cause this is my fav scene

i think one of my very fav behind the scenes DW stories is, back when nick briggs and gary russell & co were making doctor who audiovisuals they had fuck all money cause they were all students, so at first they just recorded in people’s living rooms

after the first couple of seasons they started recording in an actual studio and I and most of the people involved in the AVs figured they’d just like, got permission to use it for free or smth

BUT NO it turns out what happened is, they wanted to record in a studio, located a studio, and started using it on the regular and if anyone asked what they were doing they’d just confidently state that they had permission to be there and no-one ever questioned this

& i love this because, the doctor would be so proud of them


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


“Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you’re right. I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that’s where I belong. That’s home. That’s why I came back, ‘cause you don’t have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can.”

6 Times I Have Been 100% Convinced That Hannibal and Will Were About To Kiss - A List

1. Fromage - Post Tobias fight / death when Hannibal realises that Will didn’t actually die ( and does a lil gasp n swallow oh lordy) and that he has FEELINGS about that and he looks up at Will with tear glistening eyes and absolute adoration ‘I was worried you were dead’ (fyi this is one of my fav scenes ever it’s so angsty and beautiful and uGHHH) 

2. Su-Zakana - post turducken horse birth gross times when Hannibal cha chas in real smooth and takes Will’s gun out of his hand ( no that’s not a euphemism) in the most erotically charged scene i’ve seen on TV in a long time despite the gross ass surrounding setting, and he grabs Will’s FACE in his HAND and they are so close to kissing holy shit I really don’t know how that didn’t happen especially cause Hannibal at the same time is barely containing his boner for Will’s mind 

3. Mizumono - Post horrendously heart wrenching ( or should I say gut wrenching ) betrayal stab goodbye moment when Hannibal is literally crying and stabs Will and embraces him like oh my GOD 

4. Dolce - almost every single moment in the scene in the art gallery but especially possibly the most romantic thing Hannibal has ever said ‘If I saw you everyday forever Will, I would remember this time’ 

5. The Wrath Of The Lamb - When Hannibal and Will are about to enjoy a nice glass of wine together before The Red Dragon shows up and Will says ‘ I don’t know if I can save myself, maybe that’s just fine.’ and Hannibal gives him the most intense smoulder look I have almost ever seen with SUCH a pause that I honestly was like ‘this is it, this is the moment’ 

6. The Wrath Of The Lamb
- The ‘It’s beautiful’ moment just before the cliff hanger 

honourable mention 

(if these are ur gifs let me know and I’ll pop credit in cause I just used google sozzzz ) 

he’s smiling at erik

Recommendation list (anime)


- Strawberry Panic (lots of couples, drama and 0 boys around!; somewhat problematic)

- Onii-sama E… (old school never disappoints except it’s choke full of LGTBphobia; in the end compulsory heterosexuality makes the main characters marry men so yuck)

- Kannazuki no Miko (mechas! lesbians! drama! the end of the world! one of my favs; TW r*pe scene in one episode)

- Sakura Trick (cute, fluffy, super moe; 0/10 for the story but 10/10 for the characters and their relationships; it’s sometimes boring to watch ‘cause all they do is kiss in floral backgrounds)

-  HEN (Strange Love) (it’s a weird old school erotic anime?; there’s het sex at first and then the main character discovers she loves a girl; i personally like it but there’s too many men involved for my taste)

- Yuru Yuri (great comedy; too moe?; the story is sometimes boring like every other highschool anime full of cliches; everyone crushes on everyone!)

- Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (the main character is BOMB and she loves girls; there aren’t kisses or such but still!)

- Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (hilarious!; just 2 OVAs to have some fun and then forget about it forever)

- Selector Infected WIXOSS (hmm, one canon couple but it’s problematic af; subtexty ships; the story is ok)

- Maria Holic (LOVE IT; the main character is a lesbian and her goal is to get a gf and that’s why she enters and all-girls highschool)

- Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora (Kannazuki no Miko alternate world with two cuties that love each other; girls are weapons or something like that :( )


- Maria-sama ga Miteru (not really explicit about girl on girl romance; instead of calling each other “lovers” they say “sisters” but it’s worth it; Sei’s the only one who’s explicit gay) 

- Candy Boy (it’s really cute and pure; all subtext ‘cause they’re sisters, obvi)

-  Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Madomura IS Madoka Magica; love everything about it; it’s subtext and not explicitly yuri)

- Black Rock Shooter (studio Khara!; sadly everything is in the subtext)

- Akuma no Riddle (just one canon couple but plenty of subtext; the story’s not so bad; haven’t read the manga but anon said in the manga everyone is explicitly gay)

- Rolling Girls (there’s a girl with 2 moms! and there’s a somewhat canon couple?; also you can ship a lot of people; the story’s great in my opinion but really slow and bizarre in the end)

- Red Garden (DON’T watch it for the yuri, ‘cause there’s just like two girls who have feelings with the one who goes missing; it’s weird but fresh; i find it funny that i’ve watched this anime 3 times and i keep forgetting the ending)

I don’t like these but i’ll just mention them:

- Valkyrie Drive (this one’s bullshit; i hate anime/videogames that objectify women by turning them into weapons; the relationships are problematic; it’s explicit so that’s great and there’s one couple i really enjoy watching, the rest is garbage and i don’t really want to recommend this one tbh)

- Yuri Kuma Arashi (couldn’t finish it ‘cause it bore me to death; it’s cute and explicit i think?)

- Shoujo Sect (i hate hentai tbh, but everyone likes this one ‘cause of all the couples? i find it problematic like every hentai anime)

- Psycho-Pass (there’s a lesbian character and i loved that (she hooks up with her boss); i felt it was awfully pretentious and the story wasn’t THAT good)

-Shinsekai Yori (i liked the story but the lesbian plot was bizarre (the girls fall in love with each other one day and the next they forget about it); the manga’s yuri plot is better but total fanservice and that makes me really mad)

- Loveless (it’s yaoi with a yuri couple; i don’t watch yaoi but i tried this one for the lesbians and meh)


Alec Lightwood Appreciation Weeks
Week Two: Favorite Malec Moment(s)

The Institute was never his home, not really. Deep down he knew that it’s not the place where he belongs, his soul missed Alicante. The angel blood running through his veins was uneasy, calling him to get away as far as he can, to get away and don’t ever look back.

That feeling – the constant longing – has been slowly growing stronger, more insistent. He wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to resist it, although he was painfully aware of consequences of giving up; he knew that the day when he stops fighting, it’ll be the day of his doom. So he has lived that way – lost, miserable, brushing off a dull ache in his chest. And that’s exactly why the strange familiarity of Magnus’s loft was so disturbing.

Because here, under the touch of the night, Alec felt warm and safe. Like at home. For the briefest moment he could let go, forget about all the responsibilities waiting for him outside and just enjoy serenity which Magnus’s presence offered. Here, among whispers of stars, he felt at peace with himself. Frankly, he could very easily used to that but this kind of thoughts was dangerous, Alec knew it very well so he tried to not pay too much attention to them.

“How do you fly with no wings, mi ángel?”

Magnus’s question startled him, but he composed himself quickly and with a little amusement leaned over the warlock.

“I’m the fallen one,” he replied, his warm breath brushing Magnus’s ear, lips nearly touching the golden skin. “The one who was banished to live among mundanes. The prodigal son of Heavens,” he whispered; when he heard a soft gasp he pulled away. Magnus was looking at him with wonder, deep brown eyes and parted lips.

“What caused that?” he asked but didn’t get the answer – Alec only smirked and with a drink in his hand and mirth in eyes turned around, wandering off to the couch.

Get Down had me crying like a bish!

I can’t describe how much I love this series. How much respect for it I have. It’s so much of our culture with this important subtexts and messages.

I mean take the finale episode for example - the big get together throw down scene! Even though I’m black and I have interest in just about all the eras when it comes to music it’s still easy to forget how much music - our music - has transformed. It’s easy to forget that we invented a lot of shit even though that’s often been stolen and watered down for others. Music for blacks has always been this element that’s just reigned supreme - no matter what part of our history you look at music has been founding. Music has also transformed our way of dance of course - one thing I love about the get down is its highlight of disco dance in our culture. Because yes be-boying is something that’s populated from that time and while disco music is often brought up on movies that highlight that era (about blacks)…the dance form is often left to the wayside or night shined on. And the fact that the disco king (who refers to himself as such) is someone that always has his finger on the trigger, is my favorite thing. I was so jazzed when there was a battle between hip-hop and disco - because that’s real. One washed the other out before something else came along and affected that thing too (rap). Plus that scene was fucking epic.

