cause they both need friends that don't up and leave without them

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i'm curious: do you think the animorphs could have won if they were adults? marco starts out as the only one with the maturity to understand death; it's sort of because the others don't have that understanding that they're so eager to fight. jake NEEDS to idealize past soldiers/leaders in order to keep himself, well, 'good', acting like he thinks they did, as much as he can. what do you think??

Interesting premise. Let’s suppose the Animorphs are five adults—thirty-three, let’s say, instead of thirteen—who encounter Elfangor as they walk home from where they were getting a few drinks at the local bar. 

Suppose Marco is a smart-mouthed lawyer with more secrets and lies than genuine wins in his resume.  Suppose Rachel works as a graphic designer for a fashion magazine by day, but she lives for the nights when she goes surfing in the moonlight swells off the California coast or skiing at breakneck speeds in the Canada Rockies.  Suppose Tobias has been an adjunct professor at the local college for five years now and suspects he’s headed nowhere despite his Ph.D., whereas Jake is a high school dropout rocketing up through the ranks of his contracting firm thanks to his canny leadership skills.  Suppose Cassie’s in night school so that she can continue as a vet tech, always exhausted and always telling herself it’s all worth it.  Suppose they’re joined two weeks after the war begins by War-Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, who got his own self out from under the ocean without calling for help.   

  • The first thing the Animorphs do is fly north and tell the governor about the invasion.  She calls the National Guard, the president, and the United Nations.  Within a month, the yeerks have doubled their force on Earth and the two species are in open total war.
  • The U.N. appoints a military commander to oversee the Animorphs, a five-star general with thirty years of combat experience.  Jake and Ax both salute him and call him “sir,” but they’re the only ones. Cassie calls him by his first name when she asks about his family.  Rachel and Marco hold side conversations in whispered thought-speak throughout his briefings.  Tobias sits in the back of the room, either preening feathers or doodling on his intel packet depending on what form he’s in.  Every time he gives them an order they thank him, leave the room, and then look at Jake to find out whether or not they should obey it.  
  • The war wears on for months, then years, and the humans lose steadily. 
    • Here’s the thing that it takes the U.S. and the U.N. a dangerously long time to adapt to: every time they lose a soldier, they lose every single scrap of intelligence contained within that soldier’s brain.  Every single time they’re forced to leave a man behind, they lose every base that person has ever visited, every file that person has ever seen, every scrap of knowledge once kept secret in that brain.  The humans start equipping their soldiers with cyanide capsules; the yeerks start gagging hosts the instant they’re captured.  
    • Here’s the other thing they don’t figure out until it’s too late: even hardened soldiers balk at shooting their own friends and neighbors and siblings.  Even the ones with years of training will hesitate to shoot a child.  The yeerks know this, and they take advantage.
  • David is the son of the deputy director of the NSA, placed with the team in a blatant act of nepotism after he finds the morphing cube.  Rachel gets dishonorably discharged in the aftermath of the “accident” that causes his death.
  • Dissent starts to grow large within the ranks of the humans.  Several believe that the yeerks come in peace; several more believe that the humans should stop fighting and negotiate a truce.  There are still pockets of people who insist that there are no such thing as aliens, and the whole thing is made up to target certain types of people as “controllers.”  
  • The yeerks take the entire Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada.  There are simply too many people, too densely packed; the human military cannot protect those areas.  The humans retreat to the Midwest and Mexico.  
  • Visser One gets put in charge of the invasion force, quietly moving Madra and Darwin offworld in the process.  Marco and Rachel, acting against orders, infiltrate her base and kill her and nearly sixty other high-ranking controllers before they are themselves gunned down.  The U.N. erects a statue in their honor, makes fifty other morph-capable soldiers to take their place, and keeps fighting.
  • Jake and Cassie marry.  She gets pregnant twice during the war, and knows that she can’t afford to keep either pregnancy. She never tells Jake about this.  Later, they will divorce in the last weeks of the war.
  • Visser Three once again takes over the invasion of Earth; he thrives at open war.  He bargains and threatens and calmly assures the human forces that they will lose, and that there is only one way to avoid death.  All they have to do is walk to the nearest yeerk compound, surrender, and let one of his warriors take away all their worry and pain.  
  • The human race is dwindling.  There is no other way around it.  The yeerks kill humans because they already have more hosts than they need, and the humans kill humans every time they succeed in bombing a yeerk base or shooting a controller.  The species has already been decimated; everyone fears that within a decade it will be annihilated.  
    • The humans destroy a Blade ship.  Forty humans and eighteen hork-bajir die.  
    • Visser Three gets revenge by turning his dracon canon on China’s east coast.  Two hundred million humans die.  
    • The humans blow up a yeerk pool.  Two hundred thirty-eight humans die.
    • The yeerks blow up Rio de Janeiro.  Twelve million humans die.  
    • So it goes.
  • The human armies take refuge in Brazil and Argentina, in Tanzania and Angola and the DRC. The yeerks have control over the entire northern hemisphere.  Communications between the two continents are constantly intercepted.  Jake and Cassie and Ax go on mission after mission after mission, no one bothering to tell them what to do anymore.  Tobias comes sometimes; more and more since Rachel’s death he’s nowhere to be found.  
  • Food runs short. Electricity runs out.  In the heat of the summers and the cold of the winters, in the times when a few handfuls of dried sorghum are all that can go around, dozens of humans quietly slip away.  The controllers are well-fed, well-equipped, well taken care of.  All it takes to earn safety and comfort is to give up your soul.  
  • Three years pass this way, and the andalites finally arrive.  
    • They are merciful: they rescue the few hundred free humans who remain before they blow up the planet.  
The Moon signs.
  • Go check your natal chart and find out what your moon sign is.
  • Aries Moon
  • People who have an Aries moon tend to be impatient, they want results quickly and don't want to wait for things to 'just happen'. They like to go out and do it, instead of waiting for what they want. The Aries moon is a very fiery sign, therefore people with an Aries moon also possess fiery personalities and intense passion. They are not afraid to let people know how they feel and are often very direct and upfront and dont like to play games. They also are very independent and like to put themselves out in the world, even through they have good confidence they will go through ups and downs that may cause them to let their emotions run wild.
  • Moon in Taurus
  • People with a Taurus moon are very strong willed people. They like structure and safety, they would rather focus on making a nice comfortable life for themselves then taking major risks. They may seem detached to other peoples feelings because they try and avoid situations that may cause drama or emotional outburst. However when a Taurus moon is committed to do something they will do it!. They are very romantic warm, and particle. They won't make a move unless they know its safe to do so.
  • Moon I'm Gemini
  • People who have a Gemini moon can be a good company witty, and a social butterfly around people. However they may be a little moody around family and other close companions. People with this moon sign are very interesting people, and love to be well informed of information as they are very curious. However they often get nervous and are more restless then other signs, therefore they read a lot, talk a lot, and think a lot. This lunar sign may find it hard to deal with the emotinals needs as they usually like to keep themselves happy, with others however are good at helping people with their intellectual needs.
  • Lunar Geminis have brilliant at using their words and are very social creatures enabling them to befriend people quickly.
  • Moon in cancer
  • People with a cancer moon are very in touch with their emotions and the emotions of other people. They cling to others and are often lost in their own thoughts. They hold precious memories close to them as it brings them comfort. However because they attach to people and things quickly it can cause them to be a little scared of change. They are a very loving sign and if you love them they will give you back more. However they do dwell on the past a lot which leaves them feeling like they are taken for granted which may turn them a little bitter. However they have a very good sense of humour and good understanding which is one of their most admirable traits.
  • Moon in Leo.
  • Lunar leos can be very comical people they are not very outgoing, however they are not afraid to be the centre of attention in their homes with family and friends. They often like to control their family and friends and people close to them as they like to fix and make sure everything is done correctly. They are very creative beings they like to create and entertain and keep people happy however they can be lazy and a little bossy at times. They require lots of love and attention from others in order to cope with problems in the outside world. When hurt they can be a little dramatic but only in front of people close to them, they tend to hide their feelings in unknown territories.
  • Moon in Virgo
  • People with a virgo moon like to be useful and tend to run errands and sort out the daily Chores of life. They like to keep busy and help people as they feel like their best when they are helping people however as long as you let them know you are thankful to them. However it is said that lunar Virgos may be underachievers as they are happy with a simple life, and lack the self confidence too 'reach for the stars' because they do not like overwhelming stress and they know their limits because they are very realistic people. They become doomed and gloomed when they have nothing to do therefore it is always useful that they get a job or keep themselves busy with a hobbie. But without doubt virgo moons are trust worthy and reliable.
  • Moon in Libra
  • Lunar libras reach out for companionship, as they want to share their life with others and tend to get involved in relationships from a very young age. They are peaceful and like to socialise with others they can show good sympathy towards other people. Lunar Aries works better in twos they want constant companionship and work better from feedback form others around them. They can be very charming and flirtatious beings and win the hearts of others easily as they are rarely aggressive. However their constant need of the 'perfect life' can cause much discontent within them when they can't achieve it.
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • People with Scorpio moons are very emotionally intense. They can see through peoples core emotions, and things that may not be obvious to others. To others this may be either intimidating or very very attractive.
  • Lunar Scorpio's life is filled with intensity they often experience a lot of ups and downs and drama, its like an unconscious need to test their strength. They love the idea or rebirth and transformation so this may mean like to better themselves in anyway they can to change constantly to keep things going. However they have a big fear of betrayal and may put loved ones through tests to see if they will love up to their standards. However when committed they are one most loyal and protective people around.
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • People have a sag moon have a need for personal freedom and independent space. They are often happy and easy going when they are free and do not like to be cooped up in a cage as they are very adventurous. They love to meet new people and travel and love big open spaces. They love to help people, however they can be Irresponsible because they are often forgetting things but its hard to stay mad at them because of their upbeat and cheerful persona. When things get tough they have to escape as they don't like being caught in routines.
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Luncar capricorns are very competent and productive people and they like being useful. They tend to keep cool headed even if they are feeling a little 'blue' inside. They have a desire to have clear boundaries and set realistic goals for themselves. Lunar capircorns like to create a safe heaven for themselves. Through they are cool calm most of the time they can have bad mood swings and may fall into dark thoughts sometimes. They have a tendency to be too hard on themselves don't let people in they hide their emotions behind jokes and sarcasm. They hardly ever show their emotions as they like to keep their emotions under control.
  • However out of all the 12 lunar signs they are the most responsible.
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • They are very observent people. Lunar Aquarians love to take an interest in human nature and are curious to know why people do what they do. They can come across as shy and detached as they sometimes feel different from others. They may even often push away deep inner feelings like 'jealously, the, fear' because they have a need be above those things because they are very idealistic. This can cause them to emotionally blocked. They find messy emotions unappealing and take pride in being ditached cool headed and in control.
  • Moon in Pisces.
  • Lunar Pisces are daydreamers and may not always have a good grip on reality however they have very good intuition. They are very good at empathising with others, and try their best to see what its like to be in their shoes. This is both good and bad as this makes them very compassionate and loving, however they can find themselves being overwhelmed by other peoples problems. They hold a weird and silly sense of humour and it doesn't take much to get them laughing. Lunar Pisces need to get away from life sometimes by daydreaming this is why they may seem a little absent minded but they need some alone time to take time out from reality. General Pisces have a soft heart and are very compassionate and have a soft heart for people who are in need.

this is what happens when I headcanon with the incomparable @ananbeth ! lol thought I’d share these because we had tons of fun with it and it’s fucking solid as hell if I do say so myself 

