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my gf wants to go to a dance w me but shes not out at her school so if we go shes gonna have a bad case of the Dysphoria all nigth cause of being misgendered n whatnot and i had the awesome idea of taking her to my prom cause?? no one knows her except my friends who all know that shes a girl so?? she can wear a dress and be pretty and not have any discomfort and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thinking about her in a dress makes me gay

With Love Not Hate In Mind

First, let me start by saying that this will be a long post and I truly apologize for that. I wish I knew how to create the “Keep Reading” feature from my phone, but alas, I don’t know how.
Also, I would have made this post yesterday, but April 19th is the very painful anniversary involving the death of two people I love very much. I spent the day and night in absolute tears. I was not in a place to think this all out.

When you’re best friends with someone, you try and respect their repeated requests & wishes - so, for the last 2 times in less than a year, I held my tongue and tried to quiet the building anger inside of me. Let me tell you, that has not been easy to do! I understand and appreciate why she asked me not to say anything. She did not want these attackers to come after me. She didn’t want that target, made up of lies, pettiness, jealousy, misinformation & misunderstandings, painted on my back as it has been on hers.
But this time, I can no longer keep it in. I must break that promise I made to @thepromiseofanend
and speak the hell up.

Publicly dragging someone on social media, saying terrible things about them and calling them awful names - is much easier than keeping silent after being attacked like that and taking the high ground. It’s much easier than sitting back and watching the best friend you’ve ever known being lied about, “called out” based on those lies, slandered, and called hateful, cruel names - and not posting a defense of your friend, to set the record straight and get the truth out there, because you’ve promised her you wouldn’t.

See, she knew me so well that when she asked me not to, for the real reasons I stated above, she knew I would say, “Thank you, but I don’t care if they come after me…I cannot let this just happen”, each time she would add, “please don’t, it will only make things worse.”, to which I could only agree not to because she knows I would never want to cause her additional pain.

So, to the draggers, to those of you who have reblogged those cruel posts, applauded them, added on to them and generally helped to spread and propel the hate forward…this is for you.
Do you feel all better now? You feel all proud of yourselves for standing up to such a “mean ol’ bully”? The squashing of one by the actions of several…this brought joy to your lives? Some of you who participated in this, I believe just got swept up in the crowd mentality. But to me, that does not excuse your actions. I believe that everyone should do their own research, ask their own questions and come to their own conclusions before taking up someone else’s cause. Before participating in such public actions like this, people need to ask themselves, “what if this were me or my child that this was happening to?” “Is it justified simply because I don’t understand another persons ways or choices they make?” “Is it my place to say that only terrible karma will come to someone else? Do I know all the facts? Or simply think I know them?” And especially, “What if I’m wrong? What if everything I know is based on misunderstandings? And even if not, is publicly dragging someone really going to make things better?”

I know for a fact that in this most recent case, this blogger (notice I’m not calling you out by using your real blog name or listing them all) was upset because she did not understand why she had been unfollowed and blocked. She obviously talked about it to some friends who give her their perceived grievances to add - and the process was given life.
So with her ammunition loaded, she first decided to create a new side blog and use it solely for public dragging or as she put it “calling you out”…creating that hateful post. A few hours later, she THEN has a thought to contact a mutual friend to ask to speak privately and directly to my friend, which my friend agreed to even though she knew this person created the post AND the fact that she willingly agreed to talk even though she is on a family vacation with her children! So, by trying a different approach to her original issue, this blogger was not met with hate or a counterattack - which my friend would have every right to do after reading that - this person found out that in fact the whole matter could have been settled this way in the first place, that my best friend was indeed NOT the monster she and others believed her to be and proclaimed so publicly in hurtful posts, and that in fact, once the air was cleared…there might even be a new friendship.

