cause they actually act like sisters

Okay… There have been some voice acting auditions I’ve participated it, and three different times, I’ve been told that I didn’t show much emotion. I didn’t understand, because I thought my comic dubs were really lively. Then I thought, who knows, maybe I actually don’t, and people just watch my videos cause of how good the comics are, or my sister’s voice acting, and everyone just tolerates mine. I’m sorry, I know this must sound super attention seeking, but this sudden doubt really hit me like a train. I have all of these videos in the works, but now I can’t even bring myself to listen to them.

lil-ai-sendou  asked:

2/2 To cope and cause he missed her a lot he started refering himself as Lance and even started to act like her a bit until it became an habit. He decided to study to go to Garrison cause this way his sis's dream can actually be fulfilled. Fastforward to now to "Maybe i dont have a thing." Cause really space wasnt even his thing it was his sister's, so was his "behavior". Wld blue have chosen her if she was alive? Heck his own heart wasnt his own. Does he really have a thing?


Lance actually had a heart condition when he was 13 and pretty much accepted that he was gonna die (so he was a bit salty sass master too) he had an older sister who was flirty and kinda prideful but really really supportive and cared for Lance. Infact she was the one who came up with the nickname “Lance” (even tho he hated it {not really but she didn't need to know}). She also really wanted to go to space and trying to get into Garrison. However one day she got caught up in an accident and Lance’s disease start to act up. When she heard about it she decided to donate her heart to him instead of possible chance of survival. The surgery went well and Lance survived. But he went into depression and sorta blamed himself for her death….

Wow this honestly made my heart hurt a little. 

I really like this concept. I’m always a fan for things where Lance is trying to fulfill someone else’s dream. 

But think about how out of place Lance would feel. Like at the Garrison he wasn’t the “best”, would he beat himself up because he knew that his sister could have done better? Did he feel like he constantly let her down on her dream? 

Blue probably would have chosen her, since I get the vibe that they were similar. I can’t say if Blue would have chosen her over Lance though. 

Lance probably would think that he didn’t have a thing or he wasn’t needed. He was literally someone whose own heart couldn’t function. So he would probably be more insecure about his place/role of the team even though he is doing everything right. 

Ugh my poor boy. 

Thank you for this <3 

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Shortly after the dog died, all of the birds died too.  All thirty of them just dropped dead on the same day within a 3-hour span.  Looking back, we probably should have checked the yard for chemicals, but this might’ve been before chemicals.

“We should consolidate if we can,” said Dad, his reasoning being that he had just laid down sod and preferred not to dig thirty-one holes in the yard.

“Plus we need the shoe boxes for Christmas presents,” he added. “Not bird coffins.”

“Fine,” said Mom, still dabbing at tears.  "I just don’t see why we have to do this now.“

"I still have the box from the basement TV,” said Dad.  "It’s the perfect coffin!“

But it wasn’t the perfect coffin; at least not at first.  

Dad spent the rest of that afternoon in the backyard, trying and failing to stuff every deceased animal into the one cardboard box.  It was too horrifying for the younger children to see, but just fascinating enough for the rest of us to gather around the kitchen window, watching.  

He started by putting the dog in first and then using the dead birds to fill in the empty spaces kind of like packing peanuts, but the box filled up fast and Dad was left with a pile of about five birds.  He sat and stared at the pile for about a minute before glancing back at the window and when he saw us watching him, our father seemed genuinely surprised.  He smiled weakly, but in that one moment of uncomfortable eye contact, it was clear that Dad had come to grips with one very important truth:  We would count the birds and so by god, they had better all be in there. He threw us a guilty wave and then tipped the box over to try again.

As the afternoon wore on, we held our places, observing as Dad grew increasingly frustrated at the futility of his efforts.  He cursed, he punched the box and then he kicked it.  At one point he even karate chopped the dog and I had to tell my crying siblings that the angle had played a trick on us; that dad had karate chopped the patch of grass next to the dog, but I could tell they didn’t believe me and I felt like a coward.

But it wasn’t until Dad began trying to physically manipulate the shape of the dog’s body, that I decided enough was enough.  

"Let’s go,” I said. “He’ll figure it out, but we should go.”

And that’s how we left it: Dad lying sideways in the yard, spooning the dead dog, and using his 240-pound frame to force the corpse into the fetal position.

“Finished!” said Dad proudly when he came in for dinner.

“Don’t bring that box in here!” Mom screamed.

“I’m just showing them!”

“Take it outside!”

“I will, but look!”

And we did, but what we saw made no sense.

“Where are the birds?” I asked, but as soon as I did so, my eyes took note of the bulging veins in my father’s forearms and it all made sense.

“Oh no…”

He explained that the birds had actually fit quite naturally into the dog’s mouth, making the act of stuffing the body full of dead birds surprisingly graceful.

“It was like nature, I think.”

“Get out,” said Mom.

She grabbed his arm to yank him towards the door, which caused him to drop the box and when it hit the ground, the dog jolted.  We froze.  And then the dog jolted again.

“He’s alive,” my sister screamed!  "He’s not dead!“

But he was dead.  The birds, however, were not.

After the crying and hysteria had cooled down a bit, Dad pulled me aside to discuss his next move.

"I guess I could hit him with a shovel.  You know, until they’re all dead.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Yeah, I was just kidding,” Dad lied.

And just like that, he decided that the best thing he could do as a father was to give his family one more day with their dog.  Sure, it wouldn’t be the version of our pet who had been able to respond to various vocal commands, but was it so insane to think that maybe, just maybe the birds couldn’t provide the illusion that the dog was still alive?  The answer was yes.

As the birds tried to free themselves, they sent the dog careening around the yard like a pinball.  He ran into fences and even steamrolled a few of the saplings we’d planted for Arbor Day.

“Bad dog!” Dad scolded.

A few weeks later, we found out that Dad had been dead for over twenty years and was existing in the form of a soulless entity.

The Plan -WillNE

Anonymous said to simplysdmn:Ok could I please request a Stephen or will imagine (you pick!!) where they meet you after the sidemen match and you’re also a big youtuber and they like you or whatever but are kinda shy about it idk something like that please and thank you!!

A/N:I really liked this idea and I hope you liked the way it turned out, I chose Will because I’m more familiar with him but I kinda included Stephen too :), anyways enough rambling! Enjoy! 

Once the match had ended, all the players were evacuated off the pitch and all the people that invaded the pitch were safely evacuated also, we were told that all people with VIP holders were allowed back into hall were we could celebrate with the players. I came with Stephen to support his friend Will but I was also supporting a lot of the other players that I knew from Youtuber events.

I, myself was a Youtuber with 2 million subscribers making skits just like my mate Stephen. I think that’s why we were best friends, we were compatible on so many things but we always made the decision that we could never date as it would ruin the friendship we had.

