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I feel like a shouldn't be laughing, cause you know karma and all, but they were so sure they'd win everything this year. Such big egos all the time, I mean even Lewa's wife(not trying to be mean cause she's flawless and basically perfect) got her hair and makeup done before the match xDDDDD

You know what’s the best part ? This will be their 5th defeat 😂👌

I always said karma will come back at one pot. And now it’s here lol

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Lily is now bald she should be cut from the PHC

“ I’ve been thinking the same thing,
            cause you need hair to be in the perfect hair club,
                                                                but Lily is
                                Maybe I’ll get Jamie to break it to her. ”

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Im really jealous of your haircolour, is it your natural haircolour? Cause jesus christ that's some perfect hair you've got right there

ahw thank you angel!! sadly i'ts not my natural colour, my hair was bleached at the hair stylists. i know use silvershampoo to keep it white/grey ish bc it keeps all the yellow out of my hair

zapped is really unrealistic and ill tell y ou why its cause the really beautiful new girl w perfect hair and eyebrows and teeth would not be treated like e such shit cause omg <3