cause this broke my heart

What’s it like, dying? I imagine you’ve got a unique perspective.

You know, it’s funny. I mean, you’d expect it to be terrifying, just panic and fear.

What’d you feel?

I guess lonely. Yeah. Like everybody I loved was a million miles away. I mean, I don’t like you, but at least I’m not dying alone.

Cheater? (Reggie x Reader)

Request: could you maybe do a reggie and reader imagine where they have been dating for years but he cheats on her and they break up he tries to win her back but she keeps shooting him down but she has a bad fight with her mom and she doesn’t know where else to go to so she goes to reggie’s and he comforts her and they talk and get back together

 You couldn’t get the image out of your head. The thought of Reggie kissing someone that wasn’t you made you sick to your stomach. It was a painful reminder why you didn’t go to party in the first place. Nothing good ever happens when teens have alcohol.  It what ended your relationship with him, you couldn’t trust him anymore.

“Babe I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing”  Reggie begged you and tears were forming in his eyes. He didn’t want all of the years that you guys been together to end over some stupid drunken mistake that he had made.

“Please stop Reggie, it’s too late we’re over” You said as tears were falling down your cheeks, you loved him but you couldn’t have him anymore. You felt like all of your air was getting pulled out of you as you try to breath through the tears.

“We can fix it Y/N, don’t give up on us, not yet” Reggie pleaded he was losing you, something that he never thought was possible and it was his own fault.

“You already did Reggie” You let out while your voice was cracking “You broke us”

You sat down at you lunch table, facing away from the football team so you didn’t have to look at Reggie. Betty looked at you as you sat down on side of her, you never sat there. But it came to her mind when she heard the football team laughing from behind her. Reggie, was why you were sitting there.

“You okay?” Betty asked as you finally settle down in your place. You phoned her the night you guys broke up so she knew what had happened.

“Peachy” You said as you took a bite of your sandwich, listening to Veronica and Kevin conversion.

“So Y/N” Veronica started to say as she turned her head to face you “What’s with Reggie and you?” You looked at her figuring Betty already told her but you guessed not.

“Nothing” Veronica leaned over the table and teased

“Come on now Y/N, you don’t just break up with someone like Reggie for no reason. So what is it? Did you start a new high school affair? You lost your breath at Veronica’s last few words. It was hitting to close to home for you. Pushing your tray forward, you quickly got up grabbing your things. Not wanting to let anyone see your tears fell, you ran away to go hide somewhere in the school.

“I told you not to say anything Veronica” Betty shouted just enough so them at the table could heard it.

“I didn’t think much of it, what happened.”

“Reggie cheated on her V” Betty told her as she rolled her eyes, leaving to go find you in the school. When you ran out you didn’t see Reggie watching you. He knew you were gone to cry about what he assumed to be him. He knew you better than anyone, one little look at you he could tell that you were broken. He was the one that caused it and now he wanted to be the one to fix it.

“Hey can we talk?” You heard a voice said as you put your books away. You looked up and came face to face with the last person you wanted to see, Reggie.

“There’s nothing to talk about” You told him as you shut your locker. You looked down the hallway looking for Betty, so you could leave. You didn’t think you could look at Reggie yet, it hasn’t been that long. Plus you were sacred that if you did, you would fall into his arms since you miss him so much.

“Us. That’s what we need to do, not just ignore each other” Reggie said as he ran his fingers through his hair. He was frustrated with himself mostly, knowing that he wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for himself.

“There isn’t an us anymore Reggie, get over it because I have” You left Reggie standing there as you saw Betty so you could go home. You knew he knew you were lying after all no one knew you better than Reggie did.

“THEY NEED TO BE BETTER” Your mother shouted as you guys and your father stood in the living room.

“Mom their fine, one B isn’t going to hurt” You said. Your parent or more like your mom have been yelling at you over the past hour for the B that you got biology. It wasn’t hard to bring it back up and you knew that but your mother wouldn’t listen.

“DON’T TALK BACK TO ME YOUNG LADY” Your mother said as she made her way closer to you. “You live under my house and as long as you do there will be no talking back. B’s aren’t for this family, if you want to be something in life honey you have to get A’s. Your pretty face can only take you so far in life. Men aren’t going to stick around once it disappears for a women who get’s B’s.”