Although he was always certain that he could match me up with his friend Will. I was the sister that he always mentioned. It got quite annoying at times but I didn’t mind when I knew he was talking to Will. He’d always mention me on the phone which I wouldn’t mind but I always thought what it would be like if I met him in person.

Well today was the actual day I’d meet him person and to tell the truth I wasn’t 

excited as I was supposed to be causing Stephen to question why I was acting strange. “Y/N, are you alright? You’re not as excited as you were earlier.”

“Yeah, well yesterday I wasn’t as excited as I was yesterday because, quite frankly, I’m shy. And you know that!” He laughed as we took the elevator up to the hall.

“You’d want to cut out the shyness because you’re about to meet him.” I sharply started touching up my makeup, making him break into more laughter.

The elevator stopped and I was already engulfed by the smell of sweat and strong cologne.

“Y/N!” I looked up and saw the bright smile of Calfreezy.

“Oh my God, Callum, you’re suffocating me and I literally slept on couch last night, the fuck is wrong with you?” I laughed at him once he loosened his grip on me.

“See, there’s something called adrenaline and really that’s fucking pumping around my body.”

“I forgot, I apologise,” I rolled my eyes while giggling a bit. “Anyways, congratulations! I’m very proud of you and your shitty knee.” We laughed and talked a bit more before I was pulled away by Stephen.

“Sorry Cal but you know my plan, well I’m about to go through with it.” I rolled my eyes and said my goodbye. On the way to wherever he was dragging me, I greeted some people that I recognised but finally we had reached Stephen’s beloved destination.

“Jesus Christ Steve, if you dragged me here for no reason and make me run out of breathe I’m going to kill you.” I threw him daggers until he nodded forward. I looked up and saw Will. I looked back over at Stephen making sure to send death threats through my eyes.

“Uh, hi! My name’s Will and you must be Y/N Y/L/N?” He chuckled softly and my surprised face.

“Yeah, that’s me! Nice to meet you.” I said quietly.

“Y/N, here is a Youtuber herself.” Stephen butted in trying to get the conversation flowing.

“And so I’ve heard, you never shut up about her Stephen.” Will laughed.

“Yeah, it gets quite annoying doesn’t it?” I laughed along.

“Sometimes but now I’ve realised he actually has quite some point to bring you up.” I looked away and laughed softly, embarrassment written all over my face.

“Oh God, I suppose you’ve watched my videos too?”

“I have actually and they’re pretty decent. I really like them, they’re better than Stephen’s.” We both laughed while Stephen scoffed.

“You guys are dicks, but do you want drinks?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah, coke is fine for me.” I replied

“I’ll go with a Corona.” Will replied.

Will talked for a little more until it was time we had to go onto separate buses to get to the after party.

Once we got on the bus, Stephen bombarded me with questions. It was quite funny when he got excited but I responded to every question he had.

“So the plan is that you talk to him for the rest of night play hard to get but give him his number before you leave.” 

“Stephen, you do realise you can give him my number?” I shook my head and chuckled.

“I could do that but it’ll better that way!” He kept trying to get his idea across until I confided.

“Fine, on one condition. You don’t bother me unless I ask for you. Deal?” I stuck out my hand and he reluctantly put his hand out.

“Ok I have a condition too, you go through with this plan, I’ll give you £500.” I smiled broadly and shook his hand.

“You’re annoying.”

“You’re worse.” We laughed. We talked a bit more until we reached the destination.

He walked me towards a group of the guys that were laughing and there he was standing there with all his glory. All it took was one look and a smile in my direction to make me turn around and run away. Sometimes my shyness overpowered me and right now that’s exactly what was happening. 

“Remember! £500 is on the table!” Stephen sang in my ear, I muttered a few profanities making him shoot me a smile. 

“I fucking hate you,” I mouthed at him while walking to Will.

“Hey you.” I poked his side.

“Hello! How was your bus ride?” He pulled me in for a hug.

“Not bad except for the fact that Stephen is a nuisance.” He agreed and laughed with me.

“Let’s go inside? Go get a drink?” I nodded. We walked in together, the pounding of the speaker already vibrating through my body. We reached the bar and we both sat down on a stool.

“What are you going to have?”

“I’ll have a gin & tonic.”

“I’ll have the same.” We had a small race on who was going to pay first and he won but it was all laughs later.

“I mean I’m not going to be able to living off of sponsorships forever so Youtube need to get their shit together.” I said

“Yeah, I completely agree but you’ve also got to see it from the advertisers perspective, like I understand why they don’t want their ads on certain things.” I nodded in agreement. A couple of drinks later the shyness had worn away and I was finally little more open to talking to him.

“Oh my God! I love this song!” False Alarm by Matoma started playing in the background and I started nodding my head to it without knowing.

“Ah, no way! Same!” I smiled and started singing along.

“Dance with me.” He said.

“Oh no, Will. I can’t dance for shit! I told you!”

“Oh come on, you won’t give me your number and you won’t dance with me. So unfair Y/N! So unfair!” I sighed playfully.

“Ok fine! Just this once!” His grin took up half his face and then stuck out his hand, I took and let him walk me to the dance floor.

I tapped my foot along to the song and sand along. 

“Come on! You’ve got to have something in you!”

“I dont know, maybe!” I moved my hips to the music and let loose. Not too soon the song was over. 

“Y/N! You’re a liar!”

“What? I wasn’t going to be stuck up! And I’m not that good.”

“Well, in my eyes it was quite beautiful.” I scoffed and look away the shyness kicking in again.

“You’re too much.” I giggled.

“You’re too cute.”

“Do you say this to all the girls you meet?” I laughed.

“No, just the ones that I think deserve it.”

“So I deserve your cheesy compliments?”

“Only in return for your number.”

“And if I don’t?”

“No more cheesy compliments. I can tell you like it!”

“Ok fine you win.” I rolled my eyes and handed him my phone, unlocking it and opening the contacts app.

The night finally arose, or morning as it was almost 4am. The night was full of laughters, smiles and giggles. 

“I expect a text message tomorrow afternoon Mr Lenney.”

“You’ve got it Ms Y/L/N.” He gave me a tight hug and I made my way to the taxi I was taking with Calfreezy and got a drunk phone call from Stephen when we got home.

“Well, how did it go?” He slurred.

“Aren’t you sleeping at his house?”

“Yeah but he’s already asleep and I’ve got the couch so be quiet.” I giggled at his stupidity.

“Oh alright then, I’m going to be honest and say I actually had so much fun.” He started freaking out on the other side and it took me so long to get him to calm down.

“I’m going to need you to calm down and not wake up the whole building, alright?”

“Oh, yeah I forgot, sorry. You said you had fun! So I was right! I knew you’d like each other. Most importantly did you give him your number?”

“Yes. I gave him my number.” I rolled my eyes but a smile was on my face.

“Ok great! See you in a couple of days then?”

“You got it! Sleep tight Steve.”

“You too!” And with that I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face.

