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i don't watch star vs so correct me if im wrong. Princess Marco's second appearance is so exciting cause, you know, it also confirms that the princess marco thing is really integral to the plot. I mean it's appeared in multiple seasons now, there now is no way that princess marco was just in a one-off episode and is never gonna be mentioned again. i mean even some adult shows will never mention things from previous seasons again. sorry, im bad at phrasing it, but I think you know what i mean

No I get you! That’s what was so exciting about Gift of the Card.

And at this point Princess Marco isn’t even a one-episode thing but also an integral part of who Marco is, it’s part of her character.

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Hey, you. Thank you for reminding people that it's not okay to just 'take' hate. Thank you for showing people that fighting back with facts and wit will always be better than bulldozing with anons calling you a bad person. Thank you for reminding people that 'block if u don't like' is a two way street and people should take their own advice, cause they ain't you or your dads. Thank you for not apologizing for shit you didn't start. You are amazing. Harts. <3

Hello, anon! Thank you so much! :) I’m glad that something positive can be taken from this. I really appreciate it! <3

☘ Causes mayhem to those around her and herself especially.
☘ Will sometimes walk on all fours. (Times she’d do it out of habit would be like when Peridot gets scared or tries to run fast) 
☘ She also uses her mouth to hold things if her arms are full. 
☘  Gets suspended from school often because of all the damage she causes, but she always tries to pay for herself. 
☘ Homeless > sometimes can be sleeping on the entry and exit screens (3rd wall stuff) 
☘ She sleeps on people’s roofs or when in class. 
☘  She was adopted but her mother got wiped from existing so now Lucky has her funds. 
☘  Was on a television show once because someone thought it was a good idea to put contestants up to the test of bad luck. The studio burned down. 
☘ She will check both sides of the street multiple times before crossing, and while doing so too. But there is always (magically) a semi truck that comes down the road and as she ducks the thing just flips over her and crashes. 
☘ Her unluckiness cannot effect the void, Mr. Small (sometimes),Darwin, and people with extremely good luck. (but this in turn makes her more unlucky to herself) 

rewatching the show after ep 10 like everyone else and just… remember that scene in ep 7? the carpark scene?

these are viktor’s reactions to yuuri crying

and like we all knew even before ep 10 that he probably felt guilty and distraught about his tactic backfiring and causing such distress to yuuri. and certainly it doesn’t excuse the fact that it was a dick move to do in the first place

but like coming into it now with the knowledge that #ViktorFellFirst it just reminds me of those times when you fuck up so bad you make someone you care really deeply about cry in front of you

(yuuri. hun. that’s like the last thing he wants to do.)

(is it possible for someone to fall even deeper in love than this russian bean at this moment)

and you just. you try your best to fix the situation and apologise because holy shit. the love of your fucking life is in fucking tears in front of you because of something you yourself did. and even after your apologies you still feel like pond scum for like hours after

i bet that’s exactly what viktor felt like, considering ep 10 hindsight and all

so like. no wonder he got so euphoric after yuuri’s quad flip and just fuckign kissed him on international television.

a summary of the riverdale characters after the pilot

archie: the troy bolton of gingers (lowkey wanna be a ripped ed sheeran)

betty and veronica: brittana 2.0 except they won’t be gay this time and they’ll both want ginger troy’s dick instead, ‘cause this is the CW after all

jughead: cody in the clothes you would expect zack to be wearing and also probably the coolest male character

