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She Loves Me

Warnings: Insane flufffffffff, also no parents again, also every line thing signifies time jump

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You and Shawn’s relationship solely through Aaliyah’s eyes.

A/N: There’s only one part that isn’t in her POV and that’s cause it’s super special. This one’s been sitting in my drafts since I started this blog hahaha


“Aaliyah! Shawn’s here!” Karen called from downstairs.

“Coming!” Aaliyah yelled back, jumping off her bed.

Today was the day Shawn would bring home his new girlfriend. They were going to have a sit-down dinner and everything.

Everyone was excited to meet you. Shawn had been gushing about you since way before you two started dating. But he had mentioned that you were nervous. So Aaliyah made it her mission to make you feel at home.

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anonymous asked:

kimani I saw your post about your cat eating an orchid and just wanted to make sure she's ok, cause orchids are pretty bad for cats. hope she's well!

i think she’ll be fine! i caught her with a petal in her mouth and the rest on the floor so she didnt manage to actually swallow it (thank goodness) but now my orchid is no more lmfao 

thank you for asking though! x


just another example of why i love taylor so much