I am proud that my best friend stood up for herself and pushed back publicly a little this time. I love the fact that she doesn’t publicly drag people in long, hateful, cruel posts. I love the FACT that she has never, ever, ever told me who I should or should not follow. In fact, in the 3 years we have known each other, she has done the exact opposite! She may tell me who she’s unfollowed or blocked and why…but has always stressed that just because she does something for her own reasons, does not mean I should. She especially stresses that she would never treat me differently if I choose to follow my own path - in fact she always pleads with me to do so, and I always have. And she has never acted differently towards me because I have. There’s a BIG difference in warning someone how another person is, so that the someone can make informed decisions if they choose to do so at all…and warning them that if they continue to follow some blogger or remain friends with them, they too will be blocked.
The first is what occurred. And for the few or one that said the later is what occurred, If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that.

In fact, what really got to me, was that this blogger from yesterday started following me two days before this attack from one of her main blogs. So I returned the follow. (Now there’s a history here between this person and myself, which does not involve my bestie, but I will discuss this with her in private later on. And I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding). But even with all that’s happened, I have not blocked her. I want to talk to her about my own issue, separate from this, before making my decision. My OWN decision.

Please know, If I have unfollowed you or blocked you, it is simply for the following reasons:
1. You never followed me back, or if you once did, you unfollowed me. This would only result in an unfollow, not a block.
2. What you post on your blog, I’d rather not see on my dash. No judgement from me, just a personal choice of what I wish to fill my mind with when I take time out of a very stressful life and escape for a few minutes to tumblr.
3. If you’ve made a hateful or hurtful public dragging post about any of my many wonderful friends on here, or if you’ve agreed with those type of posts, reblogged, added on, or helped to spread the hate in any way, or continue to trash them, or if you’ve first blocked me for whatever reason - you will be blocked. Not ranted about or dragged…simply blocked.
4. And finally, this is for one person out there and they know who they are. If I have repeated tried to befriend you in an effort to make or keep peace, and you’ve continued to slap my extended hand away or ignored me completely…after a year of trying, I got tired of it and made the decision on my very own to block you. *blows kiss*

I have too much pain in my life and hatefulness surrounding me daily…to wish to fill my head with it on here. Everyone deserves mercy and reprieve.

And finally, the blogger from yesterday actually offered to remove the post after speaking to my friend, but my friend told her no, to leave it be. You see, she really doesn’t threaten, warn or tell anyone what to do. Even that.

In my opinion, it should be removed and a public apology issued. And if you do, please include the big triad and the glyphs at the end as you did before, because I believe that if you love these men and this band and their amazing music, you are an Echelon. No matter our differences or what we’ve done in the past. That’s the true beauty that I see in this crazy, wonderful, big family we belong to.

To all who have, thank you for reading and for your time. ❤


Sci and Fell accidentally fused in public. Luckily no one saw it happen, now they just need to casually make their way back home. It’s a good thing Silica is a master of subtlety and doesn’t stick out at all. Yep, he’s not awkward in the slightest. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Nobody suspects a thing.

Inspired by this. I was thinking of how Silica might act, and what I was coming up with reminded me of these videos, so I had to draw it.

Colours | L.H + C.H pt. 3

Pairing: Luke + Reader | Calum + Reader

Summary: The last part and backstory of Colours

Word Count: 1,023

Warnings: cursing, food tw, alcohol tw

A/N: dedicating this to @tadpolehemmings and @itsinthehood for helping me all this time round. <3

You open the drawer, trying to take a piece of paper. Instead, you grab a certain polaroid picture.

A polaroid of you and Luke.

Luke was drunk. There was no doubt about it, he kept trying to hug you, kiss up your neck and kiss you. Which made you blush. A whole lot. “Luke! Stop it,” you whined, pushing him away for what you thought was the millionth time.

“Y/N!” He shouts, hugging you. “You are cute, I swear. Cute as fuck,” he spoke, emphasising on ‘cute’. You blush once more, feeling heat creep up to your cheeks. “Luke, you’re drunk,” you state, trying to pry his hands off your face.

Luke shakes his head, like as if he was getting rid of water in his ears. “I am not,” he argues, a childish tone lacing his voice. You sigh. “Yes, you are,” you say. “No. I’m not!” He exclaims, pouting and stomping his foot onto the floor, just like a child. He grabs on to your waist tighter, and buries his face into your neck. “I’m not drunk,” he mumbles.

Suddenly, a flash of a camera goes off. You look towards where the light was, and see Aimee holding a polaroid picture and the camera. She winks, and gives you a thumbs up, passing you the polaroid before skipping away.

