cause they care about her friendship

I’m writing something and I remembered how passionate I am about a certain thing and I feel like I need to bring it up. 

Tanaka, Nishinoya and Kiyoko are friends. They are so friends, not just two hopeless flirty boys chasing after a girl. Despite their flirtatious nature, the two respect her so much, and would never do anything to go past her comfort zone. They know they don’t have a chance at dating her, but they’re fine with that, but they’re still going to be a little flirty, no matter what. Do you really think if Kiyoko was uncomfortable she’d let them continue? Hell no! Do you really think Tanaka Ryuunosuke, the kid raised by his older sister, would disrespect a girl? Do you think Nishinoya Yuu, no matter who they are, would ever intentionally make somebody uncomfortable? Hell no! The three of them get along as friends, and that’s why the boys flirtatious nature continues. Please stop characterizing the best boys out to be some disrespectful perverts. Thanks!

At the start of the episode when the group were discussing what their next move would be, I was honestly somewhat shocked at Nott’s initial response. She softly replied that it would be ‘the smarter bet’ in response to Caleb saying he didn’t want to walk away quite yet. For a moment I honestly thought I had pegged them both completely wrong, and that Caleb was the one that had realised he really cared and Nott was the one who hadn’t yet (especially considering my post last week predicting this exact conversation, but in reverse!). 

But in light of what happened immediately after that, and after Nott & Caleb’s one-on-one in their room the following day, I’m honestly really proud of how Nott handled that conversation. 

She knew what she was doing, and she perfectly used that moment of shock caused by her callous response to bait Caleb into defending why he wanted to go after the group. That comment was the first seed to tempt him to really think and hopefully realise that going after their friends isn’t really about the time or the effort they had invested in the party, or it somehow being the smartest move (it really isn’t). It’s about the rest being more than just a means to an end. It’s about friendship. About caring about life outside of their goals. About love. And the way she managed to catch him in her web with that throw-away comment, and the subsequent cornering him with the question of ‘why’, was such a goddamn perfect bait and switch. My head is reeling!

“I want to hear you say it.”

When you think about it..

Aether foundation was the real bad guy in Sun/Moon. Lusamine wanted to release the ultra beasts into their world which would’ve caused a hell lot of trouble. She was the mastermind behind all this. Sure, Guzma worked with her but in the end he only spent time with her cause she respected him as an adult.
And yes it was said that Team Skull was supposedly hurting their Pokémon, but in all honesty, who doesn’t get their Pokémon hurt? They faint and battle each other for your own sick pleasure. I bet Team Skull didn’t treat their Pokémon any different only that they stole some from others. But if you noticed, Plumeria has a Crobat which only evolves through friendship. Meaning she actually cared about her Pokémon so much it evolved. And when you think about it, Guzma only created Team Skull to stick a big fat middle finger into the faces of those people who laughed at him. He couldn’t become a Trial Captain and instead of giving up he said “Fuck you I’ll do it anyway”
In another text post I read somebody pointed out how Guzma tricked you into doing an actual trial. Finding pass codes to get to him and then having to battle him and getting a Z-Crystal afterwards. In the post game Guzma even realizes that maybe not everything he did was alright. He did some bad shit too and he acknowledged it. Which takes some balls too. Not everybody is brave enough to say “yes I made a mistake”.

Lusamine maybe just got driven crazy by trying to find her husband, and her foundation wanted to help Pokémon but she was the true villain in the game.

While people are saying it’s dumb for Haleigh to blow up her game for Bayleigh, at the same time from her standpoint it’s just a game and right now her friend is hurting for something she did. Big Brother is not the end all be all, so I can understand her holding her friendship higher and not wanting to see her friend hurting over this. 

I know some people want to see people be cutthroat gamers, but I actually love The Hive cause of how much they care. They’re such bad gamers cause they care about each other so much. 


Ever since Allison died there hasn’t been that much Allydia posts or people talking about Lydia and Allisons Friendship . Although i love Sciles with all my heart, i think that Allison and Lydia is just my all time favorite friendship from any television show. and heres why. 

1. They never needed a man to come save them. And a boy never got between them. When was the last time we saw an amazing female relationship on television that wasn’t thwarted by a guy? 

