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i was dreaming of bigger things in
wanna leave my own life behind

W.D. Gaster Masterpost

(undertale spoilers)

Doctor W.D. Gaster is an enigma shrouded in mystery, with very little known about him. Despite the scarce amount of information, this character is a popular topic for many fans who are desperate to know who he is. After the January 2016 patch, more “fun” events became available in regular gameplay, driving more people to look for answers as to who Gaster is.

The following is a breakdown of facts, circumstantial evidence, and unconfirmed theories on Gaster. All technical information mentioned below is based on v1.001 of the game.


Before Gaster is discussed, three important characters should be considered – the followers.

Facts about the followers:

  • There are three followers.
  • Their sprite names are spr_g_follower_1, spr_g_follower_2, and spr_g_follower_3.
  • Their object names in the code are obj_gaster_follower_b,  obj_gaster_follower_a, and obj_gaster_follower_c.
  • Each follower has a very low chance of appearing.
    • Follower_1: fun value 62 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
    • Follower_2: fun value 61 and 20% chance = 0.2% chance
    • Follower_3: fun value 63 and 50% chance = 0.5% chance
  • These are the only monsters that ever mention Gaster by name.
  • They share a monochrome gray color theme.
  • Two of them use the words “they say” in reference to what they know.
  • Frisk’s phone does not turn on in their presence.
  • Follower_2 disappears after speaking.

Since the followers are the only characters that mention Gaster by name, what is known as canon about Gaster is derived from their dialogue. However, because the followers speak in such a hearsay manner (e.g. “They say he created the Core.”), it’s hard to be sure how accurate this information is. With little else to go on, this information will be taken at face value. 

Facts and hearsays about Gaster:

  • He was the previous Royal Scientist, before Alphys.
  • His brilliance was “irreplaceable”, which is why Asgore took so long to replace him.
  • He created the CORE.
  • His life was cut short.
  • He fell into his creation.
  • His experiments went wrong. (Yes, experiments is plural here).
  • He vanished without a trace.
  • He shattered across time and space.
  • A piece of him exists with Follower_2.
  • He is still listening.

Outside of what the followers share, there are a few more things known by special events in the game and by examining the code and assets.

From the game’s code, assets, etc:

  • Entering Gaster’s name in the character name screen causes the game to restart – and it only happens with Gaster’s name.
  • The Sound Test Room in Snowdin has a 50% chance of being accessible at fun value 65 (after defeating Papyrus and before defeating Asriel in the pacifist route), and Gaster’s Theme can be played in this room. Once the song starts playing, the music cannot be changed. Eventually, the song ends and then Frisk is automatically returned to the room with the fishing rod.
  • Despite not having a battle, Gaster’s monster type identifier in the code is 666, and his stats are composed using only 6. (ex. HP of 666666)
  • Sans’ attacks, which bear resemblance to animal skulls, use six sprites called spr_gasterblaster.
  • An unused NPC field sprite called spr_gb_npc looks like the spr_gasterblaster sprites, but without a face.
  • The gasterblasters are used in the code’s obj_gasterblaster, which is used in the code’s obj_gasterbl_gen.
  • By editing the game’s save files, ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN can be found in an unused room. The code for this room is called obj_gaster_room, confirming that the entry belongs to Gaster. The identifier for the text type is 666, and the game quits after the last line of the entry.

Circumstantial Evidence

The following is a list of reasonable deductions based on clues provided in the game. Unlike the facts listed above, these theories are not confirmed directly. However, they have enough circumstantial evidence to make a strong case.

Gaster is the original creator of the DT Extraction Machine.

  • Alphys specifically mentioned “using the blueprints” in her lab entry 5.
  • Since Alphys used these rather than created them, it’s presumed to be from the previous Royal Scientist.

W.D. Gaster refers to Wingdings and Aster (two fonts). 

  • Wingdings shares Gaster’s initials, W.D.
  • Because the room with ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN is coded as obj_gaster_room, Gaster has a connection to Wingdings.
  • If the W.D. refers to Wingdings, the name Gaster may refer to Aster. However, there is no Aster in the game.

Gaster is a skeleton.

  • Because Sans and Papyrus are named after fonts and are skeletons, Gaster is assumed to be a skeleton.

The Core was built before New Home.

  • Considering New Home is built above the CORE, it’s reasonable to assume Gaster built the CORE before the Royal Family moved to New Home.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster that appears in a room behind a gray door in Waterfall – Mystery Man.

  • The sprites are called spr_mysteryman.
  • The object name in the code is obj_mysteryman.
  • At fun value 66, there is a 10% chance of this door appearing. That means there is a mere 0.1% chance of finding this door without hacking or cheating.
  • Frisk cannot collide with Mystery Man; they walk right through.
  • When interacted with, Mystery Man disappears, and the sound effect snd_mysterygo plays. It is the same one that plays for the disappearing Follower_2, who claims to be holding a piece of Gaster.
  • Unlike with the followers, the phone can be used, but there is no response.

Gaster may have a connection to the monster in an inaccessible room in Waterfall – Redacted A.

  • Its sprite is called spr_redacted_a_0.
  • Its object name in the code is obj_redacted_a.
  • The room can be accessed by editing the game’s save files, but only after disabling dogcheck.
  • The monster is solid and cannot be walked through. 
  • It disappears if Frisk moves away from it, and reappears if Frisk moves towards it.
  • This is the only monster that speaks in Wingdings, specifically all lowercase. Its only dialogue is “* [redacted]”.
  • The text sound used for Redacted A’s dialogue is the same one used for ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN.

Sans has a connection to Gaster

  • Sans uses gasterblasters in his battle.
  • Sans has blueprints with unreadable symbols in his secret lab. The narration remarks that it may be just the handwriting that makes it illegible, perhaps implying it belongs to Alphys who’s handwriting is described as illegible chicken-scratch. However, unreadable symbols could also mean Wingdings.
  • During his battle, when Sans sleeps, he snores in an unidentified serif font. This font was originally thought to be Aster, but further examination has proven this is not the case.

Popular but Unconfirmed Theories

With how little information there is and how hard it is to find, it’s easy for “fanon” to become so popular that it is misrepresented as canon. The list below is made of popular theories that are commonly misquoted as fact. This was not written to diminish the theories in any way; in fact, the reason these ideas are so popular is that they make a lot of sense and are not directly contradicted by evidence in the game. However, it’s important to know fact from fun.

“Mystery Man is Gaster.”

  • Because the followers, the Sound Room, and Gaster’s stats all share a pattern of 6′s, Mystery Man has an association with Gaster.
  • However, Gaster was said to have shattered. If this is the case, it doesn’t seem right for him to still be intact as the Mystery Man.
  • It is more plausible that Mystery Man is a “piece” of Gaster.
  • Redacted A is the only monster in the game to speak in Wingdings, which makes it another candidate to being a piece of Gaster.
  • Dogbomber’s interpretation of Gaster was removed from the official tarot card merchandise, keeping his true identity a secret.

“Goner Kid is a follower of Gaster’s.” 

  • Goner Kid is the gray monster kid that can be found in Waterfall.
  • Their sprites are called spr_mkid_goner – it does not include the word “follower.”
  • Their object name in the code is obj_mkid_goner.
  • They have a gray color scheme like the followers.
  • However, Goner Kid appears if the fun value is above 90 – not in the 60′s. This means there is a 10% chance of running into them.
  • Unlike the followers, the phone can be used in the room with Goner Kid to call Papyrus.
  • Goner Kid never mentions Gaster.

“Gaster was forgotten by everyone.”

  • Based on the idea that Gaster shattered across space and time somehow causes his existence to be forgotten. There is no mention of this, however.
  • There is also speculation that Gaster is talking through Goner Kid about how the world can be the same “except you don’t exist.” However, Goner Kid has no confirmed association with Gaster.
  • The word “forgotten” is never used to describe Gaster.
  • His followers remember him.
  • Nothing indicates that Asgore forgot him, especially considering he took so long looking for a replacement since Gaster’s genius was “irreplaceable.”

“Gaster is in the void.”

  • There is no mention of a void in the game, other than what Mettaton says at the end of his battle: “IF I LEFT… THE UNDERGROUND WOULD LOSE ITS SPARK. I’D LEAVE AN ACHING VOID THAT CAN NEVER BE FILLED.“ This is not a literal void.
  • The followers only ever mention that he “shattered across time and space,” “fell into his creation,” and “his life… was cut short.”
  • Gaster is not stuck in any void.

“Gaster wrote the true lab entries.”

  • Other than the ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN that is written in Wingdings, there is no evidence that Gaster wrote any of the entries found in the true lab.
  • Alphys explains to Frisk the experiment she carried out on the fallen monsters, which the true lab entries document.
  • Based on supporting evidence in the game, Alphys wrote all the true lab entries.