cheryl: season 1 lydia martin meets ginger regina george

josie: don’t really know her yet but she can step on me

geraldine: bad teacher starring cameron diaz

kevin: the gay bff™

jason: ginger fuckboy (lots of gingers on this show) but he dead so

Okay but imagine

The Miraculous Ladybug theme song was written and scored by musicians in Paris who wanted to show their appreciation for their heroes on their one year anniversary of fighting crime, and ask the local school to aide in its production so their heroes can see love coming from their cities youth. Adrien gets basically signed up to be Cat Noir without his exact permission because they need a good face and his singing isn’t bad, and as they audition girls he has to sing his part like a thousand times and gets progressingly more annoyed and less in to it. The directors are getting frustrated cause there just isn’t a Ladybug that makes their Cat Noir shine. It’s looking like Chloe is going to get the part because her dad is essentially rigging the auditions, but behind the scenes Alya is doing her best to convince Marinette to audition because “YOU WOULD BE GREAT, can you seriously imagine being the Ladybug to Adrien’s Cat Noir??” She doesn’t think much of the comparison since she doesn’t understands Paris’ obsession with a superhero romance, but getting to play opposite Adrien would make her absolutely DIE from happiness. But how can she seriously sing and perform not only in front of HIM but ALL OF PARIS, but then again she CANT let it be Chloe, she refuses to let Chloe represent Ladybug and steal her time with Adrien. So she gets a mask, a plain red one, to try and trick her brain in to being more confident, and just GOES for it before she has a heart attack and dies. Adrien is looking at the ground, bored and annoyed when he hears the instrumental pick up for the billionth time. He just groans and gets his mic ready, but then he hears, “I live a life, its full of fun, it keeps me sharp and on the run,” and its just so… so- sassy? He can’t even think of the words. Its so fierce and confident and playful and maybe just a tiinge flirty and its so incredibly LADYBUG and he looks up to see- wait is that Marinette?? Shy little Marinette just BURSTS onto stage like she was born to play his Lady. And when the song picks up he gets more and more excited, because shes doing it perfectly, shes jumping and walking and doing all these gymnastic stunts across the stage and theater seats and rigging in time with the words and he just gets PUMPED and then its his turn, and he nails it. Hard. He falls completely into Cat Noir mode, confident, flirtatious, playful and fun. And he gets kind of flustered, sort of stunned when he runs up on to stage and Marinette, shy Marinette, meets his eyes and doesnt flinch even a little. there is no trace of his shy class mate and the way she holds herself is perfect for the part, so perfect that he feels himself get that racing pulse he only gets for his real lady. When his part dies back into support vocals he starts to slowly tail her as she runs around, peering after her and trying to keep up, and SHES PLAYING ALONG. Shes running out in front, letting him get close and then slipping away again. Then the song kicks up into full gear and hes after her, top speed, trying to get to her till hes running across the stage, sliding on his knees and putting his whole heart into the vocals as she finally struts up to him, harmonizing “the lucky charm” perfectly with him and shes red faced from being near him and hes red faced from being near her and then they strike the poses, just like the statue and end the performance with all of their energy.

And the directors and the entire school and the mayor and god and everyone is completely and totally STUNNED.

“I think we found our heroes”

(You have no idea director man)

Things can’t LOOK like a sexuality. It’s very tempting to make easy jokes about Dan looks like a lesbian, Dan the pastel video is gay - that’s actually problematic to say that. Stereotypes. I mean obviously correlation between behaviour and stereotypes do exist but when things are kind of feeding into heteronormativism and the harmfulness of everyone’s living inside of a patriarchy and the bullying that exists within the male system with things threatening their masculinity that's just a bad thing, you know. Stereotyping sexuality and behaviour and gender isn’t a good thing. So you can say “oh, that guy looks like a lesbian” or “oh, the flowers that’s a bit gay” and it’s not necessarily the most offensive thing but on a level it is slightly bad ‘cause you are reenforcing those things, you know.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (31/?)

I’m so happy he spoke up about this. I also love how he did it in such a non-threatening manner. He’s hoping to educate the people, who might not be aware of how harmful their actions and words can be. I stan the right people. 

Bangtan on daddy mode

Welcome, welcome. Take a seat and prepare yourselfes for the show, cause today we meet our Suga daddy (you see what I did there?).

This post did so many things to me I can’t even. I needed someone to suffer with me, sorry guys.

Hoseok ver.  Namjoon ver.  Taehyung ver.  Jimin ver.  Jungkook ver.  Seokjin ver.


This look is burning into my soul.

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He looks like he’s ready to hunt. And boy, oh boy how bad I want to be his game.

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Can you grind on me like that tho?