2. They fucking defended and protected each other through everything. When Allison got Mama bear protective over Lydia it was my favorite. 

When Allison made it clear she would do anything to protect Lydia,

 or when she walked Lydia out of Peters like the two badasses they were. 

3. They always tried to help each other and support each other and they just genuinely believed in each other so much. They never gave up on each other. ever. 

4. Throughout everything with scott and her father, Lydia was the only one she could truly trust and ultimately her anchor throughout everything. When Deacon said they needed an anchor Lydia immediately stepped forward to Allison. They honestly cared about each other so fucking much it broke my heart. 



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5. They were side by side. Shoulder to Shoulder. Through everything. Allison literally dies for Lydia, saving her. Even at the beginning of their friendship they stood by each other. 

and when the first thing Allison asks is if Lydia is okay after she is STABBED WITH A NOGITSUNE SWORD. OR WHEN LYDIA FELT ALLISONS DEATH. 

6. And also despite everything they had been through, they were able to just be normal teenage girls together.

7. And Lydia probably misses her every day 

so yeah, i just don’t want people to forget about what i think is the best friendship ever shown on television. 

because i think what’s even more rare than romances or relationships is true amazing friendships. and this is at the top of the list.

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Hi, I’m not trying to be belligerent or anything just wondering why you like Elucien? I just don’t really understand the appeal.

I like elucien because:

Elain needs someone who can make her laugh. Who will be there to support her. She’s very domestic, and so that soft family life with kids and no dark drama is 100% her. She needs someone who will understand that and appreciate it and value that sort of life and give their full time and attention and support to it.

Lucien doesn’t want to be a warrior, he doesn’t want to necessarily be a High Lord, but he did want to marry. He loved someone so much he would have given up everything for her. And so when I say that Elain needs someone who understands her values, that’s what I mean. She needs someone who will be there and is invested in what she wants, because her partner (Lucien) wants it too.

In other words, please don’t give me a narrative where Elain is stuck at home with all the kids waving at her valiant partner who is off to save the day again, leaving her alone for weeks at a time. That’s not what she needs. And Lucien wouldn’t do that to her.

Lucien needs someone who can take his sass and perhaps give it back, but surprise him when they do it. Elain is 100% perfect for this. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition, and no one ever expects Elain to come up with dirty jokes to get Lucien’s mind off of whatever drama Feyre or Tamlin have dragged him into. But how freaking cute is it when Lucien says something sarcastic and Elain matches him and he is like ‘wait where is my gentle mate’ and she’s like ‘I dunno, maybe you didn’t understand what it’s like to take on an Archeron woman’. 

I can see these two challenging each other a lot, but in unexpected ways. Not in ways that cause trouble. She’s an outsider to his situation and I can see her saying But Lucien… why are you friends with Tamlin when he does this? Why did your family treat you like this? Why don’t you accept Rhys and Feyre’s friendship? Which are questions that he needs to ask himself, he needs to deal with. And for her, Lucien is not the type to coddle. He will take care of Elain as she gets used to being High Fae, but he will not let her lay about and feel sorry for herself. Just look at how he was with Feyre. Helpful and kind, to an extent, but also calling her on her shit. (I’m thinking acotar, clearly. acomaf Lucien is… different.)

I can also *potentially* see her helping him to repair relationships with his family - IF he wanted to do that. This is one of the ways where maybe they are best suited. Lucien has family strife, Elain is good at… well perhaps pretending that it isn’t there, but no one could ever fault her for making it worse or being antagonistic. And if he decided that he wanted to try to fix things with Beron or Eris (which idgaf if he does, but ya know, you can’t choose your family), then she would be perfect for both understanding his internal conflict, and smoothing over problems between them. 

Mostly, I want Elain to go about her life gardening and baking cakes and having babies and Lucien to be there supporting her through it all, helping her create a new family because his last one sucked so bad.


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Hi my beautiful babes! I am so sorry this took me a year and a day to finish. I was just so overwhelmed with school and life but finally I’ve finished. Some of you guys were going ham in my ask about part 3 so I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. I’m super nervous to post it but… I can’t procrastinate any This last chapter was so hard for me to finish for some reason but I worked really hard so I hope you like it! It’s not a masterpiece or anything but hey we can’t all be As always, feedback is fully welcomed and appreciated. Also I’ve reread this like a million times but I’m sure there’s still errors…sowy. LOVE YOU. PEACE!