What's Wrong?--Kylo Ren x Reader

Kylo paraded around the halls on the Starkiller base, looking for a certain red-headed general. His cape flowed behind him and his boots echoed off of the walls. Everyone who passed made sure to make room for the commander since they knew his temper wasn’t one to mess with.

“Hux,” he boomed as he had finally found the general. Snapping his head over, Hux had a look of disgust washing over his face.

“What do you want now, Ren?” Hux asked, stopping in the hallway. He waited patiently for the Knight of Ren to verbalize his statement.

“I need a favor,” Kylo replied, causing Hux’s eyes to widen in disbelief and curiosity. He never thought he would see the day where Kylo Ren would ask him of any favors.

“And what is it? I don’t have all day,” he replied, venom in his tone. Kylo stretched his neck, cracking it in a few spots.

“Somethings going on with your sister and she hasn’t told me anything,” Kylo sighed, flexing his fingers. Hux seemed shocked as it appeared that Ren was worried for once.

“Why don’t you just probe her brain like you do everyone else?” Hux asked, acting bored. Deep down, however he was dying to know what caused Kylo to notice a change in his sister.

“I respect her boundaries. Now, if you will, find out what is up while I go on my mission and I’ll,” he gulped, “I’ll owe you one.”

“What? THE Kylo Ren is actually going to REPAY a favor? Are my ears deceiving me?” Hux said dramatically, knowing it would get on his brother-in-law’s nerves. “But sure I’ll see what’s up with (y/n), only because she is my sister.”

Kylo grumbled, knowing that Hux just loved pushing his buttons. Who could blame him though, pushing people’s buttons is fun!

“I’ll see you when I return,” Kylo said, turning on his heal and walking down to the aircraft hangar. Hux smirked as he deviced a plan to spy on you.

Hux had sneaked his way into your sector, observing you inconspicuously. He watched as you reached into the tool box and pulled out a tool, using it to fix the inner workings of panel. Suddenly, you sprang up and ran for the bathroom. Hux dug out a notepad and noted this occurance.

When you emerged from the bathroom, you got back to work fixing the control panel as if nothing happened.

For the next week, Hux had observed you and had conversations with you. Something was definitely off and he would have to discuss it with Captain Phasma.

“Phasma,” Hux said, gaining the attention of the silver storm trooper. She marched over to the general who pulled her into an empty conference room before locking the door.

“Yes?” She asked, waiting for the ginger spill the beans.

“Something is going on with my sister and I need help figuring it out,” he said, digging out his notes. Phasma took her helmet off, revealing her blonde hair and amused face.

“You took notes?” She asked, looking over the words scribbled down on the small white pages.

’-She has a bad case of nausea
-She’s told me about her headaches at lunch
-Now avoids onions even though it’s her
-extremely moody’

Phasma laughed at the confused general. He glared at her before swiping the notepad away.

“Has she also been dizzy and exhausted?” Phasma asked, a smile plastered onto her face. Hux nodded, eying the captain who once again chuckled.

“Well, what’s wrong with her?” Hux demanded and Phasma just waved her hand, swatting the hovering ginger away.

“I wouldn’t doubt if she was pregnant,” she said, putting her helmet on once more.

“You can’t possibly be suggesting that her and Ren-”

“That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. They are married, Hux. That’s what married people do,” she said, laughing heavily. General Hux could not possibly fathom the idea of his baby sister being pregnant with the spawn of Kylo Ren. Phasma then left the room, leaving Hux disgusted and surprised.

Hux sat in his office filling out paperwork when a small knock disrupted his concentration. Annoyed he put down his pen and stood from the desk before making his way over to the door. Opening it, he saw you standing there, hands behind your back looking straight at your brother.

“Oh, it’s you,” he said before allowing you to walk inside and to sit down on the cushioned chair on the visitor’s side of Hux’s desk.

“Don’t sound so thrilled, Armitage,” you said, giggling slightly. How you were related to Hux was anyone’s guess.

“So what brings you here?” He asked, turning back to his paperwork. You stretched your feet and laced your hands together, twiddling your thumbs. You looked out of the window and saw the snowy tundra outside.

“I was actually wondering if the infirmary had something. I didn’t want to walk all the way down there and them not have what I’m looking for,” you said quietly. “And since Kylo isn’t here, you’re my second most trustworthy choice.” Hux continued writing, not looking up at your smiling face.

“And what item are you wondering about,” Hux asked, finishing the last form and placing it into the finished pile. He placed his fountain pen on the desk neatly and looked over at you, looking at the snow outside.

“A pregnancy test,” you said, too embarassmed to look your brother. His eye twitched at the thought of Phasma actually being right–he hated when anyone but himself was right.

“I don’t think they’re in the infirmary. However I do know that they are positively in the clinic,” he replied, now looking out of the window with you.

“Can you come with me?” You asked, now gaining the courage to face him. He pursed his lips, thinking about it.

“If you really need me to, I will,” he sighed, making this more of a big deal than it should be. You smiled and stood leaving the office.

“Well, are you coming or not?”

Hux leaned on the wall outside of the bathroom in the clinic, boredly staring ahead. He sighed, noticing that you were taking a really long time. He was about to knock on the door when you came out of the bathroom, a large smile coming across your face.

“So you’re happy because you’re not carrying, right?” Hux asked, hoping that he was correct. The First Order had never had a child on board, much less a baby. Not only that, but he didn’t know how Kylo Ren would react to it, but he was ready to take care of you once more if the knight rejected the child.

“Oh, quite the opposite, brother. You’re going to be an uncle!” You said excitedly, your smile becoming longer. Happiness surged through your bones at the thought of becoming a mother. You had hoped that Kylo would be just as excited since the both of you had been through so much together and this was just another event happening in your lives.

“Well, if you’re happy, I guess that’s all the matters,” Hux sighed, having a secret soft spot for you. He wanted the very best for you, even though you went against his will and married that blasted Ren. “You should tell…your husband.”

“I’ll send him a message right now,” you said before turning on heal an heading to your room. “Thank you, Armitage, for everything.”

Once arriving to your room, you grabbed the datapad, contemplating if you should call Kylo now or wait for him to call later. Anxiousness began to bubble through your being as you pulled up his contact, pressing the message icon. You began typing a message to him, deciding that he should call when he’s not busy on his mission.

‘I have some news, call me when you can! xoxo’

Kylo immediately read it, calling you immediately. You let it ring once before answering. A hologram of his face appeared just inches above the pad.

“Is everything alright, (y/n)?” He asked you, worried. You smiled happily, excited to spread the news.

“Everything is just fine. Where are you at now?” You asked him, somewhat avoiding the conversation. He smiled.

“I’m actually on my way home,” he said, waiting for your response. You smiled.

“Awesome! So the news is that we’re expecting a baby,” you announced, gauging his reaction. His smile fell slightly and he tilted his head to the side, squinting his eyes.


“I’m pregnant, Kylo,” you stated once more, hoping that he would have a different reaction. He smiled in disbelief.

