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reddie headcanon

warning: some sexual assault, alcohol, drugs
requested by: @whipashwhipash

-reddie decides to go to a party and while the party scene isn’t eddie’s cup of tea, he goes because richie loves going to parties

-when they arrive, eddie practically clings onto richie, holding his hand and keeping close to his boyfriend as they move through the crowds of people in the house

-“i won’t leave you, okay?” richie whispers into his ear, kissing his cheek

-eddie stays close as richie starts talking to people eddie isn’t familiar with

-richie introduces eddie to this friends and all eddie can do is smile and nervously looks around

-when they make it to the least crowded part of the party, like an hour later, richie asks eddie if he’s ready to go home

-eddie knows richie doesn’t want to leave so early, so he plasters a fake smile on his face and shakes his head

-“we can stay a little bit longer.”

-“are you sure? because it’s no big deal if you wanna leave.”

-eddie shakes his head again and kisses Richie

-they sit around in the kitchen a little while longer, talking a little and richie tries make eddie feel more comfortable and tries to make him laugh adn loosen up

-“can i have something to drink?” eddie asks

-richie nods and grabs a plastic cup off the stack on the counter

-“what do you want?” richie asks his boyfriend

-“something that will loosen me up,” eddie says, nervously fiddling with his fingers as he leans agianst the kitchen counter

-richie gives him a look, not sure what’s going on

-“you don’t drink, eds,” he says, laughing a little

-“yeah, maybe i should try it, though,” eddie shrugs, trying not to look as nervous as he feels

-“eddie, you don’t have to have something to drink because everyone else is,” richie says, his voice serious

-“please, rich,” eddie pleads, his eyes never leaving Richie’s

-richie doesn’t want to, but he hisitantly grabs some fruit punch out of the fridge and a bottle of some kind of alcohol (eddie has no idea what it is but richie does so he doesn’t panic as much)

-when richie is done with the concoction he’s made, he hands the cup to eddie

-richie makes himself a cup of the same thing and they clink their cups together before taking sips

-“hey, it’s not as bad as i thought,” eddie says, taking another sip
-richie laughs

-“that’s because i mixed the alcohol with fruit punch, eds.”

-richie decides to go back out to the party, grabbing Eddie’s hand

-when eddie lets go, richie turns back to look at him

-“you’re not coming?” he asks

-“nah, i’ll just stay here,” eddie says, shaking his head

-“oh, okay,” richie says, feeling uneasy about leaving eddie alone

-“you can go,” eddie says, giving him a smile

-“i don’t want to leave you alone, though,” richie sighs

-“i’ll be fine. i really just don’t want to go in there, where it’s crowded with all those people,” eddie says

-“are you sure you’ll be fine?” richie asks

-eddie nods and richie leans over to kiss him

-“if you need me, i’ll be in the living room, talking to that group of guys you saw me talking to earlier,” richie says before smiling at eddie and leaving

-eddie stays in the same spot for another ten minutes, sipping at his drink, bobbing his head to the music he’s never listened to before, and looking around at the stranger’s kitchen he’s standing in

-“you look like youre having a great time,” someone says over eddie’s shoulder, causing the boy to turn around

-eddie sees it’s one of the guys richie was talking to earlier and he smiles, not knowing what else to say

-“you don’t talk much, do you?” the guy asks

-eddie just kinda of shrugs

-“i’m not good with meeting new people,” eddie says quietly, sitting his drink down on the counter

-“i’m chris,” the guys introduces himself (again), holding his hand out for eddie to shake

-“i’m eddie,” eddie says, shaking chris’ hand

-“yeah, richie’s always talking about you,” chris laughs a little. “I understand why now.”

-that last statement makes eddie feels a little uneasy but the more he talks to chris, the more he feels himself getting loose

-“i’ll be back, i have to go to the bathroom,” eddie excuses himself, heading out of the kitchen and down the hall to where the thinks the bathroom is

-when he comes back, chris is still in the same spot, sipping at his own drink

-eddie grabs his drink from the counter and takes a sip, leaning agianst the counter like was before

-it takes another ten minutes for eddie to realize something isn’t right, and the more he drinks what’s in his cup, the worse he feels

-eddie feels sluggish and his vision is getting blurry and he can barely understand chris as he tells eddie they’re going upstairs

-eddie feels his body moving, but doesn’t know where he’s going and he doesn’t say a word as the music gets louder and the chatter of people fills his senses

-and then it’s quiet again because they’re upstairs in someone’s bedroom and eddie’s being thrown on the bed and then the weight of someone else’s body is over his and eddie doesn’t know what’s going on

-“just be quiet and this will all be over,” chris says into eddie’s ear as eddie starts to squirm and wiggle about on the bed

-eddie can feel chris’ lips all over his body and his hands and he doesn’t like this, but all he can do is mumble “no no no stop” as he tries to get out of chris’ grip

-chris has his hand covering eddie’s mouth and that’s when eddie tries to shout

-“richie!” he tries to call out with chris’ hand over his mouth. “richie, help!’

