cause they are so in love it hurts


Prompt: Odaxelagnia: I’ll write our characters biting each other in a sexual manner 

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rating: Nc-17

Author’s note: No beta, not even read twice. Sorry >_<

You watched Newt dance around the habitat with his mooncalf and laughed out loud at his antics. You loved it when he was being silly and happy, seeing his face light up with love towards his creatures always caused your heart to flutter.

„Put him down, silly! He’ll feel dizzy.” you yell at him while laughing.

„Oooh, but this is the important part, (Y/N)! I get him dizzy and then he will go around biting other mooncalves and then we will have many mini-mooncalves running around soon!” he shot you a dazzling smile then started spinning around his heel, going faster and faster with each turn.

„Newt!” Your side started to hurt from laughing so much, each cackle bringing you closer to a sore belly the next day.

„Look (Y/N)! He is getting dizzy!” Newt exclaims excitedly while looking positively green as he continues spinning.

„He isn’t the only one!” You shoot back. Seeing him happy made you happy, and other feelings as well… You hoped that his spinning will not render him incapable of performing any act other than sitting still for the next few hours. After all, not only the animals had plans for mini-me’s.

Newt finally stopped spinning when he thought his mooncalf sufficiently dizzy and put him down. He crawled next to your place on the piece of log you had been sitting on and leaned close up to whisper into your ear.

“See? Now, he is going to go around and bite the female who are going to become aroused by this and mate with him. Brilliant, isn’t it?” He was practically glowing with glee but you couldn’t hear half of what he was saying and your thoughts were wandering off to biting and mating.

“I wanna do an experiment.” you said and tried to act as if nothing naughty was going on in your head.

“What is it?”

“Weeeeell, I was thinking of doing an experiment on human mating habits.” you said as you stood up and took your seat in his lap instead facing him. Your skirt gathered up your legs, showing them off. “You say that the mooncalf mate by the male biting the female who become aroused by this. I was thinking of doing an experiment to see whether human males become aroused by the female biting them. I was thinking of you being my first test subject.” You caressed his neck tie and his neck as you looked into his eyes and tried to maintain a completely professional look while his head was slowly becoming to resemble a tomato. Newt tried to maintain the eye contact but he quickly gave up and decided to go with avoidance as he looked everywhere but at you. He opened to mouth to speak but only a squeak came out. He swallowed and cleared his throat to try again.

“That… that sounds like an interesting idea. I would be delighted to assist you.”

“Amazing!” you could feel yourself becoming aroused by this game as heat flooded your lower body. “So, I think this is how we should do it: I will tell you where I will bite you, then I will bite you. After that you should tell me whether the bite made you more or less aroused or no changes happened. Deal?” you moved closer to his body, bringing your laps practically squished together. You could already feel that there would be no problem with mating here.

“Deal.” Newt’s voice was changing into something rougher, deeper. You loved it.

“Then… first place would be the neck.” you mumbled as you placed your lips on the side of his neck and couldn’t resist but lick it before giving it a quick nip, your teeth grazing his skin. Newt moaned under you. “So? More or less aroused?” you smiled devilishly. You had always loved teasing your lovers, and Newt was particularly responsive making it even more fun.

“More. Definitely more” he pants.

“Okay, so first affirmative. I will proceed then. I will now bite your chest” you unbuttoned his shirt while talking so you had his smooth skin all displayed in front of your eyes. You picked a spot that has not been harmed by any of his beasts yet and sank your teeth into his flesh, making it a harder bite this time. His groan sent a bolt of pleasure to your groin as he grabbed your butt to pull you closer. “More or less?” you tried to keep up with your games, but his reactions were making it hard to keep your cool.


“Next bite. I’ll bite your right nipple.” you mumbled then leaned down to give his nipple a quick nip then a lick to sooth the skin. You couldn’t help but spend a couple more seconds there playing, as you knew he was into it. You watched the goose bumps that erupted on his skin with wonder. “More or less?” you panted and moved your hips on his, feeling his hardness under you.

“More. More.” you were not sure anymore whether he was answering your questions or asking for more, not that it mattered.

“I think I will make the next one the last. I have enough data.” you couldn’t take the teasing anymore. His moans and gasps were making you crazy, plus you were pretty sure that his pants would have a big wet spot on their front from you. “I will bite your finger.” you left his favourite as last. You knew that he had a kink of having his fingers bit and sucked on. So, that’s what you did. You picked up his hand and brought it slowly to your mouth. You wetted your lips with a big show then stuck out your tongue to lick his finger from bottom to top. Newt followed your mouth with wide open eyes, in wonder. He watched his finger disappear in your hot heat and groaned with delight when you nipped at his finger.