  • Percy and Frank who grow up together and go surfing constantly
  • Percy laughs every time he watches big Frank get into this tiny car 
  • Percy and Frank who grew up like cousins 
  • their moms are best friends and their houses are down the street from one another 
  • Percy making jokes and Frank laughing hysterically, his face bright red 
  • when they meet Annabeth in the 7th grade Frank immediately KNOWS that she and Percy are gonna get together But he has to watch them both be idiots around each other for years
  • Frank getting demoted to the back seat of the car when they start dating and he’s like “guys….I know you’re in love but… Please”
  • LITTLE FRANK HELPING LITTLE PERCY WITH HOMEWORK sitting at Sally’s kitchen table, a plate of warm cookies in the middle 
  • patient Frank who is constantly encouraging Percy and Frank never brings it up when they’re older 
  • Percy is like "I would not have made it without you” and Frank is like “you’re crazy, that was all you man”– it means so much to Percy
  • also, going back to the original image: Surfer bros
  • getting up at 5am to get out on the waves before school then falling asleep in class later
  • Frank always misses a spot of sand on his leg no matter what he does
  • Percy’s hair is always crisp from the sand and salt
  • Frank after his growth spurt and he’s like “Percy why are those girls laughing at me, did I spill on my shirt again” and Percy is like “…no, I don’t know” and Annabeth is like “you guys are idiots, they’re giggling because they’re checking you out”
  • Frank goes red and is like “…I’ll be in the water if you need me”
  • Sally packs them a cooler of snacks for summer beach days. Frank always has at least 3 different SPF sunscreens with him. He wears one of those dorky tan bucket hats. Percy has a pair of old beat up vans that are his beach shoes. 
  • blasting music with the windows down as they drive home. 
  • bonfires on the beach. 
  • floating on their boards out in the water during sunset, which they call “the best seats in the house”
  • Frank living with the Jacksons during his mom’s deployments 
  • Sally and Percy helping him make care packages to send her
  • this leads us to even better territory: Bunk beds.
  • Percy isn’t allowed on the bottom bunk because he kicks the top mattress when he’s bored
  • he always pops his head down to ask Frank obscure questions late at night and Frank is like “PLEASE" 
  • they try to build a treehouse?
  • It’s terrible bless them
  • until Sally steps in and helps them then they spend all their time there
  • hiding out, and playing super heroes and stuff
  • they sleep there one night and it’s such an ADVENTURE
  • It’s where Frank goes when he wants to feel brave
  • they both go back up there the night before they’re about to leave to go to different colleges for the first time in years. They can barely fit and they’re both wearing their college sweatshirts 
  • Frank’s mom passes away when he’s 15, and he goes missing after the funeral 
  • they look all over for him until Percy suddenly realizes where he is 
  • he finds Frank in the treehouse holding the medal his mom was given
  • Percy scoots in and doesn’t say anything but Frank eventually looks up and he’s kinda still crying and he’s like "she would want me to be brave…right?" 
  • And Percy is like "she would want you to be whatever you need to be to get through this" 
  • Frank looks back down at the medal as he runs his thumbs over it and he’s like "I wanna be brave”
  • imagine them going off to separate colleges and keeping up a long distance friendship
  • Frank goes to the northwest like Oregon or something and Percy is like “I don’t understand how you traded the beach for the forest” and Frank is like “Says the guy in the middle of New York!” “Frank, it’s different
  • imagine successful NY Percy who buys his mom a cabin in Montauk so she can be closer to him 
  • Percy finally being able to provide for his momma because he recognises how much she gave to him when he was growing up
  • he just wants her to be able to enjoy life and not worry about things the way he did when he was growing up– wants to give her the peace of mind she always gave him
  • he never begrudges the childhood he had, but he wants to be able to provide for his kids and give them a childhood that he couldn’t really have
  • imagine them seeing each other when they fly home for break after their first semester 
  • Percy is like “did you hear the slo mo music as we ran to each other or was it just me” and Frank is like “no I heard it too" 
  • (Possible Annabeth being like "that’s cause I was playing it on my phone for your romantic reunion”)
  • She would totally video it too and caption it like, Percy gets less excited when he sees me after a long break or just Reunion 💕
  • she loves it– loves her boys
  • the first time Annabeth gets to go into the treehouse it’s such an occasion 
  • Frank puts up fairy lights to make it fancy
  • it’s her 15th birthday and her and Percy have been dating for a couple of months 
  • They have a little cupcake for her 
  • There’s streamers
  • Percy is like “you’re in the club forever now” and it’s this sweet moment cause she’s used to moving around and not having a home
  • Frank excuses himself after they sing happy birthday but not without blushing furiously and tripping over his feet
  • his clip on tie falls off on his way out 

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heya, i know this'll be a load of hassle for you and i completely understand if you don't want to but could you explain the whole mclennon thing a bit more for me? i know they were obviously very close but i'm kinda new to it all so i'm still a bit clueless about things.

Once upon a time, in a land called Liverpool, lived 2 young boys named John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

John was a witty, funny guy, who didn’t like school and preferred to wander the streets with his school mates and play banjo. Paul was a smart guy who had really good grades at school and occasionally played piano with his father at home. Since his mother’s death, Paul became obsessed with music, exchanging the trumphet his father gave him for his birthday for a guitar. He really knew how to play it, and sometimes he showed his music skills to his friends at school. One of them, Ivan, saw his talent and thought it was a good idea to make him know another friend who was into music as well: John. They met on a hot, humid day in 1957 in a church hall, and it was love at first sight.

Paul thought John how to play the guitar, how to tune it, John thought Paul how to skip school and write songs together in his house when Jim was at work. For his birthday John got some money and he decided to spend it in Paris with Paul. They stayed one week, visiting the city, frequenting art cafés pretending to be artists, planning their future, and sleeping in one bed in an old motel. They loved to be alone just the two of them, and sometimes they felt reality and the pressure of their family too suffocating. ‘Playing the guitar is all very well, John, but you’ll never make a living at it.’ said Mimi. “You have to find a steady job.” said Jim. When they wrote ‘Oh Johnny Johnny!’ , one of the very first songs of them, they expressed their hopes and dreams to go away, cause Paul’s father and Mimi were too oppressive and they wanted to leave Liverpool and live happily just the two of them.

When fame arrived, they became closer than before. They wrote songs eyeball to eyeball in Jane Asher’s house, and while they pretended to adress those songs to their supposed girlfriends, they were nothing but love letters they sent each other. If I fell, a song they recorded while holding hands or Here there and everywhere, a song Paul wrote at John’s house while waiting for him to wake up. And Nowhere man, You’ve got to hide your love away...the list is too long to mention them all. They were the most important person in each other’s lives, and the songs they wrote were the proof. “John’s princess”: that’s how the people who worked at Abbey Road called Paul. Maybe they were joking, or maybe they listened to some weird kisses noises while they were busy recording ’Think for Yourself’. When the Beatles made a Shakespeare sketch on tv, Paul played Pyramus while John played Thisbe. After that, they both bought 2 cats naming them Pyramus and Thisbe: John gave Thisbe to Paul, and Paul gave Pyramus to John.

While the Beatlesmania hit the world and the Beatles too, John’s main problem was try to find someone who could keep his feet on the ground (Help!): a crying need for help only Paul could solve. They even had a secret code they used in public to talk to each other, the spider hand thing’. In Florida they ended up crying together one night confessing how much they loved each other. Cause they knew it, but they never had the courage to say it, and in that moment, in which the whole world seemed to love and want the Beatles more than anything else, what they really needed were just each other. When the ‘bigger than jesus’ issue emerged, John was on the verge of quitting. Before the interviews he cried, he couldn’t stand one more question about it without feeing guilty. And it was always Paul who helped him, talking for him, reassuring him, telling him it would pass.

The fame was too much and they decided to quit touring and spend some time alone. The Sgt. Pepper era arrived: John and Paul lived a couple of miles away from each other, they all bought new houses, had an indepent life, but they always spent time together and not just to write songs. In that period they were more closer than ever. One night they were in the studio and John took too much LSD and he went to the roof, scaring the rest of the band. Paul took him home, and for the first time he took LSD too, cause he wanted to be with John, always. In misery and in fear. And they had this incredible, fantastic trip together, looking in each other eyes for hours, and Paul helping John to not get hurt. Their relationship was at its peak. When Brian died, everyone was shocked. The first thing John did after he heard the news was looking for Paul, when they met they hugged tightly. They felt lost, but they still had each other. They went to India, thanks to George who introduced them to the Maharishi, a ‘guru’  John saw as someone who could give him the right answers. But it didn’t happen, it turned out that the Maharishi took advantage of the girls in India, and John and Paul, who went there to try find the meaning of life, ended up discussing about each other and their relationship. Friends? No, we’re more. Boyfriends? Absolutely not. How dare you, we are the Beatles! We are in the 60s, a homophobic society who would bury us alive if we’d admit we feel something for each other. Suddenly, the person who mattered the most for John took a step back, cause John exposed him. Because they never really talked about what they were for each other, and for a long time it was convenient for Paul, who could play and joke with it as much as he wanted. But John never took it as a joke, as something futile. It was important for him, and he suddenly felt betrayed.

When they went to New York for the Apple press conference, in the car that took them to the airport Paul brought a woman he had met: Linda Eastman. John felt annoyed and bothered enough to step in Abbey Road a week later with a new fiancé: Yoko Ono, the woman who soon started to replace John, talking for him, taking decisions for him, and keeping her eveywhere, even when Paul asked to write songs together. Paul couldn’t talk to John anymore. John always needed to be reassured, he constantly needed someone by his side who could stay with him 100%, and this time the partner wasn’t Paul anymore. And he literally started using her against Paul. “I don’t want to hold your hand anymore” he told Paul right after a session at Abbey Road. Paul was devasted, he left Abbey road crying while Mal brought him home. He wrote Oh!Darling, Let it be, The long and winding road, the whole album was filled with tragic love songs. But why? He was engaged with Linda! He loved her. Who he really was talking about? During a Let it be session, they confessed each other that all those tragic love songs made them look like they were lovers.

They married their partners both in May, first Paul, then a week later John. They split up, you would say, this is the end. Well it’s not, they never really quitted. Because they spent 5 years, from 1970 to 1975 writing songs to each other: ‘How do you sleep’ ‘Dear Friend’ ‘Too many people’,Jealous guy’, in which John admitted that he got mad at Paul in the late 60s cause he was jealous.

John separated from Yoko in 1975. He met May Pang, and from that moment he started calling Paul again, dreaming to meet him again. He asked everyone if it was a good move to do. He asked May Pang, who said “Yes! of course! do it!” he asked to Paul Simon who replied Come back to Paul!”. They met in Los Angeles on a weekend. John was playing when Paul unexpectedly stopped by. When they met the room hushed. They looked at each other and started off tentatively, with a handshake and an inside joke: “Valiant Paul McCartney, I presume?” Lennon said, referencing the Shakespeare sketch they did. McCartney immediately responded: “Sir Jasper Lennon, I presume?”.

They played together and it was like coming back to the old times. John felt an excitement he hadn’t felt for years. He was ready, he wanted to come back to him, to England, to Julian. But Yoko came back, and all the hopes and dreams suddenly fell away. In 1976 Paul was in New York and they saw each other again, he didn’t know that was the last time he ever saw John. In 1980 John felt depressed, cause Yoko was leaving him for another man, and he didn’t feel creative enough to write songs anymore. He wrote a desperateJust like starting over’ on the tune of the old 50s song he played with Paul, asking him to come back together. Paul was ready, John too. Destiny maybe not. John died, and left Paul full of regrets and words never said to him that he transformed into songs: ‘Here today’, ‘The lovers that never were’ ‘My brave face‘, just to mention some of them.

