drummergirl231 asked:

Hey, Raph. I wanted to apologize for the Mona asks I've sent even though they weren't hate ones. I hope no one felt like sending you hate after seeing the first one I sent. I'm sorry people have been such haters about the whole thing. You don't deserve that. And I'm sorry about the ask this afternoon. I hadn't realized how bad things have gotten on here. Anyway you don't have to answer this publicly or at all. I just want you to know I'm sorry if I've caused you any trouble.

Raph: Hey no need to apologize DG. You aren’t the reason I had to tell people to not send me those asks anymore. Let’s just say some of the Mona/Me fans are crazy and down right a**holes. I got some graphic nasty asks from them that I had to delete quickly before Mikey saw them. Then quite a few Mona/Me fans attack a friend (a close friend) of mine on here because she’s not a fan like them. I mean what the heck got into their heads to go and do these things to people because they don’t share the same likes. I mean it really pissed me off. I mean damn, if it was me I’d so out those freakin bullies. From what I understand and have seen they’ve been attacking more then just my friend. They’ve gone on a rampage and I wont support anything to do with those type of people. So no worries DG, you didn’t do any harm. Just gotta place rules now…. gosh, kinda sad and pathetic that I’ve got to do that now a days.

odiousmountain asked:


I’m too tired to get directly involved in this kind of stuff anymore. I love Mabel, but seriously people need to stop trying to defend her by erasing her flaws. That’s not how it works man. Being unsure if a character has a flaw is one thing. When the creator himself states that the character has that problem, I mean…its there. Don’t ignore it to make her character better because it’s not. It’s taking away her complexity. Good characters are complex. And don’t drag her bro down to make her look better either (or vise-versa). They’re both very flawed individuals. Why can’t people just accept this

anonymous asked:

matsubros netflix and chilling with their s/o (by chilling i mean just watching movies and being together not fucking lmao)

Osomatsu: Takes up all the leg room bruh. He’d crush you with his legs, but if you weren’t laying opposite of each other, he’d wrap his arms around you and the two of you’d be shoulder to shoulder and he’d kiss your cheeks every so often

Karamatsu: doesn’t take him much to get comfy for Netflix and chill tbh, all he needs is a blanket and something soft to lay on, which includes you, and he’s good. He’d probably lay his head on your stomach or side and would be so overjoyed if you wrapped your arms around him

Choromatsu: Be prepared to marathon anime on Netflix W him Cause he’ll want to show you every single one that he watches. Choromatsu likes to be pretty cozy, maybe have a warm drink and blankets, and he’d lay beside you with your hands clasped together

Ichimatsu: Doesn’t really have many requirements for Netflix and chilling either, as long as there’s a blanket, he’ll be fine on the floor. He likes to lay with his head in your lap, and likes the feeling of your fingers gently rubbing his scalp

Jyushimatsu: You’d have to put on something really interesting for him to get invested enough to Netflix and chill, but that’s not hard to do. He likes it to be nice and roomy, so he can spread out or roll around if he wants to. Jyushimatsu would probably have you sit between his legs with his arms around your shoulders but would probably move around a lot

Todomatsu: Likes to be really cozy for Netflix and chill, bringing thick fluffy blankets and hundreds of throw pillows. He has really high standards for what the two of you watch, he wouldn’t dare watch a movie with less than 4 stars. Todomatsu would probably start a pillow fight with you and completely forget about the movie for a bit

Game Night Highlights
  • Dark appears in his normal form, everyone is tense
  • zVio ships School of Fish
  • School of Fish is one of the top 3 ships, Lilac can confirm that
  • Grey acepts Dark offer to share memories: Grey have an atack, the first of the night
  • zVio touches Dark, and also share memories: the second atack of the night
  • Blue tries to help zVio out of his atack, but gets shouted at.
  • The shout startle Ashen, and she clings to Dark by accident, causing the third atack of the night.
  • Chillby came in late and was much like the pizza guy enterying the place on fire
  • Grey needs to grab Ashen for her to let go of Dark, and so he have the fourth atack of the night.
  • Phoebe ignores everything just for the sake of getting alcohol
  • Chillby calls Grey “Old man”
  • Kabedon happened with Crowby and Phoebe
  • Porcelainby just don’t care
  • A small Dark attaches to Grey’s legs, wanting to apologize, he falls, some people tries to catch him, and now we have the fifth atack of the night.
  • Phoebe constructs a pillow fort and procceds to explain what anime is to Crowby
  • One side is having panic attack and the other is watchin anime.
  • Roseby came in almost two hors late and didn’t even brought Starbucks.
  • Blue explains the situation to Rose, and procedes to make a dad joke when asked if he was kidding (“ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!” “No, I’m Blue. … Dammit, I’ve spend too much time here.”)
  • PTA and Seaby finally SMOOSH
  • Blue sees the memories of Dark, and is the only one to not freak out about it.

