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Contest entry for @living-in-tyria-rp‘s Black and Gold contest!

Dressed up my (usually white and purple) sylvari Éamonn. Details under the cut.

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A friend should always underestimate your virtues and an enemy overestimate your faults ! ’

    The country of Dashor is known around the world for it’s culture, it’s music and most of all, it’s crime. For almost a century the five families of it’s capital city, Trille, have run the country more than any government or monarchy could hope, although not always peacefully. Up until twenty-five years ago there was war amongst the families, each one fighting to be at the top. It caused many deaths and even more arrests, so when Anthony Delgaard of the Delgaard mafia took charge, he changed things within months of becoming The Don. He persuaded each of the Bosses that the way things were was doing more harm than good, and that they should each be in charge of their own businesses .

    So now each of the families run one major dealing, no more trying to be on top. They’re equal and all do business with each other. A family that imports guns ( and other weapons ), one for drugs, one for prostitution, one for gambling and one for loan sharking.

    It was going well and they lived in relative harmony until, Anthony was killed. It was time for a new Don to take over his son, Ricardo,  and he didn’t believe in peace within the families. He thought his father a fool and that it was time to change, for the Delgaard mafia to be on top once again.

    It started small, a little drug deal here, a small loan there - but soon the families started getting suspicious and unless he can be stopped. There will be wars in Trille once again. 


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“Dark Angel” deserves a Season 3!

This was where I fell in love with those fanfiction green eyes way before “Supernatural” and Dean Winchester were even in the works.

It was a good show. Heck it almost was a great show!

The cast was excellent (namely this guy called Jensen Ackles who played Alec mostly *wink*) and the plot had so much potential. 

There were so many things they could have explored with this show! It ended too soon :(

I remember actually crying when the show ended. I had two reasons;

1. Dark Angel was over and I’d really grown to LOVE the show.
2. I’d never see those gorgeous green eyes ever again (thank God for Supernatural and Smallville though ‘cause they made sure I did see them again)

Anyways… Dark Angel deserves a season 3! I mean who doesn’t need more of this!!!

And definitely more of THIS *_*

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Hello everyone! 

Sorry for the hiatus and all that happy crap.  My surgery went through without a hitch on Tuesday ( like everyone said it would, )

I had a breast reduction.  They took ten pounds off of my chest.  It was too much weight on my heart and messed up my back and shoulders to the point that I’ve had to go to Chiropractors on and off my whole life.  Big breasts were one of the reasons my grandmother had a heart attack.   My sister had the same procedure done as I did cause we were both cursed with a big chest. 

Which ladies, ladies… come a little closer and listen.  Bigger Boobs are not a good thing to strive for.  All these women that want crazy gigantic breasts make me cringe.  Cause mine were natural and they gave me so many problems.  I was so so glad I was given the opportunity to get rid of them.  I can’t stress it enough. 

Anyhoo, I spent a good part of this week asleep and I was finally able to go out with a friend and spend all day out of my house today.  It feels good to be back.  I have a follow up appointment tomorrow to find out the healing progress and things and I’m golden. 

So woo.  Thanks for reading. 

I’m a little late, but here are some of my thoughts on the previous episode. So many good things here.

I know we’ve had the Sneak Peek with Aladdin and Jafar for a while, but can we just focus on how significant it was again? The entire speech also applies to Emma’s relationship with the Evil Queen, since she has been called Emma’s Jafar.

Jafar: Do you remember when we first met? You were nothing but a common thief. But you had honor. Despite what you did to me.

Emma was the catalyst for the start of Regina’s redemption, which caused Regina to repress the Evil Queen more and more. Ironically, the Evil Queen appreciated Emma’s attitude. A worthy enemy.

How doesn’t Emma have honor now? She is still trying to do right by everyone, so what does that even mean? The difference is that in season one, Emma made her own rules. She knew that sometimes in order to do the right thing, rules needed to be broken. The world is complex and Emma knew this. She didn’t mind engaging in a little breaking and entering if she felt like it would give her the upper hand over Regina - whom she believed to be a threat. More importantly, she only stayed in Storybrooke when she started to fear that maybe Henry wasn’t safe with Regina.

