cause they actually act like sisters

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2/2 To cope and cause he missed her a lot he started refering himself as Lance and even started to act like her a bit until it became an habit. He decided to study to go to Garrison cause this way his sis's dream can actually be fulfilled. Fastforward to now to "Maybe i dont have a thing." Cause really space wasnt even his thing it was his sister's, so was his "behavior". Wld blue have chosen her if she was alive? Heck his own heart wasnt his own. Does he really have a thing?


Lance actually had a heart condition when he was 13 and pretty much accepted that he was gonna die (so he was a bit salty sass master too) he had an older sister who was flirty and kinda prideful but really really supportive and cared for Lance. Infact she was the one who came up with the nickname “Lance” (even tho he hated it {not really but she didn't need to know}). She also really wanted to go to space and trying to get into Garrison. However one day she got caught up in an accident and Lance’s disease start to act up. When she heard about it she decided to donate her heart to him instead of possible chance of survival. The surgery went well and Lance survived. But he went into depression and sorta blamed himself for her death….

Wow this honestly made my heart hurt a little. 

I really like this concept. I’m always a fan for things where Lance is trying to fulfill someone else’s dream. 

But think about how out of place Lance would feel. Like at the Garrison he wasn’t the “best”, would he beat himself up because he knew that his sister could have done better? Did he feel like he constantly let her down on her dream? 

Blue probably would have chosen her, since I get the vibe that they were similar. I can’t say if Blue would have chosen her over Lance though. 

Lance probably would think that he didn’t have a thing or he wasn’t needed. He was literally someone whose own heart couldn’t function. So he would probably be more insecure about his place/role of the team even though he is doing everything right. 

Ugh my poor boy. 

Thank you for this <3 

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I just want to say a few things, Taylor. Actually, I don’t even know how to start. There’s too many things. You can’t even imagine what have you done for me. You’ve helped me a lot and I can’t thank you enough for it. It’s like you’ve been always with me when I had hard times. You hold my hand and gave me a cause to be happy. When people just said that I’m useless, I’ll never be where I wanted to be or I’ll never get what I want in life, you acted like a sister and protect me. I know that it’s more than a Fan/Singer thing. It’s like two sisters are talking about mean people. Advices you gave me, songs you wrote and every single word you said… I know, they’re from heart. When I hear your voice, it feels like home, wherever I am. When I don’t know what am I doing with my life, you remind me that I’m living for being happy and being kind to people. You learned me that how does it feel when you’re loved and I’m so greatful for that. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me because you do or not, I know that you’ll be there for me when I need you. Just remember that you are loved.

💙with my whole heart, ZEYNEP

A personal opinion about The Princess Bride

Watching the movie for the umpteenth time so why not talk about it while I’m thinking about it:

  • This is one of those rare movie adaptations that’s as good or maybe (dare I say it?) even better than the book. The only thing that would make it better would be if they kept the part where Buttercup ran headlong into a tree and knocked herself out.
  • Wesley would make such an amazing Jedi??? The polite mannerisms, skill with a blade, the whole line, “you put down your rock and I’ll put down my sword and we’ll try to kill each other like civilized people.” Jedi Wesley!!
  •  The six fingered guy would make such a great bassoonist. It’s honestly just really unfair that he has a genetic advantage like that while I struggled through woodwind methods so hard. I actually worked hard to learn to play bassoon and I’ll never be as good at it as that fictional guy.
  • Obviously I don’t like Vizzini as a person, but I do really appreciate him as a character. I hate villains that don’t do any of the work themselves, and then get overly upset when their little minions fail. Vizzini is already winning over half of all anime villains ever as well as like, 23% of all YA villains ever.
  • My name is Brain Ghost Dirk. You kissed my boyfriend. Prepare to die. (Made even better by the fact that there is almost no chance whatsoever that Aranea would get that reference)
  • Humperdink is a horrible guy, and it’s really obvious that he doesn’t actually love Buttercup at all, but never let it be said that he isn’t actually smart. Dude wasn’t faking that genius plan to cause a war between the kingdoms, or those tracking skills.
  • All the music is historically inaccurate, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I like it actually.
  • If you’re watching this movie with someone, anyone at all, and they don’t do the “Mawwage” voice, they are not worthy company. Not at all my friend. If I were you I would politely demand that they leave
  • Unrelated but one time I was watching this movie with my sister and the power went out partway through, so we decided to act out the rest of it by ourselves. It was a trainwreck. At one point she was ‘playing’ Wesley and I was ‘playing’ Max and I tried to ‘feed’ her the chocolate pill but it was dark because there was no power, so I ‘fed’ it to her nose by accident.

Fuck man as my friends can attest to I am not the hardest of polytheists (I just generally keep my soft polytheist feels to myself as I don’t want to spread misinformation or provide incentive for people to run off half cocked which can and will happen, I have seen it, and besides it’s not like it really impacts my practice outside of general scholarly understanding and suspicions), but like

There is a line

That line is if there is literally no evidence, fuck you and the unscholarly horse you rode in on.

Shortly after the dog died, all of the birds died too.  All thirty of them just dropped dead on the same day within a 3-hour span.  Looking back, we probably should have checked the yard for chemicals, but this might’ve been before chemicals.

“We should consolidate if we can,” said Dad, his reasoning being that he had just laid down sod and preferred not to dig thirty-one holes in the yard.

“Plus we need the shoe boxes for Christmas presents,” he added. “Not bird coffins.”

“Fine,” said Mom, still dabbing at tears.  "I just don’t see why we have to do this now.“

"I still have the box from the basement TV,” said Dad.  "It’s the perfect coffin!“

But it wasn’t the perfect coffin; at least not at first.  

Dad spent the rest of that afternoon in the backyard, trying and failing to stuff every deceased animal into the one cardboard box.  It was too horrifying for the younger children to see, but just fascinating enough for the rest of us to gather around the kitchen window, watching.  

He started by putting the dog in first and then using the dead birds to fill in the empty spaces kind of like packing peanuts, but the box filled up fast and Dad was left with a pile of about five birds.  He sat and stared at the pile for about a minute before glancing back at the window and when he saw us watching him, our father seemed genuinely surprised.  He smiled weakly, but in that one moment of uncomfortable eye contact, it was clear that Dad had come to grips with one very important truth:  We would count the birds and so by god, they had better all be in there. He threw us a guilty wave and then tipped the box over to try again.

As the afternoon wore on, we held our places, observing as Dad grew increasingly frustrated at the futility of his efforts.  He cursed, he punched the box and then he kicked it.  At one point he even karate chopped the dog and I had to tell my crying siblings that the angle had played a trick on us; that dad had karate chopped the patch of grass next to the dog, but I could tell they didn’t believe me and I felt like a coward.

But it wasn’t until Dad began trying to physically manipulate the shape of the dog’s body, that I decided enough was enough.  

"Let’s go,” I said. “He’ll figure it out, but we should go.”

And that’s how we left it: Dad lying sideways in the yard, spooning the dead dog, and using his 240-pound frame to force the corpse into the fetal position.

“Finished!” said Dad proudly when he came in for dinner.

“Don’t bring that box in here!” Mom screamed.

“I’m just showing them!”

“Take it outside!”

“I will, but look!”

And we did, but what we saw made no sense.

“Where are the birds?” I asked, but as soon as I did so, my eyes took note of the bulging veins in my father’s forearms and it all made sense.

“Oh no…”

He explained that the birds had actually fit quite naturally into the dog’s mouth, making the act of stuffing the body full of dead birds surprisingly graceful.

“It was like nature, I think.”

“Get out,” said Mom.

She grabbed his arm to yank him towards the door, which caused him to drop the box and when it hit the ground, the dog jolted.  We froze.  And then the dog jolted again.

“He’s alive,” my sister screamed!  "He’s not dead!“

But he was dead.  The birds, however, were not.

After the crying and hysteria had cooled down a bit, Dad pulled me aside to discuss his next move.

"I guess I could hit him with a shovel.  You know, until they’re all dead.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Yeah, I was just kidding,” Dad lied.

And just like that, he decided that the best thing he could do as a father was to give his family one more day with their dog.  Sure, it wouldn’t be the version of our pet who had been able to respond to various vocal commands, but was it so insane to think that maybe, just maybe the birds couldn’t provide the illusion that the dog was still alive?  The answer was yes.

As the birds tried to free themselves, they sent the dog careening around the yard like a pinball.  He ran into fences and even steamrolled a few of the saplings we’d planted for Arbor Day.

“Bad dog!” Dad scolded.

A few weeks later, we found out that Dad had been dead for over twenty years and was existing in the form of a soulless entity.


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The last song I listened to was ‘Fukai Mori’ by Do as Infinity. I have a few others songs by them actually and ‘Kimi Ga Inai Mirai’ is my ringtone, which ALSO is the opening theme to the Final Act!

My lockscreen is my fiances’ and mine prom picture the my sister took our senior year.

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 5

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.1k


Part 4 <<< >>> Part 6

It all happened in less than five minutes but it felt like an eternity to Mara who stood aside, doing nothing. She wanted to, but she knew better than to step between two boys fighting and she was so shocked that it took her a solid minute before realizing what was going on before her very eyes. She started screaming at them, demanding that they fucking stop, but it was hopeless, neither of them listened. Everyone in the entire house must hear her yells but Chris and the other boy were too caught up in their display of strength.

When the Penetrators finally intervened, they grabbed the rude guy who overstepped his boundaries with Mara and held him back. William wasn’t there, he was nowhere to be found – he must have gone home with Noora. It was a blessing, because Chris would have been incapable of explaining his behavior to him. Protecting Mara from a handy rude fucker did not justify causing such a scene. Chris was about to dive in and resume beating the guy even though he could no longer return the punches, when Mara stepped in, placing herself right between Chris and his adversary.

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Could I get a kasamatsu + GOM reaction to seeing their s/o get really excited about their favorite animal! Please and thank you! P.S you can pick the favorite animal

I’m in a good mood, so Imma update more. One or two now and few more later on~ Hope you have a good day lovelies, stay safe wherever you are and will be today/tonight~ ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)


Kuroko would just smile when he saw his partner being excited over a white rabbit they got. He wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on another pet, if his partner will be busy, and would definitely bring Nigou sometimes to meet him. He would often take pictures of his partner and the rabbit if he saw them sleeping on bed, looking cute.

Kise would be as excited as his partner with their golden retriever. Neither of them would be able to separate from the said dog and this dog would be the most spoiled dog in the universe. He would definitely take millions photos of his partner and the dog whenever he has a chance.

Midorima would act like he doesn’t understand why his partner has to be so excited over a gold fish, but would be very used to it thanks to his little sister. A week later, though, they would get any kind of aquarium accessory so they better have big aquarium cause he won’t stop at one.

Aomine would groan if they screamed/squealed/yelled over a cat, asking what is the big deal since it’s just a cat. Nonetheless, he would actually smile and take a cute photo when he thinks they’re not looking but they so are and watch them from the side when they’re playing on the couch.

Murasakibara wouldn’t mind anything as long as it doesn’t involve him directly. But he surely would be tiny bit jealous over a hamster and would definitely say every time he can that he hates small things. Deep down he would actually like the hamster because it eats everything he gives. “ATSUSHI DID YOU JUST GIVE MY HAMSTER CHIPS” “No, [Name]-chin I found it in my snacks bag. Sell that hamster he doesn’t like me” “ATSUSHI”

Akashi would be smiling fondly as he watched his partner interacting with their new dog. He knew how much they cared for animals, so he decided to surprise them. They would both go on walks while holding hands and play with the dog. He would be most lovable dog in city.

Kasamatsu would be startled by their reaction, because “it’s just a cat???”, but would smile, seeing they’re actually excited to finally have a pet. Any intention of him taking a photo, would come out blurry and he would ask Kise to teach him how to take photos.

Mrs Hudson Is Never Wrong. Sherlock x Watson!Reader

Summary: You, Johns sister, are moving into 221B Baker Street. When you arrive, Sherlock finds you a little puzzling and doesn’t like it one bit.
Warnings: mild swearing, fluff————————

“Sherlock!” John screamed as he came hurtling into the living room of 221B Baker Street after hearing multiple crashes and a gun shot. The doctors eyes skimmed the room, trying to assess the damage that had been done by his roommate; The table that usually held his laptop, notes and all of their case files was thrown onto its side. As for the chairs that hadn’t been so lucky: Johns chair was tossed at an awkward angle against the fireplace, it’s cushions discarded in numerous places around the room. The lovely black sofa that lined the wall had tears down one side, it’s yellowed stuffing coming out of the gaps. The only part of the living room that was unchanged was the black chair that faced onto the kitchen. In it sat the infamous Sherlock Holmes, wearing his usual blue pyjamas and robe, and a gun in his hand pointed at the opposite wall. He seemed to completely unaware of the chaos that was around him, the chaos caused.
“What the fuck are you doing, Sherlock?”

“BORED,” was his only response before he fired another two rounds into the wall.

“SHERLOCK!” John exclaimed. Already worried about the events that were to occur today, he quickly began to right the furniture and deal with the mess. “I can’t believe you. I tell you that my sister is coming today, the first day that she will be living her and what do you do? You go and blow thirty rounds into the wall!”
“When did you say your sister was coming?” Sherlock asked, ignoring the fact that John was tidying up and obviously in need of help.

“Oh for fu-” John sighed, pushing the table back into its original place. “I told you about twenty times today alone Sherlock. What do you think I was moving in a bed and furniture and boxes into the spare room on Friday? For fun?”