“More.” he whispered obediently as you sucked on his finger. While you had had your fun, the best part was always breaking your lovers. To bring them to the point where they became almost animals and took control. So, you stopped sucking, you stopped moving in his lap and you looked at him seriously.

“Thank you for your participation in the test. I have collected sufficient data. I will inform you of the results of the findings in 2 weeks.” you said and stood up to leave. You saw the moment he broke. You saw it and your stomach did a flip in anticipation.

Newt growled at you and grabbed you by your hips and spun you back.

“You aren’t going anywhere, (Y/N)” his voice was barely recognizable, it was so deep and guttural. He pulled you back into his lap and kissed you forcefully which you reciprocated happily. His hands were doing a frenzied dance on your body, touching everything and yet nothing, pushing clothing aside but not removing anything. You could do nothing but hold his shoulders and go along for the wild ride.

Finally, he reached between you to open his zipper, his hardness yearning to be freed. Not bothering to even check whether you were prepared, he pushed your panties aside, lifted you and pushed you down on his penis. You moaned loud at the intrusion, loving the feeling for the second he allowed you to enjoy it before grabbing your hips and guiding you to ride him hard. At this point you were so far gone that you could not do anything but go along for the ride.

Newt hid his face in your breasts, occasionally sucking on them as he muffled his moans in them. His motions were getting quicker and sharper and you knew that he was close to cuming.

You leaned down to his ear to give him the last push, not being able to release the last thread of control you had. “Cum for me.” you whispered and he almost sobbed into your chest as he buried himself deep inside of you and filled you up to the brim. The feeling of his semen dripping down was your undoing as you followed him with your own orgasm.

“I liked that experiment.” you laughed while panting.

“I like your experiments.” he replied while grinning at you with that brilliant smile that started it all.

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You gave some good advice about saving you self for you're favorite idol. It's a very damaging of that fantasy comes more of a reality. I dealt with a friend like this and it was so sad to see cause it was physically causing her harm. People should never dictate your life and you should never live your life believing that you'll be able to date and be with your fav idol. It's psychologically damaging. I hope someone sees your advice and knows that those types of fantasy should stay fantasies.

it’s just really damaging to you mentally ;; i’ve had first-hand experience and it wasn’t nice tbh you constantly need validation and it hurts a lot. your faves are your faves and they’re people you support, people that we love, but never forget that we’re still just fans and there’s a limit to how much you can love someone you don’t know. you shouldn’t place that much of an emotional investment on a stranger, it may feel like the end of the world if you don’t end up with them.. but trust me, it feels a lot better when you step back and just support and love them without the gripping feeling of jealousy and insecurity over whether or not you’ll date them

Do you reckon Jungkook would be attracted to someone other than a girl similar to IU (his ideal type)? Because I feel as though the reason he always goes on about her is because he’s only date etc someone like her and I feel disheartened because I’m nothing like her…

please refer to what i said above and also 

it doesn’t matter what his ideal type is, an ideal type is an ideal type, just someone he sees as attractive.. all our faves are probably our ideal types but does that mean we’ll only date them? no. also, please don’t compare yourself to her, you’re special in your own way and why should it matter if you’re nothing like her??? the chance of you dating him is, i’m sorry to say, so slim. please don’t feel disheartened i’m sure there’s someone out there who will love you for you and even tho that person may not be jungkook, they’ll be someone that loves you unconditionally 

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I feel like I'm feeling similar to how you are and the moment I'm still In love with my ex and I want so badly to get over him but I can't and I hate that I love him still cause I think about him everyday and it hurts a lot

This is so very relatable and I’m so so sorry ur in so much pain and i hope very badly that things get better for u soon. Sending lots n lots of love ur way

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Wow hope you never get mad at me. That was one hell of a rant. I'm just kidding. But you are right people tend to forget that they are talking with real people here. And start to act like jerks. P. S. I will say hello before sending a dick pic 😆🌹

Ya know I’m not even mad…. I just get so frustrated!! I try so damn hard to be nice to everyone. I really do try. But when I’m made to feel bad for liking something or posting something or re-blogging something it just wears on me…
the last thing I want to do is hurt someone’s feelings. But at the same time I need that same common courtesy in return. Just cause I like to look at “naughty” things or because I’ve done and would love to do again “naughty” things does not make me a whore. If i like a guys personal pics on here well I’m fucking entitled to.
I normally brush it all off…
idk blame it on being a woman during her super fun time but my patience is thin right now.
I truly appreciate all the love sent my way! I still get a little confused on the why and how if it. But I appreciate it!!

