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Fly out: A story written for Zutara week 2015!

Ao3 : Here

Summary: Katara just wants to go home for the holidays but it seems the Spirits ( and an unfortunately timed snow storm) have other plans. Stuck in an airport while her flight is delayed, Katara has the chance to meet a stranger that throws her whole world upside down.

Rating: For Chapter 1 and 2 it’s gonna be G but as soon as Chapter 3 rolls in it’s gonna be M cause of sexy situations.

Chapter 1: Happenstance

Her eyes search the departure board quickly, looking for the name of her home town amidst the names of the other destinations. At the end of almost every row there is the same word flashing in capital letters: DELAYED. She swallows as she spots the United Nations Airlines section. There’s a knot in her stomach, and for a moment she debates on whether she really wants to look down the board. Doing that wouldn’t fix the situation, she knows that. So like a big girl, she follows the Southern Tribes row, stopping when her gaze reaches the Departure time. Like all the others the banner, ‘DELAYED. AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS’ rolls across the screen. Her shoulders fall and tears well in her eyes. She just wants to go home.

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