“The followers are Gaster’s assistants.”

  • Nothing indicates they ever worked with Gaster.
  • They mention information about Gaster, but in a hearsay manner.
  • The “follower” name makes them seem more like fans or cult members.
  • Sans has a photo album filled with photos of people Frisk does not recognize, which people believe is Gaster and the followers. However, Frisk can meet any one of them, even if the chances are extremely slim.

“Sans was Gaster’s assistant.”

  • Sans says “you’ll never see them again” in the Lost Souls battle as if speaking from experience.
  • ENTRY NUMBER SEVENTEEN addresses two people at the end, but nothing confirms who these people are.
  • Sans speaks about “our reports” and has a scientific background, but evidence supports that Sans may have worked with Alphys instead of Gaster.

“Gaster is Sans’ and Papyrus’ father.”

  • Gaster is speculated to be a skeleton, so it’s commonly assumed he would be their father. However, Sans and Papyrus make no mention of family outside of each other.
  • A poorly drawn picture of three people smiling can be found in Sans’ photo album under the right circumstances, but there is nothing to say who these three people are.


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, Gaster’s identity and story continue to elude the community. Filling the gaps with speculation is part of what makes Gaster theories so much fun. Hopefully, this comprehensive master post will aid with the guidance, testing, and formulation of fan theories. While conjecture and assumptions breed compelling speculation, it is always important to distinguish fanon from canon.

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Reasons to be happy today:

  • No one knows the exact tipping point that caused The Office (2005-2013) to be banned at Wayne Manor because Bruce gives inconsistent answers to that question, namely–
  • a) Don’t you have better things to be doing
  • b) The green lanterns laugh at him when that theme song plays in the background of his cave transmissions
  • c) Every time his children watch that show, they spend the next week staring at any available camera. Stop making that face at the security cameras. Stop making that face at the reporters’ cameras. Do not stare at cameras while your siblings fight each other. Please. Make them stop fighting each other. Please.
  • d) One of his children watched 27 episodes in a row last week, and that’s… that’s too many episodes, Tim. It’s just too many.
  • Damian is often cold, and since he spends the majority of his time in a costume that includes a cape, that’s how he tends to wear blankets. He doesn’t understand why everyone else thinks it’s funny. It’s practical, Todd. Pay attention. Why are you smirking

INTRO: Serendipity

The title in general means “Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for”. When this term is appended with love it brings many other elements such as destiny and happiness. The things that the lyrics of the song described well  

I will invite you to read this analysis where all the main elements about it are explained HERE

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DNA is the carrier of genetic information. But how is attached to “LOVE”? There is something called The Neurobiology of Love. Doctor Larry Young, for instance, believes there is a biological basis for love. He says “So many people ask is there a chemical or genetic basis to human love, and I certainly believe there is. I’m very confident that emotions such as love are really the byproduct of chemical reactions that happen in our brain where certain neurotransmitter molecules activating receptors in certain brain circuits that activate an emotional feeling. One of those emotional feelings that we know to be very human is love. Love happens between partners, but also between parents and their offspring, offspring and their parents and I think that there’s surely a biological mechanism to that.” Thus love and DNA are very related. 

DNA aside from meaning DeoxyriboNucleic Acid can be the abbreviation to many: Does Not Apply, Do Not Accept, Do Not Answer, Do Not Adjust, Daytime Nighttime Anytime, Don’t Need Advice … So be it if BTS will use it as it is and develop a poetic meaning to it or use an abbreviation, only time will tell us. 

Best Of Me

This is a song where BTS collab with the Chainsmokers. The title is quite self-explanatory as some loved ones can bring the best out of us.

보조개 = Dimple 

Dimple is the most beautiful human flaw. They are rare and can bring a charm to their owner. So just like beautiful eyes or a warm smile, dimples can be the reason you start finding someone attractive and eventually fall for them. 

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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin or the Rat-Catcher of Hamelin) is the title character of a legend from the town of Hamelin (Hameln), Lower Saxony, Germany in 1934. The legend dates back to the Middle Ages, the earliest references describing a piper, dressed in multicolored clothing, who was a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe. When the citizens refuse to pay for this service, he retaliates by using his instrument’s magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats. 

There are many contradictory theories about the Pied Piper. Some suggest he was a symbol of hope to the people of Hamelin, which had been attacked by plague; he drove the rats from Hamelin, saving the people from the epidemic. Others suggest that children died of some natural causes such as disease or starvation and that the Piper was a symbolic figure of Death. 

But what is the relationship between a Pied Piper and a theme such as “LOVE”. This man was a loving character who was willing to help the city and its owner but his feeling turned into hate when the society he was in was ungrateful towards his work. 

Pied Piper serves many metaphors according to Merriam-Webster, and truthfully they all describe BTS:

  1. a charismatic person who attracts followers
  2. a musician who attracts mass

It’s pretty known that Bangtan do not follow the kpop trends but are ahead of them. Thus, the song may probably talk about how BTS are now trend setters. They may also talk about how they became global during this year. There are many theories that can go with this song. 

Skit: Billboard Music Awards speech

Get ready to cry loads or laugh out loud, it’s either one of the two extremities with BTS skits. They may introduce how they ended up deciding to drop a clue about their comeback in such a big award ceremony. Rapmon clearly said during the speech “LOVE YOURSELF”.

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Mic Drop may be just a catchy phare many uses but it has more history than you think. A mic drop is a gesture of intentionally dropping one's microphone at the end of a performance or speech to signal triumph. Figuratively, it is an expression of triumph for a successful event and indicates a boastful attitude toward one’s own performance.The gesture dates to the 1980s when it was used by rappers and comedians. Performers from both groups can engage in confrontational performance styles - rappers may participate in rap battles, comedians may interact with a  heckler in the audience - and dropping the microphone after a particularly effective line indicated complete confidence in the opponent’s inability to come back with anything that would be worthy of a response. An early occurrence was Eddie Murphy in 1983 in his standup show Delirious. 

BTS worked hard this year and had arms full of praises and exploits, coming with a song where they sing about it is only natural. It’s also a way to show the ones who doubted them that they are the ones who got the final word. This song will sure have more rap than the others. 

고민보다 go = before worrying, go or go rather than worry

BTS are known to speak up to the youth and their struggles, their mission never changed since the start to give hope. Including a song that helps the ones fighting is also a natural move coming from BTS. 

Outro: HER

This album will help introduce another one coming by 2018. We may finally know who is that “HER” that got us all stressed this past month or we may end up with an answer that will lead to another question. 

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+TWO Hidden Tracks

*Insert many “??????” and “!!!!!!!!!”* All we know is that one of them is a song made by Rap monster. 

By @mimibtsghost

haihaihaihaihaihaihaihaihai  asked:

Regarding the soundtrack for S4, I've noticed a new motif that originated in TST, a sombre violin piece that begins at 1:13 on track 6 'Running Away', used for the scene where John reads the letter Mary wrote about running away. So naturally I assumed this was Mary's theme, until today when I heard it again in TLD (track 7 of the TLD soundtrack 'No Charges' at 0:45), but slowed down. The scene in TLD is where John hits Sherlock, so it has nothing to do with Mary. What may we deduce of this?

Hi Lovely! 

Here’s “Running Away”:

And here’s “No Charges”

What struck me first of all, on Running Away, WAS THE GODDAMNED VIOLIN. A lot of us speculate that Mary’s letter is ACTUALLY Sherlock’s letter that he wanted to write to John when he left him at TRF. Alright, stay with me here for a second: Sherlock writes his “love songs” on violin, and they’re always melancholy and ALWAYS for John (sorry, but Irene’s Theme is FOR JOHN); I think this is ACTUALLY meant to represent Sherlock’s character and his pining for John, his apology for leaving him. It’s also tightly intermingled with hints of John’s theme sped up in it as well.

Then, in No Charges, you are correct – it’s DOES bear a terribly striking resemblance to Running Away, just played an octave or semi-octave down or on a different scale. Which causes it to sound SADDER. Because now Sherlock feels like he is getting what he deserves for leaving John, doomed to a life of infinite sadness and loneliness. Technically, it’s also relating to Mary since they are discussing Mary in that scene, but yes, I do honestly believe anything played by the violin in ANY of the soundtracks are a reflection of Sherlock’s feelings.

God I actually cried writing this. I hadn’t had the chance yet to listen to S4′s soundtrack, so I’m glad I got to for this. 

If you’re interested, there’s interesting meta about the entirety of the S4 music here by @holmesianscholar!

Hometown Weddings | Part 1 | TOM HOLLAND X READER

Description / Request: The reader gets a call from an old friend inviting her to come to her wedding, one that’s being held in her hometown. Tom, who has a crush on the reader, agrees to being her plus one, much to the amusement of Jacob and Zendaya. Jacob makes Tom promise to tell the reader his feelings at the wedding if he can get proof that she likes him back within the next 8 days.