-and that’s when eddie blacks out

-but just a few minutes after eddie blacking out, richie is knocking hard on the locked door adn he’s screaming out for chris to open it


-he continues to bang on the door for a few more moments, but then he stops

-and then the door is being kicked open and richie comes storming in, a group of people watching at the door as he shoves a stunned chris off of eddie

-richie looks over at eddie, his shirt not on his body anymore and his jeans unbuttoned and he can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t have gotten upstairs in time

-richie saw chris taking eddie upstairs, but his “friends” held him back from following him, as if they knew what chris was going to do and they were helping him

-richie holds back his tears as he stares down at eddie and then rage fills him as he walks over to chris and punches him square in the face

-richie gets on top of chris as he’s knocked down and continues to bash his face in


-richie is pulled off of chris by some random dudes, who richie shoves away, walking straight over to eddie and buttoning his pants back up and grabbing his shirt off the floor, putting it back on his body

-richie carries eddie downstairs and outside to his car, lying him down in the backseat

-richie grabs a blanket from the trunk of his car and puts it over eddie’s body before walking around to get in the driver’s seat

-when he’s sat down, richie breaks down behind the wheel and cries so hard

-he can’t help but feel it’s his fault and he hits his hea don the steering wheel several times, mad at himself

-he doesn’t want to go home, but he knows another place he go

-they get to bill’s house and when bill opens the door, seeing eddie unconscious in richie’s arms, he’s scared and confused

-“what happened?” bill asks, moving out of the way for richie and eddie to come through

-“I’ll tell you about it in a minute,” richie says, still crying a little. “where can i put him?”

-bill leads them up the stairs to his room and richie lies eddie down, throwing the covers over his body, kissing his forehead and moving the hair away from his face

-bill and richie go back downstairs and sit down on the couch in the living room

-richie explains to bill what happened and richie breaks down again

-bill pulls him in and wraps his arms around his friend and holds him while he cries

-“it wasn’t your fault,” bill says. “and it wasn’t eddie’s fault.”

-“i shouldn’t have brought him to that party,” richie says quietly

-“shhh…” bill says, still holding richie, “everything will be okay.”

-about an hour and a half passes and bill makes tea for richie and eddie and says they can stay if they want since his parents aren’t home for the weekend

-richie takes his and eddie’s cups of tea and heads upstairs to see if eddie is awake

-he is and he’s sitting up in the bed, staring down at his fingers

-“hey,” richie says, walking over to him and sitting their mugs down on the nightstand

-richie sits down on the bed with eddie and, pulling the covers up over them and wrapping his arms around eddie, pulling the boy closer into him

-that’s when eddie bursts out crying and he holds onto richie so tight, as if his life depends on it

-“i’m here,” richie says quietly. “it’s okay, i’m here, eddie spaghetti.”

-when eddie calms down, he tells richie all that he can remember and he tells him that he calling for him and he was so scared he didn’t know what to do

-“i’m sorry, eddie,” richie says

-“why are you sorry? you saved me, richie.”

-“i just wished i could go back and not bring you to that party,” richie says. “it was my fault. i’m sorry i let you down.”

-eddie makes richie look at him

-“richie tozier, this wasn’t your fault,” eddie says softly. “you saved me. i’m so thankful for you and i love you so much.”

-he kisses richie’s lips softly and richie pulls him back into his body, holding him close and not letting him go

this was probably shit and it’s really long but i almost cried writing it ok

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Hold Onto That

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader, Crowley

Word Count: 978

Warnings: Angst, Dean’s POV, this is demon!Dean so you know it’s already going to be angsty as hell

Request by @mina22: Hey girllll !Can I get a dean x reader where dean is a demon and he finally answers her call after so long and says “dean if this is you,I love you.Hold on to that”.You can decide what happens after

Summary: You won’t give up on Dean Winchester even if it’s the last thing you do. 

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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Turning into a demon was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t have to carry all the heavy shit on my shoulders, I don’t have to worry about who likes me and who doesn’t and I especially don’t have to worry about others around me.

I do what I want and frankly, I don’t give a damn about who says anything different. I left the people I once called my family, Sam and Y/N. Ah, Y/N, she was once the love of my life but I gave up on that mess a long time ago.

