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more roto!!

trying to figure out the exact shape of Cumberbatch’s face, cause even if you’ve kinda figured it out in still images, movement is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY xD (animation 101) I think I’ve got a better understanding of how the eyes work now (this is prep for an animation that I wanna do, but shh don’t tell anyone xD)

All of our players are very new to DnD and as such the DM is being lenient with us, so 30 minutes into our session we’re fighting a boss who is angel like.

Ranger: Alright, I want to throw one of you at her since she’s in the air.

Me: Well I’m the shortest and I have a shortsword so-

Ranger: I want to throw the elf druid.

Proceeds to roll well enough to throw our 6 foot tall elf druid at the angel being.

Our druid who goes by the name Noot Newt: Alright, what can I do, help me guys I need suggestions.

Me: Well you could use your thorn whip to bring her to the ground or burn her wings.

Ranger: I’ve already done my part.

Druid: I have an idea!

Druid, instead of doing anything practical kisses the angel lady on the cheek, making her blush a little but only for a moment before she slaps our druid away to the ground.

Me to Ranger: Why did you throw the unarmed druid and not the short lightweight bard with a shortsword, I could have done more.

Ranger: I just grabbed the nearest thing and threw.

He had also tried to throw a large rock later which caused him to get stabbed by four spears of light.

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I feel kind of embarrassed asking this, but I am an MJ fan and I never fully understood his vitiligo. I know he didn't bleach his skin, so how did he become lighter each era? Did he just let the vitiligo take over??

“Did he just let the vitiligo take over?”

You ask that as if vitiligo was something he could control. It was not. He had no choice but to let it take over.

How did he become lighter each era?

The vitiligo started to intensify during Thriller era (though it could be seen  during the Off The Wall era too). 

Behind the scenes of Captain EO (1985-86), he’s rehearsing without makeup and you can see huge blotches on his face (can’t find video of it rn but here’s a pic where it’s on his hands)

Then we get to Bad era (1987), and his skin got a lighter still. His vitiligo was a gradual thing, that made him lighter over time. The reason people during that time thought he “all of a sudden” got lighter is because 1) Michael never publicly said anything about his disease and 2) quite simply put, the man wore makeup to cover what would have made those people realize he had something wrong with his skin: the blotches. Also 3) though Vitiligo was attacking his face during OTW/Thriller era, it did not fully cover his entire face. But you could tell it was starting to cover his entire face in late 1984, basically when Say Say Say was being filmed (and even before Say Say Say was filmed). In fact you could tell because his makeup looked a little funny

(a.k.a. He was trying to cover the vitiligo using darker makeup—which didn’t work in the end and brings us to why he was so light-skinned in BAD (1987). It was because in BAD and Captain EO, he finally realized he could no longer use darker makeup and had to use makeup that matched his Vitiligo progression at the time).

If you’re covering up the blotches with makeup every time you’re out in public, without explaining what’s happening to you, you get what MJ got: people assuming that he either just became light-skinned out of the blue, or assuming that he bleached his skin. So between 1982 to 1987, which is 6 years of Vitiligo progression, MJ went from this

to this

Then at the VERY start of the Dangerous era (when he was still recording for the album), it progressed further. In The Dilip Mehta photoshoot (early 1991), Michael still looked like he did during Bad era.

But between the period of that photoshoot and when the video for Black or White came out (late 1991), the vitiligo progressed a LOT.

The Dilip Mehta photoshoot was done in January of 1991. The video for Black or White was shown in November of 1991 (and filmed a few months before that). That’s 9 to 10 months of Michael’s skin getting lighter because of Vitiligo. 9 to 10 months of Vitiligo further attacking his face and hands with blotches.

The rest of Michael’s Dangerous era videos were released in 1992, like Remember The Time (filmed in January of 1992; shown to the public in February of 1992). Again, that’s 3 to 4 months of the Vitiligo progressing more. 

(obviously he’s wearing makeup here, but without makeup this is what was really going on in 1992):

Essentially, I’m trying to get you to understand that Vitiligo is a progressive disease, that usually shows up in a person’s childhood as very small, unnoticeable blotches, then gradually progresses into bigger blotches and a much more noticeable and lighter complexion. And Michael was so embarrassed by this disease he had that not only did he wear makeup to cover it, but he also forever wore long sleeved shirts and long pants to hide all the blotches that were slowly but surely taking over his body.

With all that being said, what we got was his skin appearing porcelain in appearance toward the end of his life. 

