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I Was Wondering - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader 

Request: I would like to request an imagine where y/n is Tony’s best friend there very close but Jeff has a crush on y/n so one day in gym class Jeff talks to tony about y/n when y/n talks to Clay cause there good friends too . So tony gives good wording about Jeff then he leaves them alone in a group in gym class they bond and he walks her home spending time in his house and while they were talking somehow they ended up cuddling and he asks her out.


“You look ridiculous in those shorts”

“Shut up Tony, your smaller than me so you have no say so in my gym clothes.”

He puts his hands over his heart and fake cries “Ouch y/n, way to burst a mans ego”

I playfully push him as we walk into the gym. There are a few guys playing basketball and volleyball, girls walking around the gym talking, some girls practicing their cheer routine, and other people just sitting on the bleachers. That’s what me and Tony do until gym class start in 10 minutes. 

“You’re still driving me home right?”

“Yeah, cause after I have to take it to the shop and it’s right by you.”

I roll my eyes, “You and that damn mustang” I laugh.

“You can never take a car to serious miss.”

“Yeah whatever auto boy”

“Don’t ever say that again please”

We both laugh and start talking about the game next week. As we are talking, Tony’s friend Jeff comes and sit down next to us.I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s close to Clay and Tony. I know he’s surprisingly not an ass like the other jocks. 

“Hey what’s up Tony”. They do their ‘boy’ handshake and then he glances at me and smiles.

“Hey y/n” I looked at him surprised. I didn’t even know he knew me. We aren’t what you call, in the same ‘popularity range’ not that he seemed to care. As I looked at him I never realized how cute he was up close. That sounded kind of creepy.

“Hey Jeff” I smile.

“What are you guys up to?”

“Nothing we were just talking about the game next Friday”

“Oh, well thanks to Clay I can play” he smiles at me. I look away, not wanting him to see me obviously blushing at his look.

As soon as he said that, we heard a thud on the gym floor. We look and see Clay laying on the floor holding his head. Of course, leave it to Clay to get hit with a ball. 

“Oh Jensen” I whisper. “I’ll be right back guys, I need to give Clay tips on catching the ball with his hands and not his head.”

As I bounce down the bleachers, I here the guys laughing at my statement. I jog to Clay and help him up.

“I fucking hate gym” he whispers.

“I’m sure gym hates you too” I laugh.

“It’s that obvious huh?”

“Very much so” I laugh.

“What are you guys talking about up there?”

I look back up to the bleachers and see Jeff quickly snap his head back towards Tony as they continue their conversation. He was looking at me. I smile to myself.

“Hello,earth to y/l/n”

“Sorry, just school stuff, come up and sit with us unless you want these balls to keep kicking your ass.”

He rolls his eyes, but starts walking towards the bleacher, knowing I’m right. When we get there Jeff is red and Tony is just staring at me. We all start talking and laughing. Jeff is in the middle of talking to Clay about his sad love life when Tony turns to me.

“Hey y/n um.. I’m not gonna be able to drive you home today.”

“What the hell Tony why? you know I don’t like walking alone”

“Well because, my buddy Jeff is gonna walk you home.”

When he said that, I saw Jeff staring at me, looking somewhat anxious for my reaction. I choose to react coolly although my girly insides were screaming. 


“Oh come on y/n/n I honestly think Jeff is pretty good company. You’ll like him.”

I know there was more meaning behind what he said but I didn’t say anything. I look towards Jeff and a still oblivious Clay still rambling about Hannah and smile.

“Okay, yeah why not.”

Me and Jeff walk together in silence side by side while my hands are on my book bag and his in his front pocket. It’s so silent it’s almost laughable. I decide to break the silence, but so did he.



We laugh and he looks down at me.

“Sorry you first.” With his eyes still on me I continue.

“So did Tony really blow me off, or was it his lame excuse to get us to walk together?” 

“I’m the guilty one. I wanted to get to know you and wanted us to be alone.”

I look away to hide my goofy smile and pull my hair behind my ear. I start to smell that dampy air and know rain is about to come. 

“Well that’s honest of you.”

“Why thank you miss.”

He brings up the dance and ask if I was going with anyone. When I was about to say no, it started pouring down out of nowhere. 

“Shit, its coming down hard!”

I use my sweater to cover my hair, but I can already feel myself getting soaked and my house is still about 6 blocks away. 

“My house is right around the corner if you want to wait for it to settle down!” he yells over the rain. I think about it and its better than getting even more soaked. 

“Ye-yeah okay!”

We jog to his house, and I sigh in relieve when we enter the warm house. 

“My parents aren’t home if that’s okay.” 

“Yeah that’s fine.” I stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He noticed and spoke up.

“Um if you want, we can chill in the living room and watch tv until we dry off so I can continue walking you home.”

“Yeah sure.” I smile. We sit on the couch and Jeff gets a blanket for us to share and to warm up. He turns on Family Guy and we start laughing immediately. I didn’t even realize how close together we became after the second episode. I was leaning into his shoulder with his arm around me and our legs were tangled together on his coffee table. I didn’t know if he realized but I know one thing. I hope we stay like this. I snuggle closer into him and he looks at me.



“I have been wanting to ask you something” he seemed anxious again.

“So ask me.”

“Will you go out with me?”

I don’t even have to think to know my answer.

“Yes” I smile and Jeff breathes out the breath he was holding in and smiles with me.