"You… You moved furniture in? Huh. I didn’t even notice.” John only muttered his reply, something along the lines of ‘of course you bloody didn’t’. John dealt with the devastation in front of him for about thirty minutes in silence, at which he had only just stared to deal with the mountain of paper and folders that was on the floor. Still not moving from his chair, Sherlock piped up again, “I didn’t think you liked your sister? Isn’t she an alcoholic? Why on earth would you want her to move in? You hate her.” John sighed.

"One, I don’t hate her. I just don’t agree with her choice of… Lifestyle. Two, she’s a recovering alcoholic. And Three. I have more than one sister. Which yet again I told you but as usual you were not listening.” He huffed, “My parents had three children. Harriet, Me, and Y/N. When I found out that she got a job at Scotland Yard, I said that she should move in with us until she gets on her feet here. I was being nice cos she’s my little sister and I wanna make sure she’s okay.” “I’m Mycrofts little brother and somehow I doubt that he will invite me to live with him,” Sherlock replied. “That’s because you two don’t exactly act like brothers. You act more like you two hate each other,” John scoffed, placing the last of the papers onto the table, scanning the room to see if Sherlock had caused any other devastations that John had failed to miss. Thankfully he hadn’t. “Me and Y/N were quite close actually. As kids, we were always the two doing things together. I was always there to beat up the bully’s and she was always there to convince the girls that I was a catch; me and her were the perfect team.” A smile crept across the doctors fine lips as he remembered all the times you had shared together. One memory came across the strongest.

"Y/n! John! Get down here now!” Your mother called, knowing that it was your fault, much like it always was. You and John had to try and suppress the laughter as you entered the kitchen where your fuming mother stood next to your eldest sister, who seemed to have misplaced half of her hair and added pink, sparkly hair dye to the other. It looked good with the goth faze she was in. “What have you done to Harry’s hair!?” “What mum,” you smiled innocently. “All the serious goths are shaving and dying their hair these days. It’s the thing.” “Yeah mum, she’ll be the coolest of all the freaks,” you and John could no longer contain your laughter. Your sisters hair and mothers scarlet face was all to much. “Both of you are grounded! Upstairs! Now,” you mum screamed. You and your brother ran back upstairs in fits of giggles only just hearing your mother taking to your sister saying, “Don’t worry Hun. If need be we can dye it black.” This was followed by a groan from your sister.

John was brought out of his memory by Mrs Hudson entering the room, bring with her a tray of her homemade biscuits and a large pot of tea. She placed it on the small coffee table and sat on the somewhat damaged sofa, not even bothering to pour herself a cup. John moved in for a biscuit before he was swatted away by his landlady.

"John Watson, don’t you dare touch those,” she squeaked. “They are for your sister when she gets here. Won’t be long, so you can wait.”

"Wait you knew too! How come everyone knew that Johns sister who isn’t the drunk one was coming apart from me?!” Sherlock exclaimed.

"Oh Sherlock,” Mrs Hudson groaned, putting her head in her hands. “You weren’t listening again were you,” she asked. “I told you the other day, after I met her. Obviously I knew Sherlock, it’s my house. Oh she is a lovely girl, truly lovely. Very kind, helpful oh and also very pretty, Sherlock.”

"Why is that important?”

"Yeah,” John said, “why is that important? He’s not going to date my sister.”

"I’m not saying he will,” she protested. “But, if any girl is going to take this mans heart it’s likely to be your sister. She is very like you, John, and obviously that seems to be what Sherlock wants.”

"We’re… I’m not ga-” John was cut off by a small voice from the door that caused all the eyes in the room to dart toward it.

"John? Is there something you need to tell me?” You giggled, hearing your brothers sudden declaration. “I always did think you’d turn out more like Harry than me. Just didn’t expect it to be in that sense.” John only rolled his eyes at you as he pulled you into a giant hug, smiling that you had finally turned up.

"Y/n! Glad you here,” he grinned. “Take it you got the keys I posted to you then?”

"No, I climbed in through the window of this three story building John. Yes I got the key.”

“Right, stupid question,” he joked. Before he could ask you anymore questions, Mrs Hudson had pulled you into another big hug, obviously as happy as John was that you had turned up.

"Oh it’s so good to see you, Y/n!”

"You too, Mrs Hudson.”

” Have you met Sherlock yet love?”

“No, she hasn’t.” Sherlock replied for you, making his way over to you. His eyes wandered up and down you, not in a perverted way just in a way as if he was trying to work you out. Every detail of you was captured in his blue hues and yet for some reason, Sherlock couldn’t read you. He tried, and tried, and tried but for some reason all he saw was a girl, wearing a dark dress that swayed above the knees and a smile knitted cardigan. Nothing else. Just a person. No deep secrets, or tells of your journey. Just you. Realising he had been standing in front of you for quite sometime, he extended his hand to you, “Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes.” You took his hand, giving it a light shake before pulling away.

"Y/n, Y/n Watson.” You replied, mimicking the monotone voice that he had addressed you in. Both of you just looked at each other, waiting for the other to say something, do something. This lasted until your bother coughed and ushered you onto the sofa. Sherlock and Mrs Hudson followed suit, Sherlock sitting back in his chair, Mrs Hudson joining you on the coach. John stood and poured you all a cup of tea, handing them round. Mrs Hudson, quite proudly, offered you one of her home made biscuits which you took gladly. After taking a bite you complimented her on her baking skills, to which she smiled greatly at, even blushing a little. For the next few hours you all chatted, about anything and everything you could. Well all of you except for Sherlock who just sat back, watching you and everything you did. Sherlock never had a problem reading people, but for some reason the more he tried to deduce you the more questions he was met with,

<i>What does she do? Is she with someone? Why is she really here? Confident? Who is she?</i>

"Do you want another tea,” Johns voice drew Sherlock from his place of questioning.

"No thank you,” you replied, gathering your belongings. “I’m rather tired,”

<i>is she? She looks well rested to me. Actually she looks rather… Pretty… to me</i>Sherlock thought.

"I’m gonna head to bed,” you hugged Mrs Hudson, thanking her for the biscuits and the room, gave a big hug to John along with a small peck on the cheek and turned to Sherlock. “Night, Sherlock.” And with that you were gone, the only remains of you was the small pitter patter of your feet climbing the stairs to your new room. Mrs Hudson left not long after, leaving Sherlock and John alone.

"Thank you,” John smiled as he cleared away to cups from the evening.
"For what?” Sherlock replied, walking toward where the doctor stood cleaning mugs.

"I didn’t do anything.”

"Exactly,” John laughed. "You didn’t do anything. You didn’t do your usual of deducing and pissing off my sister.”

"I would of if I could.”


"N-nothing. Forget I said anything.”

"You can’t read my sister can you?” Sherlock didn’t even bother replying just stomped off into his room, slamming the door behind him. A smile grazed Johns lips as he too headed to bed, mumbling to himshelf, ‘maybe Mrs Hudson was right.’


Malá Mořská Víla // The Little Mermaid (Czechoslovakia, 1976)

In the wake of tvN’s Surplus Princess, which is, actually, a fusion of the elements of the original and the 1984 movie Splash starring Tom Hanks, I suddenly remembered another adaptation, and probably the best and most accurate one, of the old tale story of the Little Mermaid based on Christian Andersen’s unforgettable, heartwreching story about the little sea nymph who dared to fall in love with a human. A story about a love that lasts until the end, a love that overcomes death; about the courage to fight for the chance to be with someone we love despite the hopelessness of it all and being selfless in our selfishness. Little Mermaid loses her voice and her feet bleed because each step hurts like she is being pierced by hundreds knives and needles - a price she has pay to be with the man she loves; a man who can’t see that the woman he’s been looking for is right by his side. The only difference is that this Little Mermaid (perfectly portrayed by the ethereal Miroslava Šafránková) doesn’t have a fin. She is the princess of the sea kingdom and the beloved, youngest daughter of its king who despises humans while she is interested in everything about the human world.

Being it probably the most faithful adapation of the original, there is incorporated the aspect of the relative immortality of the sea nymphs, who live for 300 years and then they are doomed to turn into sea foam/bubbles because, unlike humans, they don’t possess the immortal soul. However, even in her tragedy there is a hope/a reward for the poor Little Mermaid who couldn’t win the love of her beloved mortal and so selflessly sacrificed her own life to save the lives of the very two people who caused her death - if she spends 100 years saving humans and doing good deeds she will gain immortal soul. There is this amazing scene at the end when she saves the ship with the prince and his new bride from crushing on the cliffs right after she turns into sea foam, her last selfless act of love. The interesting thing about this adaptation is that the Princess is portrayed by the actual sister of the female protagonist so there is an actual similarity between LM and the Princess so the Prince’s confusion and mistake is more realistic and logical. The entire movie feels almost like a set of fantasy-like iconic imagery with its beautiful cinemography, stellar storytelling, deft directing and great actors. 

Youtube link:

Chapter 17


Yesterday night/early morning

Sitting in my seat with my eyes hanging low , I sipped on a glass of jack Daniels on ice while watching bubbles do her thing on the stage . She had just came about a minute ago and her current song was practice by drake and my god was she doing the damn thing . Bouncing her ass to the beat of the song , she took off her bikini type top and threw it In the crowd for one of the thirsty niggas to catch . I had been here for over an hour and she was by far the best bitch I seen & the baddest .

Winking at me , she signaled for the guy that caught it to hand it to me . Sucking his teeth he did as she said and handed them over causing a smirk to grace my face . Grazing my tongue over my top row of teeth , i looked back up at her and she had her back turned to me , entertaining the niggas on the other side of the stage .

Taking this as the perfect chance to sniff her top , I put it to my nose and inhaled her sweet smell of tropical perfume , almost allowing my saliva to drip from my mouth . Quickly wiping my mouth , I placed her top in my pocket and took a sip out of my drink to quench my obvious thirst.

Watching as she slid down the pole head first and landed in a split , a stack of ones went flying her way from me with a few dollars from the rest of these chump boys .

These niggas wasn’t throwing much considering half of her tonight’s earnings came from me . Sitting back in my seat , her eyes connected with mine . Although I couldn’t see her face due to her mask , I could tell just by looking in her eyes she was a pretty girl .

Her eyes was a pretty hazel and looked even prettier when the light from the disco ball that hung from the ceiling reflected the light into them. My eyes scanned over her body starting with her titties first , not to big not to small , just right .

Biting my bottom lip , my eyes dropped down to her hour glass shaped stomach . Rubbing my short goatee , I stopped at her slight pussy print that was poking out through her underwear . Grunting lowly , I could feel myself rising just at the sight of it .

I was so into her body features , I didn’t even notice she had done made her way off the stage and in front my face .Watching the topless stripper sway her hips in my face , I licked over my lips and smacked her ass , making the shit jiggle like crazy .

Smirking , she turned around and took my glass of alcohol out of my hand and placed it on the small circle table that rested on side of me . Looking at her like she was crazy , she chuckled and shook her head .

Straddling my lap , she started to work her hips against my stomach while kissing all on my neck . Tilting my head to the side , I let her have all open access to what she was going for . Sending a hard slap across her round shaped ass , she let out a low moan only audible for me to hear .

Doing the honors , she placed my hands on each one of her ass cheeks as she rocked back and forth on my already hard tool . Bouncing up and down on me slowly , she knew for a fact I was hard as well as what she was doing was making me horny .

Popping her ass on my dick , she turned reversed in my lap so I could get a perfect view of her ass eating her thong . Watching her work for the next 2 minutes , her song had went off and she stood to her feet to collect her money . Placing an extra stack in her thin thong for giving me a good show , she winked and picked up the rest of tonight’s earnings .

Walking back over to me , she bent over and whispered something in my ear .” Can I have my top back sir ? ” she questioned . Chuckling , I used my index finger to shake it in an no manner causing her to frown . ” I can get in trouble mister ? ” she paused to get my name . ” alsina , just call me alsina ” I suggested .

“ well I can get in trouble mister alsina so can I please get my top back ? Huh daddy ? ” she said seductively , grazing her tiny hand over my large bulge . Grunting lowly , I slowly slid her top out of my pocket and hesitantly handed it to her . Smiling , she waved shortly before disappearing to the back .

Sucking my teeth at the way she had my dick acting up , I downed the rest of my drink and got up . Fixing my dick inside my jeans so no one could see , I pranced over to the bar to get my third drink for the night . While waiting for the bartender to finish with my drink , another stripper by the name Ciara walked on stage causing me to scrunch up my face .

Another drake song started playing , one of my favorites at that . As ’ shut it down ’ blared through out the speakers that surrounded the whole building , I was still confused on to why a stripper would have a regular girl name instead of some freaky type shit or an actual stripper name .

Eyeing the stripper pretty hard , I knew that body from anywhere . It was Mariah and that tattoo going around her ankle gave me all the justification I needed on that . Now that I think about it , she did say she was a stripper but she never mentioned she worked for one of the biggest stripping company’s that previously moved to Cali , magic city .

As I put my brain to use for a moment , she actually did say she worked here but it some how slipped my mind since we haven’t always made ” stripping ” the topic of discussion . In all honesty , it was really none of my business so I’ll just keep shit to myself .

The bartender tapped my shoulder gently telling me that my drink was served . Sliding a 5 dollar bill his way , I picked up my glass and found an empty table in the back of the crowd so I could watch her without her noticing . Biting my bottom lip , i thought her sex game was crazy but her stripping was just as crazy .

With lit eyes , I smirked as she twirled around the pole & made her ass clap . Eyeing her outfit , she had on a top that barely covered her nipples and no bottoms what so ever .

Shaking my head , you wanna be treated like wifey but popping your pussy in niggas faces like a hoe . Chuckling at that shit , I took a swig out of my drink. Speaking of the word wifey , Alexis came to mind as well as our slight argument we had before I left the house .

