Los signos como partes de We don’t talk anymore

Aries:  “We don’t laugh anymore; What was all of it for/  Ya no nos amamos más , para que fue todo eso?’’

Tauro:  “We don’t talk anymore; Like we used to do/ Ya no nos hablamos más , como soliamos hacerlo…’’

Géminis: “I wish I would have known that wasn’t me/ Ojala hubiera sabido que no era yo.’’

Cáncer: “Cause even after all this time; I still wonder; Why I can’t move on; Just the way you did so easily/ Porque incluso después de todo este tiempo, aun me pregunto porque no puedo seguir adelante así de fácil como lo hiciste tu.’’

Leo: “I just hope you’re lying next to somebody; Who knows how to love you like me/ Solo espero que estas acostado juntos a alguien… que sepa amarte como yo.’’

Virgo: “I just heard you found the one, you’ve been looking/ Escuche que por fin encontraste lo que buscabas’’

Libra: “Every now and then I think you might want me to; Come show up at your door/ Debes en cuanto pienso en ti, puede que quieras que aparezca en tu puerta… ’’

Escorpio: “Don’t wanna know; If you’re looking into her eyes, if she’s holding onto you so tight the way i did before / No quiero saber si esta mirando tus ojos, si ella te esta abrazando tan fuerte como yo lo hacia antes.’’

Sagitario: “Don’t wana know kind of dress you’re wearing tonight/ No quiero saber que clase de vestido usaras esta noche…’’ 

 Capricornio: “There must be a good reason that you’re gone/ Debes de tener un buen motivo para que te hayas ido.’’

Acuario: ‘’ But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong/ Pero tengo miedo de estar equivocada’’

Piscis: “Should’ve known your love was a game; Now I can’t get you out of my brain/ Debí haber sabido que tu amor era un juego, ahora no puedo sacarte de mi cabeza.’’

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Think it's kinda common sense that H and his girl would just settle into a relationship but... if he had to ask her to be his girlfriend (just cause she's clueless and doesn't realize she an call him her boyfriend), how would that be? Can we talk about that? 🙊

Hmm… so maybe at first he kind of just brushes it off, but then it’s like… it’s been awhile, and he’s already let the girlfriend word slip to some of his mates. His mum calls her that, his sister, too, and he feels like he’s confident in calling her his girlfriend.

But he’s yet to hear that word – boyfriend – from her mouth.

They spend almost every night together by this point – 4/7 at least – they’ve gone around to friends’ places, his family’s… neither one of you go near another person, and he’s seen you in your cozy clothes on a Saturday night when the two of you had decided to just stay in with a movie and he’d fallen asleep on your shoulder with his mouth open as he snored a bit and you’d had that fluttery feeling in your stomach as you pressed a lingering kiss to the top of his thick, fluffy curls. I really don’t want this to ever change.

But that word.

That bloody word.

You avoid it. This is the person I’m dating, the person I’m seeing, this is my friend, Harry. That’s where he draws the line, cause he loves his friends, but he doesn’t fuck them like he does you, nor does he want to. And he’s been avoiding this for awhile, cause he figured you’d come around, but now he’s hit his limit.

“What’ve I got to do?”

“Do for what?”

“To get you to be my girlfriend?” he says, frustrated.

“Oh….” You’re thoroughly taken aback. “I was kind of waiting for you to ask….”

His lips flap uselessly for a moment, because that’s one of the most infuriatingly simple things he’s ever heard. This? This was it?

“Well, will you be?” 

“I’d like to be… Harry?”

“What?” He’s kind of scowling and grumpy cause he’s annoyed that after all this time that’s all he had to do, and he can’t believe he hadn’t tried it sooner, and also that it wasn’t clear, but he’s also glad it’s over with? 

“What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know I had to bleedin’ ask yeh!” he exclaims and you can’t help but smile a bit. “Been calling yeh my girlfriend for ages, haven’t I?”

“You have?”