“Wow, well this is exciting,” he coughed. “I’ll see you when I get home. Love you,” he quickly said.

“Love you too,” you replied before he hung up. “Well it could have gone worse.”

Unbeknownst to you, Kylo was not as excited as he was terrified. He had always wanted a child, but knew that it would be in danger with every passing threat–the Resistance, other rebellious cities, himself. He had certainly feared that he would not be a good father with his temper issues and his coldness to others. Terror ran through his mind and he knew he had to control it so as not to get so worked up and angry at himself.

‘Fear is weakness. I will not be weakened,’ he thought repeatedly. Sighing, the knight sat back in his seat, watching the stars flash by quickly. His mind was racing with all sorts of negative and positive thoughts.

‘Maybe this war will be over once the baby is here. Then we would be able to live in silence under the control of the First order. But d the Resistance wins this war, then I’ll do everything to ensure that they’re safe, even if it means giving myself away. I’m positive that Supreme Leader already knows about this situation. I shall inform him when I arrive back to the base,’ Kylo’s thoughts echoed, looking about this situation from every angle.

“Sir,” someone to his left said. Turning, he noticed that it was a storm trooper standing nice and tall, not trying to make himself appear weak. Kylo smirked and sensed the fear that ran through the trooper’s veins.

“What is it?” He spat dangerously, annoyed at being stolen away from his thoughts. He stared at the soldier even though he couldn’t see the face of the commander.

“I was told to come get you. It’s meal time,” the trooper said, shaking in his boots. Kylo rolled his eyes and turned back to face outside of the ship.

“I’ll eat when I’m ready,” Kylo said, wanting to be left alone once more. Nodding, the trooper walked off.

‘This is probably why she’s been acting strange. I’m just glad it wasn’t a serious disease.’

You were laying down on your bed when the sound of the door opening caught your ear.

“(y/n)?” You heard the deep voice of your husband say. Standing, you walked out into the common room to see him still dressed in his normal gear.

“Hey,” you said cautiously, unsure of his true feelings of the news. He gave you a gentle smile and gave you a big hug.

“I promise to never let anything happen to either of you,” he stated, excited to know that he was going to be a father. “I spoke with Snoke.”

“What’d he say?” You asked quickly, knowing that Snoke is a picky being who didn’t like detours in his plans.

“Surprisingly, he’s alright with it as long as it doesn’t distract me from the bigger picture. He said that I could even use it to better my skills,” he replied a goofy smile appearing on his face. You smiled and embraced him, knowing that this occurance wasn’t going to be as big as an issue as you initially thought.

I just want to say a few things, Taylor. Actually, I don’t even know how to start. There’s too many things. You can’t even imagine what have you done for me. You’ve helped me a lot and I can’t thank you enough for it. It’s like you’ve been always with me when I had hard times. You hold my hand and gave me a cause to be happy. When people just said that I’m useless, I’ll never be where I wanted to be or I’ll never get what I want in life, you acted like a sister and protect me. I know that it’s more than a Fan/Singer thing. It’s like two sisters are talking about mean people. Advices you gave me, songs you wrote and every single word you said… I know, they’re from heart. When I hear your voice, it feels like home, wherever I am. When I don’t know what am I doing with my life, you remind me that I’m living for being happy and being kind to people. You learned me that how does it feel when you’re loved and I’m so greatful for that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me because you do or not, I know that you’ll be there for me when I need you. Just remember that you are loved.

💙with my whole heart, ZEYNEP

A personal opinion about The Princess Bride

Watching the movie for the umpteenth time so why not talk about it while I’m thinking about it:

  • This is one of those rare movie adaptations that’s as good or maybe (dare I say it?) even better than the book. The only thing that would make it better would be if they kept the part where Buttercup ran headlong into a tree and knocked herself out.
  • Wesley would make such an amazing Jedi??? The polite mannerisms, skill with a blade, the whole line, “you put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword and we’ll try to kill each other like civilized people.” Jedi Wesley!!
  •  The six fingered guy would make such a great bassoonist. It’s honestly just really unfair that he has a genetic advantage like that while I struggled through woodwind methods so hard. I actually worked hard to learn to play bassoon and I’ll never be as good at it as that fictional guy.
  • Obviously I don’t like Vizzini as a person, but I do really appreciate him as a character. I hate villains that don’t do any of the work themselves, and then get overly upset when their little minions fail. Vizzini is already winning over half of all anime villains ever as well as like, 23% of all YA villains ever.
  • My name is Brain Ghost Dirk. You kissed my boyfriend. Prepare to die. (Made even better by the fact that there is almost no chance whatsoever that Aranea would get that reference)
  • Humperdink is a horrible guy, and it’s really obvious that he doesn’t actually love Buttercup at all, but never let it be said that he isn’t actually smart. Dude wasn’t faking that genius plan to cause a war between the kingdoms, or those tracking skills.
  • All the music is historically inaccurate, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I like it actually.
  • If you’re watching this movie with someone, anyone at all, and they don’t do the “Mawwage” voice, they are not worthy company. Not at all my friend. If I were you I would politely demand that they leave
  • Unrelated but one time I was watching this movie with my sister and the power went out partway through, so we decided to act out the rest of it by ourselves. It was a trainwreck. At one point she was ‘playing’ Wesley and I was ‘playing’ Max and I tried to ‘feed’ her the chocolate pill but it was dark because there was no power, so I ‘fed’ it to her nose by accident.
Hinata getting mad at Naruto

Actually this is the first time we see Hinata getting mad at Naruto in the series.

We all know her to be very gentle and kind to Naruto, almost never getting mad, accepting his flaws as strengths and him as a whole person, and loving with all her heart.

So seeing her getting mad and kicking him out of the house might feel OOC to us. But actually it’s not if you think about it more. She’s a strong and brave woman, she stood up to Neji’s verbal abuse, rejected Naruto’s confession to save her sister, took her eyes out from Toneri, nearly sacrificed her own life fighting Pain and during the war to save Naruto.

Now she’s a mother with more responsibilities. Seeing her family causing her ruckus while their daughter is sick, she said what any good mother would say whether they like it or not.

Naruto is adorkable and still acts stupid at times, it’s natural he needs someone to provide him with lots of love yet keep him under control, and that’s Hinata.

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 5

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.1k


Part 4 <<< >>> Part 6

It all happened in less than five minutes but it felt like an eternity to Mara who stood aside, doing nothing. She wanted to, but she knew better than to step between two boys fighting and she was so shocked that it took her a solid minute before realizing what was going on before her very eyes. She started screaming at them, demanding that they fucking stop, but it was hopeless, neither of them listened. Everyone in the entire house must hear her yells but Chris and the other boy were too caught up in their display of strength.

