cause that was one heck of a burn

Fun Tag Thingie

Rules: tag people you want to get to know better.


I got tagged by the lovely @anonymouslydevious65 , thank you dear~! <3


Selfie: Wellp this is embarrassing, but what the heck. My friend and I like to go all out in terms of weird and then people watch. Sorry for burning y’alls retinas.

Homescreen: This one’s gotta be this way cause Kakashi Rokubae. 

Lockscreen: Kunoichi BOMB yo. Gotta have KakaSaku on my phone SOMEHOW (besides the 600+ photos I have on my phone LOL). Disclaimer: I -HOPE- using this is ok as my screensaver. I don’t want to piss anyone off or steal anyone’s art or anything. Please do let me know if this isn’t ok, or if you know the artist so I can ask them for permission!

Last song listened to: Prolly You’re Welcome from Moana.

Relationship status: Haha. Forever single because I love freedom. 

Favorite color(s): Crimson and blue and, like, most shades therein. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick all the way, my friends.

Last movie watched: Not really a movie, but SUPERNATURAL asldsjdflfghaouigoa. 

Top three characters: Ukitake Juushiro, Hatake Kakashi, Castiel.

Top three ships: KAKASAKU, GrimmHime, UlquiHime.

Books I am currently reading: *cue heartbreaking wailing* NONE. I’M TOO FRIGGIN BUSY PLS SEND HELP. I started The Secret Crusade by…I can’t remember. It’s part of the Assassin’s Creed series. 


I tag: WHOMEVER CAUSE I’M TOO LAZY AND TIRED. :) Also my meds are…messing me up rn so yeah.