cause they would

Reggie’s low-key great at Physics. It’s kinda his favorite class (shh don’t tell anyone) and it comes in handy when he’s planning his pranks.

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How old are you and what's your favorite tv series?? :)

> My age is one thing I won’t be disclosing actually. But feel free to guess.

> tv series? I do have quite a few that I like but I don’t think I have what I can call a favorite one. Cause believe it or not, I don’t watch that much tv right now. Which also meant, a whole list I should catch up on once I actually felt like watching again.


idk if it’s just me but in the photos that cole took, lili was wearing a black dress. Remember when lili took a picture and posted it on her Instagram story where she was in a green shirt? Well, that was the same day as the black dress photo was taken. IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THIS MEAN THAT SHE CHANGED IN FRONT OF HIM OR LIKE CAUSE WHY WOULD THERE BE TOILETS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

doodle & aesthetic icons

- 40+ icons with coloured backgrounds
- Please like/reblog this post if you save or use any of them (or just to spread them round cause that would be nice)
- 150 x 150 px
- Credit is not requited 
- All icons can be found on this page
- Send me an ask if there’s anything you’d like to request

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hey just to clarify, two million yen is not equal to two million dollars, it's 18 336 dollars (google's exchange rate). which makes eva's bullshit even more ridiculous come to think of it

im sure he wasnt talking abt like. a professional anime studio but its still funny cause tis something he Would do amdnbfamndsbfmafs


hi cuties !! it’s ya girl zoe, 7teen, cst , she/they & a plot hoe. i’ll be playing hiro fujioka, the hirai momo fc with the songbird label. she’s not a new muse to me but i’ve changed her quite a bit so she’s like new.  anyways i’m super excited for this rp and i luv you all & your muses already !! down below is her extra af backstory.

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It was a week since their ‘non’ date. Things were still unclear with them but Kali, as always gave Hana her space.
She would’ve already done what she wanted to but she knew Hana’s flighty nature would cause her to shut down completely or run away, and she wanted her in her life so she chose to not be assertive with her wants. 

Thomas ended up inviting Kali and Bones for dinner. 
Julie and Bones had been dating for 3 weeks now. 

And Hana and Kali finally were getting things going, so Thomas wanted to get to know both of them, even though he had been dying for Hana to start on Kali. 
Bones came over and, <3 he’s such a sweetheart. 

**Bones I downloaded from the Gallery. Sorry guys I never get the names if i get things from there. I’ll try from now on, but I’m so slow.
These pictures are like from March 6th lol. 

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I'm so happy I found your blog 😊 Can you do a headcanon when you caught them cheating ( you were sent on a long mission that lasted 2-3 months and they couldn't bare the distance so they cheated on you with a girl in their guard) ? Pls make Guardienne strong and dont make her cry at the end :(( No Guardienne deserves to cry whatsoever ❤️ Thank you :>

Hellow lovely hehehe~~ 

Ofc I can and I would love to.

And I am going to! ahaha

Hope u enjoy it, feel free to request anytime babies! <3


  • After you left for the mission, Nevra held himself for a long time but he lost himself once when a girl from his guard provoked him.
  • She would always rub herself against him and touched him in places that would cause heat.
  • After all of these provoking he eventually loses himself and has a hot night with her.
  • He felt very guilty but he just couldn’t stop it, he fucking loved you but he just couldn’t hold himself any longer.
  • Some weeks later you came from your misson, you were super happy to finally see him and ran to find him.
  • You couldn’t find him anywhere so you asked Miiko if he left for a mission, but she told you he didn’t.
  • You ran literally all the HQ and asked everyone about where he could be, but you just couldn’t find him.
  • That’s when you remember to check his room.
  • With happiness filling your soul you run to his room.
  • As you get closer to the door, you hear little moans coming inside. A woman’s moans.
  • You opened the door quickly just to find Nevra, your boyfriend, the boy you trusted fucking a random girl on the same bed he fucked you to. Okay.
  • You close the door quickly with a disgusted expression, even if you felt sad you just couldn’t cry. You weren’t that weak and you couldn’t expect more from an asshole like him anyways.
  • You just felt disappointed and went away to see if any of your friends could help you, Ezarel usally could cheer you up haha~~