“Honey I thin-” Your dad try to cut in but your mother kept talking not wanting to hear his opinions. It was normal thing for your family, your dad was just to sacred too stand up to your mother.

“You heard me, you will be nothing in life if you keep acting like this. Leave, go on I can’t bare to look at you anymore. You’re a sorry excuse for a daughter.” When you heard your mother’s words you ran out of the house. Tears were flowing but it was nothing new to you lately that’s all you ever seem to be at. You needed somewhere to stay for the night but most importantly you needed someone to talk to you. You never really told your friends about how strict your mother was, only Reggie knew. At this point you didn’t care what had happened to just wanted to see him

Standing on his front porch you knocked, hoping that he was going to be the one to open it. You didn’t want his parents to see you looking like a mess. They would wonder what happened and would start asking questions.

“Y/N” Reggie said as he opened the door taking in your appearance. Your hair was out a place and you had been crying. He could tell from your bloodshot eyes and your wet cheeks. Not saying anything he opened his arms letting you fall into him. You cried into his chest as he carried you up to his room. He knew it was something with your mom, you wouldn’t just come to fix what he broke. He held you for what felt like hours, comforting you making sure you were alright. Not asking questions since he knew you would talk when ready. It take didn’t much longer for your tears to stop falling. You finally lifted your head up from Reggie chest and looks into his brown eyes.

“It’s my mom” Reggie nodded he knew it was but he let you keep talking “I was having trouble with biology and ended up getting a B. Mom wasn’t happy when she saw the mark and started to yell at me. Saying things like I’m just a pretty face and will never make it in life.” You rolled you eyes at your mom stupidly. “It’s one mark that she can’t see pass, she told me to leave so I did so we could both cool off.” Knowing that was the best option, you and your mother were too much alike to be together when mad.

“Not that I mine having you here or anything but why me? I thought you hated me” Reggie let out nervously, not knowing if he wanted your true answer. You smiled

“I could never hate you Reggie, I love you but it’s just so hard” You said leaning on his side. “Love is hard and I didn’t really know how to react. You kiss her and I..I know you didn’t mean it I was there, you were so drunk. I think when it happened I was lost, I felt so many emotions. I hated you for a moment but I couldn’t stay mad when I saw the regret and guilt in you eyes even as drunk as you were. I love you Reggie that’s not going to change, I just needed time to think and get through it all”

“I love you too, I’m sorry again for the pain I caused. It really broke my heart knowing I was the one who did that.”

“I know so ummm would you try again with me?” Reggie looked at you shocked not expecting that from you.

“Yeah I would love too I promise nothing is going to happen again”

“The only thing is we’re going to start from beginning I got to gain your trust back.”

“Yes anything babe” Reggie had a grin across his face, he’s never felt happier to have a second chance before in his life. You smiled once again at him before you leaned back onto his bed.

“Lay with me for awhile?”

“Of course love” So there you two stayed cuddle into each other’s arms. Both of you guys were happy to be back with one another. You both drifted off from the comfortable silence in the room. It was the first full night sleep you guys had since the break up. You guys were finally back where you belonged. And you couldn’t wait to stay there forever.


G-Eazy on his song Everything Will Be OK that will be on When It’s Dark Out (x)

Teen Wolf 6x09 spoilers

So instead of doing small posts throughout, i’m gonna do one giant post concerning this episode, so lets get to it.

• #MaliaTheOptimist

• Omg we’re doing the cold remembery thingy we did with Isaac bb

• Sheriff, you don’t have a station full of armed deputies to back u up. srys.

• poor bbs so sed Sheriff nooo

• dont. shoot. theo. (pls)

• “I’m an Atheist, fire at will.” I just got chills idk why someone help me now i’m turned on.


•in this moment, i remember what theo trash i am :)


•"theres a lot of keys here!“ "I’m beginning to feel like you’re not even trying here!” Omg

•theo just ran over a ghost rider what a cutiepie

• yay shirtless scott

• #momLydia


•werewolf freezee pop

• Scott Mccall is such a beautiful being


• Lydia, i can hear you.



