cause they are just so wonderful i wanna cry

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heya, it's just the classic flower crown anon back again! I know I left a lil' message before but, I just wanna leave another one here again hope ya don't mind haha. I just wanna say that I just love your blog and your art, how fun and enjoyable it is, and for how a great person you are! I'm also thankful for coming across your blog 'cause you actually got me to get interested in cuphead! anyways that's basically it i think, stay wonderful you wonderful chap! --flower crown anon

☆》 oh …. oh my god….?? it’s the crack of dawn and there are already tears in my eyes¿¿ ahjfnfjhr there’s so crying in baseball bimbo you stop that.. but anyway in all seriousness golly im a a a aa I’M FLATTERED ?? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OTHER THAN THANK YOU?? X you’re such a sweetheart im so thrilled to hear all of this++gosh i hope you have a WONDERFUL day because you sure made mine all the more magical uwah.. .. . i owe you my life…

Mr & Mrs Smith - Part 7

Dean x Reader

A/N: Thank you to @shortandawkward94 for beta reading this! You’re amazing, girl! @kbrand0 a thank you to you as well for the help this afternoon. You tried, but I failed lol. For the anon who asked about The Winchesters Plus One, I’m working on it right now. I hope to post it soon. Thank you for the patience, I know I’m super slow. 

[Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6]

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any. I did try to put smut in this part, but I can’t write it for the life of me, so I guess implied smut? Yeah, I think that’s it.

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“Don’t look, but there’s a camera watching us.”

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Korn lyrics that break my heart

What if I should die

Hit me cause I’m strange

I am ugly, please just go away

Want to give it up, but I can’t escape

I wanted to die

I scream without a sound

How can I cry over someone I never loved?

Hold me, this time

In the past I was known as a freak

I lay in bed at night and wonder, should I go on this way?

All I want in life is to be happy

So I pray, go away

All of us wanna die

I am so scared

I hurt so bad inside

Been hating all the faces of everything that I could find

Does this make me not a man?

I am disgusting

Do you think they will remember? Or will we just be replaced?

I am nothing

Don’t let them throw me away

Please tell me there’s something better

Let me go I’ll be fine

I’d rather be dead than carry on

I’m disgusting and so much more

I am my problem

Everything’s wrong every time

Wish I could stay but everything is all wrong

I’m so lost and lonely now

Already had my life turned upside down

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Ilove you too and you are so nice to me and so sweet and i wanna cry cause ig ot this sweet message and the one before from that anon and i’m just here like what did i do to deserve this

ahah i’m glad my tags can make you laugh! I mean everything in them ( ˘ ³˘)♥ 

Do you ever just think about the fact that you have a guardian angel? A constant companion who cares about you so much. Like if you’re sad they’re probably like “omg no bby don’t cry!!!” and they wanna hug and comfort you but they can’t cause they’re spirits. Or if they’re super happy for you cause something wonderful happened to you and they’re just sitting there cheering you on and bragging about you to the other Angels. Or if you’re about to screw up and they really don’t want you to they’re begging you not to do the thing and then you do the thing and they’re just shaking their heads. I mean these angels’ whole existences are dedicated to serving you. And they love you. Yet so often we forget that they’re even there. Idk I just think we should take a moment every day to appreciate our guardian angels.

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I just read like four of your works (insecurities, no broken hearts,with love,...) and I just wanna say that I just fell in love with your writing. Your way of writing is beautiful and I just cried four times in a row haha. You are amazing and I wanna say I can't wait to read your other masterpieces and admire you even more. You just gained a new follower :)

so sorry for the late reply! i’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my works and it’s great to hear that you will be here to see any new works along the way too! aww i always do wonder if people actually cry when reading my fanfics cause i’m never sure if it was angsty enough haha. but i’m glad (that probably sounds terrible lolol) that my works are angsty enough to make you cry. hope you check out some of my other works and any new work that will come out! <3

sometimes i’m just reminded of a book or series and i suddenly just get so overwhelmed by how amazing that book or series was and how much i loved it and it just such a beautiful time when that happens.  

Favorite lines from 'Storyline'

“You can blame it on the gravity, the reason that I’m falling, but the truth is, I was jumping, girl you’re all I ever wanted.” ~Wild Card

“Got me happy like a holiday.” ~Wild Card

“Little do they know girl, we’ve got a fast car, James Dean spirit, and a Norma Jean heart.” ~Storyline

“Running like crazy, yeah. Kissing in public. Who cares what the world girl, they don’t know nothing about us.” ~Storyline

“If this boy gets you, girl. Girl, would you take my name?” ~Storyline

“Baby, everyday with you is still a mystery, with the sweetest stories falling from your lips.” ~Still Fallin

“After all this time you would think I’d be, used to the pull of your gravity.” ~Still Fallin

“Your kisses still the spark that lights a fire.” ~Still Fallin

“I’m still a fool for you, there’s a million reasons why.” ~Still Fallin

“After every sunrise holding you, after all the crazy we’ve been through." ~Still Fallin

"I could spray paint ‘I love you’ on that bridge or in the sky.” ~Tattoo

“It’s in the way that you sway, that you talk, that you touch, that you kiss, that you breathe.” ~Tattoo

