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Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

This Valentine’s Day I’d like to share a few things with you. I’m 19 years old and:

I have never had sex in my life
I have never dated anyone in real life (so not on the Internet)
I have never kissed anyone
I have never been on a date
I have never even held hands with someone romantically
I literally have never even been close to dating anyone in real life

Not because I don’t want to or because I’m picky. Because no one has ever asked me out or showed affection for me or even flirted with me. I don’t think anyone irl has ever fancied me, or if they did they never let me know in any way.

And you know what? I don’t care. I moved on from feeling abnormal and broken and not whole. I refuse to connect my value as a person to those things. I will not allow myself to think of myself as less because I have never done any of those things. Yes maybe my self-esteem still relies on my uni grades or good reviews of my works but I finally stopped thinking that there is something wrong with me for not experiencing those things.

I feel happy and whole anyway. I survived every crush who didn’t return my feelings and every instance of being attracted to someone and knowing they do not like me back. I survived and moved on.

And today I’d like you to turn to things you really value in your life. Your jobs and talents and hobbies and passions. Your family and friends and pets and even house plants. Your favorite books and bands and TV-shows and video games. Your favorite ice-cream and favorite pair of jeans and favorite plush toys.

There are so many people and things you love. There are, I hope, things that make you happy. Focus on them. And screw the society that tells you that you need relationships to know that you are loved. You are already loved. Don’t let society ever persuade you otherwise.

the noisy neighbors [m]

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❛❛i live in a house full of stupid men and their dirty underwear except there is an angel in their midst and he cleans up after himself and does everyone’s laundry and we share the same neighbor who likes to have wild sex every night and the hot boy hates confrontation but i guess not when his dick is in my vagina❜❜ AU

COUNT → 7.143

GENRE → smut 

PAIRING → jinyoung | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | oral sex | explicit language | penetration | graphic dirty talk | spanking 

note → this is for my friend @loljinyoungie because it’s her birthday today!!!! birthday smut!!!! so if ur reading this. please feel free to send her a birthday message :-D i hope u like this smut though!!!!! i told you i would finish it!!!!!!!!! a little later than i planned but oH WELL HAVE AT ALL YOUR KINKS I HOPE I DID THEM JUSTICE. AND IF I SPELLED HIS NAME “JIMYOUNG” ANYWHERE IM GONNA BE SO MAD IDK WHY THAT IS EVEN A THING THAT HAPPENS

You really hated the fact that you were such a light sleeper.

One of your favorite sounds in the world was nothing. That’s not to say you didn’t have a favorite sound, but that your favorite sound was literally nothing. Nothing was the sound of a cool breeze blowing against your house’s exterior. Or maybe it was even the sound of rain dripping from your roof outside your window—sounds like those.

Nothing was white noise, but it also sounded cooler to say nothing rather than that.

However, the sound of bodies thudding into the wall next to you? That was definitely not white noise.

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New GOT7 mini series teaser

Genre: Romance / mystery / drama

Inspired by the American television series

Part 1  Part 2

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Kill Zone - Part 7: Retreat

Characters: Reader (Special Agent Y/N Singer), Dean Winchester, Special Agent Castiel Novak (mentioned), Cindy Stevenson (OC - mentioned), Ella McKenzie (OC - mentioned), Helena Spencer (OC - mentioned)  

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut, innocent state of udressed, talk of guns, deaths, the usual for this series.

Word Count: 4300ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the deaths and violence this kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.


A soft moan fell from your lips as you started to come to, you reached out next to you to only touch the floor, and your eyes fluttered open. You sat up looking around you. The room was still warm from the sparks burning in the fireplace and his pillow was still ruffled beside you.

The memory of last night entered your mind, and you couldn’t help but smile. He had been so different than what you had thought he would be. Good different. Gentler and more caring. You had no doubt in your mind that it hadn’t been a one night thing to him either. He was here somewhere. You looked around the room, spotting his button up shirt from last night and you pulled it on, before getting off the floor in search of Dean.

You smiled when you found him standing by the stove in the kitchen. He was wearing jeans and nothing else, giving you a free view of his naked back. He was gorgeous, and it took every ounce of self control you possessed, not to simply walk across the room and touch him. You weren’t sure whether you were allowed to behave like that with him just yet, so instead you spoke.

“Good Morning,” you smiled at him when he turned around with a huge grin on his face. His eyes traveled your body, and you felt the heat form in your cheeks as he approached you.

“Morning Agent,” Dean spoke softly with a teasing glimmer in his eyes, wrapping his arms around you, and pressing his lips to yours. It didn’t take long for you to return his affection, or for you to feel a little light headed from his attention.¨

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I’m Not Promise, I Drunk

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x reader, BestFriend!Cheryl

Request: No

Summary: After a nasty breakup with Jughead, [Y/N] finally admits the truth about how she feels about her ex at a party that she never wanted to go to.

Warnings: Underage drinking, Jughead being sweet

Word Count: 4,468

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Love Drought

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A/N: A collab Lemonade series with @5sos-formation (idk when she’ll update). Based off Queen Bey’s song.

     You sat across from Calum with your eyes cast down at the cup of coffee that was resting in front of you. After much begging on Calum’s part you had agreed to try on working things out. The subject of getting a divorce had been on the table, but Calum refused to let you go. Nine times out of ten I know you’re trying, I’m trying to be fair. For some reason you wanted to give Calum another chance. Just one more chance to see if the two of you could work things out. 

You were only human. So human that there was still that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that made you question what you had done wrong. That was all you wanted to know. Why did Calum cheat? Was it you? Could you not provide him with as much love as you had thought? It hurt to know that he was with another woman for months on end. Just like you gave Calum life, he did the same for you. Calum was your lifeline and he was trying to kill you with how much he was cheating. Without him you weren’t sure what to do. “Y/N look at me please,” Calum whispered, squeezing your hand to bring you back down to reality. You were too wrapped up in your feelings to remember he was there. Your eyes adverted from the cup of coffee to Calum. “What’s on your mind?” he asked, licking at his plump lips. You let out a deep breath and turned to look out the window at the busy people rushing past. You and me could move a mountain.

“What did I do wrong?” you questioned. The words came out so soft, so quiet that Calum almost didn’t hear it. He became silent for just a moment. Heart pounding in his chest at your words. The answer was nothing. You had done absolutely nothing wrong. It was his fault the two of you were in this mess. It was Calum’s infidelity that caused everything. You had always been 100% committed and devoted to everything he had done. God you loved Calum with your all and he was too selfish to realize you were his everything. Calum started cheating for his own selfish reasons. There was no reason for him to crave a different type of love. No reason for him to sow his royal oats. That woman he cheated with didn’t give Calum the love he needed. She just filled a hole of lust, but you. You took care of Calum, the two of you could make it rain down with how much love you had for one another. 

“Nothing, baby,” Calum sighed, “You are absolutely perfect and I’m-I’m a fool for cheating on you.” Calum was not going to give up on this marriage. He was going to do everything in his power to keep the two of you together. The minute you left him Calum realized how stupid he was. He vowed to love and protect you. Calum broke those vows and did the worst thing he could ever do. He lost his wife…nearly lost his wife. “That woman means nothing to me,” Calum stated. You looked over to him, ten times out of nine I know you’re lying, trying to find any hint that he wasn’t telling the truth. You came up with nothing. Calum was being honest with you. 