She became another problem in my life so I left and I didn’t look back. That didn’t stop her and Sam to come looking for me but I was careful about what I did and if I left a trail or not. Crowley, on the other hand, knew where I was always and that annoying son of a bitch wouldn’t leave me alone.

All I want to do is live my life the way I want without anyone bothering me. Like now, I want to enjoy a few glasses of whiskey, take the bartender home and leave the town to jump into the next. All I wanted was peace.

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BTS Scenario/Reaction - Yoongi (Pt.2) Self Harming/Self Harm Scars

*TRIGGER WARNING* This is a very touchy topic and if you are uncomfortable with it I suggest you not to read

(DISCLAIMER: I do not intent to promote/romanticise self harming or depression. If you or someone you know is going through this please get help and my ask box is always open if you need/want to talk, both admins are here to listen)

Word count: 1,107

Before Yoongi you were known as the awkward girl that always wore the black hoodie no matter the weather outside. But what could you do?, it was like your safe haven, it kept all your secrets and fears inside and any judgement you didn’t already received out. Whenever you would put on your hoodie you felt like all the imperfections and reminders of the past weren’t there anymore, cause you couldn’t see them. It was merely a shield protecting you from additional eyes and stares you were sure you would receive while hiding away the aspects of you that you knew people wouldn’t accept. It gave you a sense of safely even if it was just a piece of material, it was all you had. Yoongi never questioned why you always wore the hoodie but he knew there was a reason behind it, he knew you weren’t as confident and outgoing like others but he didn’t want to pressure you into telling him the reason behind it. He respected your privacy and you were thankful for that because telling him or even showing him your scars was something that weighed heavily on you, it was something you feared and you had no idea why. You trusted him so why weren’t you willing to show him that side of you? Why were you so scared to death that maybe, just maybe he would become one of those many judging eyes you saw on a daily basis? It was because even though you thought trusted him, there was always a doubt finding it’s way into your brain and constantly whispering in your ear that this wasn’t going to be any different from the past, that he would run for the hills like everyone else who ever got this close did. And this fear ate you up, it consumed you and played at your mental state making you borderline crazy. You feared you were just digging a hole only to bury yourself in it.  

It was like any other day, you waking up in cold sweats caused by the nightmares that haunted your dreams whenever you closed your eyes, but you had grown accustom. You had accepted the fact that this was how it was going to be, that you couldn’t outrun your past even if everything you went through was over. It still stuck with you and you knew you had to live with it. You slumped your way out of bed and decided to take a shower to cool your hot body before you started your daily activities, which mostly consisted of going to classes and hanging out with Yoongi. It wasn’t the best life but you were contented you had someone to spend your time with than being alone. Even though you distant yourself from people you hated to being alone. Picking up your over worn hoodie from the chair next to your bed to cover yourself after you had got out of the shower a knock at your door caught you off-guard. Pulling your towel tighter around you exposed body you dropped your hoodie back in its place and made your way over to see who it was at the door. ‘No one ever comes here’ you thought to yourself wondering who it could be. You unlocked the door and peeped outside to see a very soaked Yoongi with a look of desperation to get out of the rain on his face. You hadn’t even realized it was pouring outside until you look passed Yoongi’s figure to see the heavy rain and multiple puddles forming outside. Being brought back to the shivering boy in front of you, you looked at him wide eyed still processing his unexpected presence.  

“Can I come in y/n, I’m freezing out here” he spoke first earning a quick nod from you.

You pulled back the door allowing just enough room for him to pass as your tried your best to keep the cold breeze out. He was now inside, leaving a trail of water behind him as he removed his soaked jacket from his pale body. You stood there in shock not knowing what to say or do for this was the first time he, or anyone for that matter had came to your apartment. It was always you going over to his or you to hanging out somewhere around town. Yoongi turned around to finally look at you as he took in your appearance. You had totally forgot you were only wearing a towel with most of your body exposed, and more importantly, your scars. Panic setting in, you stood still, your body in shock as his gaze wonder from your frightened expression down your stiff body. It was too late to cover up now or to run and hide to prevent him from seeing what you were so desperately trying to hide. He had seen, all your flaws and imperfections that you had caused upon yourself, he had seen everything. His face was unreadable and it stroke a fear in you that he would run any minute from the broken girl that stood no less than 5 feet in front of him. But he didn’t, he didn’t run, nor did he show a face of discuss like everyone else you knew before did. You held your breath as he slowly approached you, his eyes never leaving your face, your heart rate increasing with every step that he took. ‘What was he going to do?’ you fearfully thought as you stood there scared to move a muscle as you stared at him with an uneasy expression on your face. His face was inch away from your now and you had no idea how you hadn’t collapsed from the amount of excessive breathing you were doing. You closed your eyes, not knowing what to expect as you felt a soft gentle touch on the side of your face. You released a shaky breath as you leaned into his comforting touch, savouring the feeling just in case he changed his mind and made a run for it. All the doubts and fears you had dissolved as you felt his lips lightly brush against yours, your tensed body relaxed at the feeling. You unconsciously leaned in wanting to feel more of this new sensation caused by his touch. He kissed you, and not just a simple kiss but one that held so much love and passion, it made you feel safe, it made you feel protected and you didn’t want it to end.  