He goes pink and you grin and wrap your arms around his neck, even when he goes stiff as a board and strains to get away from your cheek kisses cause he’s still kinda grumpy, but eventually he caves after the first few ones to his neck. 

We don’t talk anymore

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader / Sam Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Angstyyyyyyy

Summary: After an awful break up, both Steve and (Y/N) are ready to find love in people that are unfortunately too close to everyone. 

A/N: Not a request, I just had to. Million thanks to @thedoctorlivesthroughbooks for reading this beforehand!

“I guess this is it then…” your bottom lip trembled and bit had to tug your teeth on it to make it stop for once. “We really don’t have anything else to talk about…”

“(Y/N), no…” Steve pleaded, reaching out his hand to hold yours. “Don’t do this…” It broke his heart to think of letting you go, and the fact that you were actually taking the step tore him apart completely. He didn’t want to as much as you didn’t, but the decision was made and you didn’t want to take more time; you would have changed your mind. “Baby, I love you so much…”

“You said it yourself,” you shook your head, “we are not the same people we fell in love with… just let me go now, don’t make this harder,” you freed yourself from his grasp and turned on your heels. It was hard for you to let go of a man that had seen you fall more times than you had ever expected, and he helped you get up in each one of them.

You never looked back.

We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t talk anymore like we used to do.
We don’t love anymore,
What was all of it for?
Oh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.

Natasha had you against the ropes, and even though it was just training, she took it very seriously. You tapped her forearm to make her let you go and panted heavily trying to get your air back in your lungs. You propped your hands on your knees and felt the judging stare of another set of eyes. You recognized the heavy steps right away as they were approaching you from behind.

Nat gave you a meaningful look and you stood straight again. She nodded at you and you turned around to see the intruder. It was Steve. You hadn’t stopped seeing him because you were too an avenger, and you weren’t willing to quit that life just because you two had broken up. You moved on from him, and he had moved on from you… with Natasha.

Things were very awkward, and you decided to run away as fast as possible from there before it got even weirder. “I’ll see you guys later,” you waved your hand and both and jogged your way to the gym doors. You shook your head trying to push Steve away from your thoughts. Truth be told, you had really, really moved on from him, just as he had done.

You weren’t sure if you hated him or something, but you just couldn’t see him in the same way. You were not friends anymore and you preferred to keep your distance around him; Nat was the jealous type and especially when she was well aware of how important you were to him.

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking,
you’ve been looking for.
I wish I would have known that wasn’t me.

Hey Wilson, there’s a party at the Avengers’ tower. I have no date, why don’t you come with me and be a nice lad?

That was the few words you used to tell the newest avenger to join you in your solitude. As far as you were concerned, he was single too and that was very convenient. You had set your eyes on him the very first moment you two met, and he was failing at playing it cool around you, so the setting was perfect. You’d be in your best clothing and he would do the same, so why not?

Deal, but don’t call me a lad again. We’re in fucking ‘murica, get used to it.

Cause even after all this time I still wonder
why I can’t move on
Just the way you did so easily.

You and Sam held hands throughout the night, and in the moment you least expected it, he gently leaned in to kiss you. It felt amazing, it was really all you needed. You felt a bubbly and nervous giggle when his lips parted from yours, and you had to pull him again just to let him know that it was true what you felt.

“This is good,” he whispered against your lips, “this is real good,” he cupped your face and you held on to his wrists, unaware of the person who watched the scene so attentively.

Something inside Steve broke into a million pieces; his heart most probably. Even though he was with Natasha and he was admittedly very happy next to her; he couldn’t deny that he still had some strong feelings for you and you had been the most important woman in his new life.

Don’t wanna know
what kind of dress you’re wearing tonight,
if he’s holding onto you so tight,
the way I did before.

He saw how you two danced together, and how Sam held on to your waist and how you seemed to melt in his arms. You looked so different now to his eyes, it was a whole new (Y/N), but you were still the same person he had fallen in love with and that he couldn’t forget.