“Then why do it?” you asked, feeling the tears begin to spring at the corner of your eyes. That’s all you wanted to know. Why did Calum do it? He shrugged. How could Calum answer your question when he didn’t know the answer himself. You shook your head at his silence and wiped the tears from your eyes. You didn’t want to cry in front of him. You couldn’t let your guard down now. Calum didn’t deserve to see your tears now. He didn’t deserve your tears. “Do you love me?” you asked this time. The words leaving your mouth before you could even register them.

“More than you’ll ever know,” Calum answered fast. Of course he loved you if he didn’t the two of you wouldn’t be sitting here right now trying to work things out. Silence filled the air between the two of you. The only sound was the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop goers going by. Calum had chosen the spot. It was probably because the last time you found out about his cheating you had set his stuff on fire. This time he wouldn’t have gotten off so easy. “Do you remember what I said to you on the day before our wedding?” Calum asked, finally breaking the silence. You nodded at his words and somehow it brought a small smile to your face. 

“You said that even if we’re apart we’ll always find our way back to each other. That we can climb over any obstacle and come out fighting strong,” you restated, saying what he had said word for word. 

“I also said that I will love you to the ends of time,” he said, “I know I broke two promises I made to you, but I still hold true to that one.” Calum knew it was going to take a lot for him to win your trust back. Hell he had a hard time gaining your trust when the two of you started dating. You had been hurt before in the past and tried to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Calum was going to make it up to you. He gave you a hopeful look, hoping that this memory would tell you that he was still here for you. That he will always love you. “Peaches, this is one obstacle that we have to get through.”

You began to chew on your bottom lip, a nervous habit of yours. This had to be the most indecisive decision you’ve ever had to make. A question like this couldn’t be answered that quickly. You had to think about it. Think long and hard on whether you and Calum should give your marriage another chance. “I need a few days to think it over,” you told him. Calum’s smile dropped at your words. You didn’t say no, so it showed him that there was still a chance you two would still be together. “Just a few more days,” you said. Calum nodded at your words. You were going to think about it and that was all he needed to know.

“Alright a few more days,” he agreed. Anything more and Calum surely would have died. You started to pack up your stuff and he was quick to stop you. “Can we just spend another hour together?” he pleaded. Calum wanted to spend as much time with you as he could. Soak in your presence just in case you had chosen never to see him again. You sighed taking unintentional mercy on him. Calum wanted to love you again and this was one of the steps to accomplishing that. Soon enough he was going to get his answer and maybe… just maybe the two of you could stop this love drought

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SakuMahi A2 and C3?????

I HAVE STARED AT THIS ASK FOR WEEKS CAUSE I INSTANTLY IMPLODED AND I WASN’T SURE IF I WOULD TO DO THIS ONE. BUT YOU WHAT??? SCREW IT. I wasn’t sure which one would wear what, but thanks to that anon, who was really hoping Sakuya got the devil or bunny outfit. So yeah this happened.

and another thing about this ask is that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a ship because I didn’t ask for them and I was ONLY gonna draw Sakuya above…. also cause I’ve done the police outfit TWICE. but….. I am absolute shipper trash (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ So here’s a little bonus artwork and doodle with Mahiru in his outfit meeting Saku Bunny here lol. I ALMOST WASN’T GONNA POST IT and was just gonna keep it for me. …. but meh.

I have 3 different styles of coloring and and line-art here wthhhhh. Also shout out to my discord friends who recommended the fishnet stockings. 


 (this is the second most risque thing I have ever done….. NEVER AGAIN, I can’t take it) 

I AM FINALLY DONE WITH ALL THE OUTFIT REQUESTS HAHAHAHAHA~ now gotta answer other stuffs stuck in my inbox….. ahhaha oh god….. 

Outfit Meme~ REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!

Lunchtime drabble: See Me

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x reader
Word Count: 745
Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.

“Damn it to hell.”

That was the first thing you heard when you woke up in someone’s Medbay, at least that’s where you thought you were, it smelled like a Medbay. You tried to open your eyes but they refused to obey. You tried to move but a strong hand pressed on your shoulder, keeping you down on the hard surface.

“Don’t try to move yet, I’m almost done.” A man’s voice growls the words as if you were a distraction to whatever he’s working on. The pain shooting through your leg causes you to gasp. “I know, hold on, I’m almost done. Just stay still.” he says again. Trying not to move, you begin some deep breathing, trying to ignore the pain in your leg and the fact that your eyes still won’t open. A few minutes or a year pass, you’re not sure, and finally he’s done.

“Okay,” he begins, a voice in the dark. “Let’s start out easy. My name is Dr. Leonard McCoy and you’re on board the Federation starship Enterprise. Your transport ship was attacked and we found you in an escape pod. Your leg had a deep cut that was on the verge of infection. You also have a head injury that has affected your vision. What else can I tell you that will help?”

“What happened to everyone else on the ship?” You whisper, fearing the answer before you even hear it.

“You’re the only survivor, I’m afraid.” he replied softly, laying a hand on your arm in comfort. A sob wracks through your body at the thought of all the deaths. You were traveling alone but you had been on the ship long enough to make some friends with some of the other travelers. All gone now. You feel tears rolling down your head and into your hair before a warm hand gentle catches them.

“What’s your name?” he asked, still resting a warm hand on your arm.

“Y/L/N, Lieutenant Y/N Y/L/N, most recently of the Farragut. I’m waiting on my transfer orders and so I decided to take a little time off.”

“Did you have family on board that ship?”

“No, I was traveling alone. This is officially the worst vacation ever.” you replied with another sob. “The head injury is the reason my eyes won’t open?”

“They are open, Lieutenant.” he replied softly.


“Can you see anything? Light or shapes?” He asked as the sound of a tricorder right next to your head made you jump a little.

“No, nothing.” you answered, bringing your hand to where you think you should have been able to see it. He didn’t immediately reply but you heard him tapping away on the tricorder.

“Okay, based on these readings, you’ve got a tiny bit of swelling right behind your eyes that’s compressing some of nerves back there. I think this blindness is temporary and will improve as the swelling goes down. I don’t want to give you anything yet, it’s best to let the body take care of itself. I will want you to remain here, I’ll have the nurses put you in a private room and help you get acclimated to it.”

“Thank you, Doctor McCoy.”

“No problem, darlin’. I’ll be right back.”

You nodded and listened to his footsteps fade away. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you felt around the bed and pushed yourself to a sitting position. You slowly reach across your body and pat down your arms, your hips, and your legs, being careful when you feel the bandages around your injured leg. Everything seems intact but sore. Doctor McCoy’s steps sounded again as he walked back.

“Hey, I didn’t say that you could sit up.” He chided. “I have brought Nurse Chapel with me, she will help you get set up in the private room and once you’re settled, we can talk more. And the captain will want to speak with you as well.”

“Alright, thank you Doctor.”

“No problem, kid.” His steps started to move away and a soft, obviously female hand, laid on your arm.

“I’m Christine, I’m the head nurse, let me help you get moved and settled in before the captain arrives.”

“Thank you, Christine. And pardon my ignorance, but what’s your captain’s name?”

Christine’s soft laugh was a welcome sound as she fussed around the bed, her smile evident in her voice as she replied softly, “Kirk, Captain James T. Kirk.”

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Shared Spaces, part 2


Part 1



“I think my brothers are starting to suspect something.”

Lucifer turned, spotting Sam and Dean huddled together in the library. When his (your) eyes met theirs, they turned back, sharing a look of their own.

“Do you think they’re going to cause a problem?”

“They’re Winchesters. Of course they’ll cause a problem.”

Lucifer stood (with your legs) and stepped down the hall towards your room. He carefully shut the door behind him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to cause problems for you and your brothers.”

