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some thoughts about breakups

I think we put too much emphasis on worth when it comes to breakups, like the only reason a relationship ever ends is because one person decided the other wasn’t good enough. It can obviously feel that way regardless of the actual reasons, but there are many reasons that can cause a relationship to just not work anymore.

Sometimes people’s priorities change, or it’s discovered that they never lined up very well in the first place.

Sometimes circumstances, like distance or time availability, make maintaining a relationship too difficult.

Sometimes people realise that they don’t have the emotional resources to handle both the relationship and what’s going on in their life right now (be that work, grief, healing from trauma, dealing with illness or disability, etc.).

Sometimes people’s relationship styles/emotional needs just don’t line up – one person needs a lot of alone time and the other needs a lot of time with a partner, for example.

Sometimes people try very hard to interact in a healthy way, but they trigger each other’s past traumas or have conflicting access needs and find themselves falling into dysfunctional patterns.

Sometimes love is not enough to make a healthy relationship possible. You can care deeply about each other and try to make things work, but discover that a relationship is still not possible. Ending a relationship with someone you love can be very difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary – it’s not healthy for anyone to ignore their own needs in order to maintain a relationship.

When a good relationship ends, that doesn’t mean it was a failure. It means that it’s over; it doesn’t erase the love that you shared. Whether or not you can transition to a different kind of relationship with them, the person you cared about will still be part of your universe, and the memories you share with them will still be part of who you are. The time that you had together can still be meaningful.


What’s better than being cool? IS BEING HAPPY.. @taylorswift I can’t thank you enough for all the things you have done for me. You have been my best friend for 10 years even though we have never met. You have picked me up so many times when I’m broken or need cheering up. Your music has gotten me through a lot. You mean so much to me. Someday I hope to meet and hug you cause that has been my dream for 10 years. Also last month and this month have been so hard. My Dad had to have bypass surgery done on his heart. He has been in the hospital since the 7th of last month. He is finally waking up some but not fully. I’m so scared and worried. I could use some advice. He is still bad sick but I just wish things would get better. I’ve been praying a lot. I’ve been with him the whole time and I haven’t left his side.



It may be hard to express how you feel, you may fear how others may react when you try to reach out to them; but never, ever, try to dismiss your feelings as unimportant because they say you are a robot.


You can’t be perfect at everything, sometimes you may feel as though you can’t keep up or you aren’t enough. You are strong, smart, and capable. You have a different way of doing these things, never forget that.


We don’t know everyone’s story, and we should not invest our lives with hate - it is far too short for that. Live in the moment, and make new memories. As long as you are happy and not causing anyone harm, who’s to say you are on the wrong path?


It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to take a break. You are enough and so much more; you are important and loved, never feel as though you do not have the right to speak up.


Sometimes we get sad, and sometimes we don’t know why, and that’s okay. But when your friends try to reach out to you, hold out your hand, and give them a chance. Even if you lock them out, they will still be waiting outside your door.


We all have secrets. It’s okay. Just don’t leave your friends in the dark always. You are loved, even if you don’t think it, and you deserve so much more, so much more, and I am sorry. You are loved, and I will always love you no matter what happens.

I was thinking. So I’ll share a thot with u.

Black women are always put on trial to prove or loyalty to the black community. Especially ones who are famous. Always. And amazingly , black women always show up and be as pro black as they can. Starting fundraisers, donating to black causes , working with other black people to make more good stuff for niggas.

Now on the flip , we have cis het black men who are the COMPLETE opposite.

They are NEVER called up to prove any sort of loyalty to the black community and amazingly the ones in the public eye aren’t either. funny enough they are the ones we hear about the doing the most coon shit.

Cis het black men get up on tv and are fast to denounce the black community for being x and y. They look at black fundraisers and causes and say asinine things about them (look at all the niggas who were quick as fuck to separate themselves from #BlackLivesMatter, look at all the BLACK cis het male athletes who sided with yts about kaepernicks protesting) they log in and proudly state that they LOVE white women simply because they aren’t black.

Black women are always called to prove how dedicated we are to the black community and even tho we really don’t have to - we prove it. We start fundraisers and causes and keep them running. While the same community gives credit to cis het black men, and all to quickly blames us for why so much is wrong in the black community.

I’m pissed lmao, NIGGAS are the ones who need to be put on trial mane. Black women get blamed by ankh niggas for why the community is what ever way when it’s fucking them! All black women ever did and have done is protect and grow the black community and what do these shit heads do? Blame us for why shit is a certain way with out even saying thank u.