John is dead, Mclennon is over? Nope. Cause Paul will not just keep writing songs about John and their beautifully tragic love story, but he even got a song from John, from the afterlife. I’m not kidding. In 1981, Paul worked on his tribute album to John Lennon called Tug of War. One song in this album is Get It, to which he invited Carl Perkins. Carl loved the experience and the following morning he wrote My Old Friend for Paul in appreciation. In fact, he recounted to Paul that usually when he writes he needs a pen and a sheet of paper to record his thoughts on, but this time the words just stuck with him. He then played the song to Paul. And Paul, upon hearing the song, went out of the room crying. Linda who was left with Carl explained that Carl’s words hit Paul hard because John’s last words to Paul when they last met before he was shot down were, “”Think about me every now and then, old friend”, words, which Carl unknowingly put into this song. In an interview Carl Perkins said: “Paul was crying, tears were rolling down his pretty cheeks, and Linda said, ‘Carl, thank you so much.’ I said, ‘Linda, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.’ She said, ‘But he’s crying, and he needed to. He hasn’t been able to really break down since that happened to John.’ And she put her arm around me and said, ‘But how did you know?’ I said, ‘Know what?’ She said, ‘There’s two people in the world that know what John Lennon said to Paul, the last thing he said to him. But now there’s three, and one of them’s you, you know it.’ I said, ‘Girl, you’re freaking me out! I don’t know what you’re talking about!’ She said that the last words that John Lennon said to Paul in the hallway of the Dakota building were, he patted him on the shoulder and said, ‘Think about me every now and then, old friend.’‘McCartney really feels that Lennon sent me that song, he really does.’”

Close friends to Paul revealed that he talks about John in the present tense, and sometimes he admits that when he is writing a song but can’t finish it, he asks John for help, feeling him by his side and always being able to correct it and finish it.

This is the story of two men who loved each other so deeply that they wrote the greatest songs of music history about it.

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On the run bucky finds a beaten up old Ironman plushie missing its left arm. For some reason, he takes it with him and soon it becomes his confidant. Later on, when he meets Tony the other Avengers are confused on why he likes Tony more than any of them. Maybe later he admits in private that what really helped bring him back to himself was the Power of the Ironman Plushie!!!

THERE ARE IRON MAN PLUSHIES??? [A quick google search later] I can not believe there are Iron Man plushies and I don’t have one!!! Not that I’m gonna make Bucky suffer for that because he has an Iron Man plushy and I don’t. I would never do something so petty. [*disbelieving snorts*]

Okay so. The weird things don’t start when he meets the other Avengers. It starts when, during one low-key mission or another, people around Iron Man just–keep dropping dead before they can cause any harm? Which is concerning. And yes, Clint, some of those shots are freaking amazing, but it’s also concerning, can we please focus here?

Then there’s the two or three times (that the rest of the team know of) where the Winter Soldier helped Tony out in the field. In (very recognisable) person. Which is even more confusing. And apparently devastating for Steve (though more because the Soldier is damn good at slipping away without their notice before the dust of the fight settles), but Tony tries very hard to stay away from that angsty mess.

And well. Eventually (inevitably, for everyone who has ever experienced Steve’s stubbornness first hand, which is basically everyone who has ever met Steve) a more-or-less un-brainwashed Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier is brought to the Tower. By Steve, whose smile is so wide it’s embarrassing for everyone involved.

A couple of days after that he is finally officially introduced to the team. Not that he hasn’t studied them, fought them, fought with them on occasion as well. No, Steve insists on introducing them, vibrating with excitement, like he’s brought his first friend from school home to introduce him to his family. Which. Weird implications, let’s just forget this particular comparison.

Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier handles the introduction surprisingly (especially to himself) well. There’s an incident involving knives far larger than a sensible person would carry near their crotch, but they all (read: Tony) laugh about it later. Which draws Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier’s attention to Tony for the first time.

Which is how this whole mess Tony has found himself in starts.

Because when Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier looks at Tony he frowns, confused. Asks who he is even, and that’s the first time he’s spoken in their presence. Tony would be flattered if he wasn’t so insulted, because he’s proud of Iron Man, alright.

He’s kind of even more insulted when Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier’s eyes widen in horror when he asks, somewhat jumbled, “You’re Iron Man? You’re the–fleshy parts in the metal?”

And fine. Maybe brainwashed super-assassins have sort of an excuse for missing the big reveal. And maybe the fleshy-parts comment is kind of uncomfortable, draws parallels between him and Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier that Tony isn’t sure are a good thing. But.

“Well, yeah. Someone’s got to fly this beauty,” is what he ends up saying with the Say-Something-I-Dare-You smirk he always uses when he feels uncomfortable.

Turns out Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier dares. As a matter of fact, he’s got a lot to say on the subject.

Because apparently, for reasons Tony can’t discern, Bucky-slash-Winter-Soldier–and he really needs a shorter nickname for the guy–feels strangely protective over Iron Man. And apparently now that the fact that Tony qualifies as Iron Man’s fleshy (read: most vulnerable) parts has sunken in, this sentiment extends to Tony as well.

And by extend, he means, surpasses it. By far.

And really, Tony never would’ve guessed that he’d end up saying “If you steal my coffee one more time I’ll kill you myself, and I won’t wait two hours to check if it’s been poisoned, you checked the damn machine twenty minutes ago and fed one of the cups to Clint and he’s still walking!” once. Never mind regularly.

So not what you asked for but I couldn’t help myself! The idea of Bucky being protective of his Metal Man, only to realise in horror that there’s an ordinary human behind that protection shell just wouldn’t leave me alone.

