cause the hair. get it


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.


shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu

A painterly Elrond sketch cause I wanted to try putting his hair up :>


♤ yoda
♤ big eared elf that everyone loves
♤ yeolllieeeee
♤ gets lost because he depends on gps
♤ causes baekhyun to get lost too
♤ fucking clumsy af
♤ hair color changes almost at the same speed as sehun’s
♤ tallest in exo’s ot9
♤ tallest in exo-k
♤ fucking tall

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occasionally most frequently harassing kyungsoo
♤ likes to get bullied by kyungsoo
♤ likes to harass kyungsoo
♤ ends up getting harassed by baek and ksoo
♤ always worth it
♤ also tries to harass ksoo but it comes back at him
♤ remember that time he touched ksoo’s water and got water spat onto his face
♤ and it’s so cute because he’s so tall aaaa
♤ also he’s just cute in general
♤ but his aegyo makes us want to cry because we can see that effort 

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♤ forgets what he’s going to say 
♤ sometimes it’s just an empty “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
♤ cute nonetheless
♤ he could literally breathe and he’d be cute
♤ also fashion icon much
♤ also he looks out of place in edgy mvs like monster n lotto bc i spot a baby
♤ literally a beagle
♤ should battle baekhyun and jongdae for the title of “cutest beagle”
♤ that babyface makes me just wanna like do you know what i mean
♤ honestly he’d be cuter than his own baby

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♤ chanyeol + glasses = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + black hair = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + cute hats = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + stuffed toys = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + exo = my ovaries
♤ chanyeol + breathing = my ovaries
♤ honestly he could do anything and i’d think i’m pregnant
♤ how could you ignore this child though like

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♤ look at his legs
♤ if you look at them for a while you’ll just 
♤ also i feel like he just wants exo to baby him
♤ but he’s so precious so why not
♤ also don’t say bad things abt him because he’s a precious baby okay
♤ chanyeol stans be like “come at me i’m ready because fuck you love you <3″
♤ honestly he could be sexy and would ruin the vibe by being chanyeol
♤ example one: the eve dance practice
♤ example two: every time he laughed and/or smiled in the eve dance practice
♤ example three: all of the above

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♤ honestly if chanyeol is happy the fandom is happy
♤ it’s hard for him to be happy all the time so no pressure babe
♤ but seeing him happy just makes the world a bit brighter okay
♤ also him standing behind ksoo and baek and minseok is just the cutest
♤ he looks like a tree lmao
♤ a sexy tree
♤ a sexy tree i can’t take seriously until i have to
♤ just look at all the chanyeol moments compilations on the internet
♤ his laugh just 
♤ can i set it as my alarm because if it was i’d never miss school

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♤ everything he does is just cute
♤ you could spam my dash with cute chanyeol pics and i’d be happy
♤ literal puppy right there
♤ cuter than any puppy i’d get
♤ says he’s bad at aegyo but is secretly the best
♤ same with dancing
♤ chanyeol + jongdae + junmyeon = dance line
♤ also when he jumps it’s so cool bc he’s so tall like woah
♤ also “nice skirt” and “chogiwa” and you know what makes me cry
♤ he’s so cute and precious and amazing and talented i swear

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♤ his deep voice is so sexy and omg
♤ but then his amazing babyface omg
♤ t o r n
♤ also when he worships the rest of exo i just
♤ and when he was being interviewed by iheartradio 
♤ i think i died a little inside
♤ watching him be a little kid like 
♤ also watching him trying to be serious but failing
♤ and him trying to find his way around nyc
♤ and spilling so much cheese on his pizza lmAO

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♤ also all the chansoo chanbaek and other chanyeol pairings are just
♤ and chanyeol swearing is just
♤ like his reaction after is just the most wholesome and pure thing i’ve ever seen
♤ also him being shocked is like woAH
♤ his face was just saying “i found the answer to life”
♤ highkey looked like a philosopher of some sort
♤ “i found the path to sehun’s dick”
♤ not saying it’d happen but he’d get lost and end up in junmyeon’s dick
♤ also him ordering for him and baek is just
♤ can you order for me too

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♤ chanyeol in bed with sehun is literally just i love him so much
♤ and them learning english and reciting letters omg
♤ and him playing with his toys omg
♤ and him breathing omg
♤ just know you’re breathing the same air as exo apparently
♤ shocking right
♤ maybe you’ll be as tall as chanyeol
♤ also his hands compared to exo’s baby hands omg
♤ all chanyeol derps like why is he like this
♤ just love chanyeol like he’s an angel

Washing and caring for natural black girls hair.