That night he wished he had stopped you from breaking up with him; he wished he had said something to make you change your mind, but there he was, with a broken and sinking heart, watching how you finally slipped away from him in someone else’s arms.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

He shook his head and turned around to look for Nat who eagerly received him in her slim arms. Steve danced the night away with her just to try to forget about you and Sam, because he knew damn well that he couldn’t.

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody
who knows how to love you like me.
There must be a good reason that you’re gone.

You went to the bar for a well-deserved drink. You had danced with Sam almost all night and you were not used to such prowess. Your dates with Steve included watching movies and making out at home, nothing that involved that much movement. As you waited, your ex showed up to ask for a beer too. An awkward silence invaded the scene, even though the music was extremely loud.

“So… you and Sam…” he started. You turned your head to him and nodded nervously; you weren’t aware that he had seen you and you weren’t sure if you feel guilty or not. “He’s a good guy, but I didn’t know you liked him…”

“It just happened, I guess,” you shrugged. “So, how are things with Nat? She must be looking for you,” you looked around to see if she was indeed, but she was dancing with Sam; they were really good friends. “Oh, she’s dancing with Sam.”

“We haven’t talked in a while… I mean, properly.”

“I know—” you shook your head and rubbed your temples—“and I’m sorry, because we’re mates, and we’re on the same team and everything but… I just don’t know what to say…”

“It’s not your fault, (Y/N)…” he assured you, taking his hand to your shoulder and lingering just a second before he quickly pulled away. “I should man-up and say something, I’m the one who’s almost a hundred years old,” he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but to do it too. It had been so long since you two laughed together so naturally.

“I’m really glad you found Nat,” you said in an absent minded voice, “she really loves you…”

“She’s good,” he nodded, just as absent as you were.

Every now and then I think you
might want me to come show up at your door,
but I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong.

“Yeah, so is Sam…” you replied, “but he’s nothing like you, Steve. I love you, I still do, and I don’t think I can ever forget you. Can we please try to go back to what we were? We can find ourselves again, or we could fall with who we are now, but please don’t let this die. I can’t bear the feeling of being without you…”

The music still blasted loudly, and everything that was in your head was the sound of the words you’d never say. You saw Steve walking away as both Nat and Sam walked closer to you; the last one walked a few steps more just to wrap you in a warm embrace that could almost fix your broken heart together.

Don’t wanna know
if you’re looking into her eyes,
if she’s holding onto you so tight the way I did before.

But there they were; Steve and Nat held one another as if their lives depended on it. You cupped Sam’s face, pulling him closer to your lips. You did like him, your feelings for him were real, but so were your feelings for Steve. It was like having your heart torn into two people, two very different people.

I overdosed,
should’ve known your love was a game
Now I can’t get you out of my brain
Oh, it’s such a shame

You shook your head and looked at Sam; you could’ve sworn he had heart eyes just by looking at you. In the end, it would all get better in time, for all of you.

Son of a.... (Part 1)

Hello my lovelies!! Here is a little crack fic I wrote for a couple challenges!! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive lately, I’ve been extremely fatigued!! But I promise, I have lots in the works!! Remember, feedback fuels writers! 😘

For Meg’s Birthday Challenge my prompt was the song “Still Into You” by Paramore. Happy happy birthday @wildfirewinchester, my darling!!

And for TaleTeller’s What If Challenge
I had the prompt “What if a witch’s spell turned Dean into a ferret?” Thanks for hosting @sdavid09!

Dean x reader, dating hunters

Warnings: my typical swearing and cannon violence

Word count: about 1800


“Dammit! She’s running for it,” Dean exclaimed, lowering his pistol before taking off at a sprint through the decrepit house with you hot on his heals.

“You missed??” you questioned incredulously, trying your hardest to keep up with your boyfriend as he disappeared behind a turn in the hall. He rarely missed a shot.

You were clotheslined by his muscular arm as you ran blindly around the corner, nearly knocking the wind out of you. He pulled you back next to him, flat against the wall before bringing a finger to his lips in a silent “shhhh”.