||Part of this really happened, though I improvised a bit.||
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! Anime and admits to being too lazy to read novels: Why would anybody like this guy? *posts gif where Izaya is saying*"People are my playthings."
  • Me: There are reasons I like Izaya: For one, he's intelligent, charming, cunning, has class, cares for and values his friendship with Shinra in his own way even though he has trouble with empathy(something I relate to), and despite everything, he's just a human even though he's able to bring down an entire organization like Amphisbaena. Not to mention I'm pretty sure he's jealous of practically everybody he comes into contact with. Shizuo, Mikado, Shinra, even Celty.
  • Me: He punches a telephone pole upon realizing he'd be betraying his only friend by normal human standards.
  • Me: And he was neglected by his parents emotionally. That's a very typical cause of personality disorders, just so you know. It's not entirely his fault that he is the way he is. Just saying. But I enjoyed watching him outsmart Amphisbaena. And I really like reading the novels for his philosophical views. Plus, he's kind of agnostic and fears death more than anything, something I can relate to.
  • Me: Haha his hand was literally swollen up because of slamming it into the telephone pole. But you know what happened when his sisters expressed concern for his hand?
  • This-
  • Mairu tilted her head and asked as she saw his right hand, “What happened, Iza-nii? Your right hand looks swollen.”
  • “...Health (Are you alright)?” Kururi looked at him with worried eyes.
  • Izaya stroked her head with his left hand and lied with a sigh, “Yeah, I got this when I was running away from Shizu-chan.”
  • “So you deserved it after all—”
  • “Keep yourselves away from muscle idiots like that one. Or you could die, you know.”
  • The siblings continued their conversation as they disappeared into the city night. The city, which took in everything it was offered, absorbed their talk into its nightly cacophony as it did any chit-chat within any normal family.
  • -
  • That was from the ninth Durarara!! Light novel.
  • But what was even sadder was the scene before that -
  • The twins flanked Izaya as he began walking, a bitter smile on his face. Mairu, who was on Izaya’s right, raised her face to look at him and said in a natural tone, “Say, Iza-nii. We know that you probably don’t treat us any differently as you treat other people, but keep in mind that we still think of you as family, OK?”
  • “All of a sudden you’re saying things that would actually make me happy. What happened?” Izaya felt that the line didn’t sound like Mairu, who usually told him to “Die!” and highkicked him when she saw him. He glanced at his sisters’ faces—and saw that they were smiling innocently back at him as they continued.
  • “So, if you get killed by Shizuo-san, Iza-nii, we’ll make sure to cry a little bit for you before we laugh about it.”
  • “Small (Just a little)...”
  • “...I was a fool to expect any family love from you.”
  • Izaya chuckled and walked faster.
  • - Also from LN 9, I have no clue why it wasn't in the novels. It really should have been. Especially the scene where he actually punched the telephone pole. But another reason I like Izaya is because not only is Izaya changing, but Narita himself said, "I have a feeling there was a scene where he cried, but he didn't let the readers see."
  • Somebody else: There are many reasons that make me like Izaya Orihara, like his fascinating personality, but that doesn't mean I think of him as a good man ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ I love it anyway
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • *throws in lame ass argument about what 'bad' things Izaya has done, without arguing, even though the argument could go both ways, considering he did take down Amphisbaena, and took Jinnai Yodogiri's corporation, giving Kasane Kujiragi back her freedom.*
  • Me: He's neither good nor bad. Most people can't be classified as either. We're all selfish in our own ways, and have a dark nature down deep that makes us want to test people at points. But without proper nurturing that can become harmful by nature, and it can consume us.
  • Somebody else number 2: The funny thing is that most people fail to recognize that they are of equal good/bad scale to Izaya without realizing it. It's only because Izaya is presented as an antagonist going against the common societal view that he is seen as a villain. Anyone that stands out against what is accepted is seen as bad because that is what we are taught at a young age to believe.
  • So saying that you hate Izaya because he is evil or bad is playing into those accepted, ingrained, and common beliefs.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I don't have to like Izaya. I don't agree with you, and I don't want to argue about this. Izaya is pretty terrible. He started a whole war for fun, and told a girl to commit suicide. Any Shinra was just assuming when he said that Izaya has a fragile heart. Shinra is just some underground doctor(me: that doesn't know what he's talking about)?
  • Me: You don't have to like him, but you can't just deny canon. First off, he didn't want to start the war entirely for fun. He's an atheist/agnostic, and is terrified of death more than anything. The novels outright called Shinra, "his friend, the first person to see through Izaya to his true nature.". And Shinra described Izaya's 'true nature' as being more human and his heart more fragile than anybody else. Nextly, Shinra isn't 'just' some ignorant doctor. He has the potential to be the most manipulative character on the show if he really wanted to, and he's not ignorant. He's actually fairly insightful and observant, even when others aren't even though he ignores them because he only cares about Celty. Even Tom seemed weary of Shinra, implied by the novels.
  • Somebody else 4: Whether you like Izaya or not doesn't matter, because it's not just interpretation, it's canon, so in other words, you're just ignoring facts to justify your hatred for him.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I mean he could made different choices and it could have turned out better.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime: I think Izaya's the worst one because he started the war.
  • Me: The same could be said for pretty much every single one of the characters, who all have done some pretty bad things, and crossed over things Izaya never would. *points out Shizuo's non justification for his hair trigger and how if it weren't for Simon, Shizuo could have killed somebody. Points out Ran's joking about raping both Saki and Mikage, as well as his abuse towards his brother, not to mention what he did and threatened to Saki(though he is jealous of the love Aoba receives from his parents, and the natural leader role Kyouhei has), points out Anri's hypocrisy in siding with Saika just because she saved her, points out Masaomi's cowardice(even though he has his really good moments), points out how Izaya saved Saki and multiple other girls from abusive situations, and especially Kuon's sister's experience with Izaya and how they can't properly seem to live without Izaya, points out the fact that, in reality, Mikado stabbed Aoba because he wanted to fulfill his ego, as well as the fact that he shot off a gun and caused a spark in the Awakusu-kai, points out some of the things Namie and Seiji did, not to mention Shinra's manipulative nature. Above all, points out all the trouble Nasujima caused and the terrible things he did(to Haruna and her family especially), as well as Jinnai Yadogiri sending Vorona(serial killer for fun at first, likely because of neglect) and Sloan to kidnap a child and do who knows what with her, considering all that Jinnai did to Ruri(also serial killer, but less for fun and more for revenge to get back at those who killed her parents)(not to mention Jinnai doing experimentation on her), though killing still starts to consume her because she feels freedom by doing so), Adabashi beating Shinra to a bloody pulp(though not apparently as bad as Shizuo has supposedly done to Shinra in the past, according to Shinra himself)(after which Izaya had Izumii break Adabashi's leg broke and kept him in his apartment for three days until he managed to escape.)* I'm not going to even go into Shizuo beating up a guy for simply questioning the purpose of life and telling him to go die, or the things Vorona, Shinra, Walker, Erika, Aoba, Rokujo, even Celty,(probably)Simon, and many others have done. Because every character has flaws and weaknesses that make them human. Minus Takashi and Jinnai Yadogiri, everybody has a least one person they have an attachment to of some sort and can feel a little closer to than others, even if they won't admit it, mostly everybody has unhealthy obsessions, Izaya nonetheless. But most everybody is changing, Izaya has even took the huge step of NOT calling Shizuo a monster, and instead admitting that Shizuo is just a man that distanced himself from humans. If that alone is not an improvement for him, I don't know what is.
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime: *obviously didn't read much of anything* Eh, Izaya's not good, and I just can't find it in myself to like him. If he were a real person, I might sympathize with him a little bit, because he could find help, but he's just a character, and there's no real justification for why he is the way he is.
  • Other person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • The anime is made for you to interpret Izaya however you want.
  • Somebody else number 4: This is why people need to read the novels. There is more to Izaya than what is portrayed in the anime.
  • Me: Plus, both the anime and manga is there to promote the original sources, so, naturally, they are going to leave out stuff, because they want you to read novels.
  • Somebody else number 5: Izaya isn't evil. He's not a sociopath. He's not a psychopath. He's not a troll. He is indeed only human and only wants a little more in his life than sitting on a bed and binge watch anime. There's so many reasons to like him <3
  • Me: While sociopath can be a generic term used for people with delayed or limited empathy(due to trauma)(unlike psychopaths, who are just born that way), as far as I know, sociopathy can still be detected in brain scans, because their brain still works and is wired very similarly to a psychopath. Either way, I honestly don't believe Izaya is either. I believe that he's just a human with a normal brain like both of his brain scans suggested.
  • Somebody else number 6: I honestly love hate him, but mostly I hate him, but I gotta admit he's a hot bastard.
  • Me: You're kind of missing the point, but whatever. He, just like anybody, has a side to him one can hate, but he also has a side to him that makes him a very complex character. The way he views things are so fascinating and he really opened my eyes to certain things. I can relate to his philosophy, I can empathize with his feelings about humans, and especially his hatred/jealous of Shizuo(having grown up with a brother that acts much like him, just to a less extreme, not mention I've experienced some domestic abuse, so I don't just like him for his looks alone(even if he is pretty good looking. Like I said, he's charming, cunning, shrewd but with class, is kind of funny at times, has views on society that I personally understand, is jealous of a lot of people for various reasons which I can also relate to. Despite being a mere human, he uses his wits to get out of dangerous situations, and to take down corporations like Amphisbaena and Jinnai Yadogiri. He has a an amazing ability to turn the tables when one least expects it, and wonderful flexibility as well. Unlike Shizuo, who has super strength, or Mikado who has close confidants he can truly rely on, or Celty, who can use her shadows and many others, Izaya is just a human(though he's jealous of every one of them, not forgetting Shinra, and doesn't actually want to be acknowledged as himself.)
  • He's an incredibly written character in the novels, but ultimately one I can relate to in certain aspects, including the feeling of loneliness, and feeling fear at the one he called his '(only)best friend' being mad at him. It honestly frustrates me when people bash him, or ignore the things that make him who he really is.
  • Izaya isn't a sadist, he just wants answers. And he's an emotional masochist at it's finest, possibly a chaotic neutral, and both an Anti-Villain and Anti-hero(though maybe a little more on the Anti-villain side at times). Also, lastly Izaya didn't "convince girls to commit suicide". In reality, he saved them in the novels(even if it wasn't really his intentions.) Ryo didn't happen. Izaya didn't cause the blood splatter. Because Manami and the other girl were the last two he messed with, and it clearly said that nobody he met up had actually went through with it in the end.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • *has already abandoned conversation*
Things I love about the Signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You're so passionate about things. You manage to get to me when you talk. You leave something in my head, you know. You inspire me, influence me in a good way. You're like the rising sun. Your face is a piece of art. You're such young souls, so full of life. You fight your battles and you win. There's something about you that attracts me so much. You speak to me like no one else does. You're so intelligent.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Your will is stronger than a thousand armies. You are so trustworthy, reliable and adorable. This little smile you give people you like when they walk by. You are honest. You can sense when I'm about to make a mistake and you try to keep me from doing it and when I do it anyway you say "I told you so" but you're still there for me. You're so pacient. You know how to enjoy life. You're both; a young soul and a wise person.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> If someone knows how to make things 100% better then it's you. You literally grab the dark clouds and push them away. You're the sunshine. You brighten every day. Your way of thinking is really inspiring and the way you see life is the way I wish I could see it. You never really get mad at me although I mess up so often. You just understand people as if you could see what's going on in their heads. You're a walking mess but you're such a beautiful combination of many messes at once.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You're so strong. You pick yourself up when you're on the ground. You never bother people, never ever. It's so easy to talk to you, so nice to spend time with you. You're so kind and caring and loving. And you know how to treat people right. You know what someone deserves but you're willing to give them more than that without being naive. You yell at me when it's needed and this is something I can never thank you enough for. You kick someone's ass in order to make them get up again.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You sometimes have these moments when you randomly point out someone's good traits. You never forget to say something good about someone but you're also not afraid of saying something negative about someone. But you're never really mean and if you are, you apologize. You're honest. You know when someone needs to talk and you always manage to keep something private. If you promised something, you keep it. Sometimes life gets really tough for you but you just keep fighting and you never run out of power. Seriously, you're so powerful.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You're a good friend. You may hold a grudge for long but that's okay. You realize something is wrong long before anyone else does. You encourage me to go for the things I dream of. You give me motivation when I'm not even willing to breathe. You're brutally honest and you can cure every wound that's been caused so far. You have healing powers. You know that words are powerful weapons and you use them wisely.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You see the good in all the bad. You find light in the dark, art in the things I threw away. You inspire me and you never stop. Your cheekbones are goals. You know the most beautiful places and you're a beautiful person. You always try to make me laugh and you never fail. You understand things I didn't even know that existed. You're a genius in your very own way.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I just cannot look away. You're so interesting and magnetic. You never reveal much of you but you always drop hints. You're passionate and strong willed and your roaring is louder than a lion's. Your heart is bigger than the ocean and please, don't see this as a weakness. It's your strength! You can literally move something. You have so much power, so much will. You find a way. Always. Your soul is dark but your stars burn bright.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You stand for the things you believe in, even if you stand alone. You're not afraid to speak up and you won't lower your voice for anyone. You don't accept a "no" when you know you deserve a "yes". You don't depend on anyone. You're so colourful, creative. You are a beautiful creation of many mixed colours and you can paint with words.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You're almost never wrong. You can literally predict the future. You give better advices than anyone else and you're never afraid to take the blame when you know you made a mistake. You stand for what you did or what you said. You're very honest and intelligent. You know more about people than you should and you share your life with all your loved ones.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You combine the most beautiful melodies inside you. You're so full of life and kind of wise at an early age already. You don't care what others say, you do what you think is best for yourself. But you're not reckless. Your door is always open for those who want to come in and also for those who want to leave. You don't play games. You don't love with half your heart only. You're whole. And you love with all your heart.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You seem so innocent but you're so strong and so powerful. You're the kind of person that people go to war for but you're also the kind of person to lead an entire army. You know that you're usually being underestimated and you play with that, you surprise. You have such a beautiful mind and your heart is gold. You fight hate with love and you win. You tell great stories and your presence is really calming and comforting.<p/><b></b> Lots of love to you all 💜<p/></p>
Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

Keep reading

awilik  asked:

Don't know if someone already asked but here we go. Maybe Sombra, Lena, or Widowmaker run into S/O and find them very cute. S/O is kinda oblivious and doesn't think much of it (because these girls are REALLY HOT and s/o is kinda shy) anyway. S/O talks to other people and in which case sombra,Lena,or widow get jealous >:D. Idk I just kinda like this idea (you don't have to do these girls I just really like them :]). Thank you for reading my idea chèrie 😘

This request has me weAk. Also the requester is such a lovely person so yes! I sprinkled a bit of hella references in this one. The reference in Sombra’s is pretty obvious since I mention a character name and the company behind where he’s from, but the one in Tracer’s is a little more subtle. Hope you enjoy it and have a fantastic day! ~ Mod Lottie


“Hm, what do we have here? A cute little bunny for me to play with?”

“O-oh, if you want to play something with me let’s make sure it’s not an online multiplayer game. I’m level 147 on GTA and I don’t want to get banned after all that hard work if you hack with it”

Sombra stands there, confused. She had been so obviously hitting on you and yet, there you were brushing her off, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I… You do realize that’s not the type of hacking I do, right?” She questions. You open your mouth to respond but she cuts you off, “Nevermind that, for someone who’s usually so quiet and shy, you sure know how to shut a girl down quickly. I can respect that.”

“I’m sorry?” You ask, legitimately confused to what she was talking about. She scoffs in response.

“I’ll leave you alone. I can take a hint cariño.” She leaves you to your own endeavours and wonders how she could read the atmosphere so wrong. You always blush and stammer around her which led her to believe you were into her just like she was into you.

It took her a while to over analyze the situation as she tends to do sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t attraction but fear? No it can’t be, you seemed to actually want to spend time with her when you thought she was asking to pl- Oh. OH!

She rushed around the base searching for you. You weren’t brushing her off, you were just oblivious to her advances. It all makes sense now. Maybe there’s still hope!

After a few minutes she finally found you, but with D.Va. You two sat in the common room, you with a controller in hand concentrating on a puzzle that Hana was trying to explain the solution to.

“Look, the note has the Sagittarius sign THEN the Scorpio sign. When you look at the walls you can see they are linked to the numbers 10 and 2 so you obviously add them together, so find the rock that has 12 on it.” Hana explains.

“No no wait, but what if it’s just the numbers by themselves? Maybe that old pirate guy put stuff behind two rocks.” You argue your logic. Hana gently takes the controller away from you, leaving you pouting as you watch her walk the character over to the rock with the Roman numeral of twelve on it. She pressed the button prompt and it triggered a cutscene.

“See? I told you! Nathan told you! Naughty Dog told you!” Hana gloats, causing you to huff in response. Suddenly the screen starts to glitch out and Sombra’s signature skull appeared.

“Hacking a single player game? That’s an entirely new low.” Hana whines. You turn to face Sombra, her face looked like she was half amused half pissed.

“I believe it’s my turn to play. After all, (Y/n) here did ask me to play with them first~” She says smugly as she sashayed over to sit next to you. She plucks the controller out of Hana’s hands and waves her hand over the screen to wipe away her hack to show the game once again.

“Ah… the um, the controls are um…” You stutter out. You felt the need to interact with her as much as you could since you felt you might’ve unintentionally offended her earlier which was still a mystery to you.

“Don’t worry your cute little head cupcake, I got this.” She smirked, patting your head while her eyes never left the screen. She got through the rest of the level without a hitch, there were no delays in her timing which made everything go smoothly and look like a movie instead of a game. Both you and Hana were in awe.

“Hmph, show off.” Hana grumbles.

“Oh? Is the gaming princess grumpy?” Sombra laughs at Hana’s reaction, “Look Hana, no hacks!”

“Did you just reword a meme at me?” She asks only to be ignored as Sombra picked you up bridal style.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have a date to go on.” Sombra sends a smile over her shoulder as she walks out of the room.

“A date? With who?” You asked, blushing because of the close proximity. Sombra laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“You’re more dense than I thought. I’m taking you out my cute little bunny.” She said. Your eyes widened as you finally connected the dots.

“Let’s play another game~”


Lena Oxton. Your first friend at Overwatch. The girl that you aren’t sure if she just wants to be friends or if there could be something more, and god knows how much you wanted something more of it. These types of uncertainties always felt like treading on thin ice and you always chose the safe way around it. You didn’t mind just being friends because at the end of the day, just being able to hang out with her and seeing her happy was contentment enough for you. The fear of ruining that prevented you from seeing anything as more than platonic.

