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Damn I’m Lucky (Jimmy Uso)

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(@whatsupitsmk) Jimmy sees Reader as she’s coming out of her dressing room for her Kane tribute photo shoot and makes his feelings known (FLUFF)


Warnings: NONE


I gave myself one last look in the mirror with s smile on my face.

This outfit was everything right now.

And the fact that it looks so much like something Kane would wear, back in the day, and minus the skirt, I thought with a giggle.

With a slow pace, I made my way from the mirror, but I was still watching myself.

But honestly if you could see me right now, you’d understand why

I finally tore my eyes off of me, focusing more on where I was going after opening the door.

The second I got out the room, I was stopped by my husband.

Well, it was a whistle, but it came from him.

“Hi.” I said going up to Jimmy, giving him a quick peck, then turning to walk away.

Mainly because I was in a rush.

“You got pictures too?” I heard him call out to me, as I headed to the steps.


I did a quick twirl, to see him still eying me.

“Kae.” He replied with a half smile causing me to laugh while trying to get up the stairs.


Shortest thing I’ve written in a while or ever but I wanted to get it done for the person who requested it 🙂 BUT OMG ROMAN’S A GRANDSLAM CHAMP NOW 🤗


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