Okay, but like… can we appreciate the details going into Aloy’s facial expressions??? Like, the littlest details are things that just win me over (among other things). From anger, to fear, being a smartass, so on. Kudos to you, Guerrilla for making such an awesome game!

Tada @winged-salad I did it. I tried very hard to try and merge both our styles but I dont think it worked very well :/ Guess you really CANT change your style…

The vanoss is by @winged-salad so go check our that blog cause honestly its awesome and the art is just amazing!


this is all i could think about while doing it, cause i head canon delirious as smol XD its cute tho

Look, i think we can all agree that between Germany and the US, Germany definitely has the surperior bread HOWEVER as a german i am so thankful that cornbread has been introduced to my life and I advise every german out there to make some and try it cause its awesome. (Its nothing like our bread but a DREAM with honey or jam or creamcheese or nothing at all) (and easy and quick to make)


Yo! People have been asking about mine and Tides’ Villain Nino au we were spitballing and this picture is a result of it. @tides-miraculous is responsible for the design in its entirety i just drew my own pic of it cause its so freaking awesome (except the fans i said ‘damnit i give up’ and drew my own and they’re poopy but whatev). I will expand upon the exact story and set of circumstances in another post but the gist of it is

“Do you understand now, boy? Are you really so foolish as to believe there is such set good and evil? Everyone has their reasons, and you and I have many reasons in common.”

‘I’m not like you Gabriel, I’m not gonna listen to this!’

“I want the stones so I can help my son. I want to bring his mother back, he can HAVE his mother back, can you turn away from this knowing that its true?”


“Can you walk away knowing that if she is truly gone forever you could have stopped it, and its as good as your fault that shes dead?”


What are you willing to give up for him? No one has to get hurt. Just get the stones. I want this for him Nino, so do you.”

‘… I-I don’t want to hurt anyone.’

“You don’t have to. Just get the stones and this can all be done with.”


When I started reading this shit of a manga I was not expecting romance. I was not expecting anything at all. (Well, maybe smut and some murder which I got so I’m a bit happy) For fucks sake, the title of it is “Killing Staling” itS NOT LOVING CUDDLING SO I CANT EXPECT SOME SWEET ASS FLUFF YA KNOW. But I still read it cause its awesome and there’s some stuff that just wants you to call the police for hELP CUZ BABY BUM IS SOOOO “IN LOVE” WITH SANGWOO THAT HE DOESNT KNOW THAT FUCK IS GOING ON WITH HIM. We all know that baby Bum’s not mentally healthy and he has trauma with what happened to him in the past, everyone of us knows that. We also know that Sangwoo isn’t some kinda saint (jfc he killed his parents) But still a small part of me is, now was, praying that maybe JUST MAYBE they can help each other out in their hellhole of a life but CHAPTER 20 just killed that. I DONT KNOW ANYMORE. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO FEEL rn. Btw, thanks for the update Koogi-sama.

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Your favorite OC sickfic blogs?

This is like the most difficult question you could possibly ever ask me because there’s like a million OC blogs that I adore so I’ll try and give you the ones that I’m obsessively invested in their characters (and the people cause they’re awesome!) 

@casper-and-their-sick-ocs / @smolsickficwriter

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on… There are so many superb, wonderful writers with fantastic characters on this site and I’m blessed to feel to comfortable among them! 

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will you ever be putting the new gal pals sticker on a tshirt cause like,, its fucking awesome

yea it should be up on the site soon in a few colorways! 


#WCWonMonday @iamsodeelishis #welldamn #hercaptiontho — SMILE• BE HAPPY• DANCE & HAVE FUN AND IT STILL WONT FALL OFF 😳
Check it… @sneakyvaunt making my cleavage look damn good. If you’re tired of the straps on your bras, this push ups what you’re looking for. Make sure to get one before the weekend hits! Its awesome cause you just gotta pull the claspI’m and up they pop!

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