“Thank god” and he pushes me in closer and smashes his lips on mine.

spookymiscreant  asked:

A concept: Kevin Day and Aaron Minyard talking mad shit about Andrew and Neil. Kevin talking about how he's sick of Andrew "pretending" he doesn't care about Exy and then Aaron replying, "I'd take that over Neil eye fucking the court every day"

i….love this….so much oh my god ok

  • so andrew and neil are on one of theyre “this is nothing but we go on weekend trips together to makeout” things 
  • so kevin needs to practice bc he’s Extra™ and…he’s still having a little trouble relaxing without andrew around all the time
    • andrew gave aaron a look before he left that aaron knows means to watch out for kevin
  • aaron’s complete disinterest manages to deter kevin from practice for two full days
    • never underestimate aaron’s ability to be stubborn to spite someone else ok
  • but finally FINALLy it’s not kevin’s incessant bitching that gets aaron to go to the court with him 
  • it’s aaron getting back from classes and not getting immediately bombarded with requests to go to the court
  • it’s coming home to a silent kevin staring out the window, rubbing his scars
  • aaron sighs deep to hide the fact that he’s concerned and changes into light workout clothes and grabs kevin
  • he also ignores how much kevin lights up when they turn onto the street of the foxhole court
    • this is an example of aaron “im not allowed to feel anything at all ever” minyard
    • also an example of aaron “knows where matt keeps a spare key to his truck” minyard
  • at first aaron refuses to practice with kevin
  • but he “gets bored” or whatever he likes to tell himself
    • see, aaron actually likes exy. he likes the way he can channel all his frustrations into it. he spends so much time studying and trying to figure out his brother and trying to figure out what the hell he wants from his life so sometimes he just needs to run around and knock people on their asses, ok?
    • its also pretty much the only times he can remember connecting with andrew
  • kevin is, like always, completely immersed, and barely notices aaron getting on the court until he walks by him to block his way to the goal
    • kevin’s on the courts because he can breathe there. he’s on the court because its where is mother put him. its the only place he mattered after she died, where he felt like a living thing rather than an asset. 
    • he’s there because even though he’s happy for andrew and neil, he really is, he’s still figuring out how to stand on his own. the court’s been the only place he really felt he could do that. 
  • now aaron may be on the court
  • he may have come to be there for kevin shut kevin up
  • but you best believe he’s gonna bitch about it
  • “fine, i’ll go, but i’m gonna complain the whole time” yea that’s aaron
  • after like one snide comment though Bitchy Kevin comes out to fuckin play and it goes a little something like:
    • kevin: andrew knows he’s good but does he try? of course not. see, that’d be fucking easy. that’d be simple. nothing is simple with him. *cue kevin taking an unnecessarily forceful shot on goal*
    • aaron: and don’t even get me started on neil just asking him for things. are you kidding. andrew doesn’t do anything ever at all and neil just??? asks him??? and he does it???
    • (both of them are secretly wondering why they don’t bitch to each other more often)
  • the best part though, is when aaron is at the height of his rant and says, “You know, i don’t even want to do extra practice, but I’d take this over Neil eye fucking the court every goddamn day”
  • kevin just fucking breaks like he drops his racquet and everything
  • aaron hasn’t ever seen kevin laugh???? its kind of beautiful surprising??
  • kevin gets a hold of himself and wow
  • he doesn’t think he’s ever seen aaron smile he’s surprised how much he likes it
  • after that kevin’s feeling better 
  • they head back to the dorms and play video games for a while, order food. just kinda hang out
  • nothings really changed, per se, but….things are definitely different. 
    • more often than not now kevin will just go to the library to watch his taped games with headphones on while aaron studies, occasionally getting kicked in the shin when he gets too excited
    • when neither of them want to sleep because they know its one of those days they’ll have nightmares they go to the library’s 24 hr lounge and eat shitty microwave ramen (aaron is sworn to secrecy…no one can know kevin loves creamy chicken ramen) and try to teach each other bio or history
    • aaron only had a mother who hurt him growing up, and kevin only had the memory of his mother and people who hurt him growing up . without saying anything, they just understand.
  • in conclusion because aaron is accidentally really funny, kevin and him get a lot closer, which is good, cause they both kinda needed it
  • they wouldnt say they were friends, or are friends, but…maybe its a little “nothing” of their own
Taking Control

Originally posted by sugutie

Summary: You send your boyfriends, Yoongi and Jimin, scandalous pictures while they’re working, but they’re in for an even bigger surprise when they get home

Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: smut
A/N: this was a very long ride hot damn

Being in a polyamorous relationship with two boys from the popular group bangtan was a lot of fun until they had to go off to practice. You were in a relationship with Jimin and Yoongi and the three of you had a lot of good times together. However, went they left on days to go practice, you were often left alone in your apartment with nothing to do. 

After some mind-blowing sex with the two the night before, you were on wanting more the next day, but you were sad to realize that they had an early practice that morning. 

“I’m sorry we don’t have time to take care of you, princess,” Jimin said to you as he finished throwing on his shirt, “I promise we’ll make it up to you when we get home.”

They left soon after, making your mind start working with plans to get revenge for them leaving you behind. 

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Null / male / ??? / doesn’t know you.

A young man with retrograde amnesia and yes, he doesn’t know why and how he found himself confined in a certain facility where strange people come in and out everyday to experiment on him, he hear them say that they must nullify him. These people would even conduct what they call a ‘special physical experiment’ on him, he doesn’t recall exactly how, but he knows the pain for sure and he’s not able to do anything but to regret his existence everyday. He’d be injected with different sort of drugs everyday that apparently contributed to his messed up head– there are even cases when his mind would breakdown and would reset due to trauma and pain. But at the end of the day, the strange people would make sure he doesn’t die. Because he is too weak to even break out, add to that his messed up head, Null can’t keep count of how long he’s been locked in that facility. On one miraculous day though, he was able to escape.