So yes, he got lighter year after year after year because of the disease he had. Here’s a final look at what I’m trying to get at.

MJ in 1977:

MJ in 1987:

MJ in 1997:

MJ in 2007:

That’s 10 years in between photos and 40 years overall that Vitiligo was gradually taking over MJ’s body, turning his skin tone from brown to porcelain white (don’t get that confused with the skin tone of actual white people). 40+ Years of blocthes, various discolorations and him covering it up with makeup


under the cut there are #52 small/medium, textless, hq gifs of NATALIA DYER as nancy wheeler in the first season of STRANGER THINGS (2016-). all of these gifs were created by me for roleplaying purposes, so if you download or plan to use them i’d appreciate if you like and/or reblog this post. please don’t repost these gifs, add them to other gif hunts, or otherwise take credit for them ‘cause that’s very uncool my man. if you want to use them in crackship gifs or to make gif icons, you do not have to ask my permission, but please remember to credit me! aight homies. keep it real.

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Sex with Devin Sola would include

Lemme just say this:
Devin Sola is a FREAK,y'all,a fucking FREAK
He’s probably be into shit we don’t know EXIST

Devin Sola more like Devin Hoela


-M E G A  K I N K  K I N G



-Would bang you in Any and every public place

-Into name-calling like slut or whore  (Only if your OK with it tho)

-Also cute names like pet princess/prince,kitten

-Body Worship Master

-”You’re so beautiful baby.”

-Boob Man ™

-Grinding KIng

-”You’ve been a naughty,naught girl/Boy”


-Very much into orgasm denial (END ME)

-Would enjoy receiving head,But he’s really ‘bout pleasing his S/O more

-Rough like this man would be an ANIMAL in bed

-Especially after a concert like,…..My Dudes


-Him Chuckling when you squirm

-Shower Sex



-Light Blood kink (Once again,only if your OK with it)

- Would put on music like NIN or something ( “Closer”)

-would straight up MURDER that ass 

-Wouldn’t stop until you’re Shaking




I’m getting something; Something really strong. It’s the most p o w e r f u l thought in your mind. It’s a name. ……..Who’s Linda Park?

Titans #1

I wonder if there are any new people seeing the light ‘cause this shit is so obvious.

Literally any appearance of E and F was during a time when either H or L has something to promote. H has an announcement? Let’s pap E and L. H at SNL and Louis’ mia? No no no let’s have them papped at Coachella. Harry has his album out? Let’s pap L and E with a delivery man.

Not to mention the silent video for the kid’s bday. All the questions L got when it should’ve been about JHO. Every single day and important holidays when no one gave a shit about this kid. For months!!!

It’s so blatantly obvious after the months-long breath of fresh air when everyfuckingone forgot about the existence of F that I wonder: is there no sane person seeing the obvious here?

Is there anyone new admitting that yes this is really happening? That yes both are used as props?
If yes, are you asking yourself why? Have you reached that point yet? Not yet?

Genuinely asking because my brain cells are really protesting when it comes to digesting this much bs since early 2015 - when all this started.

Precious Rubella and Tristis from Child of Light, which I first played in May! Jeez after almost 4 month I finally finished this sketch -_____-  way to go me

I like to think that those two are twins and Rubella is older sis, always looking after her gloomy lil bro and cheering him up♥) Seriously this game is beautiful and dreamy and amazing,  I didn’t finished it yet only because I don’t want it to be over~  and rpg games are totally my jam so yeaaah

*да, кстати, Алён, удачного вам пути \^з^/

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Yo I didn't know what other blog to ask, but how can I be wary of my fellow punks this 4th of July when it comes to fireworks? Like, I wanna light shit on fire, but am respectful of my brothers and sisters out there with PTSD, so, how else would be a good way to 'celebrate' (cause this day gives me an excuse to light fireworks n shit). So yeah, advice dudes?

my advice is to either find a secluded place where only the people participating would be effected or check around with the people in your area and see if theyre all cool with it! i really respect that youre being respectful of this stuff !

-mod r


when your girlfriend tells you about her day and you genuinely enjoy it because you love her


Back in Jersey for thirty-six hours after attending a gr8 wedding in New York with half the Internet! I didn’t take any pictures there cause the lighting was shit, but the brides were lovely and it was great to catch up with friends new and old 💜

(Also I looked gr8 😁)

Simply Kpop in Shanghai-Voodoo