He signaled for you to stay put, leaving you as backup in case the witch got out past him.  He checked the bullets in his gun before quietly pushing open the single door in the hallway.

You watched him stalk confidently into the room and took the opportunity to double check your own handgun. Clip full of Witch killing bullets? Check.

As you cocked one into the chamber, you heard Dean’s voice reverberated out to the hall, “End of the line, bitch,” followed immediately by a gunshot.

“Son of a…” you heard him start before his words were cut off by violent coughing. The witch chanted in Latin before making a run for it, unknowingly, directly into your waiting bullets. You triple tapped the fleeing perpetrator just to be sure; two in the chest succeeded by a final headshot, for good measure.

You stepped over the body into the room Dean had yet to come out of only to cover your mouth in shock at the horror before you…

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Lyrically Pranking James

You: We don’t talk anymore

James: Excuse me, what, miss?

You: We don’t talk anymore

James: Oh, I’m sorry work has been keeping me busy

James: I promise I’ll make it up to you

You: We don’t talk anymore like we use to do

James: Oh?

You: We don’t laugh anymore

James: But you always laugh

You: What was all of it for?

James: Are… Are you breaking up with me?

You: We don’t talk anymore like we used to do

James: Miss, you’re acting strange, is there a problem between us?

You: I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking

James: Yes, you

You: You’ve been looking for

James: The structure of these texts are strange…

You: I wish I would have known that wasn’t me

James: WHAT? Miss, you are my soulmate and the love of my life, you are the one I’ve been looking for!

You:  Cause even after all this time I still wonder

James: Miss, are you pranking me?

James: I just know realized these are lyrics to We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth

You: Omg James XD

You: You’re too smart

James: Miss, I love you, but I’m going to have to teach you a lesson for scaring me

You: … Oh shit

Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)

Every now and then I think you. /  De vez em quando eu penso que você. 

I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me. /  Eu só espero que você esteja deitado ao lado de alguém, que saiba amar você como eu. 

There must be a good reason that you’re gone. /  Deve haver uma boa razão para que você tenha ido.  

Should’ve known your love was a game /  Deveria saber que seu amor era um jogo.

Now I can’t get you out of my brain.Ohh, it’s such a shame. /  Agora eu não consigo tirar você do meu cérebro. Oh, é uma pena.  

We don’t laugh anymore. What was all of it for? /  Nós não rimos mais,para que foi tudo isso?

Ohh, we don’t talk anymore like we used to do. /  Oh, nós não nos falamos mais como costumávamos fazer. 

I just heard you found the one you’ve been looking you’ve been looking for I wish I would’ve known that wasn’t me. /  Acabei de ouvir que você encontrou quem você estava procurando, quem você estava procurando, quem dera eu soubesse que essa não era eu. 

‘Cause even after all this time I still wonder Why I can’t move on, just the way you did so easily? /  Porque mesmo depois de todo esse tempo eu ainda me pergunto. Por que não posso seguir em frente do jeito que você fez tão facilmente? 

His Copilot

Prompt: “It was the worst grief a person could feel, a physical pain in your chest.” - literally something one of my friends said today in class about a poem. He said it and I automatically went to poor Jake and MC.
Warnings: Angst, death, some PTSD references-ish
Word Count: 2698


“Jake, Jake it’s okay.” It was the fourth time that night, and you weren’t sure you’d get any sleep. The man lying beside you in bed was quivering, face tensed and arms pulled against his chest tightly as if that could protect him from whatever he was facing in his dreams. When the nightmares had first begun, they had seemed random without cause. After all, that entire time on the island he’d never once woken you up with his shouts. Over twenty years off of that damned island and never once did he have a nightmare until May 27th.

