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Time to Update The Chill-O-Meter

Chill Level: 25 

Barry’s comfortable flirting and being suave, but he’s in his Flash suit and Iris has no idea who he is, which gives him some room to lack chill and get away with it. 

Chill Level: 20 

Yikes, we go down five points in chill because Barry’s probing and inserting The Flash in places he shouldn’t (he’s a little eager too, see the way his head rises intently), BUT he’s still relatively composed. He’s mask-less here, but Iris can always chock his curiosity up to the CSI in him so he gets credit for that. Joe sees right through him though. 

Chill Level: 15

Woah there buddy. We understand you have months of lost sex to make up for and your hot fiancée looks too inviting in that skirt, but maybe let Iris finish her proposal before getting hyped (and maybe keep it in the pants).  

Chill Level: 8.5 

Iris…we only gave you the added 0.5 because you’re slightly intoxicated, but that little casual “if”? You’re not fooling anyone sis. 

Chill Level: 7

Barry you have no damn excuse because you can’t get drunk. Miss me with that suggestive “TONIGHT”. 

Chill Level: 1

Hold up hold up IRIS WENT THERE. We would give her a perfect score of zero chill except she’s talking about their doppelgängers fucking and not them-or is she?

Chill Level: 0

BREAKING NEWS The Flash is not the smooth, mysterious womanizer you believed he was and is actually just a huge lovesick string bean of a dork hopelessly in love with his best friend and anxious to know if that boyfriend is out of the picture.

Chill Level: -5

Who would have thought Iris would break the below zero levels first but that panicked outburst? In the middle of the precinct? She’s not letting the vibrating boy slip away from her. Negative chill indeed. 

Chill Level: -20

UMMM BARTHOLOMEW??? I know Nora and Henry taught you the art of tact and subtlety so PLEASE DO NOT DISHONOR THEIR MEMORY. The girl’s boyfriend is missing and she JUST told you she can’t think about you until he’s found SJKJDKKSJDKFDKSJSKK. This desperate boy has us sinking to depths of incoherency.

Chill Level: -35

Iris sweetie you’re in a church. Respect the house of worship. That priest is old but he can hear you I promise. And besides, raising your voice won’t have any impact on how much sooner you tie the knot. 

Chill Level: -50

I-oh my. Oh Barry. There is just…no hope for you. We are praying for you. We truly are. You are a lost cause. The thirst is not just real, it’s authentic, it’s bona fide. Pretty sure the No Chill scale is broken, it has to be. We need a new meter.

Chill Level: -100

Oh we’re back at the church. Is Barry praying for himself???

Never mind (he isn’t) but our scale is holding up because Iris has produced a new level of chill deficiency. Like CLIMBING CHURCH ALTAR LEVELS

Chill Level: -500


Chill Level: ???????

When Barry Allen looks poised in comparison, we have a problem. The scale is wack because it wasn’t made for such a shortage of chill.

Chill Level: Maximum No Chill Exceeded

Advising an anaphylactic priest to “walk it off” so you can marry your man. The scale is officially destroyed.

On My Mind

Requested by: me cause the thirst is real and our Collective Husband deserves our undying love

Prompt: #31 “I don’t hate you.” (Luke Alvez x Reader)

A/N: Guess who’s back in the CM fandom, peeps? :D Credit to @imagicana for helping me when I got stuck and for being amazing by reading it and making very useful comments. The whole Roxy thing was her idea! Thank you, dear! :)
I forgot to add that the title also came from her :D
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I swear I tried to keep this short *sweats*

Warning: Season 12 spoilers ahead!

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Garcia was complaining about your co-worker Luke again, or the Newbie, as she called him despite the fact that he had been part of the team for months now. She still kind of hated him because she felt he had taken Morgan’s place.

‘No one kicks doors down like my chocolate thunder,’ she told you from the couch one day after you asked her why she could not tolerate him. You had been hanging out together all afternoon during a rare yet peaceful Sunday.

‘You should at least try to be civil with him, you know?’ you advised, moving to the kitchen to refill your tea mugs as she tried to choose another movie to watch.

‘Why? He’s always trying to find ways to mock me,’ she tried to defend her behaviour.