1: Wash your hair.. Yes wash your hair every 2 weeks. As, a natural black girl we use tons of products on our hair. Which can lead up to product build up and dirty hair. Be sure to use sulfate free shampoos and to condition your hair. Some good natural hair brands are creme of nature, cantu and kera care. Be sure to condition your hair and let it air dry. Stay away from heat! If you prefer to blow dry your hair instead be sure to use a blow dryer hair attachment comb with heat protection spray to detangle your hair.

2: De-tangle your hair once a week. Because, our hair is kinky it is easy for our hair strands to get tangled against one another which can cause hair to matt, dread and even break off.

3: Condition your hair 2-3 times a week. Make your hair stays moistured and healthy. Dry hair leads to brittle hair and than you will have to cut your hair overall.

4: Get trims every 3-4 months. It is very easy to forget to care for your ends…. this will cause slit ends and your hair will break off eventually and it will never grow if your ends arent healthy. Always get your ends checked out by your trusted hair stylist to etend growth and maintain healthy hair.

5: Be sure to sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet every night as well as satin pillow cover cases. Regular pillow cases can cause damange to your hair especially your ends and cause it to break off due to you move around at night and your hair being pulled.


My Pathetic But Adorable Big Brother, Hiro: Part I

Older bro!Hiro & Younger bro!Tadashi AU

Prologue Here, Part 2 

AHAHAHAH it finally starts, at a snail’s pace….

When they break your bed from rough sex

Anonymous : bts reaction when they break their GF bed from rough sex xD


You clench your fingers on the sheets as your head tilts back. Namjoon is on his knees, his hands clutched on your hips as he roughly thrusts into you. You’re a moaning mess, a thin layer of sweat covering your entire body. You’ve been fucking for two hours straight and you can feel your umpteenth orgasm coming. « Don’t stop… Don’t stop, oh my… » Namjoon bites his lips and deepen his thrusts, hitting your weak spot. Suddenly, you hear a crack and startle when the bed breaks violently. Namjoon looses his balance and falls on his arms, just above your head. You look at each other in shock, breathless. After a few moments have passed, you sigh « I can’t believe I have to buy another bed, again… » Namjoon pouts and, after looking at you as if he was checking if you’re really angry, dives into your neck and kisses it slowly while whispering « I’m so sorry, babygirl… » You sneer and slowly pass your hand along his back, your nails scratching it enough to make him hiss. « Show me how sorry you are… » Namjoon bites your neck hard as he curses quietly and thrusts into you so slowly it makes you whine. He chuckles and starts to fuck you again, his hot breath against your neck running on your skin at each rough thrust.


Taehyung’s fast breathing. His skin clapping against yours. Your soft moans. The sheets brushing against the mattress when you move your arms as your back arches. Taehyung runs his hand on your left thigh before firmly grasping it. He presses it against his chest and increases his pace, making you moan louder. There’s gonna be bruises tomorrow morning. Tae goes hard and fast, his pretty mouth slightly opened, his swollen lips lightly shaking at each thrust. All of a sudden, you hear a loud crack and feel a hole just under your bodies. You both stop moving and look at the bed, realizing it bent towards the middle. You look at Tae whose eyes are opened wide in shock. He doesn’t move, still not over what just happened. You wait for a few seconds before you whine « Please… Move again, it was too good… » You slightly roll your hips against him but Tae stops you from moving, his deep voice a bit higher than usual « I… I just broke your bed, jagi… » You sigh « And ? Baby… Just fuck me already… » Taehyung’s protest vanishes in his throat when you roll your hips against him again, his member twitching inside you in a delicious pulse. You smirk when you see him biting his lips so hard, his pupils so dilated it looks like he has black eyes. Taehyung finally starts to move his hips again, thrusting into you so deeply it makes you cry for more.


On top of Jin, you feel his hands clutching on your hips as he thrusts into you roughly. You’re bouncing up and down, your hair moving in synch with Jin’s rhythm, arching your back as your pleasure grows fast. You can’t see his face but the sound of his moans is enough to show you how much he’s enjoying it. You bite your lips as you smile playfully but it vanished the second your hear the loud crack from the corner of your bed. It leans down and you loose your balance, falling forward. Jin quickly straighten up and catches you before your fall, his arms around you and his chest pressed against your back. « Are you okay, babe ? » You’re still processing what just happened. You hang on his forearms around your breasts and pout « Y-yeah… But what the fuck ? » Your bed is literally bending diagonally, a corner of your mattress on the ground. Jin sighs and raises his voice, talking quick and getting as extra as he can be « Yaaah ! Do they know how to make proper beds nowadays ? Are they not testing it before selling it to young and greedy lovers ?! You paid good money for this fucking garbage and you can’t even use it ?! So what, are we gonna accept the fact that I can’t fuck my girlfriend as hard and rough as I want ? Huh ?! Do I have to sue them ?! Huh ? Huh ?! »