“Listen to me, you’re okay, Michael’s okay,” you state with a gentle tone, though louder than before. With practiced care, you brush your hand over his cheek, down his shoulder, over his back. You press a kiss to his lips, watching him for any sign of relaxation. Eventually, as you knew, he settled back into a restful sleep. His arms relaxed and eventually one came to wrap around your waist again, pulling you close to his chest. You didn’t mind and finally you fell back to sleep, just as the sun was rising for the start of a new day.


You knew the morning would be bad; you just never thought it would be this horrific. Jake didn’t even want to get out of bed. When he did finally pull himself out, he looked as dead as you felt. He was older than he was on the island, but now you could see lines forming on his face not just from age but of grief, too. Dark circles hung under his blue eyes that hardly sparkled that day. His shoulders were slightly slumped forward as he dressed, pulling on the nicest clothes he owned.

“Jake, Jake wake up!” you shout, a nervous quiver to your voice.

His blue eyes snapped open at the loud yell and the way you shook his shoulder furiously. “Princess, what’s wrong?” he asked quickly, immediately alert and sitting up. He was out of bed in an instant, rushing to your side as you gripped your stomach. You were still wearing your nightgown, though it clung to your legs as if you were still damp from a shower. “What is it?”

“The baby’s coming.” Instantly Jake sprang into action, running out to start the car as he simultaneously pulled out his phone. You could hear his conversation and a light smile formed on your face as you realized who he’d called.

“I don’t know, Maybelline! How would I know if her water br-….oh, well, yeah she is….What do you mean we can wait?! We’re having a baby! It’s coming now!” Jake shouted, clearly nervous about this new journey in life. You were scared too, the both of you were relatively young. As soon as Jake’s name was cleared he’d moved in with you and just a couple months later, you’d gotten the news. “We need you, Maybelline, we’ll meet you there.” When Jake reemerged at the doorway, he only stared at you. You were still standing in place, hand over your stomach and eyes watching the doorway. “Well, what’re you waitin’ for, Princess? We’re having a baby.”

This wasn’t right. You were still so young. Through your relationship, Jake had been the strong one. You’d leaned on him through the island experience and off. When you struggled to deal with the loss of some of your group, it was Jake who helped you through one day at a time. When the baby wouldn’t stop crying every night, and you were crazy with a lack of sleep, it was Jake that stayed up with the baby even though he had work the next morning. You wanted to be strong for him now, but you didn’t know how.

So you got ready, too. You pulled on your dress, pulling off the tag as you noticed it. It was bought just for the occasion. Your hand brushed across his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him as you stepped over to the dresser. You used the mirror hanging on the wall to pull up your hair, taking note of the glaze over your eyes. It felt like you were always crying these days, though the tears never fully fell.

“We should go,” he spoke, his voice dull and quiet.

“Jake,” you began, though weren’t sure how to finish. How could you possibly make this better? The two of you were dressed in black, you were a young couple who was experiencing one of the worst pains a person could feel. Your chest physically hurt at the hole that was left there.

“I don’t want to be late.”

“What are those?” the small voice asked, reaching over you to grasp the cool metal against Jake’s shirt. The blue-gray eyes watched him with expectancy, with a shine that could only come from pure idolization. Everything Jake did, the little girl wanted to do. You’d even had to go out and find a little green jacket for her after he threw a fit over not looking like her Daddy. It was no surprise when the girl finally asked about the tags his father wore.

“It’s a necklace, little Princess,” Jake explained, giving you a knowing look. You’d discussed it before the girl was even born; it was best to wait before even trying to explain his past. Jake wasn’t sure he’d ever tell her fully what had happened, but he didn’t want to hide that part of his life from her forever. He was still proud of his service, just still scarred by what had happened during that service.
“How come Mommy doesn’t have one?” the little girl spoke, crawling off of your lap to sit on his. While she did love you, it was clear she would be a Daddy’s girl. Her words were garbled slightly as the kid struggled to enunciate the words properly.

Jake only looked to you. Was there a proper answer? “Because, Maisie, your daddy’s a hero,” you spoke gently, suddenly recapturing the little girl’s attention once more. She looked up at you with curiosity, mouth forming an ‘o’ shape. Her small hand gripped Jake’s as she turned on his lap to face you, waiting intently for the story to continue.