You sigh, smiling sadly, before putting the picture away, safely inside your drawer. Even if he hurt you so many times, he still is your true soulmate.

Meanwhile, Calum was in the grocery store, trying to get your favourite candies and snacks for your movie night. He walks by the alcohol section, seeing a certain brand of whiskey that brought him back memories.

You were drunk. There was no doubt about it, seeing that there were at least two glasses of whiskey on the table. You weren’t a strong drinker, and just one full glass of alcohol could cause some public ruckus from you.

“Doll, you need to stop drinking, you’re gonna get a really bad hangover tomorrow,” Calum spoke, gently shaking your shoulder, your figure hunched over the table. “N-No! I’m going to get drunk! Unbliva… Unbelievably drunk!” You shout over the loud thumping music, slightly messing up at the ‘unbelievable’ part.

“Why do you wanna get drunk?” Calum asks, furrowing his eyebrows. He remembers that you absolutely despise getting full-on drunk, unless you were celebrating or feeling down. You definitely weren’t celebrating anything, so Calum concludes that you were feeling down.

You look up at him, eyes bloodshot, wide and hair tangled. Calum still thought you were beautiful though; he never once did think you weren’t. “My soulmate gave up on me. I-I’ve been waiting for 3 years. He never did change his mind,” you hiccuped, tears welling in your eyes. “I just want him to love me!” You cry out, emphasising on the word 'love’.

Calum sighs. “Let me love you,” he whispered.

Calum shakes his head, getting himself out of his thoughts. He walks towards the candy section, grabbing at the pack of gummy bears that you wanted.

You slam the beer can down onto the table, and Calum cringes at the noise. You pick up a gummy bear, before raising your hand up, looking at the gummy bear closely.

“Gummy bears, they’re tasty, chewy, and are little things of happiness. Except, that if you eat too much of these things-” you throw it back down onto the bowl. “They can rot your teeth. They’re have a ton of sugar in it. And it’s all artificial and doesn’t benefit your goddamned health. And then, you’ll feel pain in your teeth because it rot! Then you can’t eat gummy bears again,” you ramble.

You looked up at him, eyes bloodshot. “In my situation, my soulmate’s presence is sugar. In a shape of a gummy bear. I feed off of it, I love it, and eat way too much of it. Then, I realise its all artificial. It’s not love, it’s artificial, fake. But it’s too late! It’s already rotting my heart. And there comes the pain. All that pain,” you ramble. People probably would’ve thought you were crazy, but Calum understood every. Single. Thing. You. Said.

He could relate to it one hundred percent.

Calum looks down at the pack of gummy bears he was holding, and heaves a deep sigh. Sometimes, he’d ask himself if he soulmates were real.

Did Calum believe in soulmates? No, he didn’t. His soulmate gave up on him long before he even met her. Just like you. He was heartbroken. Calum couldn’t accept the fact that soulmates could give up on their partner.

That was, until he met you. He was used to seeing black, white, and grey. But every time he looked at you, he saw colours. It was like you were made for each other. No, not soulmates. You fit each other, what you went through, what you did for your soulmate, and how you felt.

We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together.

On the other hand, Luke was a mess. He knew he deserved this, he knew this was exactly how you felt when you realised your world was just a black, white, and grey.

The scattered empty beer cans seemed to represent his heart. Empty. Scattered all over the place. But could Luke do anything? No. Definitely not. It was too late.

Luke liked to deceive himself. He told himself he’d get over this, wake up the next day feeling normal and absolutely fine. But he knew he couldn’t. You waited for three years deceiving yourself that he’d come back for you. And now Luke’s going to spend a long time deceiving himself that he’d wake up and be “fine”.

Luke pulls himself up, using the glass coffee table to steady himself. His head was pounding, but that small amount of pain wouldn’t ever be able to be equivalent to the heartbreak that he was going through.

Luke stumbled around, opening a cupboard, reaching his hand out, feeling for any packet of food. His hand grabs on to a packet of candy. Gummy bears.