He’s not good at tending to his own wounds. Nobody minded telling him where he’s from or his actual name. His right eye can’t see anymore, seems like it was nullified and it only reflects the color of the galaxy. Gullible child. When he got out he’s afraid of falling asleep or losing consciousness cause he thinks he’s mind would reset again. Doesn’t like being cold. A big crybaby. Tired. Needs help.

I wonder what’s up with him and why those people were using him.

They robbed all the stars.

※ do not use & reupload without permission.

anonymous asked:

hey, could you explain what happened in Vegas betweet zayn and liam?

What happened? That’s a really good question.
Basically Zayn ignored Liam throughout the concert, AND THIS IS SOMETHING because Zayn never ignores Liam.

Look at the other concerts

But in Vegas something happened. Zayn didn’t touch Liam, he didn’t even try to look in his direction despite Liam’s pleading eyes. (How did he even manage to resist those puppy eyes?)

So yeah, Zayn was angry. And he was angry with Liam, ‘cause he behaved normally with the other three boys.

Did Liam do something wrong? Maybe, we can’t know for sure, but that same morning Liam and Zayn were fine at the meet and greet.
Though during the day something clearly irritated Zayn and he ended up arguing with Paul.

(btw he’s being cornered by two big guys, that’s only my supposition, but I think they were trying to stop him from doing something dumb, trying to reason with him, even if he didn’t want to)
Anyway he was so upset that he skipped dinner while the other boys went to Gordon Ramsay’s steakhouse

When the concert started Zayn was still upset, he tried to behave normally with the others, but totally ignored Liam.
Also, the weird thing is that his hand was perfectly fine at the beginning of the day, but

again, what happened? Did he punch something? Someone? We’ll never know (ugh)

So, the interesting point which connects everything is that Danielle was there.
Our guess is that nobody expected this, or at least Zayn didn’t expect to find her there. Maybe it was a last moment decision or maybe he was the only one who didn’t know that and didn’t take the news very well.

(I swear I can picture him softly punching Liam and yelling: WHAT DOES SHE DO HERE? WHY IS SHE HERE?) (it’s no secret that Zayn clearly didn’t like her)

Anyhow the boys knew what was going on, and they tried to fix it, changing their usual position and making Zayn and Liam squeeze against each other

wow, good plan guys, how evil

but you failed

Anyway, Zayn and Liam clarified (maybe that same night after sending away Danielle) and the day after everything was fine.

Bad Match Pt.4/?

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words Count: 3088

Warnings: angst, self-loathing feelings, use of guns, slow burn.

A/N: Ok, I think we can establish by now that this is going to be a slow burn. Next chapter will probably be from Bucky’s POV, let’s see what’s going on in that beautiful little mind.  English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Oh, and I’m sorry to any professional snipers reading this story, Google helps but, you know…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 


You pressed the button to call the elevator with a ridiculous grin on your face. If someone would have ever told you in the past that Sam Wilson would ask you out someday, you probably would have choked on your laugh. But that was exactly what had just happened. Maybe you weren’t that bad and unlikeable after all. That encounter with Sam had worked like a huge brick on your self-esteem reconstruction.

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aaaand more of izumi’s daughter. i have no excuses

i was just thinking about her and mako. how would be their first kiss? i think she would be the one who started it, cause mako is a little afraid and intimidated, cause GOD he only dates super important and independent girls. the future industries owner, the fuckin avatar and now the firelord’s daughter. he’s also insecure about everything cause his last relationships didnt worked out very well and he didnt wanted to rush anything, now. izumi’s daughter - which i call ursa - takes the first step and kisses him one day, and mako almost forgets all those insecurities cause it feels good and right to be with her

also korra and asami supports them like crazy. when they kissed they were all like “called it”

Bidding on The Avengers (part 1)

F!reader x Avengers (eventually)

Summary: Tony is organizing a charity event in which all his teammates (individually) will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and go on a date.

A/n: This is just the first part, setting up the story. The rest of the series will be the reader x various avengers. I have Thor’s, Bruce’s, T'Challa’s, and Vision’s started.

“What a marvelous idea! This ball of charity!” Thor exclaimed. He had a big grin plastered on his face after hearing Tony’s announcement.

All the Avengers were gathered in the common area.

“You see? Thor, has the right kind of attitude!” Tony stated nodding his head, then he pointed at the rest of the Avengers. 

The team continued to glare at Tony in response.

“The rest of you… Could be a little more excited, it’s for underprivileged children after all.“ 

Pepper cleared her throat. 

“The auction is raising money for education. I already gave generous donations to various children organizations on your behalf.”

Tony shrugged, “Either way, it’s for a good cause.”

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Author: zepppie

Word Count: 851

Character: Dean

A/N: I don’t know how to summarize this short piece without giving the whole story away. The idea came to me while I was reading a book and a certain passage from it just wouldn’t let me go.

Warning: teensy angst

Originally posted by peachesandkookies

Dean couldn’t stop staring at the flowers–bright yellow marigolds, rich purple orchids, gleaming white lilies. They were a nauseating mass of colors, but he just couldn’t look away. It might be a “second chance” thing (although in Dean’s case, he’s lost track of how many chances he’s had). Appreciate the world around you, and all that zen crap.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you've talked about this but the fact that the scene in 12x23 when sam is pulling dean away from cas has to be a parallel to 1x01 when dean is pulling sam away from jess. Like I'm not crazy those scenes are pretty much the same. Round of applause to Dabb and everyone who worked on that cause they had to know what they were doing right? I haven't really seen any posts about this and I'm sitting here like how is everyone else not seeing this? (Also I hope you're having a lovely day ❤️)

oh there are LOADS of posts about this!!! its definitely a big thing. umm I wish i could find a good gifset, but basically if you look for gifs for 12x23 the first one is of Jess so it’s been noticed and it is awesome!