Bless ur blog , fuck these ankh NIGGAS.

Black women and LGBTQ black people always show out for cis het black men but when it’s time for them to do the same for us they are quiet - but when we say ‘alright fuck you then’ and just watch out for each other THEN it’s a problem.

Gotta post this idea before i forget about it

Cause i was thinking about in all the scenarios Marienette could be akumatized and the consequences of it. And i was thinking i have never seen a scenenario in which she succeeds.
What if Akuma!Marinette is the only one who finally manage to do what non other akuma before?

We are talking about Ladybug here. Marinette is the one akumatized sure but Ladybug as well and even if Chat can do a hell of a fight i cant see him winning, maybe because he will be to stunned to fight back or not focused enough (or maybe it was his fault everything is happening)

And finally it happens. Akuma!Marinette did it. She has the Cat Miraculous. Hawkmoth cant be more happy he finally have both Miraculous he can finally make his dream come true.

He asks for Marinette to bring the Miraculous back.

But she says no.

Hawkmoth is taken aback. Why is she not obeying him? He gave her the powers and the way to forget and stop feeling. She should have been grateful! She should have been bringing the Miraculous to him. So he tells her that. He threats her with the pain he can inflict to her since she is still her puppet.

But Marinette is not listening. She is looking curios at the ring and touching her earrings (black earrings because of the infection).

And Hawkmoth feels it. The idea what is forming in her head. He panics. He tries to remove the akuma from her.

But Akuma!Marinette is faster. And her thoughts are more dangerous and sharper.

She only thanks Hawkmoth for the help and he can have his butterfly back. And to the people, to Chat, Adrien, laying at her feet, looking frightened, to prepare themselves to the wrath of a god.

And she puts the ring on her finger.

There was never an us,
For we cannot be together,
For in the eyes of many,
You are in love with someone,
And that someone’s not me.

There was never an us,
For I have to hide from them,
Seems like a secret love song,
For things may get worst,
And you cannot handle that.

There was never an us,
For we can’t work things out,
You allow your insecurities,
Eat your heart out,
When you know me so well.

There can never be an us,
For I am not the one you need,
Maybe you do,
But what is the truth?
What do you really feel?

There can never be an us,
‘Cause even if know each other,
Long enough now,
You still see things the same,
And trust is the main issue.

Even if, there can be an US,
Chances are, we will fail again,
For love itself wasn’t enough,
For trust itself is scarce,
US? No. We were never be.

"Ladybug" Miraculous Ladybug PV Song
Noam Kaniel
"Ladybug" Miraculous Ladybug PV Song

I do not own anything

© Toei Animation / Zagtoon / Method Animation

TM & © 2010 - 2012 Zag Inc. All Rights Reserved

Voilà! The song from the Miraculous Ladybug PV! I have no idea whether someone posted this before or not.


Tell me now, pretty baby
You could never stop unaware
Too gone, for don’t you get it now?
Do you know that I’m feeling down?

Every love went through your head
Giving love turned bad
Maybe love can soothe your pains
Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

Did you know it couldn’t be enough?
‘Cause I need what’s stolen away
Taking all that to a better love
When you need it all the way

When you’re going through your head
Giving love turned bad
And a love can steal your pains
Making up, make it better

Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together
Up Ladybug, never doubt, ‘til we find one way, forever
Up Ladybug, got a goal, we’ll be fine some day, together

See the PV!

anonymous asked:

I've been with a guy for just over a month now. He's cute and funny af and I really like him a lot. He has he's own place and pays $600 a month on he's nice car. But I hate that he's broke af!! so sometimes he can't take me out and we have to stay in for a date and when he can it's not as fun cause he never has enough money ugh. Friday he bought me food but none for him cause he was to broke like wtf ugh I don't know what to do here going out is no fun with no money, what would you do dump him?

I wouldn’t dump him if I have feelings. Talk with him about it. He can’t afford a comfortable life style but pays 600 for a car ? Damn, that’s stupid. Yes I wish I had a luxury car too but if I can’t afford it I don’t buy one. Tell him to think about that. You know, when he’s broken he can’t find a person to talk to in his car. His car won’t save him. You are there and he needs to change his life.

So I was browsing through a collection of old pictures and I came across this adorable thing and the most horrible headcanon popped into my head. I can’t manage to forget it so now I’m going to share it with you all. You’re welcome.

