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One(?) gifset per episode || 8 Glass and Bone

[…] a number of their party members Lady Kima and Tiberius Stormwind, the dragonborn sorcerer, are currently stone. Dragging them out of the fortress as the magma began to fill the interior, a very deft escape was made, aside from Vax unfortunately getting his foot temporarily submerged in the lava, taking some serious damage to his foot. The party managed to make their way outside of Emberhold proper, and all taken a moment to breathe, at this point realizing that, thankfully, for the most part all survived, aside from the missing party member and a few in a state of flux at the moment.

Jesse J. Rankins (of the production trio The Bama Boyz) & Solange on ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’

What happen was Solange called us and was like, ‘Hey, I’m going to write a couple of records for my sister. Send me some tracks!’ We had a lot of bangers that felt more like Beyoncé, but we actually put that one last on the CD because we figured ‘This is not Beyoncé,’ but we knew Solange would like it. So we stuck that one there — but we battled with even putting it on there, because it was the last one we expected [Beyoncé] to pick. So Solange sent it back with a song written to it, and it was the ’Why Don’t You Love Me’ lyrics. The song was hot! -Jesse Rankins

I wrote it all in 15 minutes—literally—after I broke it off with a dude who was secretly still in love with his really wack ex. I just thought about how much I had to offer, and him…not so much. Oh, no worries on the ex. If SHE was his type, no bueno for me. But I can’t take credit for the Angie Beyince written intro in the beginning…‘cause you must’ve bumped yo head.’ -Solange


a good girl is when you touch the fret of your cello and you feel the warm embrace