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

And we had not just this but also the Cain/Colette parallel too..

Originally posted by fangirlofeverythingme

So yeah, good spot and its definitely a thing! 

There have been SO many romantic parallels for Cas/Dean over the whole series and quite a few this season, I love it. The ultimate one obviously being the anti-mirror of Mary/John and then the true mirror as @mittensmorgul pointed out to me, pretty much every scene we have ever seen of Jess has now been paralleled with Cas. Eg:

 Lets not forget that Andrew Dabb is the one who wrote Bloodlines and paralleled the whole Dean-Cas angst filled holy fire scene of 6x20 with a canon romantic couple in a canon romantic setting too… but I’m not going to turn this post into a Dean/Cas parallel post or it will take days and ruin everyones dash with all the giffing, suffice to say theres a shit ton of it ;)

bermuda ; lifestyle

dean ; not my gif


your boyfriend hyuk, also known as dean was everything but average or normal. he had a group of friends that called themselves ‘the rebels’ ; every single one of them were cocky and usually mean to anyone who wasn’t them.

cocky to the max actually. it was all they had grown to know after their come up. their come up wasn’t even theirs, rather it being hyuk’s and hyoseob’s.

hyoseob was one of hyuk’s closest friends. nothing could come between them. they got along like an alcoholic got along with liquor.

when hyuk introduced you to his lifestyle and friends, you were shocked at first. they were definitely different from what you were used to. they kept an underground vibe and only did/wore things that wede expensive as hell. they talked shit about people that were ‘below’ them so much that it rubbed off on you. a lot of things that they did rubbed off on you.

before all of that happened though, you were the opposite of what you were now.

you used to wear oversized clothes ; in public. now the only oversized clothing that you wore belonged to hyuk and you only wore them after sex or just to walk around in the house.

you used to be kind and sweet to everyone, you used to be apologetic, you used to have a bright and bubbly personality, and lastly you used to smile all of the time but now, you only wore a resting bitch face unless hyuk, hyoseob or their rebels made you smile/laugh.

sometimes you smiled when their rebels beat someone up for talking down on you or your boyfriend. you smiled when hyuk gave you money or when he kissed you. you smiled in the music videos, photoshoots, and in the studio when you knew that the song that was being made was gonna be a bop. you smiled when it was only you and hyuk, alone in your home.

you would often sit in hyuk’s lap when around the others and caress your fingertips across his tattoo located on the left side of his neck. he would only stare at you in a seductive way while whispering to you “you’re gonna get it mocha…”

mocha was your pet name. he called you this because of your skin. the contrast of both of your skin colors sent him. he loved it so much.

he’d buy you diamonds and pearls, makeup and clothes, basically anything that you or he wanted you to have.

“let me spoil you mocha. you’re mine afterall.”

he was your everything. behind that savage, outcast and cocky couple image that you two portrayed, you were soft as hell for each other but that had to be kept secret. the portraying image was the only thing that the people who consumed the rebel’s music and images knew. it was what kept the money rolling in.


on most days, everyone would go out in public together to cause a scene. the expensive clothes and shining accessories always caught the eyes of many, even kids. those mesmerized looks and stares always fed you. they always made you feel good. and of course, they made you feel cocky.

almost immediately after hyuk introduced you to his group and your relationship became public, you earned yourself some fansites. that was honestly like a big truck of gas for you.

“you’re the shit now y/n! people stalk you now. people take pictures of you without your consent because they love you! you’re a celebrity!” hyoseob told you when you showed him a few pictures from one of the fansites.

you indeed felt like the shit. that was when you believed that you were apart of the group and not just the girlfriend of the leader.

going to clubs were always fun. like always, you and everyone in the group would receive stares and sometimes people would even whisper to each other.

“that’s fanxy child!”

“dean’s girlfriend is sexy as hell!”

“i want to be them..”

“why am i broke like this i can’t even buy a drink. how do i get rich like the rebels?”

some people didn’t wvwn whisper, allowing you to hear it if you were close enough. those comments always made you feel good.

“keep dreaming. you can’t be like us.” you grew to think like this.

when hyuk had a performance, he had hyoseob and some of his rebels on stage with him. just for that “these are my boys and we lit” affect.

it was like a concert, everyone would be screaming, dancing, and singing or rapping along to the music. the clubs were always louder when the rebels performed. sometimes, that was the only reason for people’s presence.

after performances, hyuk and you would order bottles for your section but drink one alone. you’d purposely get super drunk so that he could pretend to get mad at you and excuse the two of you. it was a tactic that worked everytime.

the drives home were always short, since hyuk would go a little over the speed limit ; caused by his hormones.

you had rich and drunk sex more than you had sober sex. it was your preference since you had more fun and could dirty talk like there was no tomorrow. hyuk definitely made you the kinky type.

“fuck me with your rolex on.” was your favorite line.

shit, his too.


so yes, the rich and high headed lifestyle that hyuk introduced you to changed you greatly. you were a savage, confident as hell, freaky as hell, and rebel as hell.

excuse errors???
Imagine Lucifer is stuck in a time loop

Word count: 1243

Warnings: Angst and sad ending (I’m really bad at writing angsty fics so can you guys tell me what you thinked please? Thanks!)

Request by: Anon - Could I request a Lucifer×Reader where the reader is stuck in a time loop like Dean was in the Mystery Spot, but with Lucifer instead of Sam and reader replacing Dean? I’m honestly a huge angst person so anything angst is chill with me.

