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Black Rose

Group: BTS


Excerpt:  “I don’t know if I can give the girl with a crush on me a job here? Sleeping with other employees is banned, apparently.”

Genre: fluff, tattoo au

Length: 1.7k

A/N: lord have mercy on guk with tats


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The tattoo shop was lighter than expected, as you stepped in feeling sorely out of place. The sound of your heels on the floor made everyone else pause in their conversations, to study you. In your baggy jumper and tight black jeans, skin void of any tattoos; no unusual piercings on your lips or nose, you were almost too normal to be there.

“I’m here to apply for the opening of receptionist,” the guy sitting at the reception put down the large sketchpad that had been concealing his face but not his dirty blonde hair and pale forehead.

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Okay but really

what i truly love about Hellsing Ultimate is that is can go from this:

Corpses rising from a forsaken river of blood and unholiness!

That is a Hellhound!

That ghoul is eating a a baby!! WTF!?

To this in a matter of five minutes:

Some couples just can’t agree on anything.


Fight night in which integra wins cause she is the Boss of all bosses

Make me stay at work late, have fun spending your new years covered in syrup

A few years ago when I was in my second year of college I worked at a Five Guys and was scheduled to work on New Year’s Eve. Normally the store would close at 10 but because it was a holiday, we were closing at 8 that night and I had a party to get to after work. Like a plague, a huge line of customers forms around 7:50. We were still open for another 10 minutes so we had to take their orders but we kindly let each group know that we were closing at 8 that night. Most people were very understanding and some even ate and left really fast but two groups of people (one wearing obnoxious blinking party hats) seemed to take personal offense to us telling them we were closing at 8 and stayed as long as possible seemingly just to spite us. We kept the doors unlocked so every time new customers came in thinking we were still open we would say we were closed hoping the people still sitting there would get the idea and pack up and head out. Didn’t work.

It’s now approaching 8:45 and I’m gonna be late to this party regardless so now my mindset shifts from getting people to leave to getting revenge. Five Guys has those fancy, touch screen, coke machines. The nozzles need to be taken out and cleaned and without the nozzle, the water and syrup don’t mix well and spray out like a diarrhea storm in every direction and the syrup just globs onto everything. One of the tables had finished their food a while ago and, possibly in an attempt to prolong their stay, kept refilling their drinks every few minutes. I decide it’s time to get more of a jump on cleaning so I take the nozzles out of both coke machines knowing what would happen, stand at the counter and wait.

It took all of 2 minutes for some girl to get up and head to one of the machines. When she hit the button the machine just fucking assaulted her with coke syrup while making this loud ass hissing noise that clearly scared the shit out of her. I look over at her and her white shirt is soaked and covered in dark spots. I was just about to walk over to her and explain what had happened and passive aggressively apologize for the “accident” so she wouldn’t cause a fuss with my boss when I noticed she was walking to the other machine. I stood back and watched as the same fucking thing happened again. At this point, I just walked over and said something along the lines of “Oh, sorry. These machines do that without the nozzles and we’re closed so we’re cleaning them now.” I think I handed her like two napkins as if they would help. She and her friends left without an issue a few minutes later which signaled to the other group that it was finally time to leave.

tl;dr Five Guys I worked at closed two hours early on New Years Eve, some guests stayed almost an hour after closing. I took nozzles out of coke machines to “clean them”, some girl tries refilling her cup at one and then the other and gets coke syrup sprayed on her by both

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Do you do headcanons? If so, dating wonder woman would include, please? Thank you!

*cracks knuckles* This is the first time I’m writing for the most awesome and precious Diana Prince so here we goooo! And this is basically what I’ve managed to pull from the DCEU Wonder Woman.