On the right we see Edward, with his twin brother, William.

It was a very long and difficult birth, causing enough internal damage that Elizabeth was never again able to carry a pregnancy to term. William was smaller than his brother, but was growing and healthy. Their mother slowly recovered from her ordeal. She knew she might not be able to have more children, but she was so grateful to have her boys. All seemed well.

Until February.

There was an outbreak of croup and both babies grew desperately ill. Edward recovered. William died.

Fast-forward seventeen years. Edward goes through the items Carlisle gathered for him and finds this picture beneath the velvet lining of his mother’s jewelry box. On the back is written in pencil: William and Edward, September 1901.

Edward doesn’t know who William is. Is he a cousin? A friend’s baby? And why was the photograph hidden in his mother’s jewelry box?

To this day, he still wonders.

anonymous asked:

I've been with a guy for just over a month now. He's cute and funny af and I really like him a lot. He has he's own place and pays $600 a month on he's nice car. But I hate that he's broke af!! so sometimes he can't take me out and we have to stay in for a date and when he can it's not as fun cause he never has enough money ugh. Friday he bought me food but none for him cause he was to broke like wtf ugh I don't know what to do here going out is no fun with no money, what would you do dump him?

No I certainly wouldn’t dump him over that. If you like him for him, that should trump money being a little tight. I don’t know the situation, but I’m assuming y'all are young, I guess maybe mid twenties? This is most likely a temporary thing. He’s clearly financially responsible if he has his own place and takes care of his car payment. As a millennial, that’s a lot! It’s not easy! He’s doing the best he can, and it seems that he is pretty selfless if he would forgo food to treat you, that’s really sweet. Trust me, I’ve been there.. it’s difficult. But there are a lot of things you guys can do that don’t require money - a hike, cooking dinner for one another, having a movie night, etc. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging, I was brought up in a home where it’s expected that the man takes care of the woman, HOWEVER, couldn’t you pay for some of your own stuff? If you know money is tight for him, maybe you could even pay for a dinner for him too. It’s a partnership.

Anyways, this will probably be temporary. In time, both of you will most likely be in better financial standings.. being in a relationship during early adulthood isn’t easy and it takes a true commitment to someone to get through the highs and lows. Just don’t expect him to take care of you all the time, especially if you know he’s doing the best he can and especiallyyyyy if you can maybe take care of him from time to time too.

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Caity Lotz answers Fan Questions

My favorite parts:

Caity: *fake crying* Someone said I failed this cityy!
Caity: “Do I do my own stunts? Yes, I do all my fighting do I also have an amazing talented double who does a lot of the stuff for me, like smashing through windows or something - we’re not allowed to do everything cause if I get hurt we’ll be in big trouble”
Caity: Reads fan question, “Can you have my babies? No, probably not.”
Caity: “Describe my friendship with Katie Cassidy? We live together. We’re like real sisters. She’s been really busy, it’s great for her. She’s shooting a lot of indie movies, She was just in Boston, hopefully I’ll get to see her tonight when I come home.”
Caity: “Noo, I will never sing in a group again. - that was enough for me.” laughs
Caity: “Where is Emily? She is on Arrow - this is Legends of Tomorrow.”
Caity: “You guys are wonderful people - so sweet!. Oh some people are saying some meaannn stuff too.” Laughs and brushes it off. 
Caity: “Oh notice me - I notice you guys! You guys are saying notice me and I do. I see every stuff and I read your comments and I try to answer some of them.”
Caity: “The Arrow costume? I don’t think Stephen would let me borrow it.”
Caity: “Maisie and I were watching food Inc. In my trailer, which was really depressing.” 
Caity: “Okay I gotta go cause I need to figure out what else I’m doing with my life - but yeah, nice trailer right?” 
Caity: “I can ask Grant, I don’t know if he would do one of these. He seems pretty private, huh? But I like him, he is a sweetheart.” Sweet smile.

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"Annoying TC". Today we were walking through the gym to set up for baseball when we hear the male gym teacher say "T stop stripping S",they were playing basketball. He turns to me all red and laughing saying how "I could never teach a room full of girls cause I feel like I would have to watch everything I say." But hes said some very sexual stuff around me, its funny, but what does it mean? he was laughing so hard I can tell hes a little immature. Mind you we were going into a room by ourselves.