“It’s fine, Lucifer. Really.”

Lucifer shook his head. “I need to get out of here.”

“Where are you going to go?”


“Lucifer, stop pacing. You’re going to wear a path in my rug.”

“Gabriel! Get down here now!”

Gabriel appeared in the room at that moment. “My ears are ringing!”

“Gabriel, I need to get out of here. Now.”

“Why? I’ve never seen you look better, Luce.”

“Sam and Dean are starting to get suspicious. I can’t have them cause a problem for Y/N.”

Gabriel studied Lucifer. “What does Y/N want to do?”


Gabriel held his hand up. “Y/N? If you speak, I’ll be able to hear you. What do you want to do?”

You thought for a moment. “I… is Lucifer’s vessel repaired?”

“Almost. Father should have it ready in two days.”

“I think we can hold my brothers off until then.”


“Lucifer, please. You don’t have anywhere else to go. We’ve made it this far.”

“It’s only two days, brother.”

Lucifer sighed. “Fine. But if things go south, you better come down here and explain.”

“Done and done.”


The following morning, Sam found you in the kitchen while you were drinking your morning coffee. Lucifer had grown to tolerate the taste. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Sam. What’s up?”


Lucifer studied the man as he leaned against the counter. “What were you and Dean doing yesterday? You looked pretty invested in something.”


At that moment, the feel of cool metal surrounded your wrist, accompanied by a soft clicking sound. Lucifer looked down, finding himself handcuffed to the chair. “What the hell?” Looking up, he found Dean stepping to your other side, handcuffing the other wrist in the blink of an eye.

“What’s going on?”

Sam started speaking in Latin, staring at you.

“An exorcism? Really?!”

“We know you’re not Y/N,” Dean said.

“She’s in here, too! I just…”

The brothers shared a look. “Who are we speaking to?”

“Go ahead, Lucifer,” you told him. “There’s no point in delaying this anymore.”

Lucifer took a breath. “Lucifer.”

“What the hell?!” both brothers said.

“Lucifer, how the hell–”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing to our sister?”

“You son of a bitch, I’m gonna kill you!”

“How long have you been using her?”

“Guys, calm down,” Lucifer said, trying to remain calm. “If you’d let me speak…”

“I’m sensing some tension,” Gabriel said, stepping into the room.

“Now’s not the time, Gabriel,” Dean growled.

“Actually, I think it’s the perfect time,” Gabriel said. “Before you hurt my brother or your sister.”

“You knew about this?”

“I’m the one who set it up.”

“Why?” Sam asked.

“First, unlock… them? Him? Her?” Gabriel shook his head and gestured to you/Lucifer.

The brothers stood stock-still for a few moments before Sam held his hand out. Dean didn’t want to hand the key over but Sam managed to wrestle it from him. He undid the handcuffs and Lucifer stood, stepping over to his brother.

“Now,” Gabriel said. “Let’s all have a nice, calm conversation about this.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Dean asked.

“Okay, not so much for the calm I see.” Gabriel pressed on. “So. Lucifer’s vessel needed some work. Since we archangels need a special brand of vessel, one called Winchester, we talked to Y/N. She agreed to help us out.”

“Why?” Dean asked, turning to your vessel.

“Because we need to help the angels out,” you said. “They’re some of our most valuable assets.”

“She says because you need to learn to help us out because we’re valuable assets to you guys,” Lucifer said.

“Like I’m gonna believe anything you say.”

“It’s true, Deano. Heard it myself,” Gabriel verified.

“Y/N, did you think this through?” Sam asked. “It’s a big change, letting someone take over your body.”

“Everything’s fine, Sam. I trust Lucifer.”

“She trusts him,” Gabriel said. “And look, this arrangement is only temporary. In fact, I’ve talked to daddy dearest and he said he’ll have Lucifer’s original vessel repaired and good as new by tomorrow morning!”

“I don’t like this,” Dean said.

“You’ve made that clear,” Lucifer retorted.

“I don’t think we have a choice,” Sam said, resigned. “It’s Y/N’s body, so it’s Y/N’s decision.”

“Now if only the politicians could understand that,” you said to yourself.

“Fine,” Dean relented. “But you are not leaving my sight from now until then.”

“Even during shower time?” Lucifer asked. “That seems a little gross.”

Dean scowled and stormed out of the room.

“He does know that completely undermines his previous threat, right?”

Distractions~ Finn Balor Imagine

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Finn’s hand grazes your hips, fingertips dancing on your skin as you sit in the hallways of the arena dressed for the show with a sketchpad and pencil in your hands. 

The two of you sat together before both of your match to get some time in together. Many of the wrestlers would pass by waving a hello or stop by for a chat before going on their way. 

The busy crew members passed by with loud chatter causing you to pause what you were doing. Finn would glare at them, sending them away letting them know they were being a distraction.

“ Yer almost done?” he asks, letting his hand wonder to your thigh. You glanced down at his hands as his thumb rubbed softly against the exposed skin. You had to hold back a moan from the way he kept squeezing and gazing his fingers.

“ Nope, I would much rather you put your hand around me.” 

“ I don’t dink that’s what ya want,” He smiles, but moves his hand to around your shoulder. 

“ In a few minutes I will be done.” You say, focusing back on the drawing that you were doing. Finn sighs to himself, putting his head against the wall while his free hand runs down his face.

 Sitting against the wall with your feet out with just pencil in your hand wasn’t easy. You couldn’t stay in one place. You had to move around so this was hard just sitting against the wall.

Finn wouldn’t leave, he would stay by your side wanting to watch you draw. It soothed you, he knew that but he wanted to watch you work the design you were making for his new shirt. Finn would casually wander his hand against your thigh or place a kiss on your exposed neck. Other than that he left you alone, watching you sketch.  

It’s been some time and Finn was growing tired of the silence. 

“ Love? Have ya finished?” you giggle, hearing the whine in his voice. “ It’s only been a few minutes Finn.” 

“ Feels like forever” He whines, the arm that was wrapped around your shoulder pulling you closer as he nuzzles his face into your neck. You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend before continuing sketching. 

“ I need some lovin Y/N” He rose his head, his lips brushing against your cheek.
“ I showed you some lovin this morning, remember?” 

“ But that was the morning love. I want some lovin now” he moves the arm that was around your shoulder as he pulls down on the strap of your ring gear placing a kiss on your bare shoulder. 

“ Why do I put up with you again?” you asked, taking a peek at him as he continue to kiss your shoulder. 

“ Ouch” he murmurs against your shoulder. You found it harder to focus on finishing the sketch that you were trying to do.

“ Finn, please. You can live without me for another hour or so” 

“ No, lets go” his lips goes to your neck, peppering kissing up and down your neck. 

“ Finn” you warned, “ Let me finish.” 

“ No” 

You refuse to give into him continuing sketching but Finn had other plans as his hands travel to your exposed stomach and sides. Glancing down at his hands before looking over at him.

“ Don’t you dare Balor” He grinned big before his fingers danced against your side. You let out a laugh as he tickled you. You shouted his name, dropping the sketchbook and pencil to the side trying to get away from him. He managed to crawl on top of you, slightly sitting on you. The position caused you to stop laughing as you held his wrist in your hands. 

“ You didn’t let me finish it” you motion to the sketchbook on the floor. 

“ Doesn’t matter, it’s really good” 

“ It’s not finished “ 

“ Either way love, it’s amazing like you” 

He leaned down pressing his lips against your and kissing you until  you were out of breath and your mind was forgotten about the sketch. He pulls away with a grin on his face, getting up and pulling you up. 