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Fml. Take me to church and bathe me in holy water.

bts reaction: when you are normally quiet but someone said something bad about bts so you blow up in their face


“ um Jagi calm down. I think the police were called”

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“ that’s my Jagi show them whos the best”

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“ Jagi stop they are not worth going to jail for”

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“Jagiya you are scaring me”

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“ Jagi what happened to the {y/n}  I know”

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“ that’s right Jagi. Beat their ass”

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“ Jagiya  you are causing attention”

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smh characters as things i've done
  • jack: hit on a boy by asking him to help me stretch before exercising; made sure to stretch so as to show off my ass
  • bitty: baked six dozen cookies, four pies, and three pans of brownies for a church potluck w my grandma, all the while talking shit abt the people we would see there
  • shits: caused a scene at thanksgiving with my dad’s family by showing up with dyed hair and pierced ears; walked (was escorted) into a different room while shouting abt gender identity & expression
  • ransom: laughed so hard at my chem teacher’s bad chemistry pun that i almost had a panic attack
  • holster: belted “don’t rain on my parade” at three in the morning while drunk off my ass walking thru town w my friends
  • lardo: walked into my first party at a new school (the only out queer kid, small, effeminate, part asian), chugged half a bottle of fireball, took three shots, grabbed a beer, and said, “‘sup, boys?”
  • dex: hit my best friend (whom i had a crush on) in the arm with a baseball bat because he wouldn’t stop telling me to calm down, then punched him in the other shoulder when he said it again
  • nursey: said, “i’ll have you know i’m very graceful” before tripping on nothing, skinning both of my knees, & running into a wall
  • chowder: casually dropping into the splits in the middle of conversations; constantly showing ppl that i can put my legs behind my head
  • tango: stayed up for the first three days straight of one of my summer vacations reading wikipedia articles
  • whiskey: showed up to a frat party specifically to hit on athletes & mooch booze
  • ollie & wicks: dated the boy who had the locker next to mine for five years (& we’re still together)
  • alicia (bonus): showed up to a photoshoot 15 minutes late in three-day-old sweatpants w spiked starbucks

in january she kept posting pics without her face and almost a year later she posts “a throwback pic” like couldn’t she post that pic when fans and big bad larries were saying she was using someone else’s baby bump to pretend it was hers and instead of proving us wrong she posted another faceless bump pic ???????? cause the fact that she posted this picture now (and WITH HER NEW FACE she got AFTER the pregnancy) shows that she did exactly what we were saying so thanks Byriani, another brilliant moment of your life. 


Summary: Adrien gets Marirekt.

So have this hot mess. No literally, this is a hot mess. I’m sorry for the lack of betaing and the cringy sexual tension. Under any circumstances, I’m not sorry for seductress!Marinette. Also, this is long.

This is some kind of bad boy Adrien lol not really and good girl Marinette lmao as if.

Also, I could have sworn today’s prompt was tension, but oh well. I was a day behind. *shows later to the Love Square Week with starbucks*

One thing Adrien Agreste learned in his first year of public education was that people couldn’t take no for an answer. No matter how polite he was or how firm he tried to be, they never seemed to understand the meaning of that simple two letters word. Adrien hated it. And after a couple of months of putting up with that, he decided it was the time to do something about it. Of course, he couldn’t just start being rude to people. So he came to the conclusion that if he can’t push people away, then he should just keep them from approaching. That was what his best friend, Nino, called the birth of bad boidrien.

(What a good pun, he was proud of his best friend.)

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Recent studies have shown that people who work office jobs are beginning to feel the climate change burn as well. In fact, it’s causing an actual poison to build up inside of workplaces: carbon dioxide. A recent Harvard study shows that heightened levels of CO2 (the byproduct of industrialization and bitching hairstyles) can have an adverse effect on productivity. Breathing in CO2 levels above 1,000 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere can bring about a sense of fatigue and even corrode our decision-making processes. In other words, too much CO2 makes our brain sacks not idea so great. That’s bad news for offices, which can house up to 1,200 ppm. However, this is even worse in schools, where carbon pollution can reach up to 2,000 ppm, and airplanes, which go up to 4,000 ppm when grounded. However your political party dictates you feel about scientific fact, we can probably all agree that children and pilots are two demographics we definitely don’t want to be slowly poisoning.

But what causes this massive buildup of CO2 in large buildings? Ironically, the answers lie in how they tried to counter the effects of climate change to begin with. Buildings have become more and more isolated in an attempt to cut the costs of heating and air conditioning. However, isolation goes both ways, trapping plenty of bad chemicals inside of the building – which is sometimes referred to as “sick building syndrome.” If we want to find where this influx of CO2 is coming from, we needn’t look any further than our own disgusting bodies breathing out a bunch of carbon dioxide in a borderline airtight structure. Just having a large concentration of people breathing on one another can cause CO2 levels in office buildings to double, causing everyone inside to become a bit dumber. It seems a bit redundant to say in 2017, but mouthbreathers are going to be the death of us all.