Can I also say I’m here for them bringing girls to the mic and having them do hip hop and not just singing disco! I was sooo amped. And baby was referenced as Queen and I dug that too with all the kingdom talks of kings. Ra-Ra is so precious. I love that every member has their role - there own superpower and everytime he creates a plan he’s just like a genius Cinnabon who can do no wrong.

I cried so many times for fucking Shaolin in part 2. I def liked him more this time around. He was more human, more real. You guys know I love my broken baes. My heart broke for him a million times over. Zeke made him believe they were ride or die, that they were family that he could lean on him and the Kiplings and then he turned his back and walked away. He spent his childhood and adulthood being raped by Annie, running drugs for her, surviving alone. He says in one episode - “You’ve never seen me out with a girl, on dates and holding hands, I don’t know nothin bout that shit.” - this part shows is just how Annie has affected him. When he goes to find Dizzee at Thor’s and he’s sees into D’s world/his sexuality we get subtext that maybe Shao’s sexuality ain’t the lady killer as he makes it - he also refers to Dizz as his brother (his alien brother) and we see him refer to the members as his brothers a few times (showing his opening up). When he lets Boo start to run drugs for him, it’s not out of greed or malice it’s because Boo was gonna be in that life regardless of what anyone said and Shao felt like he was better under his care than someone else’s. Its also because Boo hit him with that relatable - they’re gonna leave us one day and I ain’t got no college to go to - line. Zeke often has one foot in and one foot out where Shao is concerned. He had many people in his ear warning him about how bad Shao was. So hearing him out was never on the table. Mentally I couldn’t help but say it’s because you love him when Shao asked zeke what’s stopping him from fucking zeke up right then since they aren’t family, because that’s what it really was. He had stood in front of Zeke and once again stripped himself bare by revealing a part of himself he never showed anyone else (his real name) and Zeke used that against him - telling him things that deep down he believed himself. And then to see him go back to Annie! Gah! I cried and cried and then that bitch shot the kitten! Man….they had me fucked up with this season/part.

Can I give a honorary mention for the fact that it was this shared reality that made homie give up trying to get Shao to come back and sign that paper. That scene was so important.

Last but not least - my baby Dizzee and in part his baby Thor! My boo was somber this season/part. We also didn’t get a lot of him because jaden’s time allot was different/his contract. But I still love this shit! Paint nails, crazy philosophy, considered weird and still a rebel at heart. Diz had to settle more into his own sexuality this season/part. Thors locked up and Diz is taking a stone cold break from his street art and even his old friends. For some reason his father feels like he’s the bad one (ha). It just seems like he’s a little disconnected and trying to keep his head down while making comic sketches for his jailbird boyfriend. That all of course changes when Thor gets out. It’s clear he doesn’t want his family to know about his sexuality or his relationship with Thor. And they’re so stupid they’re still calling Thor his friend even though he took that step towards him before he passed out, repeatedly draws him, spends all his time with him, and draws him hearts with spray pain in the air…he just doesn’t wanna lose those close to him. He doesn’t think they’ll accept him. You could see the fear dropping off of him when Shao walked into Thor’s place and saw everything - from the way he glanced from his Rumi paintings to a sleeping Thor. Rumi is a metaphor for his own sexuality but it was easy to read between the lines in that room. Diz’s art is a very important part of him. It’s how he communicates, how he tells his stories. Like music and dance art (def street art) is a big part of the culture and The Get Down used all 3 to triangle eachother in a nice way. Music, dance, art, they were all a rebellion and art was Diz’s preferred form. It was what originally bonded him and Thor (and can I say how cute it is that Thor supports him and amazed by his performance both with a mic in his hand or an art tool!). I’m gonna have to talk about Dizzee again cause they had me all the way fucked up with that ending. Dizzee is my fav and I’m just not…it’s not where I’m at - at all. It’s frustrating to love this shit so much and know it prob won’t be renewed. Like…ugh. Five fucking episodes - it wasn’t enough! And don’t even get me started on the domesticated house scene of pure freedom and elation as Dizzee and Thor painted each other.