Author’s Note: So I got sent this request and liked it so much that I started writing it almost immediately. I added some details and it ended up being longer than expected so I think I’m going to turn it into a multi-part fic. Let me know if you like it and feel free to send me your own requests.

Word Count: 1632

Part 2| Part 3

Everyone cheered as I caught yet another raspberry in my mouth. Tom, Zendaya, Jacob and I were all hanging around the craft services table, messing around while the crew got ready to film the next scene.

I reopened my mouth and leaped sideways as Jacob tossed another raspberry into the air. When I caught it once again, I dabbed furiously to my right.

“Why are you so good at this?” Zendaya asked in disbelief taking a sip from her water bottle.

I shrugged my shoulders and caught another raspberry in mouth, this one being tossed by Tom. I winked at him as I started chewing it causing a blush to appear in his cheeks. “While some of us were mastering the art of dancing,” I started making a pointed look at Zendaya and Tom. “I mastered the art of eating.”

“Preach,” Jacob said raising his hand for a high five. I grinned and slapped my hand against his rather aggressively. He hissed and retracted his hand. “Dam that stung,” he groaned, cradling his hand.

I cackled and opened my mouth to give a witty retort when the Spiderman theme song started playing. My hands reached into my back pocket and pulled out my phone which was receiving a call.

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Been trying to carefully craft a Wonder Woman review as the distance of its release date keeps growing. I saw it opening night with my nieces and to clarify I did like it. But, this is not what this post is about. I’ve decided to place a spotlight on an Amazon cartoon series for children that arrived on June 30th 2017. I just completed binge-watching all of the episodes. It is called Danger & Eggs and it reminds me of Adventure Time and Steven Universe with a dash of KC Green’s Regular Show with Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic if they were all put into a blender.  

While Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe, Chris Savino’s Loud House, Daron Nefcy’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Alex Hirsch’s Gravity Falls, Mike DiMartino’s and Bryan Konietzko’s The Legend of Korra, and, Skyler Page’s Clarence have been making strides for LGBT representation, the Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky created animated show takes it one more progressive step forward. Yes, besides being hilarious, very relevant, full of lessons (and emotions), believable, and inventive, Danger & Eggs is the first animated series to have an openly trans creator (Shadi Petosky). In fact, every aspect of Danger & Eggs has some level of involvement courtesy of LGBT community members: from LGBT actors, writers, animators, and storyboard artists alongside LGBT allies! Essentially in each stage of Danger & Eggs’ production, there was that kind of specific influence occurring. More importantly Danger & Eggs accomplishes this with resorting to any awful cliches whilst being as inclusive as possible! Examples include the non-binary musician Milo that D.D. and Phillip both use proper pronouns with plus the recently out trans Zaddie (voiced by trans activist Jazz Jennings) crooning a song of acceptance at the Pride festival (Not Rainbow Day or something akin to that like others have done. ACTUAL PRIDE DAY!) in front of her “chosen family”. I’m going to reference that term often from this day forward. 

Truthfully, every decision concerning LGBT representation in Danger & Eggs comes of as equal parts sincere and super sweet. <3 

The series is about the adventures/situations D.D. Danger (SNL’s Aidy Bryant) and her best friend Phillip (Eric Knobel) have inside Chickenpaw Park.

D.D. is the last of a generation of record-setting daredevils. Her father Roy Danger is present in D.D.’s life as a bandaged up and impossible to understand individual, a recurring gag that manages to never get old. As such, she’s up for engaging in potentially injury causing stunts or roughhouse games. Now the inverse can be said for Phillip, a rule-following always safety-first talking egg. As the theme song says the series is, “Kinda hard to explain.” The anthropomorphic Phillip’s origin gets hinted at early on before becoming confirmed in the season one finale. His mother is a colossal chicken that only appears to cluck even though her son can speak English. Despite being clear opposites in most ways, the camaraderie D.D. and Phillip share together is amusing and majestic. Their aww-inducing familial connection is best demonstrated in the episodes “Phillipcon”, “The Big Z”, “Nightmares”, and “Trading Post.”

The supporting cast is just as diverse and inventive from the yoga instructor lesbian duo of Rad and Sweet known as the Chill Twins (courtesy of the comedian married couple of Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butler), a Mayor (Angelica Ross, Her Story) that sings her arrival, a stickler for the rules (more than Phillip!) Sheriff Luke (Stephanie Beatriz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and D.D.’s ice-skater film hero Trix Blixon (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, if you haven’t seen her career-defining performance in 2012’s Smashed I highly recommend it! Was in last year’s 10 Cloverfield Lane). Charlyne Yi’s (We Bare Bears’ Chloe Park) apathetic Layla introduced in “Keep Off the Grass” is one of my favorites though. So is Fringe’s Jasika Nicole bringing to life the spunky Reina in “Ren Faire” as well. Co-creator Shadi Petosky even lends her voice for the wise Pigeon Lady.

All in all, I’m astounded by how good Danger & Eggs is. Creative, excellently written, droll, adorable, bizarre, and authentic are the words I’d use to sum up the series.  Have tissues ready. I sobbed happily often viewing this series, lol. Normalizing LGBT stuff for children?! Normalizing, not demonizing. Respecting, not bashing. SO MUCH YES! And if anything I’ve typed piqued your interest, I implore you to follow through ASAP. :)

Roses (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Summary: Shawn and Y/n are best best friends and shawn is crazily in love with her. However Y/N gets a bf and get engaged, and shawn writes roses. The song gets nominated for a grammy and he takes Y/N to the awards show where he will be performing it. His performance makes viewers worldwide jaws drop.

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Shawn’s mood was visibly going down. It all started one day, when his best friend Y/N got a boyfriend. Y/N and Shawn had known each other since high school, but have never really talked since Shawn was two grades older. When they both graduated however, they had reconnected when they both moved to LA and couldn’t keep away from each other ever since. After spending increasingly longer time together, Shawn could already feel himself falling for her and repeatedly told himself to not catch feelings if he didn’t want to wreck this beautiful friendship.

They were 20 and 22 when they first started getting close. What started out as a casual text turned into late-night deep conversations, one minute phone calls turned into 6 hour long discussions and a night over turned into “I’m half moved-in”.

For six months they were inseparable and these were Shawn’s happiest months of his life.

They shared such a pure love for each other. Each time Shawn wrapped his arms around her in a hug, his world disappeared and all he felt was the love and happiness Y/N had for him.

Each time he saw her he would hug her, longing the feeling of her, the feeling of their love.

However, slowly his mind wandered off of hugs and he wondered how her lips felt. How they tasted, how they would move against his if he ever had the guts to kiss her.

Just when Shawn felt like he maybe had a chance with her, just when Shawn looked in her eyes and thought he might see in them what he felt for her, Luke came into their lives.


It all happened one Saturday night where Y/N’s parents called her to a family dinner party and that they had family friends that they wanted her to meet.

Obviously Shawn was also invited, Y/N’s family loved him and whenever Y/N came home, he would also be there.

They were at Shawn’s LA apartment when she got the call.

“Ooh Shawn I gotta go, my family’s having this dinner thingie. Wanna come?”

“Obviously yes!”

Shawn changed into a loose black shirt as Y/N found a red summer dress lying around. Walking out of his apartment they got a few pictures taken of them.

“Shawn! Y/N! You two look adorable!”

“Y/N can you turn this way?”

“When are you two gonna announce you’re dating goddammit!”

Shawn swallowed and continued smiling until they reached his car. Stepping into Y/N’s parents’ home, her parents greeted them and then stepped out of the way. A blond charming blue-eyed man walked in front of Y/N.

“Hi Y/N. I’m Luke.”

And from that day on, Y/N was taken away from Shawn. They still had conversations, but those would be those typical best friend ones about Luke. Y/n asked Shawn for dating advice, outfit opinions, and told him all the cute things Luke did for her on their dates.

And Shawn listened every day, even though each word she told him was just twisting the knife in his heart and sinking it deeper. He did it because he loved Y/N. If the only way to keep Y/N in his life was like this, he would do it.

After roughly two months since Luke first appeared at that dinner party, Y/N was positively glowing from her relationship with him.

Every day, he prayed for Y/N’s feelings towards Luke to subside, but instead their relationship was getting even more serious.

Fans noticed her glow, and noticed Shawn’s gloom.

He would scroll down his Twitter every day and see his fans sending him happy thoughts. He tried to smile at these, really.

But there was no greater pain, then a pain caused by love. On the bright side, he wrote a ton of songs to express his feelings. They charted well, and were award-winning.

His biggest, saddest song yet, would be about Y/N and Luke’s engagement.

