cause who gives a crap

Hey, I know there was a solid rally for Net Neutrality and I was wondering if we could do the same thing for School Choice.

School Choice allows parents of all financial levels to send their kids to places other than public schools. Students are basically given vouchers to ‘spend’ at the school they choose to attend, boosting successful schools and teachers. Public schools already get grants for how many students they teach so this is just a step up. Kids from all background can attend private or charter schools over their public schools in order to find teachers that better cater to their learning styles and speeds. Creating competition strictly between the schools encourages failing schools to actually do something about bad teachers or poor curriculum models.

 The only people really against it are Teachers Unions (all of us have encountered the teacher that should’ve been fired but wasn’t because of Union protection [I’ve met many]) and politicians. As someone who’s gone to private schools, charter schools, and then public schools, I can detail about a hundred ways that public schools alone fail to meet individual student needs and examples of teachers who didn’t give a crap about their students cause no matter what they got paid the same.

No child deserves to miss out on a proper education just because of their parent’s income.

“Education is the only way out of generational poverty” so why not let kids get better education?