I’m glad ACA repeal failed, but I’m angry about it too
Republicans won three elections on an argument they never took seriously. The failure of the House to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), leaving the Affordable Care Act unrepealed, is of course great news, both for people who need health care and for the cause of responsible, responsive public policy. The Affordable Care Act needs continual refining and improvement, which it probably won’t get, but the fundamental framework of the ACA survives, and eventually we’ll return to the task of fixing and expanding it. Read more

I’m still baffled at the size of the shit storm being stirred up from a simple comment about a personal preference. But so so much more at why all this hate and criticism is being directed at the most liberal, open-minded, empathetic and socially aware idol in the industry, Kim Jonghyun.

Call me biased for all I care, but Jonghyun has demonstrated time and time again that he isn’t any of the negative labels that are being attached to him. He’s nothing but a humanist, from supporting transexual individuals to fighting against domestic abuse. He hasn’t fucked up shit.

This kind of aggressive backlash is why idols cut off social media.

This kind of cherry picking of ‘evidence’ is why idols don’t normally speak up about social issues.

And this honestly terrifies me because we really, really need more Korean public figures like Jonghyun to keep speaking up about issues that matter for people who are considered different, and about causes that need attention. This is especially important for the Korean public, who are mostly still afraid to. Please remember this.

Darcy is no longer allowed to meet superhero heads of state. She punched Namor in the face after he hit on her favorite underling, told Doctor Doom his foreign policies were awful and that he needed to step up his Eurovision game, gave Magneto a long lecture about how Genosha was not helping the mutant cause in the eyes of the public (and that he really needed a more subdued costume if he wanted to be taken seriously as a leader), and told T’Challa that even though he was a total babe, his policy of isolationism wasn’t going to help him in the long run, especially since the public knows Wakanda has a cure for cancer and refuses to share it. 


Note: I apologize for not having more quotes from the manga in this. But I haven’t found typesetted new chapter yet, so please accept just looking at summaries of what was going on.

Erwin works in mysterious ways, and Isayama has a thing for hinting at future events. He does this plenty through Erwin, actually, who seems to have a knack for knowing what will happen before it does. Levi even says something along the lines of ‘he’s always a step ahead of us.’

Erwin has been acting mysteriously the past few days. The conversations he’s had with Nile, Pixis, and Hange, as if he’d been preparing for something, seem very ominous. But it seems like it’s all part of Erwin’s plan, as always.

He promised Pixis that he would try to prevent bloodshed in the overthrowing of the government, but admitted he didn’t have the key factor to make a scene he would need to cause in order to make the general public upset enough to cause a revolution. But the way he talked about it, he at least seemed to have an idea of what the key factor could be– he already had a plan in his head.

What I think is that this 'key factor’ Erwin originally talked about was a murder that he could have Nile pin on Erwin himself. When the time came around for it, Erwin knew he would have to have someone take his spot for the time being, and named the most capable for the job–Hange–as Commander. He then proceeded to win the civilians over with his speech about Reeves. 

His sentence is going to be the key factor; he’s planning on winning over the populace with it, and he knows that if he doesn’t manage to win them over, the entire Scouting Legion is going to be executed. But if he manages to win them over–which we’ll see in future chapters–we’ll likely see more unrest. And the Garrison and the side of the MP that Nile is in charge of will likely help in the unrest and eventually create a complete revolution against the King.

There’s a reason why Erwin still seems so grim-faced; none of this surprises him. This is all part of his plan. There is no huge danger for the Scouting Legion other than the Human Repression Unit right now. And even this Repression Unit may be beneficial. While Kenny Ackerman understands how Levi works, he doesn’t understand how Hange nor Erwin work; their actions and choices might through him off his game and make things harder for him, as well as pose a threat to the public that the Scouting Legion can work on saving the civilians from, further making them side with them rather than the useless Military Police, who’s corruption stops it from working properly in stopping crime.

It’s up to you

This is going to be a long one but the most important UK vote in decades is coming up tomorrow, so if you don’t like it, there will be some more photos of buildings soon.