Congratulations to Seaby ( @gabi-gurl ) for winning!!

grieverchain asked:

🔥Tyrion... B)))

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion.

… are you trying to get me killed? because I feel like you’re trying to get me killed. I do not like Tyrion. What is the nice way of saying he’s a sexist dick who needs to fall into a pit and die and I give no damns what excuses the fandom may have for his assholish behaviour cause there is none.

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Are you a fan of Mindy Kaling? Do you like The Mindy Project? Do you like supporting a good cause? If you answered, “yes” to one or more of these questions, I hope that you will be a part of our t-shirt fundraiser benefitting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network! Our design, inspired by a line on the Hulu Original series, The Mindy Project, aims to bring awareness to the horrors of Pancreatic Cancer and the necessary action need to find a cure. All proceeds from these shirts will go towards the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, an amazing organization that provides patient and caregiver services, while also focusing on fundraising, advocacy, and education services. We hope that you will choose to help us stomp out the silent killer. Our shirts, created on Bonfirefunds, not only feature a cute design but also more importantly all proceeds collected of said shirts will go directly to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. So, in honor of World Cancer Day, our fundraiser will LAUNCH TODAY and run for approximately 21 days!

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So what can you do to help? That’s a great question! You can help us by buying a shirt and spreading the word! Help us spread awareness!

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With Love, Juliette/Mindylahlri

They gather by the console for one of Hodge’s Super Fun Strategic PowerPoints, and everybody takes a seat to watch what the chaos has in store today. Alec’s had approximately nope hours of sleep, so he’s not exactly pleased, but Iz jokes around and keeps the thing from being too awfully bad. The Ginger’s still here, and Jace is still determined to go on the missing mom search with her because what the hell right? Today’s mark is part of the case, and the goal isn’t to get rid of a rogue but presumably to pump him for info. They have two clues—a face the girl keeps having recurring dreams about, and a name the Mund got for them back in the Hotel Dumort. The mark is Magnus Bane—Brooklyn’s very own resident warlock.

The mark is actually kind of not bad-looking…in an ancient-history kinda way. Hodge scrolls through photo after photo of the same guy in different time periods, different clothes, and surrounded by different women/men/parties. In the 1850s he’s in sepia tones, wearing a robelike costume and leaning against a carved pillar. Even through the grainy quality Alec can see a smirk. In the next photo he’s in a club with slicked-down hair and a very plain suit, which they’ll learn today is not the norm at all. At least five ladies with forties curls are giggling or chatting or drinking around him. Welp.

In the fifth picture, he’s wearing an aviation suit and standing by a biplane propeller almost taller than he is. This guy had a pilot phase? Hodge describes him—excess, expense. Exquisite. He uses that word. From the pictures Alec can see why he can say it that casually. It’s not even a statement of attraction, just that the mark is really, really beautiful and knows it and surrounds himself with other beautiful stuff so that it all flows together. Kind of typical Downworld behavior. It’s all about the image, isn’t it? Frankly, it pisses Alec off. If today is going to involve dodging hot guys in order to get information on a woman he’s never met, he’d rather just go back to bed.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that different cultures, as in example two different countries, can get along together? Especially if you're in a relationship with someone who's from a different culture... Could that cause any problems in a relationship? For example a serb and someone from the western world (like UK, France etc)

Establishing a relationship between two different cultures is the hard part, because you have to learn how a person expresses their emotions, what could be offensive to them, how their daily routine looks etc. Once you reach an understanding it is as simple as with anyone else. With one person it’s all about learning about what’s specific for them, just in this particular case you have more differences so you need more time to click.

I don’t feel qualified to speak of the culture you’ve asked about, but a general thing most people have difficulty adjusting to regarding Serbian culture is how extroverted and straightforward Serbian people can get in such a short time frame. But Serbian culture has many things people want to feel and as long as that positive feeling outweighs the repelling one it can work. :)