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godDAMN man I die for your fluffy davekat shenanigans. major distraction at work because 'well shit i've gotta read this fuck me sideways' when I saw my email alert whoops. but no seriously, I LOVE your writing and this latest bit was fucking adorable, especially dave and rose talking it out <3 you've such a great grasp on their characterization. and I think you mentioned that commentary about the HS girls never talking about sexuality as an inspiration source and man, it was SO welcome here!

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffthanks I’m dead now RIP me

That fic definitely only exists cause of that post about female sexuality and homestuck’s utter sidestepping of it and some conversations I had in that same vein, a rare case of productive discourse, the true unicorn of fandom

Astro Needs to Stop

Everyone is a visual. Everyone is a sweetheart. Just utter perfection. Like how am I supposed to have a bias when everyone is so amazing. Like, first it was Rocky cause that smile kills. Then I saw Sanha and was like “Oh baby, this boy is adorable.” But when I saw Moonbin and Eunwoo those boys just… no words. And Mj is so bubbly and his laugh is so contagious. And how can you not when JinJin is just over over there with his cuteness and deep voice. Just.. How. Do. You. Bias?

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Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 

Seeing Juvia alive, along with the wounds he got during and since their battle caused Gray to pass out. This is due to the emotional gravity of the situation. 

Post-499, Gray was utterly spent, physically battered, and emotionally devastated which carried him through his brutal asskicking on Invel, a partial demonic transformation, and a tough battle with his best friend and worst enemy. Through the sheer grief of a painful loss, he soldiered on with the power of raw grief and pain. Once seeing Juvia alive and well, he was able to physically respond. 

Hearing her voice caused him to whip his head around immediately, and he started shaking with realization while saying her name. It’s as if he was in utter disbelief Juvia was standing right before him, thus dropping to his knees. You can feel the emotional impact coming from Gray, especially when looking at the close up of his eye. It’s important that the author chose to focus on that detail. She has been his motivation to keep fighting, so for him to see her breathing, there was was enough safety and comfort to allow himself to finally rest. 

Juvia caught and cradled Gray in her arms, just as he did to her earlier. During this entire arc Gray and Juvia have done everything together. Their actions have been mirrored, such as their suicide attempt, where they both tried to sacrifice themselves for the other. This is because they both share the same mutual love for each other. Their feelings are the same, like two halves of a whole. And thus, now that Juvia confirmed Gray’s safety to herself, she too fainted with relief.

Hopefully when they wake up, they’ll be able to talk, because Gray already said he would be serious, and he would give her an answer after the war. He won’t hold back any longer because he got a second chance to be with Juvia that he’s never had with anyone else. Therefore this is more the prologue to their reunion, and there will be a continuation. However, it’s also very likely they won’t even have time to properly talk yet, as this is a war.

Mashima-sensei is simply delaying their canonization. Just as Gray had said he’d give his answer after the war, thus we readers will likely also have to wait for the closure to Gray and Juvia’s relationship at the end of the arc. So, please don’t be discouraged by this reunion, because there will be more to come.

The whole interaction was quite touching. Neither of them should have been moving after trying to kill themselves and being healed, but Juvia being gone kept Gray going. Gray being in danger kept her going. They both pushed their limits, as even Charle pointed out. When they found out the other was ok, they were able to let go.


Title: Color My World
Artist: Mizo
Fandom: Yuri on Ice
Pairing: Victor x Yuuri
Rating: PG13

Personally, I have always been a big fan of Mizo even before Yuri on Ice was released. So when she published her first Yuri on Ice fanbook, I preordered one without a second thought. I never regret any of it.

Color My World started from the time little Yuuri first saw Victor on TV and immediately thought, “What a beautiful girl.” It skipped to the time of Yuuri’s utter failure in the World’s Championship and their relationship afterwards. What was different from the original, though, was there was no angst in this doujinshi. Yuuri was silly, Victor was simply love-struck, and Makkachin was frustrated at his lost cause of parents. What with them flirting all the time Yurio had to yell to get them back to Earth, Yuuri getting jealous and ignoring Victor when Victor was surrounded by girls, and Makkachin internally calling Yuuri mom.