In fact, Roses got so successful, it got a nomination for a Grammy. The joy of that distracted Shawn for a couple days, until his invitation to the Grammys indicated he can bring a guest. One name came into mind.


It has been a long time since he really spent time with her, unless choosing between roses and lilies for the wedding centerpiece counted as hanging out.

He drove up to Y/N’s and walked in her living room, they had keys to each other’s homes.

There she sat, glasses on, in front of a million magazine clippings splayed across the table.

“Oh hi Shawn, tell me would you rather see me in a satin gown or a silk one?” She said, holding up two fabric samples.

Shawn merely smiled at her.

“I’m nominated for a Grammy.” He said.

Y/N dropped both items and pushed the table out of her way, not caring how many files got knocked over.

She ran up to him and hugged him. Shawn wrapped his arms around her waist once again and relaxed, but still holding her tightly.

It has been such a long time he had had a Y/N hug. As if she seemed to read his mind, she pulled him even closer and even put a hand in his hair.

A single tear fell from Shawn’s eyes and landed on her skin.

She pulled away.

“Shawn are you crying?”


“Aw it’s okay I’m about to as well hahaha! You’re nominated for a Grammy! A GRAMMY! We did it Shawn!” Y/N ran across the room and opened her window and started shouting.

Shawn beamed. The fact she said “we did it” made his heart melt. It was just like the old best friend days were back.

“So um, my invitation says Shawn Mendes and Guest, aaand I was wondering if-“

“I’D LOVE TO BE AND GUEST” Y/N jumped up and hugged Shawn again.


Shawn looked at him nervously in the mirror. Not only was he taking Y/N to the Grammys, he was going to perform Roses. That was about Y/N. In front of Y/N. Deciding that no matter how long he stared at himself in the mirror his hair would not lie flat, he went to go pick up Y/N.

Ringing the doorbell, he waited outside. He heard a shout through the door.

“Shawn can you come inside and zip me up?!”

He walked in and almost choked.

Y/N turned around, smiling. Her hair was loosely curled and the top half was pulled back, leaving a few strands in the front out. The dress she had on was tightly fitted but classy, and the bottom flared out around her.

“Hi, I’m sorry we’re running a little late, I just can’t reach the back of this. Freaking. Dress.”



“I mean uh yeah yeah I’ll help you, turn around.”

“Thanks.” Y/N smiled at him. “Sooo how do I look?” she twirled.

“Like an angel.” Shawn said. He felt like a boy at a candy store, except he wasn’t allowed to get any candy. And yet the candy was right, there, in, front, of, him.

“Thanks Shawn. Look at us eh? About to go to the Grammys. I love you Shawn. And I’m so proud of you.” she looked up at him.

Shawn felt his eyes burn slightly from holding back tears. God, he loved her so much. And he couldn’t have her.

“C’mere.” She said, pulling him into a hug.

They drove to the Staples Center, chatting the whole time and reminiscing about all the fun times they had.

“Ready?” Shawn asked.

“Of course, I’ve done loads of carpets with you. Although imagine their faces when they see my ring haha. Hum.” She cleared her throat.

“Y/N is everything okay?”

“Wha? Yeah yeah great.”

“Is it Luke?”

Y/n looked up at him with sad eyes.

“Look let’s not talk about that, this night is about you.” Y/N placed her hand on his.

It was these close intimate moments that made Shawn think that they could be something. Their connection was undeniable, if only he had the chance to show her how much happier she would be with him, how much more love he could give her. There was a flame, and he didn’t know if he should start a fire with it. But he knew that if he did, that fire would be bold, powerful, but would never burn out.

He stepped out of the car to a crowd of cheers and walked over to the other side to open the door for Y/N. She had already opened the door however and pushed Shawn who grabbed her hand, both of them toppling over.

They laid on the ground on top of each other and made eye contact. The two burst into delirious laughter which lasted at least fifteen minutes, before they stood up, fixed Y/N’s dress and walked down the carpet.

They posed together like they have countless of times before they moved on to the interview. If anyone wasn’t a fan of Shawn’s, they would have guessed they were a couple.

“Shawn! And Y/N! It’s so nice to see you guys back together, we missed our favourite BFFs!”

“Hahaha thank you.”

“So Y/N, what are you most surprised for?”

“Uuum, what am I not surprised for, it’s the freaking Grammys!!! But um the one thing is I’m excited to see Shawn perform Roses, I’ve actually never heard the song.”

“Oh really you’ve never heard it?”

“Nooo, Shawnie over here.” She giggled, turning her head towards him and only looking at him for the rest of her answer. “He wanted it to be a surprise so when he released it he made me promise not to listen to it at all! But it was cute, because he told me this song meant everything to him and he hoped it would do incredible things, and it did, it’s nominated for a Grammy!”

“Aww how cute! Now I’m SO sorry to ask but Shawn are you two dating?! Because I mean come on, look at you two.”

Shawn smiled as much as he could before saying; “I love Y/N, I really do. But we’re just friends.” He could swear someone was stabbing him in the chest as he said that.

Y/N turned and saw her favourite singer Ariana Grande.

“Oh my god it’s Ari, I’m so sorry I gotta say hi! I’ll be right down there Shawn kay?”

“Kay. Try not to faint!” he chuckled.

The interviewer, seeing that it was only her and him now asked:

“Now Shawn is the song Roses about someone particular?”

Shawn was still looking at Y/N who was now semi-crying at Ariana who was hugging her.

“Yeah it is.”



Y/N stood on the edge of her seat, positively shaking with pride.

Shawn came out on stage and looked directly at her.

“This one’s for you.”

I’m not try'na start a fire, with this flame
But I’m worried that your heart might feel the same
And I have to be honest with you baby
Tell me If I’m wrong, and this is crazy
But I got you this rose
And I need to know
Will you let it die or let it grow?
Die or let it go?

It’s not that I don’t care about the love you have
It’s not that I don’t want to see you smile
But there’s no way that he can feel the same
‘Cause when I think of you my mind goes wild

Y/N swayed to the music but stopped dead in her tracks when she caught on with the lyrics.

The song was ending and Shawn pulled out a single red rose and climbed down into the crowd. He made his way to Y/N and stood in front of her with the rose.

“I got you this rose, and I need to know, will you let it die or let it grow?” he sang softly to her.

To be continued

wow i feel like i really did not do the song justice please tell me if u liked it

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Headcanon when bev and Ben get married, bev chooses Richie as her made of honor.



-“no richie, ben already said no to dicks being posted all over the chapel. Better luck next time”

-you know damn straight he’d spend hours cutting paper dicks to cover all over Beverly’s bachelorette party

-which btw would include karaoke with songs all about sex cause hey

-he would have Eddie help him with the seating

-“obviously your mom and I have to sit next to each other-“ “that is not fucking happening.” “Alright I’ll just settle for you then”

-Beverly would tell Stan to help him with picking the meals bc knowing richie he’d probably pick some shit like Mac n cheese and dinonuggets

-also btw he’s really good at getting Beverly everything he wants ?? Like he’s really good at keeping track of shit and he knows pretty much everyone so he uses a bunch of favors people owe him

-richie would spend quite a bit of the reception being the dj

-“and this is for the lovely Ben Hanscom who is going to get laid like five times tonight” “BEEP BEEP RICHIE” “alright cool that’s fine if u use that for ur safe word I don’t mind.”

-richies toast would be full of dirty jokes BUT yes it’d get sad and people would get teary eyed cause ouch richie

-you know damn straight richie would fight everyone to get his dance with Beverly and he’d steal her away from ben like all night

-richie would definitely cover their car with condom balloons

-instead of “just got married” it’d say “just got laid”

-richie is so fucking happy for his friends !!

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Do you have songs that you associate with Bakugou or other Hero Academia characters? like a song that you think could be their character theme or something like that.

i have a few!!!

oddly enough, i associate “Love Like You” with Bakugou; the song itself isn’t exactly like him, per say, but personally i think a lot of the self-deprecating lines fit his character. especially after the kidnapping stuff and All Might’s retirement (”I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true, ‘cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you…”). 

also “Lets Start a Riot,” b/c lets face it, this is Bakugou

for Toshinori, i think “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story,” fits pretty well, given it’s overall theme. also, “Superman” and “100 Years

but aside from that, i haven’t really associated any specific songs with any specific characters. howeveri do have some songs i associate with relationships and the class, tho. 

for example, some songs i associate with Dad Might and Izuku are “Dear Theodosia,” “History Has It’s Eyes on You,” “I’m Still Here,” and “Always Know Where You Are.” for whatever reason, “Heads Up Hearts Down” makes me think of them, too

and as for Dad Might and Bakugou, i usually think of “This is Gospel” (specifically this version of the song)

for Toshinko, i associate “Brand New,” “Just the Way You Are,” and “Piece by Piece” (the first two from Toshinori’s perspective and the last from Inko’s)

for Kacchako, well. i tend to think of “It Had to be You,” but i don’t really think the entire song fits them. but i think one of the lyrics (”What a disaster it would be if you discovered that i cared, a little too much for friends, but not enough to share…”) does, haha. maybe “What If,” too. (the first i imagine from Bakugou’s perspective and the second from Uraraka’s)

for class 1A i usually think of “Here’s to Us” and “How Far We’ve Come

and thanks to this amazing video by @toastyhat, i now associate “Save Our City” with the kidnapping arc and Izuku/All Might/All for One’s relationship

that’s pretty much it. it’s not much, haha. i don’t usually associate songs with characters unless they really strike me or make an impression on me.

anyway, haha. i hope this answered your question!!!