I didn’t expect for Lexi to come home that early , let along Mariah to come to my house but she was working my nerves . It was something about them two being in the mall together shopping for things for the house and she couldn’t stand hearing Alexis talking about a place she wanted to be .

With the constant nagging and blowing my phone up , I invited her to the house so I could break it down one last time that she would never take Lexi place or have what she have , it just looked bad on my side when she was leaving while Lexi was coming in . Even tho we didn’t do anything , it still looked bad and I’m knowing some type of thought ran through lexis head .

What makes matters worse is the dumb bitch Act like she couldn’t get her words together and just say what she was actually there for , instead she had to go on and say some dumb shit that I honestly remember at the moment causing me to back her up .

At that moment , I wanted to drag Mariah to the basement and beat the shit out of her ass . Now that I think about it , I should have did it . Ion think neither one of her sisters would have cared honestly . Pissed at the fact I knew it would cause an argument , I contained my anger .

Not wanting to argue with Lexi over something I allowed Mariah to say , I figured the better thing to do was to go somewhere and cool off I just never expected this would be that somewhere .

Downing my drink in one gulp , I noticed Mariah was no longer on stage but yet strutting over to me . Licking my lips , I pretended like I didn’t see her and averted my attention to some where else .

Stopping dead in front me , she stared me down awaiting my attention but I refused ” I know you see me standing here ” she some what spat .

“ yea I see you , but it’s obvious I’m ignoring your ass ” I barked slightly . Scrunching up her face , she looked at me like ’ nigga you better fix your attitude and fix it fast ’ .

Shaking my head , I snapped my fingers at the bitch walking around with patron shots on her tray . Having to hear Mariah voice was already making my nerves bad & was giving me a slight headache .

Taking three shots off the tray , I knocked all them bitches back without stopping . Mariah looked at me as if I had lost my damn mind & slung the glasses to the next table . ” look , you seem up tight let mommy handle you ” she purred in my ear . Pushing her back , I stood to my feet . ” I’m good baby girl , you enjoy the rest of your night ” I mumbled throwing the rest of my loose change in my pocket in her face .

Stepping down the slight flight of stairs , I could feel Mariah’s presence behind me . Clenching my jaw , this bitch just wouldn’t let up and she was pissing me off .

Following me until I reached my car , she pushed me against it . Turning around , she backed her ass up into my centre and swayed her hips ” I can tell by the hardness of your dick right now you want to be buried deep inside me ” she whispered .

Biting my tongue , I clenched my eyes shut as my desires , temptation and lust started to fulfill my mind and take over . ” no matter how much I wanna be buried deep inside you , the shit is wrong Mariah and you know it ” I hissed. Turning around , she kissed me roughly adding her tongue in the kiss .

Gripping her firm ass in my big hands , I lifted her body just enough for her to wrap her legs around my waist and get comfortable . Pinning her against the car , I kissed her hard letting her know I was hungry for her and her body . ” come home with me ” she pulled away breathlessly . Nodding my head , she unwrapped her legs and I put her down .

“ I’ll call you when I get home ” she mumbled against my lips . Closing my eyes , I thought about how I left my cell phone at home .“ I don’t have it , it’s home . ” I spoke honestly . Nodding her head ,“ well we can go to your house to get it that way if Alexis call you can answer , never know might be an emergency ” she suggested .

Unlocking my car door , I gently pushed her out of the way ” keep up ” I smirked before auto starting my car and drifting off . Hopping onto the free way , I looked into my rear view mirror to see her right behind me , smirking .

Weaving in and out of traffic , to say it was 4:45 in the morning traffic was heavy and I had no idea on why . Impressed with on how Mariah was keeping up , I pulled out a blunt from my glove compartment and sparked it up . Inhaling the blunt , I tried to calm my nerves before making it to the house . I was sweating bricks and I was nervous as fuck .

What if she’s up waiting on me ? What if she wakes up when I go in for the kill to retrieve my phone ? Were the thoughts that raced into my mind as I pulled up in front of the house , Mariah pulling up on side of me . Biting my lip , I realized how dumb it was for me to pull up in the Same car I left in . Huffing , I swerved and pulled up in the garage . Quietly making my way inside , all the lights were off and soft snores could be heard . Good !

Peeking out of my upstairs bedroom window , Mariah sat in the car I bought her staring up at me with a smirk on her face . Sighing lowly , I took one more look at Alexis who was sleeping peacefully in the bed with her leg wrapped tightly around my pillow .

Rubbing my sweaty palms down my jeans , I let out a shaky breath before slowly reaching over her body to grab my phone off of the nightstand . With jay also in the bed , I was praying to god I didn’t bump neither one of them or wake them up with my sneakiness .

Dropping my phone directly on Alexis face , she groaned and tossed in her sleep causing me to bite my finger in anticipation on her waking up or not . Getting situated , her back was now turned and she was holding the phone tightly in her hand , obviously making things harder for me .

With my hands being sweaty , the sweat that dropped from my forehead didn’t seem to help because it only reminded me of how nervous and scary I really was . Wiping my hands once again , I slowly reached for my phone that rested in lexis hand .

Pulling away as she tossed again , I mumbled to myself that I couldn’t do it with out getting caught . Looking at myself in the mirror like tf was you saying august ? I yet again reached for what’s mine .

Successfully achieving my phone , I let out a deep breath that I’ve been holding for the longest . Looking back out the window , Mariah looked like she was about to honk but I threw a light bulb at her window causing her to look up . Mouthing ’ you better not ’ she rested her hand on the steering wheel and waited for me to come back down .

Closing the bedroom door silently , I hurried down the stairs turning all the lights off in the process . One of these days I’m gonna get caught sneaking out at 5 in the morning . ” bout damn time Alsina ” she hissed locking the doors once I got inside . Lowly smacking my teeth , I signaled for her to pull out of the drive way .

As she pulled out I looked back up at the house , breath still shaky because I can’t believe I did that shit . Images of Alexis sleeping so peacefully filled my mind because only if she knew her man just snuck in the house and snuck back out to be with her sister wouldn’t be so peaceful .

I know I’m Alexis man and all but it’s not like we have a serious commitment . We ain’t married , so there’s really no mark lined for me to actual be faithful although that’s the best policy to go with since she is carrying my kids .

Mariah on the other hand should have a commitment with Alexis simply because that’s her sister . This bitch so unloyal it blows my mind , literally but who am I to talk ?

Staring at her side profile , she was a beautiful girl but this shit just wasn’t right . And she knew this shit wasn’t right . When her sister find out , it’s over for the both of us .

Me more importantly considering I have more to lose . You think Mariah give a fuck about not being in Alexis life ? Hell no this bitch don’t care because she knows when things pop off , I’ll be the one suffering not her .

There is no doubt about it when Alexis find out she ain’t gonna think twice about leaving my ass especially after she told me she couldn’t stand cheaters .

Just the thought of me losing my family over what ? This shit had me going crazy low key I just was doing my best to cover it up .

“ what you looking so nervous about over there mr.alsina ? ” she asked taking Her eyes off of the road .

“ me and you ” I simply said .

“ Aww is the thoughts of my sister finding out that we fuck around clouding your mind again ? ” she asked in a baby like voice caressing my cheek .Moving my face to the right , her fingers fell .” Mariah you know this shit is fucking low down and dirty ”

” oh my god August , get the fuck over yourself . How long have we been fucking around ? ” she asked but I didn’t bother to answer her .

“ Answer me August , how fucking long ?” She gritted .No matter how hard you tried to fight this girl , the way she talks to you makes you fear her just a tad . Licking over my thick lips , I looked at her for a second before tearing my gaze away .

“ 5 months ” I mumbled lowly .

“ I can’t fuxking hear you , speak up ” she yelled slightly .

“ Say girl you better watch your fucking tone . ” I gritted . One thing about me is I don’t play with her and she know that shit . I’ll body her in a quick second .

” Sorry , but I’m getting sick and tired of you with your doubts Alsina . We have come way to far to just stop now ” she said with all the seriousness she could muster up .

My face turned into a mug as the dumb shit she spoke flew out of her mouth .” Are you hearing yourself right now ? Fuck you mean we have come way to far to stop now ?”

“ I mean exactly what I said . We have come way to far to just stop now ” she spat running her fingers through her hair .

Yanking her to me by her hair , she let out a low whimper ” look at me ” I demanded . Slowly looking up at me in fear of what I might do , her bottom lip quivered .

“ Tonight , will be the last fucking night we fuck , kiss or do anything that results in physical contact do you under stand me ?”

“ nah , August even you know you can’t stay away from me ” she smiled licking her lips .

“ and what makes you say that ? ” I questioned letting her hair loose .

“ I can tell by how you keep fucking with me ” she mumbled fixing her self back up in her rearview mirror .

Sucking my teeth loudly ,” drive ” I muttered looking outside the window with my jaw slightly clenched .

Fucking with this girl was like fucking with toxic waste , it’s bad for you and she’s bad for me . Mariah got me doing shit I would have never thought in a million years I’ll do .

The guiltiness of still fucking with her after finding out she was my ole lady sister was enough right there to make me crack but I didn’t .

Instead I chose to be a dumb nigga and still fuck with her hoe ass . Lifting up my head , I hadn’t realized that we pulled up to her house . I guess that’s how much I was in my thoughts .

” so when are you gonna buy me a house ? ” she asked parking her car .
Rolling my eyes , I stepped out making sure to slam the door .” Come open this fucking door ” I yelled . Jumping at my sudden outburst , she scurried to her feet and pulled her keys out of her pocket .

I done told her over and over again to stop looking at what I buy for Lexi and asking me why she don’t have one . Last fucking time I checked she was the side bitch , not my everything that was currently pregnant .

” Know what , fuck it getcha ass back in the car ” I mumbled pushing her body back towards the 2014 Lexus that I purchased straight off the lot .

When I waited for her to open the door , I spotted a corvette parked slightly in front her garage .Apparently dumb ass forgot her nigga would be here .

“ stop man handling me August ” she whined pushing my hands away .

“ girl , I’ll slap the piss outchu get the fuck in the car ” I growled shoving her once again .

“ we can do it in your car” she yelled pointing to my truck that sat behind her house . Thinking smart , I left my other car back home when I thought of my truck being here . I’ll just drive that back when I leave .

” , can’t bring that shit round Lexi smelling like straight sex . Fuck wrong with you ? “I asked looking at her like she’s crazy .

“ who gives a fuck about her ? ” she asked walking to her car .

“ me . It might be fucked up that I’m messing with you , but that’s still my bitch . Who you ? ” I asked in all seriousness .

” get the fuck in the car ” she gritted , hopping in the back seat . Getting in I locked the doors .

“ take this shit off ” feeling for her panties , I didn’t find any . I came in contact with her pussy instead . That’s when I realized she was still in her outfit from the club .

“ no draws huh ? Why you ain’t change ? ” I smirked .Lifting her mini dress up , I pulled my polo underwear down . Hope she ain’t think I was gonna eat her out . That treatment for Lexi and Lexi only .

Slipping on the condom , I entered her nice and slow . “Fuck ” she moaned into my ear .

“ ride me ” I grunted flipping us over . She was on top while I was on the bottom .

“ shit August ” she moaned bouncing up and down my dick . This girl could ride for days .

“ stay just like that ” I grunted guiding her hips in the rotation I wanted them to go.The windows were fogged due to our heavy breathing , but I’m pretty sure the car was rocking like an earthquake And all I could do was hope her nigga ain’t come outside .

“ yes August yes ” she screamed as I slammed her down . My vein in my necked popped out because of so much pressure was being worked up . Rocking her body back and forth against mine , it was driving me insane .

Kicking my jeans off completely so she could have better access , she slid back on with ease continuing to soak my dick with her juices . Smacking her ass , I was ready for her to speed it up so I could get my nut out and bounce .

Turning her over on all fours , I rammed into the back of her with no mercy and rubbed on her sensitive clit . Hearing her cries and pleads for me to slow down because she couldn’t take it only made me go deeper and harder . Clenching her walls , I had to pull out before I came inside the condom.

” I’m finna bust ” I growled pinning her against the window . Reentering her , she moaned lowly as her mouth fell into the shape on an O .Thrusting in and out of her harder was enough for her to cum on my dick .

“ oh baby ” she moaned loudly As her legs shook viciously around my waist .
Trying to suppress my grunts , I nutted inside the condom until I felt my knees go weak . Pulling out , I fell against her seats trying to catch my breath .

“ why do you always use a condom ! ” she asked with an attitude . Here the fuck we go .

” fuck I look like Mariah ? What if you get pregnant ? ” I spat .

“ then ole well ” she rolled her eyes .

“ how come Alexis can carry your child but not me ? ” she asked with tears cascading down her face .I felt no sympathy for her , ” you just a fuck . No strings attached ” I spat getting out of her car and walking over to mine .

Fuck she thought this was ? Let me fuck August so I could be baby mama #2 ? Fuck outta here with that bullshit . Alexis the only one feeling how this dick feel without a condom . Tucking my shit to the back of my boxers , I tried to fix myself up before I could step foot inside my SUV .

Pulling my Calvin Klein and curve cologne out of my glove compartment , I got to spraying myself like my life depended on it , although it did . After what felt like 3 hours of drowning myself in cologne , I looked into my rear view mirror to see Mariah still sitting in her car with tears streaming down her face , still watching me . Grinding my teeth , I started my truck and heard it roar to life , not caring that it could possibly wake her nigga up .