I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything a lot of my teachers crack jokes about sexual stuff and honestly they probably think you’re mature enough to handle it

Secret Love Song Part II
Little Mix

Secret Love Song Part II

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It will never be enough
As you drive me to my house
I can’t stop these silent tears from rolling down
You and I both have to hide on the outside
Where I can’t be yours and you can’t be mine
But I know this
We got a love that is hopeless

Why can’t I hold you in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dancefloor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
Cause I’m yours

It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you here just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this
We got a love that is hopeless

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dancefloor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
Cause I’m yours

I don’t wanna live love this way
I don’t wanna hide us away
I wonder if it ever will change
I’m living for that day
Some day
When you hold me in the street
And you kiss me on the dancefloor
I wish that we could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
Cause I’m yours, I’m yours

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dancefloor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
Cause I’m yours
Why can’t we be like that?
Wish we could be like that

thanks to @dscvrmsc for posting the audio
What about tall girls?

I always see and hear girls complaining about being short. What people don’t understand it that it is so much more difficult being a tall girl. I’m about 6′ tall and none of my friends will ever understand what I go through everyday. Sure there’s the never having enough leg space, or having your feet hang off the bed, hitting your head frequently. And there’s the frequent, yet tasteful, tall jokes. You know what I’m talking about “Lolz, How’s the weather up there? You know, cause you’re like a whole six inches taller than me and I can clearly see we exist in the same atmospherical level.” And then there’s the “You should totally be a model, because you’re like tall… and stuff.” Well shoot, if that’s all they were looking for I’d be there. When you’re taking a group picture, you’re filed to the back, which doesn’t necessarily bother me. It’s the fact that you can barely see my face in most group pictures. Another thing is that I’m usually around the same height as most of the guys I know, if not taller. However any guys that are taller, would never look at me in a romantic way. Short guys like short girls. Tall guys like short girls. Then there’s situations when you’re standing in a group, talking, and I just find it so uncomfortable looking down at everyone. I almost feel like a third wheel, watching the conversation from a third person perspective. It’s even worse if you’re in a group at a dance, or where everyone’s dancing. Every inch of movement feels so incredibly awkward and I can’t help but think I’d look like a stick bug having a seizure if I moved at all. Having social anxiety makes all of these problems a thousand times worse. It causes me to feel awkward all the time. I hate hearing my friends complain about being short, because it’s something I could never be, and they’re treating it like a disease. I try to not care what people think, and just own the awkwardness with comedy. Yet while I might be the funny friend, it’ll never make any of these things go away, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Just adding to some dorky Lockwood but can we just let him have this phase where he’s constantly telling Lucy and George bad ghost related puns?

Lockwood: Luce? What’s it saying?

Lucy: I… It isn’t responding.

Lockwood: *promptly faces towards Visitor* You’re dead to me.

Lucy: *face-palms* Lockwood, enough with the ghost jokes already

Lockwood: Never 

anonymous asked:

I think a lot of the time our host denies we've been though trauma because it hasn't been anything physically damaging. As a child we were verbally abused on and off by our family and distant family, ostracised almost, for about 4 years. Do you think this could count as a traumatic event/experience strong enough to trigger us to come forth? (we also aren't diagnosed so currently aren't identifying ourselves as anything as not to be a dick and label ourselves)

I absolutely do think that could have been traumatic and extremely damaging. Emotional abuse is a valid form of abuse and though it may not cause physical scaring it can ruin your psyche. You also have to keep in mind that everyone is different and affected very differently by trauma and abuse. Some people will never fracture. Others may do so easily. But on going abuse of any kind would make you extremely susceptible to fracturing. 4 years is a long time and it sounds like it was intense emotional abuse. I think it’s pretty common for hosts to doubt their experiences and downplay them. Ours has suffered physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and still doubts whether it was bad enough to warrant fracturing. It can be hard to accept abuse because it’s so painful. Either way, I would say it’s entirely plausible for someone to fracture based on that. I hope that reassures and helps you. If you have any other questions or want to talk about anything, please feel free to message me or anyone else here in the Symposium.


You say that you’re no good for me
Cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve
And I swear I hate you when you leave
But I like it anyway.

I tried to teach myself to paint in Sai and now we know that we should probably never ever try that again lolololol.

