vernon compilation cuz I’m trash

Vernon is seriously too powerful, I fear for us as a fandom if he is too grow beyond his current state of perfection

1. just look at his jaw (careful u dnt cut urself)

2. his eyes are seriously the most magical sparkly anime orbs *take note of the eyelashes*

3. deadly cheesy smile+eyebrow thing combo

4. faces he makes

(*warning the lipbite is known to cause death)

5. perfect hair all the time

6. it’s a universally accepted fact nobody will ever experience his level of eyebrow perfection

jus look at him in hd

overall perfection nd this isn’t even his final form, he’s still growin guys

Don’t forget he’s also a really sweet dorky boy who loves his lil sis, and has a crap ton of potential past his already mad skill

Idk what we’re going to do but let’s just keep each other close and hope he doesn’t kill us all byE

*edit:idk if the gifs ar gnna work but u get the idea*

venomwolves  asked:

Bro, what type of hair jell do you use??? Cause your hair is perfection. c:

none lmao. i don’t really use products to style my hair except for occasionally some hairspray. the only real styling i do is brushing it down a little if i have really bad bedhead, otherwise how i wake up is how my hair looks for the rest of the day.