What it’s Like Dating Diana Prince

  • Talking about the Greek Mythology where she reveals and corrects many misconceptions. 
  • Her showing you and telling you all about the brilliant objects which are very sacred to the Greeks.
  • And it’s not like it’s very boring. It’s super fun because you both loving discussing the mythology. 
  • Going to various museums and galas where they present various old Greek weapons and statues. 
  • Her telling you about the history of her people because she trusts you very much.
  • Getting to go to Themyscira to meet her mother, Queen Hippolyta.
  • Which btw is very daunting but fear not! She seems to like you very much. 
  • Diana being very proud of being with you and not fretting at all to let the others know that you and her are together. 
  • After all those history lessons, you get to show her the advances of modern technology and the amazing food.
  • Like all the Paradise Island stuff is delicious but haaaaave you met burgers and pizzas??
  • Getting her to dip her fries into the milkshake which she at first thinks is kinda gross but as soon as she tries it, that is all she does.
  • Diana falling in love with ice-cream and always acting like a 3 year old whenever you both go out for ice-cream (which is totally understandable cause I do that).
  • Her very adorable reactions causes you kiss her. Nose, cheeks, lips whichever.
  • Holding her back whenever she sees a boss giving their secretary or assistant an order because ohmygod Diana! It’s their job! They get paid for it!!!!
  • It can get tough dating an Amazonian Demigoddess Princess Warrior but in the end it’s all worth it.


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Got a promotion to cash office!!! I'll still do tills occasionally but mostly I'll be away from customers and get to sit down! The Best part 3 people were ahead of me in seniority but my boss offered me first cause she knows I'm studying accountancy. One step closer to my field!

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Underfell Muffet, Grillby, Undyne and Papyrus react to their S/O whom is doing stupid things like putting live beehives in ppl's rooms and locking others while in the room or prank-calling the King to the brink of him raging.


You locked someone in a room full of bees, & it was supposed to be comical??? He doesn’t get it. Sure, suffering might be funny to other people, he too “enjoys” hearing his victims beg for mercy, but actually causing harm to others is–no fun at all! No class! No restraint! If you’re looking to make your victims suffer, you’re going to have to have lessons about all this, date-mate. Luckily, he is the skeleton for the job!


Oh, so it’s you she has to thank for the uproar her boss is causing. Listen, babe, she can appreciate a good prank now & then–the bee thing was pretty funny, but once the tridents start swinging at her head, she’s got a problem. Anyone else is fresh pickings, but maybe leave her the King of Monsters out of it, yeah?


As long as you’re not bothering her spiders, she has no problem with it. Bees are nasty little creatures, anyway, always willing to throw away their lives for one good sting. How thoughtless. When it comes to your prank calls, she admits that those are the pranks she enjoys the most. Hearing that senseless oaf lose his marbles is quite enjoyable~.


…He’s not sure how to react, really. Damn, sugar, he never expected that much from you. It’s kind of hard to bee-lieve. Maybe Sans is rubbing off on him. The messier pranks are the ones he warns you about, he’s not going to constantly clean up behind you if you pick a fight with the wrong guy. But the King is a different story. Did you record the conversation? Can you send it to him? He needs it for…business-related reasons.

@take2intotheshower it’s 1am but I couldn’t resist. Here’s Kurt collapsing in a meeting. A “deleted scene” from this fic.

Patterson stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Weller exit the elevator. “What are you doing here?” she practically yelled at him.

“I have a meeting,” he replied. He didn’t look well. He didn’t look well at all.

“You have a mee- Kurt, you were shot yesterday! Three bullets! You almost bled to death!” If she was causing a scene she didn’t care. Her boss looked like hell and he should be still lying in a hospital bed not walking into a useless meeting.

“I know,” Kurt mumbled, trying to limp past her, “I was there.”

“Did the doctors clear you?” Patterson asked, but he ignored her. Instead the answer came from a few steps behind.

“No, they didn’t,” Jane said as she stepped out of the elevator, obviously pissed off.

“Then how did-”

“He discharged himself because he’s a stubborn idiot,” Jane said as she caught up to them. Which wasn’t too hard as Kurt could barely take a two consecutive steps without pausing.

“Kurt, you have to go back to the hospital,” Patterson repeated, “you look terrible.”

“Need I remind you that I’m still your boss,” Kurt said.

