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i wanted to read your new fic but after the gross things you said about zayn i wont, why do you even write fics with him in it if you think so lowly of him?

i only write au’s because i can disassociate the real zayn from what ever character i’m writing, the only thing zayn and zayn my au characters have in common is their appearance


It’s Hot 😷☀️ (they/them)

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did somebody already ask you why you love donghan or should I ? Why do you love Donghan ?

That’s a great question anon ;) this post is gonna be long but i’m not sorry i love donghan and i need other people to love him too

I’ve seen some people on here say that they like Donghan but I’m not sure if they know that he’s part of a busking group called D.O.B (you should watch videos of them on youtube). Based off some D.O.B videos, Donghan seems to be very affectionate to those he’s close to and I find that so adorable! 

  • Look at this video of him grabbing one of the other member’s butt while they dance
  • there’s this video of him kissing and hugging the shit outta D.O.B’s leader Park Jin omg it makes me blush lmao 
  • and this video of him pretending to be a fan of Taeyeong’s and taking photos of him
  • look at him being all soft with Park Jin im sdxwedsw, 
  • he’s so clingy to the members!
  • look at him pretending to be scared just so he could cling to them,
  • here’s him pretending to push Taeyeong away then clutching to him like there’s no tomorrow omg (he can pretend all he wants we all know he loves him to death) 
  • heres a translation of a dumb conversation he had with daehyeon im wsdwsdews donghan didn’t call him hyung just to annoy him then he told him he loves him im like TT
  • and not to mention this time Park Jin sent him a heart and he fell in love with him for a full 10 seconds
  • and another video of him kissing Park Jin again (honestly i feel like he’s in love with their leader hahaha). 

And the most important video of his skinship with the members is this video right here I’m not even gonna comment on it you gotta watch it to fULLY experience it.

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Next! The way he interacts with fans!! He’s such a sweet guy and the way he acts towards fans makes me feel so happy even doe i’m not the fan he’s interacting with lol

He’s a huge ass dork too tbh lmao look at this video of this nerd omg and him? jumping? around? and idk what he’s doing here idk him at all 

And not to mention how great of a dancer he is! There’s a million videos of D.O.B busking where you can see how great of a dancer he is but my most fave videos of him dancing are when he danced to SLP2 by Tank and Lay it Down by Lloyd like zoo wee mama he is fINE..

Also this cute video of him and his? nephew? i’m not sure the relation BUT LOOK HOW CUTE OMG I YELLING ITS SO CUTE!!!

also i’m just gonna leave this video here lmao 

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(tl;dr: just click the links that’s bold and you’ll fall in love with him too)

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RE: the post about comments on fics -- how do you feel about bookmarks? I've always been shy about commenting on fic, but i always bookmark a fic i enjoy and leave a kudos if i don't. sometimes i worry about whether the authors pay attention to those things too.

I feel a lot of complicated things about kudos, bookmarks, and commenting, and I’m going to be honest about it, but I want to assure you this is not directed at you personally, it’s just my general thoughts and feelings.

Up front, I can say that authors absolutely pay attention to all forms of reader interaction, from kudos to reblog tags to literally everything. We are starving for any amount of feedback and attention and scrap of praise because they are few and far between these days. Personally, I enjoy/crave all forms of interaction with readers, because it helps me to feel less like I am just shouting words into the Void.

That being said, my feelings on Kudos are that they are basically next to worthless. Literally the only value in a kudos is that if a writer manages to somehow collect enough of them, readers sorting on AO3 by number of kudos might find their fic closer to the top of the list. If that ability to sort was not an option, I think I honestly would rather not receive a kudos at all, because JUST a kudos (again, to me) says “you fic just barely didn’t suck enough that I managed to click 1 button in return.” So like… yeah, I guess I like to receive the notifications that people read my fic, but at the same time wow is it a blow to my self esteem to be reminded people read my fic and that’s all they felt it was worth. 1 click. And the longer the fic is, the more effort I’ve put into it (for instance, 2 years of my life and 200k+ words and a LOT of love), the harder that blow strikes. It feels like having written a 200k word love letter to the fandom and just getting the “X has read your message” notification at the bottom of a text convo. (Kudos have exactly 1 merit; when I receive a notification with 1 person’s name on a bunch of my fics at once, I love that. I love knowing someone liked one fic enough to go and read the rest. That’s… that is nice. That’s when I know a kudos is not just “I read it”).

