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This is dedicated to @mormoc and @percyyoulittleshit 

Because I went through a funk and they sent me such sweet messages and they’re just amazing people in general and I want to thank them for being just the best girls and the best of friends a girl could ask for. I love them and I just want to say thank you guys!

side note though: how much did Eliza Taylor and Marie Avgeropoulos look like a lesbian power couple during SDCC this year, like damn!

like (I refuse to crop out lindsey cause she looks so beautiful)

and..(Again I will not crop the others cause this whole thing is gay as fuck)

also.. bruh the hands

and like again..


Anyone can bear,
A mountain of weight,
For years on end,
And let it shape them into a diamond,
Hard and strong,
It takes a different sort of person,
To go through all of it,
And still keep their gentleness,
Stay warm and soft.
A flower rather than a stone.
There’s strength in that too.
An exquisite beauty.


this perfect poem was written for me by my darling talented friend and i am beyond amazed and at awe and at loss for words


❛❛   Rescue the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world.    (credit)

proof that britney spears’s “if u seek amy” lyrics are gay

La la la, la la, la la la
La la la, la la, la la la
La la la, la la, la la la
La la la, la la, la la la (Britney is singing a happy intro because she is going to sing about her girlfriend who she loves)

[Verse 1]
Oh, baby baby, have you seen Amy tonight? (Britney is looking for her girlfriend, Amy)
Is she in the bathroom, is she smoking up outside? (Oh!) (Britney lists these places first because she knows where her girlfriend usually likes to go at parties)
Oh, baby baby, does she take a piece of lime (Britney has forgotten Amy’s drink preferences, but she cares about her enough to ask someone else)
For the drink that I’mma buy her? (Britney is buying a drink for her girlfriend because the social norm is buying a drink for someone you think is hot)
Do you know just what she likes? (Oh!) (Britney wants to make Amy as happy as possible)

Oh-oh, tell me, have you seen her? (Britney cannot stop looking for her girlfriend)
Cause I’m so, oh (Take what you will of the “oh” but I assume it has to do with Britney being in love with Amy and not just an extra syllable of “so”)
I can’t get her off of my brain (Britney is in love!)
I just want to go to the party she gon’ go (Britney only wants to party if she is with Amy because she enjoys being around Amy more than the party itself)
Can somebody take me home? (She is sick of being alone at this party and is wondering if Amy is at their house because they live together)

Love me, hate me (Britney is addressing homophobes. She knows that people can either love her or hate her for being gay but she doesn’t care)
Say what you want about me (People will gossip about Britney’s sexuality since she is looking for her gay lesbian girlfriend wife Amy)
But all of the boys and all of the girls are (Britney is bisexual and attracts other girls because they are on her gay-dar (reference to her song Radar))
Begging to if you seek Amy (We all know how Britney shattered our souls with this amazing and iconic hidden acronym message, but if you look closer you will see that indeed, everyone is attracted to Britney, but they are all also willing to help her look for her girlfriend)
Love me, hate me (See above)
But can’t you see what I see? (Britney is again addressing homophobes by wondering why they can’t see how beautiful the girls, especially Amy, are)
All of the boys and all of the girls (See above)
Are begging to if you seek Amy (See above)

(Love me, hate me) (Britney is emphasizing that she does not care what other people’s reactions are to her having a girlfriend)
La la la, la la, la la la
La la la, la la, la la la

[Verse 2]
Amy told me that she’s gonna meet me up (Amy and Britney were supposed to go on a date)
I don’t know where or when and now they’re closing up the club (Oh!)
I’ve seen her once or twice before, she knows my face (This is a lie Britney made up because she does not want some people to realize how well she and Amy know each other)
But it’s hard to see with all the people standing in the way (Oh!) (These ‘people’ are the homophobes that Britney is trying to get by to find Amy. She could also be expressing her internalized homophobia)



Oh, say what you want about me (Homophobia will always be present)
Oh, but can’t you see what I see? (Can’t these people understand that being a lesbian is wonderful?)
Yeah, say what you want about me (Britney repeats this line multiple times to express truly how she does not give a fuck about anyone’s comment!)