Let’s take tonight as an example.

Lena asked you to watch a movie with her. Just you, her, a horror movie, and all your favourite snacks. The movie was actually scary, not just a sequence of cheap jump scares but actually a thrilling horror movie that lives up to its genre. Let’s just say you won’t be looking at turkey basters the same way anytime soon.

During the movie, she hesitated but Lena ended up putting her head on your shoulder. Your heart raced so much, Lucio and Tracer both would have competition with how fast your heart was beating. Lena obviously knew that her actions were nowhere near platonic but you were having trouble with the idea. You thought it was because you wanted it to be romantic that you were thinking it might be so you brushed it off as if she was just being a gal pal. A brit being a mate.

“Say (Y/n), do you maybe wanna go out with me?” Lena worked up the courage to say. Yet again, your oblivious self courted it off as your mind playing tricks on you.

“Of course! You’re my best friend! Where do you want to go?” You asked. Lena’s face dropped when you referred to her as your friend and she took it as a sign to just back off with the advances. She managed to throw a random place for a suggestion despite her disappointment and for the rest of the night, everything felt off.

The next morning, Lena gave herself a pep talk to not be so down in the dumps about what happened. She decided to get you a nice breakfast from a café you like. Food in hand, she blinked to your room.

“Heya lo- I mean (Y/n), are you awake yet?” Tracer called from the other side of your door but got no answer.

“Can I come in?” She continued, still no answer, “Alright, I’m comin’ in.” She opened the door and saw you weren’t in your room. She wandered around the base in search of you. She looked everywhere only to find you in the med bay. You and Mercy were sitting down, facing each other. She saw her getting very close to you, raising her hand to your flushed face. She couldn’t take much more of it.

“Oi! What’s goin’ on here?” She asked immediately as she blinked into place. Angela retracted her hand away from you as she looked up at Tracer with a confused expression.

“Lena, what’s wrong? Just tell me and I’ll tend to you right after I’m done with (Y/n) here.” She explains.

“No, I’m here to… What’s wrong with them doc?” Lena asks.

“I think I might have food poisoning.” You say sadly.

“Might? You do have food poisoning! Be more considerate next time.” Angela lectures, causing you to pout.

“Oh I see. Well, I guess I’ll be on my way then.” She turns around only to be stopped by someone holding her by her forearm.

“Now now Miss Oxton, no one bursts into my office just to say hi.” Angela tuts. Lena started to look around for a way to get out. “Lena, what did you really come for?” Angela motions her to sit in an extra chair next to the door, meant for people who were there for moral support or because they were the cause for an injury and needed to be scolded. That being said, the chair is usually meant for Reinhardt since he loves to swing some of the smaller agents around like a Dad would with his toddler.

“I just, was worried about (Y/n) yeah?” Lena said as she sat.

“Then why did you look so angry?” Angela retorted. Lena started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, laughing nervously. Angela could only sigh.

“I know exactly what’s going on here. (Y/n) was explaining how much they like you and kept thinking you were just being friendly when you were obviously, at least in my perspective, making romantic advances.” She explains. A ‘huh?’ and a ‘what?’ came out of you and Lena as you made eye contact with each other.

Angela went into therapist mode as she made both you and Lena talk about your thoughts and feelings and, finally, come to a solution.

“I really like you (Y/n). I don’t know how you hadn’t figured it out!” Lena says.

“I really like you too Lena. I just, kept thinking that it’d be too good to be true if you like me back you know?” You admit. She shakes her head and hugs you, muttering about how silly you were.

“Ahem” Angela breaks up the moment, “Now that that’s out of the way, my patient here needs to get their bedrest.” Angela says.

Once she was finished saying what she had to say, she found that both her visitors had vanished in the blink of an eye. The doctor can only sigh in defeat.


Being a new recruit meant you had to go through training for all possible fighting styles in order to evaluate what you’d be best at. Today was your day to evaluate how you’d do as a sniper. Unfortunately, no one told you that the person helping you out in this department would be a sexy French woman with a piercing gaze that could mesmerize you into a trance for days. No one told you that you would be her prey.

To be fair though, no one told her that you would be so clueless to her advances.

Here you were, shaking and anxious, holding up the rifle and looking through the scope at your target. You could hear her sultry voice chuckle behind you.

“Go on chèrie, shoot.” Her voice smooth as silk whispered behind you, causing a tingle to shoot up your neck. You positioned yourself to make sure you’d get the shot, held your breath to steady the reticle, and pulled the trigger and…

Nothing came out.

“Um? It’s supposed to shoot… right?” You lowered your weapon as you looked over your shoulder to look at the woman known as Widowmaker.

Her expression changed from amusement to curiosity. She walked over and plucked the rifle out of your hands to inspect it. She hums as she figures out what the problem is.

“This one is jammed. I’ll find a better one for you, my dear. You deserve only the best I have to offer.” She lightly brushes her finger under your under your chin and struts away.

You hold a hand to your chest and sigh. “Be still my beating heart.” You joked to yourself to slightly ease some of your tension.

Amelie, walking back with a smirk, was met with the image of Hanzo teaching you archery. Needless to say, her smirk faded away. She briskly walked over to you two and glared at Hanzo.

“You are intruding Lacroix.” Hanzo says simply, but Amelie refused to be brushed off so easily.

“Non, you are the one who is intruding.” She says sharply.

“I am showing them true skill, something you lack.”

“Archery is a primitive excuse for a weapon. Heh, primitive weapon for a primitive man.”

All you could do was stand and watch, trying not to do anything that might bring attention to yourself.

“I’m not seeing a lot of guidance going on here.” Ana enters the room to break up the argument.

“Merde…” Widowmaker rolls her eyes and Hanzo turns his attention to Ana stoically. “If none of you will teach them then I will.”

Amelie does something no one expected. She grabs you by the arm and runs away with you. It wasn’t as graceful and seductive as she wanted but it got them away from those two and she couldn’t be happier.

“What’s going on?” You asked cautiously.

“I want to have you to myself.” Amelie brushes her hand over your cheek

“Oh, um, thanks?” You didn’t really know how to respond and you were trying not to hyperventilate. She scoffs and pulls you into a kiss. Gentle, with a slight nibble from her. She pulls away and smiles at your flustered state.

“I hope you got the message chèrie.” She whispers in your ear.

“Y-yeah, loud and clear.” You manage to say. Suddenly, everything seemed to be even more interesting than they already were.

Hoodie||Zach Herron||Imagine 4♡

Summary: Even in LA it can be a little chilly at night, thats why you slipped Zachs hoodie on:)


Warnings: None

Requested:  I NEED A ZACH IMAGINE PLEASE! Maybe one about you wearing his sweatshirt for the first time and he totally melting!❤️(Anon)

Cute little Zach:)))

You had been spending the last few days with your boyfriend of three months Zach and his four best friends who he also happened to be in a band with. Over the last three months you had grown extremely close to those four boys, they had all become like your older brothers and they had been so supportive of you and Zach.

You had spent the whole day with them swimming, making amazing food for five boys who mostly eat take out, filming a mashup for them and just spending time with Zach. They had just gotten home from tour and although you had only been dating a short time when he had left you guys were friends before hand and going a month without him was hard. But the day he came home was one of the most amazing nights of your life.

“We are gonna start a camp fire soon” Daniel smiled running out of the house with a lighter in his hand and a huge smile on his face with a crazy laugh as Jack and Jonah followed behind him with all the ingredients for smores in their hands.

“I worry about them sometimes” You laughed shaking your head against Zach’s chest as you two sat together cuddled up on the couch. His arms were wrapped closely around you as both of you sat under a warm blanket and binged watched How I Met Your Mother.

“You wanna go outside and make sure no one lights Jack’s hair on fire?” He asked as he placed a kiss on your forehead causing you to laugh before he picked up the X-box remote and paused the episode you were on.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a night” You giggled before Zach stood up and reached his hand out to help you up knowing you were getting a little tired after a long day and tired Y/n was a lazy Y/n. You loved how much Zach knew you.

“Im just gonna go to the bathroom, Ill join ya outside in a second"You told him before kissing his jawline and leaving him to walk outside while you walked up the stairs and to Zach’s room to use the bathroom.

When you walked out of the bathroom you felt goosebumps rise on your skin as you got chills, even in LA the summer nights could get a little chilly thats when you noticed Zach’s white hoodie with the white stripe in the middle sitting on his bed. Deciding it was easier to just pull on his hoodie than to drag a heavy blanket outside you slipped it on, smiling at yourself in the mirror. You felt cute in his hoodie as you brought the collar to your nose smiling as the sent filled your nostrils. The smell instantly calmed you down, not realizing that you even needed that until now.

When you walked outside Zachs head snapped up and he started to smile so wide, the widest smile you had ever seen on his face.

Zach wasn’t sure why, but seeing you in a hoodie 3 times your size with sweater paws and a hood covering your forehead and some of your eyes was one of the most amazing and beautiful sights he had ever seen, it made his heart completely melt.

Maybe it was the way you smiled while you walked over to sit down on his lap.
Maybe it was the way you were playing with his hair, or the way you were placing kisses on the side of his face and his ear.
Maybe it was because no one had ever treated him the way you did.
Maybe it was because he had missed you so much while he was on tour.
Maybe it was all the butterflies in his stomach.
Or maybe it was simply because you were wearing his hoodie,

But That was the moment Zach realized he was in love with you.

A/n: Find me on wattpad:))) (-coffeemarais)

Be More Chill Deadpool Michael AU, Don't Trust People Who Sell Drugs


Michael sat on the edge of the overpass nodding his head to the music on his phone as he reached for the blue crayon to finish Jeremy’s cardigan. “~You say it’s alright, have a good time, yeah it’s al-finished!” Lifting up the pictures Michael smiled looking over the picture of him and Jeremy holding hands. “One of my best if I do say so myself and I do. Oh hey target at twelve o'clock.”

Setting aside the drawing Michael laid it down under his phone as he jumped off the overpass straight down into the car. Mentally fist bumping the voice in his head that sounded strangely like Jeremy Michael turned to one of the men he was sitting inbetween. “Hi I’m Michael what’s your name?” The man went for his gun making Michael roll his eyes grabbing the guy’s head and slamming it into the seat. The man let out muffled pained groans. “I’m sorry I don’t speak dumb ass.”

As he said that the man next to Michael shot him in the chest. Obviously this did not kill Michael who just looked down at the gaping while in his chest annoyed. “Hey douche nozzle, did you not just see what I just did to your friend over here? I’m going to that to you but twice as bad.”

“Is it too late to say sorry?”

“It was already too late when you got that mullet buddy.” Grabbing the guy by his shoulders Michael hefted him up into the the driver’s seat causing the car to swerve into the cats behind them as Michael attempted to grab the wheel when the car flipped over. Time seemed to slow down as Michael’s Jeremy voice began to speak up.

‘How did we get to this point? Fighting criminals to get back at the people who made you a freak?’

‘You’re the little voice in my head, you already know how I got here.’

‘Yeah but they don’t.’

‘Who don’t?’

‘The people watching us right now.’

'There’s people…watching us right now?’


'How long?’

'Long enough to see you drawing that picture of you holding hands with Jer boy.’

'Why didn’t you tell me?’

'It didn’t seem important at the time.’

'Oh. Well let’s see, this all started two months ago,’


“Hey Michael you want to hang out?” Jeremy asked as he walked out of the school holding the door for his friend who was still looking down at his phone. “They just put the Death Note movie on Netflix and I was wondering if maybe we could-”

“Maybe later, I need to go pick up something.”

“Michael what do you need t-it’s weed isn’t it?”


“So you’re ditching me for drugs?”

“Hey, I always share with you. Besides from what I’ve heard the only way to watch that movie is high.”

“Hey, you promised not to look up spoilers.”

