cause they were all different types of scenes

Cursed child as a piece of theatre

However much act 4 scene 14 causes me physical pain, I can’t deny that we have been gifted with actual theatrical genius.

I’m not referring to the story line because, honestly, that’s not what made it enjoyable for me.

I’ve seen different types of theatre and been in my fair share for a 16 year old so…

Straight away with the opening scene the music, staging and choreography blew me away. I remember physically shaking at the start of both parts because they were so intense. I honestly need a cursed child cd with all the music because it’s phenomenal.
Also, the ensemble are stunning. I honestly dedicate my standing ovation to them because they made the show for me. The movement with the robes added so much to the story (especially in the AR in part 2).

The special effects got applause just for being there, people audibly gasped at them. If you want to, you can figure out the use of trap doors and people dressed in black hiding in stage corners, but if you go see it just let yourself be immersed with the magic.
(although I am still to work out how the bloody hell the phone boxes work???)

I went in being ready to be disappointed at the story but I came out buying more tickets the next day. The actors are all great, they all understand their characters and I don’t think they’re OOC at all.
You will laugh so much and you will tear up too and I was scared and angry and excited - it makes you feel so much.

Yes, the ending did leave me wanting more, both about Rose and the scene with Albus and Harry. It does genuinely make me really angry. But. But but but. It is possibly the most well executed piece of theatre I have seen.
People start living this story and you are all in this story so together and it’s great.

The story, for me, will not go down in history. The storyline is no les mis etc but it does leave with an impact.
We did beg for another story and I think we should concentrate on all the fantastic things we have been given, I mean, Scorpius guys.

I went for the story but I stayed for everything but the story.