“Y/n, I know you’re hurting, but you don’t have to anymore, I’ll always be here to make you feel safe”

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anonymous asked:

No, we can't talk about that "glow-up". This not directed at you only, but honestly it's not nice for people who have never met Taylor (in my case, never will, considering she won't ever come close to my country) seeing other people brag cause they've met her more than once and talking about their "glow-ups". You're happy, and I'm happy that you're happy, but there's no need to make others feel bad since they won't ever even have the first half of the "glow up" (or even the first quarter 🙄)

okay so first, i get why you’re upset and tbh you have a right to be so thank you for not being hateful about this. i’ve actually been wanting to make a post about this but i’ve been kinda afraid to comment on the issue cause i feel like i don’t have the right to sit here and say “everyone gets equal opportunities” when i know full well that’s not true. i’m sorry if that post upset you because that was never my intention, but the problem here is with taylor nation and not with the people meeting her again or with taylor herself. 

this “rule” that you can’t meet her more than once is complete bullshit. she’s a human being, not a prize or accomplishment. there’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t be able to give the woman a hug more than once in your lifetime. the problem is that the rule is only enforced when it’s convenient and it’s bent for certain people but not others. that’s fucked up, but the people chosen to meet her more than once aren’t at fault for that, and they should be allowed to post about it without bracing for impact when the anons start rolling in.  

i’ve been on both sides of it and i get how much it sucks to watch it happen for other people over and over and feel like it will never happen for you. honestly? i wish i could promise you that it will happen for you one day, but there’s one taylor swift and millions of us. sometimes it’s luck. sometimes it’s wealth. sometimes it’s just having the time to be on tumblr because you don’t have to work three jobs to support yourself. it sucks and it’s not fair. i know that. i wish i could change it. i get why people are mad about the way this event was handled and tbh i am too, but i don’t feel like anyone should need to apologize for being happy that they were there. inevitably some of those people will be obnoxious about it, but please just try to remember that for the most part no one is trying to brag or make anyone feel bad. they’re just excited and happy and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Ok, random AU thing that popped into my head last night that I need to just get out and idk if it’s been done but yeah:

Anna and Elsa’s family have run Arendelle Farm for years. They are known for training some of the best equestrian riders along with just being good people. Their Father runs the farm, and helps also in training with his wife. Both Anna and Elsa ride competitively, both exceeding very well in their levels.

After losing their parent’s in a barn fire (one that has still yet to be solved on what exactly caused it), the sister’s take it upon themselves to keep the barn running at full force. Needing help, they hire Kristoff Bjorgman as a stable hand. A quiet man, Anna obviously takes it upon herself to get to know him. 

After many attempts, Kristoff finally opens up and a friendship is formed. Which leads to Kristoff moving into the open loft above the barn (which Anna definitely convinced him to after finding out he had an hour commute to the barn every day and tbh Kristoff doesn’t mind seeing as it has it’s perks…like having Anna be the first and last person he sees every day).

Which then leads to awkwardness, the most RIDICULOUS sexual tension (the man gets hot af cleaning the barn, of course she sees him shirtless at least a dozen times if not more, not to mention Anna is oblivious to how red faced Kristoff gets when she is around now after their little quick dip into the nearby pond one hot afternoon), which theeeeeen leads to feelings (especially after seeing Anna fall off a horse one day and Kristoff nearly has a heart attack). Which then leads to sneaking out to the loft, late night swims, quick, hot make out sessions in between the stalls and just all the goods because yes.

Oh, and they try to keep it “secret” from everyone but obviously, everyone in the whole barn knows. 

It’s a celebration!

So, there’s this thing that happened a few days back…I needed a double take, and then one more.

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I hit 1k!

I mean, that’s great, but I’m still having a hard time believing it - I never could’ve imagined that a thousand people would want to see my stuff! I think I owe y’all a big THANK YOU for following me AND a celebration.