“I didn’t-listen I’ll talk to you later, I promised I’d meet my dealer in like ten minutes.” Michael waved goodbye as he headed towards his PT Cruiser leaving Jeremy alone in front of the school. Michael felt kind of bad but as soon as he got the weed he’d head over to Jeremy’s and they could get high and watch a horrible movie together. Slipping into his car Michael looked back down at his phone again to see Wendy had texted back.

change of address, meet at 329 south street-

-south street? something happen?

can’t meet at usual place-

Michael shrugged his shoulders, whatever. South Street was closer anyway.


“Hello?” Michael asked as he entered the abandoned gas station. “Wendy? Are you here?” As Michael looked around a cockroach crawled across the floor making him shiver. “Ew.” Even for a place to but drugs this place was pretty shady. Maybe he should leave right now….

“Michael?” Looking over behind the counter he saw Wendy leaning on the wall waiting for him. “What took you so long?” She looked nervously at him as she asked that. If he had been waiting in this place he would’ve been nervous too. It was giving him the creeps.

“Just stopped to get a slushie first,” he gestured to his cup as he said this, “Got the munchies already and I haven’t even smoked the weed yet.” She didn’t laugh as he said that, her eyes darting around the building. “Sorry bad joke, here-” He went to hand her the fifty bucks but stopped when the bell by the entrance rang again letting them know someone else was coming in. They both turned to see a man dressed in a nicer suit wearing sunglasses holding a suitcase come in. He put his phone down as he looked over the two.

“Is this him?”

“Yeah, so you’ll let me off the hook now right?”

“We’ll think about it.”

“Wait what are you talking about?” Michael looked at his dealer confused. “Wendy what’s he talking about?” She ignored him as the man approached him. “What’s going on?” He tried to walk away but the man grabbed his arm. Looking back at Wendy with wide eyes. “Why i-” Before Michal could ask another question he felt something hit him hard over the head as his world went dark.


Jeremy sat in his basement with Netflix ready to play as he waited for Michael. Usually he would’ve just grabbed the weed and have been back by now. 'Probably stopped to get a slushie….and if he went to 7/11 he’s going to be there a while.’ Jeremy looked between his phone and the TV. 'I’ve already texted him twice…he’ll show up eventually. I’m sure he won’t mind if I start the movie without him.’


“Hmmm?” Michael’s head pounded as good eyes fluttered open. Why did his head hurt so much? Where was he? His vision was blurry as he looked around the dark room. He went to get up but found he couldn’t.

'Huh?’ Looking down Michael saw he was sitting in a chair, his feet were tied to the legs and when he tested out his arms he found he couldn’t move them either. 'What the hell happened? Why am I tied up? Where…the gas station.’ It all came rushing back as he began to struggle trying to call out only to realize there was something tied around his mouth only letting muffled sounds of distress as he tried to break free.

Michael was panicking. He was kidnapped, tied to chair God knows where. His head still hurt as he tried to move, why did they kidnap him? He remembered Wendy saying something about being let of the hook. Was she the reason he was here in the first place? Michael’s mind rushed a million miles a minute when the door finally cracked open.

Looking up he saw the same man from earlier bathed by light from outside that made Michael wince. He flipped on the light allowing Michael to see him in better detail. The teen didn’t pay attention to that as he noticed the syringe in the man’s hand. Michael struggled as his kidnapper rolled up his sleeve and brought the needle closer to his forearm, screaming into the gag.

“Don’t struggle too much or this going to hurt a lot more then it needs to.”

anonymous asked:

Jungkook calling Jimin princess at the fansign. Jimin likes Jk calling him princess (ok but my kink) and ignores jk when he calls him by his name. Members thinking they're dating but they don't. Pure fluff. If you can do from third person pov I'll be so happy. I just can't seem to understand feelings other way. Have a great day!

i was excited about this but it turned out so shitty i am so sorry omg, also it’s kind of short i aM SO SORRY

summary: jungkook is bad at not calling jimin princess

It was a normal thing. People have nicknames for their friends, right? And it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault that Jimin blushed furiously when he called Jimin princess for the first time. So Jungkook never stopped, it became a permanent thing.

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Each year, for her

Title: Each year, for her

Author: @spn-imagines-nation ; Eirin

Pairing & characters: JohnxReader, Sam and Dean (mentioned)

Word Count: 4,125

Warnings: Angst, some fluff, metions of war, mention of death, bittersweet end

A/N: It’s my first try with this kind of story, hope you’ll like it, I really wanted to write this. I don’t see many JohnxReader and I wanted to give it a shot like this. This oneshot is inspired by this Imagine → 🖋 ! And it was requested by Anonymous, thanks for that btw !
Can you write a John x reader please ?
I want to specify that I’m not an expert with all the Marines stuff, so sorry if it’s not exact ! Also, it was kinda difficult to deal with the dates, so I don’t put any and please don’t pay attention to this while reading ! 

Summary: We all know that John loved Mary deeply, even after her tragic death. But even when his life was perfect, he went off once a year, he escaped this life to remember her. This woman was his first real love, she was his everything. So each year, he goes to see her. Memories are strong. And they can change anyone.

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤ English isn’t our first language, sorry for that!

NEW ! Tag list at the end ! ;) [Send us an ask if you wanna be add to the list !]

This year was harder than the last. John knew that. Dean is just a 20 years old young man and he is already as good as his father with the hunt, even if John don’t let him hunt by himself yet. But Sam is 16, and the father-son relationship his pretty frail if we add a teenager and a hunting life. John knew that wasn’t the best moment to leave them, but he couldn’t miss his appointment. He took his bag and let a message for Dean. With the Impala, he drove to the town of Appleton, Wisconsin.

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singleandlonely  asked:

So I heard you love soulmate AUs. I'm wondering if you can write an angsty Soulmate AU scenarios for Todoroki and Katsuki and their s/o? The world they live in is full of soulmates and ways to identify them. There are many ways of finding them. Katsuki/Todoroki are unlucky that their marks are the last words spoken to them (They don't know that however). Just as their soulmate is revealed they, well, die. The cause of the death can be whatever.

(This is painful and angsty and I love it, thank you) I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!


For as long as he can remember, Todoroki has always wondered at the words that cling to his hip, forming the words his soulmate will say to him at some point. The words make him both hopeful and silently worried.

Todoroki decides years later, that it doesn’t matter what fate wrote on his body.

He lives his life to the fullest, falls in love and creates his own place in this world, protecting the people he loves and working on being better than yesterday and making sure he allows himself the time to breathe too.

Over the years, the words on his hip don’t lose significance, but Todoroki doesn’t stare at them anymore. The most he does is brush over them when he catches sight of the ink in the mirror, before he pulls his thoughts away.

He grows old this way, with his partner and friends, more scars than he started out with and with the loss of one or another loved one carved into quiet, special parts of his heart. In the end though, he can say he’s happy, even when his hands grow shaky and he sits in the sun for long hours, his limbs a tad achy.

His partner gets worse before him, their strength leaving them and one day he sits beside them, quietly reading them their favorite story and listening to their slowing breaths. It won’t take long anymore, he knows, even if he refuses to acknowledge that thought.

Suddenly, their hand brushes his where he holds the book and he stops to entwine their fingers. When he questioningly looks down at them, his breath steals out of his lungs at the warm and loving smile they give him. In the next second, his throat clogs up, when their gaze turns distant and he knows, he knows they won’t look back anymore.

“I always knew it was you, I always knew you were the right one for me ” They say, words heavy and slow, spoken on a soft, last exhale. It’s the same words Todoroki has inked across his hip and the book drops into his lap when their grip grows limp in his hand and their breaths cease.

Pressing his eyes closed and choking up on tears, he brushes a feather light kiss on the back of their hand.

“I loved you regardless of it.” He whispers out into the silent room. “I always did.”


He rushes forward, his hands numb and his feet carrying him with fast, harsh strides. The air seems to catch in his lungs and his breaths rasp past his throat on every exhale. His mind is numb with circling thoughts.

Let them be alright, please, fuck, they better fucking be okay, shit they have to make it, is the most prominent one, echoing through his head with force and desperation as he rips open the door to the hospital.

Grabbing the next best nurse, he barks questions at them, barely giving the nurse enough time to respond and tell him to calm down, before he finds out that his partner is in surgery and that he needs to stay in the waiting room.

With a low growl, Bakugou does as told and prowls along the walls and uncomfortable plastic chairs. He can’t sit still, he is too jittery and his nerves sing with restlessness, his spine alive with repressed fear and worry.

He barely notices the mother in the waiting room, who grabs her kid and leaves, eyeing him nervously. Bakugou keeps pacing back and forth, his hands cold and fingers shaky and he keeps glancing at the clock again and again, his breaths trembling in his chest.

Then a doctor walks in and Bakugou sees the man’s face and he knows. He knows what the answer is right away and he feels himself chocking up on his breaths, his lungs hurting and his heart feels like it stopped beating for long, painful seconds. His mind is wiped blank and for a moment he has the almost delirious urge to slug the doctor, to punch him in his apologetic face and scream until his throat is as raw as he feels.

Bakugou barely hears what the man tells him, that a drunk driver ran into his partner and they died on the operation table barely a few minutes ago. All Bakugou can think is, that they were lying somewhere in the same building as him, fighting for their life and then dying without a single loved one at their side. Without him being there to hold their hand or to yell at them, to beg them to keep fighting.

Once the doctor leaves again, to get some papers Bakugou doesn’t care about, a nervous nurse steps up to him and clears his throat.

“They had some last words, if you want to hear them.” The man murmurs and can’t meet his eyes for more than short seconds. “I was supposed to tell you that ‘I’m sorry I’m going to miss our date, I wanted to bring you flowers for once’.”

Bakugou just freezes and feels the burn of the words on his back, his skin itching with what is inked there. And oh, oh he finally gets it. They always were his soulmate; they must have been with how much he loved them. How had he not seen it before? How had he not realized that fate was a cruel piece of shit?

Once the paramedic leaves, Bakugou forces himself to breathe as the whole room starts to blur horribly and his lungs refuse to draw a proper breath. Gasping for air and feeling like everything spins around him, a broken sound fights past his clenched teeth, followed by another.

Little brother! WinkDeep

Note: I got a request to write a little brother Baejin scenario (like 2 weeks ago, im so sorry ) but I had a Jihoon one halfway written out too and since I felt like they were both too short to post separately i’ll post it like this.

