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For Mod A, I’m curious as to what you mean when you say you don’t think casting a person of color to play a traditional white character makes them a character of color? And what exactly do you mean when you compare it to white-washing? Are you talking about roles that potentially erase the actors’ ethnicities?

I just think that if a black man played the punisher you wouldn’t expect it to be explicitly stated that he’s black and it feels kind of like erasing his identity to say he’s not jewish just because we haven’t seen him practicing. He doesn’t have to be openly religious to be valid, I’d imagine a character like the punisher wouldn’t believe in anything much anymore. And if jon is ethnically jewish and not by convert then the punisher has no need to be religious.

Putting those two together because I want to make some things clear, as I don’t think I explained myself well. 

I think I should have been more specific. Casting a white-passing actor (including a white-passing black one) in a role that never once mentions or makes any allusions to their culture, on the contrary, burying it or even making it impossible for it to be canon (Archie on Riverdale), constitutes in my opinion a form of white washing. 

Maybe that’s not the correct word, because it’s not the same as having an originally brown person cast as a white person, but it’s still a way of erasure, at the very least.

Besides, I never said “traditionally white character,” I said “a role that is for all intents and purposes white. (…) [because] if you decide to cast a non-white person for an originally white role, you should adapt it as such.” 

I don’t mean to say that Frank Castle should be showed as a practicing Jewish man, I don’t even think that it’s my place to do so. However, since the people of Daredevil decided to cast a Jewish man, they could show or make any kind of allusion to his culture, of anything that comes with it. The same could be said of Archie Andrews - it would be nice if he was adopted, if he made a mention of being samoan, of anything related to samoan culture. 

Meanwhile, the producers get diversity points™ for their casting, while making zero (0) effort to actually make the people they are suposedly representing feel or see any resemblance between themselves and the character. 

It’s as simple as an offhand comment, I don’t know - like Isabelle saying something in Spanish on season 1 of Shadowhunters. It’s bad that it was just that thing in particular as there are a hundred problems with the way spanish is showed when coming from latinxs characters. However, it made us see a resemblance between a latina character, her actress and her latinx audience. 

And I don’t mean this as any kind of affront towards white-passing people (I’m one myself), it doesn’t mean that we’re any less a part of our culture, or that we’ve got to prove our worth “poc-ness(?)”, or anything of the kind, but people shouldn’t conflate us with white people or whitewash our existence. 

Mod A.