cause theyre cute

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Can u explain furries to me pls bc I see memes nd stuff all the time but not explanations?? I hope you have a cool day!!

ah u too! also hrmn well theres actually not too much to it as ud think 

literally its just, yknow, urself and other people and ocs and characters as animals that stand on two legs

thats it actually

a lot of people make and draw personas, some people love theirs so much they make whole suits, generally its a really fun community though im not really deep into it ykno

the memes r generally bc people find it weird + the p0rn part of it is pretty big LMAO

im finally playing this game and pit has such son status


“If you only remember one of my lessons, let it be this. No matter how low you feel, never say you wish you would’ve died with them. If I never met you, my life would be far worse. That is, if I continued living… just… remember that you mean the world to me, and if you can’t find any other reason to continue, resort to me. Live for my sake. Got that, Pripri?” Groffus said sternly, nearly tearing up as he stated this, before trying to act happier and ruffle Pricos’ little cottony floof.
“Got it, Papa Groffy!” Pricos said cheerfully, smiling like a dork and chuckling a bit at the ruffling of his hair. Groffus smiled, but couldn’t help seeing the pain in the traumatized orphans eyes, no matter how hard Pricos tried to hide it, it was always slightly there. If only he knew how to help his kid get over such a horrid event, he would do something, anything… not much you can do while you’re a weak bird though…

// Soooooo just sketches for now, might turn my favorite into a digital one, but I was caught up drawing another digital vent tonight, sooo…
@ask-positive-bendy-bab Hey lookie is Pricos da bab XD