“Like Superman?”

A giggle from you. “Almost. He doesn’t have powers, but he risked his life to protect people like us. You see, our military is made up of a bunch of brave men and women who fight to protect us. Your Daddy was in the military. He was a pilot, he flew planes. When people join the military, they get that necklace.”

Instantly Maisie was leaping off of his lap, arms outstretched from her sides. “I wanna be a pilot!” she screeched, following by making plane noises as she trotted around the living room. “Can I fly with you, Daddy?” she questioned, flying her little plane-self right back up to the couch, arms still outstretched.

Jake didn’t hesitate. He smiled and stood, scooping his daughter up into his arms. “Sure thing, my little copilot. Let’s go flying,” he chuckled, jogging around the living room with her as she giggled loudly. You watched on with a smile, hands covering your distended belly and marveling at how perfect a father Jake was.

When you entered the church, you broke. There were so many people there to mourn the loss with you. There people you hadn’t seen in years; Aleister and Grace holding each other, Raj talking with Craig and Zahra. There were people you had seen just the other day, people who had stayed in your life since the island; Michelle wrapped up in Sean’s arms, trying to hide the tear tracks on her cheeks and her red eyes, Diego who wasn’t hiding the fact that he was devastated by the loss. When the two of you entered, it was Michelle who launched herself at you. She wrapped you up tightly, whispering her apologies as if speaking any louder would break you. Sean clapped Jake on the back, telling your husband how sorry he was and how awful the situation was, how he wished there had been a way to prevent it. What Sean didn’t know, what Jake thought all too often, was that there had been a chance.

“Dad, can I talk to you?” Maisie spoke, sounding sheepish as she walked over to the couch where he lounged. She looked as nervous as she sounded, hand tapping against her leg and eyes trying to look everywhere but at his bright blue ones. The blue eyes that sparkled with pride in his Valedictorian daughter.

“Sure thing, my Copilot. What is it?” Jake asked from his seat next to you. Michael was seated to your left, working on his own homework because you’d demanded it. Jake was giving his eldest child a bright smile. She would be graduating in a few months and was slated to go to college; she was accepted at a top university with a partial scholarship. She would be giving a speech at her graduation for being the top of her class. Jake couldn’t be more proud.

“I enlisted in the military.” The smile wiped from Jake’s face as his expression grew stone still.

“Mikey, finish your homework in your room,” you spoke, understanding what was about to ensue. The preteen opened his mouth to protest, but your sharp tone cut him off, “Michael Jacob Mckenzie, you go upstairs right now.” When you finally heard the door of his room shutting, you turned your head to look at your husband. He was bent over himself, face in his hands as he tried to process what his beloved daughter had just told him.

“I’m hopin’ I heard that wrong, Copilot.” Jake’s voice was slow, as if he were thinking through each individual word before he said them, as if he was trying desperately to control himself. Even you couldn’t tell if he was more upset or angry, terrified or furious.

Maisie began to shrink in on herself, though stopped, shoving her shoulders back and keeping her head high. Just like Jake had taught her. “No. I enlisted in the Air Force. I leave for basic training and then EMT training May 27th. I want to be a pararescueman.”

“Fuck, Maisie. We have to talk about somethin’ like this before you just join up!” Jake shouted, face contorted into an expression of worry. That was it; he was absolutely terrified for his daughter. You knew he was worried when he used her name, he only ever called her his copilot anymore. That’s what they were; pilot and copilot. They were always together, she trusted him with everything and he loved her with everything he had. “Why wouldn’t you talk to me about this?” You could hear the slight crack in his voice as he asked her.

“Because I knew you’d say no,” Maisie answered, shrugging her shoulders, “And nothing you say is going to stop me. You were a hero, Dad, you protected us. There are people out there just like you, risking their lives for us. I want to help them. Pararescueman are in charge of search and rescue, they’re trauma medics. I want to help the people that fight for us.”