As usual, Mizo’s art style made both Yuuri and Victor appeared more manly than the original, but that did not make the story any less adorable. The characters were so expressive it always left me giggling.

Pixiv ID: 3269395
Twitter @mizo_undou
Tumblr @no2ng
IG @mizozoh


Since Trump was elected to be President, there’s been a lot of fear among the minority communities as to what will happen to them and the extreme spike in hate crimes across the nation has only validated those fears. I live in a really diverse part of democratic New Jersey and to help alleviate those fears and support the many marginalized groups in my community, my friends and I organized a nondisruptive campaign at our high school where we wore and handed out stickers, hung up posters on our lockers, and passed out flyers detailing our cause.

The day before our peaceful campaign the principle somehow got word of an “anti-Trump protest” that would take place at school and sent out a school wide email, painting us as angry and disruptive teenagers. Today when our campaign took place, we were met with an appalling amount of students who disrespected and insulted our cause, claiming it was stupid and pointless. Those who took part were subject to name-calling, harassment, and utter disrespect. These students made a joke of our attempt to spread love and support for those in fear because of this election, going as far as to vandalize and destroy our flyers and posters in front of us. No actions have yet been taken against these students.

We organized this with the best of intentions and put so much effort into it, and I still can’t comprehend how negatively people reacted to a completely positive message and this happened in DEMOCRATIC NEW JERSEY.

It’s scary to think that in a community as diverse as mine there would be so much hatred and knowing that this is not even close to what people in less democratic states have to deal with on a daily basis is even more terrifying. I send out my love and support to all of you.

My Only Love

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Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,454
Warnings: Smut, oral

Part 3 of Violent Desires Meet Violent Ends

There was this unspoken agreement between the two of you that neither of you would speak your real names. As if keeping them a secret kept this alive, like uttering them would shatter this…whatever this was.

You found yourself falling for the rugged man in leather, gone from Alexandria more and more. When you were back, you heard the whispers. Rumors of people causing trouble for people out scavenging for goods. You’d never had an issue, so you brushed it off.

Slipping through the broken fence, you smiled to yourself. Your last couple meetings had been cut short, just before you could truly enjoy him. This time, he promised you all his attention. Said he would threaten them if they bothered him for any reason.

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theemmaslater It’s always so bitter sweet the day after a tour because although I’m loving some time off, I will miss ‘bunking’ with my best friends and lounging on the bus after our shows just chatting, watching Harry Potter and playing the utter nonsense game. We know each other so well! Thank you Keo for that one accent that no one can recognize but covers your idea of all accents. Thank you Gleb for your heavenly rendition of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and for teaching me Russian, Spaseba. Thank you Linds for your epic Worm Move, introducing me to ‘Unreal’ and for that unforgettable time when you freaked cause you saw that ghost behind me!! Still crying over that! Thank you Jenna for playing Rihanna, letting me read your book and being my soul sister on Jan 1st & 2nd. Thank you Hayley for sharing your cat videos with me in quick change, getting me onto Lancer and almost giving me frost bite in Niagara Falls. Thank you Artem for generally being the happiest I’ve ever seen you and watching the bachelor every Monday with the girls (I love that you think Corrine is brilliant). Thank you Val for our politics at catering and for the songwriting in Canada. Oh and for arranging New Years 💪🏻Thank you Sharna for great conversations about love,, Sunday Riley and for the shower cap. Thank you Laurie for stealing my phone during the show for random emoji selfies, inviting me to watch Law and Order on your bus and for letting me squeeze you every day. Thank you Alan for all the coffee/exploring adventures we went on, being an accomplice to my accidental market crime and your Donald Trump impression. Oh and for playing foosball salt bae style, something I still laugh about.
Finally to all of the crew, production team and everyone at Faculty. Thank you. I’m so grateful to you. This tour was brilliant and it couldn’t of happened without you. #dwtslivetour

No one cares for me.

- I know when you reach such age, somewhere between teenage and adulthood, you will utter such words.

How many of our daughters or friends have uttered and ranted about this to us? When they feel like no one wants to talk to them or cares about them? Especially those days when their hearts become attached to someone who shows interest in marrying them. 

