cause the thirst is real


This is an appreciation post for my fave manga/anime reviewer and it ended up longer than I expected

I tried watching other reviews for Naruto Gaiden cause the thirst is real for the next chapter, I needed to hear someone talking about the latest one to carry me through until Thursday LOL.

Sorry but, to me Sawyer is on an entirely different league compare to these other so-called ‘reviewers’ you know who I am referring to right? Of course you know

I love how Sawyer acknowledges everything that is going on in the story/in a chapter and present his conclusions/predictions in a very intelligent manner. Being able to make his videos fun for his viewers with his added, effective antics and undeniable charm sarcasm is of course a plus and obviously the highlight of his reviews and what we/I personally look forward to in seeing week after week. 

You can easily tell that he’s perceptive, can read in between the lines (when necessary) and thinks out of the box (which is also necessary) with possibilities on what can happen and why certain things are happening in a story. 

I don’t know why some people said he hates Sakura. When I started watching him, I cannot stop laughing at his videos even if some of his comments are indeed, calling out on Sakura. Yes, he was a bit disappointed of Sakura’s character cause he thinks Kishi could have made her more of a badass I guess they have high standards eh cause Sakura is already a badass to me haha but that disappointment didn’t contained him and made him blind of what Sakura was able to do and is capable of doing as the story progresses. He just simply wish she’s better. He calls out her flaws but definitely applauds her strengths.

Sawyer also hated how Obito was spared of his life and apparently cannot die so many times in the story and is annoyed by Sasuke just weeks ago remember when he pointed his sword at his baby girl cause Sawyer is currently loving Sarada’s character and his sympathy is with her. However, did we see him waste an entire video ‘review’ hating on the said characters with lame reasons on why he think they are bad characters? No.

To be honest, watching his reviews before Naruto ended made me calm and helped me understand the story more than what is being presented on those manga panels. I was anxious if Sasuke would die at the end and who would end up with who but I know I’ll be fine whatever the outcome is. I was not here on Tumblr at that time, I haven’t found my fellow SasuSakus yet but now I found you I’ll never let you go haha. This is also the same time when the shitstorm is strong because of the pairings. Who am I kidding it was strongest after Naruto ended

I’ve seen A LOT of anime before Naruto and I managed to moved on and accept how they’ve ended even though some of them didn’t end right for me. I thought everyone would be like that, you know, open-minded and mature BUT I’VE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG. 

Anyways, in the end, most of Sawyer’s predictions happened cause he clearly was able to process Kishi’s message and truly understand the morale of the story. I’m liking that we are on the same page as well on what’s currently going on with Naruto Gaiden.

I LOVE SAWYER!!!  I’m such a sucker for intelligent, cute guys with sense of humor teeheehee

So, that’s it. I just want to thank sawyer7m sawyer7mage for his awesome videos! He’s sick right now I wish he gets better cause the next chapters are also getting better and better. I need his reviews for the grand finale!!! ^.^