Flicker album analysis

So, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I really wanted to write it down, so I did. I felt like most of the songs on Niall’s album told a chronological story when you put them in a particular order, so I tried my best to figure out what order that would be and analyse what exactly the song means. The only songs I haven’t analysed in this are This Town, Slow Hands and Mirrors, because he said they weren’t personal and when you think about it, they totally fall outside the story anyways. I know this is long so I apologize in advance!

Seeing Blind: I put this song first because Niall describes knowing what love is because he’s read it in books and seen it in movies, but  never really experienced it himself. Then he see this one person and he falls in love with them from a distance, he doesn’t think they will ever notice him but suddenly they do. The rest of the song talks about how that person finally made him experience love himself, but they’re so amazing he can’t believe they actually chose him.

Since we’re alone: This one is second because he describes already being in a relationship but the other person isn’t really open with him. He know they’ve been through some bad stuff, and he really want them to trust him because he knows it would make the two of them closer.

Fire away: This song basically has the same concept as Since we’re alone but I put it after that one because it feels like the two people in the relationship are closer here. The line ‘Hold me close but at a distance’ makes me feel like Niall was really close to someone in some ways, but he also knew this person was holding stuff back in other ways. He really thinks he can help his partner and he wants them to know that even if he doesn’t understand it, they can still talk to him about it.

You & me: At first I wanted to put this song after seeing blind because it seems like quite a happy song, but then I noticed there was already some issues going on in this relationship. Niall describes how his life is selfish and that they don’t have a lot of time, but he knows that if his partner has a bit of patience with him it will be alright. It also once again talks about how he knows his partner is not feeling good, but he’s telling her not to worry because in the end the both of them will be together. In this song he fully believes the relationship will be fine because they love each other.

The tide: I feel like this describes the first signs of his relationship failing, and he’s frightened about it because he loves this person a lot. ‘Those brown eyes, crying in a crowded bar.’ It feels like they’ve had one of their first fights, maybe about the other person not sharing enough with him since that’s one of the main themes of this album. It also feels like when that fight broke out, they both started oversharing, maybe his partner finally told him what was bothering them. The lines ‘Cause I’m needing you to understand, when I go all I ever seem to fear is that you’re gonna find someone and slowly watch me disappear.’ Makes me feel like what this person hasn’t been telling him is that they struggle with him never being there, but that when he’s gone he’s always worried they might find someone else. And basically, throughout the song he’s just begging this person not to leave him and fight for their relationship.

Flicker: I was a bit scared analysing this song because I know how much it means to him and I don’t want to say something that doesn’t make sense. I hope all of you know this is just my interpretation and I’m not in any way implying that whatever I said about any of the songs is 100% true. Anyways, this song feels like Niall and his partner had another fight earlier, one that was basically the last straw. But then it calmed down and they ended up lying on the couch together, he didn’t realise until then that their relationship would probably be over after that. Niall starts thinking about how it was when he just met this person, how their relationship took off and how happy that made him. He wants to try and hold on to that, and it basically gives him that small bit of fake hope that it’s not the end for them and just like in The Tide, he’s begging this person to please not leave him because he loves them so much. But then in the bridge I feel like he talks about that feeling of being on the edge of a breakup just hurts so much, he wishes it would all just be over.

Too much to ask: Niall himself said that this song is what happened after the evens of Flicker, so I had to put it here and it makes total sense. It feels like this was really shortly after their breakup (Only yesterday we were on the run). This song talks about the early stages of heartbreak, when the only thing you can think of is your ex, and everything you see reminds you of them. You think they could walk in at any moment and make up with you. And that’s what Niall wants in this. He hopes the person he broke up with starts regretting their decision and all he’s asking is for them to think about it for a little longer because he still loves them with everything he has.

Paper Houses: In this song he also talks about heartbreak, but it seems like here it’s been a little longer since it happened. He basically talks about the reason they broke up. His relationship had lots of ups and downs, at one point they could be on top of the world and at another at the bottom of the ocean. He wanted to fight for it so badly because he knew he wasn’t going to find love like that again any time soon. In this song he’s just starting to get over it a little bit. ‘So turn your head and let us go, I learned to breathe on my own.’ He even tells the other person they should just let it go, and he first realises here that he’s going to be okay on his own.

On the loose: To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this song is about the same story as the rest of the songs, but it could be and it’s not too hard to fit it in. I feel like this is about months after the breakup where he realised some things about his partner, and that they aren’t so perfect as he thought they were. This person was someone who basically messed with his mind, he loved them so much he kept falling for their tricks. They would always tell him he’s the only person they love, but then when something went a little wrong in their relationship they’d have a new partner in a matter of seconds. He’s over it in this song though and he’s warning other people about his ex in this song.

On my own: I put this one last because I feel like here he’s finally 100% okay with being single. He realised it has a lot of great advantages like, having drinks with your mates whenever you want, sleeping for as long as you want, etc. He prefers all of these things over being in a relationship. Then he sees this attractive person who he likes and it’s not like he wouldn’t have a little fun with that, but he doesn’t want anything serious anymore. ‘Your company’s fine, but I get on better with mine.’ Basically says that he loves being around other people, and he doesn’t mind the attention but there’s nothing he loves more than being on his own.

I’ve never gotten the complaint about the Eleventh Doctor’s actions at the end of Day of the Moon because the idea that he commits genocide and turns humanity into murderers seems like a fundamental misreading of the entire conflict?

Some dialogue from the episode:

- “They’ve been running your lives for a very long time now, so keep this straight in your head: We are not fighting an alien invasion, we’re leading a revolution. And today, the battle begins.”

- “This world is ours. We have ruled it since the wheel and the fire.”

- “We have ruled your lives since your lives began. You should kill us all on sight, but you will never remember we were even here. Your will is ours.”

- “Because that’s what the Silence do. Think about it. They don’t make anything themselves. They don’t have to. They get other life forms to do it for them. […] Superparasites, standing in the shadows of human history since the very beginning. We know they can influence human behaviour any way they want. If they’ve been doing that on a global scale for thousands of years…”

The Silence are slavers.

Just to hammer in the point, I feel the need to drop in a quote from the Ninth Doctor in The Long Game…

The Editor: “Well, now, there’s an interesting point. Is a slave a slave if he doesn’t know he’s enslaved?”

The Doctor: “Yes.”

People who are under the influence of the Silence don’t know what they’re doing or why they’re doing it, and the Silence edit themselves out of peoples’ memories as soon as you look away from them.

The Doctor doesn’t “commit genocide” against them, or turn humanity into murderers.

Canton recorded a line of the Silent he tended to the wounds of, who told him “You should kill us all on sight”, which the Doctor used as part of the moon landing broadcast - watched by over half a billion people. That’s… not the entire human race (which numbered over 3.6 billion in 1969).

What it meant was, from that point, any time the Silence attempt to enslave a human (who has that subconscious message from the moon landing), that human fights back.

Not to mention the fact that the Silence were responsible for blowing up the TARDIS and causing the end of the universe in Series 5…

Like… it’s not a clean, happy ending. That’s the point. But the Doctor using the Silence’s own words against them, enabling humanity to rise up against a parasitic species that has enslaved them since they were cavemen, is not something that really condemns him.

Same goes for River as she kills a dozen of them at the end of the episode, as Kovarian refers to the Silence (in Closing Time) as “Your owners” when River asks what they are.

It ties into Series 6′s big theme of agency, and how the stories of Eleven’s actions against his enemies cause him to become a dark legend - changing the meaning of his name to the likes of “mighty warrior”.

It’s about facing enemies who put the Doctor in positions where his actions aren’t as clean as we’re comfortable seeing in Doctor Who, leading up to the major plot beats in A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, and several other episodes in Series 7 that culminates in Clara telling him not to be a hero or a warrior - but to “be a Doctor”.

In this particular instance though, who on earth would argue that the Silence - literal slavers - didn’t deserve what they got?