It was a practice of the Sahabiyyat RA to remind their sons/daughters about Allah, about Islam and even about death every now and then. Some would write notes, some would narrate it in stories, and some spark it through their speeches urging their sons to fight for the cause of Allah. 

We have to be like that. So today, I would like to write something for my future daughter, and I encourage all of you to do so, write something for them to read when they grow up, write by now when work has not occupied much of your time yet. Let us revive a beautiful practice of the Sahabiyyat RA. in sha Allah.

My princess, I am writing this at a time when hate crime and discrimination against Muslims are on its height. But fear not, as Mommy is okay, as Mommy is in Allah’s Care. 

My beautiful one, know that there will come a time when people around you will stare at you in a way that is quite disturbing but I ask you to reciprocate such glares and stares with a beautiful smile of yours, never look back at them with an angry or fierce look for this might enflame such intense emotions within them.

Indeed, there will be moments when you will be asking things about why you wear the hijab and why you need to cover up and I pray that our actions, our worship that you see for Allah would be enough to answer your queries.

Befriend the Qur’an, make it your companion. It was the strength of Mommy and I’m sure it will be yours as well, as long as you open your heart for it. It is something that would never leave you and come to you at the time when you need it the most.

Be resourceful and always inquire/ask something you do not understand or you are having some misunderstanding about, especially when it comes to Islam. Know that Mommy prepared activities for you to get to know the greatest of people that came before us (the Sahabah). 

Always protect your hayaa’ my little one, no matter how the society would lure you to buy all these new trends, gadgets and clothes. I ask you to stick upon the teachings of the Qur’an and following the sunnah.

When things become hard for you, I ask you to ask Allah always for ease, for Allah is the only one who can bring ease in whatever trial or tribulation you are or will be facing.

My little hijabi, maintain and always be constant with your salah, I ask you not to give me a frowning face when Mommy reminds you of salah rather Mommy would be so happy to see you preparing yourself for salah even before she can tell you.

Be appreciative, when an aunty comes, welcome her always with a warm hug, be charitable my little one, for Allah spends for those who spend for Him. Always choose and prefer to give rather than to receive.  

My little star, one day, when you will be engrossed with the cyberworld, refrain from talking with the opposite sex. If someone would approach you, advice them to fear Allah and I ask you to open it up with me, if not with your daddy then know that mommy is all ears for you. This is not because I want to reprimand you but Mommy just wants to be aware and give you guidance as Mommy doesn’t want you to indulge into something haraam and might hurt you at the end.

When someone would ask for your hand, fear not from telling us and telling him to contact your wali, for I have pledge not to make you go through what others may have gone through, making your mahr too expensive is a big no from us, as long as the brother has deen then we would gladly give you to him in accordance to the rules that are needed to be abided within Islam.

And when the time comes that Mommy won’t be with you anymore, know that You are in Allah’s Care just like how Mommy was in Allah’s Care. Remember that whatever happens in your life is accordingly upon the Will of Allah, and nothing happens in the life of a Believer except that it is for his/her own good. So accept and face every struggle with patience and strong trust in Allah.

I promise with a hopeful heart that we will see each other in Jannah again, I will run to you my baby girl, Mommy will hug you there.

But for now, Mommy is still in the process of asking Allah’s guidance on making herself grow better so that as soon as Allah decrees that you and Mommy meets here, she is in the best of state in all aspects, ready to fulfill such responsibility of raising you upon the Qur’an and Sunnah.

My baby, I can’t wait to hear you call me, Mommy <3 in sha Allah. 

And we pray that we be amongst those parents who would be able to raise such lions and lionesses of this Ummah, and make them the coolness of our eyes. Amin


radical feminism focuses on women’s issues

incidentally men are the ones who cause the majority of women’s issues

whose fault is it that radical feminism isn’t particularly friendly towards them?

it’s not a tragedy there’s one movement that doesn’t exist for benefit of men

and seeing how they react when something is done for the benefit of women

it’s obvious they consider it an aggression when something just exists just women’s benefit

how would you describe such utter utter desire for destruction of anything that exists for women’s well being?

how would you describe this other than hatred?