Everything had me crying like a baby and that finale had me wtfing all over the place.



fav outfit/look: IK the whole thing of this is to choose one but I CAN’T. I love him with the plaid shirt. When he wears black (cause men wearing black is my weakness). And of course when he use his regular/casual clothes *grey shoes, grey shoes*

-everything he wears makes it perfect, like when he use colorful socks-

Btw I give everyone credit of their own work.

anonymous asked:

When do you start like Cole and Lili. And why?

ok lemme tell you a story.

The main reason why I first started shipping Lili/Cole was because of the chemistry that they have with each other on-screen. In fact the moment that I first saw it was during the scene where Betty looks at Jughead & Archie as they entered Pop’s and the camera focused on him for just a little bit (which was also the same moment that I started shipping Bughead btw) 

Originally posted by unconditionalloveandunicornspawn

– which made me go “oh shit, it’s happening again – i’m gonna start shipping these two [Betty/Jughead]”.  So that’s when I kinda started following the cast, mainly Lili & Cole ‘cause they played my favs (granted this was during Late Jan/Early Feb so I missed all the interactions they had beforehand). But around the time that they were about to end filming, Lili & Cole were hanging out in their trailers and posting about each other on their insta stories.

Which made me go “these two are hella cute”, so I watched old interviews that they did, and looked up old snaps/stories/pics that they posted with each other and I knew by then that trying to stop myself from shipping them would be fruitless so I just gave in and became trash for the both of them. The End.

Star Signs as Types of Emo

Aries - The phan trash

Phan is real!!1!!11!!

Don’t forget Phil! 

Phan trash #1

Taurus - The Scene Kid :

Botdf is life 

rawr XD 

10% human, 50% hair dye, 20% vampire, 20% mermaid XD

Gemini - The top fan


Ew 5sos isn’t even punk 

omg halsey is soooo hot 

Arctic monkeys! 

probably gay

Cancer - The ‘punk’ : 

5sos is life omg 

Red flannels 

what’s nirvana? 

Leo - The grunge kid

Rip Kurt Cobain 

Joy division is my fav 

doc martens are essential 

Virgo - The scremo lover

Bmth is life

rip Mitch Luker 

Slipknot isn’t even that intense 

Libra - The EMO emo :

Emo trinity 

Panic! at the disco is still emo 

Skinny jeans and band shirts 

*cries cause mcr* 

Scorpio - The actual Punk

Green day is the reason punk exists 

The clash needs more recognition 

It’s one eighty two, not one hundred and eighty two 

Sagittarius - The fake fan 

I love Gerard Way from Fall out boy 

panic at the disco 

who’s Andy Hurley? 

Capricorn - The anime nerd : 

Death note XD 

Senpai ^_^ 

*is rlly good at drawing* 

Aquarius - The new emo 


*only knows american psycho / american beauty*

*only owns one band shirt which is a nirvana one probably from k mart* 

Pisces - The overprotective emo

Person : “I love Fall Out Boy”

“NaMe alL tHe MemBErs AnD thEIr BirTHdayS! dO yOU eVeN reMeMBEr THe HIatuS”

Knows everything about the emo trinity 

dyes hair alot 

loves black 


My latest video showcases how the end of Archie & Betty’s potential for a romantic relationship leads to Betty falling in love with Jughead and Archie connecting with Veronica. I understand that there is friction between shippers of these three ships. Please, no ship hate in the comments. Thank you and enjoy! (no matter who you ship)

Vidder’s Notes: This vid would not be possible without @rainystripe. She introduced me to the song that inspired this whole video. She listened to it when she drew this Bughead masterpiece (song info also included at the link). I’m rarely inspired by music (and I think it only happened this time cause I had her visual to guide me as I listened). I usually start with a plot/scenes in mind and then go hunting for music. And although this vid started out as a shippy vid just for Bughead, it morphed into this … exploring all three ships. However, it’s still VERY Bughead rich. So no worries.