Summary: It’s a doozy…

Warnings: Cursing, as per usg and mentions of sex. POV switch quite often.

Words: About 6.4k

Part 1

Part 2

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mikasa’s friendship with sasha and historia is very important to me ok

mikasa expressing her concern when she notices - and she’s the first to notice - that sasha wasn’t eating.

and historia - historia, who she had been ready to kill if she got in her way when it came to eren - was saved from a serious blow to the head because of mikasa.

it’s sad ‘cause isayama never really detailed the interactions between our lovely ladies. mikasa cares about sasha and historia. we just don’t see it as much!

but that’s what headcanons are for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To The Stars and Back

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader/ OFC (her name is never used so go ahead and put yourself in there)

Summary: The only thing that can calm Bucky’s nightmares is sleeping under the stars. The problem is he lives in Stark Tower amongst the city lights of New York.

Word count: 2623

Warnings: Just lots of fluff

A/N: I have quite a few ideas for one shots swirling around in my head, including this one. At this point, they’re all Bucky related, so let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

After 70+ years of alternating between cryo-freeze and missions that often saw him sleeping on dirt, sand, concrete and wherever else he was instructed to camp out, James Buchanan Barnes could fall asleep anywhere. The problem, of course, was staying asleep. Now that he was comfortably living in Stark Tower, Bucky had a warm bed and a loving team. That didn’t stop the nightmares. If anything they made them worse. It was all too normal and as he got more comfortable in his new life, the more he feared it all being ripped away from him.

He discovered it by accident really. A sleepless night filled with nightmares led him to wander about the tower aimlessly. He needed to expel the energy from his body and often aimlessly paced the many halls the tower held when sleep escaped him. He found himself on a balcony, high above the city. He sat for a moment on one of the patio sofas, finally content to settle as he watched the city lights mix with the night sky. Stark Tower stood so high above the city it was almost enough to drown out the city lights and a few stars crept through. Bucky stared at the sky, letting out a sigh as he strained to see more than the few bright ones. He knew they were out there. If only he could see them. The vastness of the universe before him enveloped his gaze and before he knew it he was laying back, drifting into a solid slumber.

The next thing he knew, he was being shaken by a pair of soft hands, each gripping a shoulder as they startled him awake.

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My Rant on Sakura Haruno and SasuSaku!

Warning: If you are a Sakura Haruno fan and/or Sasusaku fan, you probably will be upset reading this blog. You’ve been warned.

I have been wanting to rant about Sakura Haruno and the concept of Sasusaku for so long. I am aware that Sakura gets a lot of hate but there are some points that many people don’t exactly touch upon. First, let me say the good things about Sakura. She’s very strong and has grown to be quite reliable by the end of the series. I don’t think she’s useless like many others seem to want to believe for some reason. I do love Sakura in The Last Naruto movie and I will defend her in that movie until I die. I truly believe Sakura is at her best in that movie and feel that is how Sakura SHOULD have been in the actual manga. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. That’s really all the good things I can say about Sakura. She’s a reliable kunoichi but I can say that for many kunoichi in the Naruto series like Tsunade, Hinata, Chiyo, Ino, Kushina, etc.

Here’s where my rant on Sakura begins and it starts with her introduction in the beginning of the series. The same chapter that she’s introduced, she says this:

Notice Sasuke’s expression? Now I know what Sakura says is offensive to Sasuke but imagine a child in real life reading this who is actually an orphan. What Sakura said here is outright infuriating because 1. you have to consider that in the world of Naruto, lives are more easily lost there than in real life(especially after the nine tails incident) 2. Sakura has an obvious infatuation on Sasuke but somehow doesn’t know that he has no parents himself. Naruto knew Sasuke had no parents. Hinata knew Naruto had no parents. What’s Sakura’s excuse? 3. Sakura takes her parents for granted, which is expanded more into the Road to ninja movie when she’s older and she STILL takes her family for granted, despite that being a filler movie that Kishi had a part in making.
So it’s quite obvious that Sakura started the hate on her own and ironically, in Sakura’s wiki page in the trivia section, it seems Kishimoto INTENDED to make Sakura an annoying character, which makes sense when you consider how many times Sasuke calls her annoying without a care in the world.

