cause tumblr a lil shit

ANR Ship Shenanigans #1
  • Suzu: Hey! Hey Kouko-chan! Hey Kouko! Sweetie! Hey! Hey!
  • Kouko: Ugh Suzu...
  • Suzu: Hey Kouko-chan guess what?!?!
  • Kouko: Suzu I swear to God you better not cause if you do I'll--
  • Suzu: TALK DIRTY TO ME KOUKO-CHAN *sax solo*
  • Kouko: OMFG Suzu!
  • Suzu: It's what all the hip cool young people are saying Kouko-chan! I'm learning so much from those young whippersnappers on Tumblr!
  • Kouko: *face palms* CAN YOU NOT!