Originally posted by jaejoongisbae


  • The sweetest lil brother 
  • honestly so sweet, sometimes you question if you’re even related
  • only a few years younger than you so you played together a lot
  • when he was born, you always wanted to help take care of him
  • he was just so cute and when your mom used to pick you up from preschool with baby jinyoung in tow, you’d always try to show him off ‘this is my baby brother, he’s 3 years old and really nice and he’s my favorite person now’
  • a strong sibling bond
  • though he does tend to get you in trouble a lot
  • but not out of spite, he’s just a good boy, honest to a fault
  • he’ll get caught taking a cookie before dinner and he’ll say it because he saw you taking some earlier so he thought it was okay
  • which leads to you getting in trouble for ‘setting a bad example’ and being sent to bed earlier
  • and sure you’re always mad when it happens
  • But jinyoung, that sweet boy, comes into your room and apologizes by giving you his favorite stuff animal and pleading to forgive him with tears in his eyes
  • and you can’t stay mad at him for long, you hate when he’s sad
  • now that’s he’s older, he’s learned to keep his mouth shut a bit more but he’ll slip from time to time
  • but again you always forgive him because he’s just so pitiful when he’s upset, he looks better when he’s happy
  • it’s one of your, unofficial duties, to make sure this boy is always happy
  • sometimes you’ll here rumors in school about him because of his looks
  • 'he looks so angry and mysterious all the time’ ’ I heard he’s mean and in a gang, i’d stay away’ 'he’s not in a gang, he hangs out with that sunshine boy from LA and Park 'Jeojang’'Maybe he’s just doesn’t like being here?? Cause Honestly same’ 'Resting bitch face on point’
  • You never say anything to correct people because it’s really funny the things people will make up but if they’re being rude you’re always quick to shut that shit down
  • but he’s just a shy boy that takes some time being comfortable with people
  • and whenever you see him in the hallway you have to stop and tell him 'people think you’re angry and in a gang, Jinyoung. Please smile a lil more’
  • 'If I was in a gang I wouldn’t be hanging out with him’ points over to Daehwi, who’s got colorful pins attached to his uniform 'Hey! I can be tough and angry looking too, you guys don’t know me!’
  • (having Daehwi as your honorary little brother because he’s around so often )
  • basically the ideal little brother

Originally posted by parkswoojin


  • too-cool-for-you little brother 
  • definitely got most of the charms in the family 
  • everyone loves him 
  • and you’re just like ????? Why? I don’t get it? 
  • doesn’t want to be seen with you in public 
  • not because he hates you he just wants to be his own person and not feel like he’s being babysat all the time by his older sibling 
  • also, one time one of his friends called you cute and he never wants to here that ever again 
  • but he really just wants to be his own person 
  • hates being compared to you, or anyone else 
  • one time, during middle school he got a teacher that used to have you as a student and she was kept going on about how nice you were and all your accomplishments And how she’s glad to have ‘y/n’s little brother in her class’ 
  • and Jihoon’s response was 'Yeah I’m well aware of everything y/n has done cause I live with them and I’d appreciate if you just call me Jihoon, not 'y/n’s little brother’ because that’s not my identity’ 
  • he got a call home for the sass and when he was getting lectured that night, you threw him a quick thumbs up behind your parents back cause it was pretty cool what he did 
  • not really any sibling rivalry but you two tend to bicker a lot, about anything 
  • both just too stubborn, that’s family for ya 
  • 'Jihoon! What did I tell you about using my body wash!’ 
  • 'Well, I ran out of mine and you know that the bar soap makes my skin dry, y/n’
  • 'I don’t care about your dry skin, you used the rest of it so you buy me more’ ,, 'I used the rest of it, not all of it. I’ll give you a dollar so leave me alone’ 
  • while he has this cool image to him, you live with him, you know the truth 
  • he’s always dancing around the house 
  • and not like good dancing, he just flails into the room, headphones on, limbs everywhere, probably throws finger guns at you then grabs a drink and dances out of the room 
  • a little weirdo 
  • always wants to fight, you’ll be minding your own business and suddenly a pillow hits your head and your like 'wtff??’ And he’s just smirking pillow in hand and ready to go 
  • of course you retaliate, you can’t ever let him win
  • usually ends with one of you being sat on by the other basking in victory or a broken picture frame or vase 
  • you usually end up in trouble for it though cause you’re 'the oldest’ and should be 'more responsible’ and Jihoon usually 'turns on’ the aegyo whenever he gets in trouble 
  • (honestly who can stay mad at jeojang boy?)
  • it sucks but you know you can exploit him and his aegyo when you need to 
  • 'hey y/n can I get a bite of your sandwich?’ 
  • 'Why of course you can my favorite little brother-’ 'I’m your only little brother’ 'if you do the thing’ 
  • 'why do you always do this, I’m not doin-’ 'I’ll give you the rest of my sandwich’ 
  • cue Jihoon pulling out his best aeygo and you with your phone recording the whole thing 'Wow~ the things my brother does for food, What a beggar.. I’m posting this’ 
  • and then you run out of the room before he can catch you and post the video on Instagram
  • he promises to get you back one day and you won’t admit it but you’re a little nervous as to what he might do to you in return, (watch out for those geminis) 
  • the type of siblings that say 'I wish I was an only child’ but don’t really mean it cause without each other life would be pretty dull 
Coming out||Why don't we||Preference 5

Summary: You have a son and he’s gay



A/n: As someone who is bi, i understand how hard it is to come out sometimes and I also understand what its like to not be expected, Im here for anyone who needs help!

Daniel Seavey- You knew son was gay around the age of six, you and Daniel had been guessing since the age of four when he wanted to go out as a princess for halloween, he didn’t like to play sports with daddy but he liked to shop and go out with momma, he watched disney princess movies and not MTNTs, but it all became clear when he was 7 and you and him where driving in the car on the way home. He had told you that he thought Jonah’s son was pretty. Both you and Daniel had known since then. Your son never realized the two of you had caught on because at the age of 16 he came out to both of you and told you he had a boyfriend, it was Jonah’s son.

That night when you and Daniel crawled into bed you both had smiles on your face, your son was out, in love and happy and thats all you wanted for him.

“I won, you owe me 20 dollars” You said causing him to snort.

“I knew this day would come, a bet is a bet” You added with a small chuckle on the side.

“I can’t believe you bet on our son being gay” He laughed bringing you into his arms.

“I didnt! I bet that him and Ashton(Jonahs son) would get together"You said. After a ten year bet you finally won, but you would have won anyways knowing your son was happy.

Jack Avery- The day your son came out was the most shocking day of your life. Not because you cared that he was gay, but because you two never saw it coming. When you were a teenager you had a gay guy best friend and although you knew that not every gay guy acted the same way the way your son acted was nothing like now your best friend had acted. Your son was the star on the basketball team(Jack was always so proud of him), you had never expected this to happen but when he had told you that he had a boyfriend both you or Jack couldn’t have been happier for him and invited  him for dinner the next day.

"Mom, dad, this is Jake” Your son smiled as a coloured boy around your sons age(17) walked in with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Jake this is my mom y/n and my dad Jack"your son smiled as the boy hand you the flowers and stuck out his hand for Jack.

"Its nice to meet you Mr.Avery”

Jonah Marias- The day you found out your son was gay wasn’t the day you were supposed to find out. You and Jonah had gone out to a grown ups dinner out with the boys and their wives, leaving your 17 year old son at home alone. You hadn’t been feeling well so Jonah took you home early, when the two of you had gotten home you asked Jonah to make you some tea while you went to change and tell your son you were home. After changing into some pjs you you walked across the hall and opened the door to your sons room only to see him laying on top  and kissing his best friend Tanner.

“Oh my god I’m sorry” You said shocked before grabbing the door handle and running out of the room. You walked downstairs your eyes wide as you met Jonah back in the kitchen.

“Um Jonah, I think our son is gay” You chuckled walking over to him and laying your head on his chest.

“What makes you say that?” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

“Well, I just walked in on him and-” You had started but were quickly cut off by tanner rushing out of your house, his cheeks red.

You sat your son down that night and talked to him about it all, you were both so supportive and extremely proud of your son.

Zach Herron- The day your son came out was hectic to say the least. You saw the fear in sons eyes as he sat you and Zach down in the dinning room, you could see him visibly shaking. You almost feared the words coming out of his his mouth, your son was eighteen and thats when you and Zach started having sex, had he gotten a girl pregnant?

“Mom, dad theres something I need to tell you” He whispered not meeting either of your eyes.

“No matter what you say it won’t change our love for you honey” you said reaching across the table and grabbing his hand causing him to look up while Zach just nodded in response.

“Im gay” he whispered, it took you a second but a smile fell on your face quickly.

“So no one’s pregnant?” you asked causing him to chuckle and shake his head but his smile dropped once he was met with his dads eyes. Turning your head to look at your husband of 20 years your face also turned into a frown when you saw the look of anger spread across his face.

“How do you know?” Zach spit out, causing both of you to be taken back.

“I -I have a boyfriend” He whispered, feeling ashamed of himself.

You and Zach had never had the conversation “what if our child is gay” talk, but you grew up with a gay brother and Zach had never said anything about it, you just assumed he was as opening and welcoming to the idea as you were. But Zach had been born and raised in Texas and you knew that not everyone there was as supportive as some other states were.

“Honey, why don’t you go and wash up before we go out to dinner” You smiled as you looked at your son, his head dropped but his frown still visible. Nodding his head without even looking up he leaves the dinner table, leaving you angry at your husband.

“Zach Dean Herron, I don’t know whats going on through your mind but our son just shared something huge with us and you hurt him. We are going out to dinner and when we get home you better have a different mind set or you can call Jonah for a place to sleep” You snapped, standing up and leaving Zach there alone, his fists still clenched and his face and his little less red.

Corbyn Besson- The day your 19 year old son came out to you had started off like any normal day. You and Corbyn were in the kitchen cooking and talking about old times with him and the band, you all were getting together at Jack’s tomorrow for a dinner, you hadn’t seen all the boys and their families in 3 weeks and you all missed them deeply.

You were chopping vegetables when your son walked through the door, a boy walking beside him, both with huge smiles on both their faces.

“Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Thomas” He blurted out of the blue, intertwining his hands with the other boys. You dropped the knife as a huge smile spread on your face, rushing over to hug both boys in front of you, you had been waiting for this for 3 years now and the time had finally come. Smiling as you pulled away, both your son and you looked at Corbyn with a shocked face.

“I like your shoes” He smiled, walking over and shaking the boys hand causing you to laugh along with your son. Corbyn supported your son, but he was a little awkward about it and bringing up shoes was the only way he could show he supported your son without getting all mushy and gushy about it. All and all both of you were happy as long as your son was happy.

A Genyatta AU/Headcanon thing that I’ll write... Maybe...

AU where Zen is a well-known omnic tattoo artist after leaving the shambali and kind of uses shambali symbols in his designs for himself, where they’re usually on his arms and legs.

So, in the tattoo artist Zen AU, his tattoo parlor is pretty famous because of how popular it is and how it intermingles both humans and omnics in one place.Like… Zen stays at the shambali for a year or two and a year after he opens his shop, he gets a customer. Of course, this is Genji Shimada.

Now, Genji’s heard about this place and he’s kind of a snob because “An omnic doing tattoos? I gotta see this.”

So, he goes to the shop and Genji is just in the waiting room, looking around till he hears a few people talking. He turns, sees Zen, and he’s like “Oh… Fuck” cause he did not expect Zen to be tatted up and have a serene atmosphere from him.

So, after the customer leaves, Zen is all like “Oh, hello.” and is all calm and cool when he speaks and Genji is just so enamored that he kind of stops working for a solid minute.

Anyway, now, I don’t think he would have gotten his tattoo from Zen. But, you know, tattoos fade and maybe he wants a touch up. So, Zen does the touch up and it just takes hours and hours to finish, you know. But, Zen does it and, while this is happening, they’re getting to know one another, all that. After that, Genji visits Zen every so often, doing everything he can to spend time with him. After a few months, Zen is used to Genji hanging around. He likes the company.

But… One day… He’s not there. He shrugs it off, having been told about Genji’s family “business” (he lied). But, after a week, he gets worried. He calls up his brother for some guidance, to which Mondatta says to be patient and that Genji would be fine.

Yet, after six months, he can’t take it. So, he goes to the Shimada family establishment and no one is there.

After a few years and with the disbandment OW, Zen decides to visit the Shambali. There, he sees his peers and is greeted with respect and such, catches up with them, etc.

When he meets the new members, Zen is greeted with the utmost honor by these new pupils. Except… One doesn’t meet him right away. However, when this supposed omnic does, they’re silent and just bow to him before returning to meditating.

Zen, by all means, is confused and feels a sense of familiarity towards this complete stranger, to which he pushed that thought away, knowing that it only brought an ache in his circuits. So, wanting to know more about the stranger, he asks around and is told that this member arrived a week ago and asked to stay to try and make himself anew.

Zen, of course, could clearly see that by their actions and how the discord in their soul outweighed whatever harmony they had left. So, before Zen had left after a week of staying with the Shambali, he is continuously meditating with this new pupil, giving him pointers and some guidance on how to find balance within himself.

On the day he had left, the pupil gave Zen a meek “thank you” before returning to his training.

Of course, Zen was delighted by this achievement but… He could not help but have a somber feeling as he heard the omnic speak, the speech patterns feeling awfully familiar to Genji’s. However, he pushed that aside and returned to his tattoo parlor the next day, with the memory of the omnic lingering every so often in his thoughts.