•i love this song

• awe Baby Beta Scott

• i love Theo omg yall i am trash


• “cause you trust everyone” this moment broke my heart

• Scott sweetie pls

• Liam you darling baby too sweet

• Theo you ass why do i love you


• Ha shittttttttt yall in trouble

• Lost Lydia hurts my heart she is my queen

• ok now shes not lost she is a smart gg babygirl


• Scott you got this pupper

• open the locker do it do it do it

• this is only half the episode yall must hate me omfg

• “lets play dead like good pups” basically what Liam just said


•oh shit Liam steppin up..unexpected

•Omg he is remembering the phone call


• Lydia support yo Alpha

• i wonder which memory is gonna trigger it






• I cant see thru my tears

• this episode is an emotional rollercoaster

• lydia is so pretty



• Omg so long ago so eichen so far back

• my heart my heart malia pls THE HALE VAULT my sweet sweet children babycakes




• yas #teamwork from my fave and my least fave (no offense i just don’t like Liam)

•Scalia sweet moment yes

•they have so much hope

• omg im sorry malia shes so sad BUT STYDIA YES YES YES


•ok liam is an honorable werepuppy and i’m liking him more every second



•"you smoked when you were ten?“ "No just bit my fingernails”

• Malia reading is so cute

• Scott reading is so relaxing THIS IS HYPNOSIS WHY AM I TURNED ON

• Omg is she gonna watch their memories YES SHE IS girl now u see how we felt


• if Stiles doesnt come back in the end of all this imma sue Jeff Davis for emotional trauma



• as you can tell… i, a theo girl, am very conflicted in this episode.

• *goes to fist bump like cuties* *yeah no*



•real tears yall I had to pause it i’m crying so hard

•they played the song


• shes crying babygirl please dont cry just remember him and be happy and love him and take care of him


•if this aint stiles imma fight Jeff

•Plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls Please be stiles



ok and with that, my emotionally unstable ass is gonna go cry. Thank you and goodnight folks!

You look at me, with so much concern in your eyes. I thought it was love. You lift me high, then you let me fall apart– your actions deceived me, but your words waken up my senses, when you introduced me to him, that I’m your friend. At that moment I don’t know if I should be happy or to pity myself.

Now it’s clear why you hold my arm, and not my hand. Why you blew a kiss, than kissing my lips. Telling me to take care and walk away. I misunderstood everything, and I can’t tell you that you broke my heart, cause I’m the one who assumed, that our feelings is mutual.

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can we have 2D and Murdoc apologizing for their fight to their s/o? (Kind of like how murdoc acted, and apologizing for it) cause damn my heart just broke a little omg

(i’m thinking of writing a part two for the fight murdoc fic so stay tuned for that!)

2D: It takes a lot to get him really mad but when he does snap he digs pretty deep. When he does cool off, he feels awful about the fight and the things he said to you. On the one hand he wants to give you your space, on the other he wants to apologise for being such a twat. After a couple of hours he knocked softly on your bedroom door. You opened and he immediately started babbling on about how sorry he was and how it wouldn’t happen again. You apologised as well and said that you had forgiven him. He gave you a bear hug still apologising profusely.

Murdoc: He’s pretty pig headed and stubborn and he isn’t big on apologising. It takes a few days apart from each other to cool off and collect your thoughts. When he see’s you again guilt hits him like a truck. He goes over to you and sheepishly apologises. To his surprise you hug him, burying your face into the crook of his neck and telling him you missed him. He hugged you back relieved, for a moment he’d thought he’d lost you

Cheat - Nick Robinson

Part two is now up -

Part one? - lemme know if you like it and want a second part.

This is extremely new to me as I’m trying desperately to improve my writing so please don’t forget to give me feedback and Requests:)


Imagine // Nick cheats on you ; you fight.


silence ; both a blessing and a curse.
In this case, it was the latter.

The room was scarily quiet, the only sound being the hardly audible breaths from both me and Nick as we sat stiffly in the cold room.

His body was slumped into the large arm chair directly across from me, long legs sprawled out lazily in front of him as he stared at the oak floor of our apartment, defeated.

“I don’t know what you want me to say” my voice broke the silence, the words surprising even myself momentarily as his warm eyes snapped upwards to meet my own.

My lips were sealed once again, fighting too many thoughts and words that were desperately trying to claw their way out of my mouth ; I had to stay quiet, for now at least.

“I- I don’t know, I-” a large sigh escaped his pink lips, shoulders slumping once more as he covered his flushed face with his large hands.