Gajevy Love Week 2017 - Day 3 - Pillow Talk

Once again slightly NSFW because I’m just that kind of person. Can’t put a read more in cause I’m on my phone so… I’m sorry!

If someone were to ask Gajeel when Levy was the most beautiful, they would get one of two answers. The first would be a punch to the face and the second, if he had consumed enough alcohol, would be straight after they’d had sex. Gajeel didn’t know why this was a thing that he shouldn’t tell Levy, but apparently it was. She was lay on his chest, right arm slung across him, hair tousled and blush covering her face from the utter exhaustion. The blush had deepened at his comment and she squeaked in embarrassment as he chuckled at her reaction.
“You’ve never actually told anyone that… right?”
Gajeel grinned. She really was cute when she was flustered. He leant down to press a kiss against her forehead, and as soon as she was pinned tightly against him he found it safe enough to reply.
“Only one person. What can I say, I was very drunk at the time.”
Levy twisted to look up at him, unable to move any further due to the arm crushing her to his side.
“What!? Who was it?”
Gajeel brought up his spare arm, using it to trace across her jaw, down her neck and to the top of her chest. Of course he wouldn’t have told anyone that Levy would have been uncomfortable with them knowing. Then again, he had been more than a little worse for wear that night.
“Relax, Shrimp. It was only Cana. She knows much worse stuff about us.”
Levy puffed out her cheeks, a sure sign that she was annoyed.Gajeel chuckled again, prodding at her cheek with his spare hand. She buried her head back into his chest, stopping him from seeing her blush, before giving up and pulling away entirely. As soon as Gajeel realised that she was genuinely trying to pull away from him he let her go, watching in worry as she pulled the blanket up and over her face as she kept her back to him. She was there for a few moments, chest heaving steadily from her breathing, before he worked up the courage to talk to her.
“Lev? I’m sorry, I didn’t…”
The pillow to his face was a surprise, for sure. She had moved so quickly he hadn’t even noticed, and it wasn’t until the fabric of one of the many pillows on his bed collided with his head that he realised she had even shifted an inch. He coughed in surprise as she struggled to her knees, towering over him with the offending item in her hands. After a few moments of staring at each other, both completely naked, a grin split across Gajeel’s face.
“Oh, is that how ya wanna play it, Shrimp?”
His hands found their way to grab a hold of the pillow under his own head, and in one smooth motion he had brought it in front of him to smack into her torso. She was shoved back with the force of the hit, and ended up landing on her backside on the bed. She squealed in shock, throwing her own pillow in front of her, and Gajeel paused for a second to check she was ok before his own laugh filled the room. He grabbed the two pillows back, scrambling up the bed in order to hoard them behind him. Levy looked on in annoyance, puffing her cheeks out again as she scrambled backwards to try and get some distance between them.
“What ya gonna do now then, Shortstuff? You’ve lost all your ammunition.”
He picked up one of the larger pillows, almost as big as Levy herself, and swung it in front of him making sure not to let go. It collided with her shoulder, making her tumble sideways onto the bed and he pulled it back quickly to ensure she didn’t get any of her own weapons. He grinned widely as she stood to her feet, hands on hips and looking ready for battle. Her right hand shot up in front of her, moving impossibly fast in the air as she worked her magic.
“Solid Script: Pillows!”
Six pillows all appeared out of nowhere, and she was wickedly fast in grabbing them out of the air and flinging them at him. As soon as their target had been successfully hit they disappeared. She had obviously learned not to allow him any munitions. Gajeel recovered from the shock, turning to grab another pillow but by the time he looked again she was gone. He cursed under his breath, but it was playful. He wanted to see how long this would go on for.

When Lily got back home from the guild everything seemed normal. It was quiet, sure, but then again it often was. Levy would be reading, and Gajeel would either be sleeping or working on something on his workbench. As he walked through the hallway he tripped over one of Levy’s shirts and sighed. Oh. That’s what they had been doing when they left the guild hall earlier. In that case it was completely possible they were both asleep. He picked up the offending blouse, meaning to carry it up the stairs when there was a crash from the kitchen.