Dear Charlie,

I’m worthless

And it’s weird, cause like one year ago I thought I’ve got some great talents. But now I’ve realised that everybody’s better than me in everything. I’m bad at sports, my grades are normal, my “poems” and “songs” are bad as shit and my “art” is just some stuff that nobody cares about. My friends are so f**king beautiful and I’m just this ugly potatoe with this torturing thoughts. I’m just a burden to everyone.
The last few months I’ve told myself I should stay alive so I won’t hurt anyone and because I want to change the world. But know I’ve realised that the people I love could have a better and happier life without me, cause they don’t have to worry about me. And that I could never change something cause I’m just this invisible girl with these scars on her arms and these strange clothes. Nobody wants to listen to me.
So, I won’t be mad at you if you don’t post this letter, cause I know it’s worthless like me and everything I do.

Hope you’re doing better than me,

P.s. sorry if this didn’t make any sense and because I’m always talking about myself. I know I’m selfish

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Said “I love you”? yes
Waited all night for a phone call? no
Stayed out literally all night? no i’ve just stayed in literally all night
Snuck out? no
Smoked a cigarette? no
Slept in a bed with a person of the same sex? yes
Stolen money from a friend? no
Been on an airplane? yes
Slept all day? yes
Missed someone so much it hurt? i don’t know. probably
Fallen asleep during school? yes
Been lonely? yes
Cheated at a game? probably lmao
Gotten lost? kinda
Been in a car accident? no
Had detention? yes but i didn’t go lmao
Given money to a homeless person? i can’t remember. maybe.
Been so happy you cried? yes
Regretted loving someone? i don’t think so
Got in trouble with the law? no
Have you ever had a secret admirer? probably not
Been scuba diving? no 
Broken a bone? no
Been told you have an accent? i don’t think i have
Fired a gun? no

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I don't get it. Tease others? Evil characters? What are you, some sort of sad excuse for a sassy skeleton?!? Lets get the facts straight pall.. Teasing others is the same as bullying Evil characters are in So calm the f down, geez. -Frosty Anon

First of all, I’m not a character. I am the mun of this blog. I call myself evil because I love to joke about and have some fun with followers and friends! You may say: “But that’s not evil.” Welp, ya don’t know me or my sense of humour.

Secondly, if I was a bully then I wouldn’t be getting so much support from so many people! I tease with friends in a playful way, joking about characters we like and fan-girling over silly little things. I would never tease someone if it meant I was hurting them or causing them to be upset, that ain’t my style. If I was mean to someone, I would want my friends to tell me and set me straight and make me apologise for my actions.

One last thing, if you’re telling me to calm down, then no chance. That’s who I am and if ya don’t like it then might as well go, I am not ganna change myself for someone who isn’t even showing their face.

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I just saw a new surge of videos and pictures of gillian anderson campaigning for her end human trafficking cause or something and I thought of you and hope this won't be something that's serious enough to harm sex workers :(

not her alone, but the whole thing–I loved her SO MUCH and this is SO PAINFUL.  Not just bc it actively hurts sex workers, but because I respected her and thought she was a clear sighted person with integrity who asked questions, like Scully!  But I had her confused with Scully, and Stella :/ 

That “article” of hers that she posted is just embarrassing.  It makes me embarrassed for her as well as angry. 

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But there is abortion storyline season 3

Yup you know its going to be Lola 

and its just going to be when Tristan’s about to forgive Miles cause DRAMA either way I’m accepting that Tristan’s last two seasons is just going to be him hurt over and over again.There was so much more they could of done too they had a really great plot device to set up character arcs without it being relationship dependant but it’s got to be about the love triangles and cheating cause god forbid Tristan has a character arc about him or Zig grows without having a love interest

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Honestly one of the most important scenes in the entire Harry Potter series is when nine-year-old Severus Snape uses magic to cause a tree branch to fall on Petunia. Even at nine he had no qualms about hurting people Lily loved. This really serves to underscore the idea that while Snape loved Lily, he was not truly invested in her happiness or well-being because he did not care about the people she loved. At age nine he didn’t care about hurting her sister and at age twenty he didn’t care about the imminent deaths of her husband and infant son. So I will always stand by my opinion that while Snape no doubt loved Lily, it was not a healthy love and he really never deserved to have it reciprocated.

So i have a theory...