It makes me sad when I hear working class people supporting the leave campaign because they’ve been misinformed, misled and used. When you feel powerless you will latch onto anything you can that offers you power to restore your self respect, and a lot of people in the UK feel powerless after 8 years of cuts, job losses and austerity. Those very wealthy people behind the leave campaign (including a former member of the BNP who donated £600,000 as revealed on the debate last night) seem to provide easy answers to the problems of recession-hit working class people but in reality they want to take us back to feudalism. Leave is motivated by nationalist ideology and they would drive this country into the ground to make their point- it’s not them who will suffer if the economy fails. Their backers’ idea of freeing Britain is really freeing themselves to do what they want at other peoples’ expense. They want to be free of EU law so it will be easier for them to launder money, commit share fraud, breach antitrust regulations, sack you, pollute your environment, discriminate against you and abuse your rights.

We can’t predict what will happen to the economy if we leave the EU, but independent economic experts are overwhelmingly agreed that the effects will be negative. By comparison, supporting Leave we have James Dyson, who has a personal grudge against the EU after losing his legal challenge to EU energy labelling, and loves UK workers so much he transferred production of his vacuum cleaners to Malaysia, and Tim Martin of the JD Wetherspoon pub chain, which participates in exploitative workfare schemes and has a long history of allowing their pubs to host meetings of fascist groups like the EDL, United Patriots, Welsh Alliance and Casual Infidels.

If Britain leaves the EU it will clear the path for the far right to dominate British politics. Can you imagine life under a government led by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove? What chance will the NHS have? Or the BBC? And a Brexit would only encourage other extreme right wing nationalist groups across the EU to follow our example.

The polls are showing Remain slightly ahead but Leave are relying on young people being complacent and not voting so please, use your vote!

-If you don’t know where your polling station is, check

-You do not need your polling card to vote, as long as you’re on the electoral register.

-You do not need ID, just tell the staff at the polling station your name and address.

-Even if you are still in a queue at 10pm, you still get to vote.

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What do you mean about the fandom perception of full stop?? Cause apart from larries nobody saw this as shady like from what I saw the others part of the fandom saying it's just a management company which is still not lauch and will take care of H.. And the fact that it's still not really public it's cause not needed and will be very soon when H will officially announce his solo deal.

Yeah, the rest of the fandom likes to just take what they’re fed.

Here’s the thing. Cold hard facts. There was a Twitter account set up for Full Stop before it was announced, pretty sure it’s the real deal. No activity other than a tweet of the link to the announcement from Billboard.

Tommy and Jeff’s Twitters? No mention of Full Stop as the place they work.

Tommy and Noelle’s LinkedIn?  No mention of Full Stop. Tommy’s says he still works at CAA and Noelle’s says she left CAA in March, but with no indication of what she’s doing now. So she took the time to update it, but didn’t add her new company.

Meghan Trainor and Lukas Graham also have no mention of Full Stop on any of their online pages. Lukas has Tommy’s CAA email listed for booking still. Meghan called Tommy her manager in an instagram post once. But that’s it. 

Wouldn’t you think they’d be just as proud to have Meghan and Lukas Graham as clients as they are Harry and want to be associated with them outside IMDb?

The antis can say that’s “normal” all they want. It is not.

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I know it shouldn't matter but I wish you were a virgin. We need more ladies saving themselves for the right man in the eye of the public. To set an example cause this planet need saving.

the right man needs to appear more often.. and some men like the portray signs of the “right man” .. 

women are held to such high standards. yes they are suppose to respect their bodies as it is their temple.. 

there is so much responsibility that comes with being a woman.. men have no real responsibilities .. as they are known to always screw up and thats always the stereotypical excuse. 

i never said i was and i never said i wasn’t.. thats never really anyones business. 

sex is a natural part of life.. its what happens.. its how both you and i were conceived. 

you need to live and learn and make mistakes and figure it out. 

thats LIFE .. thats LIVING .. 

What should horrify Americans is not Kaepernick’s choice to remain seated during the National Anthem, but that nearly 50 years after Ali was banned from boxing for his stance and Tommie Smith and John Carlos’s raised fists caused public ostracization and numerous death threats, we still need to call attention to the same racial inequities. Failure to fix this problem is what’s really un-American here.
—  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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Hello, I don't have a tumblr but I'd like to possibly request if you could call attention to Nickelodeon's plan on building an underwater park in Palawan. I can't post a link to the petition against it but I've only seen one post about it and would really appreciate more people being informed about this terrible plan; which is to build an underwater development to 'advocate ocean protection' by disrupting one of the last non-commercialized islands and it's surrounding waters.