It’s that complex cocktail of human emotions. You can start to pick it apart, but there are no definite answers. Was it selfless? She didn’t run away from Henry who reminded her of a difficult time in her life. She couldn’t let the child she gave up go through what she had gone through - knowing from experience what some people are capable of doing to their children. Or was it selfish? Did she want to assuage her guilt about giving him up? Did she want a second chance with her son and a family which made her very willing to believe the worst about Regina?

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I'm not happy but I don't want to fight

I have just realised that ARMY is probably one of the most hated fandoms…..

I don’t mean to cause shit but I was checking out KNK (cause the boys said they were good and the group idolised BTS so I’d thought I’d give them a look because I’d never heard of them yet) and the comments are just….absolutely cruel and brutal towards ARMYs who said things like “Jin led me here and I’m grateful for it” and stuff like that.

ARMYs still said how amazing KNK were and supported them because of their talent but others were putting us down because we all allegedly spam BTS’ name everywhere I legit didn’t realise how many other fans didn’t like ARMY 😳 and it kind of makes me sad

NOTE THAT KNK ARE VERY VERY GOOD!! Check them out 😃 a very strong debut 👌🏻

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Cosmic: iACADEMY 15th Anniversary Kick-off

Going to Ayala Triangle last January 27th was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. This day was filled with good music, art, short films and tons of fun. My college friend Lei and I decided to go here since we were both supposed to be art students at iAcademy before, and she’s one of the few fellow ~artsy~ hoomans in our school. We arrived at exactly 4 in the afternoon ‘cause we were so excited to see Ate Reese, Oh, Flamingos, Autotelic, Jensen and the Flips and Itchyworms. We’re suckers for artsy stuff too so, why not? 

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anonymous asked:

I think the whole punch nazis thing came from not only the far left needing an excuse to silence any opposition, but also from the fact that during the war, and in most mediums today, the Nazis are used as moral free torture subject. "You can kill as many as you can as long as they're the evil people who caused the holocaust!" Now I'm not saying the Nazis of that time didn't deserve it (and I'm not going to start talking about the German soldiers who were mostly forced into battle)...

It’s just that nowadays we think of Nazis as how they’re portrayed. Absolute evil, nothing good or redeemable about them, kill jews in their spare time. So even if you aren’t using the punch nazis thing as an excuse to silence those who disagree with you, it becomes easy for you to join the side of those who do. That’s why people think punching Nazis (to make the same point everyone has made, rarely anyone accused of being a Nazi is an actual Nazi) is ok

It’s pretty simple, when you think about it.

  • The Nazis are considered the worst evil to ever exist.
  • Every decent person hates Nazis.
  • If every Nazi disappeared, that would be a good thing.
  • Nazis are so evil that if violence is used against them, nobody is really going to be worried about them.
  • Nazis and Nazism are deadly serious and terrible.
  • Anyone that sympathises with Nazis is as bad as a Nazi.
  • Nazism and Nazis are very serious issues that shouldn’t be treated lightly.

And so:

  • If we compare people to Nazis, we’re showing that they’re an ultimate and deadly evil, just like the Nazis.
  • Because Nazism and Nazis are deadly serious, nobody would call them Nazis without being absolutely sure that it’s a reasonable comparison.
  • If someone is called a Nazi, they therefore must be a Nazi.
  • They deserve violence against them.
  • Anyone that disagrees with me or questions whether someone’s a Nazi or says that violence is wrong is a Nazi sympathiser.
  • Everyone that disagrees with me is a Nazi.
  • The world is suddenly full of Nazis.
  • Violence and riots against the Nazis and anyone else that complaints or criticises are also Nazis.

It’s a very, very slippery slope.


 I’m sorry you fell.