“ We will finish this later” he takes the sketchbook looking at the drawing seeing that it was quite finished. 

“ You little-” he started to say but looked up hearing you giggle as you run down the hall towards the locker room with Finn trailing behind you.

“Don't Worry Mom, My Boyfriend Isn't Give Me a Homemade Tattoo” Grayson Dolan

“Don’t Worry Mom, My Boyfriends Not Giving Me a Homemade Tattoo” Summary: Y/N gets a homemade tattoo by the lovely Grayson Dolan 

 Warnings: None, talk about needles but that’s really it 

 a/n: I wrote this because my dumb ass got myself a homemade tattoo and I was reminded of the Instagram photo he posted of Ethan giving him one so, here ya go. I feel like this might be kind of a weird plot but.. I mean.. 

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me”, your forehead in your palm and your wrist in his hand.

Grayson smirked slightly and looked up at you through his long eyelashes.  “You are the one who wanted this”.

“Yeah I know”. You breathed heavily and leaned back in the chair that Grayson had instructed you to sit down in. Grayson was currently sterilizing your wrist, ready to give you the stick and poke tattoo that as of about 15 minutes ago, you didn’t even really want. You and Grayson were getting ready to go to bed when you started tracing the lines on his tattoos, when you got to the one that Ethan had given him a while back. “Did it hurt?”

“Hell yeah it did”, he chuckled a little bit on how dumb it was that he got it in the first place.

You continued going over it with your fingers, slowing putting Grayson to sleep.

“Give me one”.

His eyes shot open. “What?”

You looked at his now very alert face, “I want one”.

He sat up slightly, you following, leaving the place you had on his chest. “Are you sure? I mean it was really last minute and it really fucking hurts”.

You laughed slightly. “Yes I’m sure”. You moved yourself so you were straddling him, arms wrapped around his neck. “I’m a big girl”, you moved your face a little closer to his. “I’m sure I can handle the pain”

This calmed him down a bit and he chuckled and said, “Alright, if you insist. But if I hurt you, you’re not aloud to hurt me”

So here you were. In one of Grayson’s shirts, him still in his grey sweats, a needle only a few inches away from your skin, ready to ink a heart into your wrist that really had no meaning to you except for maybe the fact that Grayson was the one to give it to you. You couldn’t stand to look at it, so you focused on a picture that was hung on the wall. It’s not that you had a fear of needles, you just naturally prefered when one wasn’t in your skin.  “Please don’t fuck up”.

He was currently outlining where the heart would go in Sharpie. “Your lack of hope in me is insulting”, he was joking but you could tell from the tone in his voice that he was concentrated, on not doing just that. ‘How’s that?”

You looked at where Grayson had just been tracing, and there sat a small heart, nothing special, but you liked it. “Yeah that’s cute”.

“Okay”, he reached for the needle that was currently attached to a special and thread. “This is how much of the needle is going into your skin”, he put the needle closer to your face could see a good half an inch sticking out, you grimaced at the sight. “I haven’t started yet so if you are going to back out at anytime, it should be now”.

You looked at him directly in the eye, seriously thinking about backing out now that you’ve actually seen the needle and seen the mark that would permanently be on your skin. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes, “just kiss me first”.

Grayson laughed slightly and leaned over to kiss you, calming you almost immediately. “Ready”, he asked taking his spot back on the stool he was positioned at earlier, picking up

“No, but go anyways”, you now had your face in your palm, blocking your view of what was happening.

The first poke took you off guard, “ahh”. It wasn’t really a scream, more of a surprised release of breath. You pulled your face off of your palm and looked at Grayson with your mouth open.

“I told you”, he defended himself. “Do you want me to keep going”, he reached his hand over to put the needle on a nearby table, almost sure that you were going to say you didn’t want to do it anymore.

“No!” Grayson opened his mouth wide at your eagerness. You closed your eyes and let out a breath. “Just please go as fast as you can”.

Grayson kissed your wrist, “Alright”, he placed the needle right next to where he poked you earlier, “here we go”.

The pain hurt, but it was tolerable. You found that not looking at it caused it to hurt more, so you made sure to keep your eye on the needle and on Grayson. He got to a really sensitive part on the very top of your wrist and you couldn’t help but let out a whimper. Gryson looked up at you for a second and then back at your wrist, “I’m almost done baby girl”. It felt slower than it actually was, and by the time he was done you were nearly covered in sweat.

“Alright”, he said leaning back to examine his work. “Done”.

You breathed out through your mouth and brought your wrist closer to your face to look at it.

“Like it?” He looked hopeful and he pulled your wrist back down dragging a sanitary wipe over it, which didn’t sting as bad as you thought it would.

“Yeah, I love it”, you scooted forward so you were closer to his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, smiling, relieved that you liked it. “I hate you for that though”.

He pulled back with his hands in the air, “hey, I warned you, this is all on you”.

You laughed and brought your hands to his face, his finding where they originally had been. “I know, I’m joking”. You finally kissed him, relieved to feel a sensation that was claiming instead of painful. You pulled back, “but I never want you to do it again”.

He laughed, “faire enough”.

After wiping your wrist again with a sanitary wipe and placing saran wrap over it, he took you back to bed. You laid down next to him, placing your head comfortably on his chest and placing your wrist above you head, staring at the ink shaped heart. “You did really good”.

He smiled and kissed the top of your head. “Thank you. You did too. You handled the pain really well”.

You scoffed. “Are you kidding me, I almost vomited”. He chuckled above you, causing you to smile.

“Well thank you for not doing that, I would have felt bad”.

You snuggled closer into his torso, intertwining your legs with his and snaking your arm around his waist. Slowing his fingers danced up and down your arm, calming you. “Thank you”, you murmured, eyes still closed and head still placed on his chest.

“Anytime, love. Go to sleep”. You let out a content sigh and snuggled closer once more. You slowly fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, leaving the mark on your wrist with some sort of meaning.

Half Love

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Prologue | Part 1

Genre: Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 1817

“Hello? Are you still alive?”

You snapped out of your sleepy trance at the sound of Jia’s clicking next to your ear. “Hm?” you mumbled.

“Gosh, you’re like a zombie,” teased Jia as she withdrew her hand.

“You know I’m not a morning person,” you sighed, rubbing your eyes as you mindlessly put one foot in front of the other.

“Well you can’t fall asleep in class again,” scolded Jia. “Here, come walk in the sun, it’ll wake you up.”

“No, Jia I’m fine I-” Jia ignored you and pulled on your arm until you were off the footpath and onto the campus lawn where rays of golden sun hit the grass below. You shielded your eyes from the light and kept your hand by your forehead for the rest of the walk.

Jia did most of the talking on your way to the lecture. She was definitely the more sociable out of the two of you while you were more introverted, but somehow that worked out perfectly and you two had been inseparable since high school.

The walk to the lecture hall ended at said destination and you were finally let back into the shade. You could already feel the mild sunburn on your exposed shoulders and arms. Luckily, your black top and dark long pants covered the rest of your skin.

You and Jia found your usual seats and began to take out your respective notepads and pencil cases. The hall slowly began to fill with tired or hungover college students. You felt Jia nudge your side so you looked up. Jia had a smug look on her face as she gestured to the door with her head, and you spotted what she was looking at, rather who she was looking at.

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Take the Blame

Requested: (short summary, because it was a long one guys lol) You break the rules and Kane sets out to punish you, but you’ve gone on a hunting trip unaware. Bellamy takes your place and your set in a position of guiltiness.