“You’re no one’s boss when you’re stumbling around half dead,” Jane said angrily.

“I’m fine,” he grumbled, “I’ve been shot before.”

“Oh, well, that’s comforting,” Jane said.

He stumbled slightly and Patterson quickly went to his side while Jane stood back, arms cross over her chest.

“Yeah, you’re clearly doing great,” she said.

“Aren’t you supposed to be my wife who is loving and supportive?” he asked as he was slowly getting closer to the meeting room.

“When you’re acting like an idiot with no regards for your well being, then being a supportive and loving wife is telling you that you’re an idiot  and the you should get back to the hospital right away,” Jane said just as they reached the meeting room.

“Good luck in your very important meeting,” she mumbled, “don’t die.”

Kurt barely managed to stay up for five minutes during that meeting before the world around him started to spin. He was light headed and unbelievably tired. He glanced out towards the bullpen briefly, knowing perfectly well that Jane had been watching him the whole time, before he lost consciousness and collapsed.

He woke up ten minutes later in his office, lying on the couch with Jane and Patterson standing above him, as well as the FBI resident physician. “What happened?” he mumbled as he slowly came to.

“Assistant Director Weller,” the physician said, “you passed out. I need you to return to the hospi-”

“What? No, no,” Kurt said, trying to sit up, “I just got a little dizzy, I don’t need to-”

“Sir,” the physician said, “I’m afraid your injury’s been infected. You really shouldn’t have let the hospital in the first place.”

Kurt tried to argue further but the doctor finally got the upper hand and left, making sure Jane was taking him straight to the hospital.

After Patterson made sure he was ok, she excused herself and went back to her lab. 

Jane had been sitting quietly the whole time, watching from the other end of the couch but saying nothing. He finally looked at her. “I’m sorry,” he said, “this is where you say I told you so?”

She shook her head at him, letting out a strangled sob before she could speak. “You’re an idiot,” she whispered, “you really think I wanna say I told you so?”

Kurt shook his head apologetically and reached his hand out to her. “I just watched my husband collapse in the middle of a meeting, just days after watching you take three bullets right in front of me,” she whispered, taking his hand and moving closer, tears filling her eyes, “you’re such an idiot! God dammit, Kurt!”

He squeezed her hand, “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“That’s twice in one week I watch everything I hold dear in my life fall apart in front of me-”

“You can’t keep on doing this, Kurt, I can’t-”

“I know,” he said, as he pushed past the pain and sat up, gathering her in his arms, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“You have to go back to the hospital,” she whispered against his chest.

“yes, ma’am,,” he said, his hand gently rubbing her back.

“And you have to do what the doctor says.”

“yes ma’am.”

“And you have to stop almost dying because I can’t do this without you,” she said as she pulled back and looked at him sternly.

“yes, ma’am,” he said, “I promise.”

So today I played Agents of Mayhem and after that a bit of Saints Row the Third and I got inspired to draw the Agents of Mayhem version of my character in SR since Pierce,Oleg and Gat had a version there as well.
So as far as Agent name(cause Im not calling her Boss XD) I went with Hellblaze.She is a strong close range character that has incindiary type weapons.A boomstick-like shotgun and grenades for long range stuff.In my headcanon she would definetly be good buds with Pierce,Gat and Oleg.And I think that she would have a special type of friendship with Daisy,considering their personalities I can see a lot of initial Hostility from the Ladies,

Gonna add this,Im happy Volition didnt add character costumization.Considering the agents are the stronghest element in the game it would suck to risk ignoring them cause we can make our own agent.

Move Over

Ethan smiled.

Mark’s observation of “You look cold” was especially amusing to him. Firstly, because even though it was the middle of December, they lived in LA and the house was never below room-temperature.

Second, despite the relatively warm environment, Ethan had cozily dressed in a Christmas sweater and snuggled up with Chica on the floor, eyes locked on the Holiday movie the team was currently watching together. He doubted any part of that made him truly look vulnerable and freezing.