Sakura’s crush on Sasuke from the beginning was by far the most annoying thing in part 1 of Naruto because it’s more than just it being a silly fangirl fiasco. It causes Sakura to break her friendship with Ino (the same girl who defended her from bullies and gave her self-confidence). Ino never gave any implication of wanting to break her friendship with Sakura, despite her having a crush on Sasuke as well. The series clearly shows Sakura was the one who stopped their friendship and for what? A guy that she knew nothing about? Seriously, both Sakura and Ino knew nothing about Sasuke other than the fact that he’s cute and he supposedly likes girls with long hair. I was one stupid kid to not realize what Sakura had done there. Needless to say, Sakura is extremely idiotic. I get that she was 12 years old but Ino never let a man come between her friends. Even Sakura mentioned at least once that Ino is more mature than her and it’s true.

But Sakura’s crush on Sasuke is more of a problem for her than this. From beginning to end, Sakura’s goal was always Sasuke. Nothing more, nothing less. Sakura never had a real interest in being a ninja.

671 chapters later and all Kakashi can say about Sakura at this pinnacle moment is her feelings for Sasuke.

When Sasuke is about to leave Konoha, she confesses in such a way that feels beyond forced.

Here, Sakura is under the impression that she knows now the same pain that Sasuke was referring to in being alone. First, Sakura states that if Sasuke leaves, she’ll be as alone as he is, even though she just acknowledged she has family and friends. Is she being serious here? Keep in mind that Sasuke has never done anything for Sakura in the way that Minato supported Kushina or how Naruto influenced Hinata. Sasuke is, in fact, a cute boy who’s on her team, nothing more to it. And yet she casts aside her friends and family for this one boy! That is just disgusting! I can’t think of any better word for it. Sorry. 

Second, Sakura never takes into account about how Sasuke feels. She simply talks about herself and how she will feel if he leaves. Sakura goes so far as to offer to leave with him, leaving behind her family and for what? A chance for Sasuke to like her back? The main problem here is that she’s just forcing her feelings upon Sasuke at this very moment. Then, when her confession fails, she literally runs to Naruto for help, the same Naruto she always looked at as a failure and took him for granted. When he fails to bring back Sasuke, that’s when she suddenly decides to take her shinobi training seriously.

Overall, Sakura in part 1 is easily one of the worst characters written in manga history. No question about it. She served no purpose than just being emotional baggage. She never made an impact in the story and let’s not forget that she was given the role as the main heroine in the manga.

Fast forward to the shippuden timeline and Sakura in the beginning was showing great promise as a character. However, after the team 7 reunion, Sakura’s character takes a downward spiral.

The five kage summit arc was the biggest regression of her character by far. This is where I question Sakura’s character and her motives here because she ends up being guilt tripped by Sai over what Naruto has been through with Sasuke (which is another f*** up on her part for the fact that Sai, of all people, is making her realize she possibly made Naruto’s life harder by burdening him with Sasuke) and decides to manipulate Naruto’s feelings with a fake love confession.

Naruto easily sees through Sakura’s lie but this is where Kishimoto leaves up to interpretation. If Naruto did believe Sakura’s confession, what was she going to do in the long run, especially after she made the connection that Hinata loves Naruto? If Sakura was successful in killing Sasuke, what was she going to do with Naruto? Just live a forced relationship with him? Throughout the confession, she just mentions Sasuke’s name, which was probably a huge tipoff to Naruto that she was lying. Any way you look at this, this confession makes Sakura a real bitch because 1- she tried to manipulate Naruto’s feelings. For what Naruto has been through, he deserves better than that, especially from his own teammate. 2- she does this behind Hinata’s back after realizing that she nearly died for Naruto out of love for him. It’s bad enough that she ruined her friendship with Ino over Sasuke but now she almost comes in between Naruto and Hinata for the sake of easing her guilt. 3- she has been with Naruto for so long but never caught onto the fact that Naruto wanted to bring back Sasuke for his own reasons. Sakura was always under the impression that Naruto was doing this for her, which Naruto corrected her on.