8 Things You Didn’t Realize Will Be Ruined By Climate Change


So, I had a nice little blurb written up for this set, but an accidental submission to the Imgur gallery showed me the cruel side of the internet and has me questioning my appearance. I’m apparently getting fat enough for it to really show, and I don’t pass or look as good as I thought. I guess its time to diet and exercise like a mad person, and figure out how to get some hormones like, yesterday. Anyone wanna donate to that cause?


so yeah, I guess it won’t get better. The truth is what u see on the picture is not finished painting. I was working on it but it’s kinda ruined now and the cause is wrong paper I used. So I’m showing u a picture when it wasn’t so bad. and btw it was my very first acrylic portrait so please don’t hate haha

Mad love to the writers on Steven Universe

90% of kid shows just have the typical “bad guy”. While sometimes they are fun or interesting characters, they’re basically just bad for the sake of making sure the main character has a conflict. But in SU, you make EVERYONE flawed… Including “good characters” like Rose.

You take the main villains in the series (ex. Blue Diamond), and actually make people feel bad for them. They’re still not “good”, they are still going to cause a lot of conflict… but the viewer actually feels bad for them, a little. They want to get to know their side of the story more.

So, when the final showdown comes along, it’s not going to be just “good VS evil”. There’s going to be something a lot deeper to it. You may even find yourself understanding the bad guy, a bit. THAT is awesome. THAT is good writing. Mad love to you.

Title: Just A Dream (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The reader as terrible nightmares, which leaves them wandering around Stark Tower late at night. Luckily, Peter Parker is there to protect from the bad dreams.

Word Count: 1608

Warnings: Nightmares

A/N: I actually love this so much ugh so so so cute LOL. I want Peter Parker to comfort me when I have bad dreams (@ tom holland) I hope you enjoy!

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Guys, guys, guys, I really like how this turned out, I mean everyones faces are so cute! Anyway, everyone ready for a really long explanation, alright, let’s gooooooo!

 Okay so since it’s a long story, I’m just gonna write the basics. 

 Final battle.

 Foot vs Hamato clan.

 Shredder fighting Splinter. Splinter is now unconscious.

 Mikey shows up on the scene and without even thinking he yells out to shredder to stop. Shredder turns on Mikey (this scene can be found here) Shredder fights Mikey and is winning April shows up and saves Mikey. Splinter and the gang (April,Miwa, and Casey) take Mikey back to the lair cause he’s hurt pretty bad. 

 Mikey stays with them and heals for months (at least 5) (Random things happen in that time x, x, and x. [I need to draw more of this time]) 

 Meanwhile he’s bros are going crazy searching for him and trying to get him back (shredder lied to them and told them the Hamatos kidnapped Mikey) Finally Mikey is able to go to his bros, but can’t go with them cause shredder will kill him for his betrayal (a comic about that can be found here. Mikey tries to explain that April and Splinter, all the Hamatos are good. His bros think that Splinter must have tricked Mikey or mind controlled him or something to get him to say that and is laying out a trap (or something like that) cause why would their Master lie to them.

 But when Mikey looks to Don and calls him “Donnie” for the first time since before Mikey lost his arm (which is at least 6 to 7 years, [this little part about the name was @purpletechtyrtle ]). Donnie is so shocked by this and then he notices the tiny spark of light in Mikeys eyes that he hasn’t seen in so many many years, and Donnie believes him. (Hence the comic above) And there you have it so far XD haha this is waaaaaay near the end of my story buuuut, these parts are the most clear in my mind. I hope all this makes sense and is not too confusing!


“You push people away.”
“You noticed?”
“…Why do you do this to yourself?”
“Because you don’t need someone like me.”
“‘Someone like you’? Tell me, who are you, really? Or rather…who do you think you are?”
“A fuck-up, a lost cause…a burden, a bad influence…a death sentence. Take your pick.”
"You’re being a little dramatic here. Don’t give yourself so much credit. What gave you the notion that I would’ve needed you anyway? I’m fine on my own; I’ve been doing it for six years. And what about you? What do you have to show for it?”
“…Crippling anxiety and a lot of bad decisions.”
“You’re a mess, Santi.”
“Of course I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I say too much and I scare people off. It’s what I do best.”
“You don’t scare me.”
“I will, though. Because that’s what happens with me.”