So tell me if you see her
(Lemme know what she was wearing and what she was like) (Britney wants to know what her girlfriend was wearing not only so she could find her, but also because she bets Amy will look beautiful in whatever outfit she chose)
Cause I’ve been waiting here forever (Britney waits for a long time because she is dedicated and a loyal girlfriend)
(Lemme know when if she was going out her mind) (Amy is also looking for Britney)
Oh, baby baby, if you seek Amy tonight (Oh!)
Oh, baby baby, we’ll do whatever you like (Britney wants to get other people to look for Amy with her. She says “we’ll do whatever you like” because she will do anything to find Amy)
Oh, baby, baby, baby
Oh, baby, baby, baby


[Chorus x2]

Oh, say what you want about me (See above)
Oh, but can’t you see what I see? (See above)
Yeah, say what you want about me (See above)
All of the boys and all of the girls (She is really referencing lesbians here! There is no other way to interpret that)
Are begging to if you seek Amy

U see this pretty bby?? She’s called a Pelagia Noctiluca, which means “drifting nightlight” !! They’re also known as the “Purple People Eater” due to being purple and quite venomous! (I’m so glad u like jellies I have all kinds of jelly facts if u want them)


Left 4 Dead 2 Aesthetic 

abigail is so cute and her ring is beautiful and taylor kept looking at her cause she was dancing and singing the songs and i love their friendship so much it’s so pure and just the best

Chasing Cars (Dean Ambrose x Reader)

More Dean fluff yas I literally love writing it. Like, if I could it’s probably all I would ever write, sorry not sorry. This was requested by anon for Chasing Cars, originally performed by Snow Patrol. This version is the Sleeping At Last version, like the one they used in Grey’s Anatomy. Gonna have to say I like this version better than the original, oops. Enjoy!

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Imagine being Clara’s girlfriend, Sherlock’s partner, and a Winchester and then somehow getting them all (SuperWhoLock)  to have Thanksgiving dinner with you.


Fandom: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock

Gifs aren’t mine.

You were placing all the meals onto the long dinning table in your house that you and your girlfriend Clara lived in together. You sighed as you smelled something burning. 

“Clara what did you burn this time?” You asked her as you leaned onto the doorway staring at her as she got out the pie from the oven with a frown and threw it into the trash.

“The pie,” she grumbled as you giggled at her and walked up behind her hugging her from behind. 

“Dean would call you a sinner for that, but luckily I made both pecan and pumpkin pie.” You chuckled turning her around and kissing her on the lips. “Now all we need is to set the utensils onto the table and we’ll be done.” You told her pecking her on the lips once more and handing her the utensils as you went to your shared room to change into a more formal attire. 

After changing you got Clara her clothes and made your way down stairs to give them to her. She thanked you and went into the bathroom downstairs to change. She came out and you smiled at her and complimented how beautiful she looks in her dress which caused her to blush and you to giggle at her reaction.

“So who did you invite?” Clara asked changing the subject.

“My brothers and Castiel and also Sherlock and John since they have nothing else to do,” you told her, “and you?”

“Just the Doctor since I don’t think he has ever been or had a Thanksgiving meal before,” she told you as you clenched your hand at the Doctor’s name. You always seemed to get jealous of the Doctor even though you never met him. You just didn’t want the alien taking your girlfriend away with his magical blue box.

As Clara was about to say something the doorbell rang and you quickly rushed to the front door. opening it only to see your brothers standing in front of you with Castiel behind them.

“Hey guys,” you said hugging your brothers and then Cass. Clara stood behind you in confusion since she’s never met your siblings or the angel, but she knew what your family did for a living so that was out of the was in introductions. “Clara this is Sam and Dean, my brothers. Sam, Dean this is my girlfriend Clara.” you introduced as they all shook hands. “And thats Castiel, our baby in a trench coat.” you told her as Cass just nodded towards Clara following the Winchester brothers inside.

“Wow (y/n) your place is pretty nice.” Dean compliment sitting down in the dining room with Sam and Castiel following.

Another knock came from the door and with just a few steps you had been in front of the it and opened the door which gave a small creak. the door had revealed your oh so friendly neighborhood sociopath and army doctor.

“Hello (y/n),” John greeted hugging you as you hugged him back. Sherlock also greeted you, but he didn’t hug you and just invited himself in which John had then apologized for his rudeness.

As you had introduced everyone and were about to sit down and wait for your last guest you heard a wheezing sound coming from your right. Everyone looked over to where the sound came from. Only to seen a blu police phone box appearing out of no where.

“What the hell?!” Dean yelled as he and everyone else stared a gaped at the T.A.R.D.I.S.

“Doctor!” Clara yelled in excitement as she hugged the man who had stepped out of the police box.