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Since I’m quite a traditional gal, I’ve decided to host a writing challenge. And cause Supernatural is the thing that brought me here and connected us all, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that SPN will be the subject here. :-)

Details (and prompts) are below the cut and I’ll be tagging my forevers and a bunch of other people in case you’re interested in participating, and if not, maybe a signal boost?

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I want you to know that I had a semi-nightmare involving a lot of half-naked Angie and Yandere Saihara after seeing that post. I'm. So confused. Why did I have that dream. Why was Angie half-naked. Why did Saihara have teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator. These are the questions I will never have answers to.

the answer is that i… may have made an au on the words “half-naked angie” and “teeth as sharp as a freaking alligator”…

congrats, i guess we might have a cult au on our hands??? HaHA,,,,

also, saihara with sharp teeth..!! in my elusive, super serious style. he actually looks rlly good–

“It’s good to see you smile,” Sam says. Like, literally says. Those are the actual words that come out of his mouth. Like some sap from an old black-and-white romance.

Now, normally, Dean would tease the shit out of his little brother for a sentence that schmaltzy, but Sam’s clearly got something reserved and hesitant between his teeth, so he lets it go. “Well, I said I needed a big win,” Dean answers honestly. “We got Cas back. That’s a pretty damn big win.”

Sam doesn’t react the way he’s supposed to. Dean expects a smile, maybe even a rueful laugh. Not his brother sucking in a clumsy breath and darting his eyes away. “Yeah,” he directs at the floor, turning away from Dean to fiddle with the closet. “Fair enough.” He shuts the folding doors with an odd sense of finality and just stands there for a second, looking awkward as shit with no reason not to turn around.

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How the cochobros would react if Nocts have a little sister and she is the shorter of the group (but she is the most stronger too secretly) and what would they do if in the camp that sister in the middle of the night was seen trying to sneak and flee to do hunts? Like, even her friends are outside it would be a lot of fight? Or comprehensive? Do only if you want to, I don't want to over work you sweetheart *gives you chocolate cookies*

I will gladly take these cookies and EAT IT!!!


  • He’s going prevent you from going on a hunt by yourself, which resulted into an argument between the two of you.
  • You believe that Noctis is preventing you from going because he sees you as a weak little sister who constantly needs protection
  • He blurts out that it’s because he doesn’t want to lose the only family he has left, which causes dead silence.
  • After a while, he will say he is fine that you want to partake in hunting, but you have to do it with a group. Besides it’s quicker to kill daemons that way than on your own.


  • He’ll ask you what you were doing as he sees you getting ready to go somewhere.
  • When you tell him you’re sneaking out to hunt, he knew trying to convince you to stay won’t work. So he’ll reluctantly join you.
  • This is because he doesn’t want you to get hurt and if something happens he’ll be there to help.
  • When he sees your strength during a fight he will be amazed. He’ll also take some pictures of you and a couple of selfies in-between.


  • Gladio would be upset if you tried to sneak out to hunt. As a sworn Shield, it is his duty to protect the royal family.
  • Strong or not if you were to get hurt with him not around, then he would feel he is not doing his job properly.
  • If you want to hunt then he will insist you do it with him and the rest of the group. Since he is the Shield, he has to protect the two of you together, not separate.


  • Just when you’re ready to sneak out, Ignis is standing right outside the tent and tells you to go back to sleep.
  • He will lecture you how hunting alone in the middle of the night is not only dangerous but it’s reckless.
  • To him it doesn’t matter if you’re stronger than the rest of the group. If anything were to happen to you without them knowing. It will cause such a great distress.
  • If you want to do things on your own, he will insist to do it in the middle of the day. While he and the others will stay out of your way.

I don’t know if any of you will really care about seeing this but I know there are 5,606 of you and I feel the need to address something. 

I havnt posted anything in like… 3 months? And I know I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I feel like ya’ll do since you all were the most dedicated lil shits I knew. 

I have lost touch with this blog. A lot of touch. It came to a time where I dreaded updating it cause of reasons I was really to afraid to bring up.

I’m gunna bring them up now. Let it all loose and maybe then can I start fixing it.

-I hated my artsyle. 

Full on loathed it. It was generic and always changing and I felt that it was a bad thing since a lot of ask blogs had consistent and recognizable artstyles and I didnt. 

-I was super jealous of other ask blogs. 

I have been making content on this blog for 3 years and yes Ive accumulated a nice following and I love all of you  but it really hurt to see some bright eyed and bushy tailed newcomer start a blog and literally hit with so many followers. 