I actually don’t ship Archieronnie right now (I had SERIOUS issues with what happened in Episode 13, don’t even get me started), but they have great chemistry and I’m prepared to ship them because my fav OTP of all time - and the first couple I actually wanted to end up together - had dubious beginnings and it worked out for them. I was prepared to hate them, but was pleasantly surprised when they grew into each other the following season and then I just absolutely fell in love with them. 

From the promo material that’s already been released, Veronica & Archie look poised to do just this - I can’t wait! Veronica and Jughead are my two fav characters on Riverdale, hands down. I’d like to be able to ship both of them (just not with each other).

Unpopular opinion

Many of you probably won’t agree with me, I know, but it’s just my opinion on the movie Nowhere Boy. Well, the first movie I watched about The Beatles was In His Life: The John Lennon Story, when I barely knew their story. I was 13 years old, and I was still discovering their music and didn’t know too much on their story/personal lives, just that they were a band from the 60′s, they broke up around 1970 and that two of them had died. So when I watched that movie, I loved John. Seriously, I was fascinated by his character, he was so crazy and funny, and until then my fav Beatle was Paul, but now I was obsessed with John because of that movie. 

I started to read some books, magazines and blogs about The Beatles, then I watched Nowhere Boy - actually, I bought the DVD cause everybody was saying it was great. Okay, I put the DVD to watch with my family and my first thought when I saw Aaron Johnson was: ‘Is this Ringo? Who is him? He’s blue-eyed.’ Then minutes later, ‘Wait. He’s John. Uh. Okay. Why no one gave him some darker contact-lenses?’.

Then there was a scene with Julia, which she lied on John, then the next scene was some sexual moans, appeared John’s legs and apparently he was fucking a girl, and I was like ‘IS HE FUCKING HIS MOTHER?’ AND I WAS WITH MY MOM, LIKE, DYING, but it was a school girl, when in fact John lost his virginity with his then girlfriend Barbara Baker, when he was already in Art College. John was still a virgin. But ‘the scene is great for a movie, isn’t it?’, more interesting than the reality. Okay. Then he meets Paul. I was like, ‘IS THAT GUY PAUL? BUT… HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PAUL???? HE WAS A CHUBBY SCHOOL BOY, WHILE THIS GUY IS SUPER THIN…’, but it was to show that John was the tall one, the big one, the hot one, while Paul was just a second character, after all, ‘it works better in a movie, doesn’t it?’. 

Now let’s talk about Mimi. She was basically portrayed like a witch. And when I watched the other movie about John, she was just a serious woman trying to raise John. In Nowhere Boy she even sold John’s guitar to add some drama, when IT NEVER HAPPENED? Mimi was against John being a musician just because she was reasonable, she wanted John to have a good future, because apparently it was impossible in her point of view to become rich performing in pubs. Yes, John became rich being a musician, but it was not the usual. In the movie, when uncle George dies, John hugs Mimi, and she like, he died ‘—’ , go to your bedroom John, when actually John saw Mimi crying when uncle George died. But it’s a good scene, better than the reality. The cliche plot of heroes and villains work better, human beings with virtues and flaws is not interesting.  

My opinion on Nowhere Boy is: I don’t hate the movie at all, but it’s like, it’s not about John, you know? I didnd’t see John there. It was like a story about another person, not about John Lennon’s life. If it was original characters, maybe I liked it more. The point is: some people take this movie too serious, believing  that John punched Paul when his mother died, when in fact it never happened, and that Mimi was a mean woman, when she wasn’t. And if you believe John’s real life isn’t interesting enough to make a movie and you prefer him in a made up character, well…

#DGraymanweek- Day 5: Message

I literally just saw that there is smth like this about… an hour ago or so?? N I was all like OAAAAAAO  need to participate!!! DGM is my fav manga of all time but I never do fa’s for it cause it already gives me everything I need :’)  However, seeing that it is now DGM week I had the urge to do one of my fav scenes that gets me EVERY DAMN TIME! I still remember the massive goosebumps I got the very first time I red this scene n just thought “Hooooooly shit O//A//O”  neah n mana will be the death of my poor poor heart… (after alma n kanda already broke it)