“That’s not possible. Something can’t just appear out of thin air.” Sherlock started to talk about how it was impossible for something to appear out of nowhere.

“Oh shut up Sherlock.” John told hid friend. Sherlock was about to protest, but John just glared at him which got the consulting detective to shut his mouth.

“Hello everyone, I’m the Doctor,” The Doctor introduced himself bowing.

Sam and Dean were still stared dumbfounded by how the Doctor had arrived. “Wait, What? How? But…” Sam was to confused to even for coherent words.

“So your the Doctor?” You asked the mad man with a box.

“Yes that’s me, and you must be (y/n)?” The Doctor asked cheerfully walking up to you and holding his hand out for you to shake. You took it and shook hands. “And you two brothers must be the Winchesters right, and the man in the trench coat is Castiel I presume?” The Doctor said walking up to Sam, Castiel, and Dean. He then turned to Sherlock and John. “You must be the great Sherlock Holmes and that must be John Watson, the army Doctor.”

“How do you know who we are?” Sherlock asked as he started to deduce the man.

“I’m a Time Lord from Gallifrey. People call me the Doctor, I call myself the Doctor, usually everyone else calls me the Doctor.” He rambled on abut him being the Doctor till he got stopped by Clara jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow.

“Well are we going to eat or?” I asked as i motioned towards the food on the table.

The Doctor clapped his hands together as everyone sat down again.everyone was about to eat till Castiel said, “Could we please say a prayer to my father before we start eating? It is tradition after all, is it not?” Everyone looked at each other agreeing. Dean and Sherlock being slightly displeased about it since both of them weren’t really the religious type. 

After the prayer Castiel had said and all of you saying amen everyone started to dig into their food. Sam and Dean were already scarfing down food like there was no tomorrow and Dean kept on taking food that Sam was about to reach for.

“Dude,” Sam said in annoyed tone as Dean took spoons full of mashed potatoes.

“Oh shut up Sammy there’s plenty of more.” Dean motioned towards the bowl fool of mashed potatoes. When Dean put back the spoon into the mashed potato bowl Sam was about to reach for it, but Sherlock snatched it before he could. Sam protested, but gave up and reached for the turkey and then the cranberry sauce.

Everyone was eating joyously till Sherlock and John got into an argument. “Oh shut up John!” Sherlock yelled at his best friend as everyone looked at the bickering duo. The argument became more heated audit just made the entire table uncomfortable.

“Oh, were going there.” Sam said looking down at his food like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Oh, crap,” Dean said taking a sip of his beer as he watched the argument with an amused smile on his face.

You uncomfortably sat in your seat as you looked back at your food. “Oh my gosh, look its food. I love food,” you said as you tried to lift up the atmosphere, and after a finishing word from John the argument ended. Leaving the atmosphere of the room tense.

Till Clara broke it, “How can you eat so much (y/n)?” she asked you as you just shoved turkey dipped with cranberry sauce into your mouth.

“I’m a growing girl,” you told her shoving more food into your face. As the rest of the table chuckled and the room became more cheery with chatter.

After eating all the main courses Dean stared eagerly at you. “Yes Dean there is pie.” You got up and went to the kitchen to get all three pies. You had gotten one just for Dean knowing he wouldn’t be satisfied with just a few slices.

You brought out the pies trying to balances them, only for Clara to appear out of nowhere and take one out of your hands and placed it infant of Dean who already stared to shoving the pie into his mouth, but he stopped when he saw everyone starring at him.

“Could you eat that any faster?” Sherlock asked him in an unamused face.

“No,” Dean replied slightly embarrassed going back to eating still at the same face as before.

“It sometimes surprises me how you humans can eat so much,” the Doctor said as Castiel agreed with him making small talk.

You and Clara both set the pies onto the table setting them down and everyone taking a slice besides Dean who was still scarfing down his.

You smiled seeing everyone so close and happy. You even saw Sherlock smile slightly at something John had said. 

“So Doctor what is it with the police box and Doctor what?” John asked the alien.

“Just the Doctor and that,” the doctor pointed at the T.A.R.D.I.S., “is the T.A.R.D.I.S. also know as time and relevant dimension in space.” He finished.

Yeah you could say it was a pretty interesting Thanksgiving.

CSBB Snippet

Here’s a snippet from a CSBB work in progress for you to enjoy!

Killian was startled from his thoughts by a rustling in the trees. Out of instinct, he moved to draw his sword, but came up empty. As with the rest of his Naval regalia, he forewent the sword, as well. He steeled himself for whatever was coming – Emma, a guard, bandits – and silently prayed to whatever god might be listening to take pity on his poor soul.