It felt like i spent my time crawling up a wet dirt wall for attention and validation for the work I made and this new comer was given a ladder to clime cause they had a nicer artsyle.

Ofcourse I don’t think like that now. Yes I’m still jelly as hell, but in a good way. Those blog inspire me. And I couldn't be more happier for them. Hell I proud. 

I know now that neither of us have a say in who views our content and its all a literal lottery only a few can win at.

- I’m not that great at story telling

It came to my attention when i started making harder hitting storie lines and tried to add depth to the characters I created (By created I mean the versions I use in my blog) 

I was completely unable to finish the now named “Unspoken ark” Where we see the underlying issues of BEN’s trauma with water and drowning. 

I literally hit a road block and ultimately refused to do anything. Ever time I tried my art faltered and I began making mistakes in the craft I thought i had down. I began to crumble and make excuses to not finish it. 

There are more reasons I stopped doing this (and art in general) but they are very personal and would require a deeper explanation which I want to save for another time. 

But I don’t want any of you to worry.  Alot can happen in three months.  

I’m not giving up on this blog.

While i was the most stressful thing ive ever done it was also the most fun and consistent thing I ever did.  I had never stuck with anything for so long and it makes me happy that I feel motivated to continue it. 

But I’m gunna change how I do things. 

This will never be a professional ask blog. It is now and will forever be something I do for fun. It will also double as a place for me to mess around and play with my art. 

You all will see first hand how I’m developing as an artist. 

I just hope you’re all ok with that. 

- Mun Jay

Mommy & Me(pt 1): Jason Todd x Mom!reader

Summary: Jason’s staying at your house for a few nights, and you’re worried about how he’ll get along with the kids but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Rating: General

Warnings: none

A/N: so I’m going to be doing about four small Drabbles on this one, cause I thought it was cute. I hope you enjoy!

Part 2

You woke to the sounds of your one year old crying, and groaned as you pulled off the covers. You wandered over to Casey’s room, but the door was cracked. You peeked your head in to see who was there, and your heart melted.

Jason had needed a place to stay for a couple days, so you offered him your couch with the warning of late night crying episodes. You’d been worried that the kids would bother him, but that didn’t seem to be the case as he cradled your toddler in his arms, whispering a sweet lullaby into her ear. You smiled and leaned against the frame until he got Casey back to sleep. He set her down and finally looked up at you. Apparently, he didn’t know you were there, because his eyes widened and a deep flush spread across his cheeks.

“Sorry, she was just crying and I-“

“Thank you, Jay,” you whispered, and smiled at him. He smiled sheepishly back at you.

“It’s no problem,” he whispered back. “Well, ’night then.” You nodded at him and went back to bed. As you stared up at the ceiling, you thought about him.

He made you fall in love with him a little more every day, and it was like a blessing and a curse. While Jason was an incredibly caring man, he would never love you the way you loved him, and that made you feel like someone was tearing your heart to shreds.

You felt tears creeping up behind your eyes, and pushed those thoughts away.

Sega - Not Gonna Write You Sonamy (Parody of Not Gonna Write you a Love Song)

(This was like- the hundredth take and I won’t try anymore! lol)

*This is not meant to be ‘bashing’ it’s meant to critique and respond. Thank you. I thought it was funny


I heard a rumor

That some writer

Got some death threats from a fan

The hinting gets harder, even we know that

Made Boom!Sonamy

but it’s too soon to see

If Sega’s happy with the fans

We’re unusually not hard to appease

Blank stares at harsh critics

You make us look like fanatics

You mean well, but you make us all look bad

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy

‘cause you demanded it

'cause you need one, kiss scene

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy

If you’re threatening,

‘Cause you’re crazy or

you’re on your way

They’re not gonna write you to stay

If all that’s attention seeking, then they’ll need a better reason to write you

Sonamy – in boom.

They learned the hard way

That we all say, things we wanna see                                          

My heavy heart sinks deep down under you

And your twisted words, your help just hurts

You wait like the rest of us!

Hello, Sega, we’re sorry.

Convince them, to please you?

Made them think- that we’re crazy too!

I’m trying to tell them, we’ll take whatever we can.

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy.

'cause you demanded it,

'cause you need one, kiss scene.

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy.

If you’re threatening,

‘Cause you’re crazy or

you’re on your way!

They’re not gonna write you to stay

If all that’s for attention seeking, then they’ll need a better reason to write you

Sonamy, in boom.

Promise me that you’ll leave them alone.

To help Sonamy, keep our hope strong.

'cause I believe there’s a way to have Sonamy hints stay.

They won’t write you Sonamy.