And yet, out of the blue, Mark had said “You look cold.”

Which probably meant ulterior motives.

Trying to cover up his grin, Ethan stayed focused on the movie and replied, “I’m fine.” Well, he was. Not cold or anything. From the reflection of the TV screen, he saw Mark’s face twitch with irritation. It was hard not to smile at that.

Nodding, Tyler confirmed, “He looks okay to me.” Logical, intelligent, stupid Tyler. Mark glared at him sharply from across the couch, though he doubted Ty understood his irritation. For further emphasis, he tossed a throw pillow at the older man’s face.

Indeed, the older man gave him a “what was that for?” look before returning his attention elsewhere.

It was nearly Christmas and Ethan chose now to be a jerk to him?

Luckily, Kathryn had caught on with a smirk. She knew exactly what was going on with Mark and Ethan lately, and, hell its Christmas, she may as well help her boss out.

“E,” she cut in, causing Eth to whip his head around. “You’ll hurt your eyes if you stay that close to the screen, come sit down.”

Knowing Kat was right, Ethan nodded and stood, much to Chica’s dismay. He very nearly approached the couch before his face twisted up in realization. “Sit where?”

Amy, Tyler, and Kathryn were all squished together on the loveseat, with Mark hogging his armchair as per usual. Not exactly enough room anywhere, even for someone as small as Ethan.


“Mark, scoot over,” the youngest of the group sighed. So much for this game he was playing of denying Mark cuddles (everyone knew very well that’s what the whole “you look cold” thing was about. Well, except maybe Tyler).

Mark smiled gratefully at Kathryn, before it turned into a mischevious grin, which he directed at Ethan.

“What?” The younger man asked, slightly worried.

“I don’t really know if there’s enough room for two people,” Mark replied innocently, “Maybe Amy or Tyler would be willing to give up their seat?”

Another sigh from the blue boy. Not this again.

“I’m sure we can fit, just scoot over,” he said, trying to hide his irritation from everyone but Mark.

“Might be a little tight.” Mark grinned.

“It’ll be fine.”

“Don’t want you getting overheated, since you’re not cold and all.”


“It’s probably best if you just–”

“Move over.”


“God you’re an asshole,” Ethan rolled his eyes, proceeding to simply plop down in his boyfriend’s lap.

The older couldn’t help but beam triumphantly, arms finding their way around Eth. The younger shifted, lying down so he was more comfortable. Not like anything about Mark could be uncomfortable.

“What are you smiling about?” Ethan murmured as he snuggled against Mark’s chest.

“You just can’t stay away from me,” His boyfriend answered smugly.

Before the younger could protest this statement, the two were assaulted by a pillow from the couch.

“Either watch the movie or get a room,” Tyler huffed, although Amy appeared to be the culprit with her proud smile. She’d caught both the intertwined boys off guard.

Mark frowned, “It’s just Home Alone, Tyler, it’s not like we haven’t all already seen–”

“Shh!” Ty exclaimed, gesturing for Amy to throw another pillow.

Ethan caught this one protectively, before it had a chance to hit either of them, earning himself a kiss from Mark.

When Mark tried to deepen the kiss, Eth pulled away with a smile, murmuring to save it for the mistletoe. He was also afraid of another pillow attack from Amy, but he wasn’t about to admit that.

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maria reynolds cuddling hcs cause she needs more love