Requested by: @fangirl4799

A/N: Sorry I had to shorten your request to a summary, lol, it was long. Also I hope this did justice. It’s a bit shorter than I originally intended but I have some other stuff to do as well, I hope this is okay!

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warning: punishment/torture.

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When you arrived back from your solo hunting trip, you definitely were not expecting to hear screams of agony. At first you’d thought that maybe the grounders or the mountain men had come, so you’d dropped everything and ran inside The Ark. 

Though what you expected, which was blood and a fight, you instead saw a body being lugged into the Ark. Squinting you easily recognized the body as Bellamy and your heart leaped to your throat. You ran towards Bellamy, who had his stomach facing down and his back up. You involuntarily gasped at the gashes that marred his back.

Your shaky hand reached your mouth as you watched Clarke and a few others haul him away. Clarke made eye contact with you and all she could do was look at you with pity.

Staring back towards where they’d started dragging Bellamy from, you saw Kane holding a electric baton. You felt yourself freeze. What could Bellamy have done that would cause him to suffer such a severe punishment.

You quickly shook your head, following Clarke inside where her and Abby began working on patching Bellamy up. You watched from the sidelines, wanting to throw up at the terrible sight that was Bellamy’s back. But you stayed, knowing he needed you, even if he didn’t really know you were there.

When they were done, you quickly grabbed Clarke’s attention, curious on what Bellamy could’ve done for this. When she looked at you, her eyes were shined with wetness and she looked almost hesitant to talk to you. “Clarke… please.” You started, staring at her desperately. “All I wanna know is why.”

“Y/N… know that I tried to stop him… but he wouldn’t listen,” You paused, unsure of how to respond. What did he do? “He took the blame.”

“The blame? For who?” You asked, confusion setting in.

“For you, Y/N.” You froze, your heart felt like it’d stopped beating. Clarke gave you one more pity look before running off. You thought back… and suddenly it all came to mind. Staring at the wounded boy, you felt like crying.

How could he have done this?

Once Bellamy was better and walking you made it your goal to talk to him. You wanted to know why. Why he took the blame for something you did when he had no obligation towards you.

“Bellamy.” You called, gaining his attention. He smiled when he saw you and immediately walked towards you.

“Hey Y/N.” He grinned, you meekly grinned back. “How you feeling?” You asked, guilt flooding through you.

“Better.” He shrugged.

“Hey… Bellamy, I know that you took the blame for me…” You whispered, watching Bellamy’s reaction. He froze himself, and looked at you. His eyes turned serious and he shook his head. “Look.. Y/N…”

“I don’t care,” you interrupted. “Actually i’m thankful. Thank you. But why?” You asked, your eyes serious almost on the bridge of tears.

“Because… I-I wasn’t gonna let them hurt you like that.”

“So you let them hurt you!?” You nearly yelled, he grabbed your hand and looked at it, shocked. Finally meeting his eyes again, you saw the feeling behind his eyes and you stared, mesmerized.

“I care about you, Y/N. More than a friend…” You stayed silent, unsure how to answer. But looking into his eyes, you already knew your answer. You leaned, on your toes, pressing your lips against his cheek.

“Thank you.”


MOC!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,442

Warnings: language, angst, mention of blood/blood drinking, mention of addiction.

Request: The reader feels neglected in her relationship with dean (when he has the mark). The reader gets worried when he starts having nightmares and screaming for Sam. She breaks up with him. Dean realizes how much he loves her while on a case he gets trapped with someone and he tells everything he loves about the reader.” – Anon

Author’s Note: There mayyyyy be a Part 2. Just maybe.

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You leaned back against your headboard, your arms crossed firmly across your chest. He was at it again. Your eyes flicked over to the trembling body of your boyfriend as he fought through yet another nightmare, and you sat awake for another night.

Sam!” His scream startled you, as it did almost every night. They were getting worse, much worse. At first, he only had them once or twice a week. But, as time went on, they became more and more frequent. And for the longest time, you felt bad for him. How could you not? You loved the man more than life itself.

But the mark was changing him. It wasn’t just the nightmares, or the sporadic hallucinations, or even the vicious attacks on anything and everything he hunted. He was not the same hunter anymore. He wasn’t the same man.

Sam slowly opened the door, having heard his brother from down the hall. He entered, his gaze locking on yours. His face said it all; he saw every emotion you were feeling. Tears streamed down your face as you simply nodded, gently rising yourself from the bed.

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17. Parade

hey hey hey!!! Here is the next prompt, and i have no idea who it’s for!! i think i may have done this one just cause i wanted to lmaoo. anyways, i’ve never been to pride, though i really want to, so just know that i don’t know what a pride festival is like at all…

Words: 1514

Read on A03: X

“Sit still! You’re gonna ruin it!” Lance pokes Keith in the ribs before going back to his task.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Keith yawns, earning another poke from Lance.

“Almost! We’d be done faster if you’d just stay still, you know.” Keith groans, dropping his head back onto the back of the chair.

The brush Lance is using to paint Keith’s face is cool against his skin, and he shivers. Excitement pools in his stomach making it flutter nervously, like butterflies. It’s his first pride parade, and Lance has vowed to make it his best. So far, it really has been fun. Keith hadn’t done face painting since he was very little, and it was a nice childish feeling.

“Done! I’m going to do my own now, and then we’ll be ready to go!” Lance turns to grab his make up, then pauses. “Actually, I forgot one thing. Put these on.”

Lance tosses a bundle of clothes at Keith who catches it easily, and then looks it over warily.

“What is this?” Lance smiles mysteriously.

“Just put it on.” He makes waving motions with his hands. “Now shoo. I need silence to concentrate on my make up. It’s got to be better than Allura’s this year.”

“I’m sure it will be, babe.” Keith doesn’t see it as he leaves the room, but his last comment turned Lance a brilliant red. He finds his way into their room, and unravels the bundle Lance threw at him.

Booty shorts. Red booty shorts, with ‘GAY’ inscribed on the backside of them. Also, a tank top with the NASA symbol that says 'GAY’. Looks like Lance had a running theme. Grumbling a bit about the length of the shorts, Keith puts on the outfit. It fits him perfectly, and he can’t help but giggle. Noticing the knee-high socks strewn out by the edge of the bed, Keith picks them up and puts them on. Their rainbow colours match perfectly with the bracelets he was already wearing.

“Man, how long does it take you to change?” Lance comes in behind him, slapping Keith’s ass as he eyes him up and down. Keith blushes, as Lance’s hand had not moved from it’s place on Keith’s ass.

“Looks good, babe.” Keith’s ears turn a bit pinker, before he moves to face Lance. Lance looks just as good, with purple booty shorts and a shirt that says 'good-BI!’

“You look nice, too. Won’t the flag get hot though?” He’s talking about the huge bisexual pride flag Lance is currently using as a cape.

“Meh. It’ll be fine.” He looks Keith over again, who in turn shifts awkwardly on his feet. “You nervous?”

“Yeah, just a bit.” Keith hangs his head.

“Well, we’ll be together the entire time. Nothing to worry about.” Lance leans over and presses a kiss to Keith’s forehead.


They take Lance’s car, driving down to the parade grounds and arriving exactly on time. They see other people there, people dresses up like them, people who aren’t dressed up at all, and people who have taken dressing up to the next level.

Lance points out a babadook costume, and Keith loses it. They make sure to get a picture with the mysterious Pride-goer. Keith steers them towards a face painting and cotton candy station, where the two of them buy more cotton candy than anyone every should.

