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If you're doing requests how about paladins whose s/o isn;t a paladin so they are basically the one for odd jobs around the castle and usually Coran's assistant and one day Coran was experimenting and it accidentally get's on s/o's hair causing it to grow and grow and GROW. Like, Rapunzel style

Omg, yes! I love scientific mishaps! This is kinda long bc I don’t know how to chill so it’s all under the cut!

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name: Augustus Duke // Noodle
will you answer all questions truthfully: I’m an open book to those who ask.
are you happy: Generally yes uvu Have two darling roommates and am happy with my art for once.
are you bored: Kinda! My brain is usually working to keep stimulation.
are you sad: dependent, but on occasion.
→ are you italian: No.
→ are you german: No.
→ are you asian: No.
→ are you irish: No.
→ are you latino: No.

[I’m Canadian]
are your parents still married: Nope. Haven’t been for 11+years. Father is not included in my life.

● ten facts ●
birth place: Toronto Canada [I don’t live there though, never have, but it’s my legal birthplace cause I had to get flown there to be born.]
hair colour: Currently some mix of auburn and blond; originally Ginger though. Dyed my hair all manners of colors growing up. 
eye color: Blue/Green It fades between the two depending on how much i’ve eaten.
birthday: Dec. 02 1994.
mood: happily tired.
gender: Male 
lefty or righty: Ambidextrous [Right handed for safety mostly. As most things are made with Right handedness in mind.]
summer or winter: Winter 1000% - Born in snow, live in snow;; and the summer sun makes me sick.
morning or afternoon: Either. Morning is beautiful, and night is magnificent with the stars. 

● ten things about your love life ●
are you in love: In a manner of speaking. I cannot see my life without my two roommates, I adore and cherish them, just being with them makes me happy and my days bright. I love them with all my being.
do you believe in love at first sight: No. 
who ended your last relationship: Me. I will not be a doll.
have you ever been hurt: Yes. Varying degrees.
have you ever broken someone’s heart: No doubt yes. I’ve been called a monster just for not wanting to be ‘theirs’ or sexuality. 
are you friends with your ex: yes???
are you afraid of commitment: Not afraid. I don’t want to be owned. I will fully commit myself to people, depending on how they treat me. I.E My roommates have my full heart and soul.
have you hugged someone within the last week: Roommates, Theatre director cause we haven’t seen each other in years.
have you ever had a secret admirer: Yes.
have you ever broken your own heart: Probably.

● ten choices ●
love or lust: Curiosity. 
lemonade or iced tea: Fresh made Lemonade <3
cats or dogs: BOTH. ALL. ANIMALS!
a few best friends or many regular friends: A few best friends.
television or internet: Internet. 
coke or pepsi: Coke. [Diet coke too]
wild night out or romantic night in: Night in; I don’t leave the house much.
day or night: Depends.
im or phone: [took me a moment to realize it meant instant message] - but IM no doubt. I’m worse on the phone than I am typing and already im terrible at that too much panic in my words haha.

● ten have you ever ●
been caught sneaking out: No. That age I lived with my Father, and after that I was too… invisible.
been caught running away from home: I would never chance it. 
fallen off the stairs: Fallen, yes. Been pushed/shoved for doing things wrong. Yes. 
white water rafted: Not that I’m aware of, but Canoeing yes. And cliff jumping.
finished an entire jawbreaker: Yes.
wanted something/someone so badly it hurt: Yes. but i’m not good at letting myself have it;; only now with my roommates do they notice and talk me into it lol.
prank called a store: No.
skipped school: No. Perfect attendance. I would not chance it.
wanted to disappear: Yes.

● last… ●
phone call: Doctor
phone call you received: Mum! <3
person you hung out with: Roomates cause I live with them.
thing you ate: chocolate and chips. and pop.
site you went to: Googleing my Doctor.
place you were: Sitting in my chair;; and theatre auditions for not at home place.