'cause you demanded it

'cause you need one, kiss scene

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy.

'cause you’re threatening,

If you’re crazy..

Is that why you wanted Sonamy?!

'cause you’re passionate

'cause you were angry? You see…

They’re not gonna write you Sonamy

Cause you told them it’s

make or break in this, or you’re already

on your way

They’re not gonna write you to stay

If your heart is bent on canon, I don’t want them to forsake it,

Babe, I’ll write my own love story

In all of fanfic glory, then to lose a… Sonamy… they make. Sorry~

Time for Brokeback Supernatural! Hopefully with less angst than that movie. ‘Cause shit, I don’t need to be crying tonight. 

1) Please let this be a time skip. Please let this be a time skip. Oh thank Chuck.

2) I know Jensen said the reunion was understated but he wasn’t kidding! But did you see that smile though? All the warm Destiel fuzzies.  He just knew it was Cas. No testing required. Didn’t actually get my “Hello Dean” though. 

3) Jack is so earnest. Such an emotional hug. I missed you. Yeah, you’re not the only one. 

4) Team Free Will 2.0!!! Love it. 

5) Look at Dean! He’s so happy. Quite the about-face from the suicidal feelings of the last episode. Sam thinks so too. Dean confirms that Cas is the big win he needed. I’m so happy for him. 

6) Sam’s still not happy. Not without Mary. Poor Sam. This will be brought up again for sure. Still no Mary/Lucifer/Thunderdome scenes…hmmm…

7) Castiel is rocking this being a parent business. Seriously. 

8) “I told you, he’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.” Welp, Cas, you would know! Extra props for Misha tweeting about it, and for using the hashtag #brokebacknatural 

9) Happy music = Happy Dean. Also, they canonically have movie nights. XD

10) Jack trying so hard  (and he really wants the MOTW to be a Zombie? Fair enough~Zombies are cool) and failing badly and feeling guilty. Poor Jack. Maybe he eventually will be this season’s Big Bad? I know everyone thinks he’s squishy nougat son but they keep framing him as dangerous and a bad thing looking for a place to happen. I can’t just ignore it! No matter how much he’s like Cas 2.0. With the squinting. And the lack of social graces. And the eagerness and the not sleeping. Hence my tag for him is still #Jack the Nephilim.

11) “nuh uh. I don’t wanna” XD I agree Dean. I wouldn’t want to dive headfirst into that hole either. So relatable. I’m not even claustrophobic but all my instincts were screaming NOPE. Just going to NOPE right out of that situation. But Dean ploughs on ahead. Because that’s just who he is. 

12) Why is it that I can see Castiel going to hunt for Jack and leaving AGAIN goddamnit. I don’t think Dean could take that shit again. “Yes, Dumbass, We. We’re just better together.” Maybe all three will go looking for him? Yes. That would be acceptable. 

Low on the angst, high on the happy! I could get used to this not screaming about SPN business. Cheering is good. 

That is all. 

anonymous asked:

lmao i didnt even see that. i did notice how much they point out who dean needed back and who sam needs back. they're really showing it and ive seen some blog say they're using dean and hes not even grieving but like... the time will come. dean literally dying cause he didnt care about anything to happy mood doesn't mean he's all there, he's just enjoying it right now, why is that such a bad thing. after the next ep, we probably wont have cas for awhile & shit will hit the fan

wait who’s using who? how are they using dean? dude just got his big win, doesn’t mean he’s 100% fine. he was grieving mostly because of cas, so now that cas is back, it’s something. a something to tells him to keep fighting, after he had lost all hope. mood is a… weird thing. also, dean’s issues were there before cas’ death. they got worse after that happened, but they never went away before that, and I bet they’re still there. 

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How would the XOXO Droplets boys react ,when they are older, if MC came into the room with sexy lingerie on?

Oh boy, let’s see, haha.

Everett: Regardless of what she had on, he’d tell her there were sexier options out there. She’d make a joke about that statement being a weak attempt to get the right to pick out some lingerie for her. He’d say that her comment was actually the excuse to make him pick out lingerie , ‘cause clearly she needs help with that. And they’d go back and forth eventually agreeing that they’re both attractive people with good taste.

Nate: He’d go into the connected bathroom or closet of the bedroom and shut the door. From inside there he’d say that’s not appropriate and you need to tell someone in advanced before doing something like that. He’d be nervous/embarrassed, rather than actually angry, though.

Shiloh: What Shiloh is like in the future isn’t exactly clear. It’s possible he’d do the same type of thing from high school where he’d get all blushy and say she looks great. Or he could have some smoother lines at that point. Or he could be sarcastic and disinterested. Or maybe something else.

