cause she loves pink


We got a lot of answers now.

But a new lot of questions too.

I enjoy the episodes, this is how feels to not having them totally spoiled [at least not leaked].

Embarrassed Mike headcannons

- El for obvious reasons has never been good with social cues so when Mike catches her staring at him, she doesn’t look away bashfully which causes his face to flush in that pretty pink she loves.

- Mike’s life used to be a perfect balance between school and friends until he met El which had caused an imbalance. He has to have a mortifying talk with his parents about his slipping grades and has to admit he’s been spending a lot of time with El while Nancy smirks from the kitchen.

- Lucas enters the Wheeler house as usual one Saturday morning only to be shocked at Mike, El and Holly cuddled underneath a blanket singing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” and Mike slouches in embarrassment as he remembered what he wanted to talk to Lucas about

mizz_fuzzycandiecane: So this happend yesterday… yep that’s the real @kellyclarkson up close and personal..could my smile be any bigger!!! i even got a hug cause she love my pink dress. And she went on to tell us about her 3 year old daughter that is a girlie girl and her shoe problem… so FREAKING cool, she has a wicked sense of humour love love love her.. thanks again @1045chumfm and @iheartradio and Shannique for taging along… lets do this again.. #chumfm #iheartradio #kellyclarkson#livelovelaugh #licensetoslay