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You mentioned animals at zoos eating stuff that looks like dead animals (and how zoos tend not to do that) recently and that reminded me of something I think is really cool! The Minnesota Zoo, which is the main zoo I go to, sometimes feeds the tigers meat out of a fake hollow dead animal (I think it's supposed to be like a caribou? It's hard to tell). Anyways I guess this isn't a question but I wanted to mention it cause I think it's really awesome

Carcass feeders (which are fake and have diet put in them, as a specific contrast to the practice of actual carcass feeding) are becoming more and more common. I think they’re more for visitor enjoyment than animal enrichment, but they’re a great visual and a good way to start conversations about predator/prey relationships in the wild. 

Day 14: Favorite core from Meet the Cores

The oldest, wisest core in existence. The all-seeing eye. The omnipresent Omnisphere.

Portalber prompt by rnainframe


Yo! People have been asking about mine and Tides’ Villain Nino au we were spitballing and this picture is a result of it. @tides-miraculous is responsible for the design in its entirety i just drew my own pic of it cause its so freaking awesome (except the fans i said ‘damnit i give up’ and drew my own and they’re poopy but whatev). I will expand upon the exact story and set of circumstances in another post but the gist of it is

“Do you understand now, boy? Are you really so foolish as to believe there is such set good and evil? Everyone has their reasons, and you and I have many reasons in common.”

‘I’m not like you Gabriel, I’m not gonna listen to this!’

“I want the stones so I can help my son. I want to bring his mother back, he can HAVE his mother back, can you turn away from this knowing that its true?”


“Can you walk away knowing that if she is truly gone forever you could have stopped it, and its as good as your fault that shes dead?”


What are you willing to give up for him? No one has to get hurt. Just get the stones. I want this for him Nino, so do you.”

‘… I-I don’t want to hurt anyone.’

“You don’t have to. Just get the stones and this can all be done with.”