My chest tightened repeatedly as I pictured the brunette woman from just hours ago- her lips only recently settled upon the pair that spoke these very words to me just now.

The images were spinning around in my head, the sights I had seen upon entering my own apartment were causing a heavy ache in my chest and head, the pain only getting worse as time passed.

Her slender legs wrapped tightly around Nicks waist as he used his arms to push her against the creme wall of our apartment, the sounds of their lips smacking hungrily together along with their sickening groans and moans of pleasure - the sickening sounds replayed continuously in my head like a broken record, stuck on a disgusting loop.

My eyes were now painfully stinging with upcoming tears as I looked silently at the beautiful man I had called my boyfriend, I felt utterly broken.

“I just - why!?” My words were becoming heated, the pain was still there - feeling slowly turning into burning anger towards the male inches away from me.

Two years of relationship flushed down the drain over some pathetic desire. Gone as if it was nothing but a pathetic pet fish he’d had for two weeks, easy to throw down the toilet and flush it away.

Was I not good enough? My mind flew back to the young woman’s face - tanned flawless skin, plump red lips and dark flowing hair. I was no match for that- no wonder he chose her!

My head was spinning, flashes of the past few weeks were playing in my head. It all made sense now - the distant attitude and the absences. It was clear as day.

“It was nothing,it didn’t even-” for once, the confidence was gone, his once glowing eyes flashed with sadness as he looked at my rigid form.

“Don’t lie to me nick! Just answer me,why!?” I pleaded pathetically, desperate for answers.

he said nothing.

I saw red. In seconds I was on my feet and slamming my tiny fist into the creme wall ; the same one she had been held up against. Disgusting.

A small scream erupted from my throat as I held my throbbing fist in my other hand, the pain from my split knuckles being nothing compared to what I was feeling inside.

Ignoring the worried calls from Nick I harshly pushed away from his tall frame that was suddenly too suffocatingly close and rushed down the hall towards my- our room.

The room felt oddly smaller than normal, the walls slowly closing in on me as I tried to ignore the searing my pain in my fist and grip onto as many items of clothing I could.

“Y/N please, what are you doing!?” Nicks hands gripped the clothing I had fisted in my palms, the soft bits of material falling out of my limp grip and into his own.

“Don’t do this y/n, please! I-I love you” his voice broke, the sound causing a sharp pain to slice my heart, tears already pouring down my pale cheeks as he stood crushed before me.

“How can you say that? I cannot believe you’d be so selfish as to use that against me! Of course you don’t love me - why else would you do what you did?” I had edged closer to his tall body with each word, my sobs now louder as I raised my hand to thump his hard chest, eager to show him the pain I was feeling.

His large hand caught my small one before it could touch him,his arm tugging me forward and into his chest. His other hand was raised and rested on the back of my head, holding it against his body as he embraced me tightly.

I struggled for a minute, the thought of being in his arms had disgusted me - he was a cheater, he had lied. However, I soon grew tired, my strength was nothing on his and I couldn’t help but fall limply against his hold as the tears continued to leak heavily from my eyes.

The dampness was no doubt spreading through his dark shirt but I didn’t care - he deserved so much worse right now than a petty stain on his shirt.

But he was crying too - the droplets tickled my shoulder as they dripped onto me - his cries silent as he buried his face into the crook of my neck, arms holding me as if I was the most important thing in the world - never to be let go of.

How stupid of me to even think such a thing - I am nothing to him anymore.

“Baby I am so so so sorry. I swear It just happened and I- I can’t even think about being here with out you y/n. I am so sorry and I know you won’t forgive me all at once but - fuck I fucked up so bad and I can’t go back and I - oh my god y/n” His words were slightly muffled but nevertheless they still tore me apart. His sobs were louder now as he clutched onto my body for dear life, his hand tangled in my hair as I gripped tightly onto his shirt with my unhurt fist.

I said nothing to respond, I didn’t know how. The air was still thick with silence and tension as we cried in each others arms - how sad and cliche..right?

I waited in the moment, saying nothing as I let it play out. We weren’t fixed - no where near close to being - but in this moment, It didn’t matter. I clung onto what was now- in fear of the unknown that was yet to come.

Excuse any errors or mistakes - I’m trying!