They drift father away from the crowds to a lone rainbow bouquet of  balloons, set up a great distance from all the others. Lance points to it and says it’s just like Keith. Keith isn’t very amused, telling Lance he looks like the messy rainbow covered trash bin not far from them.

“Keith! Let’s take a selfie to send to the others!” Keith nods hesitantly.

“Sure. Are we going to meet up with them later?”

“Yep! We’ll meet up with them for lunch, but we still have two hours before then!” Lance pulls out his phone, setting it to the front facing camera. “Smile!”

Lance presses the button just as Keith looks away, and he frowns. “Again!”

“If you say so.” Just as Lance presses the button, Keith presses a kiss on his cheek. After he pulls away, Keith delights in the pink flush heating Lance’s cheeks.  

“Keith!” Lance squeals, lightly touching his cheek. “One more! I can’t let you beat me like that!”

“Beat you at what? I thought you would like to be kissed?” Lance makes a frustrated sound, holding his phone up again.

“Keith!” Lance’s sharp outburst catches Keith’s attention effectively, and Keith turns to face him. Grabbing the neckline of Keith’s tank top, Lance pulls him up to meet him in a kiss. Smirking at the camera, he hits the button, capturing Keith’s stunned expression. The both melt into the kiss, and Lance blindly mashes down on the phone in attempt to get a good picture.

Pulling away, Lance bursts into a fit of giggles. Keith raises his eyebrows, confused.

“What? ’S something on my face?” Lance laughs harder at that, bending over to catch his breath.

“As a matter of fact, yeah.” Whipping out his phone he pulls up the camera app again. Lance hands the phone to his boyfriend, still chuckling.

“Lance! You got your lipstick all over me!” Keith isn’t actually all that mad, as he still has a cheeky smile on his face.

“You’re the one that messed up my lipstick!” Lance takes the phone back, staring at himself. The purple and pink lipstick from earlier has smudged all over, smeared around the edges of his mouth, and all over Keith’s face. “Oh well, it’s too late for it now!”

He peppers kisses all over Keith’s face, purposely tracking colourful lip prints everywhere. Keith scrunches up his face, bracing himself against the attack.

“Oh my god, Lance!” He’s laughing now, holding up his hands to defend himself. “That’s enough! You’ve covered me enough!”

They take one last selfie, a tribute to the aftermath of their secluded make out session. Lance suggests heading back into the crowd, after making sure Keith is okay with that, and they start back towards the different booths. Sneaking into the closest tent, the two of them find seat at the back. The view is blocked slightly, but Lance and Keith are still able to see the performance going on. A group of people on stage, presumably singing or dancing. Lance takes Keith’s hand, and squeezes, content when Keith squeezes back.

“You doin’ okay?” Lance tries to whisper, not wanting to disturb the others around them. “It’s not too much, is it?”

“It’s fine. I’m actually having a lot of fun.”

Lance looks up at Keith and is surprised to see a slow smile playing on his lips. He finds himself blushing, even though they’ve been dating for over a year. Somehow, he always manages to fall deeper in love with Keith. They hadn’t said it yet, the weight of the three little words weighing heavy on their backs. It’s not that they don’t mean it, because they really do. They’re just awkward.

Lance wants to say it, though. He means it, he really does. He loves Keith. It’s as simple as that really, but the idea of it still terrifies him. He doesn’t know what could go wrong, what could happen. But he’s willing to take that risk. Rubbing his thumb idly along the back of Keith’s hand, Lance peers at him. He looks away quickly, taking a breath.

“I love you.” He hears Keith gasp, and braces for the worst. He knows Keith, believes in him, but the fear is still there.

“Lance, Lance look at me.” Lance tilts his head back up to meet Keith’s purple-grey eyes.

“I love you too. So, so much.” Lance blushes, bright red lighting up his dark cheeks. Keith squeezes Lance’s hand once again, and the two of them share a smile. They go back to looking at the performance, only for Keith to sneak another kiss onto Lance’s cheek. They’re both glad they picked the back row.

While their friends are very confused as to why Lance and Keith are so giggly later in the afternoon, they’re still happy for the two of them. Pidge’s robot, Rover, follows all of them around during the afternoon, snapping pictures as they go. Pidge is covered in glitter, a transgender pride flag wrapped around their shoulders. Shiro and Allura are there along with everyone else, Shiro wearing an “ace dad” shirt, and Allura wearing a shirt the same colours as the lesbian flag. Hunk is there too, dressed brightly in pinks, yellows, and blues, as representation of his pansexual pride. Even Coran shows up, more rainbows than anyone could have imagined possible. Lance snickers when he sees his shirt, the one reading “we have a very gay family”.

They soon lose track of time and people start to pack up and go home, leaving one after another. As for Keith’s first Pride experience, he’d say it was the best anyone could ask for. After all, he couldn’t ask for a boyfriend better than Lance.

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Hello💟Can u write something about this situation:2D and S/O always had a crush on each other and, one day, one of the collaborators appeard dating Paula and then Noddle suggests for 2D and S/O start pretending they are dating 'cause she knows that 2D would be feeling bad w Paula around the studio all day while they were recording. 2D and S/O make a deal and pretend they're dating,but with the time they real start dating without notice and, in the end,they didn't finish pretending.


The moment you heard Paula was coming along side some guy the band collaborated with, you looked at 2D. His face went from happy to something you could place as pure anxiety. He shook his head to Murdoc who just said the news. They found out due to a picture of the guy with Paula on his instagram and you thought 2D wouldn’t care that much, or at least you hoped. 2D just walked back in to his room and closed the door with a loud “bang!”

You sighed as you looked at Murdoc. The green guy had a smirk on his face and you pointed a finger to him.

‘Don’t you dare to rub this in 2D his face Murdoc’ you said. Murdoc shook his head as he looked at the picture of Paula sticking her tongue down the throat of the guy. 

‘I won’t love,’ he said, as he clicked off his phone. ‘Not this time.’

You raised an eyebrow, but let him be. If he wasn’t going to keep his word, he would find your boot up his ass. You saw how Noodle sneaked in to the room of 2D and you sighed as you fell on the couch next to Russel.

‘This is going to be fun,’ you mumbled. ‘I am wondering if 2D will even be able to be in the same room as Paula.’ The word “paula” came out of your mouth as a word that could only bring disgrace and Russel chuckled.

‘What?’ you asked as you faced him. 

‘Someone is jealous’ Russel stated and you huffed.

‘I am not jealous Russel,’ you said. ‘Just don’t understand why Paula switched in our pretty boy 2D for the ugly pickle standing over there.’

You pointed at Murdoc, who got an angry look on his face.

‘Watch it idiot’ he hissed as you started laughing. 

‘Y/N,’ you turned around to see Noodle her face coming out of 2D his bedroom door. ‘Could you come in for a second.’

You stood up and walked towards the room and came inside 2D his bedroom. You were here a lot to be honest. You always had movie nights with 2D and you would occasionally not make it to your own bedroom and just sleep there. Just you two guys being friends. Great friends. You sighed inside your head, but got serious again once you saw 2D sitting on his bed. You couldn’t really place his face expression, but one thing was sure. He was not happy.

‘I have a good idea and I need you to agree with it,’ Noodle said as she closed the door. ‘It might seem a bit crazy, but I think it will be a good idea.’

You sat next to 2D, placing a hand on his leg as you gave him a shy smile. 

‘As to wonderful Paula coming here,’ Noodle started. ‘I suggest we throw her off her game. I am not in the mood of her winning the break up, so Y/N. Would you act like you an 2D are dating?’