Reversing my car , I pulled out of her driveway and sped home as the urge to get the dirtiness off of me got stronger and stronger . I always say how I’m done living this life with being a cheater but I end up doing it again . On top of it all I have the nerve to feel bad in the end even tho I should but guilt doesn’t feel too good .

Beating the steering wheel , I yelled fuck at the top of my lungs as I started mentally beating myself up about all the dumb shit I’ve been doing . If my mother knew I was doing any girl the way I’m doing Lexi , she would kick my ass . Feeling my body twitch , I got angrier with myself by the minute .

My fist came in contact with the steering wheel once again as I stopped at a stop light and awaited to pull off again . Breathing heavy , I checked my phone to see it was 5:30 in the morning and Alexis would be waking up soon to get ready for work and jay would be getting ready for school . Pressing my foot down on the gas , I continued my journey home with my j.cole bumping through my speakers , waking the elderly .

Pulling up in front the house , I mumbled fuck as the downstairs light was on and I could see the shadow of someone walking past the tall window . Turning my truck off , I slowly hopped out and slammed the door closed . Locking it up , I slid my phone inside my pocket and used my keys to get inside . Closing and locking the door behind me , water being ran from the kitchen could be heard as well as pots and pans . Walking through the lengthy opening of the house , I stepped into the kitchen to see Alexis standing over the stove drinking a glass of orange juice .

“ you’re home late , where you been ? ” she questioned without looking at me , waiting on my lie but I wasn’t gonna lie .

“ I went to the strip club ” I muttered , taking my hat off of my head and scratching through my controlled naps . Looking at me , she nodded before taking a sip out of her orange juice .

“ shower , I got the water running for you ” she informed sitting her glass down and tucking her hair . Biting my lip at the good shit this girl does for me , I kissed the top of her forehead and let my lips linger for a bit before pulling away . Looking down at her , a small smile graced her face and I couldn’t resist . Giving her a faint smile , I walked up the stairs , slowly taking my clothes off .

Noticing jay was no longer in our bed , she must have went to her own room when Lexi heard me pull up . Looking on the floor I seen her crutches and decided to be nice and bring them to her room . Opening her door just enough for me to lay them up against the wall , I turned and headed back to our room so I could get my ass in the shower .

While showering I closed my eyes and let the hot water take over and soothe my aching body . I blame it on that fucking car really . Trying to do all that flexible shit that I know I can’t do is the reason of my body aching so bad . Leaning back , I cracked my sore back and groaned in relief . Clenching my jaw , the soap and hot water seeped through the open wounds from Mariah’s cat claws .

No longer wanting to feel the aching pain of my open back wounds , I turned the water off and stepped out . Drying myself off with the towel I grabbed from the towel rack , I tucked it around my waist and walked in to the bedroom . Slipping on a pair of boxers , I quickly threw on a all white t-shirt before Lexi could come in and see my back . Slipping on some sweat pants in curtsey of jay being in the house , I made my way to the kitchen to see breakfast made on the table and Lexi no where to be found .

Licking my lips , I clamped my fist together and stared at everything she had cooked . Although it looked delicious , I wasn’t really hungry . My previous actions from tonight all the way through the early morning seemed to ruin my appetite . Covering the food , I left it out for jaylin to eat before she went to school . Slowly walking back up the stairs , I flopped on our bed where Alexis tropical scent was evident . Pulling up the covers , I fell asleep on her side with my face buried in her pillow .

Later that morning


Clutching my head tightly , I tried to avoid the headache that I had brought onto myself fussing and fighting with Chris on letting me out . Winning the battle obviously , I was actually glad he gave up . He wanted jay back and so did I so the best thing to do was let me out cause we all know I could make it happen .

Happy that he finally let a nigga loose , I climbed out of bed and made my way inside the bathroom . Cranking up the music that was playing lowly through the beats pill , pills N potions was making my ears bleed and I needed something a little more manly .

Plugging up my iPhone 5s to the aux cable , I cut on some old PAC and bobbed my head slowly to the beat as ” death around the corner ” filled my ears , some what putting me in the mood to slaughter a bitch. Sitting my phone next to the pill I walked back into the bathroom to proceed with my morning routine of freshening myself up .

As I got ready for school , I thought about exactly how I would possibly get jaylin to even talk to me without breaking down or giving me the cold shoulder . I could either one force her itty bitty ass to talk to me or I could ask politely . Shrugging my shoulders , I knew it wouldn’t be easy so I just went with the forceful way .

Jumping into the shower , I didn’t hesitate on washing my body since I was crunched for time and didn’t have an extra hour to take a long bath like I normally would . Stroking my dick slowly , an image of jay instantly popped into my head making a nigga rock hard .

Licking my lips , I continued to stroke myself as the thought of being pleased by her aroused me in many different ways . Grunting lowly , I sat down on the small bench that was built into my shower for idk what purpose but this is what I would use it for . Speeding up the pace , my toes began to curl as flashes of jaylin and I fucking that one night made me even harder if that was possible right now .

Her tight hole being wrapped around my dick , and virgin mouth turned me on to extreme measures . Just the thought of being back deep inside her made me moan out loud and sit up as my nut was quickly approaching . Beating my dick faster , my grunts seemed to get louder and my dick started to swell .

Pushing myself to the edge of the bench , my nut shot out the head of my dick across the shower . Letting out a satisfying grunt , I sat back for a little to catch my breath . Smiling at the fact her ass could make a nigga so horny , I stood my happy ass up and washed my body all over again. After being in the shower for another ten minutes , I stepped out and dried myself off before slipping on a pair of boxers .

Taking my clippers from under the counter , I plugged them up into the wall and began to cut the scruff off of the side of my face and give myself a lining . The shit was getting out of hand and it was taking away from my handsome features . Shaping up my goatee , I licked my lips ” cause death around the corner ” I rapped along as I noticed the song was on repeat , Making my way into the closet .

Shuffling through the many clothes , I picked out something plain and simple cause I was only making a school visit to see jaylin . I didn’t know if it would be inappropriate or not to just pop up at their new house without an invite so I decided to catch her at school .

Sighing , I took a seat on the bed as all the negative thoughts ran through my head and caused me to clench my jaw tight . What if she told me I was too late well ” we ” was too late and there’s nothing we can do to get her back ? Just the thought of her possibly saying that bullshit made anger rush throughout my body & cause a major migraine .

Knocking 4 pills of aleve back without anything to help chase it down , I slammed the container down on the counter and stared outside into the backyard . Honestly I was considering not going to school anymore , she would just have to bring her tiny a-” no your ass is going . Come on Caden I didn’t let you out for nothing ” Chris shouted in my mind . Gritting my teeth , I scratched the back of my head and said fuck it . Whatever happens , happens .

The crazy thing about this all is , she doesn’t even know of me but yet a nigga love her ass to death . Some people may have the type of attitude to where they’re like , ” how can you love someone when they don’t even know you ?” But for me it’s different , I just fell in love and to say the least Hopefully she loves my ass back cause if she don’t then I’ll have to make her .though I might have hurt her and may hurt in the future , I love her ass.

Tired of stalling , I grabbed a random set of keys and walked out the door into the garage . Making sure I had my house keys and my wallet , I used the key to unlock the mysterious car . Once I realized it was to the light blue lambo , a small smile crept onto my face as Chris got my car customized for a real nigga . That camo was starting to work my nerves so I guess he did the honors .

Crawling inside the car , I slammed the door down and started it up . Hitting the button that rested on top of the ruff , the garage door slowly opened . Backing out , I hit it again for it to close .cruising down the street , I looked both ways before zooming onto the highway .

Pulling both a blunt and a cigarette from my arm rest , I lit my blunt first and placed it in between my lips. Taking a pull from it , my nerves immediately calmed down as the smoke filled my lungs and started to zone me out . Tapping my fingers along the steering wheel , I hummed along to drakes days in the east and bobbed my head .

Parking far off in the back of the schools parking lot , I sat there for a minute to smoke my cigarette . Lighting it , I took a quick puff from it and blew the smoke outside the window . Chris hated me smoking these ” cancer sticks ” but I honestly didn’t give a fuck . They boosted a niggas High level and made me feel as if I was on cloud nine .

Reclining the seat back , I scratched the back of my head out of habit and placed my hat back on top of my head . Watching one of my teachers get out of their car , I smirked as the chance of murdering this bitch was at 100 for me . Placing the cigarette between my lips , I pulled my pistol out from under the seat and rolled my window down a little more .

Cocking my gun back , I aimed my tool directly at her head and pulled the trigger . Thank god I had my silencer already on my gun because my ass would have been caught from being so careless and not double checking . Watching her body slide down her car , her top half slumped over dramatically causing me to let out an heartily chuckle .

Tucking my gun back under my seat , I gladly finished my smoke session . Hearing my stomach growl , I looked up towards the school contemplating on if I wanted to go get food or just eat from the cafeteria . Rolling up my window , I turned my car off and took one last puff from my cigarette . Throwing it on the ground , I stumped on it with my Jordan and headed towards the front of the school .

Walking with my hands in my pockets , I grinded my teeth slightly . I didn’t really like big crowds so I tended to shut people out . Shrugging , I liked my space I guess and being cluttered with 500 other kids pissed me off. Half of them were failures who got on my last nerve while the others juSt simply got on my nerves .

” Chris ” some bitch said running up to me , if I’m sure enough it was Naomi . Slamming her head against the pole that signaled for the buses to keep straight , I kept walking . If you ain’t Jay , don’t fix your mouth to fucking talk to me . I don’t see why Chris fuck with all these hoes anyways .

Only person he need to fuck with is Jaylin . These other girls ain’t worth his time nor mine , nor is these hoes down for us . I hate the fact that who ever he fucks with I’m forced to fuck with because they think I’m him and he’s me . No , It don’t work like that lil mama . I would hurt you ’

Eyeing the pathetic little hoe as she held her face while rolling around , my face scrunched up as she was over exaggerating . I didn’t even bang the bitch face in that hard , all she had was a dent in her forehead , nothing too bad . Kicking her on her side , I walked on top of her to get to the mini steps that lead to the courtyard .

“ damn nigga that was fucked up ” one of his bitch ass friends exclaimed , running towards me . A slight mug covered my face as this nigga thought we were alright . These niggas was fake to me . One minute they in your face , the next minute they laughing at you when the school laughing .

Yea I remember that shit like it was yesterday when Jay went to the arcade with that Michael nigga and Chris came to school and them niggas ain’t want speak to my nigga where they do that shit at ? If you my nigga , then I’m your nigga 24/7 not when it’s beneficial for you .

Staring this nigga in his face , I tried to process what his name was but it wasn’t clicking . Licking my lips , I spotted the ” crew ” walking up behind him .” Yo what’s good Chris ” they all smiled . Looking at each one of them like wtf you smiling for , I remembered that I was in the hospital for a bit .

Clenching my jaw at them being a “friend “, them mutherfuckers never once stepped foot inside chris hospital room to see how he was doing . But that’s his friends tho , he have to learn for himself . ” what’s good , y’all seen Jay ? ” I pretended to care about if they were good or not , I just wanted details on my love .

“ she not here yet nigga you bookoo early . You never come to school early” checking my watch it was 7:46 . Damn he was right , I was early as shit . My stomach growled once again , only this time louder than before .

Walking away from the crew, I didn’t feel the need to tell them where I was going .opening up one of the doors to the cafeteria , my eyes scanned for an empty table . Finding one directly in the middle , I waltzed over and took a seat .

“ Christopher ” I heard Naomi yell . Throwing my head back in annoyance , i kicked the chair and grinded my teeth . Trying to break her neck and ask me why I did what I did a few minutes ago and the other night , I tuned her ass out . Making her go get my breakfast plate , like the dummy she is , she went got it .

Throwing my feet on top of the table , I placed my hands behind my head and waited on my food . Looking over all the people , I pulled my phone out my pocket and got on twitter as none of the people my eyes landed on seemed to be jaylin. As I was scrolling down my news feed , I could hear loud laughter coming from by the double doors.

Raising my head up , I looked to see Michael bitch ass walking over to my table . Dumb move on his end . Taking my feet off of the table , he did the honors and plopped down in front of me . Cracking my knuckles , he sat there with a goofy smile on his face .

“what’s good Chris ” he finally asked after just staring at me for 5 minutes .

“ sup ” I muttered , playing my cards right . This nigga think I’m stupid but I’m just waiting on him to tell on himself .

“ where your girl at ,” he asked looking around .

“ ion know ” I shrugged she wasn’t my bitch she was Chris’s . On cue , Naomi was dropping my plate off in front of me with a bottle of orange juice .

“ oh wasn’t that nice ” he smirked . This nigga was finna piss me off .

“ fuck is your problem ? ” I asked .

Smiling ,” nothing ” he leaned
Forward and rested his face in his hands while still smiling at me .

“ fuck you smiling for ? Ill really wipe that shit off your face “‘I growled .

” it’ll be alright , cause at the end of the day I still fucked your bitch “ he grinned . Smirking , just like I knew the bitch boy cracked . Couldn’t hold water on his tongue for nothing .

See , what people fail to realize is I know their every move , including Naomi’s and I don’t even like the hoe but I know her every move . Last night , her and Chris were studying but Chris was thinking about jaylin while she did all the work .

At some point throughout the night , Chris slipped up and said some shit well that’s who Naomi thought said some shit but it really was me . Anyways , I had said something on the verge of needing jaylin and it came out aloud , pissing Naomi off . Being the lil hoe that she is , she ran off to Michael’s house and gave him some sloppy toppy .