When the Penetrators finally intervened, they grabbed the rude guy who overstepped his boundaries with Mara and held him back. William wasn’t there, he was nowhere to be found – he must have gone home with Noora. It was a blessing, because Chris would have been incapable of explaining his behavior to him. Protecting Mara from a handy rude fucker did not justify causing such a scene. Chris was about to dive in and resume beating the guy even though he could no longer return the punches, when Mara stepped in, placing herself right between Chris and his adversary.

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tag nine people you want to know better. I was tagged by @deathbyteacups (omg this is the first time i’ve been tagged in anything like this!!!)

Relationship status: Taken (been together for 9 months now!!)

Favourite colour: Royal Blue (like the blue that’s close to purple but it’s not QUITE there)

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick (i don’t actually own any chapstick lmfao all my lipstick acts like chapstick)

Last song I listened to: Glory by Bastille (is pretty nice you should listen to it *wink wink*)

Last movie I watched: Moana (one of my little sisters is OBSESSED with this movie which is cool with me cause it’s a good movie i love the songs)

Top 3 characters: Pearl from Steven Universe (she’s the bae of cartoon characters), Dean Winchester from Supernatural (the first fictional character i fell in love with), Dipper and Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls (i know this is cheating but let me have this you can’t just separate twin and expect it to be okay)

Top 3 ships: Dean/Castiel (Destiel brought me to tumblr and i haven’t watched the last three newest seasons but sue me i’m goin down with this ship), Stiles/Derek (i know they don’t get much screen time together but i found the ship on tumblr and i’m now an official Sterek shipper), Greg/Rose/Pearl (i am a firm believer in healthy poly relationships working out and it would’ve been nice to see this but i guess i’ll just dream about it instead)

Books I am currently reading: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (i am a Potterhead at heart and also American so not Philosopher’s Stone lmfao)

I tag: @mr-universe99 @smut-smut-in-the-butt @thejohndoe300 and i don’t really talk to too many other people even somewhat regularly on this site but if you follow me and want me to get to know you better than you can just do this and say i tagged you!!!

I’m not deleting, but

This has gotten out of hand. I started this blog, or this part of this blog, to be supportive to ALL celebs who are queer and show TV execs and music managers that their archaic rules are, well, archaic. 

And it spiraled. Sprouseharts played a HUGE role in that. I was seeing them take mere coincidence as fact and it got to me, but guess what, I started doing the EXACT same thing. I don’t know any of this cast personally, though I have talked to people like KJ’s sister and in Cole’s friend group (not for this, god no, for other reasons entirely). 

I’m not stepping back, but I am going to act a lot less certain about the things I say, cause, I’m not certain. I’m going to start ranting about other things too again, like SKAM and Andi Mack (so excited to start ranting about Andi Mack). 

I do still think Cole and KJ are in love, but I have no idea if they are actually dating. And yes, Lili and Cole do have chemistry, and no, that doesn’t mean I all of a sudden respect most of her actions. 

I think KJ is one of the most talented guitarists of our generation and that Cole’s photography is on another level, but my perceptions are not necessarily reality (that was a terrible place to put this sentence cause my perceptions on those two things are reality.) I have learned a lot in the last three months, about myself, about the TV industry and about this new wave of fangirls. I think it has made me better at my job for sure, but it’s also been extremely toxic. 

Sprouseharts, this goes for you too. Bottom line, we don’t know for sure what is going on, so let’s all stop acting like we do. I am an industry insider, I am not a Riverdale insider and I think I need to remind myself of that too. 

We are all way too involved with this, let’s get back to our real lives and do good work. 

the transman shawn au i will never write

i really just love the idea of shauna with a full head of curls refusing to wear dresses and being the biggest tomboy, getting scraped up and bruised and in trouble at every opportunity she can manage

gus is her best friend and he just wants things to be neat and nice just like his parents taught him but shauna is the one that teaches him to have fun and he loves her like a sister, except he kind of dislikes his actual sister so maybe like a limb or red gummie bears or something.

madeline is all worried about shauna acting out and her mental development but honestly henry just wants his kid safe and happy and if also she’d stop causing trouble at school that’d be great

so shauna is seven years old, her mop of curls a tangled mess as she sits pouting on the front steps when henry comes home, and his kid is never quiet and rarely still so he’s immediately concerned. and shauna tells him matter of factly that she’s a boy and she wants to cut her hair and to be called shawn and henry flounders for a moment because either this is a phase or it isn’t, and his first thought it all the transwomen who’ve turned to to sex work and he’s found dead in ditches, then that having a son might make him worry less than having a daughter, and lastly that if he messes this up and stunts his kids mental growth or whatever that madeline will kill him, so he just goes “okay” and shawn hugs him tight and is nearly vibrating in excitement as his dad cuts off all his hair.

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Mrs Hudson Is Never Wrong. Sherlock x Watson!Reader

Summary: You, Johns sister, are moving into 221B Baker Street. When you arrive, Sherlock finds you a little puzzling and doesn’t like it one bit.
Warnings: mild swearing, fluff————————

“Sherlock!” John screamed as he came hurtling into the living room of 221B Baker Street after hearing multiple crashes and a gun shot. The doctors eyes skimmed the room, trying to assess the damage that had been done by his roommate; The table that usually held his laptop, notes and all of their case files was thrown onto its side. As for the chairs that hadn’t been so lucky: Johns chair was tossed at an awkward angle against the fireplace, it’s cushions discarded in numerous places around the room. The lovely black sofa that lined the wall had tears down one side, it’s yellowed stuffing coming out of the gaps. The only part of the living room that was unchanged was the black chair that faced onto the kitchen. In it sat the infamous Sherlock Holmes, wearing his usual blue pyjamas and robe, and a gun in his hand pointed at the opposite wall. He seemed to completely unaware of the chaos that was around him, the chaos caused.
“What the fuck are you doing, Sherlock?”

“BORED,” was his only response before he fired another two rounds into the wall.

“SHERLOCK!” John exclaimed. Already worried about the events that were to occur today, he quickly began to right the furniture and deal with the mess. “I can’t believe you. I tell you that my sister is coming today, the first day that she will be living her and what do you do? You go and blow thirty rounds into the wall!”
“When did you say your sister was coming?” Sherlock asked, ignoring the fact that John was tidying up and obviously in need of help.

“Oh for fu-” John sighed, pushing the table back into its original place. “I told you about twenty times today alone Sherlock. What do you think I was moving in a bed and furniture and boxes into the spare room on Friday? For fun?”

"You… You moved furniture in? Huh. I didn’t even notice.” John only muttered his reply, something along the lines of ‘of course you bloody didn’t’. John dealt with the devastation in front of him for about thirty minutes in silence, at which he had only just stared to deal with the mountain of paper and folders that was on the floor. Still not moving from his chair, Sherlock piped up again, “I didn’t think you liked your sister? Isn’t she an alcoholic? Why on earth would you want her to move in? You hate her.” John sighed.