The gods must have smiled down on him, for it was Emma who hurried through the trees. As she approached him, the moonlight made her appear otherworldly, the effect made greater by the radiant smile she wore. She was dressed in drab clothing, stolen from her maids, no doubt. Even dressed as a commoner, and not in the fine silks and beads becoming on a princess, she looked beautiful, causing his heart to stutter in adoration.

“You’re here,” he breathed, and at the sound of his voice she ran to him. Or him to her, Killian wasn’t quite sure, not that he particularly cared. He contented himself with sweeping her into his arms and spinning her around while she laughed and pepper his cheeks with kisses.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here,” she said once he sat her down. She twined their fingers together, and Killian found pleasure in the cool press of her ring against his skin. “Now, Lieutenant, are we going to get married or not?”

“Aye, love, we are,” he replied, unable to keep the awe out his voice. And why should he? He was a man in love, and about to swear before the gods that he’ll be hers forever. “Shall we get going?”

He didn’t think it possible, but her smile bloomed into something wider and even more beautiful. “We shall.”

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My first ever collab with @thegeminisage and i am literally bouncing in excitement cause look at how that went, look at it, it’s beautiful, she brought, she blew life into it like??!?!

Thank you for colouring it, it was as if you were doing magic during your streams!! ♥

To see the version with the speech bubbles, it’s right here, i edited the comic page :^))))

And Here is the Background Alone version!!

Perfectly Flawed - Lydia Martin

word count: 2317
warnings: swearing
requested! (but I changed it around a lil bit)

Originally posted by softly-evak

“I was thinking it’d be a” I said, looking over my homework sheet.  Lydia glanced down at my paper and grinned.

“Yep” She said, popping the ‘p’.  I grinned as I circled that answer and went on to the next one.

It was Tuesday, and Tuesdays’ were the days Lydia and I got together at her place to do homework, paint our nails, and gossip.  Well, gossip sounds bad it was really just talking.  This had been a tradition we’ve successfully held every Tuesday for the past three months, and we were both pretty proud of that.

Lydia and I became friends last year when we were juniors.  Being Scott’s twin sister I was sort of a part of the pack, a designated human you might say.  Stiles would’ve high fived me for that.  But I knew all about werewolves and banshees and kitsunes and coyotes, to be honest we were like the misfit toys.  But I guess we owned it.

I always sorta had a crush on Lydia, I mean, who didn’t? She was absolutely perfect in every way.  She was a genius, she was funny, talented, kind, beautiful… the list went on and on.

But, with this perfection of hers, she had anyone to choose from.  Anyone she could date if she wanted.  And I, was definitely not on her list of crushes like she oh so ruled over mine.  In fact, she was my only crush.

Not me though, Lydia Martin could never like a girl like me.  No, I wasn’t as smart as she was, I wasn’t as petite as she was, I wasn’t as funny as she was.  I simply wasn’t as perfect, or anywhere near as perfect, as Lydia Martin.

“So, what color polish do you want tonight?” She asked, standing up from her spot at the table.  “I think I’m gonna get red for myself”

“Let’s go black” I said.  She shook her head with a small laugh and walked off towards the stairs.

“Same old y/n” She sighed, making me laugh as she disappeared.

Same old, plain, untalented, y/n, I thought to myself.

When she came back, she was smiling wide at me and plopped her box of manicure supplies down on the table in front of me.  Bottles of paint, polish remover, and lotions sticking out of it.  As well as nail clippers, filers, cotton balls, and tools that looked like torture devices.  Lydia seemed to have seen my look of fear cause she giggled that beautiful little laugh.

“No worries y/n, just the paint as always” She promised, shaking my bottle of noir polish.

“Thanks” I said sheepishly and she nodded, opening it up and grabbing my hand.

“So uh… the dance next week” My heart nearly fell out of my chest.  But somehow I managed to keep myself calm as she began to paint my nails.  I just looked at her, silently prompting her to continue whatever it was she wanted to say about it.  “Maybe we could go shopping for it together? Or not- we don’t have to-”

“No that sounds like fun!” I said quickly, and Lydia smiled nervously, I think.  I probably freaked her out.  “M-maybe Wednesday after school or something?”  big smile pulled on Lydia’s lips as she nodded.

“Yeah-yeah “ Lydia said, focusing back on my black nails.