He shifted into his battle form, immediately alert and ready to fight off any intruders. His senses picked up, but he couldn’t smell anything out of the ordinary or hear any sound coming from anywhere. Being sure to sneak as quietly as possible he made his way to the kitchen doorway, and risked a peek inside.

The first thing he saw was the dining table laying on its side, chairs scattered all around it and one of them almost completely smashed apart. He was about to turn around and check the corner before Gajeel stood up from behind the table, screamed a war cry, and threw what appeared to be a pillow at Lily’s face. The Dragon Slayer froze as soon as he realised exactly who his target was, but didn’t bother to cover himself as he straightened up.
“Shit. Hey Lil.”
Pantherlily couldn’t have stopped himself from burying his face in his hands if he tried.
“What on Earthland are you doing, Gajeel?”
The Dragon Slayer started to move to pick up his pillows. It wasn’t out of any attempt to be tidy, Lily knew, but rather something inside of him knowing he had to return them to his nest.
“We were having a pillow fight.”
Lily sighed again. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out, but obviously Gajeel thought he needed it spelled out for him.
“I can see that, Gajeel. Where is Levy?”
Gajeel paused in his tidying, sniffing the air to try and find his opponent.
“I’m pretty sure she’s in the cupboard over there.”
Lily could hear a squeak coming from the cupboard in question, more than big enough for Levy to hide in with a few pillows for ammunition.
“Please don’t open the door.”
Lily simply turned around, dropping Levy’s blouse to the floor before walking out of the kitchen.
“I’m going back to the guild for an hour, please make sure the house is in an acceptable condition before I get back”
He heard two mumbles of agreement, but he wasn’t even out the door before the giggling started.

I don’t know who the original creator is, I assume it’s Shion Memere. No offense meant with my captions, but the great thing about visual art is that everyone can interpret it in a different way. My captions are the story I imagined when I saw this picture for the first time. It might not necessarily be the one the artist wanted to tell, but I hope if they happen to see this they might find it a fun little tribute anyway. <3

Naruto: Hey, Sakuraaaaa! How’s the tiny human! Got a kick for Uncle Naruto?

Sakura: You utter weirdo. No one else I know enjoys getting kicked in the face by a fetus

Naruto: Blame your husband, all brain damage is his fault

Sasuke: And yet you still ended up Hokage, so clearly I didn’t cause enough.

Naruto: Heheh…I’m ignoring you because baby tummy!

Sasuke:…How about instead of fawning over my next child, you get busy making your own?

Sakura: Sasuke!

Naruto: Bastard!!!

Karin: Oi! Watch your language around the baby!

Sarada: Bah?

Karin: Is this what it was like growing up with the two of them?

Sakura: *sigh* Yep.

Karin: How did they make it to puberty?

Naruto: Oi!

Sasuke: …

Sakura: Is Sarada getting heavy, Karin? Should I take her back?

Karin: No, no, you’ve got your hands full with the orange menace over there. Besides, Sasuke keeps flinching every time I switch her from shoulder to shoulder. Seeing him nervous is funny.

Sasuke: If you don’t watch your tongue, I’m taking the baby back.

Sakura: Darling, be nice. We don’t want to tick Auntie Karin off, right? Because the last time I checked, she’s the only one capable of helping in the delivery room while Lady Tsunade is away. Unless you want to volunteer your hand again?

Sasuke: …There’s another month before you’re due…maybe she’ll come back

Karin: Right, let’s pretend that me being here wasn’t totally your idea.


Neji: I don’t see the point of me being here.

Hinata: Because Naruto is my husband and he went through all the trouble of organizing this baby shower.

Neji: That’s not really an answer.

Hinata: Then because Sasuke is your partner and Sakura is your friend.

Neji: *grumble* You’re only supposed to have baby showers for the first one. This is redundant.

Hinata: And yet you bought the biggest, most expensive teddy bear in the shop.

Neji: *blush* It was Tenten’s idea – and stop x-raying the gifts, that’s cheating!