There was nothing more to say to it. You and Jake had two options. You would follow Jake’s lead; it was his call here. You could demand she stay and go to college then rethink the idea of enlisting, or you could let her go. Even before he opened his mouth, you knew how he would respond. You can’t say you would have chosen any differently. “Well, I’m proud of you, my little copilot, but you should have talked to us first.”

Time stands still as your eyes catch sight of the casket. The flag draped over it is enough to make your eyes water. You know Jake blames himself for this, you know he believes he could have saved her. He’d lost the first person he’d opened up to in the military, he didn’t want to lose his daughter, too. Your hand brushed lightly over the exposed wood of the casket, body shaking as you tried to hold back your tears. Jake stands beside you, hand ghosting over your other one, as if wanting to grab it but stopping himself. The expression on his face made your heart break even more. He was clearly crying now, a look of complete sorrow on him as he stared at the casket. The service was absolutely beautiful for her, one fit for both a princess and a soldier. You’d been told she’d died a hero. She will be receiving an Air Force Cross award for her actions.

“Mom! There’s a man at the door for you!” Michael called to you from the front door. He had grown into quite the young man, having graduated and is now on winter break at Hartfeld. As far as you knew, he wanted to follow in your steps and become a teacher. “He says he’s with the Air Force!”

The plate you were holding dropped. You could hear the loud noise as the plastic smacked against the wood floors, but you didn’t care. All that mattered to you was the pounding in your heart. “Jake!” you screamed then, wanting your husband beside you. You hoped to everything you believed in that you were jumping to conclusions. Your husband came running out, a look of fear once more on his face. The last time you’d screamed like that had been on the island, when he’d been shot in the shoulder by one of those Arachnid bastards. “The military’s at the door.” Your voice was small, tears already forming in your eyes.

“No,” Jake murmured, staring at you as if he didn’t believe a word of what you’d said, “Damn it!” He ran a hand through his hair hastily before jogging to the door, Michael moving out of the way for him. You followed just as quickly.

Standing at the door was an older man in uniform. He was holding a sheet of paper. “Mr. and Mrs. Mckenzie?” he prompted, expression showing just how much he hated this part of the job. Upon seeing your nods, he continued, “Maisie Mckenzie was killed in the line of duty on November 8th. She was killed during a search and rescue mission that saved eight other lives. For this, she’ll be receiving the Air Force Cross award posthumously. I’m sorry for your loss.” The man continued, but you couldn’t hear. Eventually, he was handing Jake the letter and stepping away from your house, leaving you to pick up the pieces.

You were sobbing loudly, wildly. Jake was holding you, the letter abandoned on the ground. He was crying too, you could hear it in your ear. Michael was walking over, wrapping his arms around the two of you and crying over his lost sister. That night, Jake’s nightmares came true. Once more, he lost his copilot in the line of duty.

Jake was gripping your hand like you were the one thing keeping him on the earth. As far as you knew, you really were. There was no way to know exactly what he was feeling. Him and Maisie had a special connection, one you never expected to be severed so soon. Your other hand was holding the folded up flag you two had been presented with. You didn’t know where to put it; it would be a constant reminder of the loss of your baby. This was one of the worst pains you would ever feel in your life; having to bury your baby girl. You and Jake had been through so much together, you knew eventually you would get through this, too. It would take years, maybe it wouldn’t happen until you were old and grandparents, but you would get through this loss. Until then, you both had to be strong. Until then, you would continue to hold Jake as he suffers through another nightmare about one of his beloved copilots; Mike, his closest companion, or Maisie, his dear first child. After all, what was a pilot without his copilot?

Still the same - Joji

can u do an imagine where you and joji broke up a few years back but then meet up again and slowly fall in love? I also wanted to ask if the reader could b chubby and is insecure to even be seen with joji? (warning: slight bullying and nsfw mentions; also kinda long)


“I’m sorry…I really am, but—“

All of your future hung on that one sentence. On that one sorry that ruined everything that you had with him.