(lydia’s pov)

I walked into school this morning, excited as today was the day y/n and I had decided to go dress shopping.  I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled.  I could just sing as I walked through the halls.

“Lydia Martin, are you skipping?” I was asked when I arrived at Scott’s locker, where we meet every morning before classes.

“Yes Scott, I may be a little happy for once” Stiles walked up to us.

“Is there a sale at Macy’s?” He asked with a snicker.  I rolled my eyes.

“I’m more than shopping and shoes, Stilinski” I told him.

“Alright then, what else do you have to be happy about?” He asked.

“Mom out of town?” Scott asked.

“Cheap makeup?”

“Quality makeup?”

“Hot date for the dance?”

“Prada had a new puppy friend?”

“Aced another test?”

“Any colleges accept-”

“Hey guys!” Scott and Stiles were cut from their ramblings as y/n bounced up to the group.  “What’re we talking about?”

“I was actually just saying that you and I were going dress shopping tonight” I said, and her face lit up.

“Yeah! I’m super excited for that” y/n said, grinning wide.  God I loved when she did that, her eyes always seemed to twinkle.

“You guys wanna ride there? You know I got a sweet one” Stiles said, wiggling his eyebrows at us.

“You got a new car?” y/n asked, raising a confused brow.

“No I’m talking about Roscoe duh- hey!” I giggled as y/n smirked a little to herself.  “I don’t get why you guys are so mean to me” Stiles began muttering.  “I mean seriously all I do is help and-”

“Hey y/n!” I turned to the girl whose name had been called, to see Erica Reyes standing there.

“H-hi- hi Erica” y/n replied, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Can I.. can I talk to you for a sec?” The blonde asked.  y/n nodded, giving a small ‘mhm’ and followed off with her.  As soon as they were gone, I scoffed.

“Really? Erica Reyes? What could they possibly have to talk about?” I asked, crossing my arms.  I saw Scott tilt his head, listening to their conversation.  I glared down the blonde, just as Kira bounced up to us.

“Hey guys!” She said cheerfully.  “What’re we up to?”

“Hush” Stiles scolded.  “Scott’s listening in on Lydia’s girlfriend over there” Stiles said.  I glared at him, but Kira giggled.

“Oh I see, get jealous of Erica did you?” Kia winked at me.  She winked, she had the nerve-

“No I am not jealous, and y/n is not my girlfriend” I stated firmly, my arms uncrossing and putting my hands on my hips.

“How defensive..” Stiles muttered.  “So what’re they talking about over there? Anything we should be worried about?”

“See, you don’t like her either.  Do you have a big fat crush on y/n?” I asked with a sneer towards Stiles.  “See? Who care-”

“She asked y/n to the dance” Scott said.


y/n and I were walking through Macy’s, going through rack after rack of hangers.  She’d been talking animatedly about how excited she was to be going to the dance with somebody.  I was listening, I was, but I barely responded.  Just let her go off as we looked over various dresses.

“Hey, hey Lydia” She called, and I looked up.  She was two racks away, and holding up a gorgeous y/f/c dress.  I thought about her wearing it and my knees almost buckled.  “What about this one? I have the perfect shoes and everything” Her eyes lit up with excitement and I nodded with a hum.

“Yeah y/n it’s… it’s beautiful” She smiled big and hung it carefully over her arm.

I went back to scraping through the racks, but didn’t really pay attention to anything I skimmed over.  All I could think about was the fact that y/n was going to the dance… with someone else…

Jealous? Never heard of her.

The ride to drop y/n back off home was again, mostly filled with her going on about the dance.  Although this time I was barely listening.  I couldn’t, it hurt too much.  THis was my best friend, this was the girl I was in love with, and she was hooked on being with someone else.  Maybe Stiles was right, maybe all of them were right… but she’s too perfect.  It was ridiculous for me to think of being with her.  Besides, I used to be such a bitch, such a bitch, why would she ever want to date me? I looked over at her in the passenger seat next to me as she talked on.

“…I mean I’ve just never been asked out before…” She went on.

She was beautiful, so fucking beautiful it was insane she even hung around us.

“Sure, I bet this is nothing to you you get asked out all the time- I mean look at you- but… but me! I just can’t believe someone would want to ask me out!” I slammed on the breaks, just outside of her house.  “L-Lyd!? Are you okay?” I looked over, seeing her grip onto the handle of the door.