  • Personally, I think that Ezarel must have gotten out of his mind to cheat on someone (I think this about all the boys tbh).
  • Ezarel felt really lonely since you weren’t here, he couldn’t bear with it anymore.
  • He was trying to get a hold of himself, because he really loved you but it was so hard.
  • The day you came back from your mission you walked calmly around the HQ searching for him, your heart was missing him a lot.
  • You thought that he probably was in the lab (idk how you call it on the english/american servers sorry. In the br it’s called “laboratório de alquimia”)  and walked towards it when you heard 2 different voices.
  • One was Ezarel’s and the other one was from someone you didn’t know, it was a girls voice.
  • You couldn’t understand what they were saying so you opened the door and saw the two of them kissing while holding eachother.
  • Sincerely, you were shook.
  • You never expected this from Ezarel. Like NEVER.
  • You stood there for long moments, they didn’t even noticed you.
  • You looked down for a second, and if you were feeling hurt now your blood was fucking boiling gurl!
  • “Are you two having fun?” you spoke with a ironically interested voice.
  • “Guardienne, I–” Ezarel tried to speak.
  • You closed the door with all your strength.
  • You were so mad, hurt and all those feelings but then you calmed down, you would not cry over this, even if you felt like it, you were stronger than that.
  • “baby you’re a liar.” you whispered while walking to somewhere only you knew.


  • Valkyon doesn’t feel like the type that would cheat on you. You trusted him enough, that would never happen… right?
  • You were wrong, sadly.
  • When you came from your mission excited to finally see the person you loved.
  • After talking to Miiko, as she asked when you left, you went to search for him. But believe me, he wasn’t that far.
  • As you walk the corridors to see a tall, strong and white haired man kissing a woman.
  • You leaned on the wall next to them, they stopped and looked at you.
  • Valkyon was ready to talk when you put your finger on your mouth mouthing “shh”
  • “Oh my, I’m impressed! I never thought that I could believe you would never cheat on me.” you say trying to look “hurt”. It did hurt a little but if someone cheats on you when you’re out for like 2 months he could do anything. He just wasn’t right for you.
  • “Anything that happened forget it okay?” Have fun with the girly over there.” you spoke once again, flippin,g your hair and then leaving.
  • You saw Ezarel and Nevra sitting in the canteen(??) and sat next to them talking to them.
  • Even if you were hurt, you would never cry over men. There are so any, Tbh, you could just date one of the two who were right by your side, am i wrong? sjsjsjs

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(The girl who asked you if chris and darren were still friends) I had some doubts because I read (I think on your blog) that there will never be a klaine spin-off cause chris would never approve it, and because everything on youtube or even pictures of them are at least from two or three years ago. I feel like is super sad when actors play a role together for so many years and then don't stay friends, that's why I asked :) (I'm italian, sorry for my terrible english)

Those comments you mention are mainly other people (who don’t like the idea of “CrissColfer”) including Darren’s public relations team.  Darren signed a contract to portray his real-life persona as “straight”.  This is where the confusion comes in.  Let me refer you to AJW720′s blog.  She explains everything in detail.

Took this last night around the same time. Talk about your deer in the headlights… now I understand peoples’ comments in highschool…and university…

Speaking of, a prof told me in front of a class that I looked like an anime character (thanks James Cunningham, completely unsarcastically). Someone (anyone) want to draw me anime style? Cause that would be awesome.


What if Antonio does get shot tomorrow night? (I don’t think so, I think it’s someone else but still go with me here lol) and that’s the reason Sylvie is on next week’s episode.

I mean, I know it probably won’t happen cause why would Sylvie support Antonio, her ex boyfriend, but not Gabby? I would be pissed if that happened however, that would be a perfect story though.

Let me stop, ugh let me stop before I start writing this. I love writing fanfics but honestly, if I wrote every story that pops in my head, I think I would have wrote more than 100 stories right now.

Just thinking out loud haha.


I love all those Time Travel aus, mostly because of Keith’s reactions to hot & mature Lance. Totally worth it. 

(I don’t know how to draw grown up Lance, just imagine he’s very handsome)

soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name