Your breath is cut, eyes closed and mouth half open in a silent whimper. Hoseok’s gonna kill you. He’s thrusting fast and rough into you, his skilled hips moving against yours like perfection. You pass your hands on his wet hair, your other hand grasping his lower back. As you feel your walls clenching around his member, letting you know you’re about to cum, you hear a scary burst. Hoseok stops and looks at you for a second before the bed falls on the ground in a dull sound that surely woke up the whole neighborhood. And you both scream your lungs out, showing how brave you are. You press Hobi against your chest, your arms around his head as he snuggles up against you, still shaking a bit. He opens his eyes and whines quietly, and his cuteness throw your panic away. You begin to smile and Hobi raises his head to look at you. Your smile makes him smile and soon you both start to laugh, Hoseok getting back between your legs. He kisses you softly before whispering with a smirk « We still got a mattress… » Hoseok slowly thrusts into you, making your eyes roll back as he whispers again « And my babygirl needs to cum, huh ? »


Yoongi is slow but deep, owning every loud moans of yours. Your waist hurts like crazy, his fingers leaving bruises on your hips as he takes you from behind, but you don’t want him to stop. You only owe your balance to Yoongi, otherwise you would’ve already fallen considering the strength he puts in the way he’s fucking you right now. Yoongi gets rougher and you startle when you hear the strange crack coming from your bed. You don’t have time to ask your boyfriend to stop for a second : your bed breaks in a loud noise and bend to the side, one foot of the bed completely shattered. Yoongi falls on your back, his head on your shoulder. You fall under his weight and straighten up a bit to look around you. « What the… » Yoongi doesn’t finish his sentence, too stunned to continue. After a few seconds, you both giggle. Yoongi bites your shoulder, moving a bit just for you to feel he’s still inside you, and whispers with a raspy voice « Do you still want me to be rough ? » You nod as you bite your lips, raising your ass to make his dick go deeper, owning a hiss from him. Yoongi grabs your hair, twists it and pulls it to him, arching your back to start fucking you again.


You’ll never get used to the way his tongue works on your neck. Like he knows exactly what moves are gonna drive you crazy, where to caress your skin, how to make you loose your mind. And when Jimin is as horny as tonight, it’s even more magic. He’s on top of you, fucking you hard, fast and rough, just how you like it. You bite his shoulder as your feel your orgasm building up in your lower stomach. It’s gonna be a fucking explosion, a goddam firework. Well, the explosion is here, but it’s not from your boyfriend’s love. Your bed just literally broke under your bodies, making a huge hole and bending your bed in the middle. You gasp as you pull Jimin closer to your body, a little scared by what just happened. As he catches his breath, he growls in your ear « Fuck… I’m sorry, Jagiya… » You can hear he wants to be sincerely sorry but you know he’s really mad. He hates it when something stops him from cuming, especially on those kind of wild nights. You can’t help but chuckle, finding this situation too funny not to laugh about it. It makes Jimin giggles too, his cute laugh never falling to make you fall in love again and again.


You increase your pace as you brush your lips on Jungkook’s. Eyes glued on yours, mouth to mouth, he watches you ride him, his hot breath getting spasmodic as his pleasure is almost hitting his high. When your legs starts to shake, Jungkook gets a little to hyped up and turns you over to let you fall on the mattress. When he jumps on you and starts pounding again, a violent burst is heard next to you. You turn your head and your eyes opens wide when you see your bedheads dangerously swinging up and down. Jungkook pass his arms around you and makes you straighten up to hold you tight against him, scared it’s gonna fall on you two. You both watch your bedhead loudly and heavily fall on your mattress, the slight breeze caused by the fall making your hair waves a little before the room gets silent again. You look at Jungkook who looks at you too, and you share a weird look. Then, Jungkook raises his eyebrows, you raise your shoulders, you both chuckles for a second before you kiss like nothing happened.

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Ellie's new long hair causes me to imagine her getting whipped in the face by it all the time when she is not on the job. Like she is on the beach - hair in mouth. Trying to phone someone - constantly hair inbetween phone and ear. Walking along the clifftops with Hardy who, of course, stands dramatically in the wind, his coat billowing behind him. While she has no idea where she is going because of all the bloody hair in her eyes.^^ (So he will have to hold her hand to keep her from falling)