boss’ memo : that she does !! i love,,, her…. i love her so much,,

Originally posted by hamiltonsource

  • she kinda just? insta-KOs the moment she hits the bed and you’ve gotta work your way around her since she might pass out in the middle of the bed,,
    • i say “might”, but she’s always passing out in the middle of the bed because she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to see what you ended up doing and it amuses her, ,
  • about her waking up in the middle of the night–yeah..,
    • it’s easy for her to sleep in the beginning, but she often wakes up at random periods in the middle of the night
    • a lot of the time, she sits up sleepily and just kinda thinks to herself about how happy she is to be with you,
    • sometimes this is due to nightmares that she gets–and she tends to curl up when she gets them, or she grips you tight (she doesn’t let go, it takes a lot to let go, even when she’s awake)
  • she’s v quiet when she’s tired, so if you’re sleepily mumbling to her as the you hold each other, she’s awake !! she’s listenin’!
    • “and that’s why i told him–… maria ?”
      a pause.
      she let out a soft, “mm?” as she snuggled into your side.
      “oh, was just checking.”
      “should i continue ?”
    • she just kinda hums in response when she’s sleepy..,, it’s v cute…
  • she likes to lay down with her head resting on your chest so she can hear your heartbeat
    • when she’s really comfortable with you, she sometimes sings !! she has a lovely voice, and she sometimes makes up songs
      • it can get pretty funny, especially if she’s really tired and she’s sleepily singing about your hair or about the fact that you forgot to take the garbage out,,
  • she’s very warm !! and she’s soft, too!
  • she likes to sometimes take your hands in her own and just casually massage them–she’ll massage your neck, too, if it hurts!!
  • maria wants to be the big spoon, ‘cause then she has control of when you’re holding her or not,,,
    • plus !! she gets to hold you around your middle, and press her face into your neck,,
    • she wants to feel as though she is protecting you !!! it makes her feel safe, knowing that she can make you feel safe, too !

Day 23: Animation

I…havent traditionally animated in 3 years…if not 4….or actually animated at all. It’s been too long. I did something simple and I hope it looks alright ;~; I’m not too happy with it but…I can always go back to it later I guess…-sigh-
Did my fav boss cause she makes me happy

Can’t believe I had to animate on my phone…rip

I added one of my traditional keyframes just for the heck of it.

danneel ackles doin the lord’s work. makin fun of jensen often enough for him to bring it up more than once, tellin him to use his dean voice probably in the bedroom, letting him rest his tired head in her amazing bosom, being hotter than him even tho he’s a 10. i’m just. i’m rly glad she’s married to that nerd idiot.


a/n: smut was supposed to be endgame but it didn’t seem quite right so i removed it ,, don’t kill me and i hope this meets or exceeds the expectations of whoever requested it !

The plush material of Kendall’s comforter kisses your bruising feet, the pain subsiding significantly at the touch. The culprits are sitting haphazardly by the entryway, Louboutin‘s trademark red soles peeking at the bottom. Chantel’s drunken steps, made heavy by the alcohol, can be heard outside the bedroom door, her voice muffled by the phone she keeps pressing to her mouth, thinking the proximity will increase volume to her voice and aid her in the ongoing screaming match with her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend.

“She’s so loud,” Hailey groans, reaching beneath you to grab two small embroidered pillows. “I can barely hear myself think!” Directing her words toward the door, she presses the pillows to her ears, the depiction of a spoiled child on the verge of a tantrum so spot on, she must have some practice under her belt.

Kendall, the sole one in the group who can somehow hold her liquor, despite her thinner frame, has her phone angled above her, head tilted to the side, lips jutting out. You thank the Gods above she’s far too inebriated to be selfless and include anyone else in her Snapchat stories, because though you haven’t glanced at your reflection since your departure from the club (that was a half hour ago), the thick strands of hair matted to your forehead and the heaviness of your eyelashes hint you’re in need of a touch-up. Pronto.

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Spring Awakening kids at a sleepover

inspired by x

melchior: it’s at his house and he organized it, wants to watch nature documentaries but no one is down with that, ends up in the corner reading angst poetry, provides the snacks and maybe they’re all organic but they are delicious

moritz: didn’t want to come, was coaxed into it by melchior, gets made of fun for his thomas the tank engine pajamas (even though he’s in high school), trying to do homework half the time, freaks out anytime anyone mentions seven minutes in heaven/never have i ever

wendla: begged her mama to let her go by lying and saying it wasn’t at a boy’s house, ate so much popcorn oh my god, does everyone’s hair whether they like it or not, makes sure that anyone who looks lonely has someone to talk to, confesses something really deep at one am when everyone is about to fall asleep