‘That’s only because you mock him first,’ you replied as you came back and settled against the cushions. ‘You liked his dog, right? Roxy? At least try to bond with him over that.’

‘Maybe,’ Garcia said and brought an end to that conversation as she started gushing about some random actor.

Now, if you had the ability to travel back in time, you would probably go back to that exact moment and say something different.

Because in hindsight, telling your friend to bond with the guy you found mildly attractive and tried not to stare at all the time might be considered a mistake by some people. But, back then, you didn’t know that this infatuation was going to develop into anything else.

You couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when it happened. It was more of a gradual thing. The feelings grew with each passing day and new little quirk or endearing trait you discovered about him…

The way he smiled from across the room and waved at you in the mornings made your stomach flip. The way he stood in front of you when an UnSub got too close once (and then apologised because he didn’t want you to feel belittled by his overprotective nature) made you feel warm all over each time you remembered. The way he furrowed his eyebrows when he concentrated too hard on something made you want to reach out and smooth his handsome features.

It was all too much. You had troubles keeping a straight face and a blush from taking over your face whenever he complimented you on something you had done or how you had styled your hair that day. You thought, maybe, you stood a chance. All you needed to do was figure out if the things he told you were part of his personality, like Morgan’s constant stream of flirtatious comments, or if he actually liked you.

However, all your hope went down the drain and your heart sunk in your chest when you heard he and Garcia were on a first name basis now. You could not believe you had let yourself be fooled once more. It was the same feeling you got when you heard them starting to talk more comfortably to each other and again when Garcia showed you the little cat Luke had given her to cheer her up.

So one day, when you saw them chatting quietly in the hallway and laughing, you finally decided to step down. Your friendship with Garcia was a lot more important to you than some new guy. Even if he was the first person you were interested in after years of one-time dates that never led to anything.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and left the files you had been carrying in Garcia’s office. You got back to your desk and hoped that you didn’t get a case that day. You really just wanted to go home and wallow in self-pity in the comfort of your bed.

Thankfully, an hour later, with no case in sight, the team started getting ready to leave for the day while they chatted about their plans for the weekend. You discreetly grabbed your purse and made your way to the lift, trying not to bring any attention to yourself.

When the lift finally stopped in the parking lot, you almost ran straight to your car. You drove for a long while, willing your mind to calm down and accept the fact that you had never stood a chance, especially against Garcia. Feeling another wave of sadness hit you, you parked the car outside a coffee shop.

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Here’s a list of supplies one will need when reading theivorytowercrumbles’ fics

  1. Dictionary
  2. More than an hour of free time
  3. a cold beverage (cause the thirst is real)
  4. change of clothes
  5. several kinds of jesus
  6. life alert

I have been slayed by bees schnees, when Ivory writes my kinks don’t expect me to be a functioning member of society.

I’m gonna be thinking about this fic in class all day shit


This is an appreciation post for my fave manga/anime reviewer and it ended up longer than I expected

I tried watching other reviews for Naruto Gaiden cause the thirst is real for the next chapter, I needed to hear someone talking about the latest one to carry me through until Thursday LOL.

Sorry but, to me Sawyer is on an entirely different league compare to these other so-called ‘reviewers’ you know who I am referring to right? Of course you know

I love how Sawyer acknowledges everything that is going on in the story/in a chapter and present his conclusions/predictions in a very intelligent manner. Being able to make his videos fun for his viewers with his added, effective antics and undeniable charm sarcasm is of course a plus and obviously the highlight of his reviews and what we/I personally look forward to in seeing week after week. 

You can easily tell that he’s perceptive, can read in between the lines (when necessary) and thinks out of the box (which is also necessary) with possibilities on what can happen and why certain things are happening in a story. 

I don’t know why some people said he hates Sakura. When I started watching him, I cannot stop laughing at his videos even if some of his comments are indeed, calling out on Sakura. Yes, he was a bit disappointed of Sakura’s character cause he thinks Kishi could have made her more of a badass I guess they have high standards eh cause Sakura is already a badass to me haha but that disappointment didn’t contained him and made him blind of what Sakura was able to do and is capable of doing as the story progresses. He just simply wish she’s better. He calls out her flaws but definitely applauds her strengths.