"One, I don’t hate her. I just don’t agree with her choice of… Lifestyle. Two, she’s a recovering alcoholic. And Three. I have more than one sister. Which yet again I told you but as usual you were not listening.” He huffed, “My parents had three children. Harriet, Me, and Y/N. When I found out that she got a job at Scotland Yard, I said that she should move in with us until she gets on her feet here. I was being nice cos she’s my little sister and I wanna make sure she’s okay.” “I’m Mycrofts little brother and somehow I doubt that he will invite me to live with him,” Sherlock replied. “That’s because you two don’t exactly act like brothers. You act more like you two hate each other,” John scoffed, placing the last of the papers onto the table, scanning the room to see if Sherlock had caused any other devastations that John had failed to miss. Thankfully he hadn’t. “Me and Y/N were quite close actually. As kids, we were always the two doing things together. I was always there to beat up the bully’s and she was always there to convince the girls that I was a catch; me and her were the perfect team.” A smile crept across the doctors fine lips as he remembered all the times you had shared together. One memory came across the strongest.

"Y/n! John! Get down here now!” Your mother called, knowing that it was your fault, much like it always was. You and John had to try and suppress the laughter as you entered the kitchen where your fuming mother stood next to your eldest sister, who seemed to have misplaced half of her hair and added pink, sparkly hair dye to the other. It looked good with the goth faze she was in. “What have you done to Harry’s hair!?” “What mum,” you smiled innocently. “All the serious goths are shaving and dying their hair these days. It’s the thing.” “Yeah mum, she’ll be the coolest of all the freaks,” you and John could no longer contain your laughter. Your sisters hair and mothers scarlet face was all to much. “Both of you are grounded! Upstairs! Now,” you mum screamed. You and your brother ran back upstairs in fits of giggles only just hearing your mother taking to your sister saying, “Don’t worry Hun. If need be we can dye it black.” This was followed by a groan from your sister.

John was brought out of his memory by Mrs Hudson entering the room, bring with her a tray of her homemade biscuits and a large pot of tea. She placed it on the small coffee table and sat on the somewhat damaged sofa, not even bothering to pour herself a cup. John moved in for a biscuit before he was swatted away by his landlady.

"John Watson, don’t you dare touch those,” she squeaked. “They are for your sister when she gets here. Won’t be long, so you can wait.”

"Wait you knew too! How come everyone knew that Johns sister who isn’t the drunk one was coming apart from me?!” Sherlock exclaimed.

"Oh Sherlock,” Mrs Hudson groaned, putting her head in her hands. “You weren’t listening again were you,” she asked. “I told you the other day, after I met her. Obviously I knew Sherlock, it’s my house. Oh she is a lovely girl, truly lovely. Very kind, helpful oh and also very pretty, Sherlock.”

"Why is that important?”

"Yeah,” John said, “why is that important? He’s not going to date my sister.”

"I’m not saying he will,” she protested. “But, if any girl is going to take this mans heart it’s likely to be your sister. She is very like you, John, and obviously that seems to be what Sherlock wants.”

"We’re… I’m not ga-” John was cut off by a small voice from the door that caused all the eyes in the room to dart toward it.

"John? Is there something you need to tell me?” You giggled, hearing your brothers sudden declaration. “I always did think you’d turn out more like Harry than me. Just didn’t expect it to be in that sense.” John only rolled his eyes at you as he pulled you into a giant hug, smiling that you had finally turned up.

"Y/n! Glad you here,” he grinned. “Take it you got the keys I posted to you then?”

"No, I climbed in through the window of this three story building John. Yes I got the key.”

“Right, stupid question,” he joked. Before he could ask you anymore questions, Mrs Hudson had pulled you into another big hug, obviously as happy as John was that you had turned up.

"Oh it’s so good to see you, Y/n!”

"You too, Mrs Hudson.”

” Have you met Sherlock yet love?”

“No, she hasn’t.” Sherlock replied for you, making his way over to you. His eyes wandered up and down you, not in a perverted way just in a way as if he was trying to work you out. Every detail of you was captured in his blue hues and yet for some reason, Sherlock couldn’t read you. He tried, and tried, and tried but for some reason all he saw was a girl, wearing a dark dress that swayed above the knees and a smile knitted cardigan. Nothing else. Just a person. No deep secrets, or tells of your journey. Just you. Realising he had been standing in front of you for quite sometime, he extended his hand to you, “Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes.” You took his hand, giving it a light shake before pulling away.

"Y/n, Y/n Watson.” You replied, mimicking the monotone voice that he had addressed you in. Both of you just looked at each other, waiting for the other to say something, do something. This lasted until your bother coughed and ushered you onto the sofa. Sherlock and Mrs Hudson followed suit, Sherlock sitting back in his chair, Mrs Hudson joining you on the coach. John stood and poured you all a cup of tea, handing them round. Mrs Hudson, quite proudly, offered you one of her home made biscuits which you took gladly. After taking a bite you complimented her on her baking skills, to which she smiled greatly at, even blushing a little. For the next few hours you all chatted, about anything and everything you could. Well all of you except for Sherlock who just sat back, watching you and everything you did. Sherlock never had a problem reading people, but for some reason the more he tried to deduce you the more questions he was met with,

<i>What does she do? Is she with someone? Why is she really here? Confident? Who is she?</i>

"Do you want another tea,” Johns voice drew Sherlock from his place of questioning.

"No thank you,” you replied, gathering your belongings. “I’m rather tired,”

<i>is she? She looks well rested to me. Actually she looks rather… Pretty… to me</i>Sherlock thought.

"I’m gonna head to bed,” you hugged Mrs Hudson, thanking her for the biscuits and the room, gave a big hug to John along with a small peck on the cheek and turned to Sherlock. “Night, Sherlock.” And with that you were gone, the only remains of you was the small pitter patter of your feet climbing the stairs to your new room. Mrs Hudson left not long after, leaving Sherlock and John alone.

"Thank you,” John smiled as he cleared away to cups from the evening.
"For what?” Sherlock replied, walking toward where the doctor stood cleaning mugs.

"I didn’t do anything.”

"Exactly,” John laughed. "You didn’t do anything. You didn’t do your usual of deducing and pissing off my sister.”

"I would of if I could.”


"N-nothing. Forget I said anything.”

"You can’t read my sister can you?” Sherlock didn’t even bother replying just stomped off into his room, slamming the door behind him. A smile grazed Johns lips as he too headed to bed, mumbling to himshelf, ‘maybe Mrs Hudson was right.’