ilse: brings the booze and everything else, arrives late and just crawls in through the window, is the one to get moritz to stop doing his hw and join the party, picks the music and makes sure it’s hella loud (metal usually) so the deaf kids can feel it

hanschen: doesn’t wear pajamas; he sleeps in lingerie and everyone HATES him, always asks to play spin the bottle/seven minutes in heaven, is always vetoed, doesn’t ever bring a sleeping bag cause he’s always positive ernst will let him share, he wasn’t invited and no one really knows why he is there

ernst: gets really scandalized when he realizes ilse’s brownies have pot in them, says his prayers before bed and everyone makes fun of him for it, lets hanschen share his sleeping bag, they usually end up in the bathroom hooking up, always wants to watch harry potter 

martha: usually on wendla’s sleeping bag having her hair done by her, really good at never have i ever not cause she hasn’t done anything but is really good at reading people to know what they have or haven’t done, also usually doesn’t sleep in her own sleeping bag cause someone is holding her

anna: makes sure everyone washes and brushes their teeth, stays in her chair while everyone is in their sleeping bags so she feels like a queen, tries to talk to everyone about hamilton and no one will listen to her, falls asleep with her headphones in, un-ironically wants to watch high school musical 

thea: she picks the movie and ignores everyone’s suggestions cause she’s the boss, coaxes everyone to say their crushes and after a few drinks has propositioned half the room an revealed all of her secrets, is the first person to ask “who invited him” when hanschen enters, the night always ends with her giving him a black eye

melitta: she and thea have matching pajamas and probably pull their sleeping bags hella close so that they can hold hands as much as possible, paints her nails and it smells and everyone is mad, always wants to play twister, peed herself one playing twister, is a really good kisser so it’s always great to get her in seven minutes in heaven

georg: talks about all his sexual experiences constantly but is essentially rehashing the same events over and over until someone throws a pillow at him, will go up to the piano/keyboard and begin playing the chords for “all of me” and all the girls (plus ernst) have to join in whether they can hear or not, eats too many chips and gets a major stomach ache, wins every pillow fight

otto: arrives late because he spent too much time debating leaving his mother for one night, once he’s there he spends the whole movie complaining about why they couldn’t watch jaws or some other nautical based film, def jumps on the bed/sofa until something breaks, calls his mom to say goodnight and everyone yells dirty things and he blushes a lot, always forgets his toothbrush

greta: spends at least half the time texting with her boyfriend, if not she’s telling the girls about her boyfriend and everything he ever did for her, wakes up looking perfect to everyone’s irritation, makes smoothies for everyone the next morning, brushes her hair for hours

bobby: always hooks up with someone before the night is out, says he would hit that about every character that walks on to the screen, brings his oboe and his double bass, wants to watch the bee movie, sleeps in his khakis what the fuck bobby?

[This fic was requested by a great fan, and a lovely person @superpinkkcat I hope you enjoy doll!]

