cause to me


[…] It still shocks me that I even managed to get this far just from walking around my apartment filming myself. Sometimes I watch other YouTubers, and I’m just like, “How the f*** did I get here? Who let that happen?” But from the day I started making videos, when I thought about what kind of YouTuber I wanted to be, I am still moving towards that. So whether you’re new or you haven’t even subscribed yet, the best is still yet to come. You have no idea.


i was wheezing while scanlating this i’m amazed i managed to finish w/o d y i n g orz luckily this issue made a clean ten pages and i didn’t have to add any extra imgs for tumblr :’ )

cleaned, translated & typesetted by me! proofread by @selena-bombastic!

A Shin from today’s doodles

Local Vampire Hopelessly Charmed by Adorable Ghost, More News at 10

Here, have a thing


if you have been brutally broken,
but still have the courage to be gentle to others
then you deserve a love
deeper than the ocean itself.

for @shiroganesm. i love you.