 I’m even more sorry that you fell for him. It’s no easy thing, to be an angel in love with a human. I’m sorry that I have any idea what you’re feeling at all. You were right before. Emotions…feelings…they are dangerous temptations. I barely scratched the surface of human emotion, but you…you were plunged into them headfirst from the very moment you laid hand on Dean Winchester. 

I’m sorry for the pain it must cause you to be unable to help him. But I can’t let you do this. I can’t let you have Metatron. Castiel, you have left a trail of broken things behind you in your attempts to protect him, and you wouldn’t hesitate to add the Scribe to the wreckage. Not if it would save him. Because you’re here today, not as an angel doing his duty, but as a man protecting the one he loves. I’m sorry, Castiel.

Niall. has his own studio, golf company, is a singer, song writer, plays different music instruments, is so fucking adorable with children??, loves and cares about his fans so much honestly he sometimes tweets asking how we are, he always (or at least almost always) stops to take pics with fans even when he’s not in the mood for it, he’s a really good/supportive friend, like seriously just know that if you were friend with him he would be so proud of every little things you achieved and would genuinely be happy for you , he does charity events to raise money for great causes, he’s so smart , so caring , plus he’s so beautiful. He doesn’t receive the recognition he deserves , so many people belittle everything he does . He deserves better

You can interpret Bismuth as a representation of what happens when people fighting for a good cause get so consumed by hatred and go too far - inevitably becoming the very thing they were fighting against in the first place.

AKA many sjws on Tumblr who think using hate to fight hate works o3o

Anything for You

Written for: BabblesoftheInsane

A/N: I’m sorry that things have been so difficult lately dear. I hope this story brings you comfort and peace. Love you dear! 

***Trigger Warnings: Rape/Sexual Assault***

You didn’t know why the panic attack came over you so suddenly. The situation that had caused you the anxiety problems in the first place happened so many years ago. You were just a freshman in college when it all happened and now you were a hard-working FBI agent. You had seen many cases so similar to your own, but you had such a good control on your anxiety that it didn’t bother you much anymore. You were proud of how you had gotten everything under control. You were pretty sure that the only person on the team who even knew about the whole ordeal back in freshman year was Hotch, and that was only because he was required to read even the hidden details of your personal file.

The team had all just arrived home from a fairly simple, yet gruesome, case in Topeka, Kansas, where a father had kidnapped his child due to the stressor of a custody battle. Kid cases were difficult for all of the team members, even those who didn’t have children yet. Hotch suggested that they reschedule the outing that was planned so that those with children could get home to their families.

When you arrived at your apartment, you mindlessly meandered through your nightly routine that you had in place for when you were actually at home. This always included a mug of hot tea, a hot shower, and random YouTube videos until you fell into a peaceful sleep. Little did you know, it wouldn’t be a peaceful night of sleep tonight.

You woke up suddenly covered in a cold sweat. It had been so long since you had a dream about the situation from freshman year. It completely caught you off-guard throwing you into an intense panic attack. You grabbed your phone considering calling 911 since it was nearly impossible to breathe as the memories wafted over you:

You were a freshman hanging out at a sorority party for the club you were considering for rushing. All of the guys from the “brother” fraternity group were there too. It was supposed to be a big get-to-know-you kind of party. The campus you were at claimed to be a dry campus, but that wasn’t going to stop college students from getting drunk. You slipped away for just a moment to go the bathroom. You didn’t notice the stereotypical frat guy that was following you. As you approached the bathroom door, he forced you inside locking the door behind you. He immediately forced himself on you attempting to take something that you weren’t offering up. At first you were so scared that you couldn’t even scream. The moment you found your voice though, you started screaming and wouldn’t stop. They were able to stop him and call the police before he actually raped you, but he was still put away on charges of sexual assault. It was that particular situation that made you decide to go into the FBI.