After that failure of a confession, she attempts to go after Sasuke on her own by knocking out her own comrades with gas, showing she’s not much of a trustworthy comrade. Then, after all that, Sakura hesitates to kill Sasuke TWICE after she just did all the things she did. I don’t blame Sakura for hesitating to kill Sasuke. I’m blaming Sakura for not even considering the fact that she may fail to go through with her decision BEFORE she attempted to do any of this like lying to Naruto, lying to her friends, going behind Naruto’s back to kill Sasuke on her own. Sakura let her guilt overcome her mentality which, in the long run, made Sakura a pointless character in that arc entirely. In fact, her involvement caused nothing but a hindrance to Naruto because he ended up getting poisoned by Sasuke through his attempt at saving Sakura from getting killed.

Now let’s move on to the war. Kishimoto does something obviously wrong, weird and kind of ironic. In chapter 633, Sakura achieves a powerup after complaining about always looking at Naruto and Sasuke’s back and always being saved by them but within the same chapter, Sakura STILL ends up needing to be saved by them immediately after showing she can fight alongside them. And in chapter 676, Sakura fails to even attempt teamwork with Naruto and Sasuke by charging at Madara alone to create a diversion and results in the two boys saving her ONCE AGAIN.

 Afterwards, she feels saddened that Sasuke doesn’t care for her, despite the fact that they’re in the middle of a battle for the sake of the world, she still obsesses over Sasuke. In chapter 680, during the Kaguya fight, Sasuke leaves her to fall in the lava without a second thought.

This is where Sasusaku begins to look like shit for me because it’s bad enough that Sasuke attempted to kill Sakura TWICE but he literally gave NO F***S about Sakura being incinerated. Sasuke catching Sakura falling from exhaustion doesn’t compare that he already tried to leave her for dead. Chapter 693 is the ultimate nail in the coffin for Sakura’s character development and the Sasusaku pairing to me. Sakura confesses to Sasuke a second time and generally, the main idea behind her words are more or less the same because all Sakura is saying is for Sasuke to stay because she loves him. After she’s done talking, Sasuke says she’s annoying once again and casts a genjutsu that has him impaling Sakura through her chest.

 Sasuke’s words rang a lot of realism because what he said after was the truth: Sakura has NO real reason to love him and vice versa. Even Karin has a relatively good reason to have feelings for Sasuke. He saved her life before they even knew each other. Not once has there been any sort of elaboration on Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, which makes no sense on Kishimoto’s part since Sakura is a main character and the most notable thing about her character is not even that well developed. And this is why the concept of Sasusaku suffers. Sasuke is not a character who you can just throw into a relationship. There is NO commonality between them whatsoever. Minato and Kushina both aimed to be hokage. Naruto and Hinata are both stubborn, headstrong and went through childhood regarded as failures. Shikamaru and Temari are both analytical shinobi. Sasuke and Sakura don’t have anything they share in common. Look at gaiden for example. According to Gaiden, Sasuke never even bothered to have a wedding photo or ANY real photo of Sakura and him together and no one can convince that Sasuke just didn’t have the time. If he had time to impregnate Sakura and marry her, they could’ve taken at least one measly picture together. I mean Sasuke had time to take a picture with team Taka and he was a fugitive at the time. Sarada confirmed my views on Sasusaku when even she pointed how weird the relationship between her two parents are. Not to mention, Sakura had NO right to be upset about Sarada’s questioning when she has every right to know the business of her OWN family. Sakura has no other person to blame but herself about why Sarada felt the way she did because Sakura was clearly never being completely honest to Sarada regarding her own father. This shows how delusional or ignorant Sakura is when it comes to her relationship with Sasuke because she resorts to an immediate violent response instead of explaining things to her daughter, which is what parents do. Sarada is a growing girl. Did Sakura really think Sarada wasn’t going to eventually grow curious about the things in her life? Here’s the funny thing: remember when Sakura punched Sai for stating the truth about Sasuke? Sakura pulled the exact same immature bullshit again and for what? Hearing the facts?