About a year or so after the visit, Zen is in his shop and is about to close up till he hears a chime at the door. He looks up from disposing some needles, seeing the same omnic from the Shambali. He’s a bit shocked but, after disposing the needles, he greets the omnic per usual, asks him how he was doing, etc.

And, to Zen’s surprise, the omnic is responding and is so relaxed compared to when they first met.

As they’re talking, Zen can’t help but have this nagging feeling in that they knew each other once before. Of course, the memory of Genji sprang into his thoughts, giving a sort of ache in his words as the conversation continued.

However, Zen keeps up with the act on trying to be happy till the omnic decides to set up an appointment and leaves. And, right before closing up, Zen looks down at the name written. Genji Shimada. This of course makes Zen’s processors glitch. For the rest of the night, till Genji arrives, Zen is both baffled and a bit angry, thinking that, whoever this person was, they were doing this as a cruel joke.

So, when he looks at the time and sees that it’s Genji’s appointment, Zen is livid, only keeping his cool once he finished with his last customer. When that customer finally left, he looks over to Genji and he is about to go all out on him, telling him how he was awful for doing such a joke.

However, of course, as he gets a better look at Genji, Zen freezes. Instead of the omnic from yesterday, Zen is flabbergasted to see that it WAS Genji, with the other having gone out without his face plate and in more casual clothing, his green hair, though a bit faded in color and not gelled as it usually was back then, was a bit tousled, only being kept together by the fingers he ran through it when getting up from his seat.

And Zen, poor guy, he breaks down and just sobs audibly, pressing up against Genji cause he can’t believe this is happening. As this is happening, the regular customers are like “The fuck did this guy do????” and Genji just leads him to the room where the tattoos are usually done, sits the omnic down next to him, and is just trying to calm him down, rubbing Zen’s back, pulling him close, etc.

Of course, Genji explains what happened to him, spilling out everything, truth about his family, working with OW, why he went to the Shambali, how he was unable to contact Zen, how angry he was throughout all of it till he went to the Shambali to reconcile with himself and body, etc. And Zen is just taking it all in and, when Genji is finally done and looking straight into Zenyatta’s eyes, Zen just pulls him into a tight embrace, telling him how happy he was to have Genji back and explaining how worried he was.

Genji is just so relieved by how, after years of not seeing him and lying to him about the clan, Zen doesn’t push him away at the slightest.

After that, Genji decides to get a tattoo of the Shambali symbol, which is painted on his left chest plate. Afterwards, Genji stays the rest of the day till the shop closes, along with walking Zen home, catching up with him. And, just like years before, Genji shows up and visits practically every day, along with dragging a few friends along every so often (Angela, Lucio, McCree, etc).

And, he’s practically met all of them except one: Hanzo.

So, when he drags Hanzo along, Zen has mixed feelings for the man. He knew that the brothers had reconciled and are mending there relationship. But, having been told on what Hanzo had done in the past stung at the omnic.

So, when first meeting him, Zen keeps his demeanor cool as usual and, to his surprise, Hanzo wants a touch up. As Zenyatta is doing the touch up, it’s silent and tense for about an hour till the omnic needs to get a new needle. As Zen is doing this, Hanzo breaks the silence by asking “How long have you known Genji?” Zen responds and the conversation goes from there.

So, as Zen continues touching up, along with the convo, they’re mostly joking about how Genji was a bit reckless back then and Hanzo, out if the blue, just says something like “I’m glad he found the others. Especially you.” Zen is a bit confused by this and asks why Hanzo says that.

Somberly, he explains about what the clan was, along with what he used to be back then and how the brothers used to be so close. Moreover, he confesses on how he was wrong in killing his brother and explains how lost he was and if he can ever gain back his honor and trust.

With this, Zen gives out his wisdom, explaining how a path to redemption maybe long and rigorous, but also achievable. That eases Hanzo a bit and they change the subject.

After a few more hours, Hanzo and Zen come out if the room, with Hanzo’s tattoo touched up, along with a new addition: a kanji symbol meaning “peace” or “redemption” (still have not picked) on the back of his wrist.

Genji sees this, realizes the symbol, and both brothers are in tears. Hanzo thanks Zenyatta and leaves, with Genji staying the rest of the day.

So, when the shop closes for the day and Genji walks Zen home, they’re just talking and Zen mentions how Hanzo was happy to see his brother being with friends, especially Zen, not really thinking much about what he’s saying and Genji just kind of laughs and says something along the lines of “Well, yeah, it’s kind of obvious you’re important to me.”

And Zen is a bit taken aback and just looks up at him, not saying a word. Genji, realizing what he said, tries his best to backtrack but is too flustered to do so. He’s too distracted in trying to backtrack that Genji doesn’t notice the omnic leaning up to him and pressing his forehead against his. This only makes Genji more flustered.

By this point, Genji is red in the face and speechless, tripping up on his words like a highschool boy trying to talk to his crush.

So, Zen says “If you have something to say, say it. My reply might surprise you.” And Genji just let’s himself go and leans forward, peppering kisses on the omnic’s mouth plate and, if Zen could blush, he’d be doing it right now.

And, since Zen can’t really kiss back, he reciprocates by intertwining there fingers together and pressing against the cyborg.

Once Genji pulls away, he just confesses right then and there and how he wished he had done it sooner. Zen sort of protests against that, saying how, either way, he was happy for this moment and wouldn’t want to rush anything.

Genji smiles, they head over to Zenyatta’s place, and kiss once more before saying there goodbyes. The next day, along with onward, they are inseparable and continue with there relationship, with Genji moving in with Zen after a year of dating. Most likely getting married.

Sidenote: Genji does a sort of side job at the shop once he returned and before they started dating: helping designing some of the tattoos for customers.

I Guess We’re The Same, So Don’t Leave Me Behind

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Summary: 28-year-old Teruki is depressed, working a dead-end job, and sees life as meaningless and dull. Only when, Shigeo, another esper going through the same troubles as him enters his life he realizes he’s not so alone.

Chapter Notes: I can’t believe I’m at chapter 10 with this thing! Thank you so much for sticking with me this entire time! In this chapter someone new makes an appearance…can you guess who? As always, thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

Previous Chapters:
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Don't Leave

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Requested: No
Warning(s): Mentions of death (Fred)

“George? George!” Y/N screamed into the emptying halls. The battle was raging, green flashes surrounding her and death eaters falling. She couldn’t find George or Fred, her best friends, though. It was time to tell George how she felt.

“George!” she screamed desperately. “George, where are you?”

“He’s in the rafters with Fred and dad!” Ginny yelled from somewhere nearby, and Y/N nodded quickly. She raced to the staircases she’d found with the twins years before and ran up them.

And there he was. She’d recognize him anywhere.

“George!” she called frantically, and he turned around.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? I told you to stay with my mum!”

“No. I couldn’t. George, I have to tell you something, and I wasn’t going to let either of use die without you knowing. I love you.” Y/N grabbed his hands and held them tightly. “I have for ages, and I should’ve told you, but I was too scared. I love you so much, George. I couldn’t die without telling you.”

George gasped, struggling to remove his hands from her grip. As soon as she let him go, he grabbed her face and kissed her. He broke away, tears in his eyes.

“If we’re going to die, I wanted to do that at least once. I love you too.” he breathed out. He pressed one more kiss to her lips before pushing her away.

“Now go. Find my mother and stay with her. I’ll find you.”

Y/N nodded, tears threatening to cloud her vision. She ran back down the stairs, trying not to trip as she searched for Molly in the destroyed corridors.

“Molly? Molly Weasley!” she called as she raced around corners, firing spells when she needed to. It was hard to see through all the smoke and debris.

“Over here, Y/N!” Molly yelled, wand pointed at the death eaters surrounding her and a couple other students. “Help us out, would you?”

Y/N fired a couple curses, stinging hexes, and spells at the death eaters, causing them to fall. “‘atta girl!” Molly cheered.

And then the battle stopped. Voldemort’s voice filled their ears, telling them what to do. Y/N and Molly walked to the great hall with the students they’d been helping. It was full of injured people and dead friends.

And Y/N knew once she saw him. “No.” she whispered, frozen in place. “No, not him.” she repeated as she ran to his side.

“No! Fred! Come back!” she sobbed, hands scrabbling for something, anything, until her hands were taken in someone else’s. She looked up through her tears to see George holding her hands. Tears were streaming down his messy cheeks as he looked down at her and his dead twin.

“Y/N,” he croaked. She surged up to hug him, the both of them crying uncontrollably. Fred was gone.

“Promise me you won’t leave. Promise you won’t die. Don’t leave me, Y/N. I love you.” George murmured repeatedly.

“I won’t.”

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anonymous asked:

I've seen a lot of people pretty upset that Barry is going to be gone, worried he'll be gone forever and so on. Now, don't get me wrong I understand that but the flash comics are so amazing because of the flash family. Plus I am kind of excited about Wally taking up the mantel which I hope they do. At least for a bit. Barry has gotten so broody I hope they use this time in the speed force as a reset for his character. Wally is such a fun Flash I'm excited to see that. If that's what they do.

Hmm… I struggle with this.

“Barry has gotten so broody I hope they use this time in the speed force as a reset for his character” is not a sentiment I can personally jive with.

Barry’s been through hell in the past three years. I get that he’s broody, but he’s… severely traumatized, grieving, full of survivor’s guilt, potentially depressed, and has demonstrated behavior that’s made me think he veers toward suicidal ideation. 

And while that is “broody”… what else is gonna happen to someone who is betrayed by his mentor, gets people killed because of his poor planning, watches his mother die, comes back to stop her killer only to lose and watches a good friend die to save them all, sees a blackhole that is his fault kill another friend of his and likely many other people and causes breeches that bring Zoom to this earth, gets his back broken, thinks a friend has died, gets betrayed again, loses his powers, literally disintegrates, has a good friend get kidnapped and traumatized, watches his father die right when he thought he had some control again, watches himself die (time remnant 1), fucks up the timeline and watches a friend on the verge of death because of his choices (again), fixes the timeline (leaving the one that made him happiest) behind only to find out he’s totally fucked it up and his bff’s brother is dead now, finds out his other good friend has powers that literally fuck with her emotions and moral compass because he messed with her life, and then finds out that because of all this, the love of his life is likely to die (and oh yeah, it’s because he kills her).

Originally posted by parisblakestuff

Like… that isn’t a rant at you. That was me just literally trying to make a small list but it grew and grew and grew accidentally because… damn has he been through so goddamn much?

They all have, and they all deserve space to grieve and heal.

But that was the whole narrative theme of both 3x01 (Flashpoint) and 3x21 (Cause and Effect). They both show ways in which Barry could be happy. One is if he’d never lost his parents and lived this life, so that he’s unburdened by all of this. The other is if he’s… literally unburdened. Without the weight of his memories, Barry is adorably chipper and happy and excited and a lot more like his season-1 self? And some people found that episode to be filler but I think it really hammers this characterization point home: Barry is actively suffering emotionally due to the past three seasons of trauma.

So I’d love to see the Flash family taking off - to see Wally growing into the mantle and to see him and Cisco working together with Iris, to see Caitlin on the fringes finding her own weird way, to see Joe trying to cope but having the love and support of his family. To see them all fighting crime and doing well.

And when Barry comes back into it, I don’t really want him to be plucky and happy again if it means erasing what he’s been through, or hopping him up on a false sense of security (like the speedforce first did when it told him he was special and chosen before his dad died). I want him to have had time and space (and the rest of them too) to cope and heal and to move forward from there, heavy but hopeful, full of smiles but sombre when he needs to be.

I mean… I actually don’t expect him to get there yet. He’s got more growing yet to do. But I just… don’t ever want to “reset” his character. We’ve seen them do that twice already, if only for an episode, and while it was adorable and lovely to see him happy… he deserves to move forward not to be wiped clean.