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does anyone know any way outside of tumblr to contact kylie @klarohastings ?

besides contacting her outside of tumblr, i think we should all take a moment to go show her how much we all care for a member of this fandom. if you can, please let her know she is loved and valued inside this community. make a new friend!

her last few posts have been concerning and even though i was under the impression tumblr has resources for this, they don’t exactly have what i thought they had lol. so i’m asking all of you, just like @shayspieterse did- does anyone know another way to contact her?

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Okay so I am in a dilemma. I havent talked to this guy since i was 7, and now, its almost been a decade and hes messaging me and being really pervy, what do i do? (Sorry if this is weird, you seem pretty good at handling situations and Im freaking out cause idk what to do, so, do you have any words of wisdom for me cheeky?)

HELLO FRIEND! i have been in this situation many times, and the best thing to do is go with your gut!

it’s obviously bothering you, so i would advise just simply ignoring! you have no obligation to answer someone, particularly if they are making you uncomfortable. tbh i kinda wanna fight this guy for putting you in this situation. he doesn’t deserve your time or sympathy, AVOID LIKE THE BLIGHT

Professor said “Ok so since I think you’re all in your last year or something from graduating I want you to sketch up a quick then and now of yourselves FOR yourself. It’s not for a grade but think of this as something you can do since I’m not assigning homework”

So imma do it; cause like what if in the end they’re like “Ok I need it turned in sorry my bad” 
I’ll share it tho here maybe? what do some of you think

Cause Idk I think it’d be kinda nice to show for some of you considering going to college for art or if you’re also finishing up and maybe we’re a little of the same haha

Idk please response or I’m going to be embarrassed and just delete omg (respond by liking because Im a dumbass who forgot to put reply on and now tumblr won’t let me lmao)

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u get a shitton of flirty and sexual anons,, does that bother u? do u get tired of it?,, i feel like idk people objectify u a bit on this blog.... like theyre only seeing u for ur looks and stuff,, what do u think? because i would like actually just for real be ur friend and like eat cookies with u

sometimes I get annoyed I guess. I started this blog to promote my art and I didn’t get a lot of recognition and felt really discouraged cause of that and Idk I started to then get recognized when I posted selfies and while that’s fine..I just wish people knew that my biggest ambition is to be an artist..but I don’t find it weird when people flirt with me lol

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do u actuallu want ppl to visit u at work? cause like.. idk i really dont have anythign to do and i wanna go for a little drive


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about that menstration post, i know my datemate has specific period panties, but i just wear any underwear cause idgaf

dang, idk how you can wear any underwear. aren’t you scared of possibly ruining them? :o


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