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980.  After the war is long over, Harry and Draco will occasionally grab drinks and chat about their lives and their children. Because they have nothing more to fight about, they quickly realize that they have more in common than they thought, and they've both (though in different ways) experienced the horrors of Voldemort's presence that not many others can understand.

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‘’Why don’t you hang a bit longer Ink?’’


This is Error x Ink Sans I drew this for @maple-and-pie

This is one of her OTP’s ;3; I wanted to draw something for her cause she has been a wonderful friend this year and she was there for me when I was at my lowest when I did stupid shit  and felt so horrible she was there for me. she is also a talented artist so take a look at her page when you have the time!

TomCav on how he got three university degrees
  • Host: True or false, Mr. Cavanagh, you graduated from Queen's University in Ontario with THREE degrees.
  • Tom: ...TRUE! I thought there was going to be another question.
  • Host: You have a degree in English, a degree in biology, and a degree in education. How does one have, essentially, a triple major?
  • Tom: You gotta be, uh, you gotta be wicked smaht. If you're wicked smaht then you can do as many degrees as you want at that school.
  • Host: What were you overcompensating for to need three degrees?
  • Tom: Five years' basketball eligibility, my friend.
  • Host: Now it makes sense.
  • Tom: "What can I do, what can I do? I've got one more year left on the team, what degrees are there? Name degrees!" "Education." "SOLD!"
Imagine: Cat Joke Revelation

So one night, it’s pretty quiet for Ladybug and Chat Noir’s patrol so Chat just unleashes a barrage of cat-themed jokes on Ladybug who just groans good-naturedly and laughs while calling him a dork.

The next day, Alya is down about something, her head buried in her arms on the desk. Nino and Adrien are worried about her when Marinette takes a seat and can’t get anything out of her.

Marinette takes a deep breath, looks at Alya and says, “I about to say something and I hope you understand just how painful it will be for me.”

Alya peeks out from her arms.

“What do you call a big pile of cats?” Shrug. “A meow-tain.”

Alya snorts and Marinette lets the cats out of the bag.

“What did the stray say when it saw a dog about to chase it? You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow!”

What did the cat do when he got a call during a movie? He put it on Paws.”

What’s a cat’s favourite Disney song? Mew‘ve got a friend in me!”

Alya starts giggling and Marinette starts grinning.

“I know a cat who tried to sing.” Alya shakes her head. “He was claw-ful.”

“What is a cat’s favorite motto when attempting something? Purr-actice makes Purr-fect!”

“What do you call a religious feline? A Cat-tholic!”

Alya just looses it when Marinette goes in for the kill, grin wide and eyes bright.

“How do cats greet each other?”

Alya manages to squeak out an ‘I don’t know’ when Marinette leans in close.


Nino and Alya have just lost any semblance of sanity and Marinette is smug while Adrien has recognised all of the jokes.

Adrien asks Marinette where she got all those cat jokes. 

“Oh, a friend of mine told me all of them last night. He’s such a dork!”

Adrien’s mind goes blank ‘cause there is no way…

what I love the most about the whole concept of idk fletch dropping a bomb as to morven and jasmine being one step away from double dating bernie and serena + this week having serena name small chested models is that they could oh so very easily be part of the whole incorrent quotes meme that is spreading all over tumblr like wildfire - but it’s not, they actually said the words. wild. 


A Thief in the Night


‘’jo main kehta hoon, jo sunta hoon jo sehta hoon, tere liye..
                        main girta hoon, sambhalta hoon phir chalta hoon, tere liye…’’


artist!fitzsimmons au: leo fitz as a painter and jemma simmons as a writer → Happy Birthday wonderful India!