The reason I knew Sasusaku was going to be canon was because Naruhina was going to be canon and while I don’t wish that Sasusaku never happened, I just wish there was more development, more mutuality in the pairing, especially since it damages Sakura’s character the most. If you love Sasusaku, I have no beef with you. Sakura is, in my opinion, the girl for Sasuke but what I would’ve preferred is for Sakura to get her priorities in order and have a little more self-worth. The concept of Sasusaku is equivalent to an abusive relationship. The woman longs for the attention of the man of interest and does anything to get it, no matter how badly he treats her. Sakura exemplifies this concept greatly and keep in mind that Sakura is supposed to be the iconic female of the series. In my opinion, Sakura is one of the worst examples of how a female character should be and I’m pretty sure she’s one of the reasons a lot of female characters are looked down upon by the fandom in Naruto since she is the main heroine of the manga. I hope this post didn’t make anyone think that I hate Sakura. I used to hate Sakura but I was immature and simply jumped on the Sakura hate bandwagon. I mainly hated her because of the shipping wars and I realized I was so wrong but looking back at the series now, Kishimoto did a number on Sakura’s character. I don’t dislike Sakura to the point where I wish she would die. It’s just she could’ve been done much better given the fact she’s the main heroine of the Naruto manga. Like I said, if Sakura’s character in the manga was made like her character in the Last Naruto movie, I can almost guarantee that NOBODY would even think to make rants about her because she’s easily one of the best characters in that movie for the right reasons, no question about it. I’m well aware that there are people who would look at this post and say “bullshit” and remain in denial but I’m well aware of the facts here.

Have a good day :3

La casa de Las Flores rant

Okay fuck me up, Imma good mexican drama bitch so ofc im watching this and FUCK. ME. UP. IT’S SO GOOD. Julian is literally my bi icon rn and I love Diego so fucking much and I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING ANYTIME PAULINA TALKS IM SORRY BUT I STILL LOVE THE BITCH TO DEATH. And don’t get me started on Maria José, fuck I love the friendship she’s building with Paulina and I love her she’s so incredible and there was this part where Paulina is like all stressed out about shit and Maria José asks why didn’t she talk to her because she still cares about her even if they’re divorced now. And she says “I changed my gender, not my heart” AND FUCK ME I HAD TO PAUSE IT CAUSE I WAS ALMOST SOBBING I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW

Think Before I Talk

Based on the song Think Before I Talk, by Astrid S
Richie Tozier x reader

I said I hate you, I was angry
I got so mad, I slammed your door
You know I really love you, baby
I didn’t mean to start a war

Richie didn’t mean for it to come out that way, that harsh. Hell, he didn’t want it to come out at all to be honest. He was known to be the trashmouth of the group, not really sharing his real feelings with the people around him. But when he was with her it was so different. He kept getting butterflies every time she was around. He didn’t really know how to explain it.

They used to be inseparable, always up to no good. Whether that being throwing inappropriate lines at Jack, or pulling pranks at whoever they found interesting that day. Some days they spent hours at arcade. Sharing the same interests made them instantly click when they first met. And it wasn’t long after Richie developed a big crush.

But then she started hanging out with Bill, and Richie started feeling left out. He didn’t think too much of it the first times, but gradually she distant herself more and more. The further away she went, the angrier he got.

While seated by the Barrons one day, Y/N and Bill was, as usual, glued next to each other, going on about something they had done the day before. Richie watched Bill lean in closer to her, whispering something in her ear. Y/N laughed out loud, and soon after, Richie lost it. “Would you shut the fuck up for like one second!?” Richie stood up, gaining all eyes on him. Y/N stared at him confused, before exchanging confused looks with Bill. “No! Don’t look at him! Look at me! What the fuck did I ever do to you to make you hate me, ignore me, forget me!?” Richie was fuming. His feelings were pouring out and he was not able to stop himself. After what seemed like forever, Richie shut up. His cheeks flaming and knuckles white.