Your eyes became big as you looked at Noodle, then to 2D and then back to Noodle. 

‘You are way more beautiful then Paula will ever be,’ Noodle continues, ignoring your face. ‘So I think it will be great. You and 2D are practically a couple to the rest of the band, so it will not be weird to us.’

You tried to protest to the last part, but Noodle shushed you.

‘Are you in or not?’ she asked. ‘Paula and the guy we will be collaborating with will be here any second.’

You sighed and looked at 2D.

‘What do you think?’ you asked.

‘I already agreed to be honest’ 2D said, with a slight blush on his face. You grinned and sighed.

‘Well okay then,’ you said as you placed a kiss on his cheek, making him blush way more. ‘Lets do this.’

Having Paula here in the studio was really weird. 2D and Murdoc were a bit on edge and Paula just flipped her hair every now and then as she watched her new boyfriend recording his part of the song. Suddenly she turns at you and you hold on to 2D his hand even more tighter. You were sitting on his lap, leaning in to his chest. You actually hadn’t even noticed you were still sitting here, as you were distracted by the guy his voice.

‘So,’ Paula began. ‘How does it feel to date someone from Gorillaz. I mean, I know what it is like. But how do you feel right now?’

You found the question weird and just looked at her for a few questions. You felt 2D and Murdoc their eyes staring at you and a smile grew on your face. 

‘It feels good to date someone who actually cares for me’ you said as you smiled at her. A frown grew on her face and you saw that you got on her nerves.

‘What do you mean by that?’ she asked and you just shrugged your shoulders. You wouldn’t answer her. She knew exactly what you were talking about. Suddenly 2D got up, making you almost fall off and he walked out of the studio. Paula laughed softly.

‘He will walk away, mind my words,’ she said as you gave her one of the most angriest looks you had ever give someone. ‘Why do you think I left him. He has no backbone. Just ditch him already and find yourself a man like that.’ She pointed at the guy singing in to the microphone. You rolled your eyes.

‘Would love to get me some of that,’ you said. ‘Maybe I will do something like you did. Dump the cute guy and sleep with the first ugly person I can find.’ You nodded at Paula her boyfriend and stood up.

Murdoc started to curse at you, but you already walked out of the studio, running after 2D.

He was sitting in the hallway, hands covering his eyes. You kneeled in front of him and pulled his hands from his face. Why did he have to be so goddamn beautiful. Even when crying, he was gorgeous. You sighed as you grabbed his face and whipped the tears away with your thumbs.

‘I am sorry 2D,’ you mumbled. ‘I don’t want you to go through with this if you end up crying.’ 

He shook his head and grabbed your hands, still attached to his face. He rubbed his thumb over your knuckles and you swear, you could feel your heart drop. He looks at you and gives you a shy smile. 

‘It is not that,’ he said. ‘I just don’t want you to be in this mess.’

You started laughing and placed a kiss on his forehead.

‘Don’t be stupid Stu,’ you said. ‘I love being with you in a relationship.’

2D laughed and turned red again.

‘Now come on,’ you said as you pulled him up. ‘Lets get some snacks and make that little bitch jealous.’ 

When you two came back with snacks, you were laughing and holding hands. It seemed so natural, you didnt even think about it. Noodle pushed Russel and pointed at you two. Russel saw it as well. Something had changed. Paula was in the recording room with her boyfriend and it seemed like they were arguing. 

‘They have been fighting for over 10 minutes,’ Murdoc sighed as he kicked over a trash can. ‘I am so done with this.’

You and 2D laughed as Murdoc stormed in to the room and practically kicked Paula out. He just wanted this track to be done and Paula was only causing him trouble. Her boyfriend didnt even complain and just like that, the song was finished within a hour. 

Later on that night, you and 2D were sitting on his bed, watching a movie. You didnt really paid attention to it anymore, as you had almost fallen asleep on his shoulder. Suddenly you felt someone his lips pressed up again yours and out of pure surprise, you jumped back. This caused to let your head bump in to the head of 2D and you almost falling of the bed. 2D just caught you in time and pulled you back. Your faces were just centimeters away and you both were laughing as you rubbed over you head. But once the pain was gone, you felt how his hands were on your lower back and you sighed out. 

‘Stu what are you doing?’ you asked silently as you placed your hands on his chest. 

‘Well I guess,’ he mumbled. ‘Since we are dating, I thought it was okay to kiss you.’

You grinned and shook your head. You let him go and got up from the bed.

‘Stu I am not up for some stupid mind games,’ you said as you walked to the door. ‘We were dating because of Paula being there. You don’t actually like me remember.’

‘I do.’

Those two words made you stop dead in your tracks and you felt your fingers stiffening around the doorknob. You didnt dare to turn around, as you heard him coming off the bed and standing behind you.

‘But I would understand if you don’t want to really date of course’ he mumbled. You turned around and your hand went from the door knob, to his neck. You pulled him in and your lips crashed together. 2D got overwhelmed and pushed you against the door as he went in for the kiss. Once you two let each other go to catch your breath, you looked at him.

‘So…’ you said as you grinned up at the blue haired boy. ‘For how long have you actually wanted to date me?’

2D laughed and placed a hand on your lower back.

‘For some months now,’ he said. ‘But it was worth the wait.’

You started blushing and he laughed as he pulled you back to the bed. You were wondering if he wanted to have seks right away, but he just pulled you in against his chest again and placed a kiss on your forehead. 

‘Sorry for waking you up Y/N,’ he said. ‘Just go back to sleep now.’

You closed your eyes and snuggled up in to a beter position. 

‘I don’t mind you waking me up for make out sessions’ you mumbled, as you drifted off again.

And you were damn sure, that if you would open your eyes again. 2D would be blushing like the damn fool he was.

“Wow, Alex,” Jack said, trying to keep his eyes from popping out of his head. “You really, uh…you really grew up after you left for college!”

He hadn’t seen his childhood friend in years, and he was already kicking himself for being so tongue tied around her, but he couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. Her breasts were gargantuan, and her tummy and thighs were so big and soft. And her ass…well, all he wanted to do was fall to his knees and kiss that perfect ass. But Alex had always been a scrawny kid. The two of them used to joke that the puberty bus left her at the station as they played in empty fields and snuck out at night to try and crash parties thrown by the more popular kids whose parents were never home.

This girl…no, this woman in front of him, was anything but scrawny. He couldn’t fathom how she had become so…so…BIG!

And it wasn’t just her voluptuousness that was currently driving him crazy…it was the fact that tiny little Alex Storm, the girl he used to pat on the head whenever she would make fun of him simply because he knew it drove her crazy, was now looking down on him, her eyes easily six inches above his own.

“You like?” she asked with a smirk. “I finally boarded the puberty bus and it was the express, Jackie.”

Jack scowled slightly. He hated that nickname. But he had to admit he was more likely to endure it coming from this goddess standing before him. Still, something was bothering him. “Alex,” he began slowly. “How long has it been?”

She scrunched her face up. “Oh, I dunno. Four or five years maybe?”

Was that enough time for all of this growth? He supposed it must have been. But he’d also kept up with her on social media, and he knew that as recently as nine months ago she’d looked just the same. There were no photos of her in her current…state, so he had no idea when these changes had actually occurred.

“Alex, I’m just going to come out and ask it…how in the hell?”

She grinned. He knew that look. “Oh, I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, looking much like a cat toying with a mouse.