Just watched the Supernatural S13 premiere. It actually surprised me and I liked it a lot? Dean fucking Winchester killed me in this ep, like thanks, I didn’t need my heart anyway, dude. I legit tried to hug my laptop screen, he looked so broken … And I didn’t expect to like Jack but his character actually seems to have good potential. The last minute with Luci and Mary obviously had me wanting to punch through a wall bc I can’t freakin STAND that bastard or the Mark’s acting. I hope someone saves Mary cause I don’t want to imagine what he wants to do to her. Poor Sam, it must be so hard for him to know his mother is trapped with that monster; it certainly brings back awful memories of the cage. Overall, good start for season 13, hope it continues like this and the Wayward Sisters stuff is over quickly bc I personally believe it’s horrible that they’re making the midseason finale AND midseason premiere all about them. If you want a spin-off, then do a SEPARATE show. Stop wasting Supernatural’s episodes to promote stuff that keeps failing and takes precious time from the BROTHERS’ story *I DO think the writers need to be constantly reminded what this show is about and WILL ALWAYS be about*


Malá Mořská Víla // The Little Mermaid (Czechoslovakia, 1976)

In the wake of tvN’s Surplus Princess, which is, actually, a fusion of the elements of the original and the 1984 movie Splash starring Tom Hanks, I suddenly remembered another adaptation, and probably the best and most accurate one, of the old tale story of the Little Mermaid based on Christian Andersen’s unforgettable, heartwreching story about the little sea nymph who dared to fall in love with a human. A story about a love that lasts until the end, a love that overcomes death; about the courage to fight for the chance to be with someone we love despite the hopelessness of it all and being selfless in our selfishness. Little Mermaid loses her voice and her feet bleed because each step hurts like she is being pierced by hundreds knives and needles - a price she has pay to be with the man she loves; a man who can’t see that the woman he’s been looking for is right by his side. The only difference is that this Little Mermaid (perfectly portrayed by the ethereal Miroslava Šafránková) doesn’t have a fin. She is the princess of the sea kingdom and the beloved, youngest daughter of its king who despises humans while she is interested in everything about the human world.

Being it probably the most faithful adapation of the original, there is incorporated the aspect of the relative immortality of the sea nymphs, who live for 300 years and then they are doomed to turn into sea foam/bubbles because, unlike humans, they don’t possess the immortal soul. However, even in her tragedy there is a hope/a reward for the poor Little Mermaid who couldn’t win the love of her beloved mortal and so selflessly sacrificed her own life to save the lives of the very two people who caused her death - if she spends 100 years saving humans and doing good deeds she will gain immortal soul. There is this amazing scene at the end when she saves the ship with the prince and his new bride from crushing on the cliffs right after she turns into sea foam, her last selfless act of love. The interesting thing about this adaptation is that the Princess is portrayed by the actual sister of the female protagonist so there is an actual similarity between LM and the Princess so the Prince’s confusion and mistake is more realistic and logical. The entire movie feels almost like a set of fantasy-like iconic imagery with its beautiful cinemography, stellar storytelling, deft directing and great actors. 

Youtube link:

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To me her tender looks just seemed more like she saw camila in a little sister way. Like she’s constantly stuck up for her and sort of looked out for her. I never actually thought she liked her that way well at least that’s just me. I somewhat thought she struggled with her sexuality when I saw she made a post about not being bisexual but not cause of her way of acting with C.


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Could I get a kasamatsu + GOM reaction to seeing their s/o get really excited about their favorite animal! Please and thank you! P.S you can pick the favorite animal

I’m in a good mood, so Imma update more. One or two now and few more later on~ Hope you have a good day lovelies, stay safe wherever you are and will be today/tonight~ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


Kuroko would just smile when he saw his partner being excited over a white rabbit they got. He wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on another pet, if his partner will be busy, and would definitely bring Nigou sometimes to meet him. He would often take pictures of his partner and the rabbit if he saw them sleeping on bed, looking cute.

Kise would be as excited as his partner with their golden retriever. Neither of them would be able to separate from the said dog and this dog would be the most spoiled dog in the universe. He would definitely take millions photos of his partner and the dog whenever he has a chance.

Midorima would act like he doesn’t understand why his partner has to be so excited over a gold fish, but would be very used to it thanks to his little sister. A week later, though, they would get any kind of aquarium accessory so they better have big aquarium cause he won’t stop at one.

Aomine would groan if they screamed/squealed/yelled over a cat, asking what is the big deal since it’s just a cat. Nonetheless, he would actually smile and take a cute photo when he thinks they’re not looking but they so are and watch them from the side when they’re playing on the couch.

Murasakibara wouldn’t mind anything as long as it doesn’t involve him directly. But he surely would be tiny bit jealous over a hamster and would definitely say every time he can that he hates small things. Deep down he would actually like the hamster because it eats everything he gives. “ATSUSHI DID YOU JUST GIVE MY HAMSTER CHIPS” “No, [Name]-chin I found it in my snacks bag. Sell that hamster he doesn’t like me” “ATSUSHI”

Akashi would be smiling fondly as he watched his partner interacting with their new dog. He knew how much they cared for animals, so he decided to surprise them. They would both go on walks while holding hands and play with the dog. He would be most lovable dog in city.

Kasamatsu would be startled by their reaction, because “it’s just a cat???”, but would smile, seeing they’re actually excited to finally have a pet. Any intention of him taking a photo, would come out blurry and he would ask Kise to teach him how to take photos.

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have you seen inthheightlive's post about ITH characters at IKEA? I need more headcanons about that because I am LIVING for that idea

I have indeed, and it’s AMAZING!!!

The one headcanon that I keep thinking of is that rather than Sonny sneaking into the little daycare area they have, what if Usnavi LITERALLY ALWAYS LEFT HIM THERE? Like he seriously doesn’t want his cousin getting lost and he’s such a MOM that he drops Sonny off at the daycare just to keep him out of trouble. Sonny acts all annoyed when it happens, but he secretly likes it a lot cause all the kids there love him and they have a ball pit and they show movies. ((My sister and I got to play there once when we were little, and it was pretty great))

I also picture Vanessa and Nina going around and hanging out in the little models of kitchens and living rooms and just imagining if they actually LIVED in a place like that if they were roommates ((or a couple if you prefer :3)) ‘We would totally have this kitchen!’ ‘I like this living room, but we’d have to change the couch color, it doesn’t match AT ALL.’ ‘How about this bed? It’s super soft!’ ‘Only if we can hang this TV in front of it!’ 

Once is Frozen

Have no idea what to call this right now.

Anna skipped over to the bed falling beside her sister engrossed in a book from the new world around them. She smiled glad to finally have her darling sister back after all the agony the pair had gone through for years. Being trapped in a vase after Ingrid cast the spell of shattered sight pitting them against each other. Frozen for thirty years, tossed in a truck and thrown in the sea to face the same fate as their parents. Neither of them would have expected her snowflake necklace would be the wishing star being them back together.

Snuggling up against Elsa, she ran her fingers through her snowy white locks. Anna missed the feeling of her sister’s hair between her fingers, her soft cold skin under her well placed heated touches, and the feel of Elsa’s lips upon her own. “Elsa,” she called, huskily voice coated in lust. Being reunited with her sister brought them closer then ever and Anna vowed to never let her sister out of her sight ever again.