Owl City {Sentence Starters}
  • "'Cause everything is never as it seems."
  • "I can finally see that you're right there beside me."
  • "When we're apart, whatever are you thinking of?"
  • "Oh, I tend to disappear here and there."
  • "Time together is just never quite enough."
  • "You can go anywhere you wish 'cause I'll be there, wherever you are."
  • "But I still have just one more question on my mind."
  • "You and I left our troubles far behind."
  • "What will it take to make or break this hint of love?"
  • "Please don't let me go! I desperately need you!"
  • "When I think of you, I don't feel so alone."
  • "I'm dreaming of the life I once loved."
  • "All I need is you by my side."
  • "And rest assured, 'cause dreams don't turn to dust."
  • "So tell me, darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?"
  • "But I'll miss your arms around me."
  • "Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there."
  • "All these heavy thoughts will try to weigh you down."
  • "Please take me away from here."
  • "You've got nothing to say to me,'cause you're not the blinding light that I need."
  • "I knew you were wide awake!"
  • "There was a shot in the dark, I was caught by surprise."
  • "You gotta know that you tear me up."
  • "And there was nothing to say 'cause you made up your mind."
  • "So shine no matter where you are."
December 20th

Baking Cookies

Summary | Dec 13th | Dec 14th | Dec 15th | Dec 16th | Dec 17th | Dec 18th | Dec 19th | Dec 20th | Dec 21st | Dec 22nd | Dec 23rd | Dec 24th


5 years ago:

“Think we’re making enough cookies?”

“You can never have enough cookies.”

Aelin heard Lysandra chuckle behind her. She looked over her shoulder, watching Lysandra as she pulled another batch of sugar cookies out of the oven.

“I’m serious.” Aelin turned back to the cookie dough she was mixing. “It’s Christmas. You need to have an obnoxious amount of cookies made.”

“Trust me. I’m not arguing with you.”

“Good,” Aelin smirked as Lysandra came to stand next to her, placing the hot cookie sheet on the counter. “Cause it would be a lost cause.”

Lysandra simply rolled her eyes. She left the hot cookie sheet on the counter. Walking down a few feet, she got to work moving some cooled off cookies onto the cookie rack while Aelin continued to make some more dough. They continued working in a comfortable silence, with only the sounds of cookie-making and Christmas music in the background.

Aelin set her mixer on low as she started to add some chocolate chips to her dough. She and Lysandra had been baking all day. Her kitchen was a mess, and Aelin was sure she had a bag worth of flour on herself alone. But it was nice to have some girl time. Between the move and Christmas, Aelin couldn’t remember the last time it was just her and Lysandra.

At this point, they had made sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, snickerdoodles, and snowballs. And now they were working on chocolate chip.

“Where will the guys be back again?”

Aelin lifted up the mixer and took the bowl in her hands, walking over to the island.

“Don’t know,” She answered. She rolled a small piece of dough in her hands, making a ball, before placing it on the cookie sheet. “Rowan said they were going to brave the mall today, to finish their Christmas shopping.”

“You mean to start their Christmas shopping.” Lysandra snorted. “Like they buy much anyways. I’m pretty sure I was the one who did all the shopping this year for Aedion.”

“Good,” Aelin laughed as she rolled more balls of dough. “At least now I know I have an awesome gift and not just a gift card again.”

“Speaking of gifts,” Lysandra turned around. She placed her hands on the counter behind her, leaning back against it. “What did you get Rowan this year?”

Aelin used the back of her hand to brush some hair, that fell out of her messy bun, out of her face.

“Well. We said a while back that we weren’t going to really get each other much this year.”

She explained. “With the move and the house and everything. We agreed to have a chill year when it came to gifts.”

“And naturally, neither of you followed those rules.” Lysandra rolled her eyes, a smile on her lips.

Aelin simply shrugged. “Rowan hasn’t mentioned anything about it since. So I have no idea if, or what, he’s gotten me.”

“But you did get him something?”

Aelin looked up and met Lysandra stare for a moment, before going back to filling out the cookie sheet.

“Two VIP, front row tickets to his favorite band.”

Lysandra let out a loud laugh. “Good thing you guys agreed on no big gifts.”

“Oh, shut up.” Aelin finished filling out the cookie sheet. She walked over and placed them in the preheated oven, setting the timer. “There. Just a few more trays full and we should be done.”

Aelin turned and found Lysandra cleaning off the island. She left the chocolate chip cookie dough on the end, but cleaned off everything else. She walked over the counter and grabbed the shortbread and sugar cookies, placing them on the island.

“Let’s start decorating these.” Lysandra said, placing containers of different colored icing on the island.

Aelin walked over to the island, standing next to Lysandra, when the front door opened. Rowan and Aedion walked in.