“Uh-huh,” Jack said wryly. “You’re enormous and you have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Alex punched Jack in the arm, causing him to physically take a couple steps back. Wow. That had actually hurt. Despite how soft her body appeared, she was clearly packing some legitimate muscle and power.

“It’s not nice to call a woman enormous, Jack. Apparently you didn’t learn any manners since I last saw you.”

Still rubbing his arm, Jack rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. Look at you - you’re a giant! All of this…Alex, puberty didn’t do this and I know it.”

She wagged her finger at him and tsk’d him, not unlike a mother scolding a child. “See, that’s where you’re wrong, Jackie. Puberty did cause this…sort of.”

Jack sighed, moving to sit on her sofa. This was a really nice apartment she was living in. He dimly wondered how she could afford it. “Well,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I guess I’d love to hear more about your “sort of” puberty, then, because I’m totally lost.”

Alex shrugged. “I mean, there’s not much to tell. I kind of fell in with this genius smarty pants at college. He was super into me. You’d like him, Jack, he’s a hopeless nerd just like you.”

“Blah blah,” Jack retorted.

“Anyway,” Alex continued, glaring. “We were dating. He was nice. Then I found his porn stash and discovered he was into women the exact fucking opposite of me - curvy and thick and…just big, Jack. Really big.”

Jack’s look softened as he saw how much this had clearly hurt her. “Hey,” he began. “It’s-”

“I was upset at first, but then he started talking about the stuff he was working on. A machine that actually triggers puberty. Or…I guess a sort of artificial puberty. I’m not 100% sure how it works, honestly. All I know is you start out as you, and whenever it’s done doing its thing, you’re just…even more you. Kinda like…enhanced.”

“Wow,” Jack said. If anybody else had told him that story he wouldn’t have believed it, but seeing the new Alex in front of him, there was no denying that what she was saying was the truth. “This guy is going to be a billionaire.”

Alex shrugged again. “I mean, money isn’t everything,” she paused, looking around her spacious and well-furnished apartment and smirking. “Although I guess it is a little useful.”

“So one use of that machine turned you into-”

“No, no, it’s not that big of a miracle,” Alex said, holding up her hands. “I, uh…may have gotten a little carried away, helping him test it. It’s just…” she trailed off.


Alex sighed, her hands running over her body. “It’s just that it feels so good,” she said excitedly. “That’s what I never told him. The size, the increased mass, the growing…it feels amazing. I cum every single time I use that machine. Multiple times.”

His mouth dropped open but no words came out.

Alex stood from her chair, continuing to run her hands over her body. “I’m not going to lie to you, little Jackie,” she said, her face once again a smirk. “I got a little addicted. My boyfriend broke up with me, said I was abusing his pet project. He tried to restrict my access, get me out of there.”

Alex’s cell phone on the coffee table began buzzing. Glancing down, Jack saw a photo of a smiling man in a lab coat and the name “Sweetie Pie” flash. Alex didn’t bother picking it up.

“He was an idiot if he thought I was going to give that machine up,” she continued, happily touching herself. She pulled one side of her little black dress up, just high enough that he could see the start of her panties. His eyes went wide and he could feel himself hardening in his pants even as Alex’s phone once again began buzzing like crazy, this time with text notifications, every one in all caps and featuring the angriest emojis:

“Alex, are you fucking crazy?!”

“You destroyed it!”

“All my research! How high did you turn up the power this time??!”

“It’s dangerous! I don’t even know what it will do!”

“At that dosage, the radiation will seep right into your bones!”

“Alex answer your phone!!!!!”

Jack gaped, looking up at Alex, who was biting her lip and slowly swiveling her hips while staring at him. She moaned, and he could swear she was suddenly surrounded by the faintest sort of glow, just before he saw her head inch a bit higher, her dress tightening all across her body as her breasts bulged out of it even more.

“Jaaacckkiieee,” she giggled in a sing-song voice, and her head rose up a solid foot, causing Jack to begin scrambling backwards with a startled yell, right up the couch’s back, flipping over it and pratfalling onto the floor. Alex laughed, a loud, tinkling noise that seemed to reverberate up his spine. He looked up from behind the couch slowly, eyes wide, and quickly ducked behind it when he saw her head brushing the ceiling.

The reprieve was short lived, as she moved the sofa out of the way with one hand, smiling down at him. “Hi,” she said happily, and Jack tried not to stare directly at her breasts, which had already exploded out of her dress and bra and hung tantalizingly above him. Her panties looked to be next.

“H-hi,” Jack said meekly, slowly trying to scoot back away from his friend.

“Don’t you like this, Jackie?” Alex asked, her eyes menacing. “Doesn’t everybody want me to have a body like this?”

“Oh, s-sure,” Jack said, his teeth chattering in fear as her head finally cracked against the ceiling, raining plaster over all of them. The blow didn’t appear to hurt Alex at all. If anything she looked even more exhilarated by it, and Jack briefly reflected that with these elevated ceilings, she had to be over ten feet tall.

“I’m just giving eeeeverybody what they want,” Jack’s friend said, her voice angry. “Nobody wants scrawny little pre-pubescent looking Alex…they want-”

Suddenly, she experienced another growth spurt, her shoulders widening the hole that her head just made in the ceiling. Light from the second floor came streaming in and Jack heard screams.


Her hips widened as her body pushed taller, her ass a sight to behold as it pushed the remaining living room furniture out of the way before her breasts began pushing into the second story. Jack could already tell her head was pressing against the next ceiling.


More plaster came down and Jack’s brain switched to auto pilot as he scrambled to get out of the building. He turned around only once before leaving Alex’s apartment to see that only her leg up to mid thigh remained in the room. Crashing sounds from above could be heard as he sprinted away.

HUGE ALEX!” his friend called, her head finally plowing through the roof of the building, causing it to slowly collapse around her.

Jack’s eyes were wide as he saw his best friend suddenly begin fingering herself out in the open, unable to resist how turned on the process had made her. He felt a buzzing in his hand and looked down, startled. He had picked up Alex’s phone before he ran out. Without thinking, he answered.

“Alex??!” a voice screamed in his ear, causing him to move it away. “What the hell have you done?!”

“Alex can’t come to the phone right now,” Jack murmured into the receiver. “She’s, uh…too big.”

“Who is this?” the voice demanded. “Wait…is this Jack? Are you her friend?”

Jack answered in the affirmative, and he sighed. “I’m going to text you directions to my lab. You need to come right now. She did a really shitty job of breaking my machine so I’m almost done fixing it. I may…god, I know I’m going to regret this…I may need your help to stop her.”

Jack shook his head, then realized he couldn’t see the motion. “No way! This is crazy! Why don’t you use the machine yourself??”

He sighed again. “You don’t send the only scientist who knows how to potentially reverse this mess into the…the thick of battle, you moron. Listen, just…get down here while she’s distracted by her masturbating. This machine causes the brain to release a lot of pleasurable chemicals, so I’m certain she’s a little…you know, busy.”

Jack stared at the enormous Alex, reclining on the rubble of her old apartment and hefting one of her gigantic breasts up to her mouth, sucking on the nipple. “I…I don’t know,” he uttered.

“Jack,” the voice said calmly. “I’m making some improvements while I fix this. I’ll have much better control. The only way we’re going to stop this is if you’re at least as big as she is…preferably bigger.”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly imagined looming over Alex, bending her over a building as her enormous ass jiggled against his significantly larger body with every thrust of his mammoth cock into her folds. He pictured her attempting to sit up only to feel his gigantic hand pressing her upper body back down and holding her still so he could continue fucking her with an earth rumbling moan.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes,” he said, and hung up.