● family ●
do you and your family get along: Mother and sister yes <3 
would you say you have a “messed up life”: I could be called a anime character with the terrible backstory that I have hahah.
have you ever run away from home: No. I would never chance it.
have you ever gotten kicked out: No.
if so, how long: N/A

● friends ●
do you secretly hate one of your friends: Never
do you consider all of your friends good friends: Yes?
would you die for them: Dependent on situation.
who knows everything about you: Roommates.


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.


shades of byun baekhyun

➳ 2 / ; all shades of pink i could find for @my-bobohu


My Pathetic But Adorable Big Brother, Hiro: Part I

Older bro!Hiro & Younger bro!Tadashi AU

Prologue Here, Part 2 

AHAHAHAH it finally starts, at a snail’s pace….

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Ellie's new long hair causes me to imagine her getting whipped in the face by it all the time when she is not on the job. Like she is on the beach - hair in mouth. Trying to phone someone - constantly hair inbetween phone and ear. Walking along the clifftops with Hardy who, of course, stands dramatically in the wind, his coat billowing behind him. While she has no idea where she is going because of all the bloody hair in her eyes.^^ (So he will have to hold her hand to keep her from falling)

cheeky boy ouma how do you sit like that

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Omfg I love coming on your blog! Makes my experience in Kpop much more fun! Can I request a Jackson scenario? Where a fight turns into sexual tension. #dadsykinks4thewin thank you kindly!

I love you

In trouble:

“Jackson don’t touch me.” You snarled wrenching your wrist from the male’s grip walking into your shared house.

“Really Y/N? You’re going to be like this?” Jackson questioned slamming the door to house kicking off his shoes.

“You know what, screw you Jackson. Why don’t you just go find the girl you were eye fucking and talk it out with her.” You said angrily moving towards the kitchen to rummage through the fridge finding a bottle water to chug down your parched mouth. Sighing Jackson came in the same space as you balling his hands up lightly he eyed you.

“Y/N it’s not like that and you know it.” He urged as he stare at you.

“Really baby?” You asked blinking your eyelashes and of course he fell for it smiling lightly thinking he was off the hook.

“Really baby girl.” He said gently pressing close to you.

“I have words.” You said sweetly smiling. “Piss. Off.” You barked chugging the rest of the water down before you made your way towards the room down the hallway. You heard Jackson growl and punch the way before he came chasing after you into the room.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” He commanded staring at your frame his own body shaking and red.

“I do whatever I want. I don’t see anyone here who owns me.” You snapped at him moving to walk into your closet. “And quite frankly I don’t want any excuses. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight buddy.” You pushed a pillow at him starting to strip your clothes slowly.

“Because you think I was looking at another woman?” Jackson asked with his voice raising and bless the poor neighbors if they heard you. It wasn’t the fact that Jackson had been looking at another woman shit happens and sometimes you do it. You’re human. But that was over the limit. He kept staring at her while you were talking and holding his hand. It was embarrassing to see others look at you and judge your relationship.

“Jackson.. Please. Just get out.” You said softly pointing at the door. Voice quivering and eyes welling up you sighed softly. More than anything you felt your pride being hurt. You weren’t good enough for him. Not sexy enough and if a woman could so easily take his attention then what were you.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Jackson shouted. He hated seeing you cry he hated himself for what he had done. It wasn’t like she was all that, she was just different curvy like you but she wasn’t you and he knew in his heart he only wanted to be with you. But how to prove it? “Don’t you cry behind another female or male.”

“HOW CAN I NOT?!” You yelled out tears streaking down our face as you balled up your fist tighter. “You looked at her like how you used to look at me! When did you stop caring Jackson? When did I not become enough for you? When wasn’t I sexy enough or beautiful enough to make your heart melt?! Will you leave me.. Daddy?” You said the name softly looking down at your feet as the running tears made soft dark puddle droplets beside your feet into the light brown carpet. Hearing you call him daddy broke everything in his mind. He only could focus on one thing, his cock stirring in his pants. He knew he had to make it up to you and this was step one. Sex didn’t change everything but it could make you see how needy he was for just you.