“I see the shopping went well.” Aelin nodded to the lack of bags in their hands.

“We weren’t about to walk into the house with your gifts.” Rowan walked over to Aelin, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

A wide smile filled Aelin’s face when Rowan pulled back. “So you got me a gift?”

Rowan simply rolled his eyes as Lysandra suddenly spoke up.

“Aedion Ashryver! Get your hands out of there!”

Aelin turned away from Rowan and found Aedion with his hand in her cookie dough that was still sitting on the island.

“Hey!” Aelin glared at her cousin. “Don’t go eating my cookie dough.”

“Why not?” Aedion rolled his eyes, smirking. “You always make extra just to eat.”

“Yeah. Extra for me. Not you.”

“Come on, Aelin,” Lysandra pushed some frosting toward her. “Lets just get these cookies decorated and ignore the guys.”

“Now be nice Lys,” Aedion popped another finger of cookie dough in his month. “Or I’ll bring back your gift.

“Then I’ll bring back yours.”

“Aedion,” Rowan sighed, shaking his head slightly with a smile on his face. “Let’s let the girls finish.”

Aedion whined. “But I want to help decorate cookies.”

“Then here.” Aelin pushed some frosting and a cookie towards Aedion. “Knock yourself out.”

Aelin heard Lysandra gasp next to her. When she looked over at her friend, she had a big smile on her face.

“Oh my God, I have an idea. Rowan here,” Lysandra pulled Rowan towards the island, so he was standing between Aelin and Aedion. She pushed some frosting and a cookie towards him.

“You want me to decorate cookies too?” Rowan raised an eyebrow at Lysandra.

“We all are. And we only have two minutes to do it.” Lysandra explained. “Let’s see who can decorate the best cookie in just two minutes!”

“You couldn’t have picked a more competitive bunch to do this with.” Aelin laughed as Lysandra set the timer on her phone.

Everyone got their frosting ready. Aedion looked like he was in the Olympic Games, with the look on his face. Lysandra counted down from three, and the moment she said go everyone got to work. Frosting was flying everywhere as they worked on their cookies. Aelin kept elbowing Rowan to get him to mess up. But he wasn’t having any of it and would just elbow her back.

Before they knew it, two minutes was up and they all displayed their cookies.

“Well,” Rowan cleared his throat. “I think it’s safe to say no one wins.”

“Those are the most poorly decorated cookies I’ve never seen.” Lysandra shook her head. “They all just look like a mess of colors.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Aedion crossed his arms. “My sweater looks amazing.”

“That’s a sweater?” Aelin pointed to Aedion’s cookie. “I thought it was a smiley face.”

“Lets get a picture.” Lysandra cut in. “For Aelin’s photo album.”

They all picked up their cookies as Lysandra handed Aedion her phone. He held the phone up, the camera facing them. Aedion placed his cookie in his month as the rest of them held theirs up for the picture, Aelin making a funny face behind Rowan’s back.

Aedion only just took the picture when Rowan suddenly spoke up.

“Why does it smell like something is burning?”

Aelin all but jumped out of her skin as she stood up straighter.

“Damn it!”

Running over to the oven, Aelin threw on an oven mit before opening the oven door. Smoke billowed out of the oven before Aelin reached for the tray. As she was pulling out the cookie sheet, she saw that all the cookies were burnt to black. And it was then that Aelin realized she forgot to hit start on the timer when she set it.

“So,” Aedion spoke up. “Does this mean I can eat the dough now?”


“Mistletoe” - coming tomorrow, December 21st

Propose prompts

‘Cause you can never have enough happy endings

  • I made a joke about proposing and somehow we got engaged and I didn’t have the heart to tell you that I wasn’t in fact proposing 
  • You thought I proposed you and said yes but that was actually someone else’s proposal to someone else but I went with it anyway
  • There was an engagement ring in your champagne and you thought I proposed you and said yes and the waiter came to tell that it was a mistake but I realized in that moment that I wanted to propose you
  • I don’t believe in marriage but you proposed me anyway with a breathtaking way and I realized I actually wanted to get married but only to you
  • You need a Green Card to stay in the country so I offered to marry you and when we were able to get divorced we realized we didn’t want to
  • You told that there wasn’t left any unique ways to propose and then I proposed you and you realized you were wrong
  • We are best friends and I asked your help for planning a hypothetical proposal and you were jealous because you didn’t know who I was going to propose but agreed to help and told me your dream proposal and I proposed you with that way