Constantly falling sick!

i feel like somehow I just can’t seems to stay out of hospitals/clinics or being seen by a healthcare professional????? 

Somehow my body just makes me sick physically (all the time!!) and even if I’m not seeing a psych, I will end up seeing a doctor… somehow. 

Or maybe body decided that it’s a good idea to just give up fighting for me. 
Or maybe brain decided that being sick mentally isn’t enough so it decided to play this kind of tricks on me. 

Ps: perks-of-being-a-giraff is probably right about me that IM ALWAYS FALLING SICK. HAH 😩

Links to Australian Interviews

An anon asked me to make a master post of the interviews they did backstage in Sydney on June 20th, so here it is! Edit: Due to an anon’s request, I’ll just use this as a post for all the interviews they did backstage on the Australian leg! :) I’ll be updating this as more interviews/clips go live throughout the week. 

Dan & Maz (Ashton & Luke) - June 20

Fitzy & Whippa (Michael & Calum) - June 20

Kyle & Jackie O (Michael & Calum) - June 20

Shazam Top 20 (all) - June 20

Smallzy (all) - June 25


I used to hold a hope that, you know, the senate would change once all these old, white-haired fogies would die; and you know unfortunately, they trained all their little pussy kids just to be like them. Just as hateful.