Reasons of me knowing this is , I made Chris ass get in his car and follow the bitch . There ain’t no way in the world , any female period would leave a nigga as fine as I am alone over him speaking his thoughts , especially if it’s a hoe . If a bitch can drop you in the snap of a finger , that means she got other niggas and who else would want Naomi besides tyga ? She had everyone else , he was the only one left .

” JAY ” some white girl yelled catching my attention . Looking at Michael a look of disappointment flashed across his face , sending an look of amusement to play out across mine . Chuckling , He done opened the doors for a real nigga but also earned his ass an ass whooping .

Hopping up , I lunged across the table and punched him in the nose sending his head flying back . Groaning , he touched his broken nose and looked at the blood that was leaking from it . Making everyone evacuate the cafeteria , I smiled evilly as I had it to myself .

Cocking my head back , I head butted him before sending my right fist into his jaw . Falling to the floor , he begged for mercy but he should of thought of that when he jumped Chris . Punching him in the eye, I made sure it was good and swollen before I even thought about stopping .

Wanting to hurt him just as much as he hurt Chris , I brought my foot up and stomped on his rib cage . Just when I was about to stomp him again , I could hear someone with keys walking in . By me turning off the lights , they couldn’t see who was in here and I was glad for that .

Dashing out of the cafeteria , I ran while looking back only for someone to run into me and me to run into someone . Looking down , it was jaylin . When she looked up to see it was me , she broke down in my arms . Holding her close to me , I wrapped my arms around her .

” do you wanna leave ? ” I asked with my jaw clenched . I hated seeing her cry . Nodding her head , I picked her up and lead her to my car . Wrapping her legs around my waist , she tightened her grip around my neck but it didn’t bother me . Rubbing up and down her back to soothe her , I gently placed her in the car and walked over to the drivers side .

” you good ? ” I questioned pulling out of the schools parking lot .

” I’m fine . Unclench your jaw “ she mumbled stroking my cheek ever so gently , sending a shocking sensation throughout my body .

” I wanna talk to you about something “ I mumbled touching her thigh . Flinching at my touch I flexed my jaw .

” can you move your hand ? “’ she asked nicely .

” if you want me to stay calm I have to touch you “ I muttered clutching her thigh tighter . Not wanting to fuss with me , she let me be and I was happy she did so . Pulling up in front my house I helped her out her side of the car .

” thanks “ She mumbled as I sat her down on the couch . Scooting away from her I sat all the way on the other end .

” what’s wrong Chris  ? “ She asked sadly that I moved away from her .

” my name is not Chris “ i spat coldly . It was about that time I stopped hiding who I was . If Chris wasn’t gonna tell her , I was . I want her to love me for me not for who she think I am .

” well damn my bad Christopher “

” my name ain’t no fucking Christopher “ I glared . Noticing my eyes weren’t brown , but a monster greenish color her eyes widened .

Swallowing her spit , ” who are you then ? “

” my name is Caden , another person living inside of Chris . I’m evil I’ll hurt anything or anybody . Including you “ I gritted . ” Well Caden was mean as hell “ I read her thoughts . Chuckling , she had no idea of the shit I was capable of .

” why me ? “ she asked hesitantly .

” cause I crave you , and I can’t have you “ I spat looking her in the eyes . She knew exactly what I was talking about , about how I can’t have her ” .Now I know why he was touching my thigh. He wanted to feel me and be close to me .“ Once again I read her mind . Licking my lips , I nodded .

” so that was you who slammed my head against the window that night in the car ? “ she asked .

” yea that was me “ I chuckled darkly .

” why are you laughing ? “

” because any other person would have went off on me by now . You just so calm as if I wouldn’t beat you any second now “ I grilled her ass . Feeling uncomfortable , she shifted in her seat .

” is there any medicine that Chris or you can take to stop each other from doing something bad ? “ She gulped .

” yea “

” well what is it ? “

Clenching my fist tight , She could tell I was fighting the urge to touch her ” you ” Staring at her , the fight I was putting up with myself not to touch her was wearing out . I needed her in the worst way possible .

” Take your clothes off “ I growled , scratching at my pants leg .

” no “ She shook her head . No ? Did she just tell me no ? Standing up I pulled her body up roughly . Yanking her by her shirt , I pulled it off myself . Beating my chest in , it didn’t stop me from undressing her .

” you gonna obey me one way or the other “ I demanded yanking her pants down . Giving up the fight She was trying to put up , She let me have my way .

Kicking my sweats off , my boxers fell in the process as I sat her tiny body on top of the counter . Kissing on her neck , she tilted her head to the side so I could reach her spot . Scooting her closer to me , my lips traveled to her own set.

Kissing her deeply , she wrapped her arms around my neck and shoved her tongue down my throat . She wanted this as much as I did , maybe even a little more . Spreading her legs a tad , she pointed down , wanting me to eat her out . Chuckling , she didn’t even have to ask cause I was going to do the honors anyways .

Picking up her fragile body , I carried her upstairs to my bed room and kicked the door close . Sucking on her right nipple , I laid her down gently and laid in between her legs . Running her fingers throughout my curls , I slowly slid down her body until I came face to face with her love box .

Hearing her breathing kick up a notch , I smirked as she anticipated on my feast . Ducking my head deep in between her legs , she shivered as I began to tear my shit up .


” you so fucking deep “ I moaned , banging my fist against his chest for him to pull out a little bit . Not letting up , he held my arms above my head and pushed his self deeper inside of me . Catching me completely off guard with his amazing stroke game , my breath got caught in my throat .

Letting my arms go , he gripped my hips tightly and rammed him self in and out of me , sending the headboard flying against the wall . Feeling myself near for the umpteenth time , I rubbed my clit fast in circular motions , adding more pleasure .

As my legs started to shake , Caden’s eyes slightly rolled back ” this my pussy ? ” he questioned , a grunt following behind . Shaking my head yes , he moaned lowly and flipped over .” Ride daddy dick ” he demanded in an husky tone , turning me on even more .

Placing my hands down on his chest , I bounced up and down slowly as I tried to take in all of him . Forcing me all the way down , a high pitch scream left my lips . Licking his own , he bounced me up and down faster as his 5th nut for the day was approaching .

Clenching my walls as tight as I could , Caden let out an loud moan . Smirking , I was about to make him my bitch until he flipped me back over on my back and pounded in and out of me . Using his arms to hold on to , to stop my body from jerking , I watched his amazing sex faces.

Holding me still by my hips , his eyes closed tightly as he busted his nut deep inside me 5 times in a row today . It was official , makeup up sex was the best sex and if it felt this good all the time then we need to argue more so we can makeup and have some great sex , tho most of this was frustrated sex . Sexual frustration that is that I am talking about .

Moaning as he continued to shoot his kids deep inside of me , he finally opened his tiring eyes and looked at me . Thrusting his hips in and out of me slowly , he was getting it all out while he had the chance . Moaning , he pulled out and shook his dick above my stomach trying to make sure it was all out .

Diving back inside me , I thought we were going for another around until he shook his head no and fluffed up the pillows that laid beneath my head . Watching him , he was trying to make sure I was comfortable before he got situated .

After 3 hours of good sexing and loving , Caden was finally worn out and tired & he couldn’t go no more . Watching as he plopped down on top of me , he made himself comfortable while trying to suck up some air to cool his hot body off . Catching my breath , I smiled at the fact of having my baby boy back .

During those three hours of good loving , we took a small thirty minute break to talk About us and where we currently stand relationship wise . According to him we are in a relationship and never breaking up . With that being fine with me , I told him my do’s and donts and he promised to please me no matter what as well as tell me what he expects from me as a girlfriend .

Also during those thirty minutes I learned more about who exactly Caden was , why he was created & what he was capable of doing. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared of him even tho he told me I didn’t need to be . Still frightened , I couldn’t help but be scared after he told me about all of his murders and blood baths .

I always would hear about that kind of disorder he has but I never came across someone who’s had it until now . In a way I was also intrigued by it because it was kind of cool . I was talking to a personality, not the actual person and that shit was crazy as hell yet cool like I said .

Caden was a dangerous human being , but I loved him , I loved him with all of me and I will never turn my back on him considering people did that to him all his life . As his girlfriend , I promised to be his biggest supporter and hold him up when he’s at his lowest as long as he promise to stay loyal to me and keep his attention on me and me only .

Laying on top of me he staid buried deep inside me because he was assured I wouldn’t dip out on him although that thought never once came across my mind . I enjoyed being in his embrace and I never wanted to let go . It had been 5 months since I’ve even been able to hold him this long so this right here felt good to me .

Also 5 months since I’ve been able to feel his ” guy friend ” deep inside of me . Last time was unexpected and I loved it and I loved it just as much this time maybe even a little more . It seemed very surreal on how much I craved his body when his hand came in contact with my thigh in the car . I had only asked him to remove his hand because the way I was feeling , I would have sexed him while he was driving but safety first .

Giggling softly at the crazy thought , I stared down at him as he held on to me tight . Licking my lips , things he mentioned to me seemed to float back . One of his flaws is that he Needs some one and when I say need someone , I mean need . He told me it was my attention and care taking personality that he craved .

All I was able to say was to proceed with caution because you never know what can happen . Craving the need to be with someone could be a dangerous desire considering how crazy a person can be . In Caden’s case , he’s crazy as hell and would do anything to have me . With that not sitting well with me , I had to open my mouth and explain to him that If we were ever to go our separate ways , he would have to let me be happy because I would do the same for him . Not matter how much it hurts .

Tho the desire and cravings of someone can be dangerous , it can all so be a signal of true love . Not only could it be a sign of true love , but it can be a sign of problems that a person is having and the only way to cope with it is to have some one around to distract you from it .

Assuring me that its definitely me as a whole that he was craving , I couldn’t do nothing but take his word on it . Holding him tight in my arms , his soft snores could be heard throughout the bedroom and I enjoyed them. Laying on my pillow , I stroked his cheek softly while watching him sleep . Smiling at how cute his nose would shrivel up whenever I would touch his freckles , I leaned down a bit and kissed his forehead .

Reaching over for the remote, I turned on his tv and flipped throughout the channels for something to entertain me while he slept the rest of the day away . Stopping the tv on ridiculousness , I laid the remote down and gave the show my undivided attention .

Watching 3 hours worth of episodes , Chris was still knocked out and I had to pee . Wiggling from under his embrace , he started to stir and I kept my movements as still as possible . Getting comfortable on his stomach , I quietly walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet .

Handling my business , I quickly but thoroughly wiped myself and flushed the toilet. Washing my hands , I scrunched up my face as I realized I used Caden’s manly soap on my hands . Sticking my tongue out in disgust , I threw the soap down and searched for some regular scented lotion .

Finding some cocoa butter Vaseline lotion , I rubbed it all over my hands and wrist , knocking his scent completely off of me . Turning the light off , I walked into the room only to hear slight whines coming from Caden’s mouth . Quickly jumping in the bed , I rolled him back on top of me and pushed his overly large dick back inside of me .

Taking a deep breath , I took in his size and adjusted my self underneath him . Once I got him to stop whining , I went back to watching the funny episodes of ridiculousness . Getting through half of the episode , I felt myself falling asleep only for Chris to just be waking up .

Looking at him with low eyes , he smiled up at me before kissing my lips softly . Wrapping my arms around his neck , he flipped us over so I was now on top . Tucking my face In the crook of his neck , his fingers ran up and down my back softly as I tried my hardest to go to sleep but nothing was working .

Sitting up , Caden looked at me as I covered my mouth and yawned . Hearing my stomach growl , he rubbed my belly in circular motions with a smile plastered upon his face .

Smiling , within a matter of seconds it turned into a frown as I remembered him busting his big heavy load inside of me without being wrapped up in a condom . As he laid there and rubbed my stomach , I started to think that he did it on purpose so I could have a mini him or me running around but neither of us was stable for that .

There’s no doubt that I wouldn’t have his well their baby or babies but he’s just not ready for that right now . Possibly in the future but definitely not now . Having to purchase the plan b pill in the morning , just the thought of it brung tears to my eyes but I quickly blinked them away before Caden could see .

” are you hungry ? “ I asked as my stomach growled loudly . Nodding his head , I got up and picked up his t-shirt and threw it over my body . Walking down the steps , he followed behind with nothing but his boxers and socks on .

Walking into the kitchen , I pulled out everything I would need to make his favorites and laid them out on the counter . Cutting up the raw chicken breast , I cleaned them real good before seasoning them and placing them inside the garlic butter that he loved so much .

Pressing ’ shuffle ’ on my music playlist , a random freaky song by YG started to play and I immediately began to sway my hips to the beat . Stirring the pot of boiling noodles , Caden smirked at me before walking to the living room and plopping down on the couch .

Covering the pot of Alfredo sauce , I checked my phone to see 5 txt messages from Alexis . Sighing , I opened them to see what she was blowing me up about . Asking me where I was and why I left school , I replied with a goofy grin on my face .

Telling her that I was with caden well Chris so she wouldn’t freak out , I also told her why I was with him . Biting my lip anxiously as I waited on her txt back , she had finally replied with bookoo red and blue hearts and smiley faces . Knowing that I had her approval , I sat my phone down and continued to prepare dinner for Caden and I .

Slaving over the stove for a little over an hour , the food was finally ready and I was past starving . Fixing both of our plates , I sat them on the dining room table and grabbed some juice from the fridge . Placing the freshly made lemonade in the middle of the table , I laid the napkins next to it .

” Caden come eat “ I said loud enough for him to hear me . Seconds later he came running Into the dining room
, sitting down . Chuckling at his greedy ass, I sat in front of him and said grace . With quickness , he let my hand go and dug into his food .