“We can’t be together anymore.”

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We Don't Talk Anymore (WMatsui)

J : we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ like we used to do~~ *sings bitterly*

SKE48’s members : *stare*

J : we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for?? *sings*

Ryouha : *whispers* is she alright?

SKE48’s members : *shrugged*

J : cause even after all this time I still wonder, why I can’t move on? Just the way you did so easily~~ *still singing*

Akarin : *bites her finger worriedly*

J : dont wanna know, kind of dress you wearing tonight, if he’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sobs*

Minarun : our ace had gone mad *nods*

J : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I can’t get you out of my brain~ ooh it’s such a shame. *picks her phone* *clicks gallery* *reviewing the old wmatsui pictures* *sobs*


R : *lays on her bed* I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me~ *sings*

Ruby : *stare*

R : Every now and then I think you might want me to come show up at your door~ but Im just too afraid that I’ll be wrong *sobs*

Ruby : (Is she still sane??)

R : dont wanna know, if you looking into her eyes~ if she’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sings* *sobs*

Ruby : (my master is crazy!) *barking*

R : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I cant get you out of my head, ooh it’s such a shame *tears rolling down her cheeks*

Ruby : *wiggling its tail*

R : *playing Two Roses Song* *Dances with Ruby*


WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore like we used to do~ we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for? We dont talk anymore like we used to do~

Shippers : you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore and it’s killing us~

The signs as lyrics from “We don’t talk anymore”

Aries, “We don’t laugh anymore; What was all of it for”

Taurus, “We don’t talk anymore; Like we used to do”

Gemini, “I wish I would have known that wasn’t me”

Cancer, “Cause even after all this time; I still wonder; Why I can’t move on; Just the way you did so easily”

Leo, “I just hope you’re lying next to somebody; Who knows how to love you like me”

Virgo, “I just heard you found the one, you’ve been looking”

Libra, “Every now and then I think you might want me to; Come show up at your door; But I’m just too afraid that I’ll be wrong”

Scorpio, “Don’t wanna know; If you’re looking into her eyes”

Sagittarius, “Kind of dress you’re wearing tonight”

Capricorn, “There must be a good reason that you’re gone”

Aquarius, “If he’s holdin onto you so tight”

Pisces, “Should’ve known your love was a game; Now I can’t get you out of my brain”

Hear me out, Alec would propose to Magnus. I’ve mostly seen things of Magnus proposing to Alec, but I just don’t think that would happen. Magnus has mentioned marriage before, and implied how he hasn’t been married or no one has wanted to marry him. I can imagine Magnus proposing to someone when he was ‘younger’ and them turning him down cause immortality or whatever. In fact I can see that happening more than once. So I feel like Magnus would really want to marry Alec, but he wouldn’t ask cause he just thinks Alec wouldn’t want to marry someone immortal. It’s really sad. But it makes Alec’s proposal so much sweeter cause after all this time, Magnus thought no one would want him like that. Alexander Lightwood is full of surprises.


Title: Pleasure, Warmth and love.
Prompt: Behind closed doors- emotional.
Rating: M
Summary: sasuke’s birthday and their first time/ pre-gaiden.
A/N: so this one has quite a history behind it. I wrote it when Sarada’s DOB was confirmed and it was almost 9 months after Sasuke’s (I thought sasuke really had an amazing birthday.) This was written for sasuke’s birthday and its also about their first time.
And more over, It was my first M rated fanfic! And since it was fitting the prompt properly, i thought about sharing it with you guys!
Hope you enjoy it~ HAPPY SSSW EVERYONE!
Her delicate hands caressed his muscled shoulders in the most gentle way. Her long, milky legs tangled them with his. She moaned breathlessly in his ear as his hand traveled around her back, leaving red marks out of love and possession. Tonight, she belonged to him. Not only tonight but every night, every day and every moment, she belonged to him and only him.

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