Bae: He’d jokingly ask if she was expecting a different guy to be out here for her to wear that kind of outfit for. Then he’d patronizingly say it was sweet.

Jeremy: He’d look at her with an unimpressed expression and say ‘Do I have to?’. She’d sarcastically say that he’s very funny. Jeremy would smirk, but then start to get embarrassed and have to stare at a wall on the other side of the room.

Pran: He’d stare blankly and ask why. Either she’d explain or make some joke about the comment. He’d just keep looking, not really sure what to say or do.

Thank you for the ask!

okay we’re all very gay for Katie McGrath but that gif/photoset from Frontier with her in that ridiculous bustier causes me physical pain every time I see it because. whY IS SHE WEARING A MODERN VICTORIA’S SECRET BUSTIER IN 17-WHATEVER

I need to know that the collective sapphic community knows that’s not remotely what any kind of 18th-century garment looked like. even if you don’t care. just tell me you know

I have been having trouble with my triggers every since all these sexual assault comradely explosion.   It’s not the stories that surprise me, it’s how the public narrative has changed.  Excuses that held water; are being shattered.

For 30 yrs, I’ve been called a manipulating slut.   My mental illness causes me to make-up stories of sexual abuse, and Mitch McConnell just said on the national TV he believes the women.  High profile men are actually writing quality apologizes.  Drake stopped his concert to call out abuse he could plainly see.


So that full throttle anger needed to push past patriarchy is crumbling before our eyes.  Before it was important to educate everyone how wide spread it is.   Today, I don’t want to bombard you with mug shot after mug shot of perpetrators.  

THIS is uncharted territory.  Those that are balanced and centered  will weather the upcoming storm(s) better and come out better.   

 MEN ARE BEING DEMONSTRATED (model behavior) on TV “the right way for a male to respond.”  Accept your part.  Apologize and stop doing it.   Be Noble and call out abusive men.  

ALL MEN are watching this and going thru a global readjustment.  The jokes have stopped.  They are in introspective or preparing for the last fight.

I have no idea what to say? post? because that institutional wall of sexism is crumbling hard and fast each time I get on the internet & tv and I have no idea until it is done falling, where we are?

I know we no longer have to exert all that frustration anger, 

however, we will need to define the other side, 

& we do need to get you more justice, resolve and restitution.

& don’t let anyone who owes you an apology get away with avoiding the reparations process.  


Patriarchy loves to say sorry and ignore the emotional work, humility, necessary for your & their recovery.  They love to roll over on their stomach and then play the victim.  

and if you give in? I guarantee the problem will bite you in that ass again.  

olivewithwings  asked:

ayyy yo! So, idk what ur opinion is on smoking is (i mean irl i'm pretty anti-smoking cause Lung Cancer, who needs it) but boY HOWDY IF SHOTGUN KISSES AREn"T PRETTY FUCKING HOT HUH??? I juSt see other artists drawing Devil smoking a big cigar all the time and all I think of when I see it is Dice lighting the cigar, Devil grabbing him by the back of the neck, and giving him a shotgun kiss and then pulling back and Dice is just S T U N N E D

I dont have a smoking kink for various reasons, but i can totally see both of them having one, especially devil having a suppressed one (ive mentioned this in a different ask) and dice developing one from lighting cigars for devil, watching him take drags, and sometimes going on store runs to but more for him.

Nafla as a Boyfriend

Originally posted by wpdlql

  • Okay he’d be a little bitch
  • Why? because he plays too damn much
  • what gonna happened throughout the day? ass grabs
  • yess, I do feel like he an ass person
  • Okay on a very daily basis, he always act like he’s all that when he really isn’t like, “yo how my girl doin?” okay no, no one needs that
  • He hates it when you sad cause he a soft boy
  • 24/7 braggin about you like literally anything about you.
  • “Y’all even y/n strand of hair is better than you guys”
  • old ass punchline he uses every time he sees you
  • “You must be Medusa because you make me rock hard.”
  • I cried typing that, that’s nasty XD
  • back hugs are a natural thing
  • Enjoys spoiling you whether you like it or not
  • clothes, food, handbag, bling bling, you name it
  • Besides the fact that he plays too much, he’s a really sweet person
  • he likes being around you and taking care of you when ever he can
  • Constantly at your place literally when ever like it’s his own home
  • “Good morning sunshine” thats cheesy but then again we like cheesy stuff so deal with it XD
  • Probably the type to give you weirdest nicknameee’s my 
  • “there’s my bad ass snuggle butt”
  • bye