I’m not the only one who’s in love with you. I know the universe adores you too. I can see it from the way the first sunray paints your skin when you’re still in your dream, the way you gently talk to the demon in my bloodstream. I can see it from the way it rains wherever you go, ‘cause the skies want to touch you and storms are the only chance to do so. It’s how you radiate a beauty so pure, a beauty so raw, that every living thing that watches you can’t help but be in utter awe. Yes, you were made differently I guess, ‘cause I’m not the only one to love you. Oh darling, the universe adores you too.

Nobu being an utter shitdad.

I will never stop laughing about this.

‘Cause it’s true and it’s still funny no matter how many times I read about it.

Nobu’s sons really do have weird names. I bet they’re all mighty glad when they finally have their genpuku and be rid of their WTF names.

My favourite is his ninth son, Nobusada, whose birth name was “hito” 人(human/person). It’s like, “Yeah yeah, whatever, it’s a human being, right? Just call him “human” and be done with it.” 

a trick to overcome a language barrier🤐💡

so I know a lot of you guys are learning foreign languages and I bet almost everyone has faced the language barrier problem when talking to a native speaker - you know the language well enough to express what you want to say but you get tongue-tied and just can’t utter the words because you are scared of making a mistake or mispronouncing a word or just sounding dumb and being judged. I used to experience this a lot. It actually caused me to waste a lot of opportunities to practice my English and French because I was just too shy to talk. But now everything’s different and I’m not afraid to try to talk to native speakers even if I know no more than several phrases of their language! anyway, I decided to share the trick that helped me get rid of the language barrier.

When you feel too shy to speak a foreign language, think of this: imagine a person who is learning your native language trying to talk to you. How do you feel? you probably feel excited about the fact that this person is studying your language and that they can say something in it even if they make mistakes or have a weird accent. you are probably very curious about this person and about what your language is like for a foreigner. Are you judging them for making mistakes or taking time to remember a certain word or not understanding what you said on his first try? No, you aren’t. You are still excited, right? And this is probably how the person you’re trying to communicate with feels right now! He’s probably very curious about you as a foreigner learning his language! Understand this and it will be much easier for you to start talking. Just think of how magical the whole thing is - thanks to your knowledge of the language the miracle of communication between two foreigners is possible!

This trick really helps me feel more at ease, more relaxed, more confident when I start getting shy in front of a native speaker. I’m like ‘hell yeah, I make mistakes, but look at me communicating in a foreign language and applying the knowledge I’ve gained to a real-life situation!’
I really hope this trick will help you guys overcome your language barrier too because once you get over it you get to the amazing part of being confident and not at all scared! good luck✨ you’re all very smart, don’t forget that!

Season 5 feels

My head cannon for season 5 is Will and Hannibal in adjoining cells at the hospital, and they are just utter dicks, and Alana and Jack have tried to have them separated, but they both caused such chaos–talking others into killing themselves, taking chunks out of anyone stupid enough to get close, and they always seem to do it at the exact same time no matter the distance between them. And when they’re restrained and questioned about it, all they’ll say is “I want to see Will/Hannibal.” So it’s just easier to let them be together, because they cause less damage.

It’s been a few years, and the two of them are content to simply see one another and be able speak to one another, though of course ever vigilant for an opportunity to escape, should it present itself.

When Clarice is sent in to interview Hannibal. Ideally Jack would like to use Will, but he knows there is absolutely no way Will is going to indulge him, where as Hannibal might be interested enough in Clarice to have a dialogue with her.

She doesn’t know that it’s Will Graham in the next cell, huddling in the dark corners, just staring at her in the most disconcerting manner. He’s the dirty laundry that no one in the FBI wants to talk about. But he’ll occasionally speak up in the silence, offer insight. And he sort of takes on that Louisiana drawl, makes her comfortable, draws her in until she finds herself standing in front of his cell. It isn’t the quid pro quo with Lecter from the books/movies. Will makes her feel comfortable, and she thinks she’s having these organic conversations with him.

And Will is just in utter disbelief that Jack is making the Miriam Lass mistake all over again, and he’s actually very sweet towards her and helpful, and it is Will who is helps guide her, and Hannibal just listens with that pleased smirk on his face. It is Will who she shares this strange relationship, with whom she shares her history (ignoring the comments Hannibal makes, but haunted by them later).