Sighing when he didn’t answer you walked out the room wanting to leave the tension filled space but Jackson snapped out of it. Following you he roughly pushed you against the wall causing you to gasp. You were going to scream at him but he silenced you with a kiss his hands ripping at your shirt. He tore the fabric wide open causing you to gasp giving him access to your mouth. He sucked on your tongue with his own dominating the kiss as his hands shoved up your skirt. His fingers found your panties and almost tearing them he roughly moved them to the side plunging two fingers inside of your damp pussy. Jackson pulled back to eye you with intensity and need.

“Do you really think I’d ever leave you for another fucking girl? Do you ever think I can’t fucking live without you? Huh! Your sassy ass mouth and charming ways. And let’s not forget this sweet pussy that I just love cumming in so much. You’re my princess and nobody else will fucking lay hands on you.” His words were almost a growl causing your stomach to tighten up as your pussy got wetter. He quickly gripped at your hips with one hand using his strength to lift you until he was wrapping only one of your legs around his neck and the other around his waist. Pulling back his drenched fingers he tongue fucked you sucking on your pussy harshly. Head moving side to side he made sure to run his tongue over everything once. Curving it and thrusting it rapidly against your spot causing you to cry out and pull at his hair trying to get him away from you but it didn’t work. His free hand gripped at your breast kneading the flesh one by one until he felt you tightening up on his tongue. Pulling out from you he sat you on your feet and spun you around to face the wall pinning you there. His free hand moved to yank down his zipper freeing his shaft. He kept his pants on gripping at the base of his cock to rub it up and down your dripping folds. In one go without warning he slammed into you pushing you both against the wall so that he could feel you up and you could take all of him. You cried out hands bracing on the wall for support but it didn’t last. Jackson pulled your body back a bit so that he could grab at your hips and pound into you. He growled out at how you started to scream for him, your juices sliding out of your wet cunt and onto his shaft. He spread your legs wide pressing a hand down your back making you arch so that he could angle his hips and abuse your spot. Again, and again he plowed into your pussy his hands switching from leaving bruises in your hips to grabbing at your breast and playing with them. Occasionally he slapped at them and pulled on your nipples causing you to damn near sob against the wall from the pleasure and pain. A hand drifted down to your clit and he rubbed at the bud quickly not giving you any time to prepare for his assault on your pussy. Your eyes rolled back and your back arched more. Legs shaking you were resting your head against the wall so that you could hold yourself up in some kind of way. You couldn’t even warn Jackson of how close you were because all that left your lips were gibberish mixed in with his name but in a few more thrusts he had you shouting for mercy, cumming on his cock and going limp in his hold. Jackson pressed you back against the wall continuing to abuse your clit and fuck into you from behind slamming his hips against yours. You tried to pull away your body was sensitive and buzzing but he didn’t have that. Causing you to squirt as you came again Jackson filled you up to the brim his cock releasing long thick ropes of cum inside of you. Jackson felt his own legs buck and he held you against the wall letting both of your breathing calm down before he spoke.

“The fact that you think I would leave you. For anyone amazes me. I may look but I know what I have, or I wouldn’t be with you. You’re an amazing woman and I was an asshole for checking her out like that. And I could blame it on being a man or I can just man up and say I’m sorry. So, I apologize and if it happens again I will take whatever repercussion you give me. But I love you Y/N. Your pussy, your body and your smart-ass mouth and attitude. You’re my world and no matter what no woman will be able to change that.” He waited for an answer but when you didn’t say anything he looked at you frowning seeing more tears.

“I’m not crying.. You’re crying.” You teased shoving at him. “I love you too. But you’re still sleeping on the couch. After you carry me and bathe me.” You teased him but he only thrusted his hips forward wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Or we could both stay here and fuck like rabbits until I get it right.”