Jeff's Interview: Real truth about RWBY soundtrack and his thoughts(Reposted with new info)

Just so everybody knows, Jeff Williams has stated,a long time ago in an interview(in january), that some of the songs in the RWBY Soundtracks are pure coincidence and not literal aspects of the show!

He said,basically,that It’s annoying and childish that some people in the fandom take the lyrics of the soundtrack as gospel, when in reality it’s built up from ideas he had and then “RWBYized” to fit the themes of the show.

So in short, although the songs ARE representations/ metaphorical(meaning a departure from a literal use of words)/symbolic for RWBY(obviously), it’s not enough to support that anything and everything it says in the lyrics for the show is absolutely canon …..and Jeff is a savage; his words cut deep cause we all know that what he said about how we react to the songs(me included) is true.

And before people go "oh Jeff said that the crew tells him alot about RWBY in another interview”-yes that is very true, he did say that. But the fact that he still has this to say on the matter of the soundtracks regardless of whatever the crew told him should be saying something to you about how much info he gets; in general,vague/broad info or in specific detailed info.

Also in an another interview/panel with Einlee, Arryn, and Barbara at RTX, they stated that Casey and Jeff have free range over the rwby soundtrack and explore and have fun on their own. They also stated that they just write songs that they think people will enjoy and that it doesn’t confirm or deny anything; its just there for people to enjoy.

So yeah, I just wanted this info to be out there because regardless of what ship becomes canon in future volumes I don’t want people attacking him or Casey because of what people think or believe about the songs they make. Cause I know there are, unfortunately, some people that will definitely 100% to their very soul do that…..

I know for one instance(I just found out), that Arryn who is the voice actor of Blake and a supporter of Bumblebee had went on twitter some time ago and essentially said that ship was not sailing just because of the BMBLB song since it was not something they, the crew, consulted over as it was not intended to be in the show(they also didn’t know about it) and Jeff just wanted to share it with the fans so he added it at the end.

So I guess the song is for the ship of bumblebee but it wasn’t intended to say that the ship was canon; just that it was something he thought bumblebee shippers would enjoy because IT WAS PRIDE MONTH. That tweet was obviously deleted because, as most would guess right, she got death threats for at least two days; as they just wanted it to be canon and didn’t just appreciate when Jeff is trying to give something to the fans. He wasn’t trying to bait, he genuinely just wanted was to give something sweet to the fans to just enjoy; just like fanart or something.

To me, personally, it just shows that the people who did that are not true supporters of lgbt as it looks like they, judging by their actions, wouldn’t even care if someone outside the main 4 is lgbt(the crew did say they have some); they just want their ship to be canon and would still probably get mad even if none of the main 4 wasn’t lgbt but some of the characters outside the main are. I feel like those who are doing those death threats or whoever sent death threats regarding their ship, any lgbt ship, shouldn’t claim they are lgbt supporters because they are the ones contributing to the stereotypical belief that people support same sex relationships just for the sexual relations or that same sex relationships are here just for sex. But no you guys aren’t; your just giving the lgbt community a bad reputation.

The crew said they have lgbt characters but they want to show us properly and with care as it is something very important. You guys should be happy that there is confirmation of lgbt but still; be patient. You wouldn’t want it to end up like korrasami where it is very much a functional couple,more better than korramako, but(I gotta admit) didn’t have a great build-up as it could have and should have. Especially since its the first time Nick introduced lgbt to the audience. If you guys can wait through elementary school,middle school, and highschool to graduate(cause you have a choice to drop out or not) than this should be nothing.

Either way, it is so disrespectful and disgusting; whoever sent those death threats should go and apologize cause not only are you guys most definitely in the wrong,given by the proof of the video below and how you are supposed to treat others how you want to be treated, but you guys are cyber-bulling to an extreme and you are also setting a bad reputation for the fandom and RWBY.

So they, Jeff and Casey, already have their stance on what the music is and we have to accept it wether we like it or not and just take his words as advice to not take it, the soundtracks, as seriously/over the top as we have been and to just enjoy it without all this hate and arguments. Because the songs are essentially just for people to enjoy and that’s all there is to it

Edit: I was able to find what she tweeted and here it is:Arryn’s tweet

The source is here:A Chat With Jeff Williams and in the source link below


If you want to help please send the link out,tell people about it, re-post the message in your own words with the link, or re-blog please! Just anything to show people what he says about it.

And on a side note I will be re-posting this periodically just in-case; so that the message from Jeff is loud and clear and everybody in the fandom gets it.

Die Lorelei is a rock on the eastern bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen in Rheinland-Pfalz, Southwestern Germany, which soars 120 m above the waterline. It marks the narrowest part of the river between Switzerland and the North Sea. It’s the most famous feature of the Rhein Gorge, a 65 km section of the river between Koblenz and Bingen that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Strong currents and rocks below the waterline have caused many boat accidents. In German mythology, Lorelei is also the name of a feminine water spirit, similar to mermaids or Rhinemaidens, associated with this rock in popular folklore. They appear in works of music, art, and literature. 

The name comes from the old German words lureln, local dialect for “murmuring”. The heavy currents and a small waterfall created a murmuring sound and this combined with the echo the rock produces to act as a sort of amplifier, giving the rock its name. The murmuring is hard to hear today owing to traffic and the urbanization of the area. In a story of an enchanting female associated with the rock, the beautiful Lore Lay, betrayed by her sweetheart, is accused of bewitching men and causing their death. Rather than sentence her to death, the bishop consigns her to a nunnery. On the way there, accompanied by 3 knights, she comes to the Lorelei rock. She asks permission to climb it and view the Rhine one more time, does so, and falls to her death; the rock still retaining an echo of her name afterwards. In 1824, Heinrich Heine adapted the theme in one of his most famous poems, “Die Lorelei”. It describes the eponymous female as a sort of siren who, sitting on the cliff above the Rhine and combing her golden hair, unwittingly distracts shipmen with her beauty and song, causing them to crash on the rocks. In 1837 Heine’s lyrics were set to music by Friedrich Silcher in the art song Lorelei that became well known. A setting by Franz Liszt was also favored. The theme has appeared in countless poems, musical compositions, and literary works since. A list here

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RFA and Minor Trio with MC that's believes in ghosts or likes "dark things" (like visiting graveyards or abandoned houses)?

You know, I’m not really a big fan of general spooky things but this was surprisingly a really fun request to write! I think that I may be starting to slowly become a fan of spooky things, emphasis on slowly!! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Terrified doesn’t even begin to describe Yoosung’s feelings whenever you tell him that you love ghosts and spooky things
  • This poor boy still gets afraid of the dark whenever he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
  • But he tries his absolute best to be a brave boyfriend worthy of your love
  • To try and help him conquer his fears, you take Yoosung on a guided ghost tour
  • The entire time Yoosung grips your hand so much that he leaves marks
  • He screams anytime anything happens, like if the wind blows some leaves or if someone coughs
  • By the end of the tour, Yoosung almost fainted a total of six times but you congratulate him on being brave
  • He apologizes for being a wimp but a quick kiss on the cheek from you reassures him that you still love him
  • Yoosung finally calms down until he sees a white flash dance across the scenery, making him scream
  • You quickly looks around to try and find the ghost but sigh when you don’t, as you turn around to find Yoosung passed out on the floor
  • Yoosung has never gone outside alone at night ever again


  • Zen has never really been interested in anything ghost or spooky related but he gets interested when he knows that you’re into it
  • He finds the idea of ghosts cool and will definitely go on lots of ghosts hunts with you
  • Sometimes he’ll try and sneak up behind you and scare you so that he can be your knight in shining armor and protect you
  • Except you always see Zen’s attempts coming and turn the tables and scare him, he’ll cling to you for the rest of the night
  • He’s not super into visiting graveyards but he puts on a brave face and holds your hand the entire time
  • Zen starts to love the thrill of going to haunted places with you and each time he gets more brave
  • Anytime the two of you go out to these places, Zen will make comments like “the ghosts probably died because they saw how beautiful I am.” Or “I hope I ghosts haunt me because of my godly looks”
  • You and Zen start going to more and more haunted places as date nights and make a little competition to see who screams first, the score ended up being mostly tied


  • General spooky things were something that Jaehee never had time for
  • She never really understood what the appeal of any of it was until she met you
  • Your obsession with ghosts was concerning to Jaehee, she tried to reason out with logic that ghosts weren’t real
  • That is until you took her to a haunted house where there supposedly were ghosts haunting visitors
  • Jaehee reluctantly tried going because it was for you but she made you promise to buy her some coffee cake afterwards
  • Although neither of you saw any ghosts, Jaehee admitted that it was an amusing time and would possible consider going again
  • That is until a worker at the haunted house tried to scare her and she punched him in the face thinking it was a ghost, the two of you were no longer allowed to visit
  • When you suggested visiting a graveyard Jaehee gave you a flashlight and bid you a good luck because there was no way she was going to a place like that
  • Jaehee developed a better understanding of general spooky things and is willing to try more if it truly makes you happy