You know how Nico mention that Bianca chose to be reborn instead of moving on to Elysium? What if Bianca was reborn into Percy’s little sister? Like, the signs are little at first, but as she grows Percy starts to notice that his sister has the same toughness and independence Bianca had, and the willingness to do anything for family and then one day Percy just knows and he feels like maybe its just wishful thinking but he (embarrassed) tells Nico, expecting him to just disregard it, but instead Nico just smiles with a little bit of sadness in his eyes and nods because he had known all along just from her eyes and so Percy is just 10x more protective because theres no way in tartarus hes getting her hurt again and Nico makes it clear that he will cause anyone who hurts her immense pain so Percy’s sis has two designated badass older brothers who love her to death












You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect—you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break—her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.
—  Bob Marley

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isn't it weird that jian yi and xixi are all buddy buddy with the guy who hurt them..?

sure is, but literally no one in this comic holds a grudge XD 

like technically jian yi should still be mad at xiao hui for saying this 

and mad at redhead for choking him out and attacking zhan 

and mad at zhan for punching him in the face and rejecting him viciously

but jian yi readily accepts her help and delivers her love letter even tho it hurts himself

he protects redhead from she li 

he uses xiao hui’s help to save redhead

and tries to convince zhan that its not his fault even tho zhan had just torn his entire soul into shreds and fakes being happy so zhan doesn’t worry

 yes its true that these people hurt him deeply

but in the end he will always forgive and try to help them, cause thats the kind of guy he is. 


I love Peter’s relationship with May and how developed it is within just a few minutes of dialogue. With Ben already gone, they’ve already had to learn to operate as a unit. May wants to know what’s going on with Peter, she’s even a little visibly hurt that she thinks he was hiding a grant opportunity from her. And here, Peter is vocalizing a fear of worrying her or causing her any grief because it affects him too. They’re so close and all each other really has now. I have a lot of emotions about that. 

He used to tell me “what if one day you wake up in a room full of all the people who wanted to love you but you were too scared to get hurt, so you pushed them away.” My heart’s been empty for so long, i wonder if the ghosts miss you too. I just wanted someone to be there when i stopped hurting. I keep it all inside cause it’s the saddest place to hide. He told me that the walls I built up will never be broken down. No one ever tried. No one ever showed me that there was a reason to love. I just need someone to make me feel again; or at least like i matter. I’ve spent my whole life running, why won’t anyone ask me to stay? Why didn’t you want me to stay? You were the ocean, and i was the girl who was in love with the sea, but was too scared to swim. The empty space where my heart used to be is aching.  No matter how far my mind wanders i am never able to stop it from clinging back to the dark shadows i try so hard to keep at bay; but when the waves crash back to the shore, my thoughts drown me, in ways you never could.
—  I thought you’d wait for me 

I’m missing him and
his world of life. Just for a second, I wish
I hadn’t met him. I wish I couldn’t feel this
pain he caused me.

But he’s the reason I am who I am today; so
I’m glad I met him. Even though I’m hurting
so badly, I’m glad.

This fucking relationship kills me
  • CaRtOoNz: What's up everybody! Me and this fucker right here, decided we wanted to play some'ore Mortal Kombat today.'Cause we haven't played in fucking foreve-
  • Delirious: That hurt my feelins!
  • CaRtOoNz: Well, okay. Me and this fine young gentleman here, known as Delirious decided to play Mortal Kombat.
  • Delirious: YOU decided to play Mortal Kombat!
  • CaRtOoNz: Okay you're right. I called him and said "Wake your fucking ass up!" I said, "We're playing Mortal Kombat."

Love will break the selfish heart, it will clear it of its webs of deceit and wrong doings. Love will enter a place and tear down the walls that were built to keep a heart cold and alone. To love, we will endure a multitude of pain, unlike anything we have encountered before.

Yet, when we have accepted love, we accept the promise of future growth. Love says to us, “I see the hurt and sorrow that has caused your soul to become rotten, but I am going to make things new.” and it does.

With love, we understand that we must share the things that have been given to us, that if we truly long to engage in love fully we have to fill our neighbor’s cup to overflowing. To love anything, we must accept all that comes with it. The remodeling of the old so that a new and lovely thing can grow, our hearts long for beautiful things and that can only come about when we lay our lives down.

Jesus is the author of this love, the love that brings life to a dying world. Nothing can replace the love of Jesus, nothing can imitate it or become it, only Jesus can lay the foundations of a new heart that causes us to surrender our will. With Jesus, we finally have the answer to what love is and how we can show the world what hope looks like.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Go Now