As the memories began to suffocate you, you typed a text into your phone not even really realizing what you were doing. You sat the phone down on the bathroom counter, stripped off your clothes, and hopped into a hot shower in an attempt of shocking your lungs into working condition again. You finally calmed back down forcing the memories far back into the recesses of your mind. You turned the water back over to hot to shake the numbness away so that maybe you’d be able to sleep tonight. As you climbed back out of the shower and dried off, you heard a knock at the door. You pulled your clothes back on and quietly walked to the door. You were still shaken up and a bit paranoid about someone knocking on your door at 3:30 in the morning.

“(Y/N)?” you heard the familiar voice call out.

When you realized it was Aaron Hotchner at the door, you were flooded with relief. It was then that you realized it was him that you had texted. He was the only one who knew your background, and he was the only one you wanted to talk to.

You opened the door for him, and he said, “I got your text. Are you ok?”

The look of concern in his eyes brought tears to your eyes as you said, “I calmed down from the panic attack, but I’d still like someone to talk to.”

He caught you off-guard when he pulled you into a comforting embrace and said, “I’m all ears.”

You led him to the couch where you sat down together. He pulled you in close to him wrapping an arm around you.

You took a deep breath and told him exactly what had happened, “It had been so long since I had a panic attack. I hadn’t even thought about what happened in my freshman year in months. It was almost completely behind me. Then it hit me out of nowhere. I had a nightmare tonight reliving the whole thing. I woke up in the middle of a panic attack. I just thought I finally had it behind me. I just feel so weak.”

“You’re anything but weak,” Hotch responded, “Instead of giving into your anxieties and living in the past, you’ve fought against it and become so much stronger. You took a situation that ruin so many people and changed your life for the better. You’re inspiring, (Y/N).”

“You don’t mean that,” I said as I began to blush.

“I do,” he argued, “When I first read your background, I never expected someone who was so strong. The fact that you’re absolutely beautiful is just an added bonus. I also didn’t expect that I’d fall in love with you either.”

I felt my heart stop for a moment in shock. Did he really just say that he had fallen in love with me? It was music to my ears. I had fallen hard for him in the first few months after I had joined the BAU. Now three years later, he was admitting that he was in love with me.

“You love me?” I whispered turning to face him.

“Yes, I do,” he said caressing my cheek.

“I love you, too,” I responded.

He leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. It was as if my whole world was shining with a brand new light. He was a gently kisser, but he poured so much passion into the kiss. He pulled me in closer to him as his tongue danced across my lips begging for entrance. I moaned as we began exploring each other’s mouths.

When he finally broke the kiss, we sat there for what could have been five minutes or what could have been five hours staring into each other’s eyes.

I finally broke the silence and said, “Thank you for coming over.”

“Anything for you,” he said with a smile, “ Jack is staying the night at a friend’s house, and I have my go bag in my car just in case you needed, or wanted, me to stay. ”

“Always prepared,” I giggled, “I’d love for you to stay though. Go grab your bag, and I’ll find some more pillows.”

Just a few minutes later, I was falling back asleep wrapped in the arms of the man I had fallen in love with. Though I was still nervous about having the nightmares again, I knew I’d be ok. If I did wake up with another panic attack, I had the most amazing person right there beside me to comfort me.”

Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc - Episode 4
  • Nagito Komaeda: I just wanna say, that I appreciate how forgiving and accepting you've been of me.
  • Jin Kirigiri: No problem, Komaeda-san. We all know you were just confused.
  • Nagito Komaeda: You can say that again. I set up a bomb and I used a concuction made by the SHSL Pharmacist to my advantage just so my friends wouldn't have to take the Practice Exams. I mean, that's pretty messed up.
  • Jin Kirigiri: But...that's okay because you had a change of heart before doing all these things. We're all good.
  • Nagito Komaeda: I so appreciate that. I mean, you're willing to overlook that I placed many lives of both school staff and attendees in danger. In addition to causing property damage to the building and ruined the exam in its entirety.
  • Koichi Kizakura: Not to mention, you got three students expelled.
  • Nagito Komaeda: That too, they are gone. You guys are the best.
  • School Committee: *glares at him*
  • [Komaeda gets suspended]
  • Nagito Komaeda: Ohhh. Come on, guys! I've changed...that makes everything better.
  • [Crickets chirping]
  • Nagito Komaeda: Right?