  • Jumin had always felt that ghosts, haunted houses, and what not were absurd
  • He’s never understood the idea of people purposely trying to go visit haunted manors or find the un-dead
  • But when he saw how adamant you were about spooky things, he decided to give it a try as long as it made you happy
  • The first time the two of you visited a haunted house, Jumin questioned when the scary part started since throughout the entire tour, he never felt scared
  • Even when you both went on a guided ghost tour, he kept a calm and stoic demeanor, again not understanding your love for scary things
  • It all changed when you took Jumin to a graveyard, he could of sworn he saw the ghost of a cat pass by
  • You didn’t want to ruin his excitement since it was just a dirty white cat running by so you kept your mouth shut and enjoyed his enthusiasm
  • Jumin did start to have an interest for spooky things which excited you until you found out that he was only interested if it involved cats, then you gave up


  • Seven is super hyped when he finds out that you’re into spooky things
  • He’s always found haunted houses and ghosts interesting and he’s excited to have a ghost hunting buddy
  • You take him to your favorite haunted house where the two of you have a contest to see who can find a ghost first
  • But Seven gets side tracked and decides to try and scare you instead, jumping up behind you and yelling things
  • His mission ends up in a failure since he’s predictable so you try to turn the tables and scare him instead
  • The two of you run around the haunted house trying to scare each other but you both get kicked out by the owner because you two caused a ruckus
  • So you tell Seven that you want to visit a graveyard with him and this boy goes all out
  • He buys the two of you ghost hunting gear and blasts the Ghostbusters theme song as the two of you dramatically walk into the dark graveyard
  • Seven thought that he spotted a ghost and tries to catch it with your help but it only ends up being a stray white trash bag floating in the wind
  • Yours and Seven’s mission to catch a ghost hasn’t been achieved yet but the two of you don’t rest until you succeed


  • The second you mention that you love all things spooky and scary, V tenses up at your words
  • He’s not a fan of being scared by others for fun and doesn’t understand why people like it
  • V tells you a story during his childhood when he and Jumin got lost in a small forest in the nighttime and by the time the two of them got out of the forest, V peed his pants twice
  • After you were done laughing at his story, you wanted to take him to a haunted house and show him that spooky things could be fun
  • You had to reassure V that you wouldn’t leave him but he eventually agreed, even though he was starting to regret it
  • He held your hand tightly as he gulped, entering the eerie haunted house
  • This poor boy lasted about five minutes until he heard the floorboard creak and he jumped, cowering behind your shoulders
  • You carefully led V out of the haunted house, knowing that if the two of you continued on he would probably have a heart attack
  • V apologized for being so scared and bought you some flowers and sweets shaped as ghosts as an apology


  • Saeran literally found the perfect girl of his dreams whenever he met you and you told him that you love spooky things
  • He’s highkey really excited to visit all kinds of haunted houses and graveyard with you
  • Your surprised that Saeran is actually the one who plans and organizes all kinds of trips to haunted houses
  • Even though he won’t say it, you can tell that Saeran is excited to visit all of the spooky places which makes you excited as well
  • When the two of you get to a haunted house, you stare at Saeran amazed as he shows zero signs of fear
  • He even complained that the house wasn’t even slightly scary and wanted a real challenge
  • So the two of you went to a graveyard to try and appease Saeran
  • Yet again, he found it even less frightening than the haunted house but he could tell you were a bit scared
  • Saeran shyly slung his arm around your shoulder and brought you close to his chest, mumbling that he would protect you from all the ghosts
  • While Saeran never did get scared during the haunted house or graveyard, seeing you enjoying yourself was more then enough for him


  • Vanderwood’s seen plenty of scary things in his life, one of the worst being Seven’s bedroom for the first time, so he’s interested in what you find scary
  • When you tell him that you want to visit a haunted house with him, he reluctantly agrees
  • He’d rather spend the day relaxing with you but Vanderwood has always been interested in seeing you scared
  • Throughout the tour, Vanderwood gets bored and checks his phone while you’re walking around
  • You notice him just standing there and try to scare him but Vanderwood stops your incoming scare with his hand sticking out
  • Since he’s so bored, you take him to a graveyard to try and scare him
  • Vanderwood feels bad for neglecting you so he sneaks away and decides to scare you
  • But Vanderwood uses his scary face and his scary face could scare all of the RFA members combined
  • So you end up passing out from being so frightened
  • Vanderwood buys the two of you tickets for a ghost tour as an apology as well as lots of kisses
  • He also lets you purposely scare him and seeing you so excited makes him smile

wanted to make a herosona because a lot of my mutuals and friends are getting really into it on twitter and i’m just!!! HELLO FELLOW TEENS!!!

yellow jacket, ( aka charles hexington, ( aaka hex, ( jfc ))) is an offensive-type hero B^)
his quirk is VENOMOUS SPIKES that can protrude from anywhere on his body in any amount. essentially, he can strike offensive stings with the help of his wing pack, or become a sorta thorny porcupine for defense. the venom secreted can either knock his victims out, cause hallucinations, or end in comatose if overdosed.
hex’s wing pack is his weak point, however it’s tricky to hit since he’s such a lithe target :’^)
his antennae pick up on radio broadcasts and emit wifi while his goggles help him lock onto targets and pan out their weak points! takes a bit of loading and standing still, so it’s best used as a sneak attack.

that’s all… OH YEAH-
here’s his theme song 

SVT Cute Jobs; Junhui !!

Originally posted by kyungminie

look at him saving minghao i think so yeah this is a thing. accept it

also i put in a lot of research to this damn thank you wikipedia 


-first of all



-okay so Jun recently moved from Shenzhen to sunny California to work as a lifeguard

-because his friend Joshua (who is a guitar teacher) has a free room and is letting him stay there 


-so in the time before becoming a lifeguard he had to take a course which was tiring but paid in the end cause he got the job !!

-he’s the youngest on the team and the least experienced when it comes to saving lives and stuff

-so he just sits up in the tower alerting his fellow lifeguards of anyone who’s drowning

-when it’s not too crowded on the beach Junhui would normally help the kids in the shallow ends of the water and play with them awwww

-and when the beach is super desolate his friends come by and pretend to drown in really shallow water so he gets fed up 

-takes the lifesaving buoy

-puts it around the necks

-and drags them back to shore

-(im sure he would be fired for that but oh well)

-but i can tell you they mean well i sweaR

-the first time there’s an emergency 

-there was a person out to sea and they were being dragged out pretty far


-Jun got shook out of his life because he didn’t know what the hell to do 

-so he took in the advice that he got from Joshua 

-which was to keep calm

-and so he was calm from there on out

-radioed his captain

-and people were sent out to get them 

-and was able to get that person to safety 

-from the comfort of the tower

-good kid

-ah the beach

-you and your friend haven’t been to the beach in ages

-and both decided this was the year that you two get a summer romance



-you two had a bet 

-kind of

-whoever got a number off someone by the end of the day then the other person would buy them ice cream

-your swimsuit was chosen by the help of your mother


-it was sweet but it was a two piece

-two pieces weren’t exactly your thing


-so you just wore a baggy t-shirt over it

-luckily it wasn’t super packed like always

-you two chose a place close to the shore so that you could keep an eye out for your stuff

-”y/n put sunscreen on!!”

-you heard your friend but your attention was somewhere else

-a lifeguard was watching you two as you placed your things down and sat on your towels

-”y/n?? oh, the lifeguard, huh~?”

-”wait what do you mean??”

-”the lifeguard. right there. y/n i know you’re not blind just look over there. hes caught your eye hasn’t he??”

-”oh him yeah i guess…”

-your friend kept on teasing you but she meant well 

-you snap out of it laughing a little

-the lifeguard in question however

-he was taken by your beauty 

-he was like bruuuuuUUUUUUUH

-damn he thought you looked really good

-”y/n!! come into the sea with me!”

-”not yet, i’ll just sit here for the time being!”

-the lifeguard you recently got the hots for noticed you sitting alone while your friend was in the sea

-you looked kinda down

-so he comes over to cheer you up!!

-at first you’re nervous as heck cause who is this and why are you near me you’re too hot to be near me 

-he asks if you’re feeling alright and if you needed company

-you werent going to lie

-if a cute lifeguard came up to you and asked if you wanted some company then hell yes you would say yes

-so you take him up on that offer

-”you’re a new lifeguard, right??”

-”yeah…wait how do you know?”

-wait fuck how did you know

-”i-i just notice…i’ve been going to this beach ever since i was little..”

-”wow seeing this view every time must be pretty right??”

-“i guess…”

-”what’s your name?”

-and just like that somehow he asked your name and you didn’t cry or run

-”y/n. whats yours?”

