cause the guy's name is toast

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10, 15, 5, 12 (joels name *fingerguns*)

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10. Do they eat breakfast? What’s a typical breakfast look like for them?

Oh yay, more food questions. For some reason, these are fun to answer, probably ‘cause Joel loves to stuff his face. He’s a full-on breakfast kinda guy – eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast, right down to a glass of orange juice to wash it all down with. He can’t cook, but he LOVES ordering food from the breakfast place a few miles down the road. I have a headcanon that every Sunday, he invites Tommy over to have breakfast with them, because he knows for a fact that Tommy ain’t eating right.

He also has a weakness for McGriddles, u didn’t hear it from me.

15. Give the rundown on their bill paying technique.

Joel is what I like to call selectively tech-savy, and electronic bill paying is one thing he’s got all figured out. He hates to let bills be overdue, so he has them scheduled to deposit automatically, days before they are even due, because he always pays on a day that ends with ‘0′ or ‘5′. He’s also one of those people who rounds up to the nearest dollar when he pays too, so he’s always got credit in his account yes I have wasted time thinking about this before.

5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?

Definitely TV shows, because he doesn’t like having to sit still for long enough to watch a movie. Unless it’s a Disney movie about a father and daughter don’t judge him.

12. Book organization technique.

THERE IS NONE. When he buys books, he kind of just leaves them sitting on random surfaces throughout the house, not that he doesn’t read them. He just reads them all at the same time. He’s halfway through eight books at any one time, not because he’s a particularly huge fan of reading in general, but just because he never finishes them.

Most of them have stains from coffee cups.