“Ink it in on my skin, tie me up, make it last against the time.” ~Tattoo

“Wear it on my sleeve, gotta let it show, making it prominent, cause I never wanna let you go.” ~Tattoo

“The words cut deep but they don’t mean you’re all alone, you’re not invisible. Hear me out, there’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now, and someday you’ll look back on all these days, and all this pain is gonna be, invisible.” ~Invisible

“Even heart has a rhythm, let yours beat out so loudly, that everyone can hear it. Yeah, I promise you don’t need to hide it anymore. Oh, and never be afraid to doing something different, dare to be something more.” ~Invisible

“If you look past this moment, you’ll see you’ve got a friend. Waving a flag, for who you are, and all you’re gonna do. Yeah, so here’s to you, and here’s to anyone, who’s ever felt, invisible.” ~Invisible

“Every late night call, every morning kiss, all the 'I can’t live without you’s, and you say goodbye like this.” ~You Think You Know Somebody (YTYKS)

“It’s all just a blur, the nights are the worst, the bed still smells like you.” ~YTYKS

“It takes, everything I’ve got to move.” ~YTYKS

“The seas are getting rough, but I thought we were worth it. Worth the try, worth the fight, shows you what I know, yeah.” ~YTYKS

“Holding a knife, I can see things better, yeah, you’ve done this before.” ~YTYKS

“But Heaven always find me. So if nobody cares, tell me how is it I keep getting saved this way.” ~Flashlight

“It’s the moments that saved me life, nobody knows about, like flashlights. There’s just enough hope when it shines, to go one scared step at a time. When the world’s too dark I find, your flashlight.” ~Flashlight

“Yeah, thank you, but forgive me, my rough-around-the-edges heart is yours.” ~Flashlight

“When did you stop loving me? You let me down so perfectly, and you walked away so easily. Baby, tell me when did you stop loving me?” ~When Did You Stop Loving Me (WDYSLM)

Did I love too much or not enough? And is there someone else you’re thinking of? And when did you give up on us?” ~WDYSLM

“What do I do, with the mess you made of me? With all that I lose, I think you owe me one thing. I don’t need your reasons, or your sympathy. Girl, just tell me when did you stop loving me?” ~WDYSLM

“Now I’m scared of loving anybody else again.” ~WDYSLM

“We get so close but we never touch, gotta wear this mask for just long enough, to get away from the eyes that stares us down, yeah. Like two criminals with a dream to steal, not a trace to be found of the way we feel, with our hearts on the line, we give in and we get away.” ~Secret Love

“Secret love, all the things we do. Secret love, baby me and you, got a secret love. Staying undercover and out of sight, if nobody knows, then we’re doing it right. Secret love. Got a secret love.” ~Secret Love

“We walk by each other in a crowded room, and nobody sees how I’m looking at you, but we’ll meet in a minute at the rendezvous, only you know what I mean.” ~Secret Love

“We’re in love but nobody knows it yet.” ~Secret Love

“Well, I guess, it’s a secret.” ~Secret Love

“There’s no 'should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, say this, done that’, no turning back, no more 'I wonder’s.” ~Nothing Like Starting Over

“Writing a new page, to say what you wanna say. There’s nothing like a heart wide open, that bittersweet comfort of knowing, you can let go and take the weight off your shoulders, there’s nothing like starting over.” ~Nothing Like Starting Over

“We turn with the tide, cause we’re free on the other side.” ~Nothing Like Starting Over

“If one is a lonely number, the kind that makes you wonder. How starting back at zero can feel so nice, but it feels just right.” ~Nothing Like Starting Over

“If it’s just me, crying alone in the middle of the night. If it’s just me, and my tendency to over-analyze.” ~If It’s Just Me

“I’ll take the blame, take the shame, walk away, no questions asked. Leave the best of me with you, and you can leave me in your past. No battle cry, no battle scars, we’re only down one broken heart. I guess you’re free, if it’s just me.” ~If It’s Just Me

“I’ll take a walk, clear my thoughts, move along, no questions asked. Take whatever’s left of me, and leave you in my past. No more crying, no more scars. I’d love to stay, but I got to say, I’d rather be free.” ~If It’s Just Me

“Why are we scared of living? Yeah, the weight of the world, is hard enough to hold already, why’s it gotta be so heavy?” ~Love Too Much

“Maybe we can change the world, one heart at a time.” ~Love Too Much

“There’s no such thing as reaching too far.” ~Love Too Much

“You never know the lives you can change, you never know the souls you can save. But I bet it happens everyday, cause everybody’s got a story, a path, or a song of glory. Just take a look around, somebody needs you now, you’re somebody’s hero somehow.” ~Love Too Much

“If I could change the world one heart at a time, oh, I’d start with mine.” ~Love Too Much

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Scorpionhoney, your silmarillion art makes me weep 

happy birthday!


I wanna cry, I’ve been fanning myself cause I’m blushing really badly right now omg

JESUS THANK YOU  you drew them so perfectly omg this is so incredibly sweet, you’re are wonderful T^T I just want to cover you in flower petals