Eating like he hasn’t eaten in days , the room was comfortably silent and I wasn’t complaining ” so I was thinking we can go to Disney land tonight and have some fun ” he suggested breaking the silence . Nodding my head in agreement , I went back to eating my tasty pasta .

” are you enjoying the food ? “ I questioned , wiping my mouth.

” keep cooking like this and ima wife that lil ass up ” he smiled before eating his last fork full of pasta . Watching as he cleaned his plate , mine was still halfway full . Downing his lemonade , he stared at my plate with hungry eyes .

Laughing silently , I slid my plate over to him and took a sip out of my juice ” I’m full , you can have the rest ” I mumbled standing to my feet , taking his plate . Walking to the kitchen , I washed the dishes and wiped down the counters . Placing the food that I put into containers inside the refrigerator , I closed the door and jogged up the steps .

Gathering the little things that was left that wasn’t too manly for my liking , I hopped in the shower and turned the water on scolding . Feeling a cool breeze from behind me , I could smell Caden standing directly behind me . ” that water is scolding just to let you know ”

Shaking his head , ” I don’t mind ” he mumbled resting his head on my shoulder . Turning to face him , he looked down at me and smacked my ass . Jumping as he hit the same spot he continued to hit while we were fuckin , I was 100% sure I had a bruise back there . Rubbing it to soothe the pain , I laid my head against his chest .

Hearing thunder outside , my eyes shot towards the bathroom window and caught the lightning just in time to make me change my mind about wanting to go to Disney land . ” I’m guessing you don’t wanna go any more huh ? ” he asked. Nodding my head with a small pout , he kissed my lips and said okay .

Bathing myself , he slapped my ass with his dick . Turning to look at him , I gave him the pointed finger telling his ass to quit . Laughing obnoxiously , he continued to do it , slightly pissing me off . Rinsing myself off , I stepped out of the shower and dried off , leaving that asshole in there alone . Hearing him suck his teeth , I shrugged my shoulders and threw on one Of his t-shirts .

Wanting to be a big girl , I walked down the stairs and entered the dark living room . Lightning reflected off of something in the backyard , flashing light into the living room . Screaming , I jumped as a tall figure stood in the corner . Flicking on the light , Caden came running down the stairs . ” what’s wrong ?” He asked out of breath .

Holding my heart , I tried to control my breathing ” nothing . I thought I saw somebody in the corner ” blinking my eyes to get rid of the image of mark being in the corner , I looked over to it to see nothing but a plant . Heading for the kitchen, I downed a bottle of water and took two of my anxiety pills .

Caden strolled into the kitchen behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist , resting his chin on top of my head . Looking past him at the window , mark stood there with a creepy smile on his face holding a knife . Walking towards Caden and I , I beat his chest in trying to get him to turn around , only for him to turn into Michael .

Breaking free from his embrace , I ran up the stairs, tripping over my own foot . Looking back , mark pulled me down to him by my ankles and flipped me over . Kicking him in the face , reality came back to me as Caden drew his hand back and popped me across my own .

Holding my eye , I looked out of my good one to see him struggling on the floor . getting up ,” baby I am so sorry ” I apologized , helping him to the couch . ” yo what the fuck is wrong with you ? Screaming and running from me and shit ” he groaned holding his nose .

Sighing ,” I thought I seen some one , im sorry ” he nodded . ” no I’m sorry baby . I let my reflexes get the best of me and I hit you . That was wrong on my part ” he muttered kissing my eye. Brushing it off of my shoulders , I laid on top of him and buried my face in his chest .

First the dream , now I’m seeing shit . What the fuck is actually going on ? Caden got up with me still in his arms to turn the lights off while I kept my face Hidden to stop from seeing anything else crazy . Laying back down , he cut on cartoons , my favorite to be exact ; sponge bob .

With that being my favorite cartoon , I tried my hardest to stay awake but it wasn’t working . My medicine was putting up a fight with me and this time it was winning . Kissing my baby an early goodnight , sleep took over my body knocking me out for the rest of the night .


Shifting on the couch , I tried to find a comfortable position as my babies decided they would lay on mommies pelvic area and cause havoc in the womb and make me suffer . Placing my body pillow in between my legs , I laid on my side which seemed to ease the pain a bit .

Taking deep breaths , I drunk some of my ice water and laid back down . Watching a movie on lifetime , I rubbed my belly gently as the kids were raising up more and more off of my pelvic . Smiling in a little relief , august walked his happy ass downstairs after sleeping all day .

Looking at me with a goofy smile on his face , I tried my best to ignore his dumb ass and watch my movie . Getting in the way of the television , he did jump & jacks in front of it causing me to turn my body the opposite way . Sucking his teeth , he smacked me on the ass , getting a loud cry from me .

Rubbing my booty , he chuckled as I pouted but I found nothing funny at all . Whining , I hid my face in the couch pillow and continued to rub , only for my hand to be replaced with his . Smiling a little , I moaned lowly as the feeling took over me .

Squeezing between me and the couch , he started to rub my belly ” what’s wrong with you ? ” he asked .

” your kids are giving me cramps out the ass “ I muttered with a pained expression written across my face .

” Aww my baby" he cooed making a kissy face while trying to kiss me . Smacking his face away , he sucked his teeth .

“ Fuck you ” I told him.

“ You already did that’s why you in this predicament. ” He said pointing to my big belly . Frowning at him never letting me win , I rolled my eyes dramatically

Sighing loudly. “You get on my nerves you know that?”

“ Yea I know ” he said kissing my lips. Grabbing the side of his face , He deepened the kiss causing me to moan And him to smile against my lips.

“ I just wanna watch tv right now I’m tired & in some bad ass pain ” I simply stated after breaking the kiss.

“ Aight ” he said reaching for my feet & spreading my legs across his lap.

“ What are you doing?” I asked looking at him .

“ Letting you & My kids relax ” he mumbled nonchalantly . Nodding my head , I laid back and watched him massage my feet while watching tv . Smiling at his cute ass , my smile turned into a frown as yesterday’s events came back to mind .

Laying against the pillows , I continued to stare at this beautiful creation with questionable eyes as thoughts of him and my sister having something going on made my stomach turn .

That thought alone made me even more tired and I got bored with fighting my sleep just to look at him as his beautiful jaw flexed before breaking out into a fit of giggles from whatever he was watching .

My tiredness out weighing my desires , I closed my eyes and let his foot rubbing put me to sleep . Shifting a little bit , I could feel my own breathing getting heavy . Relaxing my body , I was sleep in no time.

Waking up after 2 hours of napping , i heard aug sound like he was singing to the babies causing a smile to break out on my face . Realizing I was in the bed , That foot rub must have been good as hell because ya girl didn’t feel shit . Normally I would feel if someone was to touch me while I’m asleep but for some reason I was numb to it all .

Staring august down as he sung to my belly , the babies were moving around crazily at the sound of his voice . Anaya was kicking her baby feet sending me out of breath but I kept my mouth closed so I wouldn’t disturb their daddy and baby time .

Chuckling at a note he got wrong , He looked up at me.” Bout damn time you wake up. Me & The kids been bored waiting on you. ” his south side accent came out .

“ Why y’all was waiting on me?” I questioned with a yawn .

“ So we could have family time mama. ” he said kissing my stomach .

“ Well I’m up daddy. ” I said causing him to chuckle.

“ How we taking pics for the baby shower” he asked sitting up .

“ Umm I haven’t really decided but I think I got a few ideas of what I wanna do. ”

Nodding his head up & down. ” How many kids you gone give me. ”

“ How many you want? ” I asked .

“ I want a lot. ”

“ Oh well I’m not having more than 6 soo” I let him know ahead of time .

“ That’s fine. I just want a family with you Lexi. I love you & I think I’m in love with you. ” he said kissing my neck .I started to cry when he said that . I don’t know why but it made me feel good inside .

“ Don’t cry Lexi ” he said wiping my tears.

“ It’s the hormones ” I laughed .

“ No that’s yo ass ” he said causing me too smack my lips.

“ Shut up. ” I smacked him upside the head .

“ No ” he whined.

“ I love you ” he pouted when I didn’t give him an answer .

“ I love you too but am I really getting fat ” I asked getting sad. Earlier one of my co-workers said I was getting fat but I was very denial of the fact .

“ Honestly? Yea but you beautiful & got a beautiful ass glow to go with it ” he said causing me to blush. Kissing his forehead , he sent a smile my way .

“ Why you always blushing?” He asked .

“ I really don’t know. Cause you ain’t nobody. ” I mumbled laughing , Causing him too smack his lips.

“ I must be since you carrying MY baby. No scratch that babies ” he smirked

“ I— ” The ringing of his phone cut me off. Rolling my eyes at that damn phone , I wanted to snap it in two and break that bitch .

“ Hold on babe. ” Nodding my head up & down I stayed quiet. He got up & went in the bathroom. Playing with my fingers , He came out like 15 mins later.Who the fuck was this nigga talking to?

“ Who was that ?” I asked with an attitude .

“ Work I gotta go. ” he said searching for his keys .I just fell back on the mattress & threw a temp-tantrum.

“ Aww you wanted to spend time with me?” He smiled

“ Nope ” I said .

“ You lien. You gone miss me huh?”

“ Don’t be to confident. ” I mumbled

“ What you gone do while I’m gone. ”

“ Why? ”

“ Cause I wanna know where my child at. ” he shrugged

“ Oh well wherever she at she gone be good. ” I assured him .

Sucking his teeth. ” You better be here when I get back. ”

“ I’ll see what I can do. ” I said as u got out the bed , Already knowing what I was gonna do. Come in at like 3 from raven or Patrice’s house. Nigga had me some fucked up , I swear to god .

“ Stop playing with me Lexi.” He said standing over me

“ I’m not though my hands right here ” I said showing him All ten fingers. Scrunching up his face , he couldn’t help but chuckle a little .

“ Gimme kiss so I can go. ” After a long passionate kiss he left & so did I a few mins later. Struggling to get in my BMW , I had to push the seat back in order to breathe .

Pulling out of the drive way , I looked both ways while deciding on where exactly I wanted to go . Tapping my finger nails against the steering wheel , I was in need of a nice refill and eyebrow wax .

Licking my lips , I drifted off the street , smiling at the slight rush that ran throughout my body . Bumping a random mixtape in my car , I bounced from side to side . Rolling my window down , I let my hair flow with the wind .

“ cut her off ” came on 94.1 and I got loud . Rapping along , the white man on side of me hurried to roll up his window . Cackling at his scary ass , I kept on jamming and went on about my business . Shaking my head at how these people feel threatened by any and everything , I cut my music down .

Pulling up at ” solar nails ” I parked my car closest to the door so I wouldn’t have to walk far . Walking inside , I was assisted immediately . Sitting down in one of the chairs the Chinese lady told me to sit back while she did her job .

Laying back against the massager , I used my hand that was free to respond to old txt messages and new ones . Rolling my eyes at not knowing who Half of these people were asking to see me , I deleted and blocked their numbers . One thing I no longer do is fake friends .

Asking the lady to speed up the process , she did just that so I can get my ass out of there . Looking at my new color , jade , I smiled at the come out and paid . Saying bye , I walked out and to my car.

Trying to stay true to my word on not coming home to show august ass a miniature lesson , I called up Patrice to get no answer . Calling raven , she told me that they were getting each other ready so they could go out and do something .

Biting my lip anxiously , I told her to give me 45 minutes and I’ll be there . Getting myself together at home , I made sure to pack an over night because I knew for a fact I would not be coming home . Tho I know august will be extremely upset with me , how he feel right now was none of my concern .

Heading towards ravens house , I took off one pair of my flats and replaced them with my gold ones that complemented my sundress . Stopping at a red light , I took the time to quickly do a little makeup to my face to make me look like something . Smiling dimples deep at my reflection , I pulled off.


Walking out of the movie theatre , I checked the time on my wrist and it 3:00 am . Biting my lips anxiously , this was the time august would usually be making his way home to me but tonight it would be a little different .

It was hard trying to find something to do that was baby friendly due to me being pregnant . Thinking of something simple but still fun , we decided to come see the ’ purge ’ . Overall the movie was good but I think I would have enjoyed it a little more if Patrice would have shut up .

The bitch would not shut up for nothing . She kept staring at me so she could laugh , and when nothing came out she still laughed . Her ass also kept pointing out what was in the movie trailer and what wasn’t . I was about 5 seconds away from punching her shit but I kept my cool .

Now we were heading out to the front of the movie theatre where the palm trees and water fall was placed . Taking in the warm night air , I rubbed up and down my arms as chill bumps graced them . Suddenly stopping , Arielle stood in front of us holding up a grocery store bag.

Eyeing her weirdly , she laughed silently and opened it . Pulling out some red shirts , raven , Patrice & I busted out into a fit of giggles as this bitch got us some customized shirts for her birthday . Her actual birthday was Monday but we all he decided that tonight would be the night we celebrate it .

“ okay , I got all smalls and one medium . Lexi you just gonna have to stretch it out a bit ” she made a sorry face before laughing . Rolling my eyes playfully , I held the shirt up as my eyes roamed all over it . All of our names were plastered on the back , and who’s ever shirt it belonged to name was in bold . It was nice .

“ I got this . Patrice , ima pull this way and you pull the other way ok ? ” I said stretching the head part out . Nodding her head , she pulled one end while I pulled the other . Stretching the shirt out for a good two minutes , I was assured that it could fit over my belly now. Quickly throwing it over my sundress , we all posed for the picture she got a stranger to take . Smiling as the flash went off , I stepped down off of the steps and picked up my purse .

Heading to the car , the girls joked around as I stared into all the boutiques that was along the strips . Smiling as we passed up frock candy , the sudden urge to wanna have my own excited me . Making a mental note for something to do in the future , I happily got inside of Arielle’s SUV .

