cause you can handcuff me if you want im just saying


finally making a commission post thing cause i want games and i have to pay for amiami preorders and other stuff


- paypal only in USB

- you have to send payment before I start the commission

- price is per character. so if you want two non-pixel page dolls it’d be $10

- the max amount of people i’ll do per picture is 3

- if the commission is complex i may raise the price, i’ll let you know!
- everything is lined and colored except for the sketches

- if you want me to send you progress screenshots you have to let me know

- i mostly draw girls. not to say i can’t draw guys but i personally think i’m a lot better at drawing girls and they’re more fun too

- also lov gijinkas and lingerie


- hate art/gross things/offensive things/fetish [light stuff is ok like idk handcuffs but we gotta talk to make sure]

-  anthro [i have no experience w this sorry]

- complex armor/backgrounds

- intense nudity [im all up for lingerie tho hmu]


just message me on tumblr/skype/email [] with this form

Type: pixel doll, chibi, etc.
References: links only
WIP: y/n
Pose: if you have one in mind or leave it up to me

i’ll let you know the price if you have several things and we’ll be doin business.

even if you can’t buy one now it’d be great if you could spread it around. thanks! hopefully i got everything