Too Many Feelings Part 6

Summary: You and Bucky never get along one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1122

Warnings: Fluffy, mature content of course a little of angst


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That night you barely slept, Steve’s words were repeating in your brain nonstop and when you finally could sleep your brain decide to have a dirty sexy dream about Bucky. When you woke up, you felt so disappointed that he wasn’t there and frustrated that everything was just dream.

Everything felt so real, the way he kissed your neck against the wall, his hands on your hair making you moan the little groans that he was making and the taste of his salt skin on your lips.

At the same time, the dream was just fragments of memories; you remember the feeling of his trusts into you, the taste of his lips on yours and the way he was holding you closer to his naked and magnificent body.

You look at the clock and its only 4 in the morning; you know that you are not going to sleep again. You decide go to the rooftop to think, there was always something about that place that makes your thoughts clear.

You don’t know if it is the view of the city, or the wind in your hair but that place always helped you. You don’t know how much time you spent there, but the sun is rising so you guess it’s a lot. You are so distract that you don’t realize that you are not alone up there.

“So here you are.” You turn around and give him a shy smile “Jesus Bucky, you almost gave me a heart attack.” He sits by your side, watching the sun rising with you. You notice that he has a giant bruise in his left cheek “What happened here?”

“Steve kicked my ass on the training today.” Your fingers gently trace the bruise “Why did he do that?” He leans towards your touch and rest his head on your hand“Because of you, he said if I ever hurt you again he would do worse than that. Don’t worry about it he even got me an ice pack after.”

“I am sorry; I didn’t ask him to do this, you know that I don’t believe in violence.” He gives you a shy smile and his next words breaks your heart “I deserved doll.You know it’s good that someone put me in my place when comes to you and I am glad that is Steve.”

You get closer to him and grab his hands. You don’t know what to say so you just stay in silence for a while holding his hand “Yesterday I heard you talking to Steve, thank you Bucky for taking care of me and not let me do anything I might regret.”

“I would never do anything to hurt you, not on purpose … I know that wake up by my side would be one of the biggest regrets of your life.” His voice is hurt and you know that he didn’t understood what you meant, so you kiss his bruised check and rush to explain.

“I would regret because I wouldn’t remember, the time that happened I thought that you hated me. Can you imagine how confused I would be? The last thing you had told me was to have sex with Steve and then I would wake up with you naked by my side. I was hurt and confused at the time. I know what I was begging for you so thank you for protecting me from myself.”

“You didn’t want me, you wanted me to stop hating you and that broke my heart. How much pain have I caused you? You were almost crying, begging me for no to hate you and you don’t have to thank me. I did a lot of bad things in my past, but I never took advantage of a woman and this is not going to change.”

You stay silent processing everything he said to you, you don’t want to say anything you feel embarrassed and you feel awful to put him in that position . He looks at you, giving you a shy smile “Do you want know a secret? If I had kissed you would be my first kiss since the 40’s.”

“I saw you going to a few dates since I move in.” You remember feeling so jealous of those girls, why he could be nice with them and not with you? “Most of these girls were interest on the Winter Soldier, not the broken man behind and the others want to save me but without trying to know me.”

You just nod, you don’t want to seem too happy that he dates had failed and everything you want to say doesn’t seem inappropriate for the moment.  You keep waiting until the right words show up.

“What do you want from me? What do you need Bucky? What are we doing? I am tired of this game.” He takes a deep breath and put you close almost in his lap “I want you, I don’t want to pretend to hate you anymore, I want to kiss you and have you there when I have a nightmare.”

“But I also need to time to have all this; I know that I am not stable yet and I don’t want to hurt you. I need you to understand that doesn’t matter how much I want to kiss and touch your body. I need feel ready for this and know that you are comfortable with me.”

You get up and pull him to a hug and Bucky rests his body against yours. You want him, you want give him the comfort that he needs and you want explore your feelings for him.

“What if we take baby steps?  We don’t need to jump in bed to have sex but you can look for me after a nightmare, we can watch movies together on the living room and I can patch you up after missions. We can just spend time together and when you are ready to kiss me or do something more we talked about it.”

“Would you do this for me doll? “ You nod “If you treat me right and take care of me when I need it, there is nothing that would make me happier.” He kisses your forehead and you can see that he feels you lighter and happier “What does make us, doll? I don’t want hold you back from anything or anyone you might want”

“We are us Bucky; we don’t need to explain for anybody else. We just have to be honest with each other.”  He nods and stares at your lips “On the mood of taking things slow, Tony is giving a party today, would save me a dance?”