-”Jun. your name is really pretty.”

-o h   s  hi t 

-”wow thank you !!”


-god damn it

-out of the corner of your eye

-you could see your friend struggling in the water

-you couldn’t really let Jun the really hot lifeguard get her

-you really wanted him to sit down since you’ve seen him walk about today

-so fuck it

-”hey could you excuse me for like one moment??”

you stood up 

-took your shirt off

-ran toward the water

-pulling your friend out of the water

-saving her god damn life

-and in the midsts of all of it

-Wen Junhui was #shook™

-there was blushin too oh my god

-”what did i say about going in the deep part?? stop giving me heart attacks pls this is a nice day don’t scare me you little shit”

-”im sorry y/n…wait is that the lifeguard?”

-”oh yeah thats Jun hes pretty cool”

-he stood up to see if your friend was okay but he also wanted to praise you on that good rescue

-”that was so cool wtf !!”

-”huh? oh she normally does that just ask any lifeguard in the tower about her and they’ll say she had to be saved like 20 times”

-”not my fault…if you would only give me the inner tube”

-”but then it’s going to be drifted away in the sea because of the current”


-jun was kind of amazed at how much you knew about sea safety….maybe ene more than him da M N

-but the day also went on as planned

-jun kind of kept on coming back and was asking questions to get to know you like whats your favourite colour and stuff

-every time he came back your heart was screaming but the good screaming

-not the ah oh my god no go away youre annoying scream 

-but the aAAA come back more we can chat more you’re really cool and cute scream

-hes really sweet i swear down

-at the end of the day you two started to pack up your things 

-but then Junhui came back with his lifeguarding jacket on and boi does he look fuckin great in that jacket

-”hey y/n have you considered becoming a life guard??”

-”me?? a life guard?? oh not really but my mum has mentioned it before”

-”why don’t you do it?”

-”yeah why don’t you y/n? you and Jun could be the super cute lifeguarding couple omg that sounds so cutE”

-your friend just had to butt in gdI

-a rather LARGE feckin blush appeared on your cheeks but you ignored it

-kind of

-but jun was blushing and smiling

-w h y    t h e    f u c k   w a s    h e    s m i l i n g    a t    t h a t 

-”oh do you want to be a lone? i’ll leave”

-your friend left you two to talk and you were glad she did tbh cause she can get carried away sm

-”so…if you ever want to join the team, then you can call me or text me or something…”

-”i thought the lifeguard tower already had a phone number??”

-y / n     c o m e     o n      t h i s      i s n ‘ t       r o c k e t      s c i e n c e 

-”ooooooh sure.. yeah, i’ll text you.”

-”or…if not the lifeguarding thing we can always hang out or something…”

-”that would be nice Jun.”

-you both gave your numbers to each other and you both left each other extremely happy

-catching up with your friend you remembered something

-”hey….im really craving ice cream…you paying”

-”no you can– oh fuck- did you?!”

-”got his number~!”

-”f u CK”

phineas and ferb ~ jonah marais

a/n: requested by @catonemily i hope you like it!! :)))

“THERE’S A HUNDRED AND FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER VACATION AND SCHOOL COMES ALONG JUST TO END IT!” you belted out along with the show. to your left was your wonderful boyfriend, jonah, who was snapchatting the whole thing while laughing his ass off. 

“get it babe!” he joked as you got really into the song as this was your all time favorite show.

“like maybe BUILDING A ROCKET OR FIGHTING A MUMMY OR CLIMBING UP THE EIFFEL TOWER!” you screamed, jumping up to sing the remainder of the song, just causing jonah to crack up even more. 

“okay okay, good job,” jonah laughed once the song was over and you bowed before sitting back down. thankfully, jonah had gotten the whole thing on snapchat and posted it to his story so that you could watch it later to see just how stupid you looked. 

“why thank you,” you chuckled, leaning into his side. 

“ya know,” jonah spoke after about five minutes of silent cuddles and him planting kisses all over your face. “i really love you,” he smiled, causing a slight blush to come across your face. every time without fail that he said those three words, butterflies erupted in your stomach. 

“i love you too,” you gushed, reaching up to plant a soft kiss on his plump lips.

“no seriously,” he said after you pulled away from the kiss. “you’re so damn perfect,” he told you, looking down at you since your head was rested on his chest. this caused you to blush even harder than before so you hid your face in his sweatshirt, only for him to tilt your head up by his index finger. 

“lemme see that beautiful face when i tell you that i want to be with you for the rest of my life,” he informed, resulting in your heart rate rapidly speeding up. “i’m not proposing or anything, i’m just saying. imagine a little boy with my hair, your gorgeous eyes, your smile, your nose, and my jawline cause we all know it’s sharper than a blade,” he joked, causing you to giggle slightly. 

“or picture a little girl with your beautiful hair, my eyes, your lips, my nose, and your adorable ears,” he spoke, making your heart feel all warm and fuzzy. “that’s what i want. i want to be able to hear you yell the phineas and ferb theme song at the top of your lungs at least once a week. i want it for the rest of my life,” he smiled, poking your sides teasingly. 

“i want it too,” you agreed, melting into his warm body just a bit more. 

“now gimme some more cuddles cause you love me,” he laughed, pulling you closer to his body if that was even possible. 

as you were falling asleep with your head on his chest and his hand running through your hair, you thought about what jonah said. how perfect that would be. and because of that, you fell asleep with the absolute biggest smile on your face that you never wanted to leave. 

a/n: this one is literally so short i’m so sorry! 

anonymous asked:

Can u explain how original superboy is different from t-shirt superboy personality wise (wow this question sounds weird im sorry) im not that familiar with the comics so itd be nice to know how they changed him

Okay so in a brief synopsis: Original Superboy (who briefly called himself the Metropolis Kid and was made to replace Superman when Superman was dead) was the epitome of sass, instant gratification, and basically like every “if a teenager has powers and no parents, this is what could happen” scenario out there. 

he picked a whole lot of fights and let off cheesy one liners in every fight. He was supposed to be artificially aged to an adult but he was broken out by the Newsboys or something before CADMUS could finish their work with him – where they were also supposed to put in a method to control him, etc etc. Superman was initially dead, –in fact, one of the first panels to describe him? literally say “we have absolutely no control over him” and honestly …. iconic. but BASICALLY there was a creepy ass love affair between him and Tana Moon and basically he chooses to move to Hawaii because she’s there – and they get together despite him being like, mentally 16 with 0 life experience, and shes in her mid 20s. but ive made several posts about that. anyways. 

he’s kind of a hedonist and a thrill chaser. he does things because they feel good, and doesn’t have a whole lot of world experience to help him differentiate between a good idea and a fun one. but he likes being a hero and he does his best to be one, even if he makes some mistakes along the way about who to trust (i.e, knockout). 

the main thing is that superboy was originally sassy, only had a high school level education but zero life experience to help him wade through life, and had issues with letting people control him (a la CADMUS) and was also hella naive. but, despite this, he was genuinely a good kid–or, he tried to be. 

imagine a kid with superhuman abilities who had basically no parental guidance and had a lot of adults ignore his needs. then imagine that this kid, who had no real parental guidance, based his personality entirely around popculture heroes and vigilantes – examples being he named himself the metropolis kid (reminiscent of billy the kid), and all the fucking one liners he insists on using. and then you’ve got a pretty good idea of who this kid originally was, and why he was the way he was. 

compare this to tshirt kon. 

they’ve got… some similarities. neither particularly appreciates when someone tries to control them, for starters. but tshirt kon has some life experience under his belt, and depending on how far he is into his tshirt life, he’s also had an experience where he fucking died. in the most recent superboy book (at least i think its the most recent… aside from the 2012 one who isnt actually him?? hes jon lane kent?? its weird) he legit started it off with a brooding monologue. 

now, he’s still a dork in many portrayals. dont get me wrong. he still uses some cheesy one liners at times. when he was resurrected in the future, he literally sang the teen titans theme song while in the middle of a battle – he absolutely has his dorky moments. 

but hes also a bit more subdued. he has some genuinely serious moments – not just lashing out in anger or moping. he seems older and wiser, which makes sense ‘cause he’s been around for a few years – but it’s not the personality path i would’ve expected? tim calls him “grounded” at one point and I agree – but while Tim meant it as a compliment, Kon seems genuinely unhappy in those panels, not just grounded – and do we really want a guy that excited about flying to consistently feel ‘grounded’????? no.

i just dunno. he’s a lot like a young clark, and it isnt helped by the fact that he’s now got an ID as a Kent, is living in Smallville, and basically all over Clark’s old stomping grounds. Like everything he did for himself – doesnt matter as much anymore, because they went on a path to make them Clark’s heir instead of Kon-El, a hero completely in his own right.