A/N (please read): Writers block is a bitch am I right? Sorry I haven’t written (or uploaded anything in fact) in a while. I’ve been super duper ill and I’ve had the dreaded writers block (I had to force myself to write this so sorry if it’s bad). Also, the POV in this is all over the place cause I didn’t know how to do it any other way.

You yawned and stretched as the sunlight peeking through the windows woke you. You felt an arm wrapped tightly around your waist and you smiled as you were pulled closer into your boyfriend’s chest.

“Good morning Y/N,” Lucifer spoke as you turned around in his arms and shuffled your face closer into his body before murmuring back a tired ‘morning Luci’ into his chest. Causing Lucifer to release a slight chuckle at your sleepy state.

“Come on Y/N, It’s a big day. Those Winchesters want to meet up with you for a hunt and if your late they will 100 percent blame me for it, after all, I am the big bad devil to them,” Lucifer reached out his hand, carefully wrapping his arms around your body before pulling you out of the bed.

“You may be a devil to them, but you’re an angel to me,” you laughed looking up into his blue eyes causing him to smile as your arms snaked their way behind his neck. Lucifer leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before placing you softly onto the ground once you were fully awake and out of bed.

Eventually, both you and Lucifer were dressed and out of the house – hands intertwined with each other.

Lucifer looked down at your hands and smiled as you both walked over to the car. Lucifer hated being in a car at first yet you preferred travelling in a car compared to being zapped straight there as you got to spend lots of time talking with your boyfriend. With more trips he got more used to that method of travelling and actually began to enjoy the trips you would have together.

Once you both reached the car, you heard a shaky yet stern voice from behind you.

“G-Give me your money.”

You spun around to be faced with a man loosely holding a gun in your direction shaking nervously. No matter how many different life threatening situations you had been in, you still felt scared every single time and as if Lucifer could sense your fear, he gave you a slight squeeze on the hand to reassure you that everything would be fine.

“It would be wise if you left now and stopped threatening my mate,” it was clear that Lucifer was extremely angry that someone was pointing a gun at you.

“Luci its oka.-“ You began to speak but was cut off by a loud gun shot and an intense pain in your stomach.

In an instant, Lucifer clutched your body in his hands and tried to heal you as the shocked man who had shot you ran away.

“Y/N?” Lucifer spoke, his usual dominant, witty tone to his voice was now replaced with a weak one.

“Y/N!” he spoke again, more stern this time as he desperately tried to heal you but he could sense that you had moved on and was no longer there.

“Wake up!” he cried out as his hands desperately clutched around your limp body, “y-you can’t leave me,” he stuttered, moving your body in his hands to have a better clutch around your waist and once again trying to heal you as despairing tears fell from his eyes.

“WHY WOULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN DAD?” Lucifer screamed out to his father but as he expected there was no reply.

He continued to let the tears fall as he truly believed you were gone, the one person, human, he had ever loved.

Suddenly, Lucifer shot up, confusion laced his face as he looked around to make out where he was, his heart was racing and he couldn’t seem to focus.

That’s when he felt it, the soft hair pushing into his chest and heard a little ‘morning Luci’. If it was possible, he felt his heart pump even faster.

He clutched his arms tightly around your body as if to say he would never let you out of his sight again.

“Luci what’s wro-!” you were cut off by Lucifer kissing you deeply and repeating how much he loved you.

“I love you too,” you giggled in reply, “but as much as I love lying in bed with you, angel, we need to get ready to go to Sam and Deans.”

Confusion struck Lucifer’s face.

“Wait what day is it?”

“Tuesday obviously,” you giggled at how confused he seemed to be.

Lucifer froze. Instantly he knew what was going on and he didn’t like it one bit, he immediately got angry, whoever had put him in this time loop was going to pay for making him think he had lost you. A time loop. Of all things he could be stuck in, of course it had to be a time loop.

Quickly, he ran over to you and cupped your cheeks with his hands, staring deeply into your eyes and sighing. He knew these next few days would be complete torture for him, watching as you died daily until he managed to figure out how to escape this hell.

I’m coming Y/N, and I promise as soon as I find my way out of here, I’ll protect you with everything I have.

Lucifer continued to watch you die day after day, each time getting closer to breaking the time loop but becoming more painful to watch.

Until one day, he woke up and you weren’t next to him.

“Luci, you awake yet?” you peeked into the bedroom.

He couldn’t reply he was that much in shock. Lucifer instantly rose to his feet, ran over to you and wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, his face pressed deeply into your neck placing passionate kisses everywhere he could.

“Woah, Luci calm down, what’s wrong?” you spoke trying to pull him away from you to look into his icy blue eyes but his tight grip wouldn’t budge.

He continued to place deep kisses over your neck until suddenly he stopped, froze in place.

What if it was a warning? What if the thing that trapped me in the time loop was going to come after Y/N? Lucifer thought to himself I have to protect her!

Slowly, Lucifer stepped reluctantly away from your body but masked it with his famous blank expression.

“What is going on Luci, you don’t seem yourself?” You asked trying to step closer to him but he simply stepped away.

“I don’t love you anymore,” Lucifer spoke, inside he was screaming at himself to stop lying, to be selfish and be with Y/N even if she was in danger, but he knew that if you was hurt in anyway because of him he would never be able to forget.

“Wh-What?” You choked out as tears began to run down your cheeks, “but yesterday you-“ Lucifer wanted more than anything to tell you the truth, that he was leaving to protect you but he knew you would try to convince him to stay and that he would. He wanted to clutch you, wipe away the tears he had made and tell you that everything would be fine.