“Am I okay? No I am not okay!” Her eyes widened as I yelled a little.  “y/n how could you say something like that? ANyone would be lucky to go out with you! You’re absolutely perfect!” She blinked.

“Lydia I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“No- no get out just- just get out” I shook my head, looking down at my hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Lydia I-”

“y/n, go home” She stared at me for a moment, but I heard her unbuckle her seatbelt and open the door.

“I’m sorry Lydia” y/n said softly, then closed the door, and walked up to her door.

Now, I hate crying, it makes you weak and ruins your makeup.  But today I almost couldn’t drive home because I was crying to hard.

Who knew being in love hurt this much.

(your pov)

I didn’t think being in love hurt this much.

I was standing in the corner of the gym, the whole room lit up and blasting with music.  Bodies were.. Well everywhere.  Dancing, talking, sweating.  The more I thought about it, the more claustrophobic I felt.  I looked around, seeing my friends all together.  Stiles trying to get Scott to dance with him, Kira teaching Malia how to dance, Liam… doing god knows what.

And there was Lydia.

She looked breathtaking… the green dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places.  The neckline dove down enough for me to blush.  But she wasn’t really dancing with the others, just awkwardly swaying back and forth.  I frowned, and wanted nothing more than to go over there and dance with her, maybe make her happy.  But she’d made it pretty clear that she wanted nothing to do with me.

“Hey y/n I’m back” Erica walked up to me, handing me a plastic cup of punch.  “And uh.. I smell checked the bowl.  It’s not spiked” She laughed, and I chuckled quietly and nervously.

“Thanks” I said quietly, taking a drink and casting a glance towards Lydia.  Erica stepped over closer, following my line of sight.

“O-oh… Lydia… I’m sorry are you guys..?”

“Dating?” She nodded, and I shook my head.  “No… no she wants nothing to do with me” Erica frowned.

“Pretty sure she wants everything to do with you” I raised my brow in silent question.  “I mean, when I asked you to the dance, she sorta had Scott listen in, and seemed pretty upset when you said yes” My brows raised, and I looked at her quickly.

“R-really? She did? Was she mad? Sad? Disappointed?” Erica laughed quietly, wrapping an arm around herself and rubbing her arm.

“You uhm… you really like her don’t you?” I gave her a guilty look, feeling bad that I couldn’t really help my feelings towards the strawberry blonde.  “No no, it’s okay” Erica said, giving me a small smile.  I returned it.  “Well, go on, go get your girl” I grinned, and turned, walking myself straight over to Lydia.  When her eyes caught mine, she smiled for a moment, but it quickly fell.

“y-y/n” Her voice was quiet, I’d never heard it so unsure before.  It was like she lcked all of her confidence.  “Shouldn’t you be with Erica?”

“No” I shook my head.  “No I don’t want to be here with Erica, I want to be here with you” I said.  Her eyes widened.

“Really? Y-you do?” Lydia asked, almost like she didn’t believe it.  But I nodded my head, trying desperately to keep up my confidence before it all went away.  “You… you like me?” My brows furrowed.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I could remember” Lydia shook her head exasperatedly and groaned.  My heart sank slightly.  “Look I know it’s pathetic and you’re you and I’m only me but seriously I mean it-”

“God would you just stop talking” Lydia groaned.  I opened my mouth to protest, but she grabbed my chin in her hand and yanked my lips against her.

I swear the world slowed down and my heart exploded.

She was so warm, and her lips were so soft, and she tasted like.. Like cherries.. And root beer.  Maybe a mix of chapstick and lip gloss I don’t know but it was heaven.

“Not fair.  I liked you first” She said when we pulled away.

“You definitely didn’t-”

“Yes.  I.  Did” She said firmly, pulling away slightly.

“Did not” I grumbled, and pulled her back in for another kiss.

“You sorta suck-”

“Lyds shut your mouth” She giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck while mine went around her waist.

“All our friends are staring at us” SHe whispered, and I laughed a little.  “Welp, Kira just started clapp- Stiles took a picture” I laughed more and kissed her nose quickly.

“Yeah well it took you long enough to show an interest” Lydia rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, in our moment, you’re gonna hold that against me?” I nodded with a grin.

“Wouldn’t want you thinking I’m an easy catch” I said with a wink, walking towards the beverage table.  “Gotta make it interesting, right?” I winked over my shoulder and she groaned, following after me.  But I heard her muttering.

“God you’re lucky I love you” 

to the anon who requested, i hope you liked it! 

xoxo ~ jordie