My sister is going to homecoming with a group from the equestrian team. Last week, one of the guys on the team asked one of the girls (we’ll call her bitchy) to homecoming in a super cute way with “HOMECOMING?” written in glitter on his horse. Bitchy turned him down, and most of the rest of the team were miffed with how she handled it (didn’t even pause to think about her response, just flat out said she was going with a specific guy, who hadn’t even asked her yet!!)

Skip to today when the guy bitchy said she was going with actually asked her (kinda adorable, but no where near the glittery horse) and my sister and one of the other girls decide that they want to well out do the weak one from today. 

So tomorrow at the meet, my sister is going to whip this out and ask the friend to homecoming with as much production as her dramatic self can muster. They’re doing this half out of spite for bitchy and half because they just think its fun and that all the “promposals” are adorable and its the only way they’ll get one, so why not ask a friend that way?


Someone said…. Sasuke confessing his feeling through music?

I like to think he is hiding in the bushes waiting for her to find the tape (but too lazy to draw)

And yes its a damn cassette cause that what mixtapes will ALWAYS be in my brain. (I feel so old)

Sometimes you get something in your head and you have to finish it. This is one of those projects and I am quite fond of the way it turned out! This Bride of Frankenstein is based on one of my favorite pinup ladies/ cosplayers the AMAZING Arsenic Cupcakes! You should go and like her page now! Cause she’s super awesome. She also has a pretty rad tumblr!

If you dig this you can get it on stickers and a variety of t-shirts & hoodies through my Red Bubble store! If you order today you can save 15% on t-shirts and hoodies using coupon code: HOODIE15 when you check out

Kung Fu Panda 3 (No spoilers)

My little cousin is the cutest lol! We were watching the movie and after Mei Mei meets Po, he leans over to me and goes “Is Po in love?” And I said I don’t think so. Well later he leans over and goes “I don’t want Po to be in love with Mei Mei because I like him better with Tigress cause she’s awesome and I like that better” and he says it so seriously and then goes back to watching the movie

My eight year old cousin basically ships Pogress/TiPo and he doesn’t think the two pandas make a couple and that’s the cutest thing to me

  • Kishi: Yes
  • Kishi: YES
  • Kishi: YESSSSSS
  • Kishi: this is perfect
  • Kishi: The movie is going to be awesome
  • Kishi: Like Karin dies cause she'll get in the way of Sasuke's 'love' for Sakura that appeared out of no where
  • Kishi: despite the fact that he gave no shits about her for the last 698 chapters...
  • Kishi: Cause fuck his real personality y'know.
  • Kishi: Oh and of course Sakura's beautiful character development gotta go
  • Kishi: Oh and lets just make Naruto's deep and meaningful love for Sakura be broken down cause why the hell not?
  • Kishi: Make Ino almost be raped so Sai can come and rescue her and finally make some babies cause thats how love works
  • Kishi: Psh, Sakura the main character?
  • Kishi: get that shit out of here
  • Kishi: Hinata is in the houseeee
  • Kishi: Let me just ignore all the development that naruto and sakura had
  • KIshi: cause that is SO mainstream even though it would make sense if they ended up together
  • Kishi: but YOLO
  • Kishi: ha, the fans will LOVE it.
  • 95% of fans: ...
  • 95% of fans: what the actual fuck is this shit?

TOY CHICA -DS: @capn-oli

I really like this design of Toy Chica. I especially loved the pony tail! The colors are pretty cute and they make me happy! So, I decided to draw @capn-oli’s Toy Chica cause she’s awesome! :D

Hope you like it! <3




DeanCas Graphics Challenge - August Round!

This round, I (sycophantcas) will be busy focusing on GIsHWheS for the first week or so, so I’m introducing a new admin, sparksflycastiel, who is awesome and will help run the challenge smoothly. (Cause she’s awesome).


  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count as an entry!)
  • Reblogs will be counted until July 31st.
  • *NEW* Send an ask to the challenge blog saying ‘participating’. You will not receive a prompt unless I receive your ask. 
  • You can follow the official blog and track the tag (#deancasgc) for updates, but it’s not compulsory.
  • You will need to have your submit open.
  • Please have one example of your work easily accessible on your blog.
  • If you are willing to make a second graphic in case of someone dropping out, please include #willing to pinch hit in your tags when reblogging the post.


  • You will be paired with a partner of equal skill level or style.
  • On August 1st I will submit to you prompt and partner and the graphic deadline.
  • Make your graphic based on the prompt, how you interpret it is entirely upto you, however it must include both Dean and Castiel in some form.
  • The deadline for this round will be August 31st.
  • If you have a problem meeting the deadline then please message me and let me know!
  • Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Tag your edit with #deancasgc and #partnersurl within the first five tags.
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  • The graphic caption should contain a link to the challenge blog, your URL, your partners URL and your prompt.
  • Your graphic should be either 500px or 540px wide.


  • Your graphic will be reblogged to the official challenge blog.
  • There are no winners and losers, this is purely for fun!
  • Remember that this is a Destiel-related challenge and there will be no ship hate welcome.
  • Have fun!

So I was working the 3 year old room at the nursery today. A little girl with wavy blonde hair in a sparkly dress had a wicked wreck on the swings. She wasn’t looking where she was going and got closelined at a full sprint. Went down hard on her face. So I go running over. When she got up she looks at me with mulch in her hair and I’m expecting frantic crying to begin cause it looked like it hurt…
… And she just goes “That was awesome!!” Gets up. And goes back to running.

I think I just saw Percy and Annabeth’s kid.

drunken recs #214546 @swishyhairbarnes is my salt sister <3

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If you ever wanna bitch about straight girls hmu

I don’t wanna bitch about them cause like she’s a really awesome girl, just into guys & I can’t change that. Still goin to be her friend!