“I will be the one in blue.”

Part 7

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Never Again.

Request- May I have a Theo x reader? Maybe where she is really introverted so no one knows about her abusive father, until Theo sees the bruises on her skin and she finally confesses everything, including that she’s in love with him. Really protective and loving Theo, pleaseee ❤️
As I sat in my bedroom, door locked, I tried to calm myself down. I hated being at home because of what I had to deal with every day, and I hated going to school because im quiet and no one talks to the quiet girl who is always listening to music and trying to escape reality. My dad, no scratch that, my biological father, treats me like his own personal punching bag when he is home, and when he isn’t home, he is working for the sheriff. If they only knew what they did to his own daughter. A knock at the front door, ripped me from my thoughts, my father has a key, he wouldn’t need to knock, but who would be at my front door? I just took a deep breath, unlocked my bedroom door and headed for the front door. Before I got to the door, I could see someone standing there, hands in their pockets, looked about to be my age but who was it? I looked at my arms and sighed. I grabbed a jacket from the closet and walked to the front door. As soon as I opened it, I regretted. I saw Theo Raeken standing there, in all his glory. The guy I’ve been madly in love with for over a year now. He looked at me and smiled slightly before he cocked an eyebrow at me.
“Can I come in?” He asked causing me to just nod, against my better judgement. As soon as he went to talk a step in the house, I put a hand on his chest and pushed him back out the door, lightly.
“No, you can’t. I want you to but he will be home soon.” I said causing Theo to cock an eyebrow again and walk in, anyway.
“That’s why I’m here, (Y/N)” He said, taking me by surprise that he even knew my name. I didn’t want Theo to get hurt and I knew he would get hurt if he was here when my father came home. Theo walked around the house, slowly an softly as if he was looking for something or someone.
“What do you mean?” I asked causing him to sigh and lean against my bedroom door frame.
“I mean, I’m here because I saw the bruises on your arms during gym class. Your sleeves on your shirt rode up and you pulled them back down pretty quickly but I still saw them and they weren’t the kind of bruises that were caused by self-harm. So, I figured it had to be something at home.” He said causing me to take a shaky breath.
“Why do you even care?” I asked quietly. He looked hurt for a second, as if my words were hurting him. He just sighed but before he could answer with real words, we both heard a car door shut from outside.
“(Y/N), get behind me.” Theo said, taking my hand gently. I knew Theo wouldn’t hurt me but I didn’t want Theo didn’t getting hurt by my father for trying to protect me. I was about to protest but the front door opening, made me run behind Theo as we both stood in my door frame, our hands still interlocked.
“(Y/N)! I’m home!” He yelled, causing me to wince and Theo’s hand to squeeze mind, reassuring me that he was right there with me. A few seconds later I saw my father staring at us from down the hall. He chuckled and took a few steps towards us, making them slow and agonizing.
“Who the hell are you?” He asked with another chuckle, Theo growled lowly, taking me by surprise but not moving a muscle.
“I’m someone who cares about your daughter, more than she knows, more than you care about her based on what her arms look like.” Theo said, causing my father to lock eyes with me, I broke the stare quickly, my heart racing. Theo felt me jerk from behind him.
“Don’t you look at her. I’m getting her out of here, away from you. She deserves better than this.” Theo said as my father was getting closer and closer with every passing second but Theo wasn’t budging.
“Leave.” Theo said, claws coming out of his hands, one of them I was still holding. I could see Theo’s eyes in the reflection of the hallway mirror, they were now a deep amber. I had never seen my dad, scared before, until now. He didn’t say anything, he just turned around and left, just like that. Once we heard the car outside start and pull away, we both let out a breath, we didn’t know we were holding. I didn’t care what Theo was but it was better than the monster that my father was.
“Theo?” I whispered even though it was just us in the house. I cupped his face, walking around his side and in front of him to face him, his eyes back to normal, his hands back to normal as well. His eyes were brimmed with tears, which made me give him a questioning look.
“I’ve wanted to get to know you from the first time I saw you. You were different than the other girls in this town. Gentle, quiet and sweet and it kills me to think that someone would ever hurt you, especially your own father.” He said causing my head to tilt and look at him with a loving look.
“You saved me from him, Theo. Truth be told, I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you. You’re strong, fearless, independent. You take pride in who you are and I don’t know what you turned into a few minutes ago but I don’t care. That man has abusing me for seventeen years and you stopped him, I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more than I do right now.” I said, tears now in my eyes as well. Theo took both of my hands in his, and ran his thumbs across my knuckles.
‘You can come live with me, we have a spare room in our house. I would never hurt you and I want to get to know more about you.” He said, causing me to nod silently and rest my forehead on his.
“Never again will he lay a finger on you. Never again.” He whispered kissing my nose as a stray tear ran down my cheek and onto my lips. I felt safe for the first time in my life and it was with someone who people were terrified of. I guess the damaged are always the people to see the best in others. I was beyond thankful for Theo and I was always beyond ready to be rid of these bruises. In time they would heal, in time I would fall even more in love with Theo and in time, he would feel the same way too.