 “Lets get this bird up in the air!” Cabe yelled, pressing his gun to the pilots temple.
  I wondered vaguely where our pilot had gone as Mister J and I lay on the floor of the helo, laughing lightly to ourselves. I winced touching the bullet wound on my side. The fuckin’ bitch, Waller had a good shot I’d give her that. I knew Waller wouldn’t give up, she didn’t have it in her. She had spoiled our escape once nearly taking my Puddin’ from me, and suddenly there she was again and I was getting some major déjà vu.
  Mister J and I had been at the club, minding our own business. It had been almost six months since he rescued me from Belle Reve and we were just gettin’ back into the swing of things when a swat team came barging in. We had ducked out, escaping up the back stairwell but she had been there. To be honest I was surprised cause as big of a boss as she was she seemed to like having other people do her dirty work for her.
  “You’re coming back to Belle Reve,” 
  Mister J had laughed for me, draping his arm over my shoulder and aiming his gun at Waller’s head. 
  “Y/N isn’t going anywhere without my say so, doll.” 
  “If I was talking to you I would be looking at you, clown, do us all a favour and keep your mouth shut or your girl is going to have another eye. Believe me, I can shoot faster than you ca-”
  Cabe who had come from the roof tossed a smoke bomb down the stairs and under the cloud of the purple explosion Mister J and I took the stairs two at a time. That’s when she shot me but I kept running, and now here we are. I wasn’t goin’ back to prison, I don’t care what happened, I refused to go back. Sure, when I left we had been granted more privileges but prison is prison. 
  “Puddin’ I’m banged up,” I hissed, and he stopped laughing for a moment looking down at the wound. 
  “We’ll get ya fixed right up, doll.” 
  We stood up and there was a sudden jerk which sent us both flying hard to the right and my head smacked against the side of the helo. I heard Cabe yelling at the pilot, threatening him, but it was muddled. I felt myself begin to fall and in a moment of clarity I managed to narrowly grab one of the cargo doors. 
  “Puddin’!” I shrieked, looking down at the cold and unforgiving waters of Gotham River below us. 
  Mister J was slowly coming to, an annoyed grumble escaping him but I was losing my grip. The wound on my side began to burn and I screamed. My body spasmed as I fell, an electric current coursing through me that only ceased when my body hit the water and I blacked out from the impact.

  ***Mister J’s P.O.V***

  Forcing myself up I looked around a little disoriented. Cabe was yelling something but I wasn’t focused on that. I heard Y/N scream but I couldn’t see her unless she… damn it. Not again.
  Scrambling on all fours I didn’t think this time, I dove from the helicopter and into the glacial depths of Gotham River. For a moment the impact knocked the breath out of me and I shot out of the water gasping. I’m comin’ baby, I’m comin’. I shot back down under the water, looking for her but I couldn’t see her. I couldn’t fucking see her. She can’t swim, and I can’t see her. 
  Breaking the surface again I yelled her name a few times before diving back under and clawing at the water with angry determination. Oh no doll, this isn’t how it’s supposed to go. You don’t just get to keep disappearing on me, if I wanted you gone you’d be gone.
  Swimming up to the surface again I let out a yell of frustration, “Y/N!” A sparkle caught my eye and I turned my head, seeing her floating face down in the water. I was at her side in an instant, rolling her onto her back. 
  “I got you, you idiot. Daddy’s got you, come on,”
  Luckily we had landed not too far from shore and I dragged her under the docks. The bullet in her side was… sparking and I dug my fingers into her wound. Water spurted from her mouth and she let out a gurgled scream. I tossed the bullet aside, cupping the back of her neck and propping her up until she focused on me.
  “Breathe baby, breathe.”
  She coughed hard, her blue eyes finding mine, “I think we should stick with the car from now on, Puddin’,” she croaked, laughing lightly. 
  I laughed, pressing my forehead against hers, “You’re more trouble than you’re worth, Y/N,” I whispered.

textbook love

genre: pure fluff

warnings: absolutely none i don’t even swear

word count: 2222

summary: phil works at the library, and is more than happy to get to know the cute boy at the back of the room, even if he does play his music loudly.

a/n: hi! i haven’t posted on here in forever.

two things

1. ignore the shitty title it’s late and i wanted to get this up and i literally wrote this in an hour i’m not even gonna proof read it just have it

2. i started a chaptered fic on my ao3!! it’s currently around 30k and updating every sunday w 5k, so you should 100% go check it out. 

bachelorette au - dan and phil are both contestants on the bachelorette, but fall for eachother instead of the girl (x)

anyways, hope you like this little library au that i whipped up ! i thought it was cute.

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Question ( I hope you know what I mean): So Tay is Trees "boss" right? Tree is there for "advice" like; act like this when you attend there and there... so Taylor can actually do whatever she wants to do right? Cause I always thought Tree is her "boss" lmao in a way she's like don't you dare to post this etc

I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s her “boss” or there’s some sort of power over Taylor telling her what to and what not to do, but Tree is her publicist so she’s involved with stuff in the background including the media and stuff