Sitting next to Patrice she crossed her leg over mine and looked at me with her tongue sticking out . Looking at her like she was crazy , raven laughed . Turning on the radio, Beyoncé came on causing Patrice to direct her attention towards her singing . Covering my ears as she fucked up the lyrics to pretty hurts , this went on the whole ride to quarters .

Gladly hoping out of the car once we made , we all got out and walked In together . Since it was my first time ever coming , I was lost on where to go and stood still . Looking around it looked like Chuck E Cheese , only for older people . Basically a Dave and busters of you ask me . ” I’m starving ” I said to the girls .

“ we are too , let’s go on the other side and get a bite to eat ” Patrice said pulling her shorts down . Walking to the other side by the bar , we all sat down and looked over one of the available menus . As my eyes roamed over all the delicious meals , I got happy once I seen buffalo boneless wings . Ordering myself a set of boneless wings and fries , the girls got the same .

Hopping down off the stool , we walked over to an available table and sat down . Placing my purse under it by my feet , raven and I had small girl talk while Patrice and Arielle was in their own little world . Hearing my stomach growl and babies kick , I silently asked for the cooks to hurry with my food .

Crossing my legs , I leaned back in my chair as I listening to raven vent about her and her boyfriend issues that she has been having . I thought what was going on between august and I was bad but that’s until I heard her story . Poor baby was going through hell and back with these different niggas only resulting in trying to find another one .

In my honest opinion , if you’ve met over 5 guys in one year and it’s still not working then you need to give “‘dating ” a rest and let it come to you because sometimes when you seek for the right person , you get the wrong one . Hugging her body , she began to shed tears . Needing some sort of comfort , I rubbed her back as Patrice and Arielle silently laughed to them selves . Choking a bit to block my own laugh , raven raised up and wiped her eyes .

“ thank you butter cup . You’re always there for me ” she thanked me before hugging me once more . Nodding my head , I mumbled no problem as the waiter sat our food down .

Without hesitation I went mute and picked up a fry , sticking it in my mouth . Licking my lips at the delicious salty taste , I shoved a few more down my throat before lifting my fork to try the buffalo wings .

Placing one in my mouth , I nodded as it wasn’t bad at all . Looking over at Patrice she was complaining about how wet hers was . We all looked at her like she was crazy because wet wings are the best wings. Being the nice gal that I am , I offered to switch with her . Taking my plate , I took hers .

Sitting in silence while we all devoured our food , I wiped my mouth and took a sip out of my orange fanta . Two men walked over to our table talking obnoxiously loud causing all of our eyes to roll .” Y’all mind if we sit here ?” One of them asked . Scrunching up my face , his beard was long and ugly while his scruff covered most of his face .

“ it is a table isn’t it ? ” I said smartly . Shrugging their shoulders , they both sat down and minded their own business . Scooting my seat over closer to raven , she caught my drift .

The smell they were giving off was as if they had just got off from work and was looking for somewhere to go for the rest of the night. The scent off oil and dirt mixed together seemed to upset my stomach as I began to lose my appetite . Saying excuse me , I walked as fast as I could to the bathroom .

Hunching over , I threw up the little food I did get in my system into the toilet . Throwing up a bit more , I spit into the toilet and stood to my feet . Flushing , I walked over to the sink and washed my hands . Wiping around my mouth , I popped a piece of gum into it .

Feeling sick , I walked back over to the table to here the girls talking about going play laser tag . Thanking god that we was getting away from them smelly ass niggas , I retrieved my purse and followed behind them to the laser tag building .

Being the pregnant one , I wasn’t aloud to play for safety purposes obviously and I was kind of bummed about it . Taking everyone’s purses and phones , I walked over to a vacant table and rested my head on my arms . With a migraine and tummy ache , I was wishing I was at home instead of here .

Feeling my phone vibrate , i pulled it out of my purse . My heart dropped once I seen the name ’ baby ❤️’ flash across the screen . Sliding open his txt message , I was nervous for myself ” Ima show you , I swear to god I will ” . At that moment I knew for sure I wasn’t going home .


Happy trans day of visibility, everyone!

I am Constantine, I live in Greece and I am 17y old. I grew up in a transphobic-homophobic country so from an early age I have been told that I was a male, and that I should act like one. I never understood gender roles. As a kid I liked playing with barbies with my sister or even dress up like a girl and do sketches with her and at the same time, I enjoyed drawing dragons and monsters.

My family didn’t actually have a problem with that ‘cause they thought Ι was going through a phase or smth. I remember my mum taking me to play-stores and I would pick my own barbie (although I could only have one) and generally helping me do anything I wanted (although she forbade me wearing makeup and anything too girly). I couldn’t tell my friends and I have been keeping it a secret since.

I have been rejecting my true feelings for so long because of bullying and fear, I have been suppressing interests and behaviours to fit the label of “male”, 'cause I thought I had no other choice, that even now, I can’t figure out what the heck I am (sexually and my gender).

For the time being, I identify as a demiboy but I am still searching to see if I feel more comfortable as something else. In the future I wish to have an androgynous appearance(no body hair, coloured nails, wearing makeup and that kind of stuff) but still pass for a guy. (I don’t wear makeup outside for now and my family doesn’t know about all this. They would only accept after long fights and I really don’t have the energy for that).

Demiboy | he/his | Happy tdov to all of you and I wish you find peace with yourselves soon

In Defense of WestAllen

I was having a discussion on another board about WestAllen and thought I’d post my thoughts here. Look, for the people who are so disturbed by the idea of Barry and Iris being in a romantic relationship because they spent part of their youth living together, I’m not here to police your preferences or what you’re comfortable with. But for you to say something is wrong because it’s different from what you’ve been socialized to believe is normal, that’s just bigoted and unfair. Some people think homosexual relationships are wrong. Does that undermine them? In some cultures, it’s acceptable for first cousins to marry. I actually come from such a culture. I would personally never marry a cousin, but I know people who have, and they are in wholesome, healthy relationships. You might be grossed out by this because it’s unusual to you, but that doesn’t make it morally offensive. In the case of Barry and Iris, for the last time, there is absolutely no blood relation between the two, they have two different sets of parents, so that rules out the incest by definition alone. It can be assumed that Joe never formally adopted Barry, only took him in and was his legal guardian. His last name is still Allen. I think the loose allusions to Joe as Barry’s “father” and to Barry as Joe’s “son” are there to highlight the deep bond and affection between the two, not to be taken literally. In fact, the relationship between Barry and Joe looks like what an ideal relationship would be between a father and his son-in-law: it’s almost as if Barry and Iris are already married. Furthermore, Barry had feelings for Iris BEFORE he moved in with the Wests, so it’s not like he fell for her while they were under the same roof. Sure, the feelings were probably heightened, and I doubt it wasn’t awkward, but his feelings were present before, and were thus not a product of living in close proximity to her. Joe took Barry in when he was eleven. Barry moved away to attend college at age eighteen, got a job, and then started living on his own. Barry and Iris are currently aged around twenty-six. Seven years. They shared a household for seven out of twenty-six years of their life. That’s not a big deal at all. Also, people act like their relationship is being depicted as a typical thing: it’s not. The show is actually smart and savvy about it. It’s acknowledged multiple times that Barry and Iris have an unusual relationship because it IS unusual. In the pilot, Iris acknowledges it: (“Because we practically grew up in the same house, we’re like brother and sister, and cause we’re not actually brother and sister, it can be really weird and awkward to talk to me about girls, it doesn’t have to be weird. I want the right person to love and adore you for the amazing guy you are.”), Joe laughs about it: (”You’re asking your adoptive father for advice about being in love with his daughter, who just happens to be dating his partner?”), Mason jokingly asks if Barry is Iris’s brother or friend and Barry is visibly uncomfortable at being referred to as her brother. The show recognizes that it’s a weird dynamic and embraces it with these moments to show the complications that come with it. But weird and complicated doesn’t mean wrong. They even reference that their living together was an obstacle that prevented Barry from pursuing her, again, taking a very realistic approach to it (“Growing up together and knowing so much about each other, it made it hard for me to admit how I felt about you. And I waited too long, and you fell in love with Eddie.”). Then near the end of the season, we actually get confirmation that in an original, unaltered timeline, Barry and Iris met under different circumstances, and fell in love without having grown up under the same roof. I personally find their relationship very sweet and endearing. Yes, one dimension of their relationship does look like one of siblings, but they’re not siblings, plain and simple. Siblings tease each other, trust each other, protect each other, but so do best friends and so do lovers. The difference is the sexual/romantic undertone, and in this case, it’s not unethical for them to experience that sexual undertone because again, they share negative DNA. There’s something really captivating about knowing someone so well from childhood, knowing all their faults and secrets and weaknesses, and still choosing to love them and want to be with them. That’s why I believe that the fondness Barry and Iris have for each other is genuine. I never once was turned off by the idea that Barry and Iris grew up in the same house. I immediately took it as an explanation for why they were so close and why Barry still wanted to be with her after all these years. I always saw it as a testament of profound love/devotion. People need to learn to challenge their biases and not be so closed-minded. Different doesn’t mean wrong or disgusting. An unconventional relationship (and the word unconventional is subjective to everyone) isn’t any less valid, healthy, or loving than a typical one. I guess this could kind of be a WestAllen appreciation post? I did feature quotes ;).

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No matter what though Sam was/is spending time with these 'girls' that he's been affiliated with. Abbie was around a lot and they did stuff together and I think they actually were dating. Cody I believe was just a random hook up that became stalkerish, then you have amy with the pool video and sitting in Sam's lap and basically getting into a cat fight with Cody over him. And now there's MM he is still spending time with her either way, winery, bb game and Montreal.

Ok anons, one last time for those in the back- and only because this is so much fun for me to do- I will humor this ask with an answer. But seriously, guys, could you send some hard questions once in a while, ‘cause this is one is starting to feel a bit like shooting fish in a barrel….

Abbie, now that one was a good find for Purv, I think she stuck with the game the longest, and played with the most subtlety, managing most of her innuendo through cleverly laid out and accessorized pictures of food. Quite an undertaking, to be sure. But what actually was between them? The little sister of Sam’s Christmas movie costar, and an aspiring actress who got a very small part in a very small movie before abandoning acting for a teaching job, he and Abbie met when she was fourteen or so. She and her sister worked together on Henrile la Worm, a healthy eating project for kids that Sam promoted quite a bit before he started the MPC. So it appears that there is at least an acquaintanceship there. They even had a brief Twitter conversation about food back when Sam was stranded in NYC during hurricane Sandy. Sam appears to have helped her when she decided to get fit and start a healthy lifestyle blog. She spent some time in Glasgow, most likely at one of the fight camp training sessions held at Valbo’s gym and then did an MPC challenge by going up a Munro with Sam, and presumably the other members of his climbing party, as guide(s). The pictures that she posted of her “weekends” in Glasgow can all be attributed to this time. A bunch of pics taken close together but easily posted out to appear to be over many visits, and the dinner at the Glasgow restaurant that she implied came after the implied “shooting afternoon”
is most likely the “cozy dinner” that the climbers enjoyed after the Munro climb that she posted about but never got round to showing the picture of. She apparently had some access to his flat, which appeared to be unlived in from the lack of anything at all on the countertops except two recognizable coffee mugs strategically placed in the background in the one wide shot she got of the place, and in another shot in a local juice bar she featured the edge of a scarf in a pattern that Sam had been seen wearing. Perhaps since she was a friend he let her stay there in lieu of a hotel? He surely was living in with Cait by that time. She also had some access to Sam, as a friend surely would, and she is seen in a leaked picture sitting between Sam and his mum along with many other people on a sofa at a family party. There is no hint of any intimate connection in their pose. She had also turned up in LA during the time that Sam was there on hiatus shooting When the Starlight Ends. But she was there with a girlfriend who was engaged to be married and wanted a last hurrah in a warm place. Abbie managed no pictures with Sam, or even with any of his belongings during this time, which suggests that if they met at all it was quite brief.
For Sam’s part he was busy. Working. And in LA, filming videos for fan get togethers from what seems to be Cait’s flat saying how much he missed Cait while she was away filming in NYC. And before she left Cait posted a pic prominently featuring his favourite almond butter sitting on the table along with her cat.
Abbie also turned up to NYC for the premiere of season 1b, but no posts suggesting she had any access to Sam at all during this time. She wasn’t at the screening or the after party either, odd for a girlfriend to be so overlooked…then Abbie went to a resort in Barbados.
For Sam’s part he was busy going to Cait’s BFF’s play and live tweeting from a hotel bed with Cait. Sam turned up in Miami airport in a very delayed fan pic post dressed in the same clothes he had worn on an appearance on Good Friday. If he and Cait slipped away to Miami for a long weekend over Easter since her production wasn’t shooting that weekend it would explain the obviously hotel bed that the live tweeting happened from that next day on Saturday evening. And other than ignoring her in Monte Carlo and leaving her to find her way back home alone from there in his haste to get back home, even though he wasn’t due back in the studio for several days, that is the sum of their “relationship”. Only one picture even in the same room together from the whole time- and no invites to premiers or other functions despite her obvious availability to attend. Hmmmmm……

And Cody. Sam’s one and only! That is, she is the only one who was “official”. That is she was pretty obviously an “official” publicity stunt set up by their shared publicist to get Sam’s reputation as a “Single Guy” some help. They both visited the props museum, (together, or separately, who knows?) and took pics standing alone in front of the Delorean from Back to the Future. Sam even made a comment on Cody’s pic. Then came the Halloween party where she and Sam were supposed to get papped walking out together- oooh, so romantic! But what we got was a video of an exasperated Sam standing on the sidewalk signing autographs whilst waiting for the doormen to locate his “date”. Apparently she was having such fun away from his side all evening (several pics show some serious fun, and none of it involving Sam) that she couldn’t even be located when Sam decided it was time for the Walk To The Car. When the call came that she had been found and presumably been made ready to leave Sam went back inside and the two of them then made their Grand Exit. Sam in the lead walking with great purpose towards the car and never a look back, and Cody following behind teetering a bit on her heels. When he reaches the car he turns and waits for her and then bundles her into the car with no courtesies at all- most unloverlike! Just outside the establishment door Cody does attempt, briefly, to touch his shoulder but with no success- any claims that they were holding hands and the pap pic that is used to suggest that they had been, but dropped them as the shot was taken, are false and the look is simply due to the angle the shots were taken from directly in front of the subjects. The side view video shows she was always several steps behind him. And ditto for the claims that they were “making out” whilst waiting for the car. Sam waited alone on the sidewalk for the car as the search for Cody went on inside the party. Sure they left together but it looked like two strangers sharing a cab ride, not a guy and a girl on a date…..
Cody also got a ticket for the same Timberland concert session that Sam attended. He is posing for a fan pic which seems to get photobombed by Cody who seats herself next to him and tries to snuggle under his right arm that is held stiffly down and behind her. From his expression and the tension in his posture he would gladly have chewed that arm off rather than put it round her as fan pic posing usually demands.
For Sam’s part-Sam left town. For Big Sur. Big Sur where Cait claims to have spent several weeks relaxing over that hiatus…..
After that is was all just pictures of Cody in places she thought Sam might logically be found like a restaurant and a Mexican resort- and people thinking he must surely be there with her if she was implying that he was…..