“I don’t love you like I did yesterday Y/N. What did you expect, I’m Lucifer, the devil, Satan himself.” Lucifer spoke out. He wanted to reach out, grab you in his arms and call you his again but before he could, he sighed and flew away leaving you in a crying mess on the floor knowing that it was the only way he could protect you.


Soulmate AU

Concept based on the movie TiMER (2009)




Word Count: 1426

*A/N: Please be gentle…. This is the first thing I’ve ever “written” (and I use that term very loosely)…

Soulmate Timers.

Most children got their timers before grade school. It seems a bit barbaric when you think about it. Kids who don’t even understand what soulmates are, walking around with timers counting down until they meet theirs.

That’s one thing about his father that Dean Winchester was thankful for. John was adamant that neither of his sons be subjected to the same life that he had been subjected to. John’s timer sat dark and blank on the inside of his left wrist. It had been that way since the boy's’ mother, Mary, had passed. John no longer understood the point of having a soulmate if they were just going to be violently ripped from you. Why should his boys have to spend their lives with the pressure of finding their soulmate? Why should they have to spend years of their lives counting down to one moment, which would likely end in heartbreak anyway?

At least that was the case while John was alive. Neither Dean, or his younger brother Sam had felt the need to cave to “fad” that was the soulmate timer. Most of their friends and co-workers had them, and more often than not, they had already met their soulmate. Especially as the years carried on, and they grew older.

Now, at 34 years old, Dean sat at the kitchen island, staring at the device on his wrist. The one that had been counting down for seven years, twenty-eight days, fifteen minutes, and thirty-five, no, make that thirty-three, seconds.

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Niall Horan - “Fall Out”

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this one love, I know you’ve been waiting for it! I’ve also decided to start putting the ‘read more’ further down - to give a slight preview, ya know? And give them actual ‘titles’ lol

There was a time in your life that Niall Horan was the center of your world. Not so much in a romantic way but you were certain that had things not gone the way that they had it would have been a possibility. 

“You’re gonna forget all about me.” You joke the day before he left for his X-Factor audition. Neither of you knew what was going to happen but you had full faith in him.  

“You’ve been my life since we were kids, Y/N, how on earth could I forget about you.” You take in his frown, the look of concern on that adorable face of his and sigh, giving a slight shrug. 

“Maybe not forget about me so much as just move on. You’ll be off doing better things than sitting around here with me.” Niall sighs and reaches his arm out for you, pulling you against his skinny body. You just felt this sense of dread in your stomach, fearing that this was it. 

“No matter where I go or do, I’m not leaving you behind.“ He promised, exchanging smiles with you. You wanted to believe him… you really did.

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BTS reacting to their S/O crying because they have small breast

Requested by; anon

Hey can i have a reaction of bts where have a small breast and ur shy about it and one day they saw u crying and u tell them bcs u were scared they would leave you cause of u having no boobs Hope you understand my english💕


“Hey, they’re just a part of your body and they’re perfectly fine. Knowing that it makes you sad makes me sad, I’d never leave you for something like this.”


Originally posted by jeonsshi

“Baby, trust me, they’re perfect. Small doesn’t mean bad, small is good and I like small. Now; come here and wipe those tears off your gorgeous face.”


Originally posted by ttaegiis

“I love you for your personality, not your body! Do you really think I’d leave you for that? I’d never do that, come here and let’s cuddle, you need hugs!”


Originally posted by ksjknj

“It’s a body part and you don’t have to be insecure about them. They’re perfect in my eyes and I love them, don’t worry baby.”


“Don’t be insecure about them! Really; I love them the way you are and you should too!”


“Babe, it’s nothing to be sad about. I’d never leave you for something like that! They’re amazing and I don’t see why you’re sad about it! I love them!”


“Baby, that’s nothing to be upset about! They’re perfect and they fit in my hand! Don’t hit me! Really; I love them and I love you so much!”

376 days were enough for Y/N to meet Harry after building herself up, only to be teared again into the same pieces she was once left.

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dating jaehyun!!


sorry guys, but i will only write for the ones i have inso. for. 

its not that i don’t want to write the others, but i don’t have any ideas to keep the au going

- dating jaehyun is like dating a pizza pocket

- soft and squishy on the outside, but steaming hot n slightly gross on the inside

- thats exactly how u and jaehyun met actually

- y'all were at the school cafeteria y’know the usual 

- and u go to the nasty microwave to warm up ur pizza pocket

- buT noPE jeffrey from california buts u in line

- “uhm excusE mE u butted me?? i was in line before you??”

- “hhehha so? i need to warm up my lunch”

- “bIHH mOve beFOre i bUst YO aSS and turn it into a lumpy piece of poo”

- honestly jaehyun thought you were the weirdest kid ever

- tbh u were

- anYWay

- from that moment on, jaehyun found you EVERYWHERE

- in the library? he see’s u

- in the gym? he see’s u

- in the grocery store? he see’s u


- “boi calm yo tits its not my fault even,,,you always appear after me, so technically ur stalking me”

- he hates u

- but likes u at the same time

- honestly jeffrey didn’t evEn know

- aight so in science class one day

- y'all were assigned as seat partners 


- low-key he was happy cause he could bug u

- and tease u

- “wow arent you happy we sit beside each other???for the rest of the year???”


