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Favourite Skam Things: Jonas Noah Vasquez
↳ “Ooooh my name is Jonas and I love idealism and reading ‘The Class Struggle’. I don’t like plastic and use a skateboard made of sustainable wood. I wear second hand clothes because new clothes are bad for the environment and I only drink recirculated water.”


50s/grease AU!!!

kayo leads the pink ladies, and is renowned for being the literal toughest girl around. she started her gang as more of a protection against harassment squad than anything else. then theres marion, who used to have a bit of a thing with scott but now she’s sweet on moffie, the nicer one of the group. rich-bitch penny is the last member of the pink ladies. her parents disapprove of her choice of friends, but she’s loyal to her girl gang.

brains is the new kid, come over from england with his adoptive father. despite being absolutely terrified of the thought, he enrolls in the school and is taken in by the pink ladies. he might not be a girl, but if kayo’s not looking out for him, then he’ll be squashed like a bug on the windshield of the tracy boys’ cars.

the tracy brothers make up the t-birds. they’re the sons of the late jeff tracy, and work in his auto shop, building and repairing cars. they all have big dreams that they can’t really make happen in their small town, making them all a bit rebellious.

scott, the eldest, is a few years out of high school and goes to community college to try and get himself educated for a better job and finally get them all out of their hick town. john balances the checkbooks and makes sure the business stays afloat. virgil, is a high school senior and is thoroughly in his rebellious phase, gets caught up in a lot of drag races in and out of school hours. both gordon and alan think he’s really cool and are always begging to let them go with him, but he insists they stay behind.

the pink ladies and the t-birds are close knit gangs, especially given that kayo had been adopted by jeff before he passed away. aaaand, that’s all i got!

this was really just an excuse to draw clothes, lets be real.

College Makoto listening to his fave song commission for Jenna

See what I did there? B> HAHAHHAHAHAH I hope you like this one since you, Makoto, and I share the same taste of music. XD


30 days of robron ★ Day 11: Favourite quote about them but not by either of them

‘’You know, Robert really does care about him. I know he’s your brother Vic, but he’s bad news when it comes to Aaron. You can’t stop them being together if that’s what they want. I’ll give it a damn good go, cause I’m not having my boy getting hurt again. But you never know, if they’re not sneaking around, they might actually be happy.’’


That anon the other day made me want to do a photoshoot with these two c: (They’d be good friends though if you think about it… rmmmm)

this has to be one of my fave moments in an episode, it’s so simple but SO adorable and sweet! i love that steven is star struck around a dude from a cheesy 80s instructional tape, and that mr smiley seems to be really proud of that. 

there’s something so heartwarming within the people of beach city, and how steven interacts with them. i feel like we get to know so much more about him when we get small episodes like this, and this is why i enjoy them just a bit more than huge story arc ones ; v ; 


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