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to any closeted trans guys following me and had to wear dresses today because its the “acceptable Easter clothing,” i am sorry and i hope your dysphoria wasnt too awful and i hope you have a good day despite any misgendering or dysphoria and i love you all

you’re no less of a guy because you had to wear a dress, I promise

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Can I get some poly roadrat ( or separate Roadhog and Junkrat) NSFW head cannons or a short story thing. Please?


You returned home late at night, regretting the extra hours you had picked up, and just wanted to crawl into bed. The moment you opened the door to the apartment you knew, not by the mess you could see that was made of your living room but by the scent of sweat and gunpowder, that your lovers had come home from their latest job.

You walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water before returning to the bedroom. As you entered the bedroom you saw the sleeping form of the two men you loved and you begin to dress down until you were in nothing but your bra and underwear, and crawl into the bed between them. You snuggled in and closed your eyes to sleep.

The sudden shift of weight onto the bed woke the smaller man, “Mmmmm good mornin love.” he said as he wrapped his arms around you and shoved his nose into the crook of your neck for a whiff.

You chuckle a bit, “I think you mean good night.”

“I mean gud mornin.” He lightly bites your shoulder as his hands begin to wander. You lean into the touch.

You turn so that you face him, “Good morning Jamie.” You a bring a hand up to wipe at the soot on his face before kissing him. His hands wandered up and under your bra, giving your breasts a squeeze before pinching at your nipples, making your breath hitch before you go back in for a kiss.

That’s when you feel it.

The hand of your enormous other other half groping at your ass, rubbing and squeezing as he turns to put his other arm around you and Jamison.

“G'mornin Roaddie.” Jamison said with a snicker and another squeeze of your breast.

“Morning.” Was all he answered with as he rutted against your backside. You moaned out his name.


The grip of the hand he since placed upon your side tightened. He commands you to get up and you do so, he pulls you up onto his lap and palms at your sides. Jamison moves behind you and kisses at your neck while running his hands up and down you. He begins grinding against your backside. One of Makos hands pushes under your panties and begins to rub at your entrance, you shudder as he pushes in and Jamison bites at your shoulder again simultaneously.

You moan at the sensation of his one huge finger moving inside of you. Pumping it in and out as the palm of his hand brushes against your clit.

“Are you thinkin what I’m thinkin Roaddie?” James says as he gropes your ass and leans to whisper in your ear, “Are you babe?” You arch your back at the words and grind back into him.

Mako gives a grunt of approval before pulling out his finger and demanding you to remove your clothes, what’s left of your clothes, and you obey. You slide out from between them and take your panties off before flinging them across the room, you slide back between them and straddle the larger man, Jamison practically tears the bra from your torso and tosses it away.

Jamison pulls down his boxers as Mako guides you down onto his massive cock, his own twitching at the sight in front of him and the sounds coming out of you. Giddy from excitement, he quickly reaches under the bed for the bottle of lube kept there and pours a bunch into his hand, when he comes back up he immediately spreads your cheeks and slathers the lube onto your empty hole. The moan you let out as he slips a finger inside sends shivers up his spin. As you get used to Mako he also gets you ready for him, slowly slipping in another finger as you loosen.

“Ready love?” He whispers into your ear, when you finally give a nod of approval he kisses your shoulder and pulls his fingers out before placing his tip at your entrance. You moan, long and drawn out, as he pushes inside of you.

You almost collapse onto Mako from the sensations, if it weren’t for his large hands keeping you up you would have, and you smile at him as he slowly starts to move. Makos movements spur Jamison into thrusting like he normally would, fast and sloppy, and he leans down onto you with grabby hands. Squeezing at your breasts as he moans your name into his movements. Mako moves one hand to your front, rubbing circles into your clit as you bounce above him, the sight of you almost a mess makes him lean forward and give you a sloppy kiss.

You’re seconds from falling apart, and you can tell Jamison is as well as his thrusts become more erratic, but you try to hold out. You want them to feel as good as they made you. You aren’t even sure who’s name you’re moaning or if you even forming coherent words at all anymore.

“Come for me.” Mako practically growls out, and you do with a silent scream as you collapse onto him. The pulsing of your insides brings the two men to completion, both coming inside of you, filling you up.

Jamison slips out of you and rolls onto the other side of the bed. “G'night princess.” He says with a kiss to two fingers that he then places on your lips. He quickly falls back asleep like usual.

You lay atop Mako, to tired to move and him unwilling to move you, drooling onto him as fluids leak out of every orifice you have. “Good night _____.” He reaches for the blanket to cover you, tearing it away from under James before placing it over you two and pulling the smaller man close.

You mumble mentions of love before quietly passing out.

  • the attractive instructor offering to buckle your straps for u
  • jimin stepping in like “bruh, this is mine, u no touch.” 
  • him happily strapping the straps for u and u for him
  • you guys competing with one another to get to the top
  • kiss my ass, park jimin” “gladly.”
  • laughing so much that its hard to concentrate
  • you almost slipping and jimin instinctively reaching over when you gasp
  • you laughing more and him chuckling sheepishly moCHI CHIM CHIM AHHH
  • you reaching the button first bc jimin purposely went slower
  • hey you went easy on me” “nah, I just wanted to stay behind to check out that ass.” “JIMIN” “I’M KIDDING” 
  • him taking you out for ice cream after because of ur win
  • you sharing with him bc he keeps staring @ u weird
  • “do u want some?” “no” “but you’re looking at me” “yeah cause ur pretty” 
  • u burying ur face in ur ice cream cup to hide ur blush but ending up getting ice cream on ur nose
  • jIMIN LEANING OVER TO WIPE IT oh my heart hea rt no pelease
  • ending the night with lots of laughs while walking home


[ it’s the night of valentine’s day and andrew
just gotten back from a long shift delivering
pizzas to various happy couples about
to have a special night together, and
lonely single people who just want to
eat a whole pizza in their house alone.
andrew, one of the aforementioned single
people (though not entirely lonely, since he
lives in a house full of friends and acquaintances),
has already eaten some of the pizza he brought
home for himself and stuck the rest in the fridge
for the other guys to scavenge on as they see fit.
he’s now standing in the shower, trying to keep
his mind from lingering too heavily on the maddening
thoughts and possibilities that have been bouncing
around his skull since he figured out how to cure his
own sickness. once he’s clean and dry, the walk
back to his own room feels strangely long and
paved with restless thoughts that solitude will
only foster. so instead, he turns on his heel
and heads in the opposite direction, toward
lucien’s room. he thinks maybe he should take
a page out of those couples’ books and not
spend his valentine’s night alone, either. when
he finds the door with a ripped out page of
poetry on it, he gives it a tentative knock
and waits for a response, hoping lucien is there
and needs the company as much as he does.