Maybe I should think before I talk
I get emotional and words come out all wrong
Sometimes I´m more honest than I want
So maybe I should think before
Maybe next time, I´ll think before I talk

Y/N was stunned. She had no idea Richie was bottling up these feelings. She didn’t mean to ignore him. She didn’t mean to distant herself. But the day she suddenly felt butterflies after Richie brushed his hand against hers, she became terrified. Terrified that these new feelings would ruin their perfect friendship. Therefore, she slightly started to focus on something else, unknowingly distancing herself, without thinking of how Richie might feel.

Richie watched Y/N´s eyes, filled with both hurt and love. He knew that he shouldn’t have confronted her like that. In front of their friends. Definitively not as rude. But Richie was Richie. And him creating somewhat awkward situations at inappropriate times was not an entirely strange thing. But he was hurt. “Richie, I-“ Y/N started and stood up, but Richie cut her off. “No! No excuses. You cut me out and I don’t understand why. Why won’t you talk to me anymore? Did you not notice that I actually cared about you? A lot? Are you that blind or are you just stupid? But if this is what you want, then fine I won’t bother you with my friendship anymore. Have fun with Bill.” Richie turned around, grabbing his things and took off on his bike.

I know that I should think before I speak
´Cause Im saying things that I don’t even mean
Maybe I´m more honest than I wanna be
So maybe I should think before
Maybe next time, I´ll think before I talk

Bicycling down town, Richie already regretted ever opening his stupid mouth. He wasn’t thinking clearly. There was a reason he never really opened up. Because he knew something like this would happen. He knew he did not mean to end their friendship forever. But now he was afraid that was exactly what he did.

Oh oh oh oh
So maybe I should think before
Next time, I´ll think before I talk

BTS reacting to a new girl member.

// Can you possibly do a reaction where BTS is getting a new member but it’s a girl please?//

He’d be the most open minded about getting a new member and especially a girl because it would give the group the chance to try out something new. He’d talk to the boys about it to make sure they wouldn’t give her a hard time and make them understand that everyone should get the opportunity to prove what they’re capable of doing.

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Jin would make sure you wouldn’t have a hard time adjusting to the situation and always having someone to turn to when things get tough the first few months after joining. He’d be very open to being your first friend in the band and entertaining you and Jimin with his terrible dad jokes. 

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He wouldn’t necessarily be unhappy about getting a girl member, but would have a rather hard time adjusting to the situation because he knows how long it’ll take for things to finally settle and for the group to understand how to properly accept her. He’d try his very best to be open to her and being nice so she wouldn’t feel like a burden to any of them

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He would love the idea of getting a new girl member mainly because it meant trying out new things and getting new opportunities. He would always be by her side whenever she needs his help and would gratefully help her get adjusted to the new situation and work late to teach her new dance moves.

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He’d be mostly excited about a girl member because it meant he’d have another person to take care off and protect from the other members, causing them to tease him about his obsession with her. He’d definitely feel very protective over her and make sure that she never feels uncomfortable or alone in any situation

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Tae, being a quite cheerful person himself, would be excited to see how the group will grow in the future and excited about taking on the challenges a new member brings. He’d also be her comfort zone and joy whenever she feels nervous about being a burden to the band’s success. He’d love to make her laugh and providing her with the best friendship he can because he knows how hard it is to start from zero.

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He’d be mostly nervous about their future together and whether the fans would give her a hard time and because it would change everything they worked so hard for to achieve. He’d watch her from afar for a while to make sure he’s not making her feel uncomfortable during their first few weeks together. Jungkook would mostly try and help during dance practice and feel more confident about their comeback together the more he sees her adjusting well to the situation and already laughing with the members after only a few days.

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My friend wants a pet tiger, how can I convince her that this is the worst idea without sounding totally bitchy? She also used to work at a place with tigers and was allowed to interact with them.

Whenever people ask me about these sorts of topics with friends, my first advice is: decide how much you value your friendship with this person before proceeding. These are contentious issues and pushing can and will damage things in all likelihood. So figure out where your morals about people in your life not having pet tigers is in relation to keeping the friendship and adjust your approach and tone accordingly. If you want to stay close to her, you’ll probably need to be nicer and it’ll take longer to convince her if you succeed. If you don’t care as much you can be a little more straightforward and blunt (although you’ll want to be careful because if you push too hard on any of it, the resulting cognitive dissonance will make her align with the viewpoint that is familiar instead of the one causing stress). 