Moving her head to gaze into Anna’s teal eyes Elsa noticed their lips were a breath away from touching all she would have to was lean down and …

A ringing interrupted her pulling away Anna pouted. Elsa grabbed a small black box emitting the noise. Curious Anna asked. “What is that thing and why is it ringing?”

“This my darling sister is called a phone. It’s how people of this age communicate here. They pick up one of these and tap in the number of whom they wish to call. The other person answers allowing them to talk to the caller,” Elsa explained, still amazed by the device herself.

The phone rang again. “So, who’s calling?”

A name appeared on the screen. “It’s Emma!” Elsa replied, a hint of excitement in her voice.

Anna rolled her eyes frustrated. She didn’t hate the blonde woman who the town dubbed the Savior. She was grateful to the woman for taking care of her sister, but she didn’t like the way Elsa talked to Emma her voice filled with glee. The way she toyed with her braid in a girlish manner the way she had seen girls in the town do as they talked to a boy they liked. No, Anna liked Emma, but she hated seeing her sister happy with anyone else that wasn’t her. Call it being jealous or possessive Anna planned on never letting anyone take her sister from her.

“Alright, we will be right down.” Elsa tapped the screen ending the conversation. “Emma has asked us to meet her down at the dinner.”

“Then let us go meet up with Emma,” Anna sulked.

Noting her sister’s sudden change in demeanor she inquired, “What’s wrong dear sister? You seem upset.”

Taking a deep Anna decided the truth was the best option for hiding things never worked out for them. “I guess after all this time being apart and you spending so much time with Emma. I’ve grown a tad envious.”

Elsa chuckled finding her sister’s jealously adorable. “Emma and I are merely friends who share a common blessing of powers. We helped each other find control that is all. Besides, from what I have seen she has likening for Regina though hasn’t come to terms with it. No one will replace you sweetheart. You are my sun to my moon, my summer to my winter. So, shall we get going you have to try the diner’s pie?”

Anna nodded feeling better

Pausing at the door Elsa turned to Anna, “Before we head to the diner there’s something I have to do first.” Leaning forward she planted her lips against her sister. Pulling away Elsa smiled, “I missed that feeling.”

“I know I thought that’s you were going to be when we reunited on the beach.”

“My time spent here I have learned many things and these town folks are quite fickle. I doubt they would understand the love we share. Though from what I have heard I sometimes wonder if everyone in this town is related. That being said we should act as normal as sisterly possible in the eye of the towns folk.”

Anna laughed grasping her sister’s arms, “Since when have we ever acted normal?”

“True, but until we return to Arendelle let’s remain as sisterly as possible in the public eye. Behind this closed door you’re welcome to do as you please.” Anna’s breath hitched seeing a seductive glint in her sister’s eyes.

On the way down from the rooms passing a few citizens they glanced at the siblings noticing the way the redhead clung onto Elsa possessively. They shook their heads not even going to ask for being from a different realm they were bound to be strange.

Down in the diner Regina flipped through the pages of the book for the hundredth time. After finding the room filled with empty books she figured it would give her at least some led, but it came to nothing. Emma sat two mugs down on the table and taking a seat across from the woman. Now that the Snow Queen’s winter storm passed the savior could focus on giving Regina the happy ending she deserves. “Thought you could use a cup of coffee.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need you taking pity on me, Ms. Swan,” Regina said snark returning full force.

“I’m not, just figured you could use a pick me since we’ll be spending time working on Operation Cobra.”

Taking a sip of the coffee she mused surprised it was actually just the way she liked it. “You seem to have forgotten about your snowy problem.” She made a gesture mimicking Elsa’s icy powers. “They still need a way home since their kingdom has been taken over. Not that I’m surprised.”

Snow came over holding little Neal, behind her followed Charming and Kristoff catching up and telling stories. “Speaking of them, are they really sisters ‘cause they act more than just sisterly at times. The way they stare longingly into each others eyes, holding hands as they walk down the hall, and even the way they talk about the other seems more romantic than how normal sisters would act.”

Kristoff rubbed the back of his head, “Well, you see they were separated for thirteen years due to an incident and everything else they’ve gone through they want to take some time and bond. Back in Arendelle-”

The pair entered the diner Anna happily strode over to the contour ordering two chocolate slices of pie and hot chocolate.

Emma and Elsa shared a hug, “Glad you both could make it.”

“No trouble at all, I’m sorry I can’t be much help in your search for home.”

Elsa knew being the savior was presented with many problems, and with their main threat over Emma moved on to the next problem. “No, problem at all Emma, this will give us a chance to catch up, and perhaps learning more about some of the wonders this town offers.”

“Have you tried Gold’s shop,” Regina suggested, tried of pair.”

A silence overcame the diner. Anna joined the group setting her items upon an empty table. Having caught the end of the conversation. “Gold?” Anna asked the name giving her chill.

Elsa’s eyes light up recalling the shop from her previous adventure. She grasped her sister’s hand excited, “Yes, it’s where I found your necklace that led me to you. Perhaps there might be an item to helps us find a way back to Arendelle.”

Emma hesitant opened her mouth to deter the sisters knowing he didn’t help anyone without some sort of price attached.

Kristoff stood up wrapping an around Anna’s shoulders. “Then we can get married.”

Anna ignored her fiance still gazing at her sister and holding her hands. “It’s worth a try!”

The siblings shared a loving hug Snow glanced over at her daughter her gaze saying ‘see what I mean.’

“Perfect, we have a plan set, and will head over shortly.” Taking a moment to eat the delicious pie Anna couldn’t shake off the bad feeling looming over her.


A/N: my brain in the middle of the night. This probably isn’t good, but this idea wouldn’t leave me alone. Also, I wasn’t a big fan of how it ended with Rumple poofing up a door and going now get back to your home land so Anna doesn’t screw up my plans. Plus, I’m still on a Once high from the premiere, and I miss these dorks.

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✍ Kendra

I’m hoping you mean the 10 facts…. ok let’s begin

1. Kendra has always been jealous of Laura, mainly because she’s good at everything besides math and science.
2. Even though it may not seem like it, but Kendra loves her sister. She didn’t realize what she was doing until just now.
3. She got bullied as a kid, which I believe caused the act of jealousy.
4. Since she got bullied a lot, Raven put her into therapy.
5. She never actually loved Peter. She’s never actually loved anyone.
6. She’s made countless shrines for Peter and Benny. However when she broke up with Peter and killed benny, she went to ruins and burned them in a bonfire.
7. As a child she fell in love with science. She still loves science to this day, she just doesn’t show it around anyone else but her family.
8. Kendra isn’t into tv, or movies. She instead likes to pick up a book when she isn’t plotting.
9. She’s been playing the violin since she was a kid, and she is still harsh on herself. She constantly pushes herself to play better.
10. Kendra believes in love at first sight. She has been waiting for it to happen to her ever since she was a child, and her family forced her to watch a movie instead of reading books. (Which is saying something cause both Raven and Mortimer are authors)