so i did that sidequest in botw where you can get link his own house in hateno village and you can display any weapon you want in link’s “living room” and since i’m a sentimental piece of shit, i put all of the champions’ weapons there cause just the thought of their weapons breaking broke MY heart ;;

so there’s revali’s bow, mipha’s trident, daruk’s boulder breaker and urbosa’s scimitar (and i also displayed urbosa’s shield in the other wall)

anonymous asked:

Hey~ So what's your thought on today's clip? honestly for me it hurts a bit to see Sana withdrawing from everyone but I feel small joy in her standing up for herself with the russ situation. Also I may be reaching but isak wasnt mad at sana and he also seems to avoid the convo... guilt? ahah some people are gonna hate me for saying that. Anyway lots of love to you <3

To be honest that clip was devastating.
Seeing Sana being so hurt and yet acting like nothing was happening…
And the girls not noticing that something is up with her, like yeah they asked her about the bus but that’s it
Also the “you’re alone” bit broke my heart ‘cause she was clearly talking about herself
And about Isak. The first time I watched the clip I thought maybe he was a little bit mad at her but watching it again I feel like he’s embarrassed? Ashamed? I don’t know it’s weird, like he didn’t want to talk about it. I honestly believe that the fight was all a misunderstanding and that neither Elias nor Isak are to blame, like probably one of them said something and the other misunderstood it. At least that’s what I want to believe ‘cause I don’t see any of the squads as bad people
I guess all we can do now is wait and get through this week as good as we possibly can ‘cause it’s going to be a hard week
I really hope Sana talks to someone, Isak, Elias o whoever but someone!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me!

[inside Blaine’s brain] did he just say? I can’t believe. The world is closing in. The sky is falling. My love has moved on without me. My love? But I’m still with Dave, I can’t possibly. Crap, I can. I do. I love him. I never stopped and I never will. He’s everything I’ve dreamt about since he came back home. Everything I’ve always dreamt about. But he caused me pain. He broke my heart without warning, without a chance for me to change his mind. I dropped out of school and he said nothing. I moved back to Ohio and he didn’t care. He was gone. It hasn’t stopped raining since that day. But he came back for me, right? Did I misinterpret that? I couldn’t let him back into my life  so easily and crush Dave. I grew up, I matured, I got over Kurt, I thought. I went through therapy! I stopped playing music without his voice to sing the lyrics. I clawed my way out of a dark hole tooth and nail all by myself and I was proud of myself. I came back to Dalton, became a teacher, found music again, felt happy. Dave helped me out of my depression, but he was still Kurt’s high school tormentor. The pain in his eyes when I broke the news. I thought I would feel triumphant but he killed me to see him on the verge of breaking down, and it took everything in me not to run back into his arms. I should have taken him back instantly, the moment he changed his mind again. I should have broken it off with Dave in the bar right then and there. Because now Kurt moved on. He forgot. He has a boyfriend now, who I hate, whoever he is. He forgot about us. He forgot about Baby It’s Cold outside. He doesn’t love me anymore. I missed my chance.  I love him and, I thought that kiss… Good God that kiss… I should have forgotten about the competition and punish him with my lips right then and there. We should have talked about what happened, but I was waiting for him to apologize but then there was the creature in the elevator… I screwed up again. I had a chance. This is the nail in the coffin… What am I going to  [end of the longest second of his life] “I’m kidding!” oh. That’s good. Good thing I didn’t freak out.