I think the reason Zig and Miles don’t really get along is because they’re so similar.

They both believe they’re bad guys who don’t really deserve love. So they a self destruct, which causes them to lose the people they are trying to keep. They both do crazy things, (Miles framing Zig, pulling out a fake gun at him, Zig cheating with Zoe), because they’re afraid of losing people. By losing people, it proves that they can’t be loved. They’re too bad to have a good person love them. So, they get the idea that they have to do the craziest things to make sure they don’t leave them, but that usually causes the person to leave.

It’s crazy how similar they are. In Degrassi Next Class, they both were self destructive. However, one of them we were cheering on, wanting to see him recover, even though he’s done so many terrible things. While the other, a lot of us became incredibly mad at, and kind of pushed aside. I’m not sure if that was Degrassi’s intention or not.

But I love that one of them, Miles, is seeming to be on the road to recovery, on the road to loving himself. But Zig seems to have a ways to go. I really believe if they put away their differences, they’d realize they have so much in common that they could help each other.

ok i feel bad for saying this but how many ppl do u think r genuinely upset about the london thing & how many r just saying things to sound like good people….. i havent said this with any of the other terrorist attacks lately (i think this was one not 100% sure) but cause this is in my country i feel like i can lol… if u were personally affected i can understand u being upset but ??? i dont care ?????? a few people died oh no wow end of the world that Never happens people dying ? never heard of it before what is crime

i just… 6 years is a hell lot of a time okay and these days we are all so tired and done but these boys.. they have been through things we can even imagine over the years and we saw them grew up and were growing up with them and they are still so grateful and humble and they have helped so many people, as a band and as individuals, they gave so many people safe space and helped them feel accepted, they brought so many of us together and helped us find many new and sometimes best friends, they inspire people and they help so many kids and use their power for good causes and they are so grateful for their fans and they are so talented and amazing and it is so great to be able to witness their music evolve and even though they have been such a huge part of my life and i am so proud of them and it is so special what we have with them, the fan projects and how closely they watch that and it’s just… these boys i know and i love them and i am staying for them. thank you for everything boys:)

my boyfriend told me he loved me today, which is just… idk fucking awesome. the fact that someone grew to love me, instead of  was basically supposed to love me because they created me or they were related to me (no, my family’s love doesn’t feel forced, I know they love me unconditionally, but this is so different) makes me feel so good. he loves me despite my faults, despite my fears, despite my reservations, and despite so many other things that I’m anxious about. i’m so gross but oh my god you guys this is real. no one besides my family has ever uttered those words to me and meant it in the way that I’ve longed for. I’m so happy that I’m in the place.  it’s exactly what I needed.

Video is Down.

Hey people. I’ve been going over things with people in the fandom, and at the moment I’m trying to work things out with a few people, and see what I can do to fix my error. I took down the video, just as a first step in trying to make things right. Hopefully I can start working again and looking into the future, and how I can avoid making this mistake again. I hope to do another video, but this time working with the good people of the Sherlock community to make something greater. Sorry for the people I troubled, and I’m sorry that I caused so much distress, to the point where people were hurt. The last of my intentions is to see someone get hurt. When I first made the video I didn’t think it was going to get so big or affect so many people! But now that the video had gained almost 10,000 views, people were giving me credit where it wasn’t due. Leaving it up to to gain more attention would be wrong, and it’s time to give people the credit that they truly deserve. I understand why so many people were angry for me not adding credits, which is why I’m taking down the video to hopefully replace it with something much better and much more inclusive. Hopefully I’ll look back on this as a learning experience, and use it in the future to make better, more inclusive videos that will give everyone the credit they rightfully deserve!