Sawyer also hated how Obito was spared of his life and apparently cannot die so many times in the story and is annoyed by Sasuke just weeks ago remember when he pointed his sword at his baby girl cause Sawyer is currently loving Sarada’s character and his sympathy is with her. However, did we see him waste an entire video ‘review’ hating on the said characters with lame reasons on why he think they are bad characters? No.

To be honest, watching his reviews before Naruto ended made me calm and helped me understand the story more than what is being presented on those manga panels. I was anxious if Sasuke would die at the end and who would end up with who but I know I’ll be fine whatever the outcome is. I was not here on Tumblr at that time, I haven’t found my fellow SasuSakus yet but now I found you I’ll never let you go haha. This is also the same time when the shitstorm is strong because of the pairings. Who am I kidding it was strongest after Naruto ended

I’ve seen A LOT of anime before Naruto and I managed to moved on and accept how they’ve ended even though some of them didn’t end right for me. I thought everyone would be like that, you know, open-minded and mature BUT I’VE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG. 

Anyways, in the end, most of Sawyer’s predictions happened cause he clearly was able to process Kishi’s message and truly understand the morale of the story. I’m liking that we are on the same page as well on what’s currently going on with Naruto Gaiden.

I LOVE SAWYER!!!  I’m such a sucker for intelligent, cute guys with sense of humor teeheehee

So, that’s it. I just want to thank sawyer7m sawyer7mage for his awesome videos! He’s sick right now I wish he gets better cause the next chapters are also getting better and better. I need his reviews for the grand finale!!! ^.^

Excitement bubbled in the pit of your stomach as your manager called you earlier, telling you that another company called Big Hit contacted him earlier this morning, wanting you to meet up with one of their rappers from the Bangtan Boys. You already had someone in mind who you wanted to meet so badly since months now. He caught your eye right after his group debuted and his raps always got your attention. To be honest, you always envied him of his capability when it came to writing. Being in charge of rapping in your group, you tried all the time to give your hundred percent when it came to rapping and writing, getting praises from important people here and there but competition like him always made you nervous.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get some jealous headcannons?? Like how they deal with it and express it sorta?? MAYBE including some nsfw cause the thirst is real tbh lmao

Sure, I’ll see what I can do! It might not be full-blown nsfw, but I hope you like it!

APH Denmark: Denmark gets very angry and rough very quickly when jealous. He would be the type to slam his S/O against the wall and just take them right there once they were alone. He might grip their wrists a little too tight, and would totally skip foreplay. He wouldn’t discuss his jealousy with them until he had them in a panting, very sore mess. He communicates with his S/O the best verbally, so he would be very open as to why he was jealous. And he would always say sorry afterward. 

APH Finland: Finland doesn’t show his jealousy around others very often. If he does, it will be very subtle until he and his S/O are alone. But once they got home, he would throw them over his shoulder and toss them onto the couch. He wouldn’t initiate any sexy times right away, but he would cuddle them while he pouted about not being the one to have their attention earlier. After they apologize, though, cute little Finny doesn’t hold back his desires anymore. He makes sure that he is the sole focus of their attention throughout the whole night.

APH Sweden: Sweden would be very blunt about his jealousy. He would stare down the person that was stealing his S/O’s attention until they pretty much passed out. I don’t think he would even wait to get home to ravish his partner afterwards. His jealousy might get the best of him and he would have them panting and begging for him in a back ally pressed up against a wall. However, he would take them almost to the edge, before stopping and making them wait to finish off until they got home. Serves them right for making him feel like that :P

APH Iceland: Iceland would brood over his jealousy until he and his S/O got into bed that night. I think his silence would concern them when he turned away from them. Instead of him being the one to initiate anything, his S/O would start by comforting him about his insecurities. They would remind him that he was the only one that mattered to them, while sneaking a bunch of sweet kisses onto his shoulders. Once he finally turned around, his passionate side will be switched on full blast, ready for a long night.  ;)

APH Norway: If he ever got jealous, he would become the biggest tease. He would want his S/O to think of him and only him, and he would definitely make it happen. He wouldn’t even wait to trap them in the bedroom, he would probably do it right in the kitchen. He would tease his S/O with touches and kisses all over their body until he had them begging for more. He wouldn’t give it to them until they were able to say that they belonged to him, and him alone.