I’d go through @bigcatawareness‘ tags on pet tigers and pull arguments from there, since she’s listed more than I ever eloquently can. 

Here’s the real problem - for most people, simply getting to see/meet a real adult tiger is enough to make them reconsider that concept. But when you’ve got someone who has already been introduced to them and it was in a context where they were ‘things that are good to cuddle’ and they never came across as dangerous that doesn’t work. They’ve already been categorized in her head as ‘things that will love me’ rather than ‘things that are highly capable of killing me’. 

It might be worth talking her through the realities of owning one to give her an idea of how hard/expensive it is. She’d have to move to one of the few states where it is legal, find a huge amount of money to build appropriate housing for it before she gets it, find an exotics vet willing to work with her before she moves, etc. See if you can get her to think through all the costs and planning and how much it would restrict her life (no more vacations, you can’t find anyone to petsit, and the moment you post on social media you’ll be harassed and potentially the target of animal rights extremism on a potentially national scale). That might be your best bet.
Bloomtale - Chapter 11 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 11 is up!!! This might be the end of the Ruins’ arc. Or maybe not…

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Please leave @ania-da-peasant alone. Stop asking when new episodes of Pj’s daycare is going to come out. Stop begging for the next episode, stop pestering them, stop bringing it up, stop. ENOUGH. If you really are TRUE fans of Ania you wouldn’t be pestering her constantly about Pj’s daycare. 


She has a life you know, she’s not a machine. To ANYONE that’s been trying to pressure her about making the next part or if you’ve been harassing her into trying to make the next part then SCREW off. You’re not true fans and you obviously don’t care about Ania, she’s a human being, not a machine. She needs sleep, food, water and all that other good stuff like the rest of us. If you’re one of the people pressuring her about the next part then I’ll have you know that you’re causing her to have mental break downs and causing her to almost cry in class. 

Enough is enough. Pressuring her won’t get it done ANY faster. In fact it will most likely make her want to QUIT making the dubs. If you’re really that impatient then go dub it yourselves and leave Ania alone.

UT is about love, acceptance, friendship, kindness, patience, and forgiveness. This is something the community has forgotten and you all need to be reminded of it.

So seriously I’m talking to you toxic side of the fandom, if you are one of the people asking when the next episode is gonna be out, or if you’re pressuring her, or if you’re harassing her… then KNOCK IT OFF or else you’re gonna have a bad time, mkay?

Stop acting entitled. Ania doesn’t OWE you anything. She doesn’t even HAVE to be making these dubs for you but she is. AND FOR FREE NO LESS, DON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! So APPRECIATE that and be PATIENT like the rest of her fans that DON’T ask!

Oswald will never learn People

Oswald is a guy who is going to do whatever he can to get what he wants. No matter who he hurts or abuses along the way. He wanted Ed to himself, so he killed IsabellA. Which lost him a strong friendship with a man who was willing to put his life on the line for him. He’s going to be mean to Ivy cause she is not providing him anything. Even though she is, just like Ed, a noble friend who saved his life twice. He now lost her. Oswald is doomed to have no friends cause he cannot learn to think about other people but himself. The first person he cared for was his mother. When she died, he tried to cut love from his life. He failed to do that when he fell in love with Nygma. Who ended up killing him even after he admitted to willing to die to keep Ed safe. So now he is cutting the emotion away for good and sadly its making Ivy suffer. So no matter what, Oswald will always and forever, loose people who grow to care about him until he learns to put other peoples emotions into consideration. Which he will most likely never do. 

new beginnings- chapter one

This is a new story/series I’ve started that takes place where season one left off. Some things are different obviously, I basically wanted to write my own take on things. Hope you enjoy! (major spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the finale)

It had been two months since Jughead had accepted that leather jacket, changing his fate forever. He had talked with Betty and decided it best for him to remain at Southside High and become a serpent. She of course hated that he’d be attending different schools, but knew he would enjoy going there and supported him all the way. They were both concerned how their relationship would last, being torn apart by the town, but deep in their hearts they knew their love could overcome anything. Nothing would keep them seperated.

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