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i’ve said it before but narcissa wright is like the perfect case study of how gamers are absolutely not an inclusive group of people.

she was considered one of the best speedrunners around, was pretty instrumental in the development of the ocarina of time speedrun, holding the world record for a like, a really good length of time, as well as having some really good speedruns of other games like super monkey ball and castlevania 64 (i think she held the record for carrie for a good while), she made several appearances at games done quick marathons and was one of the contestants in the nintendo world championship from last year, getting to second place overall and getting a signed 3ds from miyamoto

and then she came out as a trans women and like 90% of her fanbase fucking turned on her so quick, calling her slurs, calling her mentally deranged (and anyone supporting her as “enabling a fantasy”), saying she was a hack and that their excuse for being so horrendous was that she didn’t do speedruns or play games any more, but thats bullshit cause if you take like, the time to actually look even really briefly into it, she seriously fucked up her hands playing competitive smash too much; i’ll say it again: she caused serious damage to her wrist and hand muscles because she was playing games too much.

its so evil what happened to her and to this day people harass her, and make threads on 4chan mocking her, all her videos on her new youtube channel get tons of dislikes and shitty comments no matter what she uploads (she uploads smash stuff on the regular! she’s been playing through twilight princess hd! is that not enough gaming for you), and i just

whenever i see shit about how gamers are ~so inclusive~ and don’t care whether you’re lgbt or whatever cuz you’re a gamer its like…no, and what happened to narcissa is perfect proof of that, as shitty as it is

happy or angry? 



Manon Taris and Sierra Boggess singing “Think of Me” while ice skating!


Who’re these nerds.


Soo i made some fan characters to the wonderful @thebbros AU

Name: Raphael Soph (Dog)
Age: 23
Likes: His family, playing ukulele, dancing with his sister (Emma)
Dislikes: Lies, rude people, rain
History: He lives with his sister Emma in the bakery. After Emma took the charge of the bakery, he helped her a lot. Now he doesn´t have time for it because of his job as a mailman. Sometimes he is scared that something might happen to Emma while he is away, cause she is all alone in the bakery. He also likes to play his ukulele in the bakery when he has time, the most of the time when there are few or none customers. Back at the time when he had alcohol problems, Emma was always there for him and helped him to get rid of it. He would do anything to protect his sister. He is friendly, but can be rude to the people he don´t trust to. 

Name: Emma Soph (Dog)
Age: 20
Likes: Her family, listen to music while baking , decorating, meeting new people, kids, 
Dislikes: people without patience
History: Emma is a girl who loves to bake from the bottom of her heart. She found out about her passion for baking when she was helping her grandmother in the bakery since she was little. While she was helping, She learned to put her whole heart and work into baking. After her grandmother died, she was in depression, but not for long. After that she decided to look at it from the positive side and took the charge of the bakery and continued the job. She is always very kind to her customers and sometimes even starts a little conversation. Some people still love this bakery because of the special taste of cakes which were made by the good old recipe that her grandmother wrote. she can be too naive and her brother always tells her that but she won´t listen to him. 


Felt like spying on them to see what they’re up to which is work and not thinking about boys.

Dating Yoogi

Even though Yoongi seems like a grumpy grandpa, he is the best guy to you. Dating him includes:

-chill dates like going out to eat or drink

-he would be clingy af when your guy friends are around. He would put his arm around you, give you unexpected kisses on the cheeks and while watching them jealously

-buuut with the other members he’d be super chill and happy that you get along well

-let’s you play with his hair cause he secretly likes it but will never admit it

-he’s the super hype boyfriend who supports all of your decisions and cheers for you

-’Look at her, that’s my girlfirend!!!’

-plays piano for you

-your opinion on his works is very important to him

-facetimes you at 3am to show you his new songs and hear your voice

-’Call me oppa again’

-doesn’t really like it when you steal his clothes but also likes how you look in them

-he needs his quiet time where you just watch something or let him work

-’wanna come over and nap?’

-always has to smile when you do cute or embarrassing relationship stuff


-innocent kisses lead to makeout sessions

-quite kinky sex 

-That tongue technologie is on point

-eyecontact while eating you out 


-isn’t the vocal type except grunts and dirty talk

-make up sex

-loves you in sexy lingerie 

-cocky and confident

-spanking that ass


-Daddy kink

Forgive me father for I have sinned… Hope you like it!


I’m so glad to have these two drama queens part of my team.

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 


If Marinette had the black cat miraculous...
  • would do her wiggle even more than she already does when she’s happy and excited
  • would become the ultimate sneak and hide around more often and likely no one would end up noticing her at all
  • would probably scare people with how quietly she can move and just pop up right next to them
  • there’d be jokes about getting her a bell
  • would lounge and press against her friends all the time
  • sleepovers she’ll lay on top of Alya
  • would give Alya, Adrien, her parents constant slow blinks
  • turns into goo when Alya and LB pet her head
  • is super offended if anyone touches her belly in any shape or form
  • Kim makes a game out of it
  • Kim has much regrets
  • developed a habit of hissing when she’s angry and her hair sort of stands up
  • has to hide her sewing materials cause Plagg likes to play with them
  • she will buy Plagg his own yarnball
  • when working on creative stuff, she’ll play some program for white noise and because Plagg likes watching tv
  • Marinette gives into temptation and bought herself catnip
  • bleps every time she’s working on something
  • sometimes she does have a hard time getting into the zone because sometimes she wants to play with her sewing equipment 
  • she’s not crazy about being picked up
  • when she’s excited or freaking out she’ll randomly run away
  • it’s kinda hard for Alya to keep up with her
  • Marinette kinda gets excited easily
  • it leads to her running into things more since her body can move faster than her mind
  • on sunny days she and Plagg will nap on the lounge chair
  • when annoyed or upset will push stuff off surfaces 
  • since she is observant she will lock onto a lazer light in an instant
  • when sleeping Marinette likes to bury herself under blankets and sheets
  • Plagg gets done with how often Marinette will gush about Adrien
  • the worse has to be when she’s with Alya
  • Marinette constantly sneaks Plagg the cheesiest products
  • Plagg works on helping Marinette relax and not shoulder so much
  • Plagg is a but of a bad influence