Alana tells Jack what’s going on and he flips out and tells Clarice to stay away from Will Graham, that he’s even more dangerous than Hannibal Lecter, which just seems impossible to Clarice, because, well, look at him. So when she goes down next time, Will suggests that she look into Miriam Lass. And then she starts reading more about what happened with Miriam and with Will (beyond what got published in the papers).

Clarice is now about done with these crazy son’s of bitches when she realises how they’ve all manipulated her, and the sort of danger Jack’s put her in, because she’s now read all the damage the two of them have done from *inside* their cells. (Let’s not even get into what various “groupies” have done for either of them). Will is completely different after she confronts him–he stands up taller, prowls the length of his cell, looks her straight in the eye, and he and Hannibal have whole conversations about her right in front of her that are downright terrifying, but she keeps going because they’re *so close* to Buffalo Bill.

Then Jack goes down, throwing around his weight, says he’s going to separate them after this, unless Will helps. They’ll take him to where the Senator’s daughter has been kidnapped so he can read the scene.

When they come to transport him, he manages to break free long enough to get to the bars, (or gloryholes, whatever) of Hannibal’s cell, kissing him, passing him the paperclip he got from Starling’s files through their mouths, and Jack is all exasperated and the two of them are pulled apart and Will is grinning this feral grin at Hannibal who just touches his lips gently and gives him the faintest smile in return.

Will plays his role–Chilton and Alana and Jack are all focused on him, so worried about what *he’s* going to do while he’s out of his cell that they’re sort of ignoring what Hannibal’s up to. It’s like some psychic bullshit, that right after Will gives them the information they need and they’re all tearing of after Buffalo Bill, Hannibal picks the lock on his restraints (IDK, it’s his weekly rec time, or they’re cleaning the cell like in Red Dragon, whateves) and just slaughters his way out, take no prisoners mode (except for Barney, who in my head cannon has been gender swapped and is the black female guard from season 3). And like they’ve timed it, Will is donning a police face to catch a ride on an ambulance.

Then Hannibal’s walking down some dark, desolate stretch of road and the ambulance pulls up next to him and Will swings the door open.

The Dullahan: Irish 

The dullahan (also Gan Ceann, “without a head”) is a variation of an unseelie faerie that serves as the herald of death. The headless rider may be seen on a carriage constructed from skeletons, pulled by six headless horses, or riding alone on a black charger with a skeletal spine for his whip. No matter their method of transport, the faerie makes no sound as they ride, indicating their otherworld origins. The headless horseman carries their grinning, glowing severed head under their arm, using the rotting head as a lantern for the journey. Locks and gates will open for the rider as they need. If they should discover someone watching them, they are prone to lash out the watchers’ eyes with the whip or dose the watcher in blood to mark them as the next victim. When the dullahan stops riding a person is due to die. The only noise the creature will make is a single utterance of their victim’s name, causing them to immediately pass away. The only way to prolong the dullahan’s inevitable arrival is the presence of a gold object, causing the rider to temporarily flee.

Lyme life

I don’t give a single solitary fuck if you get “fatigued” when you get off work and go party. I give zero shits that you dont eat well or enough and it causes you to not feel your greatest. How dare you relate that to what I’m going through.
I could do everything “right” and still be in utter pain and exhaustion.

It’s like walking up to an amputee and being like “Man I hear thatttt. This cut on my arm kills. Life man. Sucks right?????”


Midwest college gothic

- Someone’s screaming outside. You can’t tell if they’re laughing or dying. You can’t see them from your window, so you close it and try to forget.

- Everyone recognizes each other. One by one the familiar faces disappear. You never notice, but you know your time is coming too.

- Twisted, muted echoes of music trickle through the vent, loud enough so you can’t ignore it, but just so quiet that you’re not sure you ever heard it in the first place.

- Certain names, certain phrases cause a hush to fall over the room when they’re innocently uttered. You look at each other, unsure. Something is wrong. It was before your time. You move on.

- The midnight sky is orange and purple. There used to be stars. You’re sure there used to be stars. But you can’t remember when. It’s always been this way.