Happily, Anon, it appears the Philippines’ Environmental Minister is already at work blocking it. I’m sure there’s still a ways to go before the project is entirely killed but I’m pretty confident it’s not going to move forward, given the outcry. 

I do want to take this moment to remind people that while I’m happy to publicize fundraisers, activist causes, and various other things that need publicity, I have a forum for it, Radio Free Monday, which was created because otherwise I’d never do anything else, and people would get tired of the constant fundraising/activism reblogs and wander off, defeating the purpose of me doing it in the first place. Radio Free Monday is perhaps not as effective as individual reblogs but it’s much better at preventing activism fatigue. 

This ask is a good example of why RFM exists: Anon couldn’t send me a URL via ask, which means I have to not only find news about this and educate myself about it but then present all that information to you guys. This shifts a burden of research onto me that I’m (normally) not willing or able to shoulder. I cannot do your research for you because I am one person and there are at last count thirteen thousand of you reading this, give or take a few porn blogs. 

But it’s okay, because I have a google form! If you want to get a fundraiser or cause publicized, here’s the form to fill out so that you can properly submit all the info, including a URL. The form is anonymous unless you choose to submit a name or tumblr handle, and it ensures that I get all the information I need to make a Radio Free Monday post. (And if you’re fundraising for a cause, be it personal or public, you may also want to consult my Primer On Fundraising For People Who Don’t Know How To Raise Funds.)

I do appreciate you asking Anon and I do think preserving Palawan is important – but there’s so much that’s important, and this is the best way I’ve found to make sure as much as possible gets publicized in the best possible way. 

I mean, I still have to code it all, so don’t like go LOOKING for stuff to send in to RFM. But when you find something you care about and you want others to care about…that’s why RFM is there. 

How to Talk to Women Wearing  Headphones Pt. 2

Okay, so we’ve all read that sweet piece “How to Talk to a Woman Wearing Headphones,” right? Where we finally learn how to break through the self-imposed barrier silly women use to be left alone? It’s pretty great, very necessary, and not at all something that will cause lots of ladies undue discomfort in public, as if they needed any more. Anyway, since it’s important that men get to do whatever they want, I thought I’d include five more that awesome dude Dan Bacon forgot.


This is a good way to get her attention. Grab your leg or side (not your crotch–gotta let her know that THAT works fine), yell really loudly, then fall down. This is an especially good one for the train. When people come over to help you, and she isn’t with them, point at her and go “No, you help me–but first, take off your headphones.” When she sees you’re totally fine and you only did that to get her attention she’ll laugh and be super into you and you’ll leave the train together for some sex.


So genius. I find it’s smart just to write this on my chest with a sharpie every day before I leave my apartment. Thinking of getting a tattoo of it. Then again, I don’t want to go to the beach and have a dude get the wrong idea, you know? Ugh.


Works every time.


It’s a sweet throwback breakdance move that everybody loves. She’ll be like, “Whoa, this dude just humped the ground in front of me, going backwards! Wish he wasn’t just an awesome street dancer hustling his art for change, that way I’d let him hump me.” Then, when people are throwing money at you that you don’t need, you walk over to her and go “That was just for you, I have plenty of money (say it even if you don’t).” Headphones AND panties go bye-bye.


You have to make the trip look super real, but this is a good one. She’ll be super startled, but flustered and unsure of what to do because she’ll making sure you’re okay. While she’s stymied, run your hands through her hair and say “Oh my God, you saved me. Who ARE you?” She’s as good as yours. Like, I’m not saying kiss her right then, but definitely kiss her right then. You’re welcome.

So Im going to need the lovely writers of carmilla to release the script to the general public cause I need to know exactly what was scripted, especially episode 36. How many kisses were planned? Did it tell Elise to use tongue? How much touching? How much everything? Take my first born child I’ll love the last one most anyways