Bookmarks are slightly better, in that it at least tells me that a reader wants to be able to find the work again, hopefully to reread it. Bookmarks with notations for why the fic was bookmarked or with notations regarding what the reader needs to read to remind themselves which fic it is, are even better. Those things tell me a reader not only wants to find the fic again, but enjoyed it for X reasons. I like that. Some of my favorite bookmarks have been ones where people just added quotes of their favorite lines to the bookmarks, with nothing else added, because that tells me they liked words I wrote. I guarantee you that I go through all the bookmarks on all my fics at least once a month to look for those kinds of bookmarks.

All of that being said… I miss comments. I am not ashamed to admit this- I miss them SO MUCH. I wrote in fandom maybe a good 15 years ago, when was the big name in fic and their commenting system sucked so much but so many more people left comments without the kudos button cop-out. I remember writing back at the ends of fics because there was no reply feature on comments. I literally formed two lifelong friendships with people who regularly commented on fics I wrote. I formed several other friendships that helped me through some of the most desperately lonely and hard years of my young adulthood, all because people just commented on fics.

And that kind of community is just… so lacking in many fandoms these days. I started writing for a new, small rarepair fandom community not long ago, and I’ve been blown away by how nice folks have been in comments, and I’ve started making friends with regulars again and oh, I cannot express how nice it feels to NOT feel like i’m shouting into the void anymore. I will literally stay here forever and write a million stories for this pairing if people continue to be so kind. And I know a lot of writers can relate to that feeling (because I know a lot of writers, and they tell me so). It doesn’t take a lot for a fandom to take care of its fanfiction writers, and yet… often it’s just not happening. And we notice that, too- we notice when people don’t respond.

So, like. Yeah. This went a lot of directions, I’m sorry, you’re just the first person to ever ask me. To answer you in short, trust me, we notice when you respond to our writing in literally any way, because we are starving for it. If you bookmark things, we definitely notice it.

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You know what's crazy? I'm doing a research paper on the human rights violations on Copts in Egypt due today for my human rights class and now I have yet ANOTHER incident to add to it 💔 and it's even scarier because everyone is so happy for ramadan but we (MENA christians and other religious minorities) just know that that means we're at even more risk 😒 this is so frustrating, heartbreaking, and exhausting. Idk how much more we have to take 😞

I’m heartbroken too, it seems like it’s endless. Like in Iraq, it literally took years to get my village back from ISIS, and they destroyed everything, we have to rebuild absolutely everything, if we even can at this point. There’s no joy for us anymore, even in holidays they attack us.
And like the point about Ramadan… I’m not here to be a killjoy and ruin people’s holy fast, but like….my uncle owned a small grocery in Karada in Baghdad right? And he would lose sooooo much money during Ramadan because they would make him close the store all day long and then when they went shopping they wouldn’t buy from him cause he’s Christian. And not to mention the countless people in my family who’ve been yelled at or beaten up for daring to eat or drink in public in the daytime during Ramadan….like please respect people religious minorities in the MENA who aren’t fasting

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  — “put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs you get”

here I go:

  1. Rainy Day by Topp Dogg
  2. Only Tears by Infinite
  3. Stay with Me by Chanyeol and Punch
  4. I want by One Direction
  5. Kiss You by One Direction (OH Cooome ON)
  6. Hello by SHINee
  7. Another Way to Die by Disturbed
  8. Be Quiet by Monsta X
  9. Hitchhiking by SHINee
  10. Can’t Get Over You by Infinite

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I saw my boyfriend today! he’s having a bit of a hard time right now but still managed to have a lovely day together. we chilled in his car talking a bit and then we got ice cream and walked around my apartment complex. I got this big ass brownie sundae thing (it was like 990 calories omg) and he kept making fun of me but eyy. anyway we walked around my apartment complex cause there’s this fat ass gosling I really wanted him to see (he thought he was cute! he named him phillip. he looks like a baby dinosaur his feet are too big for his body). we went to the movies after and saw baywatch which was literally so bad but my boyfriend thought I wanted to see it (I kinda did ok shut up). I’m really glad we’ve had such a good past few days together. I’m gonna be out of town this weekend I miss him already

strums me geetar     anyways i can clearly see that i’m not wanted here and i’m not stupid enough to drag on my presence here any longer ha .  sorry