- time skip 2 months

- jaehyun and u have a pre decent friendship

- always teasing each other ya know

- “ewW jAEhyUN geT yO sweATy ass away from me”

- “its not my fault I’m hot ;)”

- “wha-that wasn’t the right context- honestly i give up”

- yo but jaehyun has a huge crush on u

- like hUgE

- one of those crushes where u tease ur crush and make fun of them idek why

- anyway so jaehyun likes u rite

- and one day the science teacher decided y'all were not a good match and wanted to move u


- “pls,,, you can’t,,, i like her :(”

- u choked on ur spit

- ur teacher choked on their spit

- your class choked on their spit

- bitch when??? i was such a mofo to u (your thoughts)

- honestly though, u weren’t complaining cause u liked him back

- so like the teacher decided not to move u cause

- “young love”

- and jaehyun asked u out right.there

- front. of. the. whole. class

- “will u do me the greatest honour and date me?”

- ‘jaehyun get off ur knees this isnt a proposal for marriage”

- “not yet ;)”

- ya but u do accept his love

- jaehyun likes kisses

- not pecks on ur forehead,cheek or nose

- he likes long, sensual kisses (yALL IT TOOK ME LIK 8 MINS TO WRITE THAT WITHOUT CRINGING)

- jaehyun treasures u, it may not sam like it cause he is always annoying you  but he truly believes that u r the one. 

- he once faceted u at 2am cause he “missed your face” 

- “jaehyu n we saw each other today and we have school tmrw jfc”

- total babe

- first date story time

- he wanted to make it special so he invited you over to the dorm and cooked his favourite meal for u

- then accidentally burnt himself

- and then set the heat alarm off

- and then burnt the meat

- hONestLy jAeHyuN

- its gucci though, cause you saved the day

- and y'all ended up ordering in pizza and watching netflix

- sometimes he texts u the weirdest things

- like he sent u a text a 1am saying

- “hey baby girl look out yo window, rapunzel is here for u”

- “jaehyun are you dumb? rapunzel is the princess”

- ou didn’t look out the window just for that tbh

- so jaehyun had to climc up ur wall and through your window

- its ok though cause y'all cuddled

- omg jaehyun loves to cuddle

- he likes spooning you and leaving little butterfly kisses on ur neck

- speaking of which…..



- he likes being all rough n roamy ;)))))))

- speaking of which x2…..


- honestly, he kinky as heLL

- anD doesnt even care

- he likes to try out new things

- “that look s cool can we try it”

- “no jaehyun thats nasty”

- but y'all end up trying it anyway




- moving on

- jaehyun sometimes appears behind u and whispers the weirdest pick up lines

- “if u were a booger, i’d pick u first”

- “do you like dragons? cause i’ll be dragon my ball across your face tonight ;)”

- sometimes u wonder why u agreed to date him

- your parents adore jaehyun

- they loVE HIM

- “aww sweetie when will you bring your bf again? he’s so sweet,caring,handsome,tall,perfe-”

- “y'all i gawdee”

- you’re low-key jealous of him though cause so!many!people!like!him

- he always gets 92893289 gifts on his bday/valentines day 

- and u just get one 

- but its gucci cause atleast its from him!!!!!

- when jaehyuns sad, he tends to cut people off and wanna be alone 

- you get that because everyone needs space

- but then he gets all clingy and whiny

- and it throws u off cause i??thought??you??wanted??to??be??alone??

- honestly dis boi is a mystery

- but he’s your mystery <3

- jaehyun loves you so much he wouldn’t trade u for anything cause he just loves u so much and suhushuhs he loves u ok

tis the end y'all

im gonna post neighbour!renjun next if i can


- emma



Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Warnings: fluff

Request: Hi at first I love your writing you are really good and second: can I ask you for Sirius x reader? Maybe after school? Both fluffy and smut? the time of the first war and she is a healer… or sth like that?

Word count: 938 (I know it’s small I’m sorry) 


   Thank you so much <3 ! I love your request, but I don’t really do smut since I’m 14 years old and I don’t really feel comfortable. I did put some hints in there though, so, I hope you like it! Also, Ignore the title because I completely suck at those :P






   They had been fighting for what seemed like hours, and it probably was. Voldemort’s followers, the Death-eaters, had invaded Diagon Alley, that because of the fact that it was so close to the start of term, was filled with children and parents, and it was the Order’s business to keep as many of them they could, safe.

“Sirius! Watch out!” yelled James

     Sirius spun around only to find Lucius Malfoy, his cousin’s husband,  charging towards him.

“Conjunctivis” he yelled, but Sirius managed to cast a protection charm

“Petrificus Totalus!” fired back Sirius

“Using first year curses on me now, Black? I expected better, even from you…”


“Repello” Lucius chuckled darkly “SECTUSEMPRA”

     Long, deep slashes appeared on Sirius’s skin, that only multiplies as Malfoy repeated the spell. He tried to call for Remus or James, but the pain was too much to call for help, let alone pick up his wand again and fight. The last thing he saw before drifting into the darkness, was Remus running over to him.

“Sirius! Sirius! Stay with us…” said Remus “JAMES WE NEED TO TAKE HIM TO ST. MUNGO’S”

        And so they did, they grabbed him and side-apparated to the hospital.

“Help him, please, he has lost a lot of blood and…” James was nearly in tears, the possibility of loosing his brother wasn’t something he would just accept.

“It’s fine… It’s fine.. we’ll do anything and everything we can” said (Y/N), one of the healers in St. Mungo’s “Hey, you’re James Potter right? An you’re Remus Lupin?”

“Yeah, and… oh my Godric! (Y/N)?” asked Remus

“Yeah, but, where’s Sirius?” she asked

    Their silence was answer enough. The blood covered, bruised patient in from of her was the infamous Sirius Black heartbreaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Well, let’s get him fixed up then!”

    And she began, first, she cleaned his body to get a good view of the damage, and it was a lot. Long slashes covered his body, and blood wouldn’t stop gushing from the wounds. (Y/N) kicked the boys out of the room, because she couldn’t exactly concentrate with James on top of her, asking if Sirius was going to be fine.

