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Peregrïn glomps ! 💜

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Maybe you should talk about the kickstarter more, I think? like mentioning it in passing when you post your art (even if it’s not TpoH related), reblogging that kickstarter post, that sort of stuff? IDK BUT PLEASE PROMOTE YOURSELF IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE (good luck, we love you :D)

aw shucks anon thanks I’m bad at this- I don’t want to be a hassle though, and hot diggity dog look! We’re over the 10k mark with 20 days to go! You fellas are amazing, just amazing!

but yeah if you would like to help out with this kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, The Property of Hate (with the potential for a rerun of the first if we hit the stretch goal), please go check this out. Every person makes it that much more possible! :D

If you have already, maybe tell that friend of yours! Or tell that friend you meant to tell to read this whacky comic to read the comic, and then tell them about it!

i can’t believe
punisher series hasn’t even come out yet and kastle is already canon???????? TRULY iconic

Sorry for the inactivity ^-^ I’m currently staying at a friend’s house to recharge and I don’t know how often I’ll be online, so I just wanted to let you guys know. I love each and every one of you and I hope you’re all having amazing days!! Thank you for being here :)

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I fuckin love looking at the night sky. I just hate living on campus because there’s so much light. I secretly love when we have windstorms at home, cause usually the power goes out, it’s McFreakin freezing cause it’s usually the middle of winter. But being able to see the stars is like my favorite thing.

Also I love the stories behind the constellations because there’s so many of them and it’s such a lost aspect of our story telling that people need to know more about!

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He doesn't love you enough, obvs.

He actually is really in love with me, there’s just this shocking thing called individuality and we don’t always jump 100% on board with everything the other wants just cause we love each other ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wow my sweet girl is now called a sociopath

Get out from my angel Betty Cooper

I want so much to say about how many nastiness Cheryl did, but I will not, cause she’s a bitch (and we all love it) and that’s part of her character that we’ve seen from the very beginning. but I hope that you understand that this is also not normal! as for example almost kill your mother? to block her oxygen? Do not confuse actions and words! Yes, Betty can do the wrong things for those she loves, but if it does not hurt anyone, I support. The same thing in real life. Man will do everything for his loved ones.

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So sad for Got7! I feel like we let them down whenever they don't win :( I hope they realize how well they are doing anyway and how much they keep growing and gaining fans even if they don't win. I also wish we could somehow make them have more Korean fans like they want, we do as much as we can at intl fans but I feel like with more Korean fans also we would be on top!! I am still so proud of them and know they will keep growing but I feel so sad :'(

Its okay to feel sad but don’t be discouraged💚 I know for a fact our boys are not disappointed in us when they dont win!!! dont feel like we have let them down cause we havent!!! they know we work hard for them and love us win or lose!!! We just have to work harder in the future thats all!! They always say the end result isnt what matters most to them but rather that they go on this journey together happily with ahgase💚 of course they wanna be first and want more recognition as well and with optimism support and perseverance and hard work Their time will come im sure of it i have never and will never doubt that its what they deserve and it will come to them💚 and even now they seriously have SOOOOOOOOO much to be proud of and so do we as ahgase!! Look how far they have come and how they continue to grow thats an achievement in and of its self win or lose💚 a win today would have been lovely considering how meaning full this ckmeback is but just because they didnt doesnt make this comeback any less of a succsess and doesnt mean any of thier our our hard work is in vain not at all💚 competition was tough and their were alot of road bumps like lack of albums etc etc and despite all of that we still held our own💪😌💚 and like yo look at nu'est this is their first win in 6 years of debuting they went from not charting at all and no wins not even first place nominations for 6 YEARS to winning first place if their win tonight isnt a show of how hard work and never giving up pays off idk what is!! So seriously do not be discouraged and lets just keep on working hard💚💚

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Nononono he loves us he just wants to hug us with all his loveable strenght..So we dont need elope away~

Good good… cause I love him and you the same. 


But we can’t let him plan anything… it’ll be grenade themed everything and I ain’t having that at my wedding…


Congrats @therealjacksepticeye for 15 MILLION! (geez dude you rulz ok)

And for the new million of wonderful people who just got here..prepare for the unending terror of screaming and soda

also please don’t mind that edgy kid over there


jamming on SO-BANG-CHA 🚒🔥🔥