Amy. A friend. From before he was famous. They both had parts in Young Alexander and had remained friends after the movie wrapped, even after her move to LA. When Sam was in LA looking for work he would meet up with her and her crowd for Sunday brunch- it was a tradition with them. Also there were dinners with the crowd too. Amy posted a vine of her and her friend Sam playing at a pool party with others right after he got to town for the first hiatus. I don’t think either of them thought much about any implications- and I am sure she was happy to get a bit of publicity being seen as Sam’s friend. She also went to a video game launch with Sam and his friend Luke and there is a picture of her on his lap with Luke sitting beside them- three friends holding a very large weapon and all looking a little the worse for wear….after Sam got back from Big Sur the brunches, and all the other pictures of dinners etc. stopped.
For Sam’s part it didn’t seem to take long into the hiatus before Sam got a new crowd to hang with in his Outlander buddies- and best friend Luke.
Amy also got an invite for the first outlander premiere in NYC where she apparently was already in town for another premiere. She didn’t hang around with Sam in any pics or videos, he was quite busy with his costar and no time for friends. But she went to the parties and turns up in some pics. Nothing to suggest anything more than Sam letting a friend have his plus one invite since he didn’t need it- his plus one having got an invite of her own, being the star of the show and all. As a friend I am sure Amy was not best pleased to have to watch Cody and all her implications about sam. The friction between them surrounding Cody’s choice of Halloween costume seems to reflect that concern, after all she was, and is, a longtime friend of Sam.

And the latest- Mackenzie. Met at a work party and on Sam’s follows list. She took a holiday in Scotland and came home to find that somehow she had managed to visit the same tourist stop as Sam would visit a few days after. Who knew? But when the troll says “you’re the One” why not go for it?
A few calls to a friend and a plan to “run into” Sam for a quick and, likely unbeknownst to Sam until the shutter clicked, highly public chat at a wine tasting, and then a lucky strike at a baseball game when your friend and you learn from IG that Sam is there too, and that her phone can take videos….and some time later the gods were really smiling when another fan pic turned up showing that Sam had made a quick stop in the town where you are shooting a movie- lucky thing that you had thought to pack that hat along….
For his part Sam seemed like he was just trying to have a bit of time off the clock in LA (likely with that costar of his- a picture suggests she was at the baseball game, and it is likely she was at the winery too). He left town for the UK, where Cait was, shortly after….and didn’t seem to stay in Montreal long either…..

So there you have it anon, the sum of all of Sam’s times spent with these lovely ladies. Doesn’t add up to much when you really think about it. Not compared to all the times he has gone missing when Cait is on holiday, or vice versa. Not compared to all the tweets, and IG pics, and BTS pics, and random reporters comments about how lovely he and Cait are together. Not compared to all the off the cuff comments that both he and Cait have made that hint that they know each other far better than friends should do. Not compared to the way he and Cait look at each other- every single time they are in an interview, or photo, together. And even when they aren’t- just the mention of the others name and the face lights up. I’m not seeing any of it with these other girls. Not even a glimmer. It’s all about actions, and what people do that gives away their motives. He treats Cait like a lover. He doesn’t treat these others in any way at all beyond friendship at the best of times and quite a bit less than that the rest of the time. That doesn’t say “love” to me anon.

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bellarke + 3 for the gif thing

no more of these please

It had been at least two hours, and Clarke was seriously starting to suspect that Raven had meant it when she said she wasn’t coming back until they had resolved their differences.

She wondered if she could chew off her own hand to escape from the cuffs faster than she could ever find any common ground with Bellamy Blake.

A tug on her wrist reminded her that yes, she was sitting on the ground on the outskirts of her best friend’s 20th birthday party, and yes, she was handcuffed to Bellamy because “they ruined everything with their constant bickering and it’s either this or I’ll fucking kill you both” in the words of the ever ladylike Raven Reyes.

Clarke easily would’ve chosen death.

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Zach was:

-The only person that bonded on a personal level with Frankie.
-The only person that continually laughed at Frankie’s jokes/accents.
-The only person who genuinely hung out with Frankie with no game purpose or game intention.
-The only person that followed after Frankie from room to room just cause.
-The only person that cared about keeping Frankie safe in the game.
-The only person who cooked/cleaned with Frankie.
-The only person that cuddled with Frankie voluntarily and initiated cuddles with him.
-The only person who was just as deeply affected by the loss of Frankie’s grandfather as Frankie was.
-The only person that cheered on Frankie in comps.
-The only person to join in on Frankie’s skits/acts/games.
-The only person who put Frankie before himself.
-The only person that was so affected by their fight he cried over it.
-The only person that could make Frankie genuinely smile.
-The only person that made Frankie act like himself instead of a character.
-The only person that actually wants to hang out and be friends after the show with Frankie.
-The only person that trusted Frankie fully.
-The only person who told Frankie he would vote for him in jury.
-The only person that cares about meeting Ariana because it’s Frankie’s lil sister rather than wanting to meet her cause she’s famous.
-The only person who had deep meaningful conversations with Frankie and kept him up at night.
-The only person that would change the subject when the subject was ‘bash Frankie.’

Now Frankie is just as isolated as the rest and you can tell he regrets evicting him.

Without Zach, Frankie has no one and is just a piece of who he used to be.

I Have Something Against It - Hayes and Nash Imagine for Anon

Author’s Note: Before I get started, I am truly sorry for people who have requested for imagines, I’ve been stuck in school,chores, and etc. I will do my best to post 1-2 each day. But you can always request, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy.♥

It was a long, summer day. You were walking towards your boyfriend’s house. His name was Hayes. Just the thought of him makes you crack a smile, and causes people to glare at you questioningly. It’s funny how you met, you were skating and you accidentally bumped into him, and ever since than you guys hit it off.

You arrived at his house, and rang the doorbell. You were planning ideas in your head of what to do with him, when suddenly the door opened, and a familiar voice spoke. “Oh, it’s you. Why are you always here, like can you leave and never come back?”

You rolled your eyes. “Nice to see you too Nash. Can you invite me or I can see Hayes.” “Uhm, how about no?” as he slammed the door in your face. You balled your fist. “I swear one day I will knock that smirk off your face, and show you what it feels like to be slammed in the face.” you thought menacingly. 

You rung the doorbell, and Hayes opened it this time. “Thanks babe, your asshole of a brother slammed the door in my face.”

“Don’t say that. I’m sure he didn’t.” “Of course I didn’t! That’s so rude!” as he laughed silently in the back. It took it all had in you to not walk up him and leave fingerprints on his face. “You are so lucky Hayes is right here.” you hissed.

Hayes laughed, and kissed you on the cheek. “Do you want anything babe?” “Not really, just water.” and you smiled. Hayes walked into the kitchen, leaving his devil brother and you alone.

He looked at you up and down, and made a disgusted face, but than it soften, but you decided to open your big ass mouth, and say “What?” “I don’t know Hayes is dating you.” You fumed. “Why don’t you like me? What did I ever do to you?” you spoke louder.

“You didn’t do anything. I just don’t like you.” “But why? It’s not like I’m affecting you.” “You kind of are, and you need to leave because Hayes doesn’t want to deal with you or your bullshit to come.”

“What the hell Nash!” Hayes roared. “What? You know it’s true.” “Nash, I don’t know why your so mad, and angry, or why you always have something against my girlfriend. Like what did she do to you?”

I watched them argue back and forth. But get this, you couldn’t help but agree with Nash. “His right. Maybe I should go. Maybe it’s best if we just I don’t know take a break.” you whispered, and got up and left. “(Y/N), come back, (Y/N), what the hell just happened?”

You ran away from his house, but walked home slowly, getting angry with yourself for being stupid. How could you be blind that you bought bullshit into Hayes life. How Nash was always right about you. “He deserves someone who’s at this level, and who won’t complain about every single thing. Who can travel with him. Who can get on his brother’s good side, and not ruin his family relationships.

You unlocked your house, and got into bed. You stared outside your window. Looking as the birds flew by, and how the clouds moved. Counting leaves as they fell from an old,big tree near by. 

Suddenly your phone rang. You picked it up, and groaned. "Hello?”

“Hi, (Y/N), it’s Nash.” “What do you want Nash? You got what you wanted.” You could hear a deep sigh, and a moment of silence across the phone. “Just listen to me okay? Look, I know I always act like an asshole towards you, but it’s not cause I don’t like you, I actually consider you as a little sister, but it’s because I don’t want you to get hate. I rather I be mean to you, and you break up with Hayes, so than you can stop getting nasty,mean tweets. Maybe I chose the wrong way to handle it, but I saw all the things said about you. But seeing how much it affected you, and how much it affected Hayes, made me realized I was the only thing stopping the relationship from reaching it’s true potential. I’m sorry okay? Please come out of your house, I’m outside, and I want you to come back to my house.”

You took deep breathes. “Fine.” You ran downstairs, and locked the house. You hopped into his car and you guys drove in silence. You broke it by saying, “When you told me, all those things, over the phone, did you really mean it?” Nash laughed, “I know I can be an asshole, but I am not a liar.” You couldn’t help but smile. You kissed his cheek. “Thanks for telling me the truth, you asshole. Now I know why your so mean, you treat me like your sister.” and you laughed.

You reached his house, and he nodded for you to ring the doorbell. You rang, and Hayes opened the door. Instantly, you could see his eyes return with full of life, and he picked you up and hugged you in an embrace. Nash went upstairs to give you guys some privacy. 

“Listen to me babe. No matter what happens, or whatever rants you have, it can be big or small, I will always care. Did Nash tell you why he was always so rude?”

You laughed, “Yeah he did. I never realized it though.” “Of course not, I didn’t either, until he told me.”

“What do you mean?” “You see, after you left me and Nash started arguing.  We were talking about the relationship in general, and he started saying how close minded I am. He told me that I didn’t realize you were getting hate, and you were the one holding yourself together. I knew you were getting hate, but I didn’t know it was that bad. I’m so sorry I didn’t see it before. ” Hayes whispered.

You smiled, and kissed his cheek. “Babe, you have nothing to be sorry for. Hayes moved his face closer to yours, and pressed his lips against yours. And for the first time in forever, you finally felt the relationship moving into a positive direction. You pulled away and smirked. "What?” “I don’t know Hayes, I just feel really confident all of a sudden.” “Maybe it’s because of this.” And he leaned in, smashing his lips into yours once again. 

Soon, Nash came down and you guys decided to all watch a movie. A few minutes passed into the movie, and Hayes went to go get popcorn. You looked at Nash, and smiled. He smiled back and gave you a thumbs up. Letting you know, that this is just the beginning. Hayes came back and intertwined his hands with yours.

“Hey babe.” you whispered. “What?” he said softly. “I think today was a good day.” as you snuggled into his neck, and he put his arms around you. “I do too babe.” as he kissed your forehead.

loversofpanem  asked:

Okay I have a jurassic world prompt for you. AU in which Zach and Gray's parents also go to the park with them but then gets brutally murdered by dinosaurs. Claire is now their legal guardian and she and Owen suddenly finds themselves with a pair of kids (Am I a bad person for wanting to read this? Especially since I'd love to see it from the start with the eaten-by-dinos part) Have fun.

I think this might suck a lot and I’m not sure that’s what you wanted at all but I did my best and it’s Shianne’s birthday so, happy birthday elizabethbaenks and have a maybe sucky Clawen story in celebration! (I can do a special prompt for you if you like instead ‘cause let’s be real I’m not sure about this ^^) [X] or [X]

For Survival And Everything Else

You would think seeing your sister and her husband being brutally killed by pteranodons would be something difficult to forget.

It is actually very easy.

There is no time to stop and reflect.

No time to feel guilty about managing to save Owen Grady from the same fate or the kiss that follows.

No time to feel at all.

Claire simply shuts down and acts on instinct. Her instinct tells her to grab her nephews and follow Owen and so that’s what she does.

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