“Remus, if he dies..” said James

“he’s not, okay? Not only is he way to stubborn to so, but (Y/N) is a great healer! She’s not just going to let him go like that!” Remus tried to comfort his friend

    Back in the room where Sirius was being treated, things were starting to look better. (Y/N) had managed to close the wounds, but he was still unconscious, and she had to wake him up soon, in order for him to drink the blood-replenishing potion, since he had lost way to much blood. She tried multiple methods, but none of them seemed to work.

“(Y/N)? I-Is that you?” she heard a hoarse voice behind her

“Sirius! How are you feeling? Here uh, drink this!”

“What happened? How did I end up here?”

“You were fighting some death-eaters up in Diagon Alley, the mission went sideways..”

“and I ended up half dead in the hospital” he finished your sentence

“Yeah, pretty much…” she said, he looked at her with those grey eyes that seemed to look directly into her soul, her heart and could read exactly what she was thinking and feeling, because, in fact, she had forgotten how beautiful his eyes were “I should uh, I should call James and Remus, they are nearly scared to death out there..”

“No, leave them” he said, she didn’t quite get where he was going, and then, he added under his breath “man you’ve gotten pretty over the years”

“What was that?” she asked

“N-Nothing… but, hey, I get to see those two idiots every day, whereas I haven’t seen you in years…”

“Yeah, we haven’t seen each other since graduation..”

“Heh, I remember the Graduation dance, you looked way to good to be true there” he said, causing you to blush “yeah, too bad you were dancing with Williams though…What happened to him anyway?”

“We uh- broke up, he cheated on me with Wilson”

“well he’s stupid, I mean, loosing this for Wilson?”

“I uh- yeah, he is an idiot… Hey, you gotta drink the whole bottle!” she said, blushing and moving over to give him the rest of the potion!

   But Sirius Black had other plans, the moment she gave him the potion, he grabbed her hand and kissed her. (Y/N) was shocked at first, but kissed him back nonetheless. It must’ve lasted only five seconds, but it was magical. It was gentle, and filled with love, their lips moved with perfect since on each other, and it sent electric jolts down her spine.

“We can come by later or…” they heard James’s voice from the door

      Sirius just chuckled deeply and (Y/N) flushed a deep red.

“Well, it’s good to see you’re back to normal, but if you ever-ever scare us like this again, I swear to Merlin I’ll kill you myself” said Remus  

Different (Bad Boy Jungkook Au): Part 5

A/N: took me a life time but I finally know where I’m going with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for waiting a million years for me to update this but now that I know where I’m going with it it should only take half a million years for me to update! Anyways I hope those of you who pushed me to continue this like it! I’m starting to finally like it too :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Originally posted by hoebi

Looking up, he smiled at you with his usual cheerful grin. Smiling back, you walked closer to him and felt weird seeing him out of his uniform. He looked like a completely different person with his slightly parted on the side just enough to see more of his face. His jeans fit him perfectly and his long sleeved shirt seemed so casual for someone with such a high status.

“I was walking around and noticed your car. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was yours but now I am,” he chuckled as he stood up off of the hood. “Are you here alone?” he asked you curiously.

Opening your mouth to answer him, you remembered what Jungkook had told you about Taehyung. For some reason you heeded his warning and decided to nod to Tae. “I was bored at home and came out to get some lunch.”

“Oh! So was I. I’m guessing you ate already,” he smiled at you.

“Uh… yeah!” you lied, trying not to make it too obvious. “I’ve gotta get going but it was nice seeing you!” you told him, trying to step around him.

“Wait! We should hang out sometime. Are you free later?” he asked you, blocking your path to your car.

Feeling like you couldn’t lie anymore, you sighed. “Yeah. I am. Just text me,” you said hoping he’d be satisfied with your answer.

“Awesome! I’ll see you later,” he spoke cheerily. Letting you pass finally, you got into your car. He walked away after waving goodbye and you couldn’t help but wonder why Jungkook would think Taehyung was so bad. He seemed like nothing but sweet to you.

Waiting until he was out of sight, you started your car and went to go pick Jungkook up. Driving around the block, you saw him sitting with his head laid back. He had his eyes closed but he still looked like he was in pain. Driving up to the side of the curb, you jumped out of your car to help get Jungkook into the passenger’s seat.

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It honestly sucks

Being a white, straight and asexual, female who can’t say anything online because they are “privileged” according to the majority of tumblr.

Why do I say this? Because no one cares to listen to what we have to say. Because we are “privileged” and we don’t need people to pity us… But wait? Why would I need someone to pity me? To rack up the points with feminists and POC? Be one of them?

No. I’m proud of who I am, and people can go and try to shut me down for how I feel about myself, but I will still be proud. Just as a black women should be proud, an autistic person, a gay person, trans person. Even a white make should be proud of who they are.

No one is you because of their skin color. Nobody is inherently bad because of their skin color. Nobody is inherently homophobic or transphobic or aphobic just because they like sex, being the gender they were born, or liking the opposite gender.

Why is it a competition to see how many pity points we can get? Why does that decide how good of a person we are?

Why not saving a life? Getting a diploma? A job? Living another day? Being proud of yourself? Why can’t those get you points of RESPECT from other people?

I’m tired of seeing people at one another’s throats over pity points, telling one another to kill themselves, to shut up, to do something harmful to themselves.

Why is giving another person your respect so hard? Cause you had a bad experience? If so, I’m sorry that that happened, whatever it may be, but you shouldn’t condemn an entire group cause of a few douches. The world isn’t a hive